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Kill or Be Killed: Dead End (A WonderBang Epic)

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Kill or Be Killed: Dead End (A WonderBang Epic)

Post by Kat(vangsta) on 8/30/2009, 3:22 pm

©️katt artwork

The question I ask myself is... To live without you, or die loving you?

A story by Katvangsta/ADdicted

Kill or Be Killed
Inside lies what you've been waiting for:
Love that forms into hatred
Life thats lost all meanings
Emotions ready to explode...
Ready for this?

©️Katt artwork o9'

©️Katt artwork o9'

©️Aznfantizie artwork

©️serre artwork

©️corrupted.soul artworks 2009

©️Katt Artwork 09'

©️Katt Artwork 09'

©️Katt Artwork 09'


[font="Monotype Corsiva"]Soundtrack

[url=""]8eight - Don't Endure[/url]
[url=""] 8eight - No One Cries Because They Want To[/url]
[url=""]8eight - The Sadness Is Enough Now[/url]
[url=""]Akon - Be with you[/url]
[url=""]Big Bang - Emotion[/url]
[url=""]Haru Haru - Big Bang[/url]
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Sometimes you wanna give up
Sometimes you wanna give in
You try to live with what you can...
Knowing there's nothing within.
You make the most of your days--
Not sure when they'll end.
And do whatever you please--
since its useless to pretend.
So what happens when you fall in love?
Dead End?

When I was small, I've always wondered why my parents, my sisters and I constantly moved from place to place. We

never stayed in the same place for more than a couple of days, so my sisters and I never made any friends...we were

home schooled at the age of 3. Umma and Appa refused to let us go to school; they never left any of us by ourselves,

ever. They didn't let us answer the door, or stay near windows, or stand by ourselves for any of that matter.

Despite the fact that Umma and Appa never had us pack, each one of my sisters and I had our very own

cherished possession. Sun Mi had her laptop, which she didn't even know how to work, at the time... Ye Eun had her

necklace that Umma gave her on her 5th birthday, So Hee loved what she wore and was very picky about it, so she always

had a favorite outfit. Yoo Bin refused to do what she was told, at some point, so she had something she'd never lose.

She had her attitude. And I? I never needed anything more than my family. As long as I remained with my family, I was

happy. But all that happiness left me.

I've thought about a lot of things. But never had I fought up the courage to say anything on my mind. Such

as...why weren't we allowed near the door, or the window? Why couldn't we have any friends? Why couldn't we go to

school, like normal, everyday people? Why couldn't we stay in the same house, instead of moving all the time? But what I

wanted to ask them the most, was...why do my sisters and I feel pain for no certain reason?

Its not like I need to ask. Because on that day, all my questions were answered. No one answered them, I had

to conclude an answer. Because that day...was my birthday. Or, you could say, it was the day of my parent's death. The

day they left me. It was that day, that I witnessed the death of my parents, right before my eyes.


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Re: Kill or Be Killed: Dead End (A WonderBang Epic)

Post by Guest on 8/30/2009, 5:36 pm

Woah!!! THIS FIC LOOKS SO GOOD!!!! I love your posters...ALL of them and the prologue was so interesting!!! I can't wait to read this story!!! ^^


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