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Love In Remembrance by themorningshine

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Love In Remembrance by themorningshine Empty Love In Remembrance by themorningshine

Post by Kyn on 9/30/2009, 7:45 pm

A girl named, Hebe, who was stuck in the previous relationship that is impossible to go back. She is always living in the past and would not like to move forward to find her true love. Until one day, when she met a famous pianist in Korea, everything started to change. Jae Joong, the one whom Hebe had met, had fallen in love with Hebe at first sight. He tried many ways to win her heart, but it always failed. Up till one day, he knows that there is someone called, Aaron, who is still presence in her heart, will he continue to court her or give up?
Hebe Tian(25):
A Taiwanese girl who is a very cold person, cold to the surrounding, cold in personality and cold in love. However, she is warm in the inside. She don't express her feelings or emotions out in the surface. All is kept in her heart, including pains and sorrow.

Kim JaeJoong(27):
A very cheerful and direct person. He is a famous pianist in Korea and is a half Taiwanese half Korean. He likes to do things in his way and he do not hide his feeling. He is a very straight-forward person and say what he feels.

Aaron Yan(28):
A Taiwanese who had passed away 3 years ago by cancer. He is a piano teacher at that time. He is caring and loving. And the most important thing is he loves Hebe deeply, like how Hebe do.

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Love In Remembrance by themorningshine Mwtuut

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Love In Remembrance by themorningshine Empty Re: Love In Remembrance by themorningshine

Post by Kyn on 9/30/2009, 7:46 pm

"Aaron, we are finally here," Hebe put down her heavy lugguage and closed her eyes to feel the new atmosphere that belongs to Korea. In this process, some memories went through her mind, the memories 3 years ago. She can feel her tears gushing through her whole body.
*Hebe's Flashback*

"Hebe, could you stop crying? Your tears are also very precious to me," lying on the bed, Aaron lift his hand weakly to wipe her tears. Hebe did not say anything, but just continued allowing tears to flow out from her eyes.

Trying to comfort her, Aaron quickly find a new subject to talk about, "Hebe, do you still remember how we met?" Aaron manage to produce a smile. Seeing Hebe being unresponsive, Aaron continue saying, "Wow, it's like 5 years ago, it still felt so fresh in my mind." He continue to maintain his smile, "I remember that day I just went out from your washroom, and was being hit by you. That time, you thought I was a thief, and couldn't believe I was your new piano teacher, until your mom came to be my witness. I could still remember your expression after knowing the truth, embarassed and shy. At that second, I——"

"Stop! Can we change the subject?" Hebe finally speak out.

"Nope, that is the most important sentence you must hear," Aaron paused for a moment and continue saying, "I already knew that you are the one, the one that I will love forever." His voice went softer and softer, seems that he had used lots of energy to complete his sentence.

Seeing his pale look, Hebe hold his hand tightly, "You won't leave me, right?"

"Silly girl, everyone would have to leave this place," he look at her eyes with gentleness.

"But we had an agreement, we will go to Korea once we had earned enough money. Dont't you remember Korea is our dream country. You said you will accompany me to all the places in Korea. You can't break your promise." Every word she says, her hand held even tighter.

"So Hebe, you must persevere on. Earn the money to go Korea, so that you can help me achieve my dream, no, is our dream. And, it will be less a ticket money," Aaron try to bring up the heavy atmosphere.

"No, I don't have the energy to persevere on without your presence." Hebe just wish that Aaron will because of her wilfulness and have the energy to live on in this world.

"Hebe." Aaron being a little angry and worry after hearing her words. He slowly let go of her hand and continue saying, "Still remember our theme song?" he gave a forceful smile. "Let's play it again."

"Over here?"

Aaron then took both her hand up with his both hand. He started playing in the air, like there is a piano below their fingers. "Always remember this is our theme song and I was always be with you." After he said, Hebe then slowly close her eyes, trying to feel the notes that they are playing, trying to hear the melody in both their hearts. After they had played finish the last note, Aaron's hands suddenly lands heavily on Hebe's hands. Hebe then know that everthing has stop, the music had stop, his heartbeat had stop and their love life had stop.

Hebe hold back her last tear and whisper , "Aaron, I promise you I will not cry."

*End of Flashback*

"Aaron, I will not cry." She breathed hard, trying to swallow her tears.


"Drive me to the piano centre," a suave young man speaking in a fluent Korean language.

"But there is still 2 hours before the charity start. Why do you have to go so early?" his secretary questioned him while driving.

"I just want to spend sometime with the piano alone," Jae Joong look out of the window, revealing some sadness in his face.


After Hebe put her lugguage in her hotel room, she went to the nearby shopping mall to shop. Every scenery that she had seen in the internet now is seen with her own eyes, however, Hebe just don't feel the excitement. Originally, she should have many places to go visit, but she is now walking aimlessly down the mall. Is it because of her dream had turn to reality that made her feel so untrue or is it because of the person in her heart is not beside her? As she walked and walked, a place had attracted her. It is a piano centre, a huge and grand piano centre. She went in and cool air started brushing through her skin.

"May I help you?" a lady approached her.

Hebe only manage to catch a few of her korean language, "Err...help? No, No. Thank you." she pronounced the words badly. Looking at all those pianos surrounding her, she could not stop thinking about the times where Aaron teaches her piano.

*Hebe's Flashback*

Hebe played the piano distordly, as she could not catch up with the notes on the score.

"Hebe, concentrate on the score and let your hand feel the notes of the piano key." Aaron suddenly surround his arms around Hebe and places his both hands on Hebe's both hands, "Like this." At this moment, their faces are so close to each other, and this makes Hebe's heart pumped very fast. "Concentrate on the score." He seems to realise that Hebe staring at him. Aaron then started to play the score with Hebe's ten fingers under his, like a mother teaching her child how to write words.

*End of Flashback*

When Hebe was recollecting the memories with Aaron, suddenly someone bump into her. It is a little boy who had run away from her piano teacher.

"Seung Suh, Come back! Return to the piano room and get back from where you played wrongly!" the piano teacher shouted at the little boy who already had tears on his face. The boy just kept running away from the teacher who is chasing him.

At the same time, Jae Joong came and accidenally saw this scene. He felt so furious about the teacher's attitude and also pity the little boy. When he was about to step in the piano centre to help the little boy, Hebe went forward and said to the little boy, "Sister teach you?" she forced the words out from her poor Korean language. She then bring him to one of the piano near them and started teaching the boy patiently. The teacher was being angry and when she was about to approach this young lady, Jae Joong went in to stop her.

"Jae Joong?!" the teacher whisper 'loudly' and suddenly change to a gentle woman, behaving shyly.

Jae Joong then went nearer to her ear and whisper, "I advised you to quit your job immediately." After distancing away from the teacher, he just gave her a sarcastic yet killer smile. Hearing the words coming out from his lips, the teacher just walk back to her room in an embarassed expression.

After the teacher's absence, Jae Joong then looks attentively at Hebe and hear attentively at the notes she played. Hebe's patience had also rewarded a smile from the little boy. Seeing at her expressions and actions, Jae Joong slowly produce a smile on his face, a smile that had not shown on his face for a long time.

A few minutes had passed, Jae Joong then realised his purpose for coming early. He then quickly walk to the room that he will be performing for the charity later. Just after he left, the little boy's mother had also arrived. "Mommy!" the boy ran to his mother's bosom.

"How is my boy today?" the mother pinched his face lightly.

"Teacher fierce fierce, big sister nice nice." the boy pointed at Hebe.

The mother then approached Hebe, "Thanks for teaching my son patiently."

Although Hebe do not really understand what she had said, but she could feel the sincere in her words. Therefore, Hebe just gave her a smile. After the mother and little boy had gone, Hebe had also decided to leave this centre. However, when she heard a familiar song that is played with the piano, she stop wherever she is moving.

*Hebe's Flashback*

Aaron then took both her hand up with his both hand. He started playing in the air, like there is a piano below their fingers. "Always remember this is our theme song and I was always be with you."

*End of Flashback*

"Aaron?!" Hebe shouted softly to herself. She then pick up her feet and started running towards the direction of the song where it is being played. After she had found the room where the sound is produced, she dashed into the room and walked towards the man that is playing the song.

"Aaron!" she pull the person's shoulder. When she realised that the man isn't Aaron, she felt very disppointed. "Sorry," she apologised to the person in Korean and turn away from him.

"Anything I can help you?" Jae Joong tried to offer a help. Hebe do not know what he is saying, so she just ran out from the room and out of the piano centre. Do not know because of what reason, Jae Joong just can't stop chasing after her, worry about her sad expression that she appear on her face earlier ago.

"Jae Joong, where are you going? The charity show is going to start soon," his secretary stop his way.

"Why must people do kind deeds only when they get benefit? Anyway, I will perform for them a week later, free of charge. Whether they want to donate or not, is their own business. I will replenish the amount of money." After saying, he quickly run out of the piano centre.


"Err...you have grape juice?" Hebe's pronounciation is real bad as question marks could be seen above the waitress's head. "Grape...Juice...Juice..." she repeated her words, trying to make every word sounds clear.

"Oh, grape juice is what you meant?" the waitress finally understand from her broken language.

"Yea, Yea," Hebe nodded many times.

"I'm so sorry, but we had run out of grape juice. Would grape wine suit you too?" she asked politely.

"Huh?" Hebe could not catch up on what she is saying.

"I mean grape wine," the waitress seems to realise that Hebe do not understand much on Korean.

"Grape what?" she said to herself. "Oh, yea, yea, yea. Grape. Yea," she heard the word 'grape', therefore she guessed that she is saying 'grape juice'.


After he followed Hebe to a hotel, he lost her track. He look around the hotel and he spotted Hebe sitting at the cafe. He then slowly walked towards her and automatically planted himself onto the seat beside her.

"Are you alright?" Jae Joong said in a gentle tone.

After realising that he is the one she had misaken earlier on, adding that she only understand what he had just said, Hebe just gave him a fade smile and replied a "Hi."

"She don't seems to understand what I am talking about," Jae Joong said in his heart. Looking deeper and deeper at her, he had guess that she is not a Korean. "What country you came from?"

Couldn't stand the foreign language, Hebe said back in chinese, "Sorry, I do not understand what are you talking about," she said in a polite manner.

"So you are a Taiwanese?" Jae Joong asked her in chinese.

Hebe was shocked, "You speak chinese too?!"

"I'm a half Korean half Taiwanese," he gave her a killer smile. "So this is your first time in Korea?"

"Yea," she response in a cold way.

"You played quite well just now. You learn piano too?" Jae Joong changes all his conversation into chinese.

"I'm a piano teacher." After she said, the waitor came, "This is your grape wine." He places the glass cup and realise that the person seating beside her is Jae Joong, "OH MY! JAE JOONG!" she scream to herself.

"She seems to know you," Hebe said while drinking her grape 'juice'.

"Oh, if you do not know, I'm a pianist."

"This grape juice taste differently, quite nice," she said in her heart. Then, she decided to take another sip.

"But I wonder who really listens to my music. They just only look at the looks," Jae Joong show a sarcastic smile. "But just as I saw your expression at the piano centre earlier, I know that you really understand the music. You do, right?" Jae Joong look at her eyes attentively, seems that he could find the answer throught it.

After hearing what he said, Hebe eyes went watery, "Maybe." Her voice went a little shaky. Wanting to hide her feelings, she drink the whole cup of 'grape juice'.

Seeing her gulp the whole wine down, he felt something is wrong. "Are you okay?"

"Yea," she replied with strong giddy. She began to sway here and there.

"Are you okay?" He asked again, but this time Hebe look up at him. Hebe could not see his face clearly anymore and her mind went haywire.

"Aaron? Is it you, Aaron?" she grabbed his arms tightly and a tear went flowing out from her eye.

"Huh?" Jae Joong does not know what is she talking about and who is she referring to.

Hebe suddenly hug him and this make Jae Joong very shocked. "Aaron, Sorry. I had break the promise. I cried. You will forgive me, won't you?" This time, more tears had dropped.

Even though, he don't know what she meant, he still hug her back, "Rest assure, I will forgive you." He patted her head lightly.

Jae Joong then bring her up to her hotel room and placed her on her bed. When he was about to leave, Hebe suddenly grab his hand, "Don't leave me. I will not let you leave me again...Aaron." He wanted to take off his hand but Hebe hold too tight that he can't bear to leave her.


The next morning, when Hebe woke up, she heard some noise in the washroom. She quickly take a weapon beside her and preparing to attack him as she thought that the person inside will be doing something bad. When the door of the washroom finally open, Hebe closed her eyes and hit hardly onto the person's head. "Ouch!" the person shout in pain. Hebe then slowly open her eyes and too her surprised, it was Jae Joong that is lying on the floor. This scene seems so familiar to her, it once happen with Aaron. Hebe controlled her emotions and went to help Jae Joong's wound.

"I'm so sorry," she said this umpteen times while helping him applying medication to his cheek that is being hurt.

"It's okay," Jae Joong gave her a smile so that she will not feel so guilty. Their faces are so close that he could not control his fast-pace heartbeat and he could not stop staring at her. Hebe could sense that there is a pair of eyes staring at her, but she just did not care and continue applying, acting very cold towards him. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" Jae Joong suddenly asked her. His question makes Hebe remind her of someone.

*Hebe's Flashback*

"That time, you thought I was a thief, and couldn't believe I was your new piano teacher, until your mom came to be my witness. I could still remember your expression after knowing the truth, embarassed and shy. At that second, I——"

"Stop! Can we change the subject?" Hebe finally speak out.

"Nope, that is the most important sentence you must hear." Aaron paused for a moment and continue saying, "I already knew that you are the one, the one that I will love forever."

*End of Flashback*

"I believe," she said in a serious tone.

"Then you must believe what I'm going to say," Jae Joong said with his eyes not leaving hers'. Hebe then look into his eyes, awaiting to hear what he is going to say. "I like you." When Hebe heard this came out from his mouth, she was stunned and quickly stand up, distance from him. "From the first time I saw you at the piano centre, you was so beautiful with the seriousness on your face while teaching the little boy," he stood up and look at her back.

"Sorry, but I————" she turn to face him.

"Don't reject me now. Give me a chance to show you my love," he cut her sentence. "Why don't I be your tour guide for your trip? Settle. When are you leaving this place?" Jae Joong did not gave her a chance to reply.

"Err...I'm not too sure. Maybe after I had visit all the places in Korea?" she replied calmly.

"Woah. That would be many days. That's an advantage to me."

"Huh? But———" Hebe was confused till now.

"No but, let's go on our journey now," Jae Joong pushed her in the washroom to get a washed up.


The first few days of their tour had been very fruitful, however, Hebe's face had never shown excitement or happiness. Also, her conversation with Jae Joong had been very little - most of the time, it was Jae Joong who started the conversation. Until the 6th day of the tour, when Jae Joong brought her to a night market.

"There is a famous chicken pie at that stall," Jae Joong pointed at the direction which gather many people. "Stay here and wait for me. I will buy it for you." After saying, he quickly ran to the stall. In the whole journey, Jae Joong is like talking himself as Hebe treated him coldly. A few minutes have passed, but Jae Joong had not return. By now, Hebe was afraid that he might get into some accident, so she went to the direction where he gone to. However, she just stepped a few steps forward, a huge hand suddenly cover her mouth and pull her backwards. She shouted for Jae Joong, however, the hands are really big enough to cover all her voice. Slowly, she had fainted.

"The queue was so long. Sorry for letting you————," just when Jae Joong was about to complete his sentence he found out that Hebe was not there. "Hebe!" he shouted continuously. Then, he could sense a strong feeling, the feeling happening behind him. He quickly turn to his back and saw Hebe was being dragged by a few strong men. He dropped his chicken pie and used his fastest speed to catch up with them. "Hebe, don't be afraid. I'm here!" When he was about to reached Hebe, suddenly, someone hit his head from the back. Jae Joong is then carried in to the same vehicle as Hebe.


"Where is this place?" Hebe was finally awaken by the shakiness of the truck. She look around her, and to her surprise, Jae Joong is lying beside her unconsciously. Both their hands were tied with strings. "Jae Joong, Jae Joong! Wake up!" It was kind of contradicting as she wanted to shout, but instead, she was whispering, afraid that the kidnapper will hear her. Despite of her calling, Jae Joong still did not wake up, until when the car suddenly make a U-turn that causes Hebe to fall onto him. Jae Joong then slowly open his eyes and found that Hebe was lying on his chest. Realising that he had waken up, she said "Sorry, I lost my balance." As her hands are tied up by the strings, it was very difficult for her to get up. She used a lot of energy to pull herself away from him chest, however, the truck make another U-turn. This time, she did not land onto his chest, but it was a lip to lip contact. Just for a moment, they just froze in their position, and racing of heartbeats could be heard in the silence atmosphere. Hebe quickly uses all her might to pull away from him.

Trying to remove the embarassment between them, Jae Joong started with the conversation, "Are you okay?" Both of them are looking everywhere, except each other's eyes.

"I'm okay," she replied with her face blushed. "Where is this place? Why are we here?" Hebe look at the dark area.

"I'm not sure too. But most probably, we are being kidnapped," he said calmly. "OH MY! I had a charity show to perform tomorrow," he just realised for a second.

"Okay, so how are we suppose to escape now?" Just after Hebe said, the truck suddenly came to a stop.

Jae Joong look at the small window and realised that the kidnappers are taking a nap. "Now is the chance," he whispered to her. "We bang the door open and quickly escape from them." Hebe agreed with him by just nodding her head.

They mouthed the words together, "1, 2 ,3." They bang the door and it really opens. However, this had alert the kidnappers. They wanted to shout for help, but then they realised that it was like a deserted place with high slopes of ground at the side. Suddenly, Hebe accidentally fell down the slope. "Hebe!" Jae Joong also went rolling down the slope with her. The kidnappers see both of them fell down the slope, so they thought that they would most probably be dead.


It was already a bright new morning, fortunately, Hebe had only sprained her ankle. Therefore, Jae Joong suggest to carry her on his back.

"What charity show do you have later on?" this is the first time Hebe started the conversation.

"The charity show is to help to collect enough money for the orphan's home," Jae Joong replied with a fade smile.

"Oh, your job sounds so meaningful."

"That is only the shell in this circle. What charity show? The media is just trying to make use of this to increase their viewing rate. And, why must people donate after seeing my performance. I'm not the one who needed donation, it's the children. Can't they just give their money with their own hearts. I only play piano for those who truthfully listen to it, but not for those who only look at the looks. And, my music cannot uses money to measure it," Jae Joong said these with many sighs.

"If this is not what you want, then don't force yourself to do it. Just find something you really like," Hebe said with a caring tone.

"Thanks. I will," Jae Joong was so happy to hear her care for him. "I had say so much about my feelings, now is your turn."

"Huh? I had nothing to——"

"Aaron," he cut her sentence. "I'm always hearing you saying this name with tears falling." Hearing no voice came back, he continued saying, "If you don't wish to say, it's————"

"He is my ex-boyfriend. We had been together for around 5 years. He really loves me, and so do I. But 3 years ago, a terrifying illness took his life away, and took my love away. We really had many memories, sad and happy. We had an agreement to come to Korea together, but he broke the promise." As she was saying, tears were dropping continuously onto Jae Joong's shirt. Jae Joong then realised that it is impossible for him to make her love him, and therefore, a thought of 'giving up' went through his mind. "Maybe it's time to let her go," Jae Joong thought.


After changing to a clean clothes, Jae Joong brought Hebe to his charity show.

"AHhh! Jae Joong! Jae Joong! Jae Joong!" his fans were like screaming their lungs out.

"Hello everyone. I have to apologize for the day that I did not attend for the charity show. So, I want to address that today's concert would be free for everyone to hear. However, I hope that there would be some kind soul that would donate money to the orphanage by his or her own accord, but not because it's me that is here. My music is free to everyone, but your conscience is with your ownself. Also, this is my last time standing here like this, as someone had told me if this is not what I want, then do not force myself to do it. I had thought clearly, I do not like the media way of introducing myself, therefore, I would present in a simple and real way. Hope that everyone will give me that support," Jae Joong this whole speech calmly.

All the audience and fans were first shocked and sad, but after a few moments of silence, everybody started to show smiles on their face. "All the way, Jae Joong! Jae Joong, all the way!" The fans just continue to give him moral support, until he sat on the piano chair. On the other hand, Hebe who was sitting at one corner all along, did not understand what was the commercial as she do not understand the language. When he started playing, all the audience were listening to it attentively, thinking that they were hearing a good playing of piano.


"Tomorrow you will be going back, right?" Jae Joong said with a fade smile.

"Yes," she said softly.

"Aren't you impress with my music just now?" He tried to change the subject that makes him feel sad.

"No." This replied had made Jae Joong surprise. Hebe then lifted his hand up, "Why didn't you tell me your hand is injured?" Hebe asked in a worried tone.

Jae Joong quickly pull away his hand, "It's just a small injury," he smiled.

"Don't lie to me. I can hear from your music that you are controlling a severe pain," Hebe lifted his hand up again. "Where is your wound? You must had get hurt when we roll down the slope yesterday. Is it very painful?" Looking at how caring she is, Jae Joong suddenly hugged her. "Jae Joong?" Hebe was shocked about his action.

Jae Joong slowly released the hug. "This is for you," Jae Joong passed her a keychain that is a male stickman. "I've got the girl. You shall keep the male and I will keep the female. So, you can look at it if you miss me," he then gave her a wink. Hebe look at the keychain with teary eyes. "I fetch you back home," Jae Joong gave a wide smile.

After a long journey to her hotel, Hebe had fallen asleep in the car. "Don't leave me, I don't want to be alone again," Hebe said unconsciously when Jae Joong was about to nudge her.

"I think I really can't get into the world of you and Aaron. Letting you go should be the best choice," Jae Joong said to himself.


"He will not be coming?" Hebe thought while holding tightly to the keychain that Jae Joong gave, looking around the airport. When she was about to check in, someone bump into her and make her drop the keychain accidentally. She continued her way, not realising that she had dropped something. At the same point, someone bent down and pick the keychain.


"Why does my heart feel sad? Why is it pumping slower than before?" Hebe sitting in the airplane, mumbling to herself. She then opened her hand, "Where's my keychain?" she said frantically. After being calm for a few seconds, she then realised that she had dropped when a man bumped into her. She quickly stood up and wanted to get off the plane.

"Miss, where are you going? The train is going to take off very soon, please go back to your seat," one of the stewardess hold her back.

"But I need to go out, I left my keychain at the airport," Hebe trying to say in a calm tone, but her frantic face had already betrayed her.

"I'm so sorry, but you can't get down now," Hebe then went back to her seat in disappointment.

"Miss, are you looking for this?," a familiar voice spoke out of no where.

Hebe was elated seeing when seeing the keychain appearing in front of her eyes, "Yes! Thank————." When she was about to complete her sentence, she was surprised after lifting her head. "Jae Joong?" she whispered to herself.

"You are welcome," Jae Joong smiled to her and went to sit beside her.

"Why are you here?"

"To persue my dream."

"What about your job? Don't you have any performance today?" Hebe was confused.

"I had already quit my job," he just gave her a wide smile.

"Why?" looking at him with bewilderment.

"Because someone told me to not to force myself into something I don't like," he stared at her with electric eyes.

Knowing that his 'someone' was her, she quickly turn her head away from him, so that he could not see her red face. "So what's your dream?" Hebe then slightly turn her head.

"That's a secret. You will soon find out when the time is up," Jae Joong gave her a wink.

*Jae Joong's Flashback*

After a long journey to her hotel, Hebe had fallen asleep in the car. "Don't leave me, I don't want to be alone again," Hebe said unconsciously when Jae Joong was about to nudge her.

"I think I really can't get into the world of you and Aaron. Letting you go should be the best choice," Jae Joong said to himself.

"Jae Joong..." this word suddenly came out from Hebe's mouth. Jae Joong was surprised at what she just said. His heart melted when he heard her called his name, but at the same time, his heart hurts too. "Don't leave me alone. I'm afraid and tired of being alone. Jae Joong...don't leave me...Jae Joong..." Hebe kept repeating herself.

Jae Joong then leaned forward and gave a light peck on her forehead, whispering to her, "Don't worry, Hebe. I will always be with you. I will never leave you alone...never..."

*End of Flashback*


Hope this story is up to standard and hope you enjoy it. If can, please leave a comment. Thanks Smile

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BeBu!!! hehe.. but with Jae! XD Love it!!


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