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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

Post by trshakespeare on 10/6/2009, 8:40 pm

Title: Are You Ready?
Author: trshakespeare
Pairings: Jaejoong/FC, Taegoon/FC
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Warnings: Language and Sexual Themes
Genre: Drama, Romance
Length: Chaptered

A/N: I am still in the process of writing this so I will at least try and update this FIC bi-weekly.

Comments are LOVE Please comment and share your thoughts!!! THANK YOU!

Summary: What would you do if you do when you get into a situation you never thought you would be in?


It’s just ringing on the other end. Come on Jaejoong pick up. Please pick up. The line just goes on ringing. I sigh bring my cell to my chin and fold it closed. What’s up with him lately he isn’t returning any of my calls? It’s like he has lost interest in me completely or fallen off the face of the earth.

Another night without him then, what’s a girl to do? I don’t want to stay up in my apartment forever. I flip open my cell again and go through my phone book. Any friends that I once had don’t want anything to do with me. They all advised me against a relationship with Jaejoong long ago, now I wish I had listened.

What could I do by myself? I could go shopping, but I’m all shopped out that’s all I seem to be doing the last little while. The malls are probably full of teenagers that this time of night anyway.

I sigh, my eyes wonder to the northern window and I see flashing neon lights in the distance. Like a new bright florescent light bulb an idea flashes into my head. Why not go clubbing I haven’t done that in a very long time. That’s actually where I met Jaejoong was in a club. I need to spice up my routine a little bit. I get up off the couch and saunter into my huge jam-packed walk in closet. I don’t ever remember having this many clothes before I met Jaejoong. He had insists on buying me beautiful things. The only beautiful thing I owned was the outfit I was wearing when I met him.

Hmmm… What should I wear? I don’t want to seem available because I’m not. I pulled out a burgundy blouse like tank top, paired that up with a cropped blazer with golden trim that sat just above my waist, a pair of black skinny trousers with very fine gold pin striping, a pair of golden platform heels, simple dangly golden earrings, and a few bangles; black, burgundy and gold. I released my hair from the ponytail I had put in and quickly ran my curling iron through to give it a little bit of a bounce. I kept my makeup very minimal just enough to highlight my eyes. I stare at myself in my full-length mirror. I think I did a pretty good job of dressing minimally.

I grab my keys as I leave my apartment even though I have no intention of using the car that Jaejoong gave me a little over a month ago. Nope I want to feel the cool night air on my skin. I live not too far from the clubbing district so walking really isn’t a problem.

The doorman says ‘Good evening’ as I leave the complex. I get about a block down from my apartment and I realize that I can see my breath. It’s rather chilly and I like it.

With a smile on my face I continue to walk towards the clubbing district. I don’t go very far when I hear some really catchy beats off in the distance nowhere near to where the clubbing district is. I decide to follow my ears and find out where the catchy beats are coming from. My ears lead me deep into the heart of the old industrial district. Empty warehouses and factories that were built here but had to move do to the ever-expanding city. Now these buildings are being converted into clubs, stores, restaurants even apartment complexes but not all of them quite yet some of them are still empty.

I find the building that I am searching for not exactly hard to miss with all the flashing colourful lights that you can see coming from the inside of the building. The entrance is easy to pick out because of two rather large Asian men standing on either side of the door. I slowly walk up to it. It seems like it might be a private party otherwise why would you have two bouncers standing at the entrance.

I’m surprise to find that I can walk straight through; I might just be lucky after all. I walk into the building and find that I’m actually up a floor. Two sets of stairs lead away from the entrance. One goes up into a sort of V.I.P. area and the other set goes down to the dance floor. That’s where I want to be; I can already feel the beat running through my body. I move to the top of the stairs and scrawny Asian guy seems to appear out of nowhere.

“Do ya have an invitation shortie?” he asked waving his fingers for me to hand him my invitation.

I had been right this was an invitation only party.

“I haven’t got one,” I say and turn away from the stairs. I was just about at the entrance again when the guy appeared in front of me. He lifts his arm to block my way from the doorway. He takes me in from head to toe and licks his lips.

“Just kidding shortie, my club is your club,” he wraps an arm around me and turns me back to the stairs, he purrs, “Enjoy yourself,”

And he disappears to where I don’t know. I climb down the stairs onto the grooving dance floor and stay towards the side of the floor, which seems to be a safer place than the middle because that’s where anyone who’s searching looks, right?

The music is pumping and just when I really get into the song it comes to an end, but the beats just seem to keep coming and it’s enough to keep me happy. A song with a slower beat begins to pour out of the speakers and everyone around me seems to pair up. I decided that this probably isn’t the best song to be on the dance floor in my situation, being not single. Still I find myself surrounded by people and no real way to get through them so I have no choice but to dance.

I search for a way out of this circle and my eyes fall on a guy who is walking his way down the dance floor. Good-looking guy never hurts to look and he seems to have his eye on someone. I go back to trying to find a way out and my eyes somehow meet his, he slows down and takes a step back from the direction that he was going.

He starts to approach me. Damn my eyes really just had to wonder didn’t they? He’s tall; his hair is cut pop star style with his bangs resting over his left eye; dressed in a styling leather jacket, tight black shirt underneath, black skinny jeans, black high tops and hot ice on his ears. He moves in sync with the way I’m dancing, reminds me of Jaejoong and I can’t help but smile. I continue to dance with him and he seems like a perfect fit for my body like his body was build for my own. I don’t remember fitting half as well with Jaejoong.

The slower song comes to an end and more pumping beats play across the speakers. He doesn’t leave he stays, he moves closer towards me so our bodies are just touching. This makes me a little braver. I lift my arms to fluff my hair, I start to let my arms fall around his neck but I change my mind. I don’t want to lead him the wrong way. I let my hands fall slightly and I pull away. He’s insistent and moves with me. I move back again and I notice the more I move back with this guy the more the crowd parts. This could be my ticket out of here. His fingers gently pass through my hair, I take another step back and he follows. I hope he doesn’t think I’m teasing him. I need to move a little quicker. Three more steps and I think I can make a run for the stairs. Each time I move back his touch becomes more intimate.

He gently holds the back of my neck but I take his hand away from my neck and try to make a run for the stairs. He takes hold of my hand as I turn away. I manage to pry my hand from his and dash up the stairs. Following me up the stairs and he gently grabs my arm just before I reach the door. I turn back to try to release my arm; he’s got the biggest set of eyes I stop fighting with his hand. He bites his lips slightly gesturing up the stairs, with a nod of his head.

I gently give a small shake of my head. He releases my arm and gently takes hold of my hand. With a friendly look in his eyes he moves towards the other set of stairs. I give another gently shake of my head and move to the door. He takes a firmer hold of my hand, follows me I stop and release my hand from his. I gently place my hand on his chest has if to tell him silently to stay and I can feel his cell in his jacket pocket. I slid my hand into his coat, pulling out his phone; I program my number into his phonebook then turn and leave, this time he doesn’t follow me.

I leave the building and I notice my cell phone going off. I pull it out of my pocket it is Jaejoong.

I start walking away from the warehouse as I answer.


“Jaejoong it’s been awhile,”

“Baby where are you?”

“I went out, where are you?”

“I’m at your apartment are you coming home?”

“I want to go clubbing tonight so no I’m not coming home,”

“Tell me where you are I will come and get you,” he was ignoring what I just said.

“No Jae, I’m clubbing tonight I’m not coming home. If you want to see me then why don’t you come out with me?”

“I’m coming to get you baby,” and he hangs up.

He can sure come and get me but it’s not like he’s going to be able to find me. I head back to the main strip to the first club that I see. They ask for my I.D. and I’m refused at the door.

It’s just one club and there are plenty more on this strip. One, two, three, four… seventeen clubs refuse me when they see my I.D. What the hell is going on? I am of age and I’ve been in a lot of these clubs without problems before.

I walk away from the latest club that’s turn me down. My cell phone goes off.


“Baby come home,”

I sigh home might just be my only choice tonight if it continues this way, “Where are you?”

“Look down to your left,”

I turn the direction he said and there he is standing against his black Aston Martin Vanquish with his cell phone to his ear. I flip my phone closed and slowly walk towards him. He grasps my chin and kisses my lips.

“Come on, let me take you home,” he wraps his arm around my shoulders like he always does, escorting me to the passenger side of his car. He opens up the door for me and I get in. It’s a dead silent ride home. He parks in the underground parking lot, wraps his arm around me and pulls me closer to him as close as I can get.

“I’ve been missing you lately,” I say.

“I’ve been missing you too,” he pauses and turns his body towards me leaning in slightly, “What have you been doing?”

“Besides missing you, not too much,”

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cell phone, “This is for you,”

“Thank you but I just bought a new one the exact same mobile but a different colour,”


“You know what I like Jae thank you anyway,” I pull his face towards me and kiss him on the cheek, “What’s kept you away for so long?”

“Uncle Il has been keeping me busy do you remember Uncle Il?”

“How could I forget?” I laugh “Good old Uncle Il,”

Jaejoong laughs too. Uncle Il isn’t an actual relation to Jaejoong, he’s Jaejoong’s father’s best friend and when Jae’s father passed away Uncle Il took Jaejoong in. Uncle Il is a man you’ll never forget well for me any way; he was extremely kind to me and quite a goof ball.

Jaejoong’s fingers gently caress my shoulder; an uncomfortable silence fills the car. Jaejoong’s arm slides away from me and he turns straightforward in his seat.

“Thank you for coming to get me. Are you going to come up with me?” He shakes his head and doesn’t seem to keen on getting out of the car.

I kissed him of the cheek “Good night Jae,”

I let myself out of the car, something isn’t right with him and I don’t feel like staying around to find out. I’m not even two car lengths away from his car when my phone goes off. Someone is calling me and I don’t recognize the number so I reject the call and keep walking.

My phone goes off again, this time it is Jaejoong.


“Baby, can I still come up with you?”

“Of course you can, but hurry I’m not going to wait forever,” I laugh.

I turned around, Jaejoong already walking towards me. He wraps his arm around my shoulder and we walk towards the elevator. He doesn’t speak the entire way to my apartment. We get in and he just flops down on the couch. The way I have the apartment is set up my bed is out in the open right across from the couch. I hang up my jacket in the closet and flop down on the bed.

Something is festering in him and I’m not sure I really want to know what it is.

“Jae, what’s the matter Hun?” he doesn’t say anything he just stares out the northern window.

This is going nowhere fast so I move from the bed to the couch beside him. I reach up to his face and gently finger his hair.

“What’s the matter you know you can tell me anything?” still he says nothing.

I crawl into his lap and kiss his forehead. I run my fingers all through his hair and he doesn’t respond his arms limp by his sides. I sigh and rest my cheek on his head, whatever is going on in his head I’m sure not going to get it out. Still I gently run my fingers through his hair hoping that something will happen.

I feel Jaejoong’s nose gently moving up my throat. He kisses my chin, running kisses down the side of my neck and the full length of a collarbone. It sends pleasant shivers down my spine. I curl my head back as he kisses up my throat again. His hand finds the back of my neck, he gently squeezes and I just fall back on the couch with his guiding hand. He places loose strands of my hair behind my ear.

“Do you plan on staying the night?” I whispered caressing his cheek.

“Just tonight,” he gets up off the couch and disappears into the bathroom. When he came out he was wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms that he so often leaves behind.

“Are you coming to bed?” he asks.

I disappear into the bathroom and wash my face changing into a two-piece red silk nighty, Jaejoong already cozy under the covers. I slid under them facing away from Jaejoong. He pulls me into his chest and wraps his arms around me. I rest one of my hands over his and he seems to fall asleep.

He is gone before I wake up in the morning leaving no notion that he had been here except the bottoms that now lay on my bed. I go into the bathroom and fish around for my cell phone and try to call him; he doesn’t pick up the phone.

I call him numerous times throughout the day but he still never answers his phone. I wondered aimlessly around my apartment hoping he will call back.

Early in the evening I get a text from the number that had called me the night before:

Are you coming out again tonight?

Maybe it was that guy that I had given my number to? I didn’t bother to return a text.

Another text:

We’re in a different warehouse tonight this is the address…

It must be him. I quickly put myself together, deciding to go and check out this address. It takes me a while to find it this time because the walls seem to be very well insulated so it doesn’t give off quite as much noise.

I come in on the main floor this time. There was four stories above me only one of them closed in. I make my way onto the dance floor this time little bit more into the middle. I can’t see him in the crowd but I can’t exactly turn all the way around either.

Someone seems to move in right behind me and I can turn my head just enough to see the guy from the night before. He rests his hands on my hips and moves along with me. It takes awhile for me to actually turn around, but when I do I am delighted to see his face. He’s smiling tonight and a smile like his just knocks a girl dead. Our bodies move effortlessly in time with the music and in time with each other.

We dance into the wee hours of the next morning and I’m getting tired due to not having been clubbing in quite some time. Another song blares through the speakers and I feel like collapsing to the ground. He sees this with one arm he supports my waist and with his other hand he takes the hand closest to him.

He guides me far across the dance floor to an industrial lift, taking us up to the top floor, the floor that is closed in. When he closes the door to the room to we enter everything goes silent, the room must be sound proof. I collapse on one of the couches in the room. There is a small portable bar in the corner, along with a few other pieces of furniture, a small fridge and a small sound system. I can’t tell if I’m coming or going it has been a long time since I felt this exhausted.

He comes over to the couch water bottle in hand; he unscrews the cap and gives it to me. I damn near cleared that bottle in one breath. Panting I hand the bottle back to him and he finishes it off. I feel like falling asleep, a sudden chill seems to catch me. He takes off his jacket; wrapping it around me he lets his arm rest around my waist. I hold his jacket tighter around me; leaning into his chest I inhale is scent. He smells like a man where as Jaejoong smells a little like a walking cologne sample. He gently runs his nose up the side of my face and I let him pull me closer. I could fall asleep right here, right now.

My cell phone rings and it is Jaejoong.


“Where are you baby?”

“I’ve gone out for the evening, where are you?”

“I’m at your apartment; I’ve been waiting for you for quite some time. Please come home baby,”

“I’m sorry not tonight,” and I hang up.

He takes my cell, puts it into his pant pocket and holds me even closer. I don’t know if he knows but he doesn’t seem to care. He runs his fingers through my hair; I close my eyes and take in his kind comforting touch. It’s more than anything Jaejoong has given me in a long time.

Hours seem to tick by but it only feels like mere seconds. I come to realize that I can’t just lay here forever. I pull away from him, his jacket falls to the couch and I make my way to the door. I turn just before I open the door; he has a look on his face like he’s asking me to stay. I gently shake my head; disappear out the door and home to my apartment.

Jaejoong is waiting for me sitting on my bed with a huge bouquet of ruby red roses, still wide awake.

“Where have you been?”

“I told you I was out for the evening, I can’t wait for you forever Jae and I’ve decided not to drop everything in my life just because you happen to be here,” when did I come up with that?

“Don’t you dare take that tone with me,” he growls and grabs my arm quite violently, “I gave you this so I could see you whenever I please you never seemed to care before,”

“That’s before I realized I’m wasting my life on a guy who is never there when I want him to be,” I received a violent back hand to the face followed by another knocking me down to the floor even though Jaejoong still has hold of my arm.

“Don’t be so ungrateful you’re nothing without me,” he throws me hard to the floor takes the roses, tosses them on top of me and disappears out of the apartment.

He’s never laid a hand on me before, what the hell has gotten into him? I pick myself up off the floor and go to the bathroom throwing off my clothes to see what damage has been done. My cheeks still sting and the one is a very unnatural shade of red. I’m pretty sure there is going to be a bruise there by the end of the day.

Like a horror film, what just happened plays over in my head; my tears come all too late. He’s never hurt me before why would he now? I try to wash my tears away with cold water; never have I cried because of Jaejoong.

I fall onto my bed in a fit of tears I wrap myself around my pillow not a soul left in my world that could comfort me right now. Except…

His comforting touch I can still feel it. I gently run my hand through my hair like he’d done earlier his morning. I dig through my clothes to see if I can find my cell phone. It’s nowhere to be found then I remember how he had taken it from me and slid it into his pant pocket.

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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Re: Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

Post by Kyn on 10/6/2009, 8:42 pm

I will come back to read and edit this post later!
Offto do my homework now

Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Mwtuut

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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Re: Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

Post by trshakespeare on 10/6/2009, 8:44 pm

Okiies. HWAITING!!!! Good luck with ur homework

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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Re: Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

Post by Tammy on 10/8/2009, 12:56 am

wah... I wanna read it!
but ive got to go to school!
ill be back later and comment

Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) 4kz6yo
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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Re: Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

Post by trshakespeare on 10/8/2009, 8:46 am

Okies! I hope you enjoy it later and good luck at school! HWAITING!

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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Re: Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

Post by Guest on 10/8/2009, 4:04 pm

Uh-oh, he has her phone.....and woah, JJ....hes quite the bad guy. It's an awesome start!! Thanks for posting it ^^


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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Re: Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

Post by trshakespeare on 10/8/2009, 7:48 pm

Welcomes I'm glad you like it or are at least interested XD

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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Re: Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

Post by darkwingedangel on 11/24/2009, 8:47 pm

O.O I love this! JaeJae's such a bad boy...

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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Re: Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

Post by trshakespeare on 11/24/2009, 9:21 pm

I can remember the address from last night but who’s to say he’d even be there. I mean the night before last he and the party were at a completely different place. It’s not like I can’t get another phone anyway. I slide into a pair of comfy sweats and a huge sweater, with a pair of large sunglasses and my keys as my only accessories; I walk out of the complex down into the old industrial area. It’s different in daylight there is more of a feeling of emptiness, and disregard.

The warehouse looked better last night it’s not until daylight do you realize how in disrepair some of these buildings are. No one seems to be around I try the door and it’s locked. I wonder if there is another way to get in.

I march around the warehouse; on the northeast end I notice a window that’s propped open, but it’s too high for me to reach on my own. I bite my lip as I survey the area around me for any ideas on how to get into the building. The only thing that catches my eye is a long wide beam. It doesn’t look to heavy maybe I can prop it up to the window and climb up it.

I move the beam which I am glad is not that heavy and prop it up to the window. It reaches okay but the climbing is easier said than done. I keep sliding down the beam. The only solution I can see is losing my shoes and socks, which would give me more traction, but how could I know what the floor is really like inside the building. I sigh it’s the only idea that I have there doesn’t seem to be any other choice. I slide back down the beam, lose my shoes and socks. I got one thing right I do have more traction, with great effort I climb up the beam and reach the window, which is a lot smaller then I thought it would be.

I manage to get my torso through the window but my hips get stuck. As I rotate my hips the beam wobbles underneath my feet and falls to the ground leaving me hanging on for dear life to this small windowsill. Somehow I don’t know how I force myself through the window and fall to the ground with a screech.

I pull myself off the ground and throw my hair back over my shoulders. I puff my bangs out of my face and survey my surroundings. It’s so empty and there doesn’t seem to any trace of what had gone on here until early this morning. The lift is not too far from where I stand which would make for a much easier trip to the top floor.

The door is slightly open and seems to move slightly on its hinges. I cautiously walk towards it and gently push it open.

It lets out a revoltingly loud screech; causing me to cringe as I peer into the room. I’m surprised to find that it’s exactly like it was the last night minus the guy. I quickly glance around me to see if anyone is watching then I dive into the room in search of my cell phone. I pull the furniture apart I look in every nook and cranny I don’t find my cell phone instead I find a small stack of clothes, and a small basket full of male hygiene products. Is this his home? I take the clothes and fold them neatly putting this tiny stack plus the basket back where I found them.

I dust my hands off get up, turn around and I’m faced with him. Shock is written in his eyes as I struggle to find words to explain what I’m doing here. My mouth moves but no words come out. I nervously rub my arm and look towards the floor. Why hadn’t I heard him come in?

He gently lifts my chin eyeing my face intently. He slides the sunglasses off my face, setting them on a nearby stand. He reaches up to the cheek that by now has a decent bruise on it. I push his hand away from my face and turn away.

Again my mouth moves but no words come out. He steps in front of me raising his fingers fall on my lips as if to silence me even though there is nothing coming out. His attention turns downwards as he fishes for something in his pocket, the hair of his bangs falling into his face. He pulls out my cell phone giving his head a feeble shake to tame those bangs and hands it to me.

I want to say thank you but not a sound escapes my lips. He looks different today he looks as tired as I feel the baggies under his eyes weigh quite heavy on his heavenly face. I smile, give a slight nod and move to leave. As I turn away his fingers run down my arm and he takes hold of my hand. I turn back towards him and I find myself quite close to him. He softly runs a finger or two through a small piece of my hair. His fingers fall down my jaw line and over my lips where he tenderly traces their shape. The look in his eyes has changed, it is still very obvious that he is tired but they seem warmer now. I turn my face away from his hand but I fall into his shoulder. He wraps his arms around me, gently squeezing.

I pull away, but he tenderly takes my hand, leads me out of the room and out of the warehouse practically carrying me across the floor. We round the building where I had tossed my shoes and socks. He proceeds to set me on a ledge, and gather my belongings. He kneels down in front of me gently sliding on my socks, I can’t help but stare at him he is so kind and his fingers warm against my skin. He slides on my left shoe and looks up at me as he slides on my right. His face filled with as much indecision as I feel in my mind, his endlessly brown eyes soft and unsure. Yet he helps me down from the ledge and entwines his fingers with my own. I eye him curiously as he leads us away from the warehouse.

I don’t even know his name but I dare not ask the silence between us seems to have created something. If I speak will this all disappear? I don’t know how much longer I can go without knowing his name. I pull it my cell out and send my question to him in a text. He smiles and types back:


Taegoon, I smile to myself and I receive another text.

Where would you like to go?

A question I haven’t heard in a long time. Just for fun I text back:

The ocean

When I reality the ocean is a two hour ride out of the city maybe an hour if traffic was good.

I will take you there than; he texts back.

I’m surprised with his reply I look up into his face he turns to look at me with a determined smile his eyes twinkling. He honestly intends on taking me to the ocean and all the years of my life I have never been.

We get on the crowded subway. There was a reason I never took the subway it was far too crowded, to the point of Claustrophobia. I’m pushed into Taegoon and when the train moves I nearly lose my balance. You can tell I haven’t ridden on the subway in a long time. Taegoon lets go of his strap enough to grab hold of me and guide my hand to the same strap. Any discomfort I have disappears and I feel like it’s just him and I.

His hand is cradled on the small of my back; I can feel any movement he makes. His fingers move in soft feathery circular motions, just enough to make my skin tingle. I don’t know how he manages it considering I’m wearing a big sweater, but I don’t care how he does I just want him to do it forever. I bury my face into his chest hoping some how this train ride will never end.

We come to our stop and I notice that the train is almost empty. I suppose that’s what happens when you get off on the last stop on the train. I let go of the strap Taegoon takes my hand as we walk to the closet bus stop and wait.

My cell rings and it is Jaejoong. I reject his call and put my phone on vibrate. My phone vibrates over and over as he continually tries to call me, after what he has done to me I think I have the right to ignore his calls.

We don’t wait long for the bus and it’s quite empty compared to the subway train that we were just on. Taegoon takes the window seat, as I sit down he pulls me into towards his chest and rests his chin on my head. His hand is resting on my waist where no sweater covers because of the way I’m sort of laying in the seat. He gently pulls down my sweater and rests his hand back down. Wouldn’t most men taken advantage of even that little bit of skin? I know Jaejoong does.

I let myself get far too comfortable in his embrace I nearly fall right asleep until I feel my phone vibrate.

A text from Taegoon:

Look out the window

He himself is watching out the window. I sit up in my seat and peer around him through the window. The ocean is dancing on the banks of the land. I can see the spray that the waves are making. Glimpses of the ocean become frequent and I soon find myself glued to the window. I’m sort of half standing up wobbling as the bus hits small bumps. Taegoon guides me into his lap as I continue to stare transfixed out the window.

Sandy beaches start to come into view and I can’t help but feel excited. Like a child with free rein in their favourite candy shop. The bus ride isn’t much longer.

We stop and I can’t wait to get off of the bus. I get up and Taegoon just barely takes hold of my hand he doesn’t hold on for long though because I don’t think he’s too keen on being dragged. I run down onto the beach just far enough away so the tide doesn’t touch my shoes. I crouch down, placing my hand on the wet sand, the water gently washing over it a beautiful cool sensation. I pull my hand away from the sand within a few gentle swishes the print has nearly vanished. I sit down on my butt and debate whether or not to take my shoes off. I pull one of my shoes off but pause when it comes to the sock. I’m not going to have any way of getting my feet dry. I pull my sock off anyway and reach out into the water. The cool sensation feels wonderful on my wet wiggly toes. I dip my foot in and out like a child first at the pool. I just up and pull my last shoe and sock off; tossing my cell phone beside them I step into the ocean.

It’s like a new found freedom the cool ocean breeze blowing my hair about and the scent gently caressing my nose. I wonder ankle deep into the water twirling around. It’s nothing like I would have ever imagined it to be. Not too far away I notice Taegoon is watching me; I smile and walk up the shoreline leaving him behind.

I turn to look over my shoulder seeing Taegoon taking off his footwear and leaving them next to mine. I move knee deep into the water. I reach down skimming my fingers over the water. He walks towards me and I walk backwards thigh deep into the water.

Moving a little awkwardly in the water I lose my balance and fall on my butt into the water. I land safely but a little shocked from what just happen. Taegoon laughs; I bite my lip and laugh too. He offers me his hand, but I’m all wet now so I may as well just finish the job off. I fall back into the water and swim away. I paddle awhile as Taegoon stands and watches me never going deeper than his thighs. I stand up in the water, must look like a drown rat because I sure feel like one.

Both my sweater and pants have taken on a lot of water, my sweater sleeves have become much longer. I take hold of Taegoon’s hand through my soaked sweater he doesn’t seem to mind and we walk a little. I let go of his hand, turning back to the ocean I look back at him I smile. All in good fun I give him a good wet hug and run back into the ocean not knowing if he’ll come after me.

He stands there and shakes his head but he’s got a huge grin on his face. I grin back in a sort of ‘haha I got you’ way. I turn my back to him in an ‘I got you so you can get me’ fashion. I don’t hear him enter the water and it seems like he isn’t going to come after me. I turn to look over my left shoulder and he’s gone. I turn right around; out of the corner of my eye I can see him standing not too far from me. I reach down into the water and give him a good splash. Twice I’ve gotten him now I just laugh. He tries to splash me but I just run away, he runs after me spraying water all over the place.

He catches me quite easily, lifts me into the air twirling me around. I’m laughing with delight, and he tosses me back into the water. I come up laughing I pull my hair out of my face and run splashing at Taegoon. He starts to run away but I jump at his waist and knocking us both to the down. Taegoon almost completely soaked. I sit up and finish the job off splashing him like crazy. Now we are two drenched rats. We just sit there and laugh making small splashes back and forth.

After a while we both lay down in the shallow water grinning. I am more than thankful that he has taken me out here. I couldn’t have pictured a better way to have my first trip to the ocean. The weather is prefect too.

Taegoon sits up and stares out to the ocean. I follow his gaze the way the ocean just seems to disappear into the horizon is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seem. I sit up and lean against his shoulder. He covers my hand with his. A little while longer we sit there staring off into the horizon then Taegoon gets off the ground and helps me up too.

We walk back to our shoes and wonder back up to the bus stop. I wrap my phone in my socks so it won’t get wet Taegoon does the same. We are told we are too wet to get on the bus, so we have to find some other transportation.

Taegoon flags down a taxi. If a taxi will take us why wouldn’t a bus? Seems weird but whatever, I’m starting to shiver in my wet clothes I would be happy to get out of them as soon as possible. My teeth are chattering we seem to turn to look at each other at the same time and his teeth are chattering too. I can’t help but laugh. His chattering grin is one of the most priceless things I have ever seen.

We are driven back to the warehouse and I don’t remember Taegoon ever uttering a word. Taegoon shows me to another room, which turns out to be a bathroom.

He texts me:

Feel free to use a towel and have a hot shower. Toss your clothes out the door so I can get them dry for you.

I peel myself out of my clothes, wrap myself in a towel and set my clothes outside the door. I help myself to that hot shower. It feels good to be warm again.

I get out of the shower and there is a text waiting on my phone:

By the way could you leave out a towel for me? Please! XD

I smile and grab the other towel off of the rack. I text:

Do you still want that towel?

He texts back:

As long as you haven’t used it.

I open up the door; he’s leaning dripping wet and shivering against the wall. Poor guy. I hand him the towel and he smiles in thanks. I open the door wide and gesture for him to come in to take a nice hot shower too.

He shakes his head but steps inside anyway. He grabs something out of a cabinet and leaves.

Do you think you can manage staying in that towel for a little longer?

Yes I think I will be alright and Taegoon I really think you should have a warm or hot shower so you don’t get sick.

Thank you for your concern but that’s why I grabbed some medicine out of the cabinet. I should have asked if you wanted any >.<

That’s ok, I’ll be fine. I’m not one that gets sick a lot.

Time goes by and I don’t receive another text from him. My towel is feeling cold so I venture out of the bathroom and back to his room. He’s laying belly down on the couch in his other set of clothes, but I can’t see where mine would be until I hear a soft set of beeps coming from outside the room. Further down the way there is another room with a washer and dryer. He really does live here. It isn’t much but it seems to serve him well.

I go back to his room and he hasn’t moved he must be sleeping. There must be a blanket somewhere, but I don’t recall seeing one when I was looking through here before. I go back to the laundry room and there is a blanket lying on a shelf over top of the drier. I shake the blanket open and go back into his room. At least one of us is getting some rest. I gently lay the blanket over top of him. I go to rub my eyes and the skin around my one eye is quite tender enough for me to cry out. I wake the poor guy. I gently touch the tender skin; it’s larger than I thought it would be.

He gets up off the couch and tenderly takes my face in his hands. He studies it and gently runs his thumb over it. His touch is so soft I can barely tell that he’s touching my skin. Such an intimate feeling, I turn away if Jaejoong knew about any of this I don’t know what would happen. Why am I even letting myself get into this situation?

I walk towards the door; it would be best if I just leave. I bite my lip as I take one last look back before I leave. How can one guy be capable to such kindness to a complete stranger? He doesn’t even know my name. He’s still standing how I left him; there is a look in his eyes that I can’t quite place. I take in a breath and leave the building. I can’t help but feel sadness. I don’t know how but he’s the best thing to happen to me in quite some time. I take one look back at the warehouse as I walk away and wonder if he’s missing me.

I go back to my apartment and crash on my bed. This morning feels like a dream, I wouldn’t be sure that it happened except for the scent of the ocean that still lingers on my clothes. I don’t think I’m ever going to wash these clothes because I love this scent so much a scent of happiness and of freedom. I wonder out onto the balcony staring out into the direction of the ocean. Just a few hours I’ve been gone but I can’t help but feel I’ve rediscovered a piece of me that has been buried away for a long time. I lean on the railing and saver this wonderful feeling.


Jaejoong. That wonderful feeling disappears into memories and dark, sorrowful thoughts ravage my mind. I don’t want to turn around I don’t want to see that look in his face again.

“Baby?” he sounds unsure. I hear him step closer to me his hand just barely touches me and I shrink away.

“Baby…I’m…I’m sorry,” he leans against the railing next to me his voice is shaking, “What I did this morning was appalling. I never should have hit you, I never should have raised my voice, it’s just that I haven’t seen you in quite some time and when you’re not here waiting for me… that isn’t an excuse I know. I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again, I promise. I love you,”

He wraps his arm around my waist and kisses the side of my head. The sincerity in his voice I’ve never heard it before, but then again I’ve never really had to hear it before. I miss the way we were when we first met.

“Can you except my apology?”

Should I? Will he never do it again? I suppose there is only one way to really find out. I push myself away from him I’m not going to be that easy on him.

“What can I do to make it up to you?”

I leave the railing and Jaejoong as I silently walk back into the apartment. I lay down on my bed face down in the pillows. Maybe if I just ignore him he’ll leave and come back when I have forgiven him. He lies on the bed beside me, his hand slides slowly underneath my shirt. His rings are really cold but it feels good, an erotic touch making me shiver with delight.

“Please forgive me,” he whispers into my ear, “I can’t stand the thought of you being unhappy with me,”

He gently kisses the crest of my ear. His words carry such sorrow and such sincerity; it’s enough to make my heart race. His hand continues to caress the skin of my back. He’s driving me crazy just with his touch.

I roll onto my side, wrapping my arms around him, “Jaejoong-ah I forgive you,”

He smiles and gently runs his fingers down the side of my face placing hair behind my ear.

“Thank you,” he kisses my forehead, “You mean the world to me and I want to be with you even if I haven’t shown it lately,”

“It’s ok Jae, just promise that we’ll spend more time doing things together,” I gently finger his hair, “And that you will take me dancing again,”

“I promise,”

Maybe now I can forget about Taegoon and never have to worry about what happened again.

“I love this perfume; it reminds me of the ocean. Where did you get it?”

Oh no!

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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Re: Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

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Aw...that scene at the ocean was so sweet....I can't believe how she would forgive JJ so easily, although he is adorable ^^

Thanks for the update!!


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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Re: Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

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Yay! You updated! Aww, Taegoon seems so sweet!

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Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon) Empty Re: Are You Ready??? (Jaejoong, OC, Taegoon)

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