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Freeze and Contain by senseikk

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Freeze and Contain by senseikk Empty Freeze and Contain by senseikk

Post by Kyn on 10/17/2009, 8:31 pm

Title: Freeze and Contain
Length: 556 words
Pairing: Yunjae/Jaeho, OT5
Rating: G
Genre: Attempted fluff, AU (college life)
Summary: College student Kim Jaejoong has his own way of keeping Jung Yunho overnight in his arms. All it takes is a good working air conditioner and a complying victim.

A/N: Thankss1nfulxs0ul for always being the first to read. This is to make up for that enormous Yunjae drought in AADBSK3's photobook. ^^

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Freeze and Contain by senseikk Mwtuut

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Freeze and Contain by senseikk Empty Re: Freeze and Contain by senseikk

Post by Kyn on 10/17/2009, 8:32 pm

“It’s freezing here,” shivered the younger man as he pulled his partner closer into his thumping chest.

Jaejoong, who was comfortably wrapped in Yunho’s arms, merely hm’d in agreement. There wasn’t really a need for words Jaejoong thought as his cold cheeks rested against his lover’s beating heart.

They were lying together on the sofa, arms and legs tangled in a human knot that neither had the desire to undo. A flimsy blanket was doing its best to keep the pair warm, but it was mostly each other’s body heat that made conditions bearable. The lights were off, and the living room was shrouded in a bluish, silver glow casted by the bright moon.

“I have to leave soon,” Yunho whispered softly, as if his voice would break the magical moment.

Like a stubborn child, Jaejoong refused.

“Stay a while more,” he insisted weakly, burying his tired face deeper into Yunho’s chest. “You don’t have class tomorrow anyways.”

Complying with the smaller man’s request, Yunho remained frozen where he was, engulfed by his lover’s warmth amidst the icy cold air of Jaejoong’s apartment. When Yunho moved, the chilly breeze would hit their skin, sending another wave of shivers down Jaejoong’s spine.

After a while, Yunho broke the wintry silence again.

“You should turn your thermostat up,” was the suggestion to the feline form clinging to his body. “How do you live in such cold temperatures?”

Jaejoong remained quiet, searching for the right words to say. He was so still that, for a second, Yunho swore his boyfriend was actually a porcelain doll.

“It’s not that cold,” Jaejoong began, “when I have Mr. Jung Yunho to hold me all night. If he hugs and kisses me like this…” Jaejoong paused to demonstrate. “Then I’d always be warm.”

The said man laughed lightly and returned Jaejoong’s affection by nipping at the other’s jaw, causing the not-so-innocent victim to giggle.

“But what if I’m not here? What if I have to leave?”

“Well… then I would probably just freeze to death in this ice room: cold, alone, and without you.”

Yunho merely smiled at his friend’s silliness, wrapping him in a tighter hold to ward off the arctic chill that was blowing in from the powerful air conditioner.

“But if I can,” Jeajoong continued dreamily in the man’s arms, “I’d turn the temperature down even lower, so low that we’d freeze like ice. When we’re frozen solid, you’ll always be by my side Yunho. You wouldn’t go anywhere, wouldn’t see anyone, and wouldn’t talk to anyone else but me.” He giggled at the thought.

“Possessive much?”

Jaejoong chuckled, lids already heavy with sleep.

“Only with you Yunho.”

In the semidarkness, Yunho could see his lover’s playful smirk. He smiled at Jaejoong’s antics to keep him overnight, but he knew he would have stayed either way. Yunho stayed not because it was too cold to leave the covers but rather for the possessive beauty by his side.

Brushing a strand of hair from the said beauty’s face, he and Jaejoong succumbed to the night’s sleep, dreaming about how nice it would be to die, frozen, in each other’s arms.

It was like being trapped in a snow globe, Yunho reasoned. Jaejoong was fervently shaking it up, and Yunho was well… surrounded by the endless, icy snowstorm of Jaejoong’s cold love.

Freeze and Contain by senseikk Mwtuut

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Age : 26
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