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I I wish I never did.

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I I wish I never did. Empty I I wish I never did.

Post by Kiimbap.Moochii on 6/11/2009, 5:24 pm

I Wish...

Started : June 7, 2009

Ended : Ongoing

Last Update : June 12, 2009

Have you ever regretted doing something wrong and wishing it will all go away and become right?Have you ever felt that life is unfair because your feeling betrayed by everyone you know?

Have you ever wished you that special some one of yours will notice you?

Have you ever wished that 'HE' will look at you even once?

I did and now i wish he didn't, then my life would have been more simpler.

Chapters so Far...


One Look


One Smile


One Touch


One Embrace

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I I wish I never did. Empty I wished for : One Look

Post by Kiimbap.Moochii on 6/11/2009, 5:29 pm

I was walking down the street to go to school since it was only half an hour's walk from where I live. Suddenly I saw him walking playing with his friends at the park. I must have been staring at them too long because he looked at me. 'He'll probably think I'm a stalker! Otteoke?' I thought as I walked quickly to get to school.

Finally I arrived at the gate of the school, the same school which I transferred to a few years ago after my brothers for us to settle in our homeland, Korea. I am Korean, but I had been living in England for as long as I could remember, since my parents abandoned me in an orphanage.

As I walked in the school grounds, you could see boys trying to look cool for the girls while the girls act fragile and weak in front of the guys. How typical. Well, it's not all of the students. In school there consists of two two different types of people:

- Kingkas, Queenkas, Uljjangs, Sportsmen/women & Rich People who got something to boast about.
- Nerds, Geeks, Average students & People like me who would have studies as first priority.

While I was walking to class I saw him with his friends again at the corner of the classroom. Yes, we're classmates.
"Hey guys! Check it out, that girl's here again." His friends pointed near the door to a girl with long black hair with a letter in her hands and chocolates with the other.

This will end bad I tell you.
I watched how they will scare this poor girl this time, "RaeMin-ssi, I-I've always admired how you dance so passionately. Please accept this as a sign of my admiration. I'm not asking much but please just read my letter, I-I'm not expecting you to return my feelings. Well, bye!" She said while bowing to the rest of the boys that gathered around her. She is one brave girl I tell you.

"Mann~ that girl has potential, you know. She is one of a kind and she isn't crazy for you." One of his friends patted his back. I sighed. 'How I wish that he would look my way once again and acknowledge me' I thought as I looked out the window.

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I I wish I never did. Empty I wished for : One Smile

Post by Kiimbap.Moochii on 6/11/2009, 5:31 pm

As classes came to an end for lunch I was still day dreaming about what happened just before class. The girl was the talk of the whole student body. People are expecting for the Raemin-ssi to accept her feelings by the end of the week at least.
'How sad can I get?' I sighed walking to an empty table just outside the canteen. I was day dreaming when someone nudged me. "What?" I spat at them. When I turned around looking at my friends looking at me with disgusted faces as I tried to to be innocent. "You really know how to ruin someone's appetite." Kyoungmi laughed as Kooki shook her head at me.
"Oh, ha ha, Mi. Where were you two?" I asked as I kept sure to look around if anyone heard my outburst. Some people were whispering and kept stealing glances at me like I'm some animal.
"Aigoo~ they probably I'm some pig or something."

I ran for the auditorium, it was my only silent sanctuary where no one will judge me. Where I can be who I want to be. A place where I feel comfortable in, since it is situated at the farthest building from the main school building no one ever dared to go here. It was abandoned after all. I played on the piano until who knows, when I looked at the time again it was just enough to know that I will be late for the next class if I don't hurry now.

I panted as I reached the homeroom door. When I opened it I was shocked no one was there. I must be early when i saw that there was still 30 minutes till the end of the break. I went to my seat and put my iPod to listen to `No Break by Lena Park & Crown J` soon enough I was singing along with it.

`nuneul gamgo deureobwayo
sarangui noraereul...
gamanhi gwireul giullyeobwayo...
neutinamuarae saegin
uriui maengsedo...
bamhaneure bitnayo...
geudaeui lady lady lady
yeongwonhan lady lady lady
wae ijeseoya naege wannayo...
maeiri maeiri maeiri
seollego naeiri naeiri naeiri
geudaewa naega mannalsu isseoseo...
oh i`m your lady baby.. can`t live without you
oh i`m your lady baby.. can`t live without you
jajeongeoe nal taeugo
eondeogeul neomeulttae...
geudae deungeul kkok jamneungeotcheoreom..
uri saranghaneun dongan
heundeulliji anke..
geudael kkok jabeulgeyo...
geudaeui lady lady lady
yeongwonhan lady lady lady
wae ijeseoya naege wannayo...
maeiri maeiri maeiri
seollego naeiri naeiri naeiri
geudaewa naega mannalsu isseoseo...
eojeboda deo saranghallaeyo...
waeiri waeiri waeiri
beokchago waeiri waeiri waeiri
gyeote isseoseo jeongmal gomawoyo...
oh i`m your lady baby.. can`t live without you
geudaeraseo gomawoyo...`

I looked out the window, 'I wish I was the one who had the courage to confront my feelings to him.' I thought as i remembered the girl confessing this morning.
Then as the song neared its end someone clapped behind me which made me turn around. Slowly I turned round to see, the one person who I least expected it to be, he was with his friends. He must think I'm a weirdo singing out loud like that.
When I tried to see his reaction he was just smiling at me.

"Mianhe, my voice might have been distracting you all." I bowed turning away pretending to look for something.

"Do you guys know her? She seems new." I heard someone say. I continued my act in looking for something while I really was eavesdropping on them. "Pabo~ She's been in this school for a long time now and you still don't know her. She's Jung DaeRi." I heard him say, I curved a smile.
He remembers me, he knows me.

"Isn't she...."

"Yes, she is."

It's good that is the end of the day.
It's been a long hard day for me, but as they say there is always a rainbow after the storm. Maybe, just maybe I'll get the confidence to get to know him better soon.

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I I wish I never did. Empty I wished for : One Touch

Post by Kiimbap.Moochii on 6/11/2009, 5:34 pm

The next morning I was dragging myself to the bathroom. 'School' I thought to myself recalling the events that happened almost two days ago. I got myself ready as my brother prepared breakfast for the both of us. "Yah piggy! Come down and eat breakfast already." My brother shouted from downstairs.
"Yeh, I'm be down in a minute." I rolled my eyes. He seems like an ajumma sometimes. "Just need to find my scrapbook." I added quickly, throwing everything that was in my way over my shoulder. I crawled on the floor trying to find my scrap book. That scrapbook is like my journal, everything that i cannot say to my friends i write it down there in the form of a quote. I can never leave anywhere without it.

After what seemed like forever I finally found it under my pillow. "Okay, got it!" I raised my hand and swiftly putting it in my book bag after. I ran down stairs, "Aigoo~" I looked at my watch.
"Hyung, Appreciate you making breakfast but can you pack my food in my lunchbox since its late already. I don't want to be late." I looked to my brother in a pleading way and got an apple as a form or emergency breakfast.
"Yeh, me. What about me?" I looked back.
"Didn't I tell you to wake up early?" He complained.

"So? Please hyung! Kyoungmi and Kooki might be waiting for me." I ran upstairs to get my bag.

When I reached the front door, my brother had left already and put the lunchbox near the door with a note,
'Eat it okay?
I need to go now, you should run along now too.
See you later.


P.S. can you please act more like a girl and stop saying `hyung`. I feel like I'm living with a brother instead of a sister^^ and before i forget, don't eat apples you look like a pig with it in your mouth.. Ahhehe just needed to say that. anyway, get home early. Arasso?'

I smiled at the note then frown when I reached the bottom. 'He can talk for himself. He looks like one himself without an apple.'
Locking the door behind me I ran to school like my life depended on it.

Heck, it does.


"I'll never going to walk again.... my feet.... hurts!" I talked to myself as I reached the door of our homeroom.
I hung my head down as I walked in and sat on my seat. During the time I was getting me notes out our teacher finally decided to show up.

"It's good to see you all again!" Our teacher slammed her learning stick on one of the tables. Poor table, having to be slammed on by the evil stick. Everyone in the class has felt that stick wrath the year before at least once in our classes, even me.

"Since you guys have known each of your classmates by now, my project for you this semester will be based on that. " A mixture of groans and cheers were heard in the class. The lesson went on for another 30 minutes with the class discussing what kind of topic to do; the real work won't start until a few weeks after.


The bell for early break rang as students started to file out of the class. I chose to take my time and gather my things slowly as I was deeply thinking about the project. 'Hopefully it's peasable.' Deep in thought when I saw Kooki leaning at the door frame waiting for me.

"Dae, Are you seriously going to stay here?" Kooki stood up straight after leaning against the door frame.

"Ki~ What do I do?" I faced her and frowned.

"Why? What happened?" Kyoungmi appeared from the door suddenly and both of them looked at me worriedly.

I looked up at them and said, "I'm hungry~ I forgot my money at home and hyung only gave me food enough for lunch break later." I pouted.

"Yah!" Both of them said and laughed. Kooki hit me in the head saying that I was too much of a 'Changmin'. Yeh, a Changmin; someone who always has time for food and nothing else.
"I thought something serious happed then, then you just say you're hungry?" Kyoungmi continued to look at me making me guilty as I smiled.

"C'mon I'll buy you another apple to pop in that moputh of yours." She chuckled and put her arm around my neck pulling me toward the direction of the canteen as Kooki followed on skipping.

"Huh?" I scratched my head as I tried registering what she said like I heard it from somewhere before. Apple? Mouth? Then it hit me, just like my brother this morning she was calling me a pig but indirectly this time. I glared at her as she pretended to not notice it.
"You know you are just like hyung, always teasing me." She just looked proud after I said that, wrong reaction.

When we arrived at the canteen it wasn't as packed like in lunchbreak but still many people were buying snacks while others were just hanging around the place. Kooki went in the crowd as soon as she saw Jin, as she says her 'special' friend. I swear when that girl sees him she just forgets about me. Kyoungmi was too busy buying our food in the queue so I began walking again toward the exit when my forehead was met by a hand. It seemed that I wasn't looking at where I was going and was headed straight for the wall if it wasn't for the hand being there in the way. It took me a while to react but when I reached earth again He said something.

"Be careful next time," He chuckled. "I might not be there to prevent you from hitting another wall next time." He added as I felt he was walking away. I immediately turned around in hopes of thanking his good intentions when I was met by his alluring eyes. He face was too close for comfort, his brown eyes were staring straight at me like it was trying to find out something about me. It's him. He was only a few centimeters away from my face because he lowered his head to look at me.
'Omo! what have I got myself into?' I thought as I mentally hit myself to think of a way to get away from this awkward situation.


"Min, what you doing to the poor girl?" One of his friends walked up to us and smirked. It wasn't really helping, my face is probably melting by now from burning too much because of embarrassment. 'Lord, what have I done wrong in my past life to deserve such punishment?' My thoughts got distracted by another voice.

"Shin is right. What is your name girl?" Another walked up to us, eyeing me.

"Guys! I thought you were staying outside with Joong and Beom?" Raemin said looking at his friend like he was caught doing something really naughty. I secretly smiled before I ran for it.


"Class! may I get your attention?" Miss Oh hit her stick on the board continuously to get the class' attention. "Continuing from this morning I would like you to pair up with another student form this class." She paused and looked at the class. That pair up thing really did caught their attention. "But, there's a catch. I would want you to form your group consisting a girl and a boy, d'you understand?" Everyone was happy, well nearly everyone if you don't count me in. I don't really mind projects but since people in my class don't really know me that well, I'm kind of regretting it. 'Why wasn't I outgoing?' I sighed.

"I'll let you decide your partners for the last 20 minutes of our lesson. I expect everyone to start tomorrow in the latest." She walked to her desk and drowned in the piles of paperwork for the day. The class immediately started shuffling to get to the boys behind me. "I guess I'll be on my own." As i tried to stand up from my desk to prevent suffocation, I accidentally tripped and my face met the cold and hard floor. "Ahh~" I cried out.
No one noticed me fall. I crawled my way out of the crowd that was quickly forming at the back of my desk where the kingkas were. I walked up to Miss Oh and excused myself.

I walked in the empty and silent hallways towards the school clinic to wrap my swollen ankle. Though it was hurting very badly i didn't want to trouble anyone with carrying me there or support me. "Where did that room go?" I limped walking to where i thought the clinic to be at while supporting myself at the railings of the walls.


Raemin's POV

"I'll let you decide your partners for the last 20 minutes of our lesson. I expect everyone to start tomorrow in the latest." She walked to her desk. The class immediately started shuffling to get their desired partners, well the girls were except one.
"I guess I'll be on my own." I heard Daeri whisper as she tried to get away from the crowds of girls forming near me and the guys.
Suddenly, i heard someone cry out. "AH~~" I recognise the voice immediately as I saw Daeri limping outside, probably going to the clinic.

I walked to Miss Oh and asked permission to go to the clinic making up an excuse that my stomach hurts. "You can go, I hope your stomach gets better~" She was fidgeting in her seat as I bowed and left.

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I I wish I never did. Empty I wished for : One Embrace

Post by Kiimbap.Moochii on 6/11/2009, 5:36 pm

Raemin's POV

Shortly after leaving the room when I was far enough I started to run in the direction of the clinic. While running I saw a figure sitting down on the floor. I smiled. I might have not told you but in this school we are given a phone with all of our classmates number. Suddenly i thought of an idea. I could text her, of course with my own mobile phone not the one the school gave since I get too much spam texts from other students from it. I took out both of my phones and copied the number to my phone.

POV end.

Owww~~ Do I have bad luck or what? I sighed.

Again and again and again and again
Nuh ehgeh jaggoo dolaga weh geulunji molla weh geulunji molla
Again and again and again and again
Nuh eh maleh ddo sok a weh geulunji molla weh geulunji molla

Someone was calling me.
"Huh?" I looked at the caller ID - `Unknown Caller`
I calmly clicked the answer button as I waited for the stranger's voice.

"Yeoboseo?" I started.


"Anyone there?"


"Hyung?... Yah! I'm telling you already that I didn't steal your teddy bear. You gave it to me. And why are you not replying?"

"..." There was still no reply. Impatient as I was it was really getting on my nerves, my patience is running out.

"Yah! I'm gonna hang up if yo-"

"Wait! Wait! uhm, It's erm....a Ramen." I giggled. I've been watching way too much cooking shows and now hearing a person saying they're ramen. I couldn't hold it in anymore and laughed.

"If you're Ramen then I'm Porkie.. bwahahah~" I laughed. After a long time of laughing he finnaly answered again.



"D'you want me to accompany you to the clinic?"

"Who are you exactly? And another thing I don't know you. Thank you for the laugh but I'm busy." I hanged up. I know it's rude but can't a normal student be rebellious at times?

Looking at my phone, I smiled again. I tried standing up again after my little rest, the clinic was only a few steps away. Then I heard footsteps behind me.

"Where do you think your going with a condition like that? I told you I'll accompany you." The next thing I knew the person was in front of me.
I didn't catch a glimpse of his face until I was being piggybacked by him. Yes, its a him. He looks familiar, I wonder where?

While I was deep in thought we were already in the clinic.
"Wait here, I'll get bandage to wrap your foot with." I just nodded, might as well obey since helpful people seldom come to me.


After he came back I finally saw who he was. I mentally tortured myself. So that means he was the one on the phone with me just moments ago. Why is it that I run into him more frequently and in such times too?
Man, this luck thing is playing me.

"Thank you Raemin-ssi." I bowed to him.

"No problem, just here to help." He really should stop smiling, I'm starting to look like a fat tomato here.
I just scratched my head. He was heading out of the clinic already when I thought of going to class too. So I got off the bed that I was sitting on.
Having not heard the door close yet I looked up.

He turned around playing with his fingers. "C-Can we be friends?" I was too shocked to reply but controlled enough to keep my composure.
"That is if you don't mind." He was staring at the floor, it looked like he was going to burn it with his eyes. ^^ I laughed mentally.

I calmly stood up. "Okay!" I said as I made an OK sign with my fingers.
He suddenly charged at me and hugged me.
"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." He kept repeating as he was hugging me rocking back and forth. What is it with him being so intimately close to me.
If he didn't hear me choking, I don't think he would've let me go.

Gosh, this week really is too much for me.

And it only the beginning of term.

I didn't know expect anything more surprising to happen now that we became friends.


~)(A Week Later)(~

Guess what?

Since that day the groups were decided Raemin-ssi asked me to be his partner well, that might not come as a surprise. It was because when we came to the lesson all of them were already paired up. Imagine the process of choosing the pairs. I shivered thinking of it.
Some of them didn't look too happy when they saw me with Raemin.

The past few days Kyoungmi unnie has been on her work placement. Kooki and I still bond very frequently. I told Kooki about it the next day, she didn't react though. Maybe it's just me but isn't it weird?
A Kingka mingling with a nobody, a geek if you will.

Kooki and I still eat together despite the fact I've become a common glaring target by many females in the school. May times she's asked if she could beat them up but that would cause too much chaos so I disagree most of the times. You thought I would say 'It's alright. It doesn't bother me anyway.'. I was saying that to her until I just got fed up of them staring.
I'm used to people staring but please I'm nothing to be talked about.
Apparently, it's been going round that I've been trying to be close to Raemin-ssi to poison him. Poison? Ha, if I was going to poison him then I would've done it long ago when I was still new in this school.

"Ri~Riiiii~" Kooki shouted at me.

"What?" I said after being distracted from my thinking.

"Kyoungmi's been hiding something. Aren't you worried?"

"Well, she's always been secretive from the start. If I were you I won't worry much, she's 2 years our sunbae and she's old enough to decide what she wants to tell us." I said emotionlessly enjoying my lunchbox.

She pouted. I just smiled.


I bid Kooki goodbye as she went to her class and me to mine.

"Wait for me later okay?" Kooki said as she disappeared from my vision to her classroom.

"Bye!" I said waving to nowhere.

"Attention!" Miss Oh tapped the table with her stick. "I expect you all to continue with your projects." She looked around the class and went back to her desk.
I just sat on my seat bored.

"Dae? You seem kinda out of it today? Why?" Raemin-ssi asked as he approached and pulled a chair to sit across from me.

"Just thinking."


"Never mind, we need to continue with the interview phase of our project." I quickly snapped out of my daydreams and got my things out.He just followed.

"My turn to ask the questions today!" He cheered. I've been used to his actions that they start to become like a daily sight to see in class.

"What do you do when you feel depressed?"

I took a deep breath before answering. Now I know what seems to be the problem. "I used to go to the abandoned building, the old music building." I paused as I looked at him quickly taking down notes.
"There's a grand piano in the auditorium, the first time I went there was when I got lost going to the Music Room." I laughed remebering the memories of the past. "I was being bullied then...." I was so into telling my story that I didn't notice the change in his reaction as I progressed telling it. "They told me that the Music Room was there, being the naive person I was I went there. I thought it was weird that it was only me heading to that direction but if I didn't go there I would've never found my silent sanctuary." I finished it off by doing a peace sign. Dork!
When I looked at him he was looking at me with sympathetic eyes before pulling me to a hug.
"Its okay." He said.

"I'm alright, c'mon it's my turn to ask a question." I tried taking his arms off.

"Don't lie to me. I know what you've been through." He said sadly while contradicting my actions gripping on me more.

♫Dwaeji, Hyung's here. He is HEREEEE~♫

My phone rang which made him loosen his hold on me as I got my phone and excused myself from the room.
"Well, can I?" I seeked his approval to answer the call.

I walked to outside of the classroom so no one it would be quieter."Hyung?"

"They're here!"

"Really? Is he going to be there tonight?"

Raemin's POV

When I saw Daeri was Far out of earshot i started to think about what she said. Was it that bad?
How come heer friends didn't do anything about it?

I started to get emotional. It like that moment all over again.

"Dae~ I was there." I paused.

'She's still the same as the first time I met her a few years ago.

"Remember me? Dae, I was that person."

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I I wish I never did. Empty One Kiss

Post by Kiimbap.Moochii on 6/19/2009, 5:17 pm

Juno oppa really seems very excited to meet him again.
I smiled as I was still in the hallway after ending the call; holding my phone.
While walking back to the classroom I recollected the happening just before the phone call.
'I wonder what he was going to say... I just need to ask him another time.' I sighed.

Suddenly just then Raemin appeared in front of the classroom door, "I hope you don't mind but can you meet me at the playground near the school tomorrow after school?" He was fidgeting again. HE seriously looked like someone from my past. He sure behave like him too.

For the length that I've met him he always fidgets if he is nervous or insecure about something. I walked up to him. "Min-ssi, what's the matter?" I regretted asking that. When he looked up he bump into my head so I fell on the floor from the impact. He quickly knelt in front of me inspecting and looking for wounds, "Gwaenchana?...Sorry." He offered his hand to me to stand up.

'What is it with me and accidents these days.. Am I becoming prone to accidents?' I thought. The rest of the lesson we just went about our project and forgot about our little opening up to each other.


After saying goodbye to Raemin I went inside the house. It like an oath between us that we go home together ever since Kooki and Kyoungmi are busy nowadays and we have to discuss our project anyway. So it's like a win-win situation however you try to look at it.

"I'm home!" I shouted while taking off my shoes and going to upstairs straight to my room. I faintly heard a quiet 'Yeh.' near the backgarden. I wonder what Oppa is up to now? He always seems to find ways to do something so unfitting for his age, and being an ajusshi. "Ummph!" I laid on my my bed until I slowly drifted to sleep.


"Yah, student! Give me your lunch money, I'm hungry!" A girl approached me. She was wearing her uniform like it was for some kind of costume to woo the male students walking by.

"Yeh, we haven't got all day you know!" Right after the first girl commanded for money another appeared from behind her giving me a heart attack. She was so much in contrast to the first girl since she was someone that was like myself, a nerd.

"B-but...." I was just too shocked to answer since my Korean wasn't that good. I could hardly survive with what I know.

"But what, Freak!" The first girl cut me off.

"I don't have any...sorry sunbae." I whispered. I didn't have the courage to look at her directly so I just continued to look at the lush, green grass below me.

"Useless! What can be your punishment?" She said smirking while the other girl was already gone out of sight.


"Serves you right!"

"...please, no" I managed to speak while also catching my breath. I crawled taking hold of her ankle and bagging her.

"Freak girl! You think you're smarter than us, you should be thankful this is all we did to you." She laughed as she ripped the last of my school textbooks. I knew crying would never get me anywhere so I ran. I ran to the far ends of the school fields until I saw the old abandoned building. The old music building.


I shot my eyes open as I woke up out of breath my brother's hands were on my shoulders from when he was trying to waking me up. I guess this disease will never leave me til I reach my grave. Urgh! That day, that day what happened? I covered my face with my heads.

"Dae, what happened? You were yelling very loudly." He gave me a glass of water and my medicine. "Did you have that dream again?" He continued interrogating me with his worries. "I was just about to call you down since they're just arrived now... I'll let you sleep for now. I'll let them visit you in the morning." He left after much more persuasion and turning the light off.

I could sleep anymore so I just look at the ceiling thinking of the possibilities why that dream came back after 2 years. What's the use now?

Ever since his birthday and sudden disappearance, I have been having these nightmares and traumas. The doctors said it was caused by severe trauma that was held in too long and the lack of sleep I get. I beg to differ since I ever since I was young there was always something that people would point out as my weak points. I guess I lost hope in ever persevering to make myself better and healthy.

The next morning Oppa already left for school which left me trying to search for a note on the table. It said:


Did you have a good sleep? Well I brought Marc and Sander to my school today.
Don't worry you'll get to see them when you get home later.
Eat then go to school quickly okay?




Sander and I were gonna surprise you yesterday, but we heard from Hyung what happened.
You okay now? See you later^^
Your bro really seems to be overly excited bringing us to meet his friends.


Sander and Me`


I grabbed a banana and walked out of the door to head to school. After arriving, I went directly at the auditorium; to the piano and opened the top to reveal a box. The box which I had been keeping all of the items that he gave me during my first week of school here in Korea.

If you're thinking I had a boyfriend then you can just forget it. As awkward as it may sound, it was the person who stole my first kiss turned best friend for almost a year before he disappeared off to some place else. He was my only friend then, the principal specially requested for him to be my tour guide around campus. Apparently to be exposed 'only' in the normal environment of the school.


"Hello, Welcome to our school! I'm Taemin by the way." The boy grabbed my hand and shook it.
"I'm Jung Dae Ri, mannaseo bangapsumnida~" I said very softly which is different to the way I speak now since my voice became kinda husky. Like a boy right?... I get that all the time.
"From now on, lets be friends." He continued to smile at me.

I was a little hesitant at our first encounter but that slowly fade with time. We became inseparable, even in our classes we were always partners. I didn't know it then but girls in our class would give me daggers when I'm with him. 'Why do they care if I'm with Taemin? It's not like he is some kind of kingka in school in fact he was known as the school representative for geekiness some random classmate of mine once said.' I talked with myself giving one of the glaring girls a piece of my mind demonstration with my hands. You could say throughout the whole time I spent with Taemin he became some who changed me to a strong person with lots of confidence.


6 months into the year we were playing in the old building when we found an auditorium with a badly tuned piano. It became our hidden den which no one knew about. When we skip lessons we go here and contemplate or just simply sleep. That soon changed though, "Saengil chuka hae~" I said while holding a candle in front of him. He blew them out then looked suspiciously at me. "Eii, where's my birthday gift?" He walked dangerously close to me. I tried countering his actions but failed miserably. As a result that day became the last day I saw him. It is also the day my first kiss got stolen.


I reminisced a ittle more before returning to class. "Riri~ remember your promise! Meet you later, I need to go to the library to do some research." Taemin passed by me. I was confused, what promise?
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