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2PM’s Junho and SHINee’s Minho Cast for Second Season of ‘Let’s Go Dream Team’

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2PM’s Junho and SHINee’s Minho Cast for Second Season of ‘Let’s Go Dream Team’

Post by ckreme15 on 9/2/2009, 6:20 pm

The new season of the KBS variety show 'Let's Go Dream Team' will include some exciting new cast members, including 2PM's Junho and SHINee's Minho. Other confirmed participants are Music Bank's MC Song Joong Ki and season one cast members Danny Ahn of g.o.d., Shin Jung Hwan, and Jo Sung Mo. The show, which began airing in 1999 and remained popular until about 2003, is coming back with its second season this month, 10 years since the show's start. Popular stars such as Rain/Bi, So Ji Sub, and Kwon Sang Woo have made appearances on the show's previous season.

The second season of 'Let's Go Dream Team' will feature new and exciting games, while still maintaining the old vibe that viewers loved. The exact format of the new season hasn't been determined yet, but it will include athletic games and activities combined with some sort of survival format.

The show's director expressed his expectations for the new season. “We plan to include more fun and variety of activities that weren't seen in the previous season. Although the format of the show won't change a whole lot, we'll make sure to feature different games and show audiences things they haven't seen before."

'Let's Go Dream Team' begins airing September 13th. From Junho's smiley-eyed cuteness to Minho's sexy melt-your-heart voice, there's plenty to look forward to on the new season. Fangirls, mark your calendars!

credit: allkpop

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Re: 2PM’s Junho and SHINee’s Minho Cast for Second Season of ‘Let’s Go Dream Team’

Post by daesungvip on 9/3/2009, 3:44 am

Junho & Minho? Very Happy
THATS AWESOME ; 2 hot guys together [:
that's a win win <3


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