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First Meet

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First Meet Empty First Meet

Post by Mickiess on 9/8/2009, 12:15 am

First Meet SUJUBANNERcopy_edited-1-1

I don't have trailors yet.. (since i have no videos) but if someone wants to help pm me please! ^-^

First Meet

My Summary
Six young (hot)girls from the united states move to California and make up a planed vacation to go to S. Korea for the summer. Finding/ bumping into the biggest Korean boy band Super Junior, they save them for a mob of fans and get invited to a big dinner with SM Entertainment. BUT the manager of Super Junior needs them to split up in to little groups to keep the company. But the guys and youngs girls don't like the idea. After the big first company dinner they are invited to sleep in a mansion by Kim Heechul and Choi Shiwon and the whole band soon becomes friends and lovers to the girls. But what the girls don't know is that their old enemy named Miki who thinks she can get away with the guys and make them hers.... She will do anything to make them love her. Will she prevail? or will she fail to be with the Boys??

Before I start there are some language differences here are the translations.

(just in case you don't know, or forgot)
Omma/Eomeoni (mom)
Yoboseyo (how you answer a phone)
Annyeonghaseyo (hello)
Annyeonghikaseyo (goodbye said to person leaving.)
Annyeonghikyeseyo (goodbye said to person staying.)
Annyeong (Hi or bye)
Ye (yes)
Anio (no)
Mweoyeyo (what)
Waeyo (why)
Dongseng (little sister) in my story)
Unnie (big sister)
Kashamnida (thank you)
Cheonmaneyo (your welcome)
Chongmil kamsamnida (thank you very much)

Bo-bae: Me Bo-bae
Sang Hee: Katya
Eun Mi: Suki
Joo-Eun: Pearl
Jazmin: Jazumi
Eun Hye: Dolly
Miki: Miki (haha)


Super Junior!
Kim Heechul
Hankgeng (i tend to change the spelling of his name..sorry! XD)
and Ryeowook


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First Meet Empty Re: First Meet

Post by Mickiess on 9/8/2009, 12:18 am

Chapter 1

The Plans and Meet

It was December of 2006 when I first saw SujU (Super Junior) on a Music
video. I thought that they ALL were the most beautiful boys to come out in
music (besides dbsk). I was sitting at my computer looking for MV's for DBSK, when I saw a video that said, "DBSK and Super Junior Show Me Your Love." I
thought to myself, "hmmm.. this sounds good."
So after hearing the song and watching the MV... I saw this one girly
looking face; I found out his name and I was all over Him. His name was Kim Heechul. After a while I started to like Siwon, Kangin, Hangeng, Donghae,
Eetuek, and EunHyunk. Everyone told me I like too many...but hey, they are all
soo hawt!
My mom always told me (when I sang the songs and watched the TV shows), "Bo
-Bae, you need to stop watching those Korean videos or you will start
speaking Korean and want to go to Korea."
And sure enough I did. ^^
So I asked her one day out of the blue
"Ye?" She answered.
"Eomeoni..umm can I go to Korea?"
"Can I go to Korea?"
"Sure! You can go anywhere your mind takes you."
Are you being sarcastic omma?"
"Well your father always said to follow your dreams!"
"Thanks omma that means so much to me!"
"Your welcome sweetie, your dad would be so proud of you."
"Oh mom, dad was born in korea right?"
"Yeah before he passed away, he always wanter to return."
"Well I will live his dream!"
"Also when you were born he wanted you to get married in Seoul"
"Wow omma... really?" i was shocked. "well then i am going to korea someday!"
A year later.....

I met some friends who liked Super Junior, and after a while we all started to talk to each other. Sang Hee (my youngest dongseng) liked Ryeowook, EunMi (my dongseng) loved Yesung, (my dongseng) Joo-eun has fallen in love with Kibum. My friend Jazumi loved Eeteuk, and Eun Hye (dongseng) is in love with Sungmin. After a couple of months of taking to them (all on the phone)... I decided I need to take a vacation. So I Called all my friends; starting with EunMi....
*picks up phone and Dials number*
~she answers
"Annyeonghaeseyo dongseng!!"
"Annyeong Unnie!"
"Umm... are you free for the next 3 months after April?" I asked.
"Hmmm.. let me see..." she responded. *I hear pages fold in background* "What for?"
"Well i am planning on going to Korea for a while.. I need a break from the US."
"Well you're in luck cuz I'm all clear!" EunMi yells.
(I figured I was on speaker phone by the way she was yelling)
"Awesome! Well we will leave on the first Thursday in May"
"O.K. this thursday?"
"Anio, 3 months from this Thursday."
"Oh! Sweet! I will start working really hard to earn the money, oh, and I'm still free."
"All right, I will too! I always am free for friends, well talk to you later Dongseng."
"O.K., wait!"
"Are we going to meet up at Sang Hee's house?" Eun Mi asks.
"Ye, we are all leaving tomorrow," I reply.
"Tomorrow? How do you know that? and why so soon?" asks Eun Mi.
"I booked everyones flight and your flying with me. And because we might find better jobs at Sang hee's. Also, I'm about to call everyone about it too."
"Oh ok thanks So what the plan again?"
:sigh:"Umm never mind, i will call you tomorrow."
"Ok? well talk to you later!"
"ok annyeonghichumuseyo."
"Annyeonghichumseyo dongseng!"
*I made all the calls that I needed that night, then I went to sleep.*

The next day...

*Each of us got on a plane and headed to Sang Hee's house.*
~1-2 hours (between us) later, all of us arrived at Sang Hee's house.~
then we all arrived 20 minutes after each other. EunMi and I were the last ones to land; first was Jazmin, then Joo Eun, then Eun Hye.
~Everyone got there before Eun Mi and I because we had a delayed flight.~ >.<
We got off the plane and grabbed our luggage and headed for a taxi. We rode around in the taxi for a while... both of us didn't know where she lived so "I" had to call her.
*picks up the phone and dials number..*
"Annyeong dongseng."
"Annyeong Unnie!!"
"Umm dongseng where do you live?"
"Oh I live on...Tavis.. just look for girls out side!"
"Ok Kashamnida!"
*I told the driver where to go and he took us there; it was far from the airport. So it cost like $50.*
~We arrived at Sang Hee's house.~
~Everyone was there to greet us; when we got our hugs and kisses out of the way we went into the house.
"Annyeong", EunMi says.
"Annyeong girls", I shout.
"Anneyong Bo-bae unnie!", everyone says but Jazumi.
"Anneyong Bo-Bae Sensei!, says Jazumi.
"Ok so we all know the plan for Korea right? I ask.
"Umm no I really don't get it; you didn't make sense last night", said Sang Hee.
EunMi says " ok here is the plan.. We are going to Korea in 2 months and we all are going to work our butts off!"
"Hahaha thank you EunMi", I said.
"OK! WE ALL GOT IT NOW!", They all yelled.
"Ok well thanks for the information. Umm are we all going on airplanes together?", says Eun Hye.
"Ye. But we will all have to scatter around because there are numbered seats on the plane.", Says EunMi.
"Ye, and EunMi and I are going on the same row, Eun Hye and Joo Eun are together, and Jazumi and Sang Hee are together", I said.
"Got it?"EunMi asked with a questionable face.
"All right!", all say.
"Ok well let's all go in Sange Hee's room and Jam to SUJU!!!"
"Thanks Unnie bo-bae, lets go!!!!"
"Haha your welcome?"
*IN Sang hee's room listening to Miracle*
"Well can I check my myspace?!" I ask as I head to the computer.
All say at the same time "Never!"
*They all grabbed me and threw me on the bed*
"Haha ok, ok, I wont get on, at least when you all aren't looking!, I said with an evil grin.

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First Meet Empty Re: First Meet

Post by Mickiess on 9/8/2009, 12:20 am

Chapter 2

The take off.

Before I start chapter 2, I hope everyone knows how to play rock, Paper, Scissors in Korean because if you don't, you will get lost in this chapter.
Also, if you don't know how to play "The Rose of Sharon has Bloomed", then I recommend you don't read the rest of this. BUT since I'm so nice I will tell you how to play. ^^

Rock, paper, scissors
Is where you and another person cuff hands together (like an "e" in sign language) then one of your hands facing up and the other facing down same with your opponent then you swing your arms to where both arms cross each other (twice) and Stop. Then you put your hands up to your face and do bunny
ears (or Heechul's wave) then say Jjan! (you do this as you sing). After you do that you hold out your hands and with one hand clap your and then your opponents (same with the other person); if you get one bigger than the other, you clap hands once again and then slap the loser on the head. And if it
is a tie, then clap hands and say "kkae bi kkae bi" and continue until you finish the song. Or until you get 4 hits.
(If you all ready know this just go on)

The Flower of Sharon has bloomed.
First you get an "it" person and they have to say "The flower of Sharon has bloomed" facing a wall and as "it" is saying that the others behind "it" will try and run towards "it" and if you move or make a sound, you are caught (if the "it" sees you, then the person caught will have to go to the "it" and grab hands. Then "it" says "The flower of Sharon has bloomed." As more people join the line, the less they can get caught. If you are the last one out of the line then you have to try and break the chain. BUT if you are the last one you are the "it".

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~two month later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~So all of us worked for the 2 months and managed to save over $600,000 between us. We all were shocked!~
Anyways.. it was Thursday at 5:25 p.m.; we all board a plane at the same time. Then Eun Mi and I got on the plane and take our seats; as we did, the Flight attendant came on: "Is it on? Is it? Oh *clears throat* Ok! Thank you for choosing Southwest Airlines, the plane will be taking off in about 5 minutes, so if you could please stay in your seats and enjoy your flight."
As he was speaking, the other girls had passed by us. As they did, they all seemed excited. Further back they went on the plane; as far as they went it was hard to see them. >.<
Five minutes past very slowly...
"Man can this take any longer?", Complains Eun Mi.
"Heh don't say that, it just might!"
" sucks haha."
"Damn right...aish.."
"Hey while we are on here lets play a game!"
"A game?"


"Man can he be anymore annoying!"
"Eun Mi, he is just trying to help, plus, that's what he is supposed to do, he is that captain after all."
"Yeah I know but we have all heard it one time or another...unless you have never flied before."
"So... let's play rock paper scissors!", EunMi shouts with excitement.
"Yeah! sounds good to me; we can pass time."
"Alright!", I said.
"Finally we are going up!"
"Yay! 22-24 hours of flying over the ocean!"
"The Ocean?"
"Oh wow I think I'm going to be sick."
"Haha it's ok.. let's play Goblin's world and rock, paper, scissors, like before haha."
~We start to play. We grab each others hands and swing the back and forth.
Both sing "ee-sang-ha-go ah-reum-da-oon-do-kkea-bi-nah-rah, Kkeabi kkeabi, bang-mang-eeroh," *pats Eunmi on the head* "doo-deu-ree-myun," *Eun Mi slaps me on the head*
"Ah! ouch that hurt!"
singing continues,"Moo-uh-shi-dwel kaa guem nah wah rah, Kkaebi Kkaebi, wah rah ddookddak!"
~It was a tie~*After 2 hours we ALL fell asleep*
*I slowly wake up.*
:grunts: "Uh..I don't want to get up."
Eun Mi turns over. "Wake up sleepyhead."
"How long have I been out?"
"You have been out for about 19 hours now; So have I."
"Oh hahaha I see."
"I wonder how long we have until we get to Korea..."
~I ask Eun mi as the flight attendant walks by~
"Just a few more minutes and then your off", she said nicely.


~As the plane lands, we all gather our stuff and get out of the plane as
quickly as possible~
~As we got off the plane we all started to walk to the escalators. As we
were heading down, Jazumi and I saw a big crowd of people.~
*Cameras were flashing and girls where screaming their head off, saying "Super Junior!!!!".*
~Me and Jazumi just looked at each other and we both smiled.~
~We knew what we had to do, so we looked at the other girls and they all just look confused.~
So we told them everything and they got it; Eun Mi was studying the airport.
"Eun Mi come on! We need to help them!", Eun Hye shouted.
"Oh right, sorry!"
*As we were riding down the escalator we all made a run for it, all separating different ways, I went left, Jaz right, Eun Mi straight ahead; we separated like a star! After we separated, we all surrounded the crowd like police. Then when I gave the signal...."GO!!", we all ran in to the crowd. We all told then to grab hands with one another and pulled!

~As we pulled the fan girls who where all screaming, they realized that they where screaming at look alikes.~
"This way!", said Eun Mi (she did study good for a few seconds).
"Ok, everybody grab hands!", Sang Hee yelled.
Joo Eun was slipping from the end.
~I looked back~
"Oh no!", I shouted,"Joo Eun can't keep up with us, someone help her!"

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First Meet Empty Re: First Meet

Post by Mickiess on 9/8/2009, 12:21 am

Chapter 3

Meeting the boys and Invitations

"Oh no, wait guys, I can't keep up!"
Out of nowhere these arms come up and sweep me off my feet and carry me.
(bridal style).
~I looked at his face; it was Kibum of Super Junior!~
"Eheh Thanks, am I to heavy?", I ask.
He answers, "Anio, your as light as a feather and you have pretty eyes like the sea" and he smiles.
*blushes* O////O (if that was mi i would die! lol)
"Oh hurry, we are loosing them!"

*back to Bo-Bae's POV*
"Hurry this way everyone!", I yell.
~We all get into this huge Elevator.~as we all fit (miraculously) we go up and all the fan girls are surrounding the elevator door below.~
*We all look down*
"Wow", everyone said together.
~We got up the the 3rd floor.~
*All of us stumble to get out of the elevator.*
*push, push, push.*
"Get out of the way", one guy said.
~After, we all go out of the elevator....~
*All the guys at once bow and say, "Kamsahamnida girls."
*We all look at each other and bow and say, "Cheonmaneyo" =D *All the guys introduce themselves one by one.

"Annyeong I'm Kangin"

*then we all introduced ourselves.*

"I'm Jazumi"
"Eun Mi"
"Joo Eun"
"I'm Eun Hye"
"Sang Hee"
"And I'm Bo-bae, nice to meet all of you."

*Yesung walks up to us slowly and sexy*
Yesung: "No, it's nice to meet you my lovely dear!" *grabs Eun Mi's hand and kisses it.*
O///O *looks down* "Why thank you", she said.
*She Looks up, and all of a sudden she faints!*
"Oh my, I didn't know I had much of an impact on girls", he said.
"Well you kinda don't, she just really likes you", Sang Hee replied.
"SANG HEE!!", we all yelled.
"Wae? Oh was I not supposed to tell?"
"Oh my gosh, we need to get her to a hospital or something!" said the over protective Joo Eun.

~~~~Five minutes later~~~~

:grunts: "She still hasn't woken up from her faint, we really should get to a hospital!"
"Joo Eun, calm down, she will be fine, I promise."
"But what if she isn't!", she screamed in panic; "What if she needs help?!"
"Now, now girls, if I know how to wake a girl up, it's simply by kissing her."
"KISSING HER?!?" We all screeched in panic.
"Yes, kissing her."
*Yesung takes Eun Mi and puts her in his arms (sitting down I might add).*
~~As he leans in to kiss, she immediately wakes up.~~
*Eun Mi opens her eyes and pushes him off of her.*
~She turns to us and just is in shock~
"Eun Mi, are you ok?" I asked.
"Well..YES I AM! OH HAPPY DAY! I can't wait to tell everyone I almost got-"
"Shhhhhh!!!!" Heechul whispered as he covered her mouth.

~By now the fan girls had given up and they went home; it was too packed with security.~
~~~After a few minutes of awkward silence~~~
*We all split up into our groups*
~~All of the girls were sitting in one corner and the boys in another.~~~
*Then all of a sudden, Heechul and Siwon approach the girls*
"U-ummm", Siwon whispered in a stutter.
*Heechul shoves Siwon's arm*
"Well..we wondering if you wanted to go to a dinner party for SM Entertainment, and p-possibly be our dates?" Heechul asked so shyly.

"YES!" ALL of the girls yelled in one second.
"No" I muttered.
"WAE?!?!?!" the girls cried.
"We can't go."
"Why not?" asked Eun Hye.
"Because we have stuff we have to do."
"Like what?" Jazumi spoke harshly.
~~Then all of a sudden all the girls were around me~
*They all started to make puppy dog faces.*
"Oh no, that's not going to work."
*Then all of a sudden I saw Heechul and Siwon make the faces.*
"Oh, alright!"
*Heechul and siwon smiled so big*
"Yes!" they all screamed.
"I hate you guys for this!"
"Well now that we got that sorted out, who is going to be with who?" Heechul asked with a big smile.
"Well, what are you waiting for, Christmas?" I shouted. "Go stand by the boy you want to take."
*waving my hands around, telling them to go*
~they all ran to their boys~
~Eun Mi chose Yesung, Jazumi runs and stands by Eetuek, Joo Eun shyly stands by Kibum, Sang Hee stands by Ryeowook, and last, Eun Hye runs to Sungmin.~

"Aren't you going with anyone Unnie?" Asked Sang Hee and Eun Hye.
*Heechul grabs my arm*
"No, I'd rather go by myself if you don't mind."
*Rips my hand away form his grip.*
*they all stare at me like I was crazy*
"O.K., well for all the trouble we caused you we will take you girls somewhere", sweetly responded Kangin.
"Oh there was no trouble at all, we wanted to save you guys. you are the best!" Shouted Sang Hee huging Ryeowooks arm.
"Well lets get on the bus and take you lovley girls home" spoke Hunkgeng.
~So as we were all headed to the bus, we looked around outside~
"WOW", all at once spoke in amazement.
"Well girls, it's not all what it is cracked up to be", joked Eetuek.
"Well, it's our first time here and it looks so wonderful!", shouted Eun Hye.
*we all got on the bus and got situated.*
*Back in the airport, there was a girl who was in the shadows and pulled down her glasses.
" they found they way here already", the shadowed person remarked.
*Then slowly followed them in a taxi.*

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First Meet Empty Re: First Meet

Post by Mickiess on 9/8/2009, 12:22 am

Chapter 4

Getting ready.

~~~Eunhyuk,Kyuhyun, Donghae, Shindong kinda dissapear after this chapter.~~~

~~~In the bus~~~~

Bus driver yells, "O.K. ladies, we are here!"
"This can't be the right address..", said Eetuek.
*we all look at our bags*
"Yeah, it's our address, for the few months", said Eun Mi.
"Why is that a bad thing?" i replied.
" our hour is right next door" said shindong.
*he points to the mansion look alike house*
"Oh cool, you get to live by us!" Yelled Kangin in excitement.
"Oh great, we get to live by them to..", I replied with such joy.
"Oh, come on now Bo-Bae, it will be fun!"
:grunts:"Yeah, wonderful..."

~We all get into the house and get settled, the boys helping us with the luggage.~ (oh so nice!! ^-^)
~The guys tell us they are going to go get ready and be back in an hour~

*As we all get ready to unpack, we choose rooms*
~We had to separate into 3 people per room.~
~Not everyone was happy about it, but Eun Mi and I.~
"Hmm, I think I will stay with Eun Mi and Joo Eun."
"Hmm, I guess I have to stay with the more awesome people!" yelled Jazumi in excitement.
~We all spread out to the rooms to get unpacked~
*While unpacking I pulled Eun Mi over to talk to her*
"Hey Eun Mi?"
"Umm I need to talk to you."
"What about? Are you on your period!? Do you need girly stuff?!"
"Wha- No! I am fine. what I wanted to say was...well you know how I have been avoiding the boys?"
"Well I really really like Heechul."
~I quickly cover her mouth~
"Shhhhh!!!" I whispered, "please don't tell anyone. I'm just trying to play the hard to get kind, ya know?"
"Yeah, you do that so well."
"i know huh? But please don't tell."
"O.K., I won't tell I, promise,....O.K., well as you can see, I love the hunk Yesung!"
"Yeah, I kinda noticed since you FAINTED!"
"Oh yeah, I kinda forgot about that ha ha."
"Ha ha your a silly girl!"
*We hugged, then kept unpacking*

~An hour later~
*We all got dressed and boy did we look good!*
~Anyways, we heard the doorbell ring~
"I'll get it!", Eun Hye shouted.
"Anio, I will get it!", excitedly shouted Sang Hee.
~And you hear the girls back and forth screaming; they forgot about the door~
"Oh my gosh...I'll get it then."
*I walked up to the door and opened it*
"Girls be quiet!", I shouted.
*As I turned to the people outside the house~
"Hel-" O_O
~It was the boys all dressed up in formal tuxedos~
*I was shocked*
"U-ummm *snapped out of it* Hello."
"Hello, we are here to pick up our dates!" Said Kibum.
"Oh yeah-hold on one second."
*I close the door, turned around, and put my back against it.*
"Hey what's wrong Bo-Bae?", asked Joo Eun pushing my hair back out of my face.
*I look up at her*
"Oh nothing, I'm just shocked..."
"Oh okay, well are they here?"
"Yeah, outside; go get the others."
"Alright unnie!" ^^
"Girls, the guys are here!" Joo Eun shouted.
*i slap my forhead*
"I could have done that.." I said sarcasticly.
"Oh sorry Unnie."
*Joo Eun looks down*
"It's ok dongseng."
~All of a sudden loud foot steps upstairs follow downstairs~
"OMG!!!" They all scream.

~*Outside; SUJU'S POV*~

"Wow, they are really happy to be with us I guess..."
"You Guess, Hankyeng?"replied Kibum.
~They all look at each other~
*Smiles all around*
"We look good!" they all shouted.
"Ha..yeah, very good..WE LOOK DELICIOUS!"
"O.K. Kangin, don't need to go too far", remarked Donghae.
"So.. Who is going to get who?", asked Eunhyuk.
~They all looked around.~
"Did they already decide who is getting who?" asked Kyuhyun.
"Well,yeah but I think he means as like girlfriends." replied Sungmin

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I want the drop dead gorgeous Eun Mi!", Yelled Yesung.
*He said while rising he arm up and hand in a fist*
*Just then, Eun Mi looked through the window.*
*Yesung turned towards her and gave a wink.*
~Eun Mi just smiled and started to blush.~
"Well, if your getting her, then I want Eun Hye becuase she is my height.", Sungmin replied.

"Haha everyone is your same height that you like, what is new?" Heechul muttered with a smirk.
"Well, ANYWAYS, if anyone cares, I'm going to get Jazumi", said Eetuek.
"I'm going to get Sang Hee; she is so precious!", shouted Ryeowook.
"You guys are over the top; I'm going for the one and only Bo-Bae. :Sighs: Man I just love a woman who is hard to get", said Siwon.
"Over the top? Man she hates every single on of us..Did you see how she didn't want to go with anyone?" asked Hunkgeng.
"Nah man, I'm getting her. I think she likes me more than you", replied Heechul.
*He point to Shiwon and laughs*
"But yeah..I think she is going to be one hard pearl to clean."
~We all looked confused~
"As in she will be hard to get!" continues Shiwon.
"Ohh! ha ha we get it!" all shouted.

~~~~Silence for a while~~~~

"Hey no, I was going to go for her; that's not fair", Kangin wined.
"Screw you guys, I'm the one who is going to get her", Hankyung implied, "Why you ask? Because she is hot! A 10 out of 10, almost my height, and did I mention hot!?"
"While you guys are fussing over her, I'm going to pick the sweet and sensitive Joo Eun; I think I loved her since the first time we met. *starts daydreaming* When I held her in my arms running from the fan girls....*everyone was staring at him like he was on crack.* "Wae!?!?! Why are you staring at me?!?!"
"O.K. lovey dovey man, while you are "daydreaming", we are going to get the girls."

~Still leaning on the door~
"Oh my.. I have 4 guys fighting over me..."
"AHHH!!" I screamed. "Oh Joo Eun don't scare me like that!"
"Well, you were staring straight at me.."
*Warm smile* "Oh sorry, just don't do it again okay?" ^^
"Ha it's O.K. I promise." ^^

*I turn around and open the door*
~All of the boys where standing outside~
"U-umm *clears throat* Where are the other guys going?"
*The guys remembered they already had dates*
"O-oh that; ha, well they had dates so it's just us who got picked by you girls", explained Siwon.
"Oh well, there are more boys than girls..four more actually...", I replied.
"Well, let's get go-going!", Heechul shouted in joy.
"I thought all celebrities are late..or at least that's what I heard."
"Now, now Bo-bae, no need to be rude!", remarked Joo Eun.

~We all headed out the house. WOW! We looked gorgeous! I was wearing a red dress with black sash, Eun Mi has a black dress with a black sash and a little handbag, Jazumi was in a dark blue mini shirt and blouse, & Eun Hye was dressed the prettiest; she has a full black dress that came down to her knees and had a ripple at the end, her hair was curled, and she had a diamond necklace on. Joo Eun has on a black shimmery dress with a ripple at the end as well; they all looked so PRETTY! I was jealous!~

~The guys' expressions were not like any other; they were surprised and impressed at the same time.
~Each of us took their arms as we head out the door.~
*Heechul and Siwon both wanted me to take theirs.*
*I shook my head no..but then Jazumi looked at me with an evil look and I took both of their arms while Hunkgeng and Kangin were behind me*

~We all got into the limo one by one. Girls first and drove off.~
~During the whole time there, no one said a thing.~
*I was listening to my iPod: SuJu's song, "Endless Moment*

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First Meet Empty Re: First Meet

Post by Mickiess on 9/8/2009, 12:24 am

Chapter 5

The Important yet Devastating Dinner.

~We all got out of the limo and took our dates by the arm (really formal)
"Oh Annyeonghaseyo Super Junior and beautiful dates!", said the Manager.
"Oh, let me introduce you to our manager, girls."
"Eetuek, it's o-"
"This is Bo-Bae,"
"Eun Mi,"
"Eun Hye,"
"Hello manager"
"Sang Hee,"
"Sup big dude!"
"Joo Eun,"
Hello sir",
"and Jazumi."
"Hi Hi Sempai!"

"Once again hello girls, kamsahamnida Eetuek. Now if you don't mind, I need to speak to the boys in private; I arranged you a table over there."
~He points to the two tables in the corner.~
"Over there? That far?", I askedin an angered tone.
"Don't worry, hun, we will be right over here", Heechul replied.
*I rolled my eyes*
*Shiwon hit heechul and He flinched*

~We walked over to the table that was set for us.~
"Man, I can't believe this...this whole time, I thought we where going to spend the whole night with the boys.." whined Sang Hee.
"Yeah, I can't believe it either.."; I sighed in relief.
"WAE!?!?!" all the girls shouted.
"You have a crush on one of the guys?!?"
"Haha I was being sarcastic!"
O_O "Don't do that to us, we thought you were serious!" shouted Jazumi.
*just then I looked at Eun Mi*
~She looked at me and told me that she wouldn't tell by her lips and shook her head slightly~
*I was relieved.*

"Oh come on Bo-bae, we know you all have a crush on Shiwon!", Sang Hee, playfully.
*I looked at her like, "oh my gosh she knows!"*
O///////O (blush)
"Ohh, so she does have a crush on Shiwon! Wow, this is getting better!"
"Why you-"
"Sang Hee, why don't you just leave her alone?!, snapped Eun Mi.
"Oh, so you like him now? I thought you liked Yesung?" She teased, "Is he TOO much to handle? Maybe I should handle him for you?"
"You wouldn't dare!", Eun Mi yelled.
~At that time ever one was standing up~

"Girls, girls, calm down. No need to get in a fuss over boys..Seriously.. this is pathetic"
"Oh yeah, for you to talk Joo Eun! You never had a boyfriend!"
~Everyone was shocked! We couldn't believe that Sang Hee would say that. She finally snapped her cap!~
~Eun mi, Sang Hee and Joo Eun slowly sat down.~
~Joo Eun was in a state of shock; Sang Hee's eyes were wide open like she said something that wasn't supposed to be said.~
"O.K. everyone chill out! Your giving me a freakin' headache!"
"It's not like you get one ev-"
"Shut it Eun Hye!", yelled Eun Mi. "Jazumi has been through a lot!"

~*Over at SUJU'S POV*~

"Manager..we can't just split up like that."
"I knew you would say that Heechul.."
"No, we can't! That wouldn't make us Super Junior, that would make us nothing!"
"Kangin, there is nothing we can do about that..either we do it or not, but let me tell you one thing; if we don't then Super Junior is no more."
"Wae!?!?!" We snapped.
"Ye, either we do it this way or we let everything go..because the company won't support Super Junior anymore."
"Uh-oh; that is not what I wanted to hear", whispered Kangin.
"So do we have an agreement?", asked the manager.
"ANIO!", shouted Kibum
"No way no how!!!!", all shouted.
~All of a sudden it got quiet and everyone was staring at us all~
~Even our girls were staring at us!~
*We all stood up and started walking to our girls*

~*Back to Bo-Bae POV*~

"I wonder what happened?", asked Eun Hye.
"I don't know; I'm afraid to ask with the looks on their faces."
"Come on, girls, we have to get out of here", snapped Heechul.
*He grabbed my arm and started to head for the door*
~I have never seen him this mad before; something in my head tells me that he is is pain.~
*All of a sudden I couldn't breath; I felt like I was dying. Suddenly I collapsed onto the floor.*

"Oh my god what happend?"
"It's ok Heechul this happends when she thinks someone is either hurting or in pain"
"We Will explain later"
"But Eun Hye.."
"She will be fine heechul"
~Heechul was holding on to Bo-bae so closly... I figured he really liked her..~

~I was out; I couldn't hear anything. But just then I saw this figure; it was my appa.~

"What are you doing here my child?"
"I don't know, just all of a sudden I felt that my favorite band and friends were in trouble; it was too much to handle all at once, so I just collapsed."
"Oh my baby girl, don't push yourself too much or you will end up like me and passing away in a horrible state."
"Appa..what am i doing here? Why do i have this kinda power?"
~At this time he was fading away into the clouds~
"Wait, don't go appa, I need your help!"
"Don't worry, my child, I will always be with you!"
"But appa!! You didn't answer me!!"
*I heard a lot of ruckus in the background. I started to slowl wake up.

"Bo..Bo, are you all right?", Heechul said worried.
~All the girls were gathered around me, even the guys were.~
*I slowly opened my eyes and started coughing*
"OH MY GOD, SHE'S OK!", Jazumi shouted in relief.
~Tears came crawling down the girls' faces.~
~It seemed like so long that I was out, but it was only for a short time.~
"Oh thank gosh your all right!", Shiwon sighed in relief while holding my hand.
~Shiwon took me from hechul and carried my to the limo; the girls followed.~

"Oh my! I'm so glad she is okay", Eun Hye said.
~We all gathered into the limo.~
~Eun Hye thought.. 'man this hasn't happend in a long time..'~
"Wow, it's been a rough night for all of us" ,Sungmin sighed.
"Yeah it has", replied Kibum.
*I put on my iPod headphones and started listening to Shimmering Sea by Mark Camilleri (ocean sleep music) and looked out the window.*
~A thought kept repeating in my head.~
~"Don't worry, my child, I will always be with you!"~
*I looked down and was trying to figure out why this happend*
~We got to the house; Shiwon carried me up to my room. I told him it wasn't necessary to, but as soon as I got out of the car I almost fell again.~

~In Our room~ (Eun Mi, Joo Eun's, and mine)
"Here now, go to sleep. We will stay over just in case you need something and the girls can't get it."
"Siwon, that's not-"
"Shh, it's O.K., I will always be here for you."
~The girls were looking in from the door.~
~Once he said that, it reminded me of my fathers' saying.~

~*_Flash back_*~
"Don't worry, my child, I will always be with you!"
"Annyeonghechumuseyo, my Bo-bae.."
~Slowly i started to close my eyes.~

~*__The next day__*~

*I slowly open my eyes*
~As my eyes open open a stream of the sunlights beam settled on my face.~
*I looked at the clock.*
"OH MY GOD! It's already 10 o'clock!"
*I got up in a hurry.*
~Just as I got up, Joo Eun came in the door. She had just taken a shower.~
"Why didn't you wake me up!?"
"You looked so peaceful. I'm sorry; what did you dream about?"
"Well if I can remember.. it was about Heechul and Shiwon.."
"Ohh I see; you have become quite the fan, huh?"
"ANIO!", I shouted, laughing and hit her arm.

*I got dressed and headed downstairs.*
'Mmmmm- something smells really good.'I thought.
"Annyeonghaeseyo BO-BAE UNNIE!", the girls said altogether.
"Annyeonghaeseyo", I replied still halfway asleep.
"We cooked you breakfast,Bo."
*I looked up and was in shock; I jumped. I had forgotten that the boys stayed the night.*
"Oh Kamsahamnida Heechul and.. boys."
"Now eat up so you can have a great day!"
"You sound like my omma."
"Why do you have to laugh so loud? I'm still asleep!", yelled Sang Hee.
~Ryeowook stared at us; we all mouthed, "this is normal."~
~He quickly turned around in shock~

"So... how was everyone's sleep?"; I had to break the silence somehow.
"GREAT!", excitedly yelled Kangin.
"Never been better, except for the fact that we where all fighting over a bed that wasn't even comfortable", Eetuek sarcastically spoke.
"Oh, get over it, you just wanted to sleep with us girls so your ego would be higher, right?", muttered Eun Mi.
" know, you might be right", I replied.
"Yeah, you boys are all the same", Eun Hye laughed.
"We are not, that's a lie and you know it!", Sungmin snapped.
~We all just laughed and ate.~

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First Meet Empty Re: First Meet

Post by Mickiess on 9/8/2009, 12:28 am

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 The Fun Full Day, But Horrable Evening.

~After a while or a few hours, we started to get bored.~
~We all laid around the table in the living room.~
"Let's go do something..I'm freakishly bored.."
"Sang Hee..when are you not bored?"
"Bo-Bae, when are you going to be nice to her?"
"I'm always nice to her, Jazumi. I freakin' spoil her."
"She does," she quickly responded. "And I love her for it!"
~She hugged me as she was saying it.~
"Awww, I'm always glad to be there for ya!"
"Well if we go somewhere, then where will we go?", asked Hunkgeng.

~We all thought of somewhere to go..(but that was a train wreck)
We all said at one time,
"The mall?" (Jazumi and Sang Hee)
"Around the City?" (Eetuek, Hunkgeng, Shiwon, and Eun Hye)
"The sites?" (Eun Mi and I)
"The aquarium?" (Kangin, and Sungmin)
"The beach!" (Heechul and Yesung)

~We all thought long and hard...~
"THE BEACH!!!", all of us shouted.
*We all jumped up at once and went to get our stuff.*
~I found out I forgot to get a bathing suit, so I had to go get one.~
*Everyone got their stuff and headed for the living room.*
"Umm..I have a problem."
"What's wrong?", asked Eun mi.
"What? Are you afraid of water or something?", smirked Heechul.
"Anio, I don't have a bathing suit.."
"You can swim Nude!"
"HEECHUL!" (everyone)
"Wae?!" *Shiwon shaps him* "Ouch!"
"Oh, well we will have to go get one then, now won't we?" replied Shiwon.
'Thinks to myself'
*Something about Shiwon makes me so happy inside; I can't really tell what yet, but it's weird; every time I look at him, in those eyes of his, it makes me feel great.*
~in the backround he is smiling and playing around with heechul~
~snaps out of thinking~
"Yeah, that sounds great, kamsamnida!" ^_^

~We started all getting in the van.~ (yes, a van, but it was a nice van).
~All of a sudden, Shindong, Eunhyunk and donghae remembered that they had to do the radio broadcasting today.~
"Oh shoot, we have to go to the radio station today. Sorry guys," said Shindong. "And I'm taking Eunhyuk, donghae with me."
"BUT I WANTED TO GO!" the boys started crying like a little boys. (which was kind of cute).
*Shindong grabbed thier arm and they got in the car. They headed off in the distance in a nice looking Spider Eclipse.*
"Wow that sucks; I wanted us all to go..", Sang Hee said sadly.
"There will be times where we will not always be together, so its okay."

~Shiwon bend down to hug her. She was happy after that.~
~They were like brother and sister right away.~
Then she yelled,"O.K, let's all go!!"

"Well lets go to the Mall first to get a bathing suit for Bo."
"Haha Heechul, i can just wear a t-shirt and shorts; its ok"
"O.K. what ever you say BO!"
"Why do you call me bo!?"
"It's a cute name for you!"
*i rolled my eyes and all got in the van*
~ We started to the mall~
~I saw we were at the mall~
"I told you i am fine! I can just wear what i am wearing now."
"But we want you in a cute bathing suit"
"If you say soo.." i kinda blushed
"Aww heechul and shiwon made her blush!"
"Shut up Jazumi"
"Hahaha awee."

~We walked in to a store and looked through so many bakini's~
"Oh I like this one try it on!
"Its yellow..."
"So bo-bae try it on!"
"Fine Heechul."
*So i tried it on but I didn't want to come out of the dressing room.*
"Come on girl lets see!" Eun Hye shouted.
"Okies fine!"
*I walked out and covering my stomach*
*Whistles and hollering was going on*
"Oh stop it you guys!!"

~~~ A couple of hours later we finally found a bathing siut for me. It was yellow and polkadoted. So cute!~
~Then we all headed back into the van.~

~After a couple of miles we finally got to the beach~
*We all got out stuff out and set everything up.*
*THEN...we all headed for the water!! We were all exited and started splashing each other, and having fun. It was amazing. Then Yesung and Eun Mi started chasing each other; it was so cute. Then all of a sudden, Shiwon lifted up Bo-bae from behind, swinging her around. She was screaming her head off.

Heechul watched from a distance but didn't say anything. Jazumi and Eetuek where on the beach getting a tan and talking. Eun Hye and Sungmin were over by where we set up everything and were drinking some soda, also talking.

Sang Hee and Ryeowook were in the water splashing each other and then Sang Hee dunked his head underwater. (O_O) Then he did the same to her. We all had a great time; it started to get dark. We watched the sun set and all sat around close together.* (except me and Shiwon; he wanted to talk to me). O_O
"Ah Bo-bae can i borrow you for a second?"
"Oh.. yes..sure.."

~*Jazumi's POV*~
"Wow, today was a great day!", I yelled, excitedly.
"Yeah, it was wonderful", muttered Heechul.
"Hey Heechul, what is wrong? You have been like this all day; it's bringing me down."

"It's nothing."
*As he was saying that, he looked over at Bo-bae and Shiwon in the distance.*
"Oh, I see," I said. "Those two, they seem to really like each other."
~At that time, all the boys who had girls had their arms around them.~

"So what's wrong Shiwon?"
"Oh, well, it's just that-"
"I hope your not bringing me over here to tell me to hook you up with one of the girls, because if that's the case then no I'm leaving."
*He qickly grabbed my arms and pulled me to face him*
"No, wait thats not it. I wanted to tell you something."
"Oh, what is it?"
*I was quiet for a second, and then Shiwon moved in closer to me; he looked me straight in the eye.*

"I will never let anything get in the way of us; I like you a lot. Ever since I first saw your face; you are my one and only love." Then he moved in really close where our noses where touching; he leaned in and kissed me.
~I felt a tingle down my spine and closed my eyes and kissed him back~
~I kept on kissing him because I thought, "it'll make someone jealous".~

*But then I stopped and I pushed away for him.*
~I realized I didn't like him the way I thought I did. I just liked him as a friend or a brother. Nothing more.~
"Um, Shiwon?"
"I can't do this.."
"I-I have someone else in mind, and-"
"Wait wha- some one else? You make me spill my heart out to you and you have someone else?"
*I started to cry.*
*He had a tighter grip on my arms*
*bawling tears*
"Let go of me and let me finish please!"
"Why? So you can hurt me more?"
"Shiwon- I-I wanted to kiss you and I did, but it was to see if I really liked you that way."

*he chuckles*
"So that's it? I can never have you?"
"No, not like that."
"Well, who do you like?"
"I-I can't tell you that."
"And why not?"
"Because I just can't okay!"
~He looked at me with piercing eyes~
"Who ever it is I will find out and you will be mine!"
~He started walking off and headed to the van.~
"Shiwon!", I yelled.
~I headed off after him, but then I stopped close to where everyone say and fell down to my knees; I burst into tears and covered my face.~
*Everyone rushed to me to see what was wrong.*
~Heechul noticed Shiwon walking towards the van; he followed.

~*Heechuls POV*~

"What the hell man!?"
"What do you want Heechul? Just leave me the hell alone."
"What happened man? I'm here for you; come on, can't be that bad.."
~Silence became~
"What the crap did I do wrong!?" Shiwon said as he hit the vans hood.
~He started kicking sand everywhere.~
"What did you and Bo talk about?"
*Shiwon turns to me*
"Why the hell do you want to know?"
~At that moment he look so pissed.~
*I put my hand on his shoulder*
"Um..becuase I'm your friend, and I am curious about it."
"Well, I basically spilled my heart out to her and she likes someone else."

~My hopes began to lift, but I still felt bad about Shiwon.~
"S-Someone else? Did she tell you who?"
"Anio, she won't tell me...ever."
"Well, maybe she thinks it might hurt you more."
"I'm just saying..I have no idea who she likes."
"Who said she rejected you?", Heechul asked. "Just try and win her know, people's feelings do change."
~I couldn't believe what I was saying. I was giving him advice to go after MY girl. Oh well. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! (just kidding)
"But sadly, I pretty much made her scared of me.. the way i was what was I thinking.."
"It's going to be O.K. man i promise. Lets go back to everyone."
"No you go bro.. I can't face her right now."

~*BO-bae's POV*~
"What the hell is wrong!?"
"Joo Eun, don't get to concerned, where you have to cuss."
"Well Sang hee, she won't say anything..TALK TO ME BO-BAE!"
*crying my eyes out*
"I-I'm going to the van."
~Everyone was looking at me..concerned faces.. but I never looked back.~
*I walked towards the van; I saw Heechul and Shiwon there, so I turned and went the other way~

"WAIT BO!", Heechul yelled.
"Go away Heechul!"
"STOP BO-BAE!", Shiwon yelled.
*I stopped and slowly turned around*
"Shiwon, what do you want?"
*He walked up to me and grabbed my arms, but this time very gently*

~I was looking down at the sand and shiwon slowly put his hand under my chin and lifted it up so he can see my eyes~
"Did I do this to you?"
~He saw all the tears in my eyes and whiped them away~
"What do you think?"
"I'm so sorry my love."
"Whatever. It doesn't matter."
~I looked down to clear my eyes, then looked back up.~
"Ye, we can be friends."

~After a few hours of laying around in the beach, we all decided to go home.~
~As we got dropped off by the boys, I got off first, headed to the door, and opened it.~
"Your not going to say goodbye or goodnight to the boys?", Sang hee asked.
"SANG HEE!", the girls shouted.
*I walked in to the house*
"She is hurting, hurting bad, too."
"Oh, my bad."

~they all said their goodbyes and good nights; except Eun Mi and Yesung. Eun Mi came up to our room and asked...~
"Unnie, can I go on a date?"
"Ha, why are you asking me?" I said with a stopped up nose.
"Oh, because you are the head of household."
"Ha, actually Jazumi is; she is the oldest."
"Oh, do I need to ask her?"
"Ye, that would be best." ^-^

~She heads out the door.~
*I lay down on my bed and start crying, thinking of what Shiwon said..*

**I was quiet for a second, and then Shiwon moved in closer to me; he looked me straight in the eye.*

"I will never let anything get in the way of us; I like you a lot. Ever since I first saw your face; you are my one and only love." Then he moved in really close where our noses where touching; he leaned in and kissed me.
~I felt a tingle down my spine and closed my eyes and kissed him back~**


*I slowly started to cry more; after a few minutes i started to fall asleep.*

~*Eun Mi's POV*~

"Hey Jazumi?"
"Umm..Can I go out?"
"Um, why are you asking me?"
"Bo-bae-unnie told me to."
"Oh. Why?"
"She said you were the head of house hold."
"Oh, well then yes you can go, but be back before 1 am, okay?"
"O.K.! I promise i will!"

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First Meet Empty Re: First Meet

Post by Mickiess on 9/8/2009, 12:34 am

Chapter 7

Eun Mi's Night out or rather date.

First Meet EunMilovez-1

Still ~*Eun Mi's POV*~
*I headed out the door quickly*
~met up with yesung on the side walk~
"So where do you want to go?"
"Go?" I asked.
"Yeah.. out to eat.. to the amusment park?"
"oh GO! Ahaha let go to the amusment park!"
"Alright! Lets go!"
~we walked to the amusment park~
~moments of sileince~
"So, how do you like Seoul?" Yesung asked me.
"It's very big, yet its great!"
"I'm glad to hear that you like it. Well, Hey are you hungry?"
"Anio.. I'm good"
*My stomach starts to growl*
"Okay so maybe I am a little hungry, I forgot to eat."
"haha I bet you probibly are.."
"Hahaha yeah."
"oh haha still trying to get used to the time changes?"

"yeah.. so where are we going to eat?" I asked.
"I knew you would ask.."
"You did?"
"Follow me!"
"Where are we going, we just got to the amusement park!?"
"Well we will come back, I promise!"
~Yesung starts to run but before he does he quickly grabs my hand, and runs faster~
~we both have big smiles and laughing as we ran~
~We head up to a resturant called HOKYUNGJEON~~ (it surves chinese food)
*We walk up to the resturant*
~We wait in in a long line~
~Then some girl come up to Yesung and I... she started to hit on him~
~He turns to me and grabs my hand and pulls me closer to him.
"Haha I'm sorry but I am taken, woman."
"Oh haha I didn't know.."

"Oh yeah? I said. "you didn't know he was with me when he was standing right next to me?"
~I didn't realize I was being this way. It kind of scared me.~
Yesung said "Yeah, please ma'am go away. I'm on an important date."
~she leaves~
"What was that about Yesung?"
"Oh just an old friend of mine back in high school, she had a big crush on me and she thinks she can get anything from me now that I'm older."
"Oh I see."
~A Waitress comes up~
"Your table is ready."
"Kashamnida" us both say.
"Right this way."
~She walks us to the very back of the resturant~
~We sit down by the beach outside on the padio~

"Wow this is a beautiful place!"
"I'm glad you like it. I used to come here and think things over."
"Oh really? Sounds interesting."
"Haha not at all."
~We both ordered and talk over things.
~moving lips but no sound~ (like a movie)
~We laughed and talked about so many things over dinner.~
~After dinner we started walking to the amusment park~
"Wow that was great food, kashamnida!"
"Haha your welcome, I'm glad you like it"
"Ha now are you ready for the rides!?"
"I want to ride that one!"
*Yesung points*
~He sounded like a little kid.~ (so cute!)
~He chose the biggest ride that was there.~
"Woah are you sure? becuase that is like the biggest ride and we just ate."
*We both looked at eachother and laughed.*


~back home eating dinner~
"Hmm I wonder where Eun Mi is.." Eun hye whispered.
"She is off with her boyfriend, you know, having a date." I told her as i heard her whisper.
"Wow How did you hear that?"
"I have good hearing, now all of you eat up and get ready for bed ok?"
"Arent we going to watch a movie?" sang hee asked
"Ye but we will be ready if we crash haha."
~laughter broke out~
"O.K.!" all shouted.


"I'm sure I can handle it, I have a strong stomach."
"Haha but I'm not sure I can!"
"Wanna Bet?"

*He picks me up by my stomach and starts to run; Carring me to the ride*
"Hahaha stop it!"
~We get to the ride and he asks if we can get on.~
"Can we get on this ride sir?"
"Sure. Make sure you know to carfully lock up tight."
"Ye, we will!" We both said.
~We both got into the seats, and strapped up like the man said. The Ride started to lift up and spin around.~
"OH MY GAWD, OH MY GAWD!!" I shouted.
"THIS IS AMAZING!" Yesung screamed.
~the ride kept going, after a good 3 minutes we got off~
"Wow that was some ride!"
"Ye, it was awesome, I loved it!"
"Now where do you want to go?" he asked.
"Can we go on the fairest wheel?" I askingly replied.
"Sure thing Sweetheart."
"Haha you called me sweet heart." I joked.
"Am i not supposed to call you that?
"Well, you can it's just wierd, I have never been in a serious relationship."
"Who said this was a relationship?"

*I looked in shock*
"I'm just kidding, this is one, and it's with an amasing girl."
O////O *blush*
~We headed off to the fairest wheel. It was quite a ways. But we go there~
"Umm excuse me sir?" Yesung spoke.
"Ye, how may I help you?"
"Can me and my girlfriend get on this ride?"
"Why you sure can, I guess it's lovebirds season again here, we have had many couples come on this ride-"
"Haha,I'm sure, and I bet they where all in love, like I am." I said.
~At that moment Yesung looked at me in shock; He didn't know whether to hug or kiss me~
~The kind man let us on and started the ride. It was a nice summers night, not to hot nor to cold, a bunch of the stars where out and not a cloud in the sky, the moon was a cresent in the distance.~
"Wow this night is amasing."
"Yeah and im going to remember it for the rest of my life." yesung spoke.
*I looked at him with a slightly shy smile.*
"I love when you smile like that; It makes my heart skip a beat."
O////O *blush*
"Cheonmaneyo, your so beautiful; I couldn't ask for a better girl."
*Yesung grabes my hands and turns towards me*
"Wow..why are you being so nice? I'm not a pretty gi-"
"Oh but you are! You are! See, there is things I see in you and there are thing you see in yourself. Just trust me and i will do anything I possibly can to make you see that you are beautiful."
*He kisses my hand and stares into my eyes; I stare back into his.*
*he leans forword and closes his eyes, as so do I*
~We are at the top of the fairest wheel and it stops; we didn't even notice.~
*We kissed*
~All of a sudden fireworks start going off.~
*We both pulled away and looked, then we looked at eachother and laughed.*

~We got off the fairest wheel and headed home.~
"well this is my house even though you already know"
"Well I wont be able to see you tomorrow"
"Im going out of town to see the radio station they are building"
"Ah I see.. Well its ok!"
"Really is it ok? Is it? because if its not then i can just not go"
"Anio, I want you to go, have fun; Plus it's your carreer!"
"O.K. well I guess this is Anyeonghikyeseyo."
*I kiss him on the cheeck*
"Anyeonghikyeseyo...*whishpers* my love"
~I start walk away with out looking back and start to cry.~
~Yesung realized I was crying, runs up to me and turns me around.~
"I will stay with you tonight."
"Anio, wae are you still here? you should be at the house!"
"I'm staying here. I don't want to see you cry."
"I'll be fine I promise... just go....!!"
~I push him out of the way and head for the house, quickly opening the door.~

~I noticed the girls where still up, All sitting the living room watching the "Note Book"~
~Yesung runs up to the door, bangs on it.~
~I have my back against the door~
"Is everything alright Eun Mi?" Joo Eun asked.
"Everything is fine." I said in a tearful way.
"I'm right here... don't cry.. I know this is sudden but saranghae... I have since the we first met...when I kissed your hand; I knew you are the one!; If you don't believe me keep crying...if you do stop crying.." he spoke to me through door.
~Suddenly I find myself not crying anymore.. I look up.. turn around and open the door.~
*I was starring face to face with my one true love and locked eyes*
"I have also....loved you since the first time we met.... thank you for taking me out tonight."
~*long silience*~
I started towards him,put my arms around him... and he put his around me... he puts his hand on my chin and slowly lifted my head up.~~~~
~He leans close to me once again.~~
~I lean close again, starting to close my eyes~
~both find that our lips touch once again~
Now more powerful then ever.

*I pull away*
"Mweyeyo?" Yesing asked.
"I just can't see you go." I relpied.
"I will stay here-"
"Anio! You can't let the radio station down-"
"You mean more to me than anything Eun Mi...Remember that...Saranghaeseyo."
*I looked at him and started to cry*
"Now why are you crying?"
"I'm Just so happy."
"I would do anything for you Eun Mi, you are my one shot at love, my one and only..Don't you ever forget that."
~I pull away heading back inside.~
"Annyeonghikyeseo Yesung!"
"Annyeonghikyesyo Eun Mi, Sweet dreams."
~I close the door. and turn around~

"Good night my love.."
~walkes to the next house and walkes inside~

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First Meet Empty Re: First Meet

Post by Mickiess on 9/8/2009, 12:35 am

Chapter 8

The Girls At Home/Wierd call

Early the next morning (around 9 o'clock am) Jazumi got up and started to make breakfast and was singing "Miracle" By Suju. (She never does that!) The everyone starts to slowly get up.
~Eun hye goes in the bathroom and starts brusshing her teeth and while Sang Hee starts washing her face. Joo Eun was getting out of the shower, headed to Her room, wrapped in a towel and started to put lotion on her legs while Eun mi and Bo-bae were still sleeping. The girls who were awake started heading to the kitchen, where the could smell the aroma of pancakes, bacon and eggs! (yummm) The girls all sat down at the table.~
:yawns: " Morning my besties!!"
"Morning, Sang Hee"
"Mornin, so whats for breakfast?"
"I'm glad you asked that Joo, we are having frogs legs and crab!"
~All the girls made an "eww" sound to what she said~
"Really Jaz? But we can smell the pancakes and bacon.." replied Eun Hye.
"A-And Eggs!" Finished Joo Eun.
"Bwahahaha. I was only joking, I wanted to see your reactons, man where they great. But, yes we are having pancakes, eggs, and bacon" she said with a smile.

~She went back to singing and cooking. The girls thought there was something wrong with her. She never was like this before. "Singing and cooking?" the girls thought. "This is just plain wierd.. Something has to be up.."~ But as the kept staring they couldn't figure it out. Jazumi headed towards the girls with the egg pan in her hand. She handed a good size of eggs to each. First Sang Hee, Eun Hye, Joo Eun then herself.~
"Oh what about Eun Mi unnie and Bo-bae Unnie?"
"Oh don't worry Sang Hee i got them covered but we do need to wake them up."
"I call Bo-bae!" Joo Eun said.
"Then I call Eun Mi!" Sang hee shouted.
~the two headed to our room and quietly opened the door.~
~Joo Eun slowly walked to my bed and started to shake me~
"Bo-Bae unnie? Time to wake up!" she whispered while shaking me softly.
*I automaticly woke up, my eyes where still red from lastnight.*
~Over by Eun Mi~
"Eun Mi unnie!! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! RISE AND SHINE MY SUNSHINE!" sang hee shouted while shaking Eun Mi voilently.
"I'M UP! I'M UP!"
"Yayy! Come downstairs and have eggs and bacon with us!"
"Alright, Alright.. Let me brush my teeth and wash my face"
"Yayy ok then!"
~Sang Hee ran back down stairs and all of a sudden you hear a "thump"~
"OMO! what happend!? Sang Hee are you alright?!" a girl shouted.
~they all scurried to her to see what had happend~

"Ahhh i want Bo-bae unnie!" SANG HEE whined.
"Bo-bae! You better get your but down here quickly."
"O.K. Jazumi-shii i am coming!"
*I quickly got up from my bed and started to run down stairs to see Sang Hee. As i saw her sitting there she started to cry. I quickly ran to her and started to hug her. I started to sing "Marry U" By Super Junior.

( MV.


Marry U

Love oh baby my girl
Geudaen naui juhnbu nunbushige areumdawoon
Naui shinbu shini jushin suhnmul
Haengbokhangayo geudaeui ggaman nunesuh nunmuri heureujyo
Ggaman muhri pappuri dwel ddaeggajido
Naui sarang naui geudae saranghal guhseul na maengsehalgeyo
Geudaereul saranghandaneun mal pyuhngsaeng maeil haejugo shipuh
Would you marry me? Nuhl saranghago akkimyuh saragago shipuh
Geudaega jami deul ddaemada nae pare jaewuhjugo shipuh
Would you marry me?

Iruhn naui maeum huhrakhaejullae?
Pyuhngsaeng gyuhte isseulge (I do) Nuhl saranghaneun guhl (I do)
Nungwa biga wado akkyuhjumyuhnsuh (I do)
Nuhreul jikyuhjulge (My love)
Hayan dressreul ibeun geudae tuxedoreul ibeun naui moseup
Balguhreumeul matchumyuh guhdneun woori juh dalnimgwa byuhre
I swear guhjitmal shiruh uishimshiruh

Saranghaneun naui gongju Stay with me
Wooriga naireul muhguhdo wooseumyuh saragago shipuh
Would you marry me? Naui modeun nareul hamgge haejullae?
Himdeulgo uhryuhwuhdo (I do) Neul naega isseulgge (I do)
Woori hamggehaneun manheun nal dongan (I do) Maeil gamsahalge (My love)
Orae juhnbutuh nuhreul wihae junbihan
Nae sone bitnaneun banjireul badajwuh

Oneulgwa gateun maeumeuro jigeumui yaksok giuhkhalge
Would you marry me?
Pyuhngsaeng gyuhte isseulge (I do) Nuhl saranghaneun guhl (I do)
Nungwa biga wado akkyuhjumyuhnsuh (I do) nuhreul jikyuhjulge (I do)
Himdeulgo uhryuhwuhdo (I do) Neul naega isseulgge (I do)
Woori hamggehaneun manheun nal dongan (I do) Maeil gamsahalge (My love)
Naega geudae ege deuril guhseun sarangbakke uhbjyo
Geujuh geuppuninguhl bojalguhtuhbjyo

Suhtulluhboigo manhi bujokhaedo naui sarang
Naui geudae jikyuhjulgeyo
Hangajiman yaksokhaejullae? Museunil issuhdo
Woori suhro saranghagiro geuppuniya
Nawa gyuhrhonhaejullae? I do


Love, oh baby my girl
You are my everything
My dazzlingly beautiful bride
You are a gift from god
We'll be very happy, your black eyes well up with tears
Even if your black memerizing hair turns white
My love, you my love, I swear I love you
Saying I love you is what I want to do the most everyday in my life
Would you marry me? I want to love you, treasure you, and live with you
I want you to lean on my shoulders each time you sleep
Would you marry me?

With this heart of mine, will you accept me?
To accompany you for the whole lifetime, I do
To love you, I do
Regardless of snow and rain, i will be there to protect you, I do
Let me be the one to protect you, my love
you wearing the white bridal gown
Me wearing the suit
Both of us walking in sync towards the stars and moon, I swear
No lies, no suspicion

My dearest princess, stay with me
Even if we are becoming older, we will smile and live on
Would you marry me? Are you willing to live the rest of your life with me
no matter how weary and tired we are, I do
I will always be by your side, I do
The days when we will spend together, I do
Everyday will my heart be thankful, my love
I have prepared this ring for you since a long time ago,
Please take this shiny ring in my hand

Just like the mood today, remember the promise that we're making now
Would you marry me?
To accompany you for the whole lifetime,I do
To love you, I do
Regardless of snow and rain, I will be there to protect you, I do
Let me be the one to protect you, my love
The only thing that I can give you is love
Although it's insignificant
Even though there are areas which I lack
I will protect the love between us, me and you

Let's make a promise, no matter what happens we will still be in love
And even so...
I do
I will always be by your side, I do
The days when we will spend together, I do
Everyday will my heart be thankful, my love
Will you marry me? I do....

"Wow unnie you can really sing!" all the girl where then around me at the time.
"Oh haha, I didn't see you all there. I thought you all were in the kitchen"
"Well.. we were but.."
"Wow we knew you liked to sing.. but you are really good!" Joo Eun interrupted.
"Well I sing like a guy haha"
"Oh I see, well you still sound good Bo-bae!"
"Ha, oh well thanks you."
"Wow unnie, you should try out for SM!"
"No, no I am not that good."
"Well we think you are!" the girls shouted.

~After a while of me taking care of Sang Hee and singing upbeat and fun/silly songs to her, she got better and didn't feel anymore pain.~
~We were all sitting in the living room now, all still in our pajamas. We all looked around, looking at eachother.~
"So..." Eun Hye started to speak.
"So..what?" sang Hee replied.
"Has anyone heard form the guys?" I asked shyly.
"Ha, why are you so curious about the guys all of a sudden bo?"
"well jazumi.. remember yesterday?"
"Ye, the fighting?"
"Ye, well i kinda hurt one of the guys feelings, so i was seeing if you have heard from any of them-kinda making sure they are ok."
"Ah I see, well bo i have not heard from them at all quite frankly, and of you have?"
*Eun Mi kinda looks down in a troublesome matter*
"Eun Mi are you ok?"Eun Hye asked in suspicous manner.

"Oh ye, ye, haha i was just thinking about my date last night."
"Girls! Girls!"
"Yes, bo-bae unnie?" (jasumi didn't answer)
"Me and Jazumi knew she went on a date lastnight.
"mweoyo?!?! Tell us!"
"Ha ok, fine I will tell you all about it!"
~As she started telling what had happend my cell phone rang. I went to go get it but as I had it in my hand it went to my voice mail.~
"Darn I missed it..Hopefully they will leave a voice mail."
~Sure enough they did. I dialed my number and listened to it. As soon as it was over I dropped my phone and stared into space, shocked at what I heard.
~Eun Mi was telling her story and was almost done, she glanced at me to see if I was still there, she saw me and stopped, and started to head towards me. The other girls followed her eyes and saw me standing there.~
~They all go up and ran for me.~
"Bo-bae?! (eun mi)
"Bo, is everything alright?" (jazumi)
"Unnie are you ok?" (sang hee)
"bo-bae unnie?! are you ok?! (Eun hye and joo eun)

*Looking to each and every single girl I touched my phone again and repeated the voice mail; put it on speaker*
"HAHA Why hello girls, I bet you have been waiting a long time to hear from me. Well I just wanted to say that I am now in korea, soon to find your precious Super Junior Boys and make them all mine. I bet you thought you got rid of me. Well here I am! Bo-bae, Sang hee, Eun Hye, Eun Mi and Joo Eun. I will find you and maybe even keep the boys hostage for my keepsake until I get what I want-oh wait by that time I will already have what I want hahaha. Well i have to go for now, but I will be watching your every move and if I do not like it then I will make a move, ta ta!" *click*
~We al looked up at eachother.~
"No it can't be." (Eun Hye)
"Ye, its her she found us." (Me)
"Oh no! we can't let this happen to our boys!" (joo eun)
"I know Joo, but there is nothing we can do.."(me)
"Yes there is bo! We can warn them!" (Eun Mi
"How??" (me)
"We can call them and tell them about her.. about her past and everthing!"
"Oh yeah imagine this, *starts to immitate the conversation* Hello suju? i just wanted to warn you about this girl who is named Miki, she is tring to steal you from us and she has a bad past and is very very evil, make sure you stay far far away from her as possible *stops* I really don't think they are going to believe us."

"Sounded believable to me."
*sighed* "Nevermind lets just eat lunch since we already made breakfast cold, get dressed and we will go out my treat"
"Kamsamnida bo!" all the girls shouted.
~They all got dressed and we started to head off to a cafe.~
The day went by pretty fast. We went to shops and browsed around town. We got lost every once in a while but then we found our ways back. We had dinner and Finally the day was over. We all headed back to our house and walked in to the living room. Me and Jazumi went upstairs because Jaz wanted to talk with me in private. The other girls where downstairs watching some scary movies.

~In Bo-baes ROOM~
"Um bo?"
"Please do not call me that, it reminds me of Heechul.."
"Oh sorry, well I have a question for you.."
"Oh okies, what is is?"
"Well Eetuek texted me today and asked if I could go on a date tomorrow.."
*I look at her in shock, she was asking me if she could go with him tomorrow*
"Are you asking me for permission?"
"Haha yeah I am."
"Aw, well of course you can go!" I laughed. "I am not going to stop you."
~She hugged me ever so tightly~
"Jaz, I can't breath!"
"Oh aha I am sorry! But thanks you so much! that means a lot to me."
"Ha i treat all the girls the same, if you want to do something just go do it. Unless its Sanghee. She needs someone with her at all times"

~We both just laughed and started to go downstairs to the other girls, I never liked scary movies so
I told the girls lights out when its over. And headed back up to the room. I headed to my bed and as soon as I lay down i get a text from Heechul. READS "I NEED TO SEE YOU RIGHT AWAY BO. as soon as you wake up come find me at SM academy."
~I just ignored it and started to fall asleep. After a while the girls started to get sleepy. Sang hee was the first to pass out. Eun Hye carried her up to the room. While the others started to clean and turn off the lights.~

"Annyounghechumuseyo~!" they all said to eacother.

Soon to update! but i lost half of my story so have to start over from here!

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First Meet Empty Re: First Meet

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