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Mission: To break his heart

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Mission: To break his heart Empty Mission: To break his heart

Post by yurayang on 9/13/2009, 12:09 am

Mission: to break his heart

Mission: To break his heart Missiontobreakhisheartc
Credit: kisstheice.

Sorry no pm list!!!! but i'll pm whoever reads! :]

Copyright ©️ 2009 by yurayang
"No distribution is allowed without the written consent of yurayang. This includes posting this fic on a different forum whether or not you credit me, translating it into another language and placing it in another forum, and distributing doc. files."

Authors Note
Hey everyone. My names Yura and this is my second or third fanfic that I've written on
Please do not distribute anywhere else without my permission.
If you don't like swearing and cussing,
then i recommend you shouldn't read this fanfiction...I'm just telling you ahead
of time, before you ask me "why do your fanfiction swear so much?" but
anyways if your smart enough to read this then you won't ask me that
No slient readers please!!!!! If you were me you wouldn't like it either.
I don't have a pm list right now, because i'm kinda lazy to make one ^^;;
anyways i'll sure make one later on in life, and anything else?? hmmm
i don't know now, if there's anything else i'll add later!!
and I hope you enjoy my story! ^^ Thank you! :]

Zero: The dare

"Yah! Yuri, just do it!" my friend Amy shouted in anger. Damn I know what's going to happen.
She get's angry, she shouts, she goes nuts, and start yelling at random people.

"I know Yuri! Just do it! He's not going to find out about this!" she said trying to calm done Amy.

But- but- I'm scared! wahhh!!!!! why me?? T_T

The kingka going to kill me!

"I mean why do I have to make him fall in love with me?" I said stuttering in every word and my whole body
is shaking like crazy.

You know when you get cold, but not that type.

"YURI!!" Namji shout, and Amy starting to go nuts now.

"FINE!! I will. I'll make Park Eunbyul fall in love with me!" I shout and stood up.

"Okay ^^" Amy suddenly smile at me. Psshh.

Okay Kim Yuri! Just make him fall in love with you, it's not that big of a deal!

I mean yeah, you never fall in love before. But this wouldn't hurt. Would it? ^^;;

"Okay the dare, starts tommrow! Bye I gotta go home to help my umma cook." Namji said and left.

"Okay......." I said and close the door. Went back to the living room and notice that a silence broke in.

I sat back down and notice that Amy just went back at doing her homework.

While she did her homework, I went back to mine also. While I was doing my homework I, Kim Yuri did not know
what I got myself into.


hope you like it! :]

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Mission: To break his heart Empty Re: Mission: To break his heart

Post by Guest on 9/13/2009, 11:28 am

Oh..this souunds interesting!! Can't wait to see what will happen, update soon ^^


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Mission: To break his heart Empty Re: Mission: To break his heart

Post by yurayang on 9/13/2009, 2:34 pm

One: The Inccident


The alarm beep for 5 whole minute.

"Shut up!" I lazily shout and pull the blanket over my head.


Everytime when I heard the beeping sound, it's like it's having a freakin rhythm to it.

I got so irritated that I slip out my hand under my blanket, grab the alram and threw it
straight some direction. I heard a awful cry immediatly.

I quickly pop my head out of the blanket and see who. My umma grab her forhead helpless.

I roll my eye, sigh and slump back down.

"YURI!!!!!" My umma voice shot my ear which made me jump. Something grab a hold of my blanket
at the end and yank it, which leave me cold and shivering from the morning breeze.

"Umma!" I half close my eye and shout.

"GET UP!!!" My umma yell and slam the door behind her.

I must've hit her hard in the forhead huh? With that I gave out a small giggle.

I climb out of bed, did my morning strectch and open my pretty pink curtain that have cupid on it. ^^

I open my laptop quick to check my email before going to the bathroom to wash my face and etc.

I log my username kim-yuri, so plain. I know!

I got three email from Amy, Namji and.............*GASP* LEE JUNGHOON!!!!! ^^

YAY!!!! he replied back!! ^^

I click on the message and he reply back, 'See you at school.'


"YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream in joy!!!! I gave out a smile and heard heavy footstep coming toward my door.

I went back to my laptop until I heard a slam. "Umma it's nothing, I'm just happy! :]" with that the door close slowly.

You know how I know? It's creaking...........slowly.....^^;;

Then it close, tight shut. I gave a smile and reply to Junghoon 'Okay! ^^'

I click on the button call 'send' and then it sended to him.

Oh I forgot Junghoon is a person who I admired a really long time now. It's been at least two or three years.

He's a famous basketball player at our school, and most of all every girl admired him.

*imagination: mirror break into pieces* "THOSE GIRLS!!!!" I shout and heard footstep running toward my room again.

"Nothing happen!!" I shout and the footstep stop and fade away quickly.

I sigh and and click on Amy message, it said 'I heard that there's going to be a new student at school. I wonder is he hot?'

"HUH?!! new student!!!???.............YAY!! I get to make new friend too!! I'm having the best day ever!! ^^"

I reply back, 'Well I didn't know but....let's go make friend with him.'

I click on the send button and move onto Namji message. It said, 'Yuri, can you bring me my notebook I left at your house to school?'

'Of course! ^^' I reply and click send. I stood up my chair and make my way to the bathroom smiling.


Anyways while I'm fixing myself in the bathroom here, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Kim Yuri, my age is not
that old. You must think I'm in my twenties but I'm not, I'm only 16.

I have medium length hair which is layer, and it's light brown.

My skin is acne free, thank lord!

I have a chubby face, yes if I said that you must think 'OMG YOUR SO FAT!!' Yes I hate those word just to tell you. Yes I'm not skinny nor I'm really obese.

I'm in the middle but a little fat. So who cares? I like myself for who I am. Anyways, while finishing my hair, I put on light makeup on. ^^ DONE!

I got out of the bathroom and make my way to my closet. Instead of simply just putting random clothes on, I took 5 minute to pick clothes.

FIVE FREAKIN MINUTE!!!! just to make Junghoon like me! ^^;

I grab my backpack and grab Namji notebook at my computer desk. I ran downstair and put on my shoe.

"Yuri your not going to have breakfast?" Umma suprisly shout from the kitchen.

"Ahni umma!" I said back and close the door behind me. I grab my bike and pedal to the street.

Off my way to school! ^^


You must wonder why I like Junghoon huh? Well it's been a couple year ago when, I was walking from school and these
old guys wanted to take advantage of me. But thankfully Junghoon was there to rescue me. I was scared like a baby chicken.

But then, he took me home and ask his sister to help me get clean up.

His sister was really nice and helpful. After that he drove me home and I thank him, and until this day I had a crush on him..^^

But I don't think he know yet.

I heard something drop on my way to school, but anyways I got to school and park my bike where the bike is and lock it.

I look and notice that phone isn't on my backpack side pocket.

"Where did my phone go? It's in here, and I know it!" I said and check my bag.

I look around the ground but it isn't here.

I glance over to the road side and and look over there again. I saw my phone on the ground laid there.

I happily ran to pick it up.

I pick it up and brush off the dirt on it.

"There you are!" I smile and stood up.


I look over to the side and a car coming very fast at my direction.

"Yuri!!" I look to the side and saw Amy, somehow I want to move but I can't. I was to scare to do anything.

My heart thumping like it's going to pop out of my chest.

I close my eye tight shut then suddenly I felt someone, somewhere grabed my wrist.


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Mission: To break his heart Empty Re: Mission: To break his heart

Post by Guest on 9/13/2009, 3:35 pm

Oh....updated fast ^^ Thank you...I wonder who grabbed Yuri?? I think that how Junghoon and her met shows that he's a nice guy Very Happy I really like this story!


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Mission: To break his heart Empty Re: Mission: To break his heart

Post by Sachie on 9/13/2009, 4:20 pm

that's really interesting...I really love it.
please update soon^^

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Mission: To break his heart Empty Re: Mission: To break his heart

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