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He's Mine.. ONLY MINE (YooSu)

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He's Mine.. ONLY MINE (YooSu) Empty He's Mine.. ONLY MINE (YooSu)

Post by kimheechul on 8/10/2009, 11:29 pm

He's Mine.. ONLY MINE (YooSu) 012

Title: He's Mine.. ONLY MINE
Genre: Drama, Romance and Fluff
Characters: Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Lee Sungmin, Cho Kyuhyun,
Kim Ryeowook, Kim Yesung, Kim Kibum, Shim Changmin, Park Leeteuk, Kim
Kangin, Kim Heechul, and others..
Summary: Pass!


Chapter 1: One


Junsu and Sungmin were happily chatting at the cafeteria.

"Baby.." a familar voice spoke. Junsu immediately stopped talking and
Sungmin raised his eyebrows in confusion. Slowly, Junsu turned around. Bingo!
He was right.. It was none other than Park YooChun. He knew the voice too well.
He stiffened at the sight. He didn't like the fact that Yoochun is in front of
him smiling like an idiot. Not to mention, he was holding a bouquet of red

"What do you want, Park?" he asked coldly.

"I'm back Su." Yoochun answered while giving the bouquet to Junsu.

"I can see that stupid. Why are you here?" he annoyingly answered as
he half-heartedly accepted the bouquet.

"I came here to get you back Su ah. I missed you and I'm so sorry."

"Yeah you are." he hissed, "Mr. Park, we're over. Don't you know
that? Too bad. We're through since you abandoned me 2 years ago. You can't just
leave me like that. Let alone, go back to me like nothing happened. Are you
crazy? Tsk. And what made you think that I'll accept you?"

"Because you love me." Yoochun answered confidently. Well, it was the

"Let me rephrase that for you, I LOVED you. You forgot the 'd'."

Sungmin wasn't so sure on what was going on. What he knows is that these two
needed to talk so he excused himself. Junsu didn't want him to go but he

"Su baby.."

"Don't!.. call me baby. I'm not your baby anymore." Yoochun's heart
sank at Junsu's words. He hung his head low and took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry Junsu. I didn't want to leave you. Trust me, I had no choice.
My parents forced me into it.. they said that if I don't come with them,
they'll marry me off to some random girl. And I didn't want that to
happen." he explained.

"Nice excuse Park. But its kinda lame." he mocked.

"Believe me, Su. Please?" he pleaded, "And please don't call me
Park,call me Chunnie.. like you always do."

"Stop living in the past Park Yoochun! Can't you see that our relationship
isn't like that anymore!?" he nearly shouted. He wanted to punch the man
right now but he kept his cool. The cafeteria isn't a nice place to start a
fight. "Listen here, Park Yoochun.. I need to go now. But if you want to
talk to me, pick me up at my classroom after class. We'll talk." and with
that, Junsu walked away. Yoochun smiled. At least there's still hope.


(Junsu's POV)

Shit! Fuck you Park Yoochun! Why does he have to show up?! I AM moving on. I'm
almost there~ but he came back. I have to start all over again! Does he know
how hard it is to forget him!?

"Believe me, Su. Please? And please don't call me Park,call me Chunnie..
like you always do."

Stop living in the past Park Yoochun! Can't you see that our relationship isn't
like that anymore!?" Dammit! I want to punch him so bad but I can't. I
couldn't. "Listen here, Park Yoochun.. I need to go now. But if you want
to talk to me, pick me up at my classroom after class. We'll talk." I
walked away and headed towards my classroom.

I know I just said that so he'll stop bothering me. But I feel guilty about
lying to him. But did he feel any guilt when he left me? I guess not..

- - - -

15 minutes. There are only 15 minutes left until the class ends. That means, I
only have that much time left to think of a plan. A plan on how to avoid
Yoochun. Sure I still have a bit of something for him, but we can't be what we
used to be. We can't bring back the old us. No matter how much he wanted it.
That will just make things more complicated than it already is.

Aaah! Why did I even ask him to pick me up!? I should've just told him to wait
for me somewhere and I'll just ditch him. That would be much much easier.

Aaah! I'm going crazy here! I need to talk to Minnie right now which seems
impossible cuz he's TOO engrossed in whatever he's doing.


Shit! Nooooo! The time has come. This is it! This is the moment. I quickly
packed my stuff, grabbed my bag and headed out of the room. As soon as I got

Shoot! Yoochun was leaning against a wall, grinning at me. Aww! I wanna pinch
his cute chubby cheeks. But now isn't he right time.

"Hi Su!" he waved at me, still smiling. Should I wave back? What the
heck. Of course I should.

"Uhh.. Hi Yoochun."

"Yoochun? I guess that's better than Park but I'm still hoping that you'll
call me Chunnie."

"In your dreams!"

"You're always in my dreams Su Su."

"Stop it or I'll call you Park."

"Okay okay. I'm really sorry Su."

"Whatever. Come on, let's go." I told him and just gave me a confused


"We're gonna talk, remember?" I reminded him. Did he develop a
short-term memory when he was in Virginia? Well,he wouldn't have that if he
didn't leave me.

"Oh yeah. Right. I forgot. Sorry.. by the way Su, where are we going to
talk?" he asked me.

"I don't know? Uhh.. Do you have some place in mind?"

"Me? Oh yeah! I know a coffee shop near here. Its called Rising Sun Cafe.
Ever heard of that?"

"Yeah but I've never been there."

He suddenly grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the school building.

"Ya Park Yoochun!"

(end of Junsu's POV)


"Good Afternoon sirs! Welcome to Rising Sun Cafe!" two waiters
greeted them and they bowed in response. One of the waiters led them to a table
near the window.

"Thank You." Junsu said.

"No problem sir. What would you like to order?" the waiter asked
politely while getting the pen and paper out of his apron pocket.

"I'd like to order 1 frapuccino. How about you, Su?" Yoochun asked.

"Uhm.. I'll get that too." Junsu told the waiter.

"2 frappucinos coming up. Would you like to add some cake?"

Yoochun glanced at Junsu and smiled, "Chocolate Cheesecake please."

Junsu was a bit surprised. Yoochun still remembered his favorite cake.
Chocolate Cheesecake that is. He tried to hide his smile but he couldn't, so he
excused himself and went to the comfort room.


"So, what do you want to talk about?" Yoochun asked as soon as they
got their order.

"It's about us."

"Us. What about us?" Junsu sighed and Yoochun tensed up. He knew that
something bad is going to happen. "Su, please. Give me another chance. I
know I'm so wrong for leaving you like that. I really didn't mean it. I was
going to tell you but my parents re--"

"Chunnie stop!" Yoochun did what he was told.

"I'm sorry.. Wait! You just called me Chunnie! I knew it! You still love
me. Su, please? Give another chance. I won't leave or hurt you again. I

Junsu chuckled, "Okay, I give up. Yeah~ I really missed calling you Chunnie.
And actually, I already forgave you. Your cousin told me everything about your



"But if you knew everything-- then why were you mad at me?"

"I wasn't mad. I was just disappointed that you didn't tell me personally.
That your cousin was the one who told me about your situation. I could've
helped you in any way that I can."

"Oh. I'm sorry. I reall am."

"Stop apologizing. I told you, I have forgiven you a long time ago."

"Su!" Yoochun jumped into Junsu which startled the smaller boy but
happily took him in his arms. They didn't care about the glares and whispers
that the other people were giving them.

"So.. does this mean that?"

"Uhh.. Chunnie. We have a bit of a problem."

"What is it?" Yoochun asked in confusion.

Junsu stared at him for a while, "I-I.. have a boyfriend." he said


A/N: Was it good or bad?? I'll post the next chapter if I get comments.

- Kim HeeChul -


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