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4Minute's What A Girl Wants MV

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4Minute's What A Girl Wants MV

Post by daesungvip on 10/28/2009, 5:32 pm

4Minute is back with another Music Video!
This song was in their Muzik album, and I'm guessing due to the popularity of this song, they've made it into a MV!

So, I am totally obsessed with this song. This music video seems kind of weak to me, but it's alright. I guess it's because they had a strong comeback with Muzik, they just put something together for What A Girl Wants.

SoHyun is such an adorable little girl with her hair like that. I really want to kidnap her.
GaYoon's outfit, the puffy skirt was so weird at first, but come to think of it, it really suits her, don't you think so?
JiHyun, dang, this leader got totally hotter. I'm really liking her outfits now. Her outfits from Hot Issue made her look like she was 10, totally contrasts with the whole "leader" thing, but now, she is looking mighty fine, I love it! I love her!
HyunAh, still sexy, agressive, pretty girl. Not fond of her when she ties her hair up, but she still looks very pretty. The hat's really nice.
JiYoon, hehe, her hair.. it's more mushroom shaped XD Very cute on her! I love her nerdy glasses, they looked awkward at first, but it's so cute! Don't you think so?

4Minute Jjang!
4Minute Hwaiting!


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