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Would You Be My Angel

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Would You Be My Angel

Post by sweet.strawberry on 8/11/2009, 1:41 am

Authors Note:
Hii everyone! well i'm new to Fanfictoinal so i'm trying to get the hang of everything here.
So yeahh.This is my first fanfic on Fanfictional...so please help by commenting so
i know how i'm doing and i'll continue with it. Sorry for any mistakes along the way.



Would You Be My Angel

ended:whenever it comes

*This story is going to be Dialogue and is in Park Dara POV


"When i was a little girl i believed in angels and still do today.I believe that i'm an angel..but am i really am if i have no wings?".

My dad passed away when i was just a little girl before he did he always told me that i was his little angel.Every time i think of that it makes me cry.My mom has remarried a rich man and know i go to one of the richest schools in Seoul, which is Seoul High.
Which is ruled by the Big Bang boys.

well there's the prologue
chapter 1 will be up shortly.
thanks for reading.

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