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2PM's Changsun is getting scolded

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2PM's Changsun is getting scolded

Post by WonderBinnie on 8/22/2009, 5:32 am

Chan-sung is getting scolded by netizens for littering on a recent episode of the reality show, Wild Bunny.

On the July 21st episode of Wild Bunny, Chan-sung was apparently caught on tape, littering. Obviously, the nit-picky netizens captured this incident and started a commotion on-line, regarding this issue. They’re putting the poor boy on the spot for not having the decency of being a role model to the young viewers that watch the show. One netizen stated,

"As a fan of 2PM, despite Wild Bunny being a reality show, no matter how real (the show is), how could you act like that when the camera’s right in front of you. The production crew that didn’t edit out this sort of scene is also at fault"

So, basically it looks like that netizen (as well as a few others) are trying to say “as long as it’s not caught on camera, it’s OK”. Right? Well, that’s sure how they’re making it sound.

In response to this issue, a representative of JYP Entertainment, stated,

"The concept on the day of the taping was to be excited, ecstatic and worked up and we wanted to express everything as naturally as possible. 2PM and the crew had previously discussed this scene earlier and actually picked up the trash after the scene was shot"

Littering is bad you guys, trash cans were made for a reason. But another lesson that should be learned here is “never litter in Korea, the almighty netizens never litter and they will bite your head off if they catch you doing it”.

Credits: Popseoul

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Re: 2PM's Changsun is getting scolded

Post by daesungvip on 8/22/2009, 7:41 am

awwww, poor chansung ]:
but it's true LOL littering is bad xD


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