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{ M i d n i g h t W a r m t h }

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{ M i d n i g h t W a r m t h }

Post by Tammy on 8/31/2009, 6:23 am

Mia slept the whole afternoon and didn’t eat lunch or dinner; the members were a little worried but didn’t dare to wake her. They were still confused on what happened earlier, her screams and her tears. TVXQ decided to call it a night and prepare a beauty sleep for their photo shoot tomorrow. All of them were inside their rooms asleep but JaeJoong felt uneasy; ‘Was it my fault that she cried?’ he thought and rolled around his bed. Instead, he stood up and walked outside his room to check up on Mia, JaeJoong silently opened Mia’s door and peeked inside. She was peacefully sleeping tucked up inside her blanket and she looked so serene, -serene yet disturbed- what was in this girl’s mind, JaeJoong was dying to know.
“Hyung?” a hoarse voice called from behind and he turned around to face him. “What are you doing?”
“U-Uhh, Nothing, It’s dark…I just got the wrong room that’s all” JaeJoong lied and Changmin nodded sheepishly and headed to the kitchen for his usual midnight snack. JaeJoong on the other hand walked back into his room and dived into his bed ‘What just happened?’ he asked himself and went into a deep slumber.


Mia woke up at 5:30 am and figured out that she has slept all day yesterday and made up the lack sleep she got from the plane ride. She got up and headed for the bathroom hoping that JaeJoong would still be asleep. She quietly brushed her teeth and washed her face. Mia picked out some casual clothes and got changed to make some breakfast for her favourite boys. She exhaled and fried some eggs, bacon and hotdogs; she toasted some bread and made some orange juice. Moments later 6:00 am, JaeJoong woke up and headed for the kitchen where he followed the wonderful smell. He saw Mia preparing the bread into a plate while humming to Seaside song.
“Good morning” JaeJoong greeted and Mia smiled at him.
“Morning! Go wake up the others…breakfast is served”
“Okay.” He yawned and boomed his fists on each room. “WAKE UP!” Yunho, Changmin, Yoochun and Junsu sleepily walked out of their rooms cutely rubbing their eyes.
“Morning everyone! Dig in!” Mia exclaimed and pulled out each chair for them.
“Wah! You made this?” Yoochun asked bewildered
“Yes, now eat up…You have a big day ahead of you”
DBSK ate every single portion handed to them and got ready for the photo shoot. Mia washed the dishes and said goodbye and good luck to the boys.
“Bye Mia!”
“Bye! Have fun!”
“Thanks for the breakfast!”
“You’re welcome!”
Mia sighed and plopped on to the couch thinking of what to do for the day. She figured that she should clean the whole house and surprise them. Also to cook some spicy kimchi, something JaeJoong would love to eat.


“Look fierce…good good!” the photographer dictated and flashes took over the room. DBSK always looked their best at any time of the day; it’s just how they are. They won Guinness world of records for having the most pictures taken. The staff did their work while swooning over them, some couldn’t concentrate and some daydreamed but none of these were noticeable by TVXQ, they were concentrating very hard on work. Work. Work. Work. And by the end of the day, they stay inside their apartment and rest. That’s what their schedules are mostly filled with.

“Okay, one last shot…GREAT! That’s a wrap” the photographer concluded and went over to the screen while TVXQ sat down, have a drink or have their make-up done.
“Oppa!” a girl called out to JaeJoong from behind the set and he turned to see who it was.
“Hey babe…” JaeJoong walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “I waited for your call…”


“Hey! Don’t bring me down~” Mia sang along with her music as she shoved a whole lot of clothes into the washing machine and turned it on, the sitting room was clear along with all of the boys rooms, she put everything it it’s place and even had a sneak peek on Yoochun’s composing song. As she waited for the clothes to be washed, Mia went out to buy ingredients in town for dinner but before she did, Mia took her medicine first then walked out of the apartment. She politely and happily blended in with the people around her. Got the stuff that she needed, Mia headed back and dropped the ingredients on the kitchen counter, she looked at the washing machine and the clothes have already been washed, so Mia transferred the clothes into the dryer. Waiting for it to dry, she started cooking the spicy kimchi ready for the buys’ comeback from work.


“Yah JaeJoong! Come on! Last shot and were going home, Come on!” Yunho bellowed
“Bye babe” JaeJoong kissed her on the cheeks and left. Soon, the photo shoot was done and they were ready to go home, they thanked the staff and waved to some fans before heading off. TVXQ walked into the apartment and
“WHOA!” they all chorus, the apartment was sparkling clean, it smelt like delicious food and the stuff were beautifully sorted in its place.
“Mia…we’re home!” Yunho said looking around the apartment, he walked into his room and his eyes nearly bulged out. His room was glistening in the sun rays, his notebooks on the table neatly and the closet was dusted. He looked inside his closet to see all his clothes neatly hangered and folded. Yunho wanted to check the others’ room to see if it was all the same and it was…every single room was absolutely spotless.
“Mia? You cleaned our rooms?”
“You cleaned the whole apartment!” they cheered and thanked her
“Yeah, I knew you would be tired so I cleaned it for you and dinner is served.” Mia hollered them into the table and unleashed the smoking spicy kimchi into their hungry eyes.
“Great! I’m starving!” Changmin stated and was the first to sit around the table. The rest followed eyeing the food presented to them.
“You made this?” JaeJoong asked
“Is that so hard to believe?”
Unlucky for Mia, TVXQ was so tired that they went to sleep straight away after they ate. Mia went to sleep to but at 11:00 pm she woke up again. She guessed it’s because she’s not used to the time difference between Korea and America. Mia went out the room and went to the kitchen to have a little midnight snack. Mia saw Changmin by the fridge looking for something to chew on.
“Changmin?” Mia asked hoarsely
“OH! Mia! It’s you…you scared me!” Changmin hastily turned to see her with a priceless face expression.
“I’m sorry, what are you doing?”
“Looking for food, I get hungry in the middle of the night” he answered
“Me too, wanna share? I haven’t eaten yet”
“Omo! I’m so sorry…we were too busy eating we didn’t ask you if you—I’m so sorry” Changmin felt guilty for finishing most of her cooking and didn’t ask if she’s eaten yet.
“It’s okay, I wasn’t hungry at the time, and besides watching you eat my cooking is good enough” she smiled. Changmin smiled too and looked for more food, he checked in the freezer and saw 3 little tubs of Ben and Jerry’s cookies and cream ice cream.
“I love Ben and Jerry’s!” you gasped and grabbed the ice cream tub. Changmin grabbed one too and got teaspoons for both of them. Mia and Changmin were making good conversation until JaeJoong interrupted them.
“Changmin, go back to sleep, you know how grumpy you get when you don’t get enough sleep” JaeJoong scratched his arm and ordered for Changmin to get back to sleep, the maknae rolled his eyes and followed the Umma of the house. JaeJoong grabbed the ice cream tub from his hands and ate it.
“Can’t sleep?” Mia asked shoving a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.
“Nope.” He answered coolly
“Me neither…” Mia replied with the same cool and walked towards the sitting room. JaeJoong followed. She looked for something to watch in their DVD rack and found ‘I’m a Cyborg but that’s OK’ and inserted in the DVD player. Mia sat down on the couch and anticipated on the film, JaeJoong sat down next to her.
“That’s a funny film, good choice” he commented making Mia smile.
“Thanks, you’re going to watch it with me?” she asked
“If it’s okay…”
“Sure” she continued on eating her ice cream and JaeJoong eyed her with envy. He suddenly scooped a spoonful of her ice cream and tasted it.
“Well, yours looked like it tasted better…” JaeJoong commented
“They have the same flavour you know…” she replied with little giggles, she just talked to a cute real JaeJoong, not the face of the public cold JaeJoong, and she loved every moment of it. The movie started and the both of them were concentrating on the film, JaeJoong’s laugh was making her heart flutter in the heavens when she hears it. She would laugh too, but not because of the film, because of the way JaeJoong makes her feel. It was indescribable. However, the time has come and Mia was now battling with sleep. She tried to keep her eyes open but she failed, her head plopped down onto JaeJoong shoulder making him freeze. He could hear slight snores coming from her and he chuckled. ‘What is it with you that—no! JaeJoong…you’re taken’ he thought and with that he returned to his cold self and carried Mia back into her room effortlessly.


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Re: { M i d n i g h t W a r m t h }

Post by daesungvip on 8/31/2009, 7:47 am

haha, the quote is mad cute [:
jaejoong's really cute.
he makes my heart pound uncontrollably.


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