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Post by xxxholic on 8/15/2009, 7:02 am

Pen name : xxxholic

Title : Lifeline

Chapters : 11

Genre : conservative, romantic

Summary : An orphan named Angela is a third year high school, she grew up in the convent. She is a lonely girl but her friends Mia and Carol will help her get through it. They will have a vacation and she will met someone that will make her open up her heart.

Characters :
Angela, Mia, Carol, Yabu and Takaki

The sisters, Ryota, Cleo, Althea, Rainier

imma post everything now^^


Chapter 1 : Beginning of a twisted life

It’s a windy summer night, across the bridge, behind the willow tree in the garden of the convent, sit is Angela, an orphan girl who have been waiting for a women whom she can call her mother.

17 yrs ago, while Mother Superior Rio and the other nuns are about to finish dinner, they began to hear a cry so they quickly search from where it came from. As Sister Helena approach the bridge, the cry became louder and louder, she searched for it and to her surprised, a baby, wrapped in a white cloth, was left under the willow tree of the garden of the convent. The baby keeps on crying and it just stop when the sister carry her. She immediately called out for the other nuns, and they circled around Sister Helena and the baby.

“that’s a beautiful baby, is it a girl or a boy?’” Sister Ella asked.
“it’s a dashing baby girl!” Sister Helena announced.
“we should keep the baby here.” Sister Sara proposed.
“yes your right Sara, this baby is a gift from the heavens, we should keep it here.” Mother Superior agreed.
“then what should we call her?” asked Sister Lira.
“because she have an angelic face, we should call her Angela.” Mother Superior suggested. “well then, she will be Angela.” Sister Via agreed.
“can I keep her on my room, Mother Superior?” Sister Helena asked.
“okay but please take your very good care for Angela, Sister Helena.” Mother Superior agreed.
“no worries, I will definitely take care of her.” Sister Helena happily said.

“why are you still here Angela, aren’t you sleepy yet?” Sister Helena asked.
“I’m waiting for my mother Sister.” Angela answered.
“let’s go inside, a girl like you should be sleeping already.” Sister commanded.
“okay but please wake me up when my mother arrives.” Angela pleased.
“of course I will. I definitely will.” Sister smiles.
Angela go directly to her room and sleep while Sister Helena go to Mother Superior’s office. Knock at the door, “may I come in Mother?” Sister Helena asked.
“of course. Come in.” Mother Superior permitted.
Sister Helena enters and sit, “Mother, Angela is still waiting for her mother, what should we do?” she worriedly asked.
“calm down Helena, Angela is still in pain because she can’t accept the truth.“ Mother Superior explained, “she is still hurt that her parents or her mother abandoned her.”
“yes but it’s been almost 17 yrs.” Sister Helena explained.
“yes, but don’t you think that, that 17 yrs of her life had been lonely?” Mother Superior try to explained.
“but ---” Sister Helena tries to contradict, “aren’t we enough to keep her happy?”
“we aren’t mothers, we don’t have child. She clearly express that she want to have a mother of her own, and I‘m afraid that we aren‘t the mothers that she want to have.” Mother explained.
“then what should we do to her?” Sister Helena asked.
“nothing, we should just pray for her, she will definitely be happy for what she have.”
“okay, I think she should just let her be.” Sister Helena agreed.

At Angela’s room..

“why can’t I have my own mother, my classmates have their own mothers, and they are happy with them, why can’t I have my mother.” tears began to fall, “Lord, please bring my mother back to me.”

The next day..

“Angela, wake up, you have a class.” Sister Helena wakes Angela.
“Sister, did my mother come?” Angela asked.
“I should have wake you up when she arrive but then she didn’t.” Sister Helena said.
“I see, I’ll just go to school.”’ after 10 minutes of preparing, “I’m going Sisters, see you later.” Angela waved goodbye.
“wait, your breakfast!” Sister Ella cries.
“I’m okay, bye bye!” Angela already go.


Chapter 2 : The World of Friends

At the school gate..

“Angela, good morning!” her friend Carol greeted.
“oh, good morning.” Angela greeted.
“I’m worried that I’m late.” Carol catch her breath.
“you almost overslept again?” Angela asked then the two laugh.
“wazzup lady bugs!” Mia greeted. “hi Mia.” Angela greeted.
“what’s up with the lady bug thing ha?” Carol questioned.
“oh, it’s the first thing that pop from my mind.” Mia answered.
“let’s go to class or we’ll be late.” Angela reminded.
Time flies, lunch break already.
“why aren’t you eating Angela?” Mia asked. “do you want me to eat it?”
“whatever,” Angela teasingly answered.
“are you okay?” Carol asked.
“yes, I’m fine, it’s just that I’m still waiting for my mother.” Angela explained. “
it’s been 17 yrs. Angela, the sisters are taking care of you properly right? You should be happy with that, you have many mothers you know.” Carol advocate.
“I know but I really wanted to see my mother.” Angela defended.
“it’s okay Angela, you can overcome this.” Mia hugs Angela.
“I’ve finally decided to stop waiting for my mother, I will treat the sisters as my mothers from now on.” Angela speak out.
“you should have think of that a long time ago.” Mia sighed.
“yahh but it’s still hard for me.” Angela whispered.
“did you say something?” Carol asked.
“ha? Oh it’s nothing.” Angela defended.
“my, my let’s just forget about it, okay?” Mia suggested.
“okay.” Angela and Carol both agreed.

After their class, Angela go home straight and go directly to Sister Helena’s room. Knocking, “may I come in Sister?” Angela asked.
“of course, come in Angela.” Sister Helena permitted.
“uhm, from now on I will forget about my mother and I promise that I will treat the sisters as my mothers.” Angela shouted.
“why? How?” Sister Helena cluelessly asked.
“I realize it when I’m in school, Mia and Carol help me to overcome my wait.” Angela explained.
“okay, finally you’ve already moved on.” Sister Helena was pleased.
“Sister, can I ask you a favor?” Angela asked.
“yes, what’s that?” Sister allowed.
“can I call you mother?” Angela answered.
“me? Why not Sister Ella or Sister Via or even Mother Superior.” Sister Helena suggested. “no, I want you, you are the one who found me right?” Angela retorted.
“yes, it’s me who found you.” the sister seconded, “but aren’t you closer to the others?”
“I want you, I want you to be my mother now.” Angela said.
“okay, I’ll tell it first to Mother Superior.” ‘sister Helena exclaimed.
“okay, thank you Sister, I mean mother.” Angela hugs Sister Helena.
“okay, I’ll go now, do your homework if you have such.” sister suggest.

“Lord, thank you for clearing Angela’s mind.” Sister Helena prayed. After praying, Sister Helena go to Mother Superior’s office. Knock, “may I come in Mother?” Sister asked.
“come on in.” Mother permitted.
“about Angela, she said that she will not wait for her mother anymore and she wants to call me ‘mother’, what should I do mother?” Sister exclaimed.
“is that so? Well it’s good for Angela. It will help her to be open to things properly.” Mother subjected.
“yes but she wants me to be her mother.” Sister Helena contradicted.
“it’s okay for her to call you her mother, after all she did grew in the convent with us. It can help her move on.” Mother Superior explained.
“uhm, yes it will, okay I will be her mother from now on.” Sister Helena agreed.
“good one Helena.” Mother Superior smile.


Chapter 3 : A decision to render

Cell phone rings, “hello.” Angela greeted.
“ei, do you want to come with me and Carol today?” Mia invited.
“where?” Angela cluelessly asked.
“we will go to the mall, so want to come?” Mia asked.
“I’ll do nothing today but I will asked the sisters first.” Angela explained.
“okay, call me back when the sisters agreed.” Mia hung up the phone.
Angela went to Sister Helena’s office. Knocking, “may I come in mother?” she asked.
“yes Angela, come in.” sister permitted.
“mother, Mia asked me if I can go to the mall today with them, can I come?” Angela asked. “of course yes, you can,” Sister Helena walks toward Angela, “a girl like you should be having fun, you can now go.”
“thank you sister, I mean mother.” Angela happily leaves sister’s office.
“finally, she did became a girl.” Sister Helena exclaimed.

When Angela reached her room, she immediately get her phone and call Mia. “hello, Mia?” she greeted.
“wazzup, did the sister allowed you?” Mia asked.
“yup, are you there already?” Angela asked back.
“yes.” Mia answered.
“I’ll go already, bye.” Angela hung up her phone.
Angela hurried and go to the mall. When she arrived there, Mia and Carol are already waiting for her in the entrance. “ahh, hello, you wait for me ha?” Angela asked.
“Mia said that it will be fun if the three of us go together.” Carol explained. “
oh I see, then let’s go in.” Angela, Mia and Carol go inside already.
They went from shop to shop, tried everything from dresses to bags to jewelries and to things that they think they like.
“this is so much fun, I think this is the first time that you join us right?” Carol asked.
“yes this is the first time and I had lot of fun too.” Angela answered.
“at least spring had already approach you.” Mia exclaimed.
“I think so.” Angela said.
“the sister? Did they say something about your whole transformation thing?” Mia asked. “ahh about that, I asked Sister Helena to be my mother and she agreed with that, also Mother Superior agreed too.” Angela explained.
“good, wait I have an idea, what if we celebrate for it?” Carol suggested.
“celebrate it?” Angela asked.
“yup and we can celebrate in our rest house in Okinawa!” Mia suggested.
“really?” Angela asked.
“yes, let’s have it this weekend!” Mia exclaimed.
“this weekend? Yahh, I think I can go this weekend.” Carol seconded.
“I’ll ask for the sisters permission first.” Angela said.
“okay but come with us ha.” Carol pleased.
“okay. I‘ll try” Angela gives off a cute smile.
The three already go home. Angela rushed to Sister Helena’s office. “may I come in mother?” she asked.
“come in Angela. What can I do for you?” Sister Helena asked.
“can I come to Mia’s rest house this weekend? Mia invited me and Carol.” she ask for permission.
“only the three of you? Will you be okay?” sister interrogated.
“Yes, only the three of us and she said that they have a care taker there and I’m sure that I’ll be okay.” Angela explained.
“are you sure?” sister doubtfully asked.
“yes, I’m already 17 and I’m sure that I can handle myself already.” Angela ensured. “okay but I --- fine, but I will definitely call every hour.” Sister Helena said.
“okay, thank you mother.” Angela hugs Sister Helena.
“my dear, spring finally approach you.” Sister Helena calmly said.”

The next day, “ei Angela, did the sisters agree?” Mia Asked.
“yes, mother said that I can go.” Angela answered.
“yey!” Carol exclaimed then hugs Mia and Angela.
“this will definitely be fun.” Mia cry out.


if you like it, imma post the next chapters^^

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