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Learning How to Let Go

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Learning How to Let Go Empty Learning How to Let Go

Post by dbsk408 on 9/5/2009, 7:24 pm

dbsk408 presents:
Learning How to Let Go
@ winglin & fanfictional

- You (The Reader)
- Kim Jaejoong (As himself)
- Park Yoochun (Your Brother)
- Kim Junsu (Jaejoong’s Brother)
- Shim Changmin (Your Best friend)
- Perhaps others Smile

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters nor is this a true story. This is all fiction. Smile

Learning How to Let Go Qz0tol


You (The Reader), have been suffering from constant headaches and vertigos. They were becoming so strong, that you had fainted in your best friend’s arms during class and had to be sent to the hospital. You figured it was just from too much stress, but things turn grim when you were told that you had an inoperable brain tumor. You thought your life was officially over…until you met Kim Jaejoong.

He was your hospital roommate and you learned he has cystic fibrosis. Unlike you, he lived his life to the fullest and he never regretted anything in his life…including meeting you. As feelings grow, and life moves on, you thought he was the one, until unexpected events occur which teaches you how to let go of the past and move on in life with your head held high.


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Learning How to Let Go Empty Check-Up

Post by dbsk408 on 9/5/2009, 7:29 pm

A/N: Comments are much appreciated Very Happy

Listen to URL:
DBSK: Stand By U

No-one's POV

You were in your hospital room, sitting on your hospital bed, hugging your legs as you were waiting for your brother. You hated hospitals. It was your least favourite place. It was where your parents had died when they got into a car accident when you were a freshman in high school. But, the reason why you were here was because you’ve been suffering from severe headaches and vertigos for the past month and you had fainted in class due to your headaches. Luckily, your bestie, Changmin, was by your side to take you to the hospital.
The door opened as you saw a nurse coming in.
“Miss ~~~~~?”
“Yes?” You replied
The nurse smiled. “You’re examination is in Exam Room 2.”
You nodded and climbed out of bed and followed the nurse. The only good thing you liked about this hospital was that you were allowed to wear your sweats, instead of those uncomfortable hospital gowns.

You were told to wait in the hallway, sitting on the chairs as you saw Changmin walking down the hallway. He sat next to you.
“Hey, how did it go?” he asked.
You shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m getting my exam done now.”
Changmin nodded and squeezed your knee. “Everything will be fine.”
You smiled. You were really lucky to have a friend like Changmin. He was smart, friendly, caring, and all of the above for a perfect guy. You were looking ahead, while Changmin was looking somewhere in the distance. You looked at him.
“What are you staring at?” You asked and followed his gaze.

Your gaze landed on a guy, who seemed a little older than you. He had a flawless face with hazel, almond-shaped eyes that were piercing, yet having a subtle softness. He had a straight nose, with a killer jawline, and his hair was a tousled light brown, with a hint of golden blonde in there. He was a little skinny, but yet, he still had a build. What struck you the most was his affectionate smile that was being sent to you. You looked away and blushed. You gently nudged Changmin.
“Is that guy looking at me?” You whispered into his ear.
Changmin lightly chuckled. “Most likely.” He whispered back. “You’re the only girl patient in this hallway and he’s not exactly my type.” Changmin joked.
You giggled.
“Miss Park?” Doctor Lee came out of the exam room. You stood up and followed him in.

End of POV
Yoochun’s POV

I drove to the hospital to see Changmin waiting in the hallway, sitting in a chair outside the exam room.
“Hey Changmin.” I said and sat down next to him.
“Oh hey hyung.” He bowed.
“Is ~~~~~~-ah in there?” I asked.
Changmin nodded.
“Is she okay?”
He nodded. “She looked fine after taking some medication that the doctor prescribed.
I lightly sighed in relief. “Thank goodness.”
Ever since our parents died, ~~~~~~-ah had been very vulnerable and wasn’t easy to approach. But, somehow, Changmin managed to crack her cold shell and become best friends with her. But, I’m really glad that she found a trustworthy friend that was always by her side.

After another half an hour of waiting, ~~~~~~-ah came out of the exam room with Doctor Lee. We stood up.
“Is everything alright?” I asked
Doctor Lee nodded. “Well we won’t know for sure, until we get the results which won’t be in for another 2 weeks. But, at the moment, she seems fine. For now, it just looks like mental and physical stress that seems to be cause of her headaches.”
I bowed. “Thank you.”
And the three of us went back to ~~~~~~-ah’s room.
She sat on her bed as Changmin and I sat in the two chairs that were next to the bed.
“When can I leave this place?” ~~~~~-ah asked as she plopped her head on the pillow behind her.
I smiled. “The doctor said you can leave tomorrow, so you can go back to school.”
~~~~~~-ah nodded.

I stayed for another hour, but I had to get back to work. Our parents left us a company that was one of the highest ranked companies in Asia. But, because they passed away, I had to take over and I haven’t been spending time with ~~~~~~-ah and it really worries me, but she always insists that she’s alright. I stood up from my chair.
“Alright, well I have to go.” I kissed ~~~~~-ah’s forehead. “Be good, okay? I’ll be back later.”
~~~~~~-ah pouted and nodded.
“I have to go too.” Changmin said. “My mom’s probably wondering where I am.”
“Come on, I’ll drive you.” I offered.
“Thanks hyung.” Changmin said. “I’ll see you later ~~~~~-ah.”
“Bye~.” ~~~~~~-ah waved and we left the hospital.

End of POV
No-one's POV

You were reading a book when you heard a knock at the door. The same nurse from before came in.
“Miss Park?”
You put down your book. “Please, just call me ~~~~~~-ah.”
“Well ~~~~~-ah, it looks like you will have a new roommate, if that’s alright with you.” The nurse said
You shook your head. “No, I don’t mind at all.”
The nurse smiled and peered out the door. “Jaejoong, please come here.”
*Jaejoong?* You thought to yourself. *Must be a guy…*

And in walked the same guy that you had seen in the hallway from when you were waiting for your exam. You lightly gasped, as he held up a hand.
“Hey.” He said.
You lightly bowed and smiled.
“Well, I hope you guys get along.” The nurse said. “I’ll be back for your dinners.” And she left the room.

Your new roommate sat on the edge of your bed. You were a little shocked by this gesture, so you shifted a little to the other side. But, he just smiled at you and held out his hand.
“Hi, I’m Kim Jaejoong.” He introduced himself.
You quickly shook his hand. “I’m Park ~~~~~~.”
Jaejoong held a soft gaze on you. “Park ~~~~~~… you have such a beautiful name.”
You slightly blushed and cleared your throat. “Thank you…” you mumbled as you were a little scared by his bold movements.
“So…what’s a beautiful lady like yourself doing in a hospital filled with sick people?” Jaejoong asked.
You tucked your hair behind your ear. “I’ve been having really bad headaches and I just want to know what the cause is.” You answered. “What about you?” You quietly asked.
Jaejoong gave you a heart-fluttering smile. You found his slightly noticeable dimple very cute.
“I have cystic fibrosis.” He answered confidently.

You slowly nodded. You’ve heard about this illness, but you weren’t fully aware of what it was. And it seemed Jaejoong knew what was going through your mind.
“It’s just basically a disease where excess mucus clogs my airways in my lungs which affect my breathing.” Jaejoong explained. “And it also affects other organs.”
You were shocked. “I’m so sorry Jaejoong-shhi…”
Jaejoong laughed. “Please, just Jaejoong…besides, it’s not like our age gap is that far apart. I’m 24, how old are you?”
“I’m 20.” You replied.
Jaejoong nodded. “Hold on.” He started fishing through his pocket as he came out with a red balloon. He smiled. “This will be my present to you.” He said and started blowing into the balloon.
Your eyes grew in horror. “No, please, it’s okay.” You were afraid that this was going to affect his lungs.
Jaejoong kept blowing air into the balloon, but he paused to cough into his sleeve. You noticed his face losing colour and little beads of sweat forming on his forehead.
“Please…” you begged. “Stop. It’s okay.”
Jaejoong shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” And he continued to blow air into the balloon.

A few more puffs and he finally tied the red balloon and handed it to you. You meekly smiled and accepted it. Jaejoong started coughing uncontrollably. You grew in concern.
“Do you want me to call for a nurse?” You asked as you were about to press the help button above you bed, but Jaejoong grabbed your hand.
“It’s…okay…” he wheezed and coughed a couple of more times. “It’s only natural.”
You were still unsure, but eventually, he stopped coughing. The nurse then came in with two dinners.
“Dinner’s served kids.” She said.
Jaejoong looked at you. “Do you mind if I eat with you?” He asked.
You were a little antsy, but you gave in. “Sure.”
The nurse put the retractable table above your bed and placed the two dinners in front of you and Jaejoong. It was the same, except Jaejoong had a little plastic cup filled with pills.

When the nurse left, you saw Jaejoong taking each pill and downing them with water. You were a little curious.
“Why do you have to take so many pills?” You asked.
Jaejoong kept taking his pills, but stopped to answer your question. “Cystic fibrosis also affects my liver and pancreas. So, I can’t digest food and absorb their nutrients like a regular person can.” He answered and finished taking his pills.
You nodded. *Wow…he really has it tough…* You thought to yourself.
Jaejoong started eating his dinner. “Aren’t you going eat?” He asked happily.
You were surprised by his upbeat personality. “I don’t understand…” you mumbled, watching Jaejoong.
He stopped eating and looked at you. “What do you mean?”
You put your fork down. “How can you be so happy when you have a terminal illness that’s slowly killing you? And yet, you’re this upbeat person who pretends as if nothing’s wrong.”

Jaejoong was a little shocked by your little speech, but his eyes softened up as he continued eating.
“I don’t think life should be taken for granted.” He said. “I’m just glad that I’m alive every time I wake up. I don’t want to live a life full of misery where all I can think about is my illness. Everything I do, I do it without regret. And that includes meeting you.”
You blushed by his last statement. Jaejoong pinched your cheek.
“You’re cute when you blush.” He said and continued on with his meal.
You touched the cheek he pinched.

There was a knock at the door and the nurse came in.
“Oh hi Nurse Joy.” Jaejoong waved.
She smiled. “And how are you Jaejoong?”
“I’m doing great.” He replied.
Nurse Joy smiled. “That’s great to hear. But, you have another exam in Room 3 and Doctor Choi’s waiting for you. Can you go now?”
Jaejoong nodded and hopped off the foot of your bed. “I’ll see you later.” He said and waved.
You saw Nurse Joy walking to your table and taking away the plates.
“Is he always this…happy?” You asked her.
Nurse Joy smiled at you. “Jaejoong? Of course. He’s such a nice boy. I noticed he gave you his signature red balloon.”
You looked at the balloon Jaejoong had given you. “Does he give this everybody?” You asked.
“Pretty much.” Nurse Joy answered. “You may seem a little uncomfortable with him at first, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s the nicest young man we know.”
You smiled.
“Well, I have to get back to work.” Nurse Joy said as she rolled the tray cart out of your room.

You held the red balloon in your hand and smiled.
“He really is something…” you said to yourself.

End of POV

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Learning How to Let Go Empty Re: Learning How to Let Go

Post by Guest on 9/6/2009, 12:48 pm

Aww....JJ is so cute!! This story sounds interesting, update soon Very Happy


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Learning How to Let Go Empty Re: Learning How to Let Go

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