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Kim Jaejoong (YunJae & HanJae) - One Shot -

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Kim Jaejoong (YunJae & HanJae) - One Shot - Empty Kim Jaejoong (YunJae & HanJae) - One Shot -

Post by kimheechul on 8/10/2009, 11:06 pm

Title: Kim Jaejoong
Genre: ??
Pairings: YunJae, HanJae, HanChul
Summary: Read and find out!

It was a beautiful day for the people of South Korea. Except for a person named Kim Jaejoong.

- - - - FLASHBACK - - - -

Jaejoong was holding a blue box wanting to give it to a certain person. He
couldn't contain his excitement so he was actually giggling while
heading towards the classroom where his beloved is. Crazy, isn't he?

Well, he's Kim Jaejoong after all.

Finally, he reached his destination. He opened the door only to find out that a
couple was having a steamy make-out session. And it's not just an
ordinary couple.. it was Kim Heechul and Han Geng, who happens to be
Jaejoong's one and only boyfriend.

His fists clenched in anger.

No tears fell from his eyes. He may look fragile but he is strong. He doesn't give up easily but this time, he's had it. He has caught Han Geng cheating on him countless of times but he just ignored it. According to him, teenagers have the tendency to play around cuz they are curious about things. But this time, he couldn't let him play around anymore. He wanted to punch and shout at him but he refrained from doing so. Not now. He smirked.

No one messes with Kim Jaejoong.

He stood at the door frame silently hoping that he wouldn't be noticed.
Lucky for him, they were too busy making-out to notice his presence.
Jaejoong is jurt but he has to do this. He has to. He's not stupid.

If this is a game, then Jaejoong is definitely in.
Han Geng was having a tongue battle with Heechul. His hand was slowly going inside Heechul's shirt.

"Ooohh..Hannie.." Heechul moaned. Han Geng's hand traveled lower when Heechul grasped his wrist. "No Hannie, you've done this the last time. Now's my turn."

'So, they've done this lots of times. No wonder Hannie's a good kisser.'
Jaejoong thought but smacked his head. 'Oh Hannie, you are so gonna be
dead.' he laughed to himself, thinking about the plan he prepared for
his 'Hannie'.
Heechul groped Han Geng's crotch without notice.

"Aaah Chullie.." he quickly unzipped Han Geng's pats and pulled out his
throbbing member. He pulled out a bottle of lube from his pocket and
coated his hands with it. Again, he crashed his lips into Han Geng's.
Sucking his tongue while stroking his cock made the other bot crazy.

"Ch-chullie..uhh..ahh..faster!" he said in between kisses.

"My pleasure." Heechul gladly replied. His pace fastened. He stroked Han Geng's cock faster than ever.

Heechul stroked him faster. He felt that the other boy was nearing his
climax when his pre-cum started to leak out. He stroked it as fast as
he can while Han Geng thrusted his hips.
"Aaah..Chul..uhh..I'm co--"
Jaejoong smirekd. It's showtime!

"Han Geng!" he shouted. The couple was startled from his sudden appearance.

"J-jae.." Han Geng stuttered. As soon as he saw Jaejoong, he forgot the fact that
he was near from his orgasm.

Jaejoong smiled. "I'm sorry to disturb you guys. I just wanted to give you
this." he handed the blue box to the flushed-faced Chinese boy.

"H-how long have you been here?" he asked.

"Since you started." he chuckled. "Don't worry. I won't disturb you again. And
by the way, I'm sorry if I barged in like this. I didn't know that you
were going to uhh.. you know." he smirked. "You can continue now. Bye!
And oh I forgot! Hannie, we're through."

Jaejoong walked away. He could heat Han Geng screaming his name and moments after, he was arguing with Heechul.
He made his way out of the school building and out of Han Geng's life.He knows for sure that tomorrow, they're gonna be talked about in the whole school.

But does he give a damn? Hell no! He's Kim Jaejoong after all.

- - - - END OF FLASHBACK - - - -

That's how Jaejoong ended up wandering in the streets of Seoul.

He was walking aimlessly. He didn't know where he was going and he didn't want to know.



(Jaejoong's POV)

Who the hell was that?


Is it Hankyung?! Aish! I'm not in the mood to play games with him right now. Dammit!

"Jaejoong!" this is getting annoying!

"Jaejoong ssi~ wait up!!" Aish! I turned around and saw someone running towards me.

As he got nearer, I recognized his face. "Y-yunho?!"

"Hi..Jae..joong..ssi.." he was panting hard.

"Hello. Why were you calling me?" I asked.

He smiled at me as he fixed his glasses. "I..uhh..I..I..I j-just want t-to ask if.. Icansendyouhomefortodayplease!"

"What did you say?" I honestly understood what he said. I just want to tease him. He's so cute.


"It's ok. You can walk me home." I smiled at him.

He is Jung Yunho, my classmate. He has been courting me for ages now but I
haven't accepted his feelings yet since I am..I mean, I was with that
bastard Hangyung. I should've accepted him. I'm so stupid.

"Really? I can?!" he asked, his almond eyes sparkled.

"Of course." I smiled at him. "In fact, you can walk me home everyday if you want."

"JAEJOONG SSI! THANK YOU!" he jumped on me. Luckily, we didn't fall.

"Yunho..can't..breathe.." he quickly let go.

"Oh sorry." he apologized as he scratched his head which I suppose, isn't itchy.

"It's ok. Oh~ by the way, call me Jae and drop the ssi."

"No!" he said angrily while he stomped his foot. What's his problem? "I won't
call you Jae. That's what Hangyung calls you. I'll call you Joongie. Is
that ok with you?" he asked shyly.

Joongie. I wanted to be called that since, forever but Hangyung said that it's too childish so he called me Jae instead.

"Pabo! Of course!"


"Nope." I answered. I don't want to be friends with him

"Oh." he felt embarrassed. Aww! He's so cute!

"After giving me the nickname that I longed for, we're only friends? No way!
Listen here Mr., whether you like it or not, you're my boyfriend from
now on." I stated firmly.

"Omo! Are you serious Jaej-- I mean Joongie!? I can't believe it! I'm hyperventilating right now!" he said as he fanned himself with his hands.

He's too adorkable! and noisy! He kept on blabbering so I silenced him with a kiss. Now that shut him up.



Sooooo???????? Comments please!

- Kim HeeChul -

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Kim Jaejoong (YunJae & HanJae) - One Shot - Empty Re: Kim Jaejoong (YunJae & HanJae) - One Shot -

Post by Hanonj96 on 3/10/2011, 8:44 am

*-*'s a beautiful story!!!!...less is Han Geng.
YunJae <3...Jaejoong <3_<3 i love him.
This fanfiction it's emotional! Especially when Jaejoong comes in the classroom and pick Han Geng with Heechul. Great!
Congratulations .. I hope soon to read something of your. Byee!
Very Happy

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