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What Lied Between Us (WonderBang)

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What Lied Between Us (WonderBang) Empty What Lied Between Us (WonderBang)

Post by FruitLover on 8/18/2009, 4:25 pm

Hi I'm new here I hope you guys can comment back cause I will really appreciate it. Hope you like my story! Oh and every chapters will be different members POV. ^-^ Enjoy!
Prologue: Sunmi POV

"Times sure pass fast right Yoobin unni?" I ask as I watch the sky from our house roof top. She nodded and looked up at the sky as well, she let out a sigh and turned her head to look at me.

"Yah Sunmi can you believe so much have happen last year?" I looked down from the sky and looked at her, I nodded and looked back up. It was peaceful seeing the clouds move slowly and the sun beaming down at you. I smile thinking about the past I used to look at the sky with....I flashed back to reality knowing that I was thinking about the past again. The past was something I hate to think about the most but keeps coming back.

"Yah Sunmi you okay? You look sad all of sudden don't tell me you were thinking about the past again." I looked at her and nodded, Yoobin unni sighed.

"Sunmi I know it's hard for you not to think about the past but we have to try move on."

I looked up at the sky again and spoke, " I know but whenever I do something the memories seem to come back. What happen last year seem to be something that I want to erase so bad like I wish it never happen at all." Yoobin unni nodded understanding how I feel.

"I know Sunmi I wish it never happen too." Their was moment of silence as both of us stare at the sky. Moments later Sohee came up to the roof top and sat next to me she rested her head on my shoulder.

"You where thinking about him again were you?" I asked still looking up at the sky. "She nodded and looked up at the sky as well. "I can't seem to forget about him." Yoobin unni looked down from the sky and looked at Sohee.

"I know how you feel like you wish it never happen huh?"
She nodded and started to speak again, "It's such a small world meeting them was a mistake. We should have never went to place that time." I started smiling thinking about that time, Yoobin started smiling too when our eyes met mine she burst out laughing and I started as well.

"Yah! Why are you guys laughing I was being serious!" Sohee pouted I calm myself down and spoke, "I know Sohee but it's just so funny if you think about that time. We have to go no matter what that time cause we ranned out of toilet paper and Ye Eun needed it really bad." I said laughing again.

Yoobin unni nodded, "She's right and at that time we were all together and out of the house while Ye Eun was at home calling are cell phone for help." Sohee smile and started to giggle too knowing the situation was funny also. Minutes later we were laughing so hard that Ye Eun and Sunye unni came up to the roof top to know what the commotion was about.

"Yah what are you three laughing about!" Ye Eun unni yelled looking at the three of us with a confusd face. We all turned to Ye Eun and started laughing even more.

"Come on you guys what's so funny anyway?" Sunye unni asked.

"We were thinking about last year on what have happen." I said and Yoobin unni continue for me.

"And we wish that we should have never met the guys.Then Sohee said that we should have never went to the place the first place then we could have never met them." Yoobin started laughing again and Sohee continue the story.

"And we thought back that we have to go to that place no matter what because of Ye Eun unni situation at that time." Sohee looked at me and we both started laughing with Yoobin.

Ye Eun unni looked shocked remembering the moment and yelled, "Yah that wasn't funny though it was really a emergency! Right Sunye?"Ye Eun unni turned to face Sunye and seeing her giggling also.

"Sunye you think it's funny too?!" Ye Eun looked hurt.

"No, it's just that their right we have to go to the place to help you like how else were you suppose to get out of the bathroom? Right?" Sunye asked Ye Eun staring at her.

Ye Eun thought about it for awhile and smiled too, "I guess your right but I really did needed help." Sunye nodded and answered.

"I know but you have too admit it was funny though." Sunye unni started laughing now. Ye Eun smiled and looked at the three of us.

"Yeah I guess it was funny thinking about it." Minutes later the five of us lied there on the roof top staring at the sky.

"Thinking about it now wants me to go back to those moments." Sunye unni spoke she smiled at the sky and turned her head to face me I turned my head and face her to.

We both smile, "You know I can't believe that what did lied between for all us from the guys could have cause us to be apart from them." I said looking back at the sky I could sense all of their heads nodding.

"You know it seems that know matter how hard we try to forget the past it seems to comeback." Yoobin unni said Ye Eun unnni spoke to, "I know, but maybe we shouldn't try to forget it."

Sohee turned her head to the right to face Ye Eun, "Then maybe we should try to remember it all that happen and then we could move on from it."

Sunye turned her head to the left and spoke, "Yah Sohee maybe your right we should think about that has happen last year to face them and then we can finally move on."

"Then we should all do it!" Ye Eun yelled smiling we all layed back down on the roof top and started to think about that past on how it happen, what came between it, and cause us to be apart.

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What Lied Between Us (WonderBang) Empty Chapter 1 (1/2): Sunmi POV

Post by FruitLover on 8/18/2009, 5:16 pm

"Hey Sunmi do you think this look cute on me?" Sohee asked putting a pink plaid shirt in front of herself. I looked at it for awhile and smile.

"It's seem to be cute and just your color." Sohee smiled and continued to look at the other clothes. I looked around the shop finding Sunye and Yoobin unni looking at the cds section.

"Yah Sohee what are you looking at?" Yoobin unni came over towards us with Sunye unni following behind.

"Nothing just some shirts." Sohee said putting the shirt I was giving opinion on earlier she turned toward Yoobin.

"I'm hungry let's go eat." Sohee said grabbing me by the arm and dragged me to the store entrance.

"Yah I wanna come too!" Yoobin shouted and started running towards us Sunye laughed and followed behind.

"To bad Ye Eun is not here. I hope she's feeling okay she haven't called since we left the house." Sunye said checking her phone.

"Let's bring her some sushi when we go back home then." Sohee suggested just then my cell phone rang it was Ye Eun unni.

"Ye Eun how are you doing?" I asked with a worry tone.

"Help me! We ran out of toilet paper and I need some now!" Ye Eun screamed on the other end of the line.

"Are you sure you're okay?" I said looking at Sohee then to Sunye and Yoobin unni they all looked back at me with a worry look.

"Yes and this is a emergency and hurry back!" Ye Eun unni screamed in a panick.

"Okay I'll buy some toilet paper back right now and come back home immediately. For now relax Ye Eun unni."

I can here Ye Eun breathing slowly and spoke, "Hurry and how can I relax when I'm stuck in the bathroom?"

"Will be there soon Ye Eun unni don't worry. Bye." I could hear Ye Eun unni say bye before I ended the conversation. Yoobin unni spoke first when I putted the phone away.

"Is she okay? What happen on the other line anyways?" Sohee nodded and looked at me I can sense all their eyes on me.

"We ran out of toilet papers and Ye Eun unni need it now. Until then she's stuck in the house bathroom." I said looking at Yoobin unni she started smiling.

"That's it, I thought it was something really important but that's funny." She started laughing and so did Sohee.

"You guys I have to go buy some toilet papers back now and give it to her I promise her." I said looking at Sunye unni the wise one she was smiling too and started giggling.

"Come on guys stop laughing let''s all go. To check up on her and buy some food on the way home." We all nodded in agreement and headed out of the mall laughing at Ye Eun unni situation alittle.

"Let's go to the supermarket down the block from our house while where there we can buy some food." Sunye suggested when we headed toward her car. She was the only one in the house that have a car. Yoobin and Ye Eun unni doesn't thinks that's necessarily having a car while Sohee and I are still to young to drive. We finally got there and everyone was dying of hunger. Yoobin whine the most when she got out of the car.

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What Lied Between Us (WonderBang) Empty Chapter 1 (2/2): Sunmi POV

Post by FruitLover on 8/18/2009, 5:17 pm

"Ughhhh so hungry, why couldn't you drive faster Sunye!" Sunye sighed for the fifth time repeating her answer again.

"I told you I was driving the normal speed and their was traffic along the way." Sohee and I giggled at the back of the car getting out.

"Yah I'm heading to the food section if you need me you'll find me there." Yoobin said when we step into the supermarket.

"I'm going with Yoobin unni." Sohee told me and Sunye unni.

"Then that leaves only us."

I said Sunye unni shook her head and spoke, "Sorry Sunmi but you're own your own cause I'm heading to the lotion section. I ran out yesterday and I'm buying back more plus I'll check there new product they just have." She waved goodbye and I returned it backed. I sighed as I walked to the toilet paper section, I hated that section cause it's so dark and scary with creeky sound.

"Sunmi ah just hurry and grab it then leave." I talked to myself, I stopped when I reached to the section I took a deep breath and walked. "Toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper, TOILET PAPER." I thought when I saw the brand we use and grabbed it. I released a sighed knowing my job here is done. I turned around and started walking back, I started hearing footsteps behind me I walked faster but the footsteps continue to speed up with the same pace I had. Something pulled my bag and dragged me down making me fall down to the ground.

"Ow!" I yelled and looked up their was two guys smiling.

"Oh were sorry can we help you get back up?" The guy that pulled me down asked extending one of his hand toward me.

"No thanks I'll just leave now." I said getting up and picked up the bag of toilet paper I dropped then started walking away from them. A arm blocked my way I looked to see who it was, it was the guy from before that pulled me down.

"Can you please remove your arm?" I asked sternly, the guy formed a smirk on his face.

"Hey I was just trying to be nice."

I faked a laugh feeling annoyed by them yet scared and spoke, "After you pulled me down to the ground? I don't think so." "I thought you were one of my friend, sorry did I hurt you?" He said looking at me up and down.

"Yeah and leave me alone." I turned around to walk the other way but apparently his friend that was with him blocked my way. I turned back around and asked,

"What do you want from me?" I asked in a calm tone but inside was freaking out. He smiled and looked at his friend.

"Well me and my friend have nothing to do so you wanna come eat with us and go do some karaoke?" I was scared hoping Yoobin unni and them will come find me.

"No and leave me alone!" I yelled and pushed their arm away and ranned. They'd catch up to me and pushed me against the shelves of item makingme drop the bag of toilet paper.

"Yah what gives you the right to yelled at us like that! Beside going eating and karaoke isn't that bad, other girls will kill to go for free!" The guy that I talked to yelled. I tried struggling to get them to release me but they were holding to my arm tightly and I started yelling.

"Help someone! Please help me!" But the supermarket was to loud that no one could of heard me.

"Oh no, what's gonna happen now? No one can hear me." I thought to myself when the two guys started pulling my arm to walk with them.

"Let me go! Help someone!" I yelled again getting scared even more by the moment.

Just then someone came out and spoke, "Let the her go or else." The guy said gripping both of his hand to form two fist. Both of the guys holding me looked at eachother. The guy that yelled at me spoke.

"Or else what? Yah you better leave! This is none of your businness!"

He yelled the stranger looked at me for awhile and spoke, "Do you know him?" I shooked my head and started talking I could feel my mouth trembling.

"No I don't know them at all please help me."

"Yah you be quiet or I'll.." Just then the stranger ranned up to him and did a jump kick to his face leaving the other guy that was holding my arm to let go and ran. The stranger grabbed my hand and ranned making me trailing behind him we finally stopped running stopping at the ice cream section at the super market he sat down on the ground while I stood up. I finally catched my breath and stopped shaking inside my body and turned to look at the stranger that saved me.

He had black short hair but not really short that made him looked handsome. He had dark brown eyes and puffy black eye patch that seems like he haven't slept in days. I smiled feeling relieved that I'm safe but frowned knowing I have to go back to get toilet paper again since I drop it when the two guys grabbed me and slammed me to the shelves of item. I touched my back feeling bruise starting to form a little.

"Thank you for saving me." I said looking at the stranger in the eye.

He smiled at me and spoke, "No problem but you know you should always be careful at that section it's dark and dangerous there." I smiled and sat down beside him.

"My name is Sunmi what's yours?"

He looked at me and spoke, "Seungri." I smiled thinking that's a nice name that seem to suit him. He got up and started looking at the ice cream I got up also and trailed behind.

"So why were you here Seungri oppa?" I ask he looked at me shocked.

"I was here to look at some new cd they just have in stock which was right behind the toilet section. Did you just call me oppa? Do I look that old to you to look like your oppa?" He asked laughing I shooked my head and said,

"Know it's just that you look kinda older than me."

He opened one of the freezer door and pulled out a box of tangerine popsicle and spoke, "I'm only eighteen." I looked at the box of popsicle then back at him.

"Oh I'm seventeen." He closed the freezer door and looked at me.

"Well that's not even far away the age. Just call me Seungri I'm not use to people calling me oppa." I smiled and nodded.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked looking down at my feet.

"Sure what is it?" I tried to think of how to say the question in mind that doesn't seem to make me weird but decided to just ask it.

"Have you been sleeping lately?" Seungri turned to me and looked shocked.

"Well yes, I've been sleeping properly to. Why do you ask?" It was my turned to look shock also thinking he might think I'm weird I looked up at him.

"It's just that your eye patch are really puffy and black like you haven't slept for days." He looked at me and laughed.

"You know my nick name at school is Panda? Cause of my eye patch are puffy and black but their natural. They have always been like that some people ask me the same question so your not the only one." I smiled seeming that Seungri can tell I was worried of what he might think of me.

"Why do I get this feeling from Seungri like I'm so relax around him? Usually I'm so shy around boys he's like so different from them though. What's this feeling?" I asked myself while we walked to the register at the store. Just then my phone rang, I dig through my purse and picked it up, it was Ye Eun unni.

"Oh no I forgot about the toilet paper and her situation! I hope she's okay."

I thought, "Hel...hello? Ye Eun unni?" I asked scared she might scream again.

"Yah were are you! I'm still in the bathroom you know?!" Ye Eun unni yelled on the other line. Seungri looked at me seeming he could hear Ye Eun unni scream too.

"I'm sorry I'll be back soon. Just give me twenty minutes Yoobin and Sunye unni, Sohee, and I are just at the supermarket."

"Down the block from our house one?" Ye Eun ask I responded.

"Yes, I'll be back soon."

"Then it shouldn't take you that long Sunmi. What happen?" I hesitated thinking about the situation.

"Ummm I'll tell you later when I get home, for now just wait I'll be back soon bye." With that Ye Eun unni said goodbye and hung up. I looked over at Seungri thinking that'll he'll leave me since he'll find me busy.

But he didn't instead he looked at me and smiled and ask, "Who was that, she seem to be in a very serious situation." I smiled thinking about Ye Eun unni stuck in the bathroom then responded.

"Yeah but I guess I have to go back to the toilet paper section." I looked down and a frown appear on my face, thinking back if the two mean guys are still there. Seungri seem to have sense my sad worried look and offer to help.

"I can walk back with you if you want?" I looked up smiling and blurted out.

"Really?!" Seungri started laughing and nodded.

"Yeah, it's no big deal to me I'm just glad to help." I looked at him and smile. "Why am I feeling so relax around him? Why is he so nice to me we just met." I thought to myself while we both walk back to the toilet section. When we got their I quickly grabbed the toilet paper we use at home and walked to the register.

"Thanks Seungri you really help me out." I said paying for the item and looked at him. His dark brown eyes were so calm and serious that I can't help but look at. Seungri looked right back at me until he smile and grabbed my right hand to take me out the market. I was silent when he took my hand and led me out. I could feel my cheeks turning pink cause no boy ever grabbed my hand. He took a seat at a near by bench from the store and patted the empty seat next to him. I sat next to him and slowy turned my head to look at him, his eyes was closed with his head tilted to the sky. Seconds later he open his eyes and looked my way, I quickly looked away feeling stupid to let him see me staring at him like a freak.

"Yah, here take it." He handed me a tangerine popsicle I looked down at the it and looked back up towards him.

I extended my hand and grabbed it, "Why are you being so nice? We just met we barely know eachother though." I said taking out the tangerine popsicle from the wrapper.

He took another popsicle out from the box and spoke, "Cause I like helping others and I find you attracting to know." I blushed and looked down feeling myself get nervous.

"Yah if you don't eat that popsicle I'll eat it for you." Seungri replied he started reaching for my popsicle and I quickly pulled away.

"Yah you gave it to me first, you can't just take it back!" I pouted and started licking it, at the corner of my eye I could see Seungri smiling and started licking his own. Moments of silent while we sat there eating I felt myself relax and enjoying every moment with him. He made me feel so relax we started talking about eachother as we knew eachother more and more. I looked at my watch and it was already past five minutes from twenty minutes I promised with Ye Eun unni. I grabbed my purse and got up, Seungri looked at me and questioned.

"Where are you going?"

I looked at him and responded, "I need to get home now Ye Eun unni is probably impatient by now." He smiled and nodded he got up also and put out his cellphone.

"Can I ummm get your number? It was nice talking to you I really ummmm had a great time today." He looked down and rubbed his neck. I smiled knowing he could be shy around girls, I grabbed out my phone also and we both exchange numbers and waved goodbye. Seconds later when I started to walk home Yoobin and Sunye unni ran out of store and rushed towards me.

"Yah why didn't you call us! Were so late, Ye Eun is probably about to explode by now!" Yoobin shouted to me while Sunye just noddded looking worried too. Just then Sohee ranned out the store and looked over at Yoobin then back to me.

"Let's just hurry home." Seeming that she knows the situation. I looked at Sunye unni when we walked back to Sunye unni car, knowing that we both think Sohee is acting weird.

She seem to be in more of a hurry to get home then us, "Yah Sohee stop pushing me! Why are you in such a hurry to get home?" Yoobin unni yelled when Sohee pushed her so many times.

"Sorry Yoobin unni, I'm trying...... want to make sure Ye Eun unni was okay." Sohee said looking down than ran off toward the car. Yoobin looked at Sohee running off then turned to face Sunye unni and me with a questioning look on her face.

"What's wrong with her?" Both of us shrugged and started walking. When we finally reached home we could feel the intense feeling in the house. I hurried to the bathroom and knocked on the door twice.

"Ye Eun unni? Were home I brought toilet paper back." I bit my lip hoping she's okay and not scream. The door open and grabbed the toilet paper out of my hand then closed shut before I can see her face. Yoobin and Sunye unni were standing at a corner seeming scared that Ye Eun unni might scream. Sohee walked towards me and putted a hand on my shoulder.

"She'll be okay. Just give her time fix her situation in their." She smiled and looked at me I smiled back but can't help feeling guilty that Ye Eun unni have to be stuck in the bathroom for so long cause of me. Just then the bathroom door open and Ye Eun unni face seem relaxed.

She walked past me and headed for the living room she turned around and spoke, "Aren't you guys coming? I want to know what happen today cause I need an explanation on why you guys are late. And I really want to know what happen at the supermarket Sunmi you told me that something happen."

Then she disappear to the living room, Yoobin, Sunye unni, and Sohee looked at me with a questioning looked. We all headed to the living room feeling that all of us have a long story to tell.

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What Lied Between Us (WonderBang) Empty Chapter 2: Ye Eun POV

Post by FruitLover on 8/18/2009, 7:08 pm

I reached the living room with Yoobin unni, Sunye, Sunmi, ans Sohee trailing behind me. I sat down doing the silent treatment to scare them a little and looked at Sunmi in the eyes she looked right back at me for a split second and looked away.

"Take a seat you guys don't just stand there." I said in a command tone adding some sweet tone along with it. Sunye hesitated then looked over to Yoobin unni she also looked hesitated then took a seat across from me. Following next was Sunye then Sohee, Sunmi was still standing she looked sad seeing her face with sorrow made my anger soften just then Sunmi spoke.

"I'm sorry Ye Eun unni...I didn't mean to make you be stuck in the bathroom for so long." Tears started to well up in her eyes and come out of her eyes down to her face. I sat there looking at her, usually Sunmi doesn't really cry when she does something wrong instead she stays quiet. Yoobin unni and Sunye looked at each other then stood up to comfort Sunmi while she continued talking.

"I deserve whatever punishment you give me and if you hate me for the entire life." Hiccups started forming in her voice I stood up and walked towards Sunmi hugging her I said,

"It's okay Sunmi I can never hate you now tell me what happened." Minutes later we were still in the living room hearing Sunmi story. I was sitting next to her stroking her hair to comfort her with Sohee on the other side holding her hand.

"Those bastards!" Yoobin unni jump up forming two fists then spoke again,

"If we ever see them again they will wish they never would have ever lay a finger on you. Hahahaha...." Sunye looked at Yoobin unni then whisper next to me.

"Here she goes again with her evil attitude." I smile and continue to stroke Sunmi hair.

"Then what happen Sunmi?" Sohee asked with big eyes seeming desperate to know the answer yet scared.While Sunmi spoke her voice was shaking.

"I tried to run away from them but they caught up and slam me against the shelves of item." Sunmi wiped her eyes with tears in them, Sohee touched her back and Sunmi quickly moved away.

"They slammed you hard Sunmi your bruise are forming pretty quick." Sohee said shaking her head we all gather around to look at Sunmi's back.

"I know and it really hurts." Sunmi reply back.

"Yah Sunmi then how did you get away from those two jerks." Yoobin unni asked, Sunye nodded and spoke.

"Yeah then what happened? We all walked in front of Sunmi to hear what she has to say next.

"Well I was yelling and thinking no one can hear me with all these loud noise over running my voice then this guy came out of no where, he jump kick the guy and grabbed my hand and we both ran stopping at the ice cream section."

"How romantic!" Sohee squeal with excitment.

"I know you're leaving the juicy part out Sunmi, tell me all of it when where in our room." Sunye said smirking and nudge Sunmi on the arm then she blushed.

"Yah Sunmi do you like him? Cause your blushing."

Yoobin unni smirk Sunmi quickly looked away and spoke, "Yah don't make fun of me."

"Yea you guys leave her alone anyways did you get his number?" I asked smiling she looked at me and sighed.

"Yes and enough talking about me let's hear your story Ye Eun unni. How was it like being stuck in the bathroom for so long?" Sunmi smiled.

"You guys! It's not funny, I wanna see you being stuck in the bathroom for so long." I crossed my arm over my chest and pouted.

"Come one guys give her some slack she been through enough for the day." Yoobin unni spoke then burst out laughing. It seems that her laugh was contagious cause seconds later all of them where laughing including me. Just then the door bell rang we stopped laughing and looked at each other.

Sohee started laughing and spoke, "Don't worry you guys it's just the delivery man cause I order sushi. I didn't get to eat the whole day nor did I get to buy food at the market because of this guy. I'll tell you all about it when we get the food." Sohee started walking to the house front door. Minutes later we were sitting in the kitchen eating sushi.

"Is that why you were in a hurry trying to leave cause you were scared he was following you?" Yoobin unni asked Sohee she nodded and took a bite of her sushi.

"Well then now let's hear Sunye and Yoobin unni story." I said looking at them both they both shrugged and decided who should tell their story first. I listened carefully and looked around me, everyone was laughing while Yoobin unni was telling her story. I smiled thinking we haven't laugh together for so long and took a bite of my sushi.

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What Lied Between Us (WonderBang) Empty Chapter 3: Jiyong POV

Post by FruitLover on 8/19/2009, 1:14 pm

"Jiyong? Are you there?" Seungri knocked on my door. Laying on my bed startled I quickly push the things on my mind away an answered.

"Yeah, come on in." He opens the door and poked in his head first looking around my room then looked at me. He slowly walked towards me and took a seat on my computer chair.

Their was minutes of silence and he finally spoke and asked, "Are you okay? You have been quiet eversince we got back from the supermarket.' I sighed and sat up from my bed. "Yah, you can tell?" I asked and looked at him.

He smiled, "Hey I'm your cousin remember? We do everything together I can tell if your happy or not. Even if something is bugging you, now tell me what's on your mind?" I blushed and smiled thinking about it and looked down away from Seungri face so he wouldn't see.

"It's about a girl." I started and I could sense him smiling.

He leaned forward from his chair and asked interested, "What's her name?" My smiled disappear and turned to a frown Seungri looked puzzled.

"I didn't get a chance to get her name. I think she got scared of me and ran away." I answered and looked out the window in my room.

"Yah and why is that?" He asked I didn't really know but I spoke,

"Maybe because I acted weird to her?" I looked at him puzzled myself.

"Why are you asking me?" He asked back at me and smiled, I smiled back and whack his head playfully.

"And why are you so happy? You met a girl didn't you?" I smirk while he blushed I couldn't help it and pinch one of his cheeks.

"Hey!" Seungri yelled smiling and brushed my hand away.

"Now tell me who is this girl." I asked laying back down on my bed.

"Her names Sunmi and shes not like any other girl I met. Some how when I talk to her I feel different." Seungri ecplained leaning back on the chair.

"Seems like you found your soul mate. Remember when we were little how we watched this love movie." I smiled remembering the scene, Seungri laughed and looked out the window.

"Yeah, we were gonna watch this mystery movie but was sold out but unfortunately we couldn't go back home without spending the money."
{Flash Back]

"What now Jiyong, the movie is sold out." Seungri asked me. We were standing in front of a poster in the movie theater, the poster had a sign on it saying sold out.

"No it can't be sold out!" I grabbed the poster shaking it.

"Jiyong stop it the securities are gonna come! Let's just go home." Seungri grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back away from the poster. I looked around and sure enough two security were looking at us suspiciously. I sighed and looked at Seungri finding him walking towards the exit door. I ran to catch up with him.

"Yah! Are you crazy we can't go back home just yet without spending the money!" I yelled at him he looked confused. I sighed and started to explain.

"You know how we begged for the money for days and if they found out we didn't see it now cause he asked, "So what now Jiyong?" I looked around the theater and spoke.

"We'll just have to watch another move."

"Like what? Every other movie is sold out." Seungri looked at me with a worry face.

"And I am not watching any girl movie it'll be weird."

"Then well watch a relationship movie." I said looking at him now and he shooked his head at me.

"But that's still like the same thing!" Minutes later we stood in front of another poster called "My Soul Mate." I turned my head and looked at Seungri smiling.

"Do we really have to?" He turned his head to face me and asked.

"Yes or do you rather see yourself get yelled at?" I asked back the thought of seeing his mother yelling at him made him shudder and said,

"Let's go buy the tickets." The movie actually turned out not bad at all. It was about a boy one day meeting a girl and then they started seeing each other by accident and she makes him feel different and seem to have then started dating. But the sad part was their love was forbidden because what lied ahead was a sickness he had. He didn't want her to know and decided to act bad to make her leave. Eventually she did leave but her heart still loved him. At the end I could hear some people crying and turned to see Seungri crying himself.

"The movie was great and touching." Seungri said as we walked back home. I laughed and kept walking.

"The fact that you cry at the end." I pointed out he blushed and responded back.

"Yah after you seeing me cry you also did too." "Hey I was also touch okay?" I said blushing myself.

"Why don't we just both admit that we were touched by the movie, but I do wonder is it a real true story and will I eer see it happen in real life." Seungri questioned himself I nodded wondering too.

That gave me an idea, "Hey lets do this when we grow older we have to find are true soul mate."

"It's a promise, then shall we plant a note under our friendship tree where we always make our promises?" Seungri asked me. I nodded and minutes later we were standing under a big old tree with a small bottle in each of our hand with a paper inside.

"Ready?" Seungri asked me I looked at him and smiled. We put our bottle in a hole we dug and buried it.

"Let's go Seungri I'm hungry!" I yelled in a happy tone and ran. He smiled too and ran after me.
[End Of Flash Back]

"It seems like ages ago, I can't believe out of all those promises we made we only remember this one why is that?" I asked shaking my head trying to understand why.

"Maybe tha movie had a huge effect on us." Seungri said getting up from his seat.

"Were you going?" I asked looking at him he looked back and smiled.

"Gotta go back to the kitchen umma and I are making home made kimchi." He said smiling proudly.

"This late at night?" I questioned he shrugged and spoke,

"That's what makes it special."

"Whatever go spend some mother and son time Panda." I waved my hand gesturing he can leave.

Ignoring me calling him Panda he offered, "You know you can join us too." Standing half way near my door with his hand on my door knob.

"Nah, but thanks and thank you and your mom for letting me stay here." I said he smiled with his bright smile of his.

"Your welcome stay as long as you want. Umma and me welcome you here." With that he close the door behind him as he left. I sighed thinking about the past few months ago, when my mother died with this sickness she had from her family from generation that left me and my dad. I always thought about me, will I have it too? My dad was also aware of this cause one month ago he told me to live with Auntie Lee. Which was Seungri mom, my mom and his were sisters but my mom was older by his mom for two years. But it seems that they both had us at the same year, but I'm older than Seungri for five months. My dad told me to live with Auntie Lee cause he wanted someone to take care of me if anything happens, but I can always go back to our house.

While he's gone for three years on his company job to work over at America over there. So here I am at Auntie Lee's house and it's almost nine at night. I got up from my bed and closed the light laying back down on my bed I started thinking about the girl I met at the super market again.

She had long black brown hair and puffy cheeks like mandoo. I chuckle at the thought of that and asked myself this. "Is she my soul mate?" I smiled their was only one way to find out.

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What Lied Between Us (WonderBang) Empty Chapter 4: Sohee POV

Post by FruitLover on 8/20/2009, 6:19 pm

It was past midnight when we finally decided to go to bed. But somehow I couldn't sleep instead I kept on thinking about that person. And I really needed someone to talk to I shifted on my bed and called out to Ye Eun unni in the dark.

"Ye Eun? Are you still awake?" All I could hear is her shifting in her bed and groan. I sighed and left our room we shared and headed towards Sunye and Sunmi room. I knocked on their door and I could hear someone coming near the door. Just then Sunmi opened it while rubbing her eyes and looked at me.

"Oh Sohee it's you what's up?" She asked I sighed looked at the ground thinking on how to tell her.

"Sorry to bother you Sunmi but I really needed someone to talk to." She stopped rubbing her eyes and looked at me now with her eyes fully open now.

"Okay but let's talk out in the living room." With that she closed the door behind her quietly and we walked towards to the living room. We sat down and I grab a pillow from the couch while Sunmi grab a big white teddy bear and hugged it.

"So what's on your mind?" She asked I started messing with my hands by squeezing them together and letting it go then repeating it again. I could sense Sunmi me watching me waiting for an answer.

"'s weird but somehow that guy I met at the market, I....." I stopped not knowing what to say Sunmi just nodded and reached out towards my hand placing her on top.

"Go on." "Well I can't stop thinking about him. Somehow I feel something like a connection." I looked at her and Sunmi stared at me with a questioning look.

Sunmi sighed and replied back, "I know how you feel, I can't stop thinking about that person that save me too." With her answer I started to giggle while Sunmi also started laughing from what she just said.

"So do you like him Sunmi?" I ask between laughs she shrugged while laughing and reply back.

"I don't know but I feel different from other guys we met. Like he makes me feel comfortable." I stopped laughing and looked at her while she continue to laughed.

"Hmmm that does seems unusual cause usually you don't." She just nodded and I continued.

"Do you ever get his number?" She nodded and I scooted closer to her.

"Then you should call him and see if he's awake. I wanna see how he sounds and whats he's like." She hestitated for a bit and nodded. I watched her leave the living room to walk back to her room to get phone. While she was gone I started to think about that person again.

"Why can't I stop thinking about him. He was so weird though but yet kinda cute." I giggle at that thought of that just then Sunmi came back from her room holding her phone.

"What's so funny?" I turned around to face her and spoke without thinking.

"I was just thinking about that person on how weird he was yet cute at the same time." Sunmi eyes got alittle wide then she smirk.

"Sohee I think you're starting to like him." I blushed and hit myself lightly on the head asking why I just said that.

"It's okay Sohee I'll keep it as a secret."

"Yah stop it Sunmi. let's get back to your case." I grabbed her down to the couch to sit next to me so I could hear when she calls him. She turned to look at me and ask me something that she thinks I'm gonna do.

"Are you gonna try to take the phone away from me?" I shook my head answering her question.

"Man how did she know?" I thought to myself just then she ask me another question.

"You're not gonna talk are you?"

"No, now stop askingme questions when you can call him already!" I yelled in a whisper.

"Okay okay." She search through her contact list and pressed the calling button. We waited her a few seconds in silence then a man spoke.

"Hello? Young Bae is that you?"

"No I'm it's it's Sunmi." She hestitated and looked over at me I used my hand and told her to go on.

"Oh Sunmi, sorry about that how's it going why did you called?"

I could see her blushing an spoke, "Oh I was wondering do you want to meet me tomorrow for coffee on saying thank for helping today."

"Oh yea that'll be great but do you mind if I bring a friend along?"

She looked over at me then spoke, "Sure but hold on."

"Umm sure." Then she turned to me and mouth something to me.

"Do you want to go too?" I shrugged and she spoke again.

"Sure why not I want to see whats he's like." I thought to myself and listened to Sunmi conversation again.

"Umm do you mind if I bring a friend along with me then?"

"Sure then I'll see you tomorrow so how about the Royal Cafe then? Ten o'clock?"

"Yea I'll see you their bye Seungri." With that Sunmi hang closed her phone and turned to face me.

"So his name is Seungri huh?" I said she nodded and got up from the couch.

"Anyways were meeting with him tomorrow at ten o'clock in the morning at Royal cafe." She said I also got up putting back the pillow from the couch.

"So did he said what kind of friend he's bringing?"

"No but will see when we get their tomorrow. Night Sohee." Sunmi turned the door knob to her room and shut it silently behind her leaving me walking to my room alone. I twisted the door knob slowly and went inside closing it slowly and quietly hoping not to make any noise.

I went to my bed and pulled the cover over me right here in the dark I thought, "Seems like Sunmi didn't really help but I helped her." I started falling to sleep while still thinking about that one an only person.

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What Lied Between Us (WonderBang) Empty Re: What Lied Between Us (WonderBang)

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