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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

Post by olivia on 8/20/2009, 4:42 pm

Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Airacwat-1

Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Cc-1

Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Messages
Title: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?
Date stated: 5.4.09
Date Finished: 0.0.09

Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Message
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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Map
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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Ost-1

Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Prologue-1
Life for me isn’t exactly “wonderful” it’s quite the opposite. I have a wicked step mother and two really irritating b!tchy step sisters. Call me Cinderella; I don’t mind. Everyone else already does but Cinderella wasn’t given a wonderfully loving step brother now was she? I know I know. People hate me. No no, wait...scratch that every single whor3d girl in high school hates me. So what you say? of course I know every school has their “ODD SEED” yeah yeah...some bull crap about the guy they like likes the “ODD SEED” well I happen to be the sister of the Hot guy of the school. Thats why they hate me but guess what!? don’t give a rats behind! Because guess what!? I was a regular weird girl a few days ago and now I’m on the path of being a Princess.[/color]

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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

Post by daesungvip on 8/22/2009, 7:51 am

add me to the PM list please <3
& no more DBSK this time ? ;O
doesn't matter - i'm still anxiously waiting for your story ;
this sounds intresting (:
update soon ! <3


Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? JonghyunandYoogeunSig
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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

Post by olivia on 9/13/2009, 11:20 am

Chapter 1

As I stepped foot into the palace I looked around blankly. I felt as if I was in a third world country. Walking around suddenly the King came to a stop

“I really wish your father was here to see you so beautifully” the King said with a smile. I only smiled back. What else was I to do?

As we walked a bit further around the palace I seemed to notice many many pictures of the King and my dad. What’s up with that yo?

“Uhm…m-may I ask; why of all girls am I marrying the prince?” I asked hesitantly. The King turned to look at me and my god; he is really intimidating

“ah…of course; well, your not just an ordinary girl Hae Won; you see, your father and I grew up together. He was my best friend, you not only are special Hae Won but you have the blood of Royalty” the King replied. I wasn’t to sure of what he was saying, if he answered my question or if he was beating around the bush but I guess I can accept what ever answer he gives right?

As we continued walking around the King trailed me out to the garden. It was beautiful. I have never been in a place like this before. Rose bushes on one side, a highly beautiful cherry blossom tree to another, and most of all chrysanthemums. It was so pretty to be out here.

“Do you find the flower garden to you liking?” the King asked as he turned to look at me. I nodded and he smiled.

After the “nature walk” we want back into the house and he showed me my “temporary” room. It was HUGE! I really feel like a Princess now. Damn it’s the modern day and I’m talking like I’m 6. Gotta come back to the light!

“Please, enjoy your day; I must be on my way now but Ms. Hyang Ki will be here momentarily to assist you with wedding planning” he said as he began to walk away

“b-before you go, if I may ask; when will I get to see the Prince?” I asked with a weak smile. He smiled back and looked around

“he’s around here somewhere; your bound to run into one another” the King said. And with that he left. Just like that.

I looked around the room and then plopped down onto the bed. I felt like all my stress was taken away. The bed was so soft. Way softer then that “cot” I had back at the hellhole I was at.

As I stared at the ceiling there was a knock at the door

“come in!” I yelled. Wait…should I have said that?

“thank you” a tall woman said walking in. She had a bright smile on her face and her attire was very business like

“hi” she said as she kindly bowed

“hello” I replied back only bowing my head

“I’m Hyang Ki; I’m the King’s assistant; today I am here to help you plan the wedding. Give you a heads up on things and make sure you enjoy living here” she said with a gentle smile. I nodded and she looked around

“so, should we get started?” I asked as I watched her. She smiled

“yes, that would be best!” she said walking towards the table. She sat down and set a brief case onto the table. There she opened it and pulled out a crap load of magazines, papers, and folders.

“Is all of this really needed to plan a small wedding?” I asked. She chuckled

“small?” she said “this wedding will be over the top” she added. Over the top? Well I should have known anyways

“Princess, there is no such thing as a small wedding when your marrying the Prince” she said smiling. I smiled back. Just as we got to picking out the colors the door burst open. Both of our heads shot up at the noise. The yelling of a girl kicking and screaming

“Pr-Princess” the guard said throwing the girl down “you have a very eager visitor” he added. I nodded and watched as the girl stood up

“Damn it!” she said as she stood with her back towards me but her voice was very familiar “don’t ever in your life handle me like that again! Do you know who I am!? I am CHOI DAHJUNG!” she said. My jaw dropped and I gulped my spit.

“D-Dah Jung” I said pulling her away from the guard “hello DahJung! What brings you to my uh… humble abode” I said with question in my voice. She smiled at me

“I don’t know; someone came and picked me up from work and then shoved me into a car; which in other words; someone KIDNAPPED ME!” she said turning to the guard. I laughed nervously

“I mean come on! DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU’RE MESSING WITH!? DO YOU KNOW WHO MY BOYFRIEND IS!?” she yelled at him. I shut my eyes and signaled the guard to leave. DahJung turned to me and smiled

“so how’s that boyfriend of mine?” she asked as she followed me “ah… Jae Joong; he’s doing well” I replied uneasily. She nodded.
After hours and hours of deciding this and that I finally asked for a breather. Just sometime to get air. I’ve been stuck sitting in the chair for hours and hours.

Walking out the door I looked around. Do I want to go left or right? I turned my head to the left and began walking. As I came about the stair case I looked around. With no one in sight I sat on the railing and slid down. Coming close to the end of the staircase I couldn’t stop. This is bad, real bad. I jumped off landing on someone. My face was down

“omo! I-I’m sorry” I said as I looked down at him

“y-your” he began to say

“I’m so sorry” I said as I got off of him. He stood and brushed his suit off

“who are you?” he asked. I weakly smiled

“I…uhr…I’m Hae Won” I said. His eye brows arched

“y-you’re the Princess then right?” he asked. I nodded and brushed my hair back

“I’m the price” he said “my name is Yunho” he said with a bright smile. I smiled back

“I…I’m so so sorry Yunho” I said backing away a bit. He laughed

“don’t worry about it; it’s ok” he said slightly laughing. I arched my eye brows

“are you ok?” I asked worriedly. He nodded

“but you have to show me how to do that when I get back from my meeting” he said as he began to walk away. I nodded and began walking the opposite way embarrassed. Wait… his name is Yunho but I’m sure when they told me I was getting married they mentioned a name starting with J…who is this guy?

Author's Note

Did You like it?
She'll meet her maker next!
Please stay tuned!

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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

Post by daesungvip on 9/13/2009, 2:59 pm

ahahahah !
this story<3
i remember readingup to chapter like 6 or something o.o
i love me in the story <3


Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? JonghyunandYoogeunSig
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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

Post by daesungvip on 9/13/2009, 3:00 pm

oh yeah & PM pls<3


Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? JonghyunandYoogeunSig
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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

Post by olivia on 9/13/2009, 3:08 pm

Chapter 2

As I continued walking around the palace I approached a room. I could hear many men’s voices. Then I heard Yunho’s. I wonder what the meeting is about. Of course with my nosy as.s I’m going to have to listen just a bit. As I sat in and listened I heard one man talk about the wedding

“Yunho, what about the wedding? Do you think we should hold off?” a man asked

“no, if anything he must get married to this girl” Yunho said. The men all agreed

“what about the crowning?” another man asked. I could hear Yunho letting out a sigh

“that will have to wait until after the wedding” Yunho said. Is he the king? Gosh… he’s deciding everything.

“Yunho, how could you give up the crown like that? You can still be king” one man said. Yunho stood up in anger and that was my que to be out this peace. I ran quickly yet quietly. Going back up the stairs not paying attention I ran right into someone. Bumping our heads together my nose began to feel funny

“ah…omo! I’m sorry” I said as I looked up. A guy sat down on the steps rubbing his forehead

“are you ok?” I asked. He looked up at me

“who are you?” he asked. I weakly laughed

“I…I’m Hae Won, the uhm…n-new princess” I stuttered. His eyes widened

“you’re the new princess huh?” he asked. I nodded

“your decent; I’ll be seeing you at the dinner reception tonight dear fiancé” he said as he stood. My eyes widened

“y-you’re the prince?” I asked as I watched him walk down the stairs. He came to a stop and looked at me

“yeah, I’m Junsu” he said as he came back up the stairs. He stepped onto the stair that was right under the one I stood on and we came face to face

“you must have bit your lip while we bumped into each other” he said looking into my eyes

“wh-what?” I asked. He smiled and then I felt his lips on my bottom lip. What the hell is up with this kid!? I pushed him away forcing my self to fall back

“get used to it babe; you’ll be seeing me more often and we’ll be doing that more often” he said as he walked away with a grin. OH MY G TO THE O TO THE S TO THE F’ING H! I felt my lip as it was a bit wet from him “sucking” on it. Pulling my fingers into view I spotted specks of blood. You pervert! I want to hit him so damn bad!

I walked back up to the guest room where I found DahJung and Hyang Ki

“you ok?” DahJung asked. I nodded though I really wasn’t

“ok because you were gone for a while” Dah Junsu said as she looked me up and down. I slightly laughed

“it’s time to find your dress for tonight’s dinner Hae Won” Hyang Ki said as she stood up. She walked over to the closet and opened the door to a room the size of someone’s house. Hyang Ki looked at Hae Won

“what ever you want to wear; everything in here is yours” Hyang Ki said with a smile. I looked around the closet. I walked towards the dresses and picked out a short sparkly dress. This will do. It’s cute. I walked over to the shoes and picked up some pumps. As I looked around Hyang Ki called me out.

“Yes?” I asked as I approached her

“Junsu just sent this to you” she said holding up a box to me

“what is it?” I asked. She looked at me

“a 20 karat diamond necklace” Hyang Ki replied. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened

“this too” she said handing me a small box. Intact was a ring and a note

Wear the 20k ring so
People know your mine.
Ok? See you later Mrs. Kim Junsu
You’re Junnybear

I scoffed. I don’t even know this kid and he wants people to think I’m his? That’s crap. As I put on my clothes(click) and got my hair done by some kind lady I was ready to go. Walking down the stairs in my pumps I felt weird. Odd and weird and awkward. DahJung had left me already and I was here alone with this big family. As I walked down the stairs someone called my name from the top of the stairs bringing me to a stop

“Yunho” I said as I seen the person. He smiled and ran down the stairs

“you look stunning” he said fixing his suit cuffs. I smiled

“thank you” I said as we walked down the stairs together. At the bottom of the stairs stood Junsu in an all black suit with a red motorcycle glove on. I rolled my eyes and smiled at Yunho

“you wore the ring(click)” he said with a smirk. I glared at Junsu

“I had no choice” I replied. Junsu smiled

“you look nice” he said as he intertwined our fingers

“Hyung, you look good” Junsu said complimenting Yunho. Yunho nodded

“I see you’ve met my fiancé Yunho” Junsu said as he laughed. Yunho smile

“Hae Won this is my little brother, your future husband and the future King” Yunho said. I nodded and smiled. Unfortunately I have to be married to your brother…why not you? Your cute!

“let’s go, I think their waiting” Junsu said. For some reason I didn’t wanna pull my hand away from his. I only smiled at it.

Authors Note

I like writing this story; It
lets me put my imagination to
use!^_^ Just a heads up...Junsu
will get quite perverted in this fanfic
lol so for you crazy Junsu fans (as myself)
please enjoy!^_^


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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

Post by olivia on 9/13/2009, 3:09 pm

Chapter 3

As we walked into the dining room which just so happened to be mega huge I looked around. Junsu and Yunho entered with bright smiles on their faces while I entered puzzled. Being a Princess was all new to me. As we walked to the far end of the table Junsu pulled my chair out for me. I smiled at him. He isn’t as big of an ass as I thought he was. As I sat down someone put their hand on my shoulder. Looking up; to my surprise, it just so happened to be my brother. Step brother that is. Though he treated me like his bio sister

“Hae Won; you look pretty” he said to me. Of course my brother looked hot too; suited up in all black! Of course as respectful as he was he had to look nice. I smiled at him

“thanks Jae Joong” I said. Jae Joong smiled and sat across from me next to Yunho who sat across from Junsu. It was weird though. Jae Joong was always nice to me unlike those b!atch of a sisters he had.

{Hae Won at Six}

I sat cuddled up to my knees on the side of the curb with a scratch on my knees. I tried to hold in my tears but it hurt so badly. I could only cry. Jae Joong sat down next to me with his usual gentle and bright smile

“what’s wrong?” he asked me. I only looked away. Jae Joong crouched down in front of me

“ouch, what happened?” he asked kindly. I only buried my head into my arms. Jae Joong sneered

“did they push you again?” Jae Joong asked. I nodded but made no contact with him. Jae Joong sucked his teeth

“you gotta stop letting them bully you” Jae Joong said. I looked up at him while my chin was on the top of my knees. Jae Joong smiled

“I’ll protect you; don’t worry” Jae Joong said while he slightly brushed the dirt away. He stood up and took my hand

“let’s go get this cleaned” he said to me. I smiled and stopped

“get on my back” he said. I shook my head no

“please; I don’t want your leg to hurt anymore than it already does” Jae Joong said. I nodded and got on his back.

“Hae Won; I’ll protect you forever ok” Jae Joong said as he began to walk. I nodded.
After eating Junsu and Yunho stood in the corner talking. I stood next to JaeJoong and chatted with him

“so how is the princess doing?” Jae Joong asked me. I laughed. Hearing him call me princess isn’t anything unusual just that Jae Joong’s facial expressions kill

“I’m fine” I replied. Jae Joong nodded

“good; can’t have the princess upset now can we!” Jae Joong said smiling. I nodded. Jae Joong laughed

“I knew you were a princess” Jae Joong said to me. Junsu walked over to us

“we’re going to head to a pool party; come on” Junsu said to me and Jae Joong. Jae Joong nodded

“aren’t pool party for kids?” I asked. I mean come on; what kind of prince goes to their friend’s pool party? Childish much?

“it’s not that kind of pool party, it’s a formal party” Jae Joong explain. I weakly laughed. I really wanted to shout sorry but I’d look like an even bigger dummy

“o-ok” I said as I followed. Junsu nodded.

While we stood outside I watched as Jae Joong and Junsu went their different ways but who was I going with? Junsu looked back at me

“why are you standing there?” he asked me as he stood next to his car. I shrugged

“I don’t know who I’m supposed to leave with” I replied. Junsu sneered

“me! Duh!” he said with an attitude. I take back what I said earlier. He is still an ass. I took in a deep breath and walked towards him.
While I stood looking around the pool Junsu was next to me sipping wine and talking to some old man. I looked away as a cold breeze hit me. I should have brought a jacket. I began rubbing my arms hoping that would help. Junsu looked at me. I sipped on my drink and just hoped Junsu would turn and tell me we were leaving. Instead I felt a jacket placed over me. Looking over thinking JaeJoong it was actually Junsu

“you should have brought a jacket” he said with a sincere look. I shut my eyes. Damn you Junsu! Just when I think I don’t like you, you make me like you again! I smiled

“thanks” I said. I walked away to find the bathroom.

As I looked in the mirror I sighed. Hae Won this is your time to shine. No more getting mad so easily. You have to change! Your not the same Hae Won anymore. You’re a princess future Queen now. Think about things before you do them! Aza aza Hae Won hwaiting! I looked around the bathroom and got bored. Ah…guess I can leave now. I walked out the bathroom. A few seconds later I found my self slipping, falling, wait! I didn’t hit the floor? That’s not right. As I opened my tightly shut eyes I seen Yunho looking straight at me

“are you ok?” he asked as he stared into my eyes. My eyes widened. I was speechless. Yunho still held me in “that” position

“yah! What are you doing!?” Jae Joong yelled “that’s my sister!” he added. Yunho looked up as he pulled me back on to my feet. I took a deep breath

“oh, I-I’m sorry JaeJoong I didn’t know” Yunho said as he brushed his jacket off. I cleared my throat

“Jae- Jae Joong it was my fault, there was water on the floor and I wasn’t paying attention” I tried explaining. Jae Joong nodded

“sorry Yunho, she’s my little sister, I gotta look out for her” Jae Joong apologized. Yunho smiled

“don’t worry about it; she’s my brother’s fiancé” Yunho explain. Jae Joong nodded

“your right!” he laughed. As I looked away I seen Junsu walking towards us. I looked back at Jae Joong

“hey, Hae Won, let’s go” Junsu said as he put his hand on my shoulder. I clutched his jacket closed and nodded.

While in the car Junsu looked at me while driving

“are you ready?” he asked. Ready? What does he mean by ready? I’m only 20. Wait…20! Does he think because I’m legal I’m ready?

“n-no; Junsu, I’m not ready to go through with that, I know I may still be young but I…I think we should hold off until after the wedding ok!” I blurted out. Junsu looked at me puzzled

“you are one dirty girl” he said with a smirk. I sat in confusion

“huh?” I asked confused. Junsu laughed

“I meant are you ready for the wedding but since that’s what you’re thinking then I guess we will hold that off until the night of the wedding” he said

“I…uhr…” I tried saying something to cover up what I just said up but there is no kind of way of hiding that. Tonight is my first night sleeping with Junsu and I barely know him. Hell I don’t even know how old he is! Gosh…for all I know he could be 32! Wait…I went to far with that one…

Authors Note

Omo! I love writing this story!
I truly do...Just thinking about
Junsu as a prince makes me giddy!
well I hope you liked it! Please keep in touch!

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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

Post by olivia on 9/13/2009, 3:10 pm

Chapter 4

As I lay in bed in the dark staring at the ceiling I could feel Junsu. I don’t know how but I know I can feel him

“your not asleep are you?” Junsu asked in a whisper. I looked over at him

“did I wake you?” I asked. I could see Junsu smiling

“no, how would you wake me if your not doing anything?” he asked me. Well I…you have a point. I shrugged at him turning over to my side. I could hear him sigh

“what’s wrong?” I asked. Something’s not right

“nothing” Junsu said. I turned back to him

“sure?” I asked. Junsu nodded.
The next morning when I woke up Junsu was already gone. It was 7 am and he’d already been gone. What’s up with that?

“Princess, Junsu asked me to give this to you” a maid said as she walked in. I looked over to her and took the note she was handing me

“uh, what’s your name?” I asked. She looked at me

“S-Soo Hee” she stuttered. I smiled at her

“Soo Hee do you mind not calling me princess? It gives me the chills for some reason, just call me Hae Won” I said standing. She nodded and began cleaning the room. I went for a shower.

While letting the warm water hit me I stood there embracing it. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this good. I ran my fingers through my silky hair.

While I was finishing up with my shower I felt a cold breeze come against my bare skin

“Hae Won” Junsu said as he shut the door. I froze. Why is he in here? Didn’t I lock the door? Omo! Get out!

“uh-uh…yeah” I said hesitantly

“are you ok?” he asked me. What? Get out of the bathroom don’t try to start a conversation with me! Damn you!

“yeah I-I’m fine” I said trying to get him out. Junsu laughed

“why do you keep stuttering?” he asked me “your very jittery” he added. No sh!t! You’re in the bathroom with me!

“I uh…nothing” I said quickly. Junsu laughed even more

“can you hurry so I can shower?” Junsu asked. Can you get out!?

“uh yeah sure, can you uh, like, leave for a minute?” I asked. Junsu scoffed

“leave? I just locked us into the bathroom” he said. I shut my eyes hard

“ah-ahaha Junsu please” I asked nicely

“sorry; I just told you I locked the door on us” Junsu replied

“hand me my towel please” I asked sticking my hand out of the shower

“your towel isn’t in here” he replied. My heart dropped

“can I use yours?” I asked. Junsu laughed

“no; I need mine” he replied. Damn you! Well no one told you to come in here and lock the door you idiot!

“well I’m not coming out then” I said still standing in the pouring shower water

“then I’m coming in” he said. I could see his shadow getting closer

“no!” I yelled.

Authors Note

did you like?
hahah did he get into the shower
with her? ohhh...gonna have to
find out from hae won later! <3^^
keep in touch my dearies!

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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

Post by olivia on 9/13/2009, 3:10 pm

Chapter 5

I shut my eyes and covered myself. I felt a cold breeze hit against me. Junsu began to laugh

“here” he said as he pushed his hand through. I opened my eyes. He was holding in his hands my blue towel. I turned and shut the shower off and then grabbed the towel. I wrapped it around my bare body. Junsu got into the shower with me while still wearing his clothes. My eyebrows pulled closer together with confusion in my eyes

“y-yah; Junsu; Kim Junsu! What are you doing?” I barked with fear in my voice. He cornered me. My back was nearly touching the wall and he was getting closer and closer to me. He began to grin

“Mrs. Kim Junsu; you know your going to have to see me naked sooner or later; why not just skip the wait and see me now?” he asked as he looked at me. My eyes widened. I tried to say something. Anything. Something. Yet… there was nothing. Nothing. Nothing came out of my mouth. My eyes began to water. Junsu backed away

“are you crying?” he asked as if he was enjoying it. I moved the shower curtain and walked towards the door. I stopped remembering he said he’d locked us in. Not caring anymore I pulled on the unlocked door. Looking back in anger I began walking again. He began to laugh.

I sat down on the bed with the towel clutched closed to my chest. Junsu leaned on the door frame of the bathroom

“I’m sorry” he said as he crossed his arms. I looked away. He came near me and I backed away. He got on his knees and looked up at me

“I’m sorry” he repeated. I made no contact with him. None what so ever. Junsu I hate you!

“I was just kidding…please don’t be mad at me” Junsu said as stood up. He pulled my attention to him

“please…please don’t ignore me” He said as he leaned in closer to me. I backed away

“Junsu…” I managed to say. I glared at him

“get away from me” I said as I stood up. I pushed him away. Walking towards the closet I locked myself in. I began putting on clothes. After I finished I sat down on the stool. I sighed. Junsu…I really really HATE YOU!
While sitting at the island in the kitchen my chin rested on my palm and my mind racing I took in a deep breath.

“Princess; what would you like this morning?” the chef asked. I looked up and smiled

“nothing; don’t worry about it; I’m not hungry” I said as I stood up “thank you though” I said as I began walking away.

While I walked back to the room I sat on the neatly made bed and laid down. My eyes trailed off into a world of their own. A moment later I felt a hand come across my side and someone was then on holding me. I looked over. Junsu pressed his lips against mine. Junsu pulled away after a moment

“I’m sorry” he said. I sat up

“I’m leaving” I said as I walked out the door. Junsu ran after me. Grasping my hand Junsu turned me towards him

“where are you going?” he asked. I jerked away and began walking again. I walked down the stairs into the lobby. Then towards the garden. I shut my eyes and pulled my knees towards my chest. Junsu! I hate you! Why can’t you understand that!? I shut my eyes

“I wonder if Hae Won is sad…” a voice said as they sat beside me. I looked up

“Yunho” I said. He smiled

“what’s wrong?” he asked. I shut my eyes

“nothing” I whispered. Yunho patted my back

“it’s ok if you want to tell me my brother is an ass” Yunho said. I looked up and smiled

“exactly what he is” I said as I placed my head against Yunho’s shoulder. He smiled

“is everything for the wedding set?” he asked. I nodded. Yunho was so nice. He was older then Junsu why isn’t he the one getting married and being crowned King?

“Yunho; can I ask you something?” I said as I sat up. Yunho nodded

“how come your not getting cr-” “Prince Yunho; your needed in the lobby” a man said “it’s quite urgent” Yunho placed his hand upon mine

“I’m sorry; can I answer your question later?” he asked. I nodded and he began walking away. Poor Yunho; he never gets to just chillax. I jumped. Startled by someone putting their hands on my shoulders. Turning around Junsu sat down beside me. I looked away

“are you seriously that mad at me?” Junsu asked. I stood up. Junsu caught hold of my wrist. I turned towards him. I glared at him. Though he only grinned

“let go of me Junsu” I barked. I’m not that mad I just hate you!

“will you just chill for a minute damn!” Junsu barked back pulling me down next to him. I sat with my arms crossed. We sat in complete silence. I looked over at him

“why did you make me sit here if all were going to do is sit in silence!?” I yelled. Junsu glared at me

“must you always yell?” he asked me. I looked away. He laughed

“Kim Junsu I hate you!!” I yelled as I began walking away. As I go closer and closer to the door Junsu pulled on my wrist stopping me dead in my tracks

“if you hate me so much why are you marrying me? The money? The fame? Why? So you’ll be called the queen? My mother is a damn good queen and if your what’s going to take after her then I’m not marrying you” Junsu said still holding onto my wrist. I jerked away

“in that case I’m leaving the palace” I said as I walked to the door angrily. I walked up the stairs and into the room and began packing. Quickly before I knew it I was turned around

“why must you always argue with me?” Junsu asked as he towered over me. I looked away. He pulled me onto my feet and before I knew it my lips were against his.

Authors Note

I miss writing this story!
Whoo I'm glad I finished this chapter!!
Junsu is so Hawt!!!~~~
aahahahaa anyway; Hopefully i'll have
the next chapter up soon! Hope you enjoyed!


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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

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Chapter 6

Later that night I wasn’t so angry. But something didn’t seem right. Something wasn’t the same. Of course what would I know since this in only my 2nd day here right? Wrong; I caught on quick. Some thing with Junsu isn’t right. As I laid in bed I rolled over to Junsu’s pillow. As I laid my head on his pillow I stared at the ceiling. As I turned on my side I heard a sheet of paper crinkle under me. I reached under the pillow and pulled out a crumpled up letter.

It’s me Seo Yeon
Why haven’t you called me? You don’t pick
Up my calls, you don’t respond to my text
And you know damn well I can’t come to
Your place. What’s up with you lately?
What’s up with us? I thought we were
Together. What the hell is up with us? Did you forget I
Was still your girlfriend? I can go on and on about us. Junsu
How have you been? Have you been eating? When will
I see you again? I miss you Junsu. Did you lie to me when you said
You loved me?

That’s where I stopped reading. Love? Junsu has a girlfriend? I’m missing this whole section. I shoved the letter back under the pillow and moved away from the bed. I sat on the love seat across from the bed and I stared at the pillow. Why is it that Junsu didn’t tell me? If he had a girlfriend why isn’t he marrying her? Why me? Do I even love Junsu? I sat in confusion. I don’t understand anything anymore.

“Yah” Junsu said as he walked into the room. I looked up at him though I didn’t even want to see his face.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he sat down next to me. I looked away. I can’t believe he shoves the letter under his pillow not expecting me to see it and then he tries to ask me what’s wrong!? This is so messed up! I stood up and headed for the door. Junsu quickly ran after me

“yah, why are you always mad?” he asked as he turned me towards him. I looked away still being held by his hands which were placed on the side of my shoulders. He pulled me into his arms

“what’s wrong?” he said as he placed his chin on the top of my head

“Seo Yeon” I mumbled. Junsu held me out again

“I can explain” he said as he looked into my eyes. I looked away unconvinced. Junsu pulled my attention

“I can really explain Hae Won” he said holding my hand. I quickly jerked away

“I thought for a quick minute that I liked you but turns out I was just fooling myself” I said as I began walking away. Junsu called out my name before actually pulling onto my wrist for the fiftieth time today. Nonchalantly I turned to him

“I know I may have not known you long but I like you; almost to the point where I think I may even love you” Junsu said not letting go of me. I wanted to jerk away. Junsu looked away

“I love Seo Yeon” Junsu confessed “but I would rather be with you” he added. I looked away in disbelief. Junsu walked towards the pillow and pulled the letter out

“she says I didn’t call, text, or ever even reply to her, don’t you understand why?” he asked as he held the paper in his hands. I shook my head no. Junsu walked towards me. I felt as though I was intimidated by him. I slowly backed away

“I never replied because I didn’t want to be untrue to you, I didn’t want to hurt you” Junsu said as he embraced me. I only stood. I didn’t embrace him back

“your still in love with her; why aren’t you marrying her? Instead your marrying me, someone you barely know” I mumbled trying to ignore the fact that I was still embraced in his arms

“I do know you; if anything I really know you; my parents have kept an eye on you since your father passed. I know almost everything; from your birthday to you favorite color and unbelievably I even know your period dates, Hae Won you can’t say I don’t know you if I know your dates” Junsu said. I quickly pushed away from him. I glared at him. For some reason I should be mad but I’m not anymore. I feel as though I’m falling for Junsu. Not the fact that he told me he knew my period dates but the fact that he’d rather be with me then someone he was in love with.

Later that night I avoided Junsu. I didn’t want to talk to him. At least not at the moment. I did everything I could possibly do to stay away from him. By the time I was in bed it was already midnight and Junsu was already asleep.

While I laid in bed in the dark and silent room I felt Junsu’s arm come around me. I turn towards him

“I waited so long for you to come to bed; why are you avoiding me?” he asked as he held me closer. I sighed

“I don’t want to talk; I’m tired Junsu” I said as I turned away. Junsu never let go. Am I falling in love with him?

“I’m sorry if I’m hurting you in anyway” he said before everything went silent.
Waking up the next morning, Junsu was sitting on the laptop next to me in bed

“Morning sunshine” he said as he smiled. I turned on my side and paid him no attention. He laid on top of me and placed his cheek against mine

“are you still mad at me?” he asked. I didn’t respond

“well; something came in for you” he said as he pulled out an envelope. I grabbed it and tore it open

How are you? Have you been well? Eating?
How’s your brother? DahJung how is she? Still rowdy I bet!
Well it’s me Tae Yang, I hope you didn’t forget me; you did didn’t you!
Haha! I’m just kidding; I hear you’re in the palace as the new princess/future queen! Is it true?
Well if your reading this then it surely is isn’t it! I’ll be back from Japan soon. Back for a little bit. At the least. How is your fiancé? Is he nice? Well here’s an update from me. I’m doing well so I hope you’re not worried about your oppa. I’ve been working hard. You know; my dad has me doing the whole car creating and selling big thing so I’ve been working harder than I though. I would have called but I didn’t know if you could get calls. So I wrote a letter. Besides, I figured this would make it more special anyway. I hope I’ll be in time for the wedding. I would hope to see you walk down the aisle that DahJung and I would have never thought would happen. Please we were just kidding; we knew you’d find someone good and now your marrying the PRINCE! Yey you! I’m so happy for you my dear Hae Won! Oh and by the way; my girlfriend and I broke up. Well she’s an ex now but you get the picture. Yeah were no longer; she can’t handle this anymore. She thinks were not spending enough time together. But Whatever! She can’t handle such a sexy man like me! But whatever! Well see you in a few days Hae Won!
Tae Yang- shii

I smiled. Tae Yang is coming! I can’t wait!

Junsu looked over my shoulder

“what cha reading?” he asked. I hid the letter; pressing it against my chest

“ok, you don’t want to share; totally understandable” he said going back to the computer. I got off the bed and headed towards the shower. I made sure I grabbed my towel and locked the door.
“Princess; are you ready for the engagement party?” Hyang Ki asked as she entered the room. I was sitting at the desk putting make up on. I nodded. I wore (click) a long strapless white dress covered with diamonds down the middle. Along with my hair curled and white LV shoes. I put my earrings in and stood up. Hyang Ki smiled at me

“you get more and more prettier everyday Princess” she said clutching her note book to her chest. I smiled back

“thank you Hyang Ki” I said as I began walking out the door. While I approached the stairs Junsu was waiting for me. I rolled my eyes. He wore a black suit with a red undershirt. As I got to the bottom step he put his hand out for me

“your beautiful” he said. I slightly blushed. Holding my hand we walked into the dinner reception. Junsu and I sat at the end of the table. While in the middle of dinner; Junsu stood up.

“Thank you everyone who joined us today; tomorrow is the wedding and I would like to just say; these past few days while I’ve been with Hae Won, I’ve been some what falling in love with her” he said. I really wanted to just scoff, roll my eyes, and then walk away. In stead I stood there and smiled. I spotted Jae Joong. “She by far means a lot and everything to me” he added “so cheers for a happy beginning” Junsu said holding up his wine. I smiled and held my wine up along with him.

While I sat in the living room with my soon to be mother in law and her friends she smiled at me

“Hae Won; dear what are the wedding colors?” she asked. I smiled

“blue and gold with hints of red” I replied. She took my hand into hers and smiled a bright smile with her crescent eyes “my dear daughter in law; you are such a beautiful girl” she complimented. I smiled

“thank you” I said. She smiled.

“will you be having a traditional wedding dress?” one elderly woman asked. I nodded

“yes; a white one” I replied. She smiled

“you are one smart cookie” she said. I blushed. After a while sitting and chatting with my mother in law to be, someone tapped on my shoulder.

“ah, Junsu” my mother in law said. I looked over my shoulder and there he stood. I scoffed in my mind. Junsu smiled at everyone

“omma” he said to his mother “I’m going to take Hae Won for a moment; I’ll bring her back” he said. I stood up taking his hand; I turned to them, bowed, and followed Junsu away. He smiled

“come on” he said. I followed. We walked out to the balcony where it was just us. He held my hands

“Hae Won; you know I love you” he said

“you say it 24/7 how can I forget?” I asked. He smiled placing his lips upon mine

“tomorrow we’ll be officially together until the end of forever” he said. A weak smile crawled upon my face. I think I’ve fallen in love with Junsu.

Authors Note

Hey; i like this chapter but
this isn't where it ends!


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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

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Chapter 7

It was quiet. I sat in my room wrapped in a silk champagne colored gown. I feel like the queen already. Today was the day. The day I had been waiting for my whole life. Then again what girl doesn’t await her wedding day? My day just came a little sooner than expected.

“You are beautiful” Hyang Ki said walking in. I smiled at her

“Thank you” I said as I stood “is it time?” I asked. She smiled back

“Not yet” she replied “but time will come” she added. I nodded and sat back down.

“Though; you do have a few rowdy visitors” she said. I looked up. What did she mean by rowdy visitors?

“Hae Won! How dare you not invite us to the wedding!?” a voice screamed. I know that voice. That annoying voice I lived
with since I was young. Minah? As I said her name there she was walking in with Yuna and my step mother walking in.

“This is impossible! How is it that you all of a sudden just get to marry the prince!?” Yuna yelled at me. I was astound How
dare she come to my home and mistreat me like this on my wedding day?

“Hae Won, you’re here” Jae Joong said as he walked in

“Ah…Ja-JaeJoong-ah!” Yuna said as she watched him walk in. I smiled

“Yes oppa, I’m here” I replied. He looked over at Yuna, Minah, and my step mother and suddenly came to a stop.

“I don’t remember sending you three an invitation” JaeJoong said as he walked towards my step mother “Hyun Ah, if you
wish to stay, then stay out of the bride’s room and most definitely stay only for the ceremony; I’ll have the guards escort you three out when it’s over” he said sternly.

“JaeJoong! Do you know your speaking to your mother?” she shouted. He looked back at her as he was beginning to walk towards me

“What mother? You were never a mother to me and never did you even try to act like a mother towards Hae Won, I still don’t understand why you’re here after I told you strictly to stay out of the bride’s bed room” he repeated. I smiled.

“O-oppa, can I talk to you?” Yuna asked before leaving. Jae Joong shook his head side to side

“I have more important things to worry about than to listen to your blabbering about my friends” he said. I didn’t like the
twins but I didn’t like hearing JaeJoong speaking like this towards people.

“Oppa” I said standing. He turned towards me with a smile “why don’t you see what she wants? You can come back and talk to me later” I said “besides; I have girl talk I need to discuss with Dahjung” I shooed him out as he followed the three. Dahjung stayed behind with me. I shut the door behind them

“Omo! Your beautiful!” she said as she looked me up and down. I smiled

“Thank you! So do you!” I said. She smiled. I seen tears fill her eyes

“You know Young Bae isn’t coming anymore” she said. My eyes widened

“What!? Why!?” I yelled. She shrugged

“He said he had an emergency meeting he had to make it to but told me to send his regards” Dahjung laughed “we were
always the ones to doubt you’d get married, Hae Won I’m sorry I never meant to doubt you; but look at you; your beautiful
and your marrying the future King!” she said as she wiped away tears. I laughed as I cried along with her. A knock came at the door before she could begin speaking again

“Hae Won?” a voice called. I quickly wiped away my tears and stood up

“Ah, Yunho” I said as I approached with a smile. He smiled back

“I want to introduce you to a few of our youngest members of the family; our little brother Changmin and our cousin Sang
Bum or he’s also known as Kim bum” Yunho said. I smiled

“Hello Changmin and Sang Bum” I said as I opened the door wider allowing them to come in

“Hello Hae Won, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to meet you sooner; I’ve been away at college in Japan” Changmin said.

“Please, don’t call me Sang Bum, that’s just making me sound formal, please call me Kim Bum” he said with a smile. He
was very handsome. Wow; his smile. His almost dimples. Omo! Hae Won stop it! You can’t be doing this! You’re getting
married today!

“These two are basic best friends; they both attend a Japanese college, you’re able to find them anywhere together!” Yunho exclaimed. I smiled

“Well it’s wonderful to finally meet you two” I said. Hyang Ki walked in after a few knocks. Dahjung sat aside

“Princess” a voice said as the body stood outside my door. I stood to open the door

“Princess, I’m sorry to interrupt but your brother awaits you in guest bedroom 145” a guard said. I smile and nodded. Quickly I turned around to my guests

“I’m sorry but I will have to go now; seems as though my brother is awaiting me” I said “please make your stay and wait for
me” I added as I began walking out of the room. The guard held up a black cloth around me

“W-what are you doing?” I asked hesitantly as I stopped moving. He peered over the cloth

“I am to block you out of sight because the Prince maybe walking around, seeing each other before the ceremony is bad
luck Princess” the guard said as he began walking. As we walked I began giggling

“Who put you up to this?” I asked. He peered over again

“No one Princess I just want you and the Prince to live happily ever after” he said as walked. To thin such a big man had no heart? You are very wrong! He wants me and Junsu to have a happily ever after ending! How sweet

“Thank you Guard” I said

“Always your highness” he replied.
As I looked at the numbers on the door I counted up. 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145! I knocked. I heard a voice call. Walking in I said Jae Joong’s name

“Oppa?” I called.

“Over here!” he called back. I walked into the closet.

“What do you think?” he said as he fixed his tie. I smiled

“Oppa” I said as tears began to fall. His eyes widened at me

“No! Don’t cry! No!” he said wiping away my tears. I laughed

“I’m sorry; oppa I’m so sorry!” I said, I began to fix his tie

“Sorry? For what?” he asked.

“I’m sorry; I never did anything in return for all your help oppa; I’m so sorry” I said as I finished fixing his tie

“Sorry? You’re sorry for that?” he asked. I nodded. “Don’t be sorry; you’re the only reason I stayed in that house; Hae
Won; you’re my little sister and I love you, that’s why I helped you!” he said hugging me. I smiled “Don’t ever be sorry for not being able to return the favor!” he said. I nodded

“Princess; it’s time” The guard said walking in. I nodded and Jae Joong took my hand

“Let’s go pretty girl!” Jae Joong said. I smiled and followed him.

As I peered down from the steps inside the house where no one could see me I watched as everyone else sat down
getting ready for the ceremony. Am I ready? As ready as I can get.

“Princess; It’s time” Hyang Ki said putting her hand out for me to hold as I walked down the stairs.

“Hyang Ki, have you ever been in a wedding?” I asked. She smiled

“No I haven’t Princess” she said. I looked around.

“Guard!” I semi-yelled. He looked up and walked towards me

“Please find me Kim Sang Bum” I said. He nodded and began looking. A few moments later he came back with Kim Bum by his side

“What can I do for you?” Kim Bum asked. I smiled

“Would you like to be a last addition to my wedding?” I asked. He smiled

“I would be honored” Kim Bum replied

“Well you’re walking down the aisle with Hyang Ki” I smiled as I took her hand and placed it in his. I watched as they began down the aisle.

“That was very nice of you” Yunho said. Holding out his hand for me to take. I smile and took it. I heard the music play and Yunho and I stood behind the closed doors. A few moments after the doors opened and my dream of getting married was coming true.

“Your good for nothing! You’ll never get married!” Yuna’s shouted words repeated in my head “Do you really think someone is going to want you? Your trash!” Minha’s words came after “You will die before someone really marries you! You’ll be married to the dirt outside of your coffin” my step mother yells at me. I endured all of that. All those years and I’m proving them wrong. Yunho and I went up the steps and my heart began to race. Junsu smiled

“Your beautiful” He said.

“I stand here ready to lawfully wed this beautiful couple in the name of god. If you object to this couple’s marriage please speak now or forever hold your peace” the priest said.

“I DO!” a voice yelled out.

Author's Note

Hello! smile.gif
I'm so so sorry it's been so long since
I updated! I hope you guys enjoyed reading and
aren't mad at me for taking so long. Hope you are still
willing to read too. smile.gif Please rolleyes.gif
So this chapter; I was motivated to write! I am glad you
read it smile.gif thank you!
I shall update soon!
-<3, Olivia


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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

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Chapter 8

“I do!” a voice called out. Junsu and I quickly looked behind us.

“Hae Bin?” I heard Yunho mumble. Junsu turned towards Yunho. Angrily Junsu turned back towards the girl. Who was
Hae Bin?

“Yunho how could you!?” she screamed out. Junsu and I stood in silence. I could see Junsu’s anger in his expression.

“Hae Bin” Yunho said walking towards her “now is not the time” he said. The guards ran behind her.

“How could you do this to me! You were next in line!” she yelled out. The guards began to drag her away. Something didn’t
seem right about this girl.

“Wait!” I screamed out. Whoa. Where did that come from? The guards stopped and all eyes were on me “wait, who are
you?” I asked. She sternly stared at me

“I’m Choi Hae Bin, I’m Yunho’s ex-girlfriend” she replied. Yunho’s ex-girlfriend?

“What are you doing here?” Junsu cut in. I looked at him. He began to walk towards her

“Junsu, you and I both know you don’t deserve that crown” she said sternly “you’re not next in line and you can’t possibly
think that you can take care of Korea all on your own; your immature and irresponsible!” she yelled. My legs drew me near
her following Junsu and Yunho. As I got closer to her my hand on it’s own flew out. My hand met the side of her face and
she flew back. I began to shake. Instantly I was angry

“Don’t you dare; what really makes you think that Junsu and I can’t take care of Korea!?” I asked angrily raising my voice.
“How dare you say my fiancé can’t do it!? What makes you think you can!?” I asked. She kept her hand on her face. It
was beginning to turn red.

“You! You can’t possibly take care of Korea, you put your hands on me, you know it; you know you can’t do it!” she
replied. I bit my lip. Yunho quickly pulled her away. Junsu looked at me. Holding me back. I never thought I would do
something like that. Ever since I was little I dreamed of this day. But I never pictured it like this. I never laid my hand on
someone like that before today.

“I’m so sorry Junsu” I whispered. He kept to the side of my face. I could hear his every breath.

“No, you did a great job” he said. I felt my tears welling up. I quickly pushed away from Junsu following Yunho back into
the palace. I could hear the gasping of our guests.

“Hae Won” Junsu yelled. I walked into the palace looking around

“Princess; their in guest room 100” a guard said. I nodded and picked up the sides of my dress and began to run. Looking
side to side like a lost puppy trying to find my way.

“Room 100” I said as I barged in.

“Hae Won” Yunho said as his head shot up

“How dare you pull a stunt like this!?” I yelled at Hae Bin. She glared at me.

“Do you really think you can do it?” she asked me. I stared deeply at her. “Do you really think you are ready?” she asked.
I clenched my fists.

“Hae Bin!” Yunho yelled. “I want you out of here; don’t come back, were through” he said. I left the room. Leaving only us

“That crown was supposed to go to us! Me and Yunho!” she yelled “you don’t deserve it! Yunho dedicated his whole life
learning the way of the King! While your fiancé fooled around; Yunho was destined to wear that crown as the King!” she
yelled “Yunho lost that crown because of you!” she yelled as tears flowed down her face

“Me?” I murmured

“You’re the reason he lost that crown!” she screamed “because they thought that you’d be a better match! You have the
blood of royalty; because your father was the rightful King! Because your father gave up his crown to his best friend whom
is now the king; you’re the princess! You! You’re the reason he lost the crown; Yunho gave that crown up because he fell
in love with someone else; I was supposed to be queen!” The door swung open moments after she said this. I was
confused. My father was the actual king but he gave it to his best friend? Who then became the king? Yunho lost the
crown because he fell in love? I don’t…I don’t get it! The guard quickly pulled Hae Bin away. I shook my head. Yunho
walked back in. I sat down in confusion

“Hae Won I am so sorry” Yunho said as he placed his hand on me. I jerked away.

“Yunho; what’s going on?” I asked. He shook his head

“What do you mean?” he asked. I stood up

“She said you gave up the crown because you fell in love with someone else” I said “I don’t understand” I added. He shook
his head. Taking in deep breaths.

“Your father was the rightful king, because he fell in love with your mother whom he could not be with he gave his crown up
to my father whom was his best friend. After doing so your father ran away with your mother and gave birth to you
and…you Jae Joong and your sister” he said. What!? Did he just say sister!? I have a sister!?

“Sister? Jae Joong is only my step brother!” I yelled.

“No” he shook his head, “You have a sister and Jae Joong is your Biological brother Hae Won” he said. I shook my head

“Who is my sister?” I asked.

“Lee Ji Eun” he replied. “Your sister was my love; we were supposed to get married; we were going to be king and queen
but after your fathers death she ran away; everyone began to say that you and I would get married but I was too in love
with your sister; I gave up the crown so that I Junsu could marry you can you two could become king and queen; I can’t
live knowing your sister is out there some where” he said. I could see tears in his eyes

“Does Jae Joong know?” I asked. He nodded. I sighed “who else knows?” I asked

“Everyone” he replied. Even Junsu?

“I’m sorry we never told you” he said. I nodded.

“Where is my sister?” I asked.

“Taipei Taiwan” he replied. I nodded

“I want someone sent out there to retrieve her” I replied. He nodded

“I’ll get someone on it right away” he said. I took his hand

“I have a wedding to finish” I said. He smiled and nodded.


I sat down at the reception. Trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Sitting alone.

“Princess” a voice gently said. I looked over

“Kim Bum” I whispered.

“You know; your quite the Cinderella” he said. I shook my head

“No, I’m nothing like Cinderella, I don’t get the beautiful happily ever after like her” I replied. He smiled

“What do you mean? You were a randomly chosen Princess; just as she was, you have an evil step mother and two evil
step sisters just like her; you’ve married a wonderful prince and also you don’t need the happily ever after ending; you have
the wonderfully happy ever after ending” he said. I looked across the room where Junsu was standing. A smile ran across
my face. Though Junsu had many faults; he always managed to make them up. He was a wonderful person. I know he will
be a wonderful husband. I know I’m in love with Junsu. “You; your just a Cinderella with a twist” he said with a smile. I
smiled back.

“Thank you Kim Bum” I said. He nodded.

“Hae Won” Jae Joong said as he sat down beside me. I looked over

“Yunho tells me you know” he said. I nodded

“How long Jae Joong?” I asked. He looked at me

“How long? What do you mean?” he asked. I looked at him

“How long where you going to wait?” I asked

“Wait for what?” he replied.

“Wait to tell me about you being my biological brother and about Ji Eun!?” I slightly yelled “I feel so betrayed” I said. Jae
Joong’s eyes widened

“Hae Won; please, I’m sorry; I was going to tell you as soon as I were crowned Queen” he said. I shook my head

“Hae Won please don’t feel that way” I quickly pulled him to a hug.

“Jae Joong; I love you so much, how could you not tell me something like this?” I asked. He put his arms around me

“Hae Won I’m so sorry” he whispered.


As the end of our wedding approached Junsu stood on stage

“Thank you all for attending our wedding; I love Hae Won and please expect great things from Korea!” he said. I smiled.

Junsu picked me up and carried me to our room bridal style! I wrapped my arms around him. Everyone began to scream
and cheer. I smiled. As he kicked the door open he threw me on the bed.

“Junsu?” I asked as I slightly turned my head. He began taking his suit coat off.

“Hae Won; I want you forever” he said. I smiled. He began to force his self upon me…

“You remember you said you were going to save it for this night” he said. I pulled him to me.

Authors Note

Ok I admit it got kinda crazy
towards the end! Well heck the whole
chapter was crazy!
But! her twisted-ness does not stop there!
this fanfic is almost coming to a close!
noo!!! I know but guess what? there will be a
Part 2! whooo! yeah I know! smile.gif No worries. Things are way
more crazy in part 2!
Stay in touch!

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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

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oh man olivia; you fics always keep me wanting more !
and what happened to me? ):


Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? JonghyunandYoogeunSig
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Am I really a Cinderella with a twist? Empty Re: Am I really a Cinderella with a twist?

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