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You know you got me. [ft. DBSK]

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You know you got me. [ft. DBSK]

Post by eggball on 8/16/2009, 4:17 am

Hello everyone!

I'm officially into DBSK now.
I've been writing SS501 fics, but now I'm into DBSK, so here's a DBSK fic for you!

Title : You know you got me.
Characters : DBSK & KimSoMin.
Date started : August 16 2009.
Date ended : ??-??-??


Prologue. :

I am a happy girl.
Everyone was envious of me.
Just because, my boyfriend was KimJaeJoong.
Not that I'm a show off. But I do get alot of privileges.
But after a trip, everything changed.
It changed my life, it changed DBSK's life.


Chapter 1 :

I know who DongBangShinKi is.

Not like there’s anyone who don’t know them.

But I know them, literally.

KimJaeJoong is my boyfriend.


Let me introduce myself.

My name is Alyssa, no one knows of this name other than JaeJoong, YunHo and Key.

I was from Singapore, but I migrated to Korea.

Don’t ask me where my parents are.

They’re the reason why I’m at Korea.

I have an older brother, by the name of KimKiBum.

Apparently he’s the Key from SHINee.

I’m 20yo.

Call me SoMin.

I don’t use Alyssa in Korea.

Back to JaeJoong.

“Yeah we are very much in love “

That’s probably what I’ll say a few months back.

We’ve been dating for years, 3 years to be exact.

The feeling of love wasn’t there recently.

I don’t know if it’s just me.

But I felt that JaeJoong wasn’t really into me.

I love JaeJoong, more than my life.

I don’t love him for his looks,

I loved him for his characters; he was cold, and hot.

I personally love badass boys.


I worked for SHINee as their manager.

Partly because my oppa is in the band.

It was an easy job.

Key oppa got me an assistant, which is also my best friend, EunSung.

EunSung is smitten with TaeMin.

TaeMin is cute, period.

And because Eunnie is smitten with TaeMin, she offers to do whatever that has to do with SHINee.

I spend most of my time shopping and hanging out with the DongBang guys.

“Jagiya, let’s go shopping today. “

JaeJoong hugged me from the back.

“Araso, but what about the rest? “

He shrugged while I looked behind him,

I saw YunHo oppa starring from the corner of his eyes.

“YunHo oppa, wanna go shopping with me and JaeJoong? “

“No. “

Then he went back to his room.


Don’t misunderstand.

Unfriendly is definitely not a word for JungYunHo, he’s far from that.

He was the most out-going person I’ve ever met,

He’s acting like that, probably because he had too much stress.

You know, being the leader of DBSK is not an easy job.

“Araso, let’s go baby. “ JaeJoong put on my beanie for me and off we go, to shop!

We didn’t bother to disguise ourselves.

Most of the Cassies know we’re a pair.

It was a huge topic 3 years ago, many tried to kill me.

I’m serious.

But they accepted us in the end.

I’m not a Cassie though.

“Baby, tell me if this tee is nice “

I grinned at JaeJoong; I loved it when he asks for my opinions.

“Oppa, as much as I wanna say your taste is good… it’s a female tee. “

He chuckled.

Awwww, so adorable…

“I’m not buying for myself, silly. “

“Then it’s for me? “

He shook his head.

He’s buying a female tee-shirt, but it’s not for me?!

Is he having an affair?


I frowned at that thought.

“Baby, I know what you’re thinking about, but don’t worry, I only love you. “

I looked up and smiled at him.

“Who is it for then? “

“Cassie’s leader, it’s her birthday soon. “

Oh… ah, KimSoMin, you think too much!

“Baby, so how is the tee I picked? “

It doesn’t matter anyway; JungMi will love the tee to bits, since it’s from Jae.

Yup, JungMi is her name.

“Mmmhm, I’ve never denied your taste oppa. “


“Jagiya, I’m going to Japan soon, I’m afraid, this time you can’t come along…“

I was lying on Jae’s lap, we were on the rooftop of DBSK’s dorm.

“Waeyo? “

“You see, our concert is coming. And manager Hyung wants us to be 100% focused. “

“I won’t distract you, I promise. “

I dread the thought of not having Jae beside me.

“You will, I can’t dance when you’re around, you’re too beautiful, it’s distracting. “
I pouted.

“But… “

“I’ll be back even before you know it. “

I sighed.

“Araso, when are you guys leaving? “

“Tomorrow night. “


That’s fast.

I kissed Jae goodnight before going back to my room.


[Meet me at the rooftop]

It was a text message from YunHo oppa.

So, I went up to the rooftop again.

It was a cold night, it was snowing.

And I forgot to bring my jacket with me.


“Oppa? “

“Oh SoMin ah, come and sit down. “

I walked over to where he was and sat down.

“SoMin ah, what is it like, to be able to love someone? “

Oh… YunHo oppa’s in love

“Happiness. “

He looked at me.

He locked his gaze on me.

I got this funny feeling inside me, I can’t explain what it’s like.

“I… I’m in love. “

Yay I was right.

“Who is that lucky girl, oppa? “

“Let’s just say, she’s someone really unique, she never fails to make me smile from the bottom of my heart. “

Wow, I had to admit I was a little jealous of this girl.

“What’s her name oppa? “

“Let’s call her Strawberry for now. “

Secretive, much?

“Strawberry? “

“It’s her favourite fruit. “

Ah, that made sense.

“Oppa, if you’re in love, why are you so sad? “

He shifted his feet a little.

“She’s attached. “

I muttered an “Oh” because I don’t know what else to say.


I sneezed, curse the weather.

YunHo took off his jacket and put it over me.

I wonder if Jae sees this, will he be jealous.

“Gomanwoyo oppa. “

He smiled.

“Anything for SoMin! “


I stood up and shout at him.

“I know you’ll always be there, SoMin. “

Then I gave him a hug, and told him to go to sleep, because they have an interview tomorrow.


Little did I know that, DBSK’s trip to Japan is gonna change our entire relationship.

YunHo, JaeJoong, YooChun, ChangMin, JunSu and me.

It’s gonna be different


First chapter up!
Enjoy & comments please Very Happy


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Re: You know you got me. [ft. DBSK]

Post by Jaemin on 8/16/2009, 7:46 am

I love i love <3 !
I was like , omo what will happen! I mean, SoMin being jaejoong's girlfriend, and also, there's Yunho in love Very Happy
Update soon ;D

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Re: You know you got me. [ft. DBSK]

Post by guiwang_4ever on 2/21/2010, 5:23 pm

woah! update soon! Smile


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Re: You know you got me. [ft. DBSK]

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