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Post by xxxholic on 8/15/2009, 6:48 am

“Can I play the part of Juliet?” Chinen asked.
“can you act?”
“of course Keito, I can.”
“why do you want to play as Juliet?”
“cause --- cause her love for Romeo is unconditional and it’s pure love.”
“only that Chinen?”
“yup, isn’t that not enough?”
“it’s okay, go on with the audition.”
“thanks Keito, I know you’re my true friend.”
*Chinen hugs Keito*
“okay, okay now let go of me.”
“oopppssss, gomen ne.”

After the audition..

“did I do great?” Chinen worriedly asked.
“it’s fine with me but I think you should already memorize your line Juliet.”
“what?????? I got the role??”
“didn’t you heard it clear? Or do you want me to repeat it?”
“no kidding, I really make it?”
“want me to take it back?”
“nope, nope, thanks Keito.”
“okay, from now on I want you to memorize your lines and get a good dress.”
“okay, I’ll do it Ms. Director.”
“well then, see you tomorrow Juliet.”
“wait,” stopped, “who will be Romeo?”
“I’ll just announced it tomorrow. Jya ne.”

The next day…

“Ei Chinen,” Daiki called, “omedetto ne”
“I hope you’ll do great,”
“by the way, try to focus on your lines and be sure that you can keep your temper properly.”
“oh it’s nothing,” Daiki give of a devilish grin and walk away.
“I can’t really understand Daiki-san. Keep my temper properly?? Eh?” Yuri keep on her mind.


“Chii, omedetto” Yabu grabs Chinen’s arms.
“oh, arigato.”
“good luck, I know that you will surely have a hard time doing all of that.”
“eh? You too?”
“jya ne and by the way Keito wanted you to go to the auditorium.”
“bye, and thanks.”
“they are really weird!” Chinen shouted in her mind.

In the auditorium..

“oh, here comes Juliet,” Keito said.
“sorry I’m late.” Chinen apologize.
“it’s okay, we haven’t started yet.”
“did I miss anything?” a guy who enter ask.
“oh, here’s our Romeo!” Keito announced.
“oh, hi guyz, wazzup.”
“he is Romeo????” Chinen asked.
“yup, he is.” Keito answered.
“no way, there’s no way that guy can have any talent.” Chinen exclaimed.
“Chii, he is the best, believe me.”
“wait, why are complaining my Juliet?” the guy asked.
“I am not your Juliet, Yamada Ryosuke!”
“Really? Okay, the audition for the new Juliet is open!” Ryosuke announced.
“what the, fine I’ll be Juliet.”
“see, you like me.” Ryosuke boastfully said.
“nope I don’t, I just wanted to be Juliet.”
“okay and I just wanted to be Romeo too.”
“don’t argue at a time like this guyz,” Keito said.
“sorry Keito, ” Chinen apologizes..
“okay, just seat down.”
“fine with me,” Yamada sat down.

“okay, my name is Keito Okamoto and I will be the director of Romeo and Juliet, well, our Romeo will be Yamada Ryosuke and Juliet will be Yuri Chinen. Yoroshiku ne.”
“anou, hello, my name is Yuri Chinen. Nice to meet you.”
“well I’m Yamada and I’m Romeo.” Yamada boastfully greeted.
“why are you so boast and proud? Can‘t you be any nicer?” Chii complained to Yamada.
“it’s me and you can’t do anything about that.”

Three weeks have pass already, everyone is doing fine for the play, Chii and Yamada become close to each other.

Play date already..

“omg, omg, I can’t do it, there’s so many butterflies in my stomach,” Chinen keeps on her mind.
“eh? What’s up with you? Are you okay?” Yamada asked.
“anou, my stomach,”
“does it hurts?”
“anou, butterflies, there’s so many of them in my stomach and my knees, it’s shaking.”
“eh? It’s okay, don’t worry, you can do it.”
“but ----”
“remember, you said that Juliet’s love for Romeo is pure and unconditional, so do it, showcase your talent.”

“guyz, it’s on, play time already.” Keito announced.

“I’ll just say it to you later, ganbatte.”
“oh.” Chii is so clueless, “how did he know that? I just say that to Keito in my audition.”


“oh Romeo, my Romeo,”
“Juliet,” Yamada kneel, “I have something to confess,”
“that’s not on our script,” Chii whispered.
“I love you, I really do, I can love no one except you,” Yamada continues.
“what are you talking about?” Chii asked.
*as the play continue*
“the guards are here!” Juliet shouted.
“Juliet, drink this and shall be with me forever.”
*Romeo and Juliet drink the poison and die*
*curtains close*

“what did you just do?” Chii asked.
“oh nothing, I just wanted to confess my love for you,” Yamada confess.
“what are you talking about?’”
“oh, come on, I already said it, YURI CHINEN, AISHITERU!!!!!!!!” Yamada shouted with all of his heart.
“are you serious?”
“you can ask everyone about it.”
“Chinen,” Keito called, “that guy is serious, he heard you during your audition so immediately he beg me so he can be Romeo.”
“eh? Keito, why are you saying all of that, it’s so embarrassing.” Yamada whispered.
“oh come on, see Chinen, this guy really love you.”
“I see, why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?” Chinen angrily asked.
“I just say it awhile ago,” Yamada explained.
“I mean why didn’t you confess to me a long time ago?”
“coz, anou, I didn’t think that I can do it.”
“baka!” Chii shouted.
“I said baka! you idiot”
“what’s that for?”
“if you just confess a long time ago, I will, I will definitely love it.”
“what?!? You mean, you also like me?”
“baka, isn’t it obvious?”
*Yamada kiss Chinen*
Everyone cheers.

After some months, Ryosuke and Chinen are very thankful to Romeo and Juliet and now are attending the same high school together happily.

>>>>i hope you like it guyz^^

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