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Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

Post by hottest on 1/3/2010, 4:49 am

Chapter 26

H A W A I I part1

It was another sunny day. You woke up and found yourself in Taek’s embrace. You looked up to find his cute face breathed slowly and his arms wrapped around your waist and shoulder.

"_________-ah" he talked in his sleep.

He was dreaming about you. You smiled and kissed his cheek.
You snuggled against his chest again and waited for him to wake up.

You humming softly while listened to his heartbeats. Then you sang softly.

`You're my honey bunch, sugar plum,
pumpy umpy umpy umpkin.
You're my sweetie pie.

You're my cuppy cake,gumdrop,
shyummkums pure,
The apple of my eye!

And I love you so,
and I want you to know
that i'll always be right here.

And I love to sing this song to you
Because you are so dear!`

He moved a little. You looked up to see his face, his eyes opened and he smiled when he saw you. You smiled back.

"Good morning." you said.

"Good morning sweetie pie." he said with soft voice. "For moment I thought that I'm dead, that I'm in heaven and one beautiful angel sang for me."

"Oppa~~! You're not dead." you pinched his cheek. "Sheesh we are like married." You kicked Taek out of bed and he fall on the floor. You started to laugh.

"Aish!" Taek stand from the floor. He tickled you and you was about to fall from your bed, but Taek saved you.

"See I'm your hero." He giggled.

"Yeah, you are." you made cute face.

"I love you." he kissed you.

"I love you too oppa." you smiled.

RING RING RING Taek's phone rang. He picked it up "Hello!"

"What? But.. Okay." We have to go.

"Where?" you asked surprised.

"To the airport, we are going to Hawaii." he grabbed your hand and you two went upstairs. For 20 minutes you packed your things and was ready. Taxi came and took you to airport. Everything happened so fast.

The flight was long. You listened music, talked with taek, slept.

Suddenly you opened your eyes. You saw Taek who was searchind something in his bag.

"Oh, you are awake." He smiled.


Awready in the house near the beach, you and Taek were so tired from the flight. You sat on the couch and turned the tv on. Taek went to the kitchen to drink water. When he entered the living room, he saw you asleep. He carried you bridal style to your room.

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

Post by hottest on 1/3/2010, 4:49 am

Chapter 27

H A W A I I part2

When you was awake, you searched Taek, but there was an empty space. You stand from the bed and went to the kitchen, where he was drinking orange juice.

"Still tired?" he smiled at you.

"A little." you sat next to him.

"Let's go on the beach." Taek said with smiled.

"Okay." You smiled.


After 30 minutes you and Taek were ready and you two went to the beach.

You put the bag on the sand and was about to go to sea, but when you turn around you saw one little boy.

"Hello miss." the little boy smiled and handed you one of the hawaiian flower necklaces.

"Thank you!" you smiled and patted him on the head.

Taek hugged the boy "What is your name?"

"My name is Henry." the boy smiled.

"Awwww, what a beautiful name like the boy." you smiled.

"Thank you. And what is your name?" Henry smiled.

"I'm ________ and this is Taek." you pointed to Taek.

"You are so cute together. Do you have kids?" Henry smiled.

"No." you and Taek said in the same time. "We are together from 2-3 days. We are girlfriend and boyfriend." Taek smiled.

"I see." Henry put the other flower necklace on Taek's neck.

"How old are you Henry?" you asked.

"I'm 5 years old." Henry smiled.

"Okay, let's swim." Taek smiled.

"Let's go." Henry smiled.

Then you, Taek and Henry went to the beautiful sea water. After playing in the water you went and layed on your beach towel. Taek layed near you and Henry went somewhere.

3 hours on the beach were enough for you.

"Oppa let's go home." you smiled.

"Okay let's go." Taek stand from his towel and helped you.


"I'm hungry what about you?" Taek asked you.

"We too." you giggled.

"Oppa is going to make dinner fot you." he pinched your cheeks.

"Oppa you're so silly." you giggled.

"Yeah, you make me going silly." Taek smirked and went to the kitchen.

RING RING RING you phone rang.

"Hey Nicole, I missed you so much." you picked it up.

"I'm missing you." Nicole giggled.

"I have to tell you something." you said excited.

"What? What?" Nicole yelled.

"I have boyfriend." you whispered.


"Oh my year." you said.

"So who is the winner of your heart?" Nicole asked.

"Guess!" you said.




"No, he is younger."

"I see. Hmm Khun?"





"What? No, no."

"I don't know." Nicole said with sad voice.

"His name is Taecyeon."

"WHAT?" Nicole shouted. "you kidding me."

"I'm not, we are on Hawaii now."

"Oh my god. It's big surprise." Nicole said, then she murmured something and hang off.

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

Post by hottest on 1/3/2010, 4:50 am

Chapter 28

Nicole and Jay || edited with replies

In USA, Washington, Seattle.

"oppa!" Nicole said with sad voice.

"What's wrong?" Jay asked worried.

"________." Nicole looked at the ground.

"What? She is okay righ?" Jay paniced.

"Yeah, she is great."

"So, what's the matter?" Jay asked.




"She have?"


"She have a boyfriend?" Jay shouted.

"Yeah, Taek."

"WHAT?" Jay shouted again.

"She is in love with other person." Nicole hugged Jay.

"But, I love her, I'm the one who felt her soft lips first and we were mor than friend. What I'm supposed to do?" Jay said.

"I don't know, but you don't have to wait for her." Nicole said sadly.

"But I love _________, only _________."

"But now she is in love with Taek oppa." Nicole said.

"I hate him." Jay murmured.

"No oppa, don't say that again. He is your brother." Nicole started to cry. Pain was written on Jay's face.


RING RING RING Nicole's phone rang.

"Nicole your phone!" Jay shouted.


"Aish this girl!" Jay take the phone and saw message from you.

There were seven photos of you and Taek.

*Her face, her skin, her eyes, her hair, everything is perfect. But why? Why you choose him? Maybe I was wrong comeing to Seattle and let you there alone with Taek* Jay thought.

*I want you so bad, but you are forbiden for me.* he thought again.

Nicole stood near the door and looked at Jay who was staring in her phone.

"Pictures from Hawaii?" Nicole said.

"Oh, you scared me." Jay handed the phone to Nicole and went out.

He walked through the beach and thought, what if you were there with him.

After 3 hours walking Jay went home. Nicole was sleeping on the couch. She waited for her brother, but he came home late.

*Just if _________ waited for me like you.* Jay stroked Nicole's face.

Then he put the blanket over Nicole and went to his room.

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

Post by hottest on 1/3/2010, 4:51 am

Chapter 29

Back In Korea

One week later.

You and Taek were on the airport in Korea.

"Oppa!" you smiled


"Thank you." you kissed Taek on the left cheek.

"For you always, my angel." Taek smiled. "Now let's go home."

Then you two got a taxi.


You tryed to unlock the door, but the door was already unlocked.

"Oppa." you whispered. "If someone wants to kill us?"

"I don't think someone want to kill us." Then Taek entered the house ready for battle.

But there was nobody. The kitchen, the living room, they were empty.

"Maybe you forgot to lock the door." Taek told you.

"No, I'm sure I locked the door." You pouted.

"Hey lovely couple, I'm here." Nicole came from 2nd floor.

"Nicole, I missed you so much." you hugged Nicole.

"I missed you too ___________-ah." Nicole smiled.

"One hug for your brother?" Taek smiled.

"Of course." Nicole smiled and hugged Taek.

"So, how was your trip." Nicole smiled.

"Awesome." Taek smiled.

*Whether she is going to ask about Jay?* Nicole thought, then she was surprised.

"Where is Jay?" you smiled.

"Oh..." she doesn't know what to say. "He is in Seattle."

You and Nicole sat on the couch. "He will come back right?" you felt pain in your chest.

"Y-y-yeah." Nicole smiled awkwardly.

"Okay, I'm going to unpack my things." you smiled and grabbed your bag.

"Need help?" Taek tickled you.

"Oppa, stop." you laughed.

"Okay, I'll help you." Taek smiled.

"Silly oppa." you giggled.

*They are happy together, but Jay is loving you _________. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day and night is only for you, but you can't realize that.* Nicole thought.

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

Post by hottest on 1/3/2010, 4:55 am

Chapter 30

Something is missing

It was saturday. 2:00pm-you was in front of the supermarket, together with Taek, Nicole, Khun and Woo, waiting for Junho.

Nicole tryed to call to Jay, but there was no answer.

"Where is Jay? Why there is no answer?" you pouted.

"Maybe he is busy." Nicole sighed. Then suddenly everything become dark. "Junho it's not funny." Nicole pouted.

"What's going on? ________-ah is pouting, you too?" Junho made a face.

"We can't talk with Jay." you said.

"I see." Junho smiled.

"What are we going to do?" Woo asked.

"I don't know." Khun sighed.

RING RING RING Khun's phone rang. All eyes were on him.

"Ah, no." he touched his head. "It's not Jay." he smiled awkwardly. "I have to go home, sorry."

"No problem." Nicole smiled. Then Khun went home.

"Let's eat ice cream." Wooyoung smiled.

"Okay." Then you all went to the park where you always went after school or in holydays.

Taek, Wooyoung and you went for ice cream. Nicole and Junho were alone.

"It seems you're worried for something." Junho said looking in the sky.

"What? No, there's no reason for me to worry." Nicole faked a smile.

"Liar!" Junho whispered.

"No, I'm not." Nicole pouted.

"Yes, you are." Junho giggled.

"Okay, I'm going to tell you, but you have to keep it secret." Nicole said.

"Okay." Junho smiled.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, if I tell to someone you're going to kiss me and if I keep it secret I'm going to kiss you." Junho smirked.

"Ok- What?" Nicole yelled. "Why you have to kiss me and why I have to kiss you?"

"Just shut up and tell me about Jay." Junho smiled.

"Aish you..." Nicole glared at Junho. "He is in love with _________-ah, but she is in love with Taek and Jay is unhappy."

"WHAT?" Junho yelled. "He is in love wi-" Junho was cut by Nicole. She put her hand on his mouth.

"Who is in love with who?" you smiled while handed Nicole's ice cream.

"It's from one movie." Nicole lied.

"Yeah one movie." Junho replayed.

"Which one?" Woo asked.

"Ahh.." Nicole looked at Junho. "I can't remember the name."

"From `The Mummy`." Junho smiled.

"Ah, my favourite movie." You smiled and looked at Taek.

"Oh, really?" Nicole smiled.

"Yeah, when we watched `The Mummy` electricity goes off in the whole city. We went out in the backyard and then played `Yes or No Questions` game. Then we let our feelings and now we are couple." You smiled.

"Whoa." Junho was amazed by your story.

After you ate your ice cram all of you went home.

"It's boring." Nicole said with her eyes half closed.

"What?" you murmured.

"Staing home. It's saturday night, and it's so boring."

"Yeah like something is missing." you said.

*Yeah Jay is the missing part of the picture.* Nicole thought.

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

Post by hottest on 1/3/2010, 4:55 am

Chapter 31

We met again! [MBLAQ]

It was sunday morining. You was in the kitchen and drunk orange juice. You readed some funny things in the newspaper and laughed.

"Hey~! What's going on?" Nicole came downstairs.

"Funny things in the newspaper." you giggled.

"Aha~~, so what are we going to do tonight. Taek is going with Wooyoung in his hometown and we are going to be alone." Nicole smiled.

"I don't know, maybe watching TV."

"I have better idea." Nicole smirked.

"What idea?" you wondered.

"Let's go in 'ILLUSION'." Nicole smiled.

"What? This club is in the other part of Seoul." you yelled.

"We are going to get a taxi."

"But we are alone." you said.

"So what?"

"Girls. Alone. Club. Boys."

"HAHa~! You're so funny." Nicole laughed.


"No 'but' we are going to 'ILLUSION' club tonight." Nicole smiled.

"Fine." you smiled. "HEY~!" you yelled "But I have a boyfriend."


"Uhm.. nothing." you continued reading the newspaper.


"OMO! I'm bored." Nicole sat on the couch.

"Okay tell me what you did in Seattle?"

"Oh, I was at J.Tune Camp, but Rain wasn't there." Nicole pouted.

"WHAT?" you shouted. "And you told me about that now?"

"I forgot to tell you." Nicole smiled awkwardly.

"And what?" you smiled.

"Well there was more boys than girls. I thought I'm going to die, but Lee Joon was really good with me. I mean we are friends."


"Oh, I'm not in the other room, I'm here." Nicole giggled. "Yeah, Lee Joon from `Ninja Assassin`."

"OMO~!" you was really surprised. "He is amazing."

"I know, he is such a gentleman as Junho." Nicole smiled. "By the way he is in Korea now."

"Oh, good." you smiled.


You and Nicole were in front of 'ILLUSION'.

"It's big and it's like illusion." you giggled.

"Oh, wait I got a message." Nicole looked at her phone, then looked up. "oh." she whispered and waved to someone. You looked up to see "Lee Joon? I think this is the biggest illusion." you told to Nicole.

Then he sent another message.

'Come on 2nd floor, the password is `MBLAQ` '

Then you and Nicole went inside.

"I'm not sure we have to go there." you whispered.

"Don't worry, he is really good person." Nicole smiled.

You two went on 2nd floor and entered the password. The door opened and you entered.

"Hey Nicole, we met again." Joon smiled.

"Yeah, I'm glad that we met again." Nicole smiled too.

"So who is she." Joon pointed at you.

"I'm ________." you smiled.

"My best friend." Nicole smiled.

"I see." you felt Joon's gaze on you. "So, I have to tell you something." Joon told to Nicole.

"What?" Nicole wondered.

"Hyung I-- Oh, sorry for bothering you." One boy entered the room.

"Oh, what's going on Mireu?" Joon smiled.

"Tomorrow we have a meeting with Rain." Mireu smiled.

"Okay, I'll call others." Joon smiled. "By the way, this is Nicole and her friend ________." Joon pointed to you two.

"Oh, hi! Joon told me about you Nicole." Mireu smiled and went somewhere.

"So let's go and dance." Joon smiled. He went downstairs and you followed him.

You 3 sat on the table near the bar.

"Something to drink?" Joon asked you.

"No, thank you." you and Nicole said in the same time.

"It's funny." He smiled. "________, let's dance."

You looked at Nicole, she nodded, then you and Joon went to the dancefloor. It was playing Jay Sean's song `Down`.

The lyrics were amazing and the dance too. He touched your hip. You felt your cheeks went red, when he touched you.

After the song ended you and Joon went to your table.

"You're awesome in dancing." He smiled.

"Thank you." you smiled back.

After dancing and laughing with Joon, you and Nicole get a taxi and went home.

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

Post by hottest on 1/3/2010, 4:56 am

Chapter 32

New Work and ....

After Nicole become a trainee of J.Tune Capm, you was ready to have your own magazine.

So your magazine was called `Beautiful & Famous`. Each month you met with famous actors or groups or solo singers from Korea.

Your magazine was in `top 10 magazines`. You had friends from TV, radio, newspapers etc. Your mother and father came from Paris to see you. You was really happy to see them again.

You and Taek bought new house where you two lived. Your parents lived in your old house.

Back in your office. On your desck, there was a picture of you, Nicole, Jay, Taek, Wooyoung, Junho and Khun. When you looked at Jay's face you felt something strange, indescribable.

Seconds passed, minutes passed, hours passed, days and nights passed, weeks passed, months passed. There were no news for Jay.

You wanted to see him so bad. Nicole always tryed to call him, but no answer.


You was in your home, when you got a message.

'Sweetheart come to our house.' by mom <3

"Nicole!" you yelled.

"What?" she yelled from 2nd floor.

"I have to go." you shouted.

"Okay, have a nice day." Nicole shouted too.

"Thanks." you said then left the house.

After some minuted you was in your parents' house.

"What's the matter?" you smiled and hugged your mom and dad.

"Taek is going to ask you something." your father smiled.

Then Taek come closer to you, he get on his knee and said "_______!" he stopped for a while. "I want to ask you from long time ago, but I didn't know what your father is going to say, but now I know. So" he took from his pocket a box with an engagement ring "Will you marry me?" he asked while showed you the ring.

You was really surprised. You wasn't really aware with your feelings, but just said "YES."

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

Post by hottest on 1/3/2010, 4:57 am

Chapter 33

Wedding Day

It's been a week from when Taek proposed you marriage.

Everything was ready. It was your day, your wedding day.

Your wedding dress was amazing. With delicate lace and gorgeous embroidery. Because of your perfect body, the dress fits you so good. You had a body like godess, all your friends envy you.
[ ]

After you was dressed, Nicole helped you for your hair. Because you had a long hair, Nicole made her curly. Then she helped you with your make up and "Taaadaaa" you was done.

You wanted to see Taek so bad, but Junho and Nicole were really strict.

"Bridegroom shouldn't see the bride before the wedding." Nicole smiled.

"And why?" you pouted.

"_________-ah, Nicole is right." Junho smiled. "It's more interesting when he is standing there and is waiting for you. And suddenly you appear next to him and he is like bewitched." Junho nodded.

While he tryed to convince you, that the things Nicole said are more interesting, someone knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Nicole asked.

"I'm Taek, I want to see __________." Taek knocked again.

"OPPA~~!" you shouted.

"Sweetie Pie~!" Taek shouted behind the door. "I want to see you."

"I want to see you too Oppa." you said then pouted.

"Nicole open the door now!" Taek said.

"Aish! I can't." Nicole looked at Junho worried.

"Why?" Taek knocked again.

"You know that the bridegroom shouldn't see the bride before the wedding." Nicole said.

"AISH!" Taek went downstairs where his parents were ready to go.

After some minutes Nicole saw Taek and his parents in the cer.

"Yay! They went to the curch." Nicole clapped.


Taek was standing near to the altar. He was nervous and a little worried.

Then the 'Wedding March' by Felix Mendelssohn started. Your father take you to the altar. He gave your hand to Taek and smiled.

"We are all gathered here today for a wedding of Miss _______ and Mr.Taecyeon." the priest said.

"Do you, _____________, take this man, Taecyeon, to be your husband, according to God’s holy decree; do you promise to be to him a loving and loyal wife, to cherish and keep him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, to be faithful only to him as long as you both shall live?" priest asked you.

"I do." you smiled and looked at Taecyeon. He was smiled back.

"Okay. Do you, Taecyeon, take this woman, _______________, to be your wife, according to God’s holy decree; do you promise to be to her a loving and loyal husband, to cherish and keep her in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, to be faithful only to her as long as you both shall live?" the priest smiled.

"I do."

"If anyone here has any reasons as to why these two should not be joined in Holy Matrimony, let him speak now or forever hold his peace."

"I.." Nicole said. All eyes were on Nicole, but she didn't notice it and cried "I love you." Then Junho hugged her tightly.

The priest giggled and then said "And now, by the power vested in me by God, it gives me great joy to pronounce that you are Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride."

And then Taecyeon faced you and kissed you passionately.

The 'Wedding March' by Felix Mendelssohn started again. Taek hugged you bridal style and brought you to the car.

You, together with your friends and some celebrities went to the same restaurant where Taek take you for your first date.

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

Post by hottest on 1/3/2010, 4:57 am

Chapter 34

Twist Of Fate (part1)

After the wedding, it was night. You wanted to go on your honeymoon tomorrow when the sun shines.

You was in the living room, reading a magazine. Taek went to J. Tune to get Nicole back home.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK someone knocked on the door and opened it. "Hey _________!" Junho smiled and entered the house.

You stood up and Junho hugged you "Congratulations again." and caressed your back lightly. "I'm really happy for you." He released you from his embrace and smiled.

"Thank you Junho!" you smiled.

"What are you doing? Where is your husband?" Junho smiled.

"He went to J. Tune to get Nicole." you smiled.

"Aha, so tomorrow you will fly away for week?" Junho smiled.

"Yeah." you smiled. "I can't wait to see Sidney."

RING RING RING your phone rang.

"Oppa~!" you said.

"Hey my love what are you doing? Are you alone?" Taek said.

"No, Junho is here." you smiled. "We are going to watch TV." you looked at Junho.

He smiled and turned the TV on. The news - another car incident, 18 years old girl and 19 years old boy died.

"OMO! They are so young." you looked with shock.

"They are victims of `Russian Roulette`." Junho told you.

"What is `Russian Roulette`?" you asked curiously.

"Well this is a game between life and death. You make a deal with your rival, now you must pass through the busiest intersection in town with high speed. No matter what color is now on the traffic lights, you have to pass through the intersection."

"But how?" you was shocked. "What if he bumped in another car?"

"If you bumped and you're not alowed to continue, because you lose control on your car or the car you bumped in is going to reverse, you can die."

"OMO, this is terrible." you made a worried face.

"I know." Junho said.

"So let's watch `Star King` it's time." you smiled.

"Okay." Then you and Junho started to watch Star King.

You two laughed to the little kids in the show.

There was a interruption. You heard from tv `Breaking news, another one car incident caused by the game called `Russian Roulette`. The victims are J.Tune's trainee Nicole and her brother Taecyeon, who just get married before 4 hours.`

You just looked at the tv. Junho watched in shock too.

`Nicole and Taecyeon are in the way to hospital now. We will know more about them after arriving in the hospital.`

"NOOO!" you yelled. "I'm dreaming." you turnet to Junho

He hugged you and you started to cry. "Why me? Why? Why my husband? Why Taecyeon? And Why Nicole?" you cried.

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

Post by hottest on 1/3/2010, 4:58 am

Chapter 35

Twist Of Fate (part2)

You and Junho were in the way to hospital when your phone rang.

"Hello!" you said with low voice.

"_________ where are you?" Wooyoung yelled.

"I'm with Junho. We will go to the hospital." you said.

"I'm coming too." Woo said.

"No, just stay home, don't worry."

"I'm coming." then he hung up.

You wanted to see Taek so bad, you was really worried, your head hurts.

"_________-ah!" Junho said.

"What?" you looked at him.

"Don't worry."

"I can't." you shaked your head.

"You know, Taek is strong enought." Junho said.

Junho get his phone. "Jay!" he said. You looked shocked. He called to Jay.

"What?" Jay asked. You even heared his voice.

"You better come back, I have bad news for you." Junho said to Jay.


"Taek and Nicole, they were victims in car accident."

"WHAT?" you heared Jay's yells. "Okay, I'm coming. 3hours and I'm there."

"Okay, just pray they are okay." then Junho hung up. "He is coming." Junho looked at you.


Already in the hospital, you Junho, Wooyoung and NichKhun waited for news.

1 hours passed.

2 hours passed.

3 hours passed.

RING RING RING Junho's phone rang. It was Jay. Junho told him where are they and Jay came to you.

"________ what's going on?" Jay said shocked.

"Taek is there." you pointed to the door. "We don't have news, 3 hours passed and nothing about my husband." tears started to fall.

Jay felt pain in his chest, always when you said the word `husband`.

The doctor came from the room where Taek was. "You are the wife right?" he looked at you.

"Yeah, what's going on doctor?" you asked worried.

"I have bad news." the doctor looked at the ground. "Your husband is dead."

All of you was in shock. You fell on the ground and started to cry. Jay sat on the floor next to you and hugged you tightly.

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

Post by hottest on 1/3/2010, 4:59 am

Chapter 36

Live Again -final-

Your parents went to Paris. You went to your old house, because the memories were there.

Every night you went in backyard and sat next to the tree where Taek kissed you.

You remembered that night so clear. You wept and wept and wept and then fall asleep.

Jay watched you crying, his heart just broke from the scene. He went downstairs and went in the backyard. Jay carried you bridal style to your room, he lay you down on your bed and put the covers around you.

He touched your face, you felt a warm touch on your face and smiled in your sleep.

You was weak, you skipped breakfast and lunch. Your face was pale and your eyes was red.

Months passed and it was autumn.

You cleaned the leaves, that were fallen from the tree and sat there near the tree.

You remembered again for Taek. You started to cry. The rain started to fall too. It seems the sky is crying together with you.

Jay saw you in the backyard staying in the rain.

He came, grabbed your hand and made you went in.

"Are you stupid?" he shouted.

"Leave me alone!" you cried.

"I'm tired of you." he said with serious face.

"Pleace leave me, I don't want to talk with you." you said and was about to go out, when Jay grabbed your hand. "Leave me alone!" you yelled.

He grabbed you for your clothes. "Stop that!" He yelled. "I'm tired of watching you like this. I'm worried for you. I want you to be healthy. I want you to stop crying and eat. You are so weak. Do you know why I'm like this?" he stopped for a while then continued "Because I love you." Jay hugged you, you tryed to let go off his embrace, but he hugged you tightly.

You hugged him and sobbed. You felt confortable in his arms.

After the things he told you, you went to your room and took long, hot shower.

After the shower you went in the kitchen, but you was too tired to made something for lunch.

"_______-ah, do you want to eat a pizza?" Jay smiled.

"Okay, Jay." you smiled.

"Please, just call me oppa." Jay said.

"Okay, oppa." you smiled.

"YAY!" he yelled. "You smiled." he smiled too, then you smiled again.


After you two ate, you decided to watch tv. You sat and Jay sat next to you. He embraced you, you felt comfortable again.


"What?" Jay asked.

"Is this true, that you love me?" you was really curious to know.

"Yeah... I'm loving you from the begining." Jay told you.

"Really?" you was shocked.

"Yeah and I have to tell you something." Jay said.

"What?" you asked curious and turned your face. Now your face was on some inches from his face.

"Last Halloween, when you and others thought I went to Seattle, I was here."

"What?" you yelled.

"And do you remember the one who stole your first kiss. Romeo who was bewitched by you?"

"Yeah." you said quietly.

"It was me. I was the one who stole your first kiss. I was your Romeo." Jay looked in your eyes. Now you was like bewitched.

"You... you stole my first kiss." you said looking in Jay's eyes.

"Yeah, me." he whispered. Then he leaned and kissed you.

You realised, that you love Jay, but you cannot forget Taek that easy.


Six years passed. You lived in Seattle with Jay.

You missed your friends so much, but in Seattle you was happy with your husband.

One day, while you was in the kitchen, you heared that the door opened. You thought it was Jay.

"You are so beautiful, with apron as a cooker." someone said.

You turned to see Nicole. "Nicole." you yelled. "I missed you so much." you hugged her tightly.

"I missed you too __________-ah." she hugged you too.

"Are you alone?" you asked Nicole.

"No, I'm with Junho." Nicole smiled.

"You and ... Junho?" you smirked.

"Yeah why? Something wrong?" Nicole smiled.

"No, but i'm surprised." you giggled. "Anyways where is Junho?"

"Oh he is ..." Nicole turned to see Junho and "Who is this?" Nicole glared at you.

"Oh, maybe I forgot to tell you about Tae-Hyun?" you smiled awkwardly. "Tae-Hyun this is your aunt." you told to your son.

"Aww beautiful like my mom told me." Tae-Hyun smiled at you.

"Oh, he is so sweet." Nicole hugged Tae-hyun. "How could you forgot to tell me?"

"Hey why the ..." Jay stopped for a while. "Oh my sweet sister is here and Junho too. I'm happy to see you here." Jay smiled.

"Let's make a BBQ party." Junho smiled.

"Great idea." Jay smiled.

"What we are going to do?" Tae-Hyun aked curious.

"Well son, we are going to eat meal and drink beer."

"We are going to drink beer?" you looked at Jay.

"Yeah, Tae-Hyun have to be a man and drink a beer." Jay giggled.

You and Nicole went to the supermarket and Junho, Jay and Tae-Hyun was in backyard ready for BBQ party.

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Re: Girl Meets Boy [Taek, Jay and You] *COMPLETED*

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