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The Trainee Adventures in SM Town

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The Trainee Adventures in SM Town

Post by keikochamorrita on 6/11/2009, 5:33 pm

Welcome to SM Entertainment, where anything is possible for many young trainees. Here they are able to experience so much in the music business. Interactions with different artists, being able to learn the ropes, having the time of the their lives doing the things they love, feelings of doubt, feelings of hopelessness, feelings of being able to do anything, HYPERNESS! Doesn’t it sound exciting, if it does take a step inside and meet the trainees!

(I'm listing the trainees by what their MAIN specialties are)

~Dancers of SM~

-Born and raised in Cali
-Very good at trouble making but very responsible (Big Brotherish)
-Danced for DBSK Performances in Korea

-BoEun's younger brother
-Appeared in various music videos as a dancer
-Good in Acting as well, but main love is dancing

-Oldest girl in dancing
-Treats Kenta and Mike like slaves; favorite is Mauri
-Most experienced; danced in performances, concerts in Japan and Korea for DBSK and CSJH The Grace.

-Youngest dancer/most recent trainee
-Born in Cali/Raised in Las Vegas
-Knew Trainee Lizzie before trainee days
-only trainee that is technically not Asian (of Asian Descent but not full Asian blood)

-Danced for BoA in her English debut
-Born/Raised in New York

Mauri: He probably put that in himself...
Chris: HEY!


~Singers of SM~

*Ae Sook(19):
-Close friends with Misun
-cousin of Ryewook
-trained 2 years in Japan

-Japanese Trainee
-Trained for 2 Years with Tohoshinki
-Always brings his younger brother

-Trained with Zhang Liyin In China
-Best Known singing trainee
-Close to Zhoumi of Super Junior M

-Most recent trainee
-Specialty in many instruments
-Hates being called cute (Mauri: even though she is >.<


-Older sister of Daehyun
-Many CF Appearances
-good in singing
-scouted on the streets

-Oldest trainee
-great in playing the drums
-He always hangs out in dance studio on off hours


Today was a very important day in SM Entertainment, the big stage room was transformed into an elegant ballroom, white and gold ribbons were hung in graceful spirals down the ceiling. Each table and chair was covered with white cloths. On the tables crystals were strewn across them, giving them a sparkling feel, and modest vases held fresh white roses. The lights were dimmed enough to let each crystal shine, and shine it did in the eyes of three trainee's taking a peek inside.
“Wow, it’s so pretty,” Lizzie sighed. “Isn’t it Mauri?”

Mauri nodded tugging on the sleeve of the boy next to her.

“Chris look, our table’s right next to SNSD AND DongBangShinKi!”

Chris squinted towards the direction she pointed to and let out a yelp of victory.

“Perfect,” He crooned, “Now I can show those Soshi girls my smooth moves.”

Slicking his hair back, Lizzie and Mauri made gagging noises. He always though he was so hot...when he was so not. Well at least in their eyes.

“Hey, aren’t you three supposed to be getting ready?” Mike cut in.

All three of the young trainees stiffened to the familiar voice. Each turning around, they saw two older trainees, both their arms crossed.

“And what’s this I hear about smooth moves?” Daehyun teased.

Chris blushed looking away from his superiors, while the two girls tried to hold their laughter in. Stopping their laughter Daehyun pointed towards Lizzie.

“My sister’s been looking all over for you,” he scolded, “Hurry and find her, you only have ten minutes.”

Lizzie’s eyes widened as she scrambled down the hall to make it on time. Mauri and Chris waved bye to her retreating figure when Mike coughed bringing their attention back on them.

“Chris go to the studio room,” Mike demanded, “And Mauri, Misun is waiting for you in their too.”

The two nodded and ran opposite ways. Daehyun shook his head and yelled down to Chris’s direction.

“Wrong way~!” He sang

Without hesitation Chris skidded to a stop and ran the same way as Mauri. Mike chuckled and swung his arm around Daehyun’s shoulder.

“And we gotta go pick up our clothes,”

With that the two superiors walked away casually, as Chris was trying to catch up. When they finally rounded the corner they hurried into the elevator. Mauri got her composure quickly while he was still gasping for air due to his mistake. Mauri smirked leaning against the wall.

“Nice job oh smooth one,” she laughed.

The doors started to close as he was still struggling for air.

“Shut *WHEEZE* up”
So how was it? Sorry for any errors

I'm pretty new at this, so if anyone wants to help, its really welcome >< comments are loved... I love you

This story is basically just a collection of short stories, so don't be surprised if they jump from one story to another. ENJOY lol! haha i just put that cuz it looks awsome!!


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Re: The Trainee Adventures in SM Town

Post by SpeedyCake♥Remix on 6/14/2009, 10:24 am

You have an interesting opening Very Happy
Made me wanna read more.
I wonder what story will be going on between the trainees and the artist.


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SM Ball Pt. 1: Getting Ready

Post by keikochamorrita on 6/14/2009, 11:33 am

Getting ready

The evening at the SM ball started off well, and the only thing shining brighter than the crystals were the many beautiful stars of S.M. DBSK, SNSD, Super Junior, CSJH the Grace, and SHINee were there. BoA, unfortunately, was unable to attend due to her schedule in the U.S, but still the night went on. Everyone was mingling, eating, even some of the artists and their managers were dancing, but while the atmosphere was relaxing in front of the stage, backstage, trainees were in a mad rush getting ready.

"Oppa! Can you help me with my hat, it's coming off," Mauri asked.

Mike who was practicing the upcoming dance number stopped, and went over to help his dongseng with her hat. Opening up the show was her and Chris, so he knew that everything had to be perfect if they wanted to impress everyone out there. Making sure all her hair was under her hat, he secured it a little tighter so it wouldn't fall off during her dance. When he was done, he pulled the oversized hood over her head and stepped back taking a look at her.

"So how do I look?" she asked.

He twirled his finger wanting her to turn so he could get a better look. She wore very baggy pants held tightly around her waist by her belt, and a large black hoodie with blue sparkle accents. Her shoes were just her regular blue and black hightops and her blue cap held every strand of hair up. If you didn't look at her face, you would have sworn you were looking at a boy, which was perfect because that's what they were going for. He patted her shoulder giving her a thumbs up.

"All good baby girl,"

She smiled moving aside to let Chris come through with the same attire only backwards, blue base with black accents. He came up to Mike holding onto his collar.

"Hyung, can you make a small cut there," he asked," Stylists Noona forgot to cut it,"

Again, like a good older brother, he took the scissors off the stylists table and made a small cut on the collar, he pointed to Mauri with the same scissors.

"Do you need yours cut?" He asked

She quickly checked and shook her head. He nodded and put the scissors down.

"Thanks Hyung/Oppa," they chorused

He simply nodded.

"Mauri, Chris, You're on in 5 minutes," BoEun yelled.

They both nodded and quickly ran up to the stage. Lizzie waved smiling encouragingly to her senior.

"Goodluck MCing with Woohyuk oppa!" she yelled

BoEun smiled, giving a thumbs up as she went back to the stage. Lizzie then continued to do her vocal warm ups with AeSook and Kenta. Minyoung looked at them and caught Lizzie's voice start to tremble, concerned, she put a hand on her shoulder. Being nervous, Lizzie jumped from that one touch.

"Relax Lizzie, you're going to do fine," she reassured," You worked hard for this."

Lizzie relaxed a bit but still tensed up a bit when she head BoEun begin to MC. Minyoung watched her and tried to think of someway to encourage her, then she caught the sparkling bracelet on her wrist. She smiled taking it off, and put it on the younger one's wrist.

"When you're nervous, just look at this, and take a deep breathe," she explained," Know that I'm right there with you,"

Lizzie smiled and gratefully hugged her friend. Breaking the hug Daehyun and Misun both ran up excitedly pointing up to the stage.

"Come on, Chris and Mauri are about to perform," Misun informed.

"Yeah, Mike and Kenta are already up there looking, let's go," Daehyun added

Everyone looked at each other and ran up the stairs, hiding themselves behind the curtains while still getting a better look at the two youngest trainee's.

"Ready for the show?" whispered Woohyuk.

Everyone hiding looked up and nodded vigorously, as if they were five year olds receiving candy. Woohyuk chuckled and turned around when BoEun tapped him on the shoulder handing him his microphone.

"You ready partner?" asked BoEun.

Woohyunk straightened out his tie and jacket before nodding.

"As ready as I'll ever be"

With that the spotlight shown on their podium and they both looked at each other. Woohyuk stepped back extending is arm in front of him.

"After you"
Sorry for any mistakes x3

----------comment replies--------------------------------------------------
SpeedyCake♥️Remix: The interactions between some of the artists, I'm gonna try and make it interesting. I hope you enjoyed reading, I'm sorry if this chappy sucks though x3 i'm still trying to work on my writing,but please continue reading... o.o tell ur friends xD. There is another...two parts i think to this short story so stay tuned and thank you for reading!! lol!


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Re: The Trainee Adventures in SM Town

Post by SpeedyCake♥Remix on 6/14/2009, 11:47 am

Cliff hanger.
What will they be performing?
I wonder how will the big stars react.
Are you going to write this into a love story?
It might seem interesting Very Happy
Each of the characters has unique personalities.
Good setting.


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SM Ball II

Post by keikochamorrita on 6/21/2009, 2:32 pm

SM Ball II

“Okay, so first is our dance to Chris Brown’s Freeze, and then..then..I FORGOT!”

Mauri was pacing around on the stage while Chris just stood in his spot doing a little last minute stretching. He chuckled seeing his friend pacing back and forth.

“I FORGOT WHAT WE DO NEXT!!!”she shouted again

He shook his head, she always did this before a performance, and although it was enjoyable (for him), he had to make it stop sometime or else she would go crazy. As if she wasn’t crazy already. To make the freaking out stop, he held her by the shoulders and pushed her over to her spot.

“After that, the Mike and Daehyun come for our big dance finale, and then Lizzie and the other singers are coming out so we can perform ‘Hahaha’ together,” he patiently explained

She nervously nodded and looked towards the curtains. On the other side they could hear BoEun and Woohyuk MCing and this made Mauri more nervous causing her to bounce on her heels. Chris patted her shoulders and gave her a thumbs up.

“You’re gonna be fine, just breathe, HEEHEE HOOOO~”he demonstrated

Mauri giggled and pushed him playfully over to his spot. He smiled satisfied, she’s ready now. Standing in his spot they both heard the beginning of Freeze and immediately there was a serious aura around them.


With that the curtain that was separating them from the crowd finally dropped revealing the two trainee’s in their poses. Mauri and Chris both smirked to the audience and made it look like they were two guys hanging out having a little dance battle. First up was Chris and he did many complicated B-boy moves, the audience went wild witnessing his skills. Mauri looked at him proudly but quickly remembered they were still doing a performance and changed it to one of annoyance. As rehearsed ,while he did another move she “tripped” him and went to center stage and showed off her popping skills. Looking out to the crowd she winked over to many of the girls.

==========On the Side/Behind the Curtains=============================
“Wow what a player,” joked Mike,” I taught her well”

On the side many of the trainee’s watched the two perform while they were waiting for their performances, and Mike looked over the routine he taught his two dongseng’s and nodded approvingly. Daehyun nudged Mike on the side pointing over to Chris who was shaking his crotch to the audience. He shook his head.

“That boy is such a show off,” Daehyun scoffed


Nearing the end of the song, Chris tapped Mauri on the shoulder and wrapped his arm around her shoulder moving to the front of the stage.

“Showtime sis”

She nodded and stepped back to let Chris have the center stage. He joked around the stage, doing Super Junior’s famous hip thrust move from Don’t Don tearing off his shirt, revealing his wonderful six pack abs. He smirked seeing how all the girls went crazy, he even saw some of the guys from Super Junior start to do the hip thrusts imitating him. He bowed and politely led Mauri to the front (now remember everyone in the audience still think she’s a guy). As he led her to the front MiSun came in and started to do some seductive moves towards Mauri, but she pushed her and with the assistance of Mike and Daehyun ripped off her hoodie and took off her hat, showing everyone she was a girl with her tight hugging tank top and long hair. Everyone stood from their seats in surprise, many jaws hung open.

“HE’S A SHE!?!?!?!” Eunhyuk yelled.

MiSun and Mauri both stood in the front of the stage and stuck the tongue’s out and skipped to the back while Mike glared over to the Super Junior table wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Still smiling Mauri leaned over to the side making sure nobody could hear her whisper.

“Oppa, cool it,”

He ignored her as he started to bounce around when the MC’s BoEun and Woohyuk came to the center stage, the music changing to the instrumental of the song HaHaHa by SNSD.

“Okay! LET’S HA HA HA!!”

With that the Lizzie, AeSook, Kenta and Minyoung came out. Each of them sang the song HaHaHa, interacting with the audience while still keeping their strength with their voices, not forgetting they were still performing. Lizzie started to dance with Mauri, and Minyoung and Ae Sook both started to do SNSD’s dance to Hahaha, which caused SNSD to start dancing along in the audience. Even Woohyuk and Kenta joined along with the dancing as they both went out to the audience with SNSD. This gave an idea to Mike and Daehyun, and each knowing what the other was thinking they pulled Mauri and Chris over whispering their plans in their ear. Like the good little ones they were they both nodded and ran jumping off the stage, shocking everyone. Chris scanned over the crowd while Mauri slapped his arm to get his attention.

“Mike said we could pick anyone right?”

He nodded

“That’s what boss man said,”

They both looked up to the stage and saw their “boss men” waving them off. They looked back at each other and shrugged dancing over to the different tables, commencing mission “Get Debut Artist to Dance like Idiots along with trainees”…(çyeaaaaaaah Mike is so smart >>). Mauri was in charge of getting DBSK, and Super Junior members, while Chris was in charge of getting CSJH and SNSD members on stage. Successfully Mauri was able to snatch all of DBSK on stage, and Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, Leeteuk and Kyuhyun of Super Junior as well. Chris, well he brought ALL the members of his assigned groups and leading up Hyoyeon and Stephanie on each arm, he passed by Daehyun.

“I told you I got the smooth moves,” (refer to the Teaser)

Daehyun’s mouth was open wide as he saw all of the girls that were dancing around Chris. He didn’t even attempt to look like he was dancing and just watched as Chris smirked over at him. MiSun shook her head and patted his arm.

“Let it go buddy,” she sighed,” Just let it go”

Everyone was having a great time. The artists all started to dance with the trainee’s, there wasn’t even that boundary between them, and they all danced freely, which was a rare moment for many of the artists. Once the song was over the actual performers of that night bowed to their guest as they started to go back to their seats, but not without a proper hug of course.

“Thank you for joining us on stage,” Chris bowed.

Each of the girls awed and patted him on the head. Slyly Chris looked to the side where Daehyun was still staring and stuck out his tongue. MiSun caught him this time and smacked him on the head.

“YAH!” she scolded,” Stop that, you know Daehyun has no chance with any of them, so stop rubbing it in,”

Chris started to laugh along with MiSun as they saw Daehyun’s shocked expression thinking that MiSun was going to save him, only to have her beat him down more. Mike patted his shoulder.

“They have a point”

Daehyun pushed him, “YAH QUIT IT!”

Mauri laughed at her sunbae’s and saw that DBSK and Suju members were already started to leave the stage, quickly she ran over to them and bowed.

“Thank you for joining us on stage,” she said cheerfully.

Surprised they turned around and laughed, some patting her head. Yoochun and Eunhyuk both took her into a hug.

“AAAW! TOO CUTE!!” they chorused

Mauri blushed , but was quickly pulled away by Mike who pushed her over to Chris. She stared at her big brother, his eyes were cold, but he still had a cheerful expression…both Chris and Mauri had a name for that stare….the “scary-overprotective-brother“ stare….that or the “big-brother is constipated“ stare.

“Sorry we have to go backstage again, please enjoy the rest of your night”

Mike didn’t even both to bow as he dragged both of his dongseng’s backstage. They both shrugged and let him drag them away.

“Yeah I think it’s safe it‘s that time of the month,” Chris whispered.

Upon hearing that Mauri began to laugh until Mike knocked their heads together.


Mike smirked going back to the stage,” That’s what I though”

Comments?..Please? Sorry for any errors! x3
You get to vote for the next story...if you don't vote it's my choice Razz:

Short Story 1: The Forbidden Floor
Short Story 2: Aren't you afraid?
Short Story 3: VACATION!!!!?!?!

please vote for which one you want, k? and don't forget to comment, and any critism is welcome as long as it isn't bashing xP afro lol!


SpeedyCake♥️Remix: Hmm a love story? That sounds tempting, hmm maybe I'll make a special short story just for that, haha thank you Very Happy Did you like the performance, haha if you don't it's alright, I was still in writers block while writing this x3 and Thank you for your nice comments about my story, please continue reading, and please vote for which story next!


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Re: The Trainee Adventures in SM Town

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