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Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon)

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Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon) Empty Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon)

Post by J:GD on 9/5/2009, 2:26 am

Author's Note: This is my very first time doing such a fanfic so I'm sure my work is definitely not of top notch but I'll try my best! As soon as I can get away from school. i'll try updating. Comment and critique! Oh, and call me J <3

The following is a work of Fiction. The events and characters are fictional and the celebrity names/images merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrity is in real life. No offence is intended towards them, their families or friends.

©️ J:GD 2009. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of J:GD



He could feel the coolness of her small palm against his cheek. Ah, how safe he felt with her. He always noticed that smile - that familiar crook at the side of her mouth. Her smile was full of warmth and acceptance and there was a certain twinkle in her eyes whenever she laughed. It was a wonder how he'd always notice the smallest details. In actual fact, he noted everything about her that was humanely possible. She amazed him - amazed him at how a person could be so pure, yet want to be by the side of someone like him. He did not want to taint her or even hurt her the slightest bit, for it would hurt the both of them. The pain would be unbearable. He would never be able to forgive himself. If he could, he wanted to run as far away as possible, but no, he could not possibly do that to the person he loved. Not when she did not want to give up on him. He could go mad trying to think up of ways to distance himself away without hurting her, but he just could not bare the thought. He needed her. She was his oxygen, his strength, his everything; his very existence. She was his salvation. Yet, he could hurt her anytime and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. He just had to try being with her without hurting her. Reaching up, Jiyong squeezed her hand.
'Funny isn't it? How Hye Ri can actually subdue our usually boisterous Jiyong into such a quiet person, like he's not even Jiyong,' cited Daesung, glancing over his shoulders.

'What's even funnier is that you're starting to become a busybody. Keep your nose out of other people's affairs will you?' said Taeyang as he stretched out in front of the television.

How he wished time would just keep in their tracks. Still holding Hye Ri's hand, he lowered himself onto her lap before taking in her scent, wanting to etch the memory of her into himself forever. Jiyong knew he was selfish for his own reasons but she was all he had, aside from the guys. Who else would accept someone like him? Fat chance. He doubt his tired heart would be able to love again.


The slight drizzle from earlier on seemed to get heavier as people got around in a spectrum of colorful umbrellas and raincoats, you name it. The air smelt of the rain. Hye Ri loves the scent of rain, Jiyong thought as he hurried past the crowd, hands thrust deep into his pockets with his head bowed low. Everything seemed to remind him of her, wherever he went. Drenched to the skin from the drizzle, his clothes was plastered to his skin and his hair was matted to his skull. Jiyong knocked down another person in an attempt to dodge a running man. Instinctively, he turned perfectly and caught the person by the waist. Time came to standstill and his heart stopped for a moment, almost plunging into his stomach when their eyes met at that instant.

'Jiyong, is that you? Oh my God, I've been searching everywhere for you!' cried an all too familiar voice.

Jiyong froze. The blood drained from his face as he tried to recollect himself but to no avail. His knee went soft but his legs stood their ground. Those wide black eyes he was seeing into brought back memories. Too many, in fact. Memories he would rather forget. Mi-Ok threw herself at him, putting her arms tightly around his neck and embracing the boy she grew up with. The same boy she had been searching for after being separated from him was standing right in front of her. Mi-Ok could barely keep her delight to herself as she hugged him even tighter.

'At this rate, I'll probably die of asphyxia,' the words were barely a whisper as he tried to free himself from Min-Ok.

'Oh, I'm sorry. It's just that I've missed you terribly. Its been, what, 11 years since we last saw each other? Oh let me get a good look at you.' Her voice was still the same. Simply put, there was little difference in her aside from blossoming into an almost full-fledged adult.

'So, um, what are you doing here?' Jiyong asked, trying to keep his voice in check and not seem like he had just plunged head down from a building and lost his sane mind. Apparently, his nerves was getting the better of him. His heart was racing and fluttering at the same time, he could not tell the difference. It was all too sudden. Just her being in front of him was too much for him to digest.

'You,' her voice all soft just as how he liked it and surprisingly, still did.

Jiyong kept mum. She was his childhood friend, they practically grew up together. They were each other's first love until she left him for the States. Not a single letter at all since he last saw her. The oak tree. That was where they made that one promise. A promise they had sworn never to break. To think he actually believed in the promise, in her. The young, naive Jiyong wanted to believe her, even thinking that she would never leave him and it was all but a nightmare. How stupid he had been to even think that the both of them would marry one day and have a group of small Jiyongs and Mi-Oks. How could he not? She was the one person he had truly cared for and for her to leave him so abruptly, it was like snatching his ability to live, to love. He caught a whiff of her scent as she took a step closer but his legs stood their ground. Weird. Jiyong urged his legs to run, to get away as far as possible from the girl standing before him. Why wouldn't his legs move? Another step. Min-Ok was so close to him that he could see her almost invisible pores. Her scent was suffocating; he almost choked on his own saliva. Jiyong could no longer feel the soft patter of the rain against his body or the people passing by. He was oblivious to everything but her captivating stare.

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Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon) Empty Re: Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon)

Post by Guest on 9/5/2009, 6:57 pm

This is an interesting story so far ^^ I feel bad for Hye Ri since Jiyong's childhood friend came back and all...I wonder how this will develop ^^ Update soon Very Happy


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Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon) Empty Re: Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon)

Post by J:GD on 9/6/2009, 3:41 pm

a reader, annyeong! ^^ why, thank you!
i'll be posting chapt 2 up in abit so keep your eyes peeled {: and, thanks for reading! <:


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Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon) Empty Re: Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon)

Post by J:GD on 9/6/2009, 10:30 pm


Her lips were so close. Too close for comfort actually. Jiyong took a big gulp, wishing the gulp did not sound so loud. He stopped his train of thoughts as he tried to keep his nerves to himself. Funny how a girl could make someone go so conscious of himself.

‘Better now? Not so cold are you?’ she said into his ear, her breath warm against his skin.

The rain was no longer falling onto his skin. Eh. Jiyong looked up. He caught the sound of raindrops lightly pattering against Min-Ok’s yellow umbrella. Oh. His cheeks turned scarlet. Any redder and he would be mistaken as a tomato used as a head. Just that it had the facials of the famous leader of Big Bang. What was he thinking? Her lips broke into a warm smile as the both of them stood in the middle of the buzz sharing a yellow umbrella during a rainy night. How life felt so complete just standing here with you. You know, I’ve never really wanted to leave your side. Now I’ve finally found you.

Her thoughts were interrupted abruptly as Jiyong slid his arm around her waist, pulling her close to him. His thumb fingered her cheek before tilting her face up so their eyes met. Just as suddenly as Jiyong pulled her in, he pressed his lips against hers. Min-Ok staggered back as she tried to grapple with reality but that barely precluded the intensity of the kiss. He pressed his lips against her so hard it felt like her lips would break.

God save me.

But her lips breaking were the least of her concerns. Him kissing was beyond words. Actually, it was beyond wonders. Was the boy kissing her really Jiyong? The same Jiyong she knew when they were only able to walk? Min-Ok could barely contemplate anything – her ability to think was cancelled out, subdued. It was insane. His strength and passion was overwhelming. Too overpowering. The yellow umbrella fell to the ground, as he became the master of her. The world seemed to revolve only around them, and them only as the crowd continued on, taking no notice of the two. Using what of her that was left, Min-Ok pushed Jiyong away gently. She was afraid. Afraid of getting her soul sucked out - it was that incredible. It would take her quite a while to recover from what could be the kiss of the century. She could have never imagined Jiyong from her childhood, or anyone for that matter to be such an excellent kisser. No, he was more than excellent. He was beyond perfect. He literally blew her away. She was at his mercy.

Gasping for air desperately, Min-Ok clutched onto Jiyong least her knees gave way, which she knew could happen at any moment.

‘I’m left speechless. You’ve changed Kwon Jiyong,’ she managed out in short breaths, her lungs screaming for air.

‘Well, stay longer and you’ll see what I’m fully capable of,’ he murmured, breath tickling the tip of her ear as his hand possessively went round her waist.

‘If you want that to happen, you’d better carry me back. I don’t know if I can last for more than a minute more if this continues,’ Min-Ok replied in a haste to catch her breath, mustering a slight grin as she looked into Jiyong’s eyes.

Something was different at the way he looked at her from before. There was something, but she could not put her finger on it at all. All the more it enthralled her.

‘Oh don’t worry about that. I’ll be as gentle as I can,’ that was last she could remember him saying. Anything after that was just a dream.

He was anything but gentle that night.


Yesterday was the wildest thing ever. If only I knew he was this good in bed. Turning around, making sure not to wake him up, Min-Ok went to rummage around for her cell. 845am. Min-Ok swore her soul almost jerked out of her body in utter disbelief. 15 minutes to get dressed and reach her workplace. Awesome. Boss is going to scream his head off when - wait, I can't be whiling precious time away thinking about this. I got to GO, GO, GO! Scurrying out of bed, she went mad racing against time to gather all her clothes.

‘Damn, my shirt is completely ruined. Jiyong better have something my size or I'm dead meat,’ muttering, she hopped her way to his closet while struggling to try and pull her tights onto her legs.

Grabbing an oversized shirt, she got dressed and with her flats still in her hands, she hurried out of the flat. Please let me not be late, not on the first day of work.

An hour after Min-Ok’s departure, Jiyong awoke, feeling as though his head had been rammed straight into a cement wall. Dazed, he tried to recollect what happened last night. His brain tried registering. Nothing. Zilch. While massaging his temples, Jiyong dragged his feet to the bathroom. Did something happen last night? Blinking hard, he casually shrugged and carried on.

‘How is your mother? Is she getting any better?’ asked Seung Hyun, creases forming on his forehead as he glanced over at Hye Ri.

Pause. Another long pause. Finally, she looked up and managed to forcefully tug at the corners of her mouth to lift. It was barely a smile. It was far from one. It was more of a grimace. Putting a friendly arm around her, Seung Hyun tried offering his ice cream. Everyone knew how difficult it was for Seung Hyun who had a huge love for all things sweet to even give the tiniest share of his. Especially ice cream. It was his all time favourite. Hye Ri was an exception. She was an exception for everything.

‘Finally, a decent smile from my fair lady. Doesn’t the day look better already? Don’t worry so much about your mother okay? She’ll be fine. Besides, don’t you want to stay looking pretty or are you really serious on wanting to be ugly? Frowning won’t help you know,’ he said.

Her face broke in a bigger smile, amused. Hye Ri tucked her hair behind her ear as she took in a huge gulp of air. The air smelt particularly sweet today. Her nose started twitching. The air smelt too sweet. It smelt vaguely of –

‘Daisies Miss? Special delivery from Kwon Jiyong himself.’ Bowing low, he presented the flowers before her, a grin etched on his lips.

‘Keep your cheesy lines to yourself Romeo. Hye Ri wouldn’t accept flowers from the likes of you. She’d prefer something like this,’ butted in Seung Hyun.

With a four-leaf clover, he placed it neatly behind her ear. Leaning forward, he whispered, ‘its meant for luck. May our Hye Ri always stay lucky and brush off some of her luck on us, especially on our Jiyong.’

‘You always steal the limelight from the hero and whisk the heroine away. Give the hero some chance, will you?’

‘You’re losing your touch, G.’ Seung Hyun smirked as he backed off, his face shadowed.

If only.

A/N: I really really would love to know what you lovely people think of the story so far. Your thoughts (however good or bad) would be greatly appreciated! *bows


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Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon) Empty Re: Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon)

Post by Guest on 9/7/2009, 1:05 pm

No problem ^^ Wait..does Seung Hyun like Hye Ri?? OMG!!! And Jiyong can't rememebr what he did last night...he's gonaa get into serious trouble when everyone knows!! Thanks for the update Smile


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Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon) Empty Re: Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon)

Post by Eirallina on 11/23/2009, 6:09 pm

Wait, so he cheated?

Thanks for the update.

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Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon) Empty Re: Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon)

Post by on 11/27/2009, 7:08 am

Nice story! Dayum, he is such a jerk!!!! I didn't read a story that starts when he is already starting to cheat on the girl. Frankly, I can't imagine him being like that in reality, but this is a story, after all. Very Happy

keep the story coming! Very Happy Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon) Empty Re: Wind Walker (ft. Kwon Leadah/G the Dragon)

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