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What Will You If You Meet A Angel

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What Will You If You Meet A Angel Empty What Will You If You Meet A Angel

Post by ninechan on 10/4/2009, 4:26 pm

What Will You If You Meet A Angel Ninechanpostercopy

Nine-Chan is back with a new story not the story with xiao zhu and xiao gui but a SUJU STORY !
Nine-Chan likes Sungmin-Oppa!.


Sungmin P.O.V

My earliest memory goes to a lake with a small mountain. My parents took me there as a child, but just one day there was a girl with her parents to. She looks like a angel from heaven. We played the whole day until I had to go home. Now i'm 22 and i'm still thinking of her, I wonder what she is doing now, I wonder if I could meet her again. Me and the rest of Super Junior are driving to the same place were I have met her to have a photoshoot. But my mind is full of memories of her and me as a little kid, And I only know her name....Soo-Yun.


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What Will You If You Meet A Angel Empty Chapter 1 - After All Those Years

Post by ninechan on 10/5/2009, 3:36 pm

Chapter 1 - After All Those Years

Normal P.O.V

"Sungmin wake up !." Leeteuk said. "Are you dreaming about her again?."
"How long have I been sleeping ?." Sungmin said while whiping sleep out of his eyes.
"Two hours..." Teeteuk replied back. "But hurry up, Kim bum's niece is here."
"Sigh, I'm coming." Sungmin said.
"Ah..she asked me to give you this." Leeteuk said and hold a bracelet with a guardian angel on it. [Note:]

"Don't tell me that her name is Soo-Yun!." Sungmin said and grabbed the bracelet from Leeteuk.
"Why?, do you know her ?." the leader asked curious.
"That she still has must be 13 years..that we saw each other." Sungmin said loud and ignored Leeteuk and got out of the car.

Sungmin P.O.V

It's a little weird but i really want to see her, I wonder how she looks like. It has been 13 years so she is 19 years old now.

"Sungmin hyung!." a familiar voice yelled, it was the voice of Kibum which was calling me. I look at the place were the voice came and I saw Kibum waving just like the rest of Super Junior. They were standing around someone, maybe it was Soo-Yun.
I walked fast as a could to the group with the bracelet in my hands, when I got there Kibum smiled at me.

"This is my little niece." Kibum said and pushed the girl closer so that Sungmin could see her.
"You didn't change Oppa..." the girl said with smile.
"I can say the same about you Soo-Yun." I said back with a smile

Normal P.O.V

"You know each other ?." Kibum asked curious.
"When we were little, we played here at this lake." Sungmin said happy.
"Ah so she is the girl were your talking about." Heechul said.
"Woow..she is cute.." Kyuhyun said with a smile and stared at Soo-Yun's face.
"Soo-Yun really looks like a angel." Donghae said and Soo-Yun was standing shy behind Kibum.
"You're making her shy." Kibum said with smile.

Soo-Yun P.O.V

"Sigh, why are they saying things like this." I thought. "I really don't like it."
Sungmin Oppa doesn't look happy, I wonder why?. He noticed that I was staring at him and I pretented that I wasn't looking. Thanks for me the manager came.

"Everything is ready so we can take the shoot." he said and I was still standing behind Kibum when he noticed me.
"And you must me Kibum's little niece ?." Manager asked nice.
"My name is Soo-Yun." I said polite.
"I'm sure you will like it with us." Manager replied back.
"Manager what do you mean? with staying with us?." Sungmin Oppa asked and his face was cute because it looked so confused.
"She is going to live with us." Manager said with a little sadness in his voice. "Because...she lost her parents."


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