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Definition of Love ( Kim Junsu and You)

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Definition of Love ( Kim Junsu and You) Empty Definition of Love ( Kim Junsu and You)

Post by dbskislove_609 on 8/20/2009, 7:05 pm

Hey Guys , It's dbskislove_60.
This is my first fanfic ^^ Hope you guys like Very Happy I will try to update as much as I can. Although School might slow me down. But It is not a huge problem .
Constructive comments would be appreciated so I can get better for my readers. Oh, and when you see "~~~~~~" replace it
with your name :]

You were born poor. Your mom is sick in the hospital and your dad died when you were 10. You work 2 jobs , almost 24/7 except during school and Sunday when you don't have to work. because of your busy life you are tired but still you managed to do great in school. You are very smart, gorgeous and talented in almost anything you do. Family and friends are always first before you.
When you suddenly Kim Junsu, the son of one of the wealthiest mens in Korea. You both make a deal. And that's when all the drama starts...

You- The reader- ~~~~~~~
* 17 years old
* Poor
* Pretty
* Smart
* Puts friend's and family's happiness before her.
* Work very hard in whatever she does.


Kim Junsu
* 18 years old
* Rich
* Handsome
* Talented with singing and dancing
* Selfish and Cold

Kwon Yuri
* Your best Friend
* Wealthy
* Nice
* Doesn't show off her money

The rest of DBSK- Jaejoong, Yoochun, CHangmin and Yunho
* rich
* PLayboys
* Junsu's Best friends
* 17-18 years old


And alot more characters in the future... these are the main characters in general. :]


This Story is on Winglin, I hope you guys will g and check it out, I will updated it soon ^^


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