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{ U n e x p e c t e d }

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{ U n e x p e c t e d }

Post by Tammy on 8/31/2009, 6:20 am

“H-H-Hello… I’m Park Mia” she stuttered while hyperventilating, looking at each and every one of them, their faces like angels, their smiles like it was carved by cupid and the expression welcoming Mia into their home. All except for one.
“Hello, I’m Changmin” he greeted and gradually came closer for a hug, his steps were making Mia more nervous as hell, Changmin’s arms spread out and Mia was amazed at how long they were but before he can make skin ship, JaeJoong pulled him back by his t-shirt making his jerk back into his place.
“Forgive him; we don’t usually get female visitors here except for the receptionist.” JaeJoong muttered and pinched the bridge of his nose. That was what Mia was waiting for, hearing JaeJoong’s heavenly voice; it felt so good to her to hear it so close, not through television, computer or radio. Mia smiled.
“I’m Yoochun”
“I’m Yunho”
“And I’m Junsu, but of course you already know that.” He smiled. Why does his smile make her knees weak? Mia was mesmerized by it all and stayed quiet staring at them, she noticed that one didn’t introduce himself but she didn’t mind as she already knew him. Her favourite actually.
“Ehem… well guys, lead her to her room and let her rest.” The manager broke the awkward silence before he went off to answer some phone calls.
“How old are you Mia ssi?” Junsu asked
“18” she meekly answered
“Then we can talk comfortably neh? I’m the Oppa” he smiled and took the luggage from her hand, at one point she wanted to take it from him but she wasn’t comfortable touching his hand with her sweaty ones. Junsu was followed by Mia and the rest of DBSK towards the guest room. Junsu halted to a stop and opened the door revealing a very neat and refreshing girl room.
“Wah!” Mia was surprised at how neat they can be, the bed was fixed with white sheets, a study table was dusted and sorted with a little vase of white roses, the curtains were gracefully flowing by the wind coming in through the open window and the closet was vintage and attractively designed. “You did this?”
“Actually, I did. They were a little … occupied.” JaeJoong said and glared at the rest of them who ducked their heads in shame. “I thought white would be fine, since I don’t know what your favourite colour is, I hope the roses doesn’t bother you either.”
“Not at all, white’s actually my favourite colour thank you” Mia walked inside and smelt the roses “Hmm…”
“Well, we’ll leave you alone to rest” Yoochun suggested
“And I’ll call you if it’s time for lunch” Changmin smiled once more and she can’t help but to smile back before the door gradually closed. Junsu asked Yoochun for a quick play on his play station and Changmin was with Yunho thinking of what to feed Mia for lunch while JaeJoong went straight to his room and lied down on his bed. He glanced at his phone waiting for a call but nothing was coming. He stood up, plopped the phone on his bed and headed for the bathroom. JaeJoong took off his top and looked at the mirror. Suddenly the other door opened and in comes Mia gripping on her top. JaeJoong turned around to meet her glistening eyes and covered his body; he forgot that the guest room and his room shared bathrooms.
“Yah!” he shouted
“I-I-I’m sorry… AH”” she screamed louder, Mia’s chest was aching again very painfully and she couldn’t breathe. She immediately went back into her room and looked for her medications to stop the pain. “AAHH” her screams alerted the other members and charged towards her room but the door was locked. JaeJoong quickly put his top back on and joined the other members knocking on her door.
“Mia! Mia open the door! Mia what’s the matter?” Yunho was frantically knocking and his knuckles were red. Mia finally found the medicine and swallowed it, she waited for a few minutes and the pain subsided. Mia now found her strength to answer the door, she opened it and
“MIA!” Changmin grabbed her by the shoulder and shook her body “What’s happening to you? Tell me!”
“I’m fine Changmin really” she calmed him down and forced a smile but none of them was convinced, Mia forgot to wipe the tears that stained her cheeks and it was glistening.
“You’ve been here 5 minutes your lying already” Yoochun said and shook his head.

“U-Umm I-I…well,” Mia wiped her tears and tried to think of an answer while looking into the worried faces of the guys, even the cold one looked worried.
“Mia…come here please” the manager called her over and she quickly –without think twice- walked over to him. TVXQ eyed her with such suspicion, especially JaeJoong.
“Yes...uncle?” she answered
“Your mother just called and she said to not forget your medication, we’ll not tell her what just happened but just be cautious, I manage DBSK too you know.”
“Yes, thank you uncle…uumm… I shall take a rest now” she nodded and headed back to the crowd of boys in front of her room.
“I’m going to take a rest now” she mentioned before closing the door on the boys faces.
“What do you think really happened with her?” Changmin asked
“I don’t know, come on Changmin, maybe she’s just hungry.” Yunho suggested and they all went back to their doings and Mia lied on her bed and tears flowed once again. She was so happy until that came again, she almost forgot about it… it was like she was floating of delight until the gravity pulled her back into the harsh reality. She just inserted her headphones inside her ears and played songs that never fails to make her relax.

~Jinan gwageo soge heuteojyeottdeon sikandeulgwa
Sujubeun misoraneun uri durui geori
Keu saireul salmyeosi muldeuryeojun boratbit bada~ [Nothing Better – DBSK]

Junsu’s pure voice has always been her key to peace.


I’m trapped in a cage
Where no one can see
All alone in misery
The life I want cannot be mine
So I wait and count the time
But while I wait
I always pray
For my dream to come true




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Re: { U n e x p e c t e d }

Post by daesungvip on 8/31/2009, 7:43 am

was this a continuation of your story?
you're confusing me tammy .__.


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