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Eternal Love : The Game

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Eternal Love : The Game Empty Eternal Love : The Game

Post by DbSkHatter on 8/8/2009, 12:08 am

GUESS WHO!? ^^ Yes it's Rae with a new name! WHOOOA! Um...yeah it's suppose to be a so-so secret name but i don't care anymore. raerae0filo gets old...XD

reason for this post: as per the title...I've added my game to this. The games on Winglin too BUT! if i add it on would be to confusing. So! I decided to post it here, and allow you to play along. You'll see soon enough, But for starters.

I define a word. First letter of the word is one of the letters for a sentence. This sentence is for the second last chapter of the story. Get it?

For new readers...You're VERY OK! You won't need to read the past story to get this. So but if you do ask and i'll link you to it.

Let us Begin!

Where we had left of was the sudden death of Junsu… but is that really the end for him and Yoochun? Do you really think I would end YooSu in that kind of distress! HECK NO! The story of an eternal love is that the love lasts forever! YooSu Forever! [Fan girl much? LOL]

A love never failing love cannot be broken even if forgotten or lost… it can be regained back and restored even if it lasts the person a whole life time to make the person love them again.

_News Reporter_
“Welcome to news at 6. Today’s story, the sudden disband of DBSK. Fans are dumbfounded at the fact and there are rumors saying it was because of the sudden disappearance of band member Kim Junsu 1 year ago. The band had kept to their schedules until Park Yoochun had announced in September that they were going for a break. Then the other 3 members had announced the next month that they had decided to disband. But on later reports they had said it wasn't disbandment, but more of a break from everything.

Reporters have asked if they were going solo but they had all said no. They would try live normal lives until things are resolved, We hope that DBSK will get back together soon. They brought our hearts together and gave each fan hope that they would change the world with one look and one song…DBSK HWAITING!” [awkward seeing as this is SORTA happening]

He walked up to the beach side smelling the fresh gust of wind that was pushed to him just moments ago carrying his bag in one hand and his jacket slung over his shoulders. The sun gave the older man a feeling of warmth, but only to his skin. His heart was ice cold, cold to the core and never to be warmed.

If only he was here.

The sand under his feet did not make him wince at the fact it was made out of shells and broken rocks this actually made him relax, yet it was his thoughts that disturbed him and caused him pain. Shoes were placed on his feet as he made him way to the docks and the lighthouse.

Looking up to the sky he spoke soft little words like someone could hear him.

“Junsu… how have you been lately?”

“Are you happy?”

“Eating well?”

“I…miss you… Miss you a lot…”

“Why did God have to take you away from me? Doesn’t he know you’re the reason I live! The reason why I wanted to protect? The reason why…why… the reason why I loved…”

Tears falling from the older man’s eyes staining the red cheeks that was warmed by the sun. As he made his way to a small town he noticed a small figure sitting at the edge of the peer. He looked sad, he looked lost… he looked like an innocent young boy. His hair was neatly styled up and he had a black hoodie and baggy jeans on. His shoes were on his side; his shoes being air forces showed that he must be some kind of TB or dancer. None the less he had air forces. Purple and white, they looked too expensive for a boy living at the country side of Seoul.

As he walked closer to the small figure he stopped and froze in his position.


_End of Prologue_
Tell me what you think about the game...XD

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Eternal Love : The Game Empty Re: Eternal Love : The Game

Post by Jaemin on 8/8/2009, 10:08 am

omg. so suspense to me. ! Even tho~ i didn't understand perfectly the ending of the prologue it seems interesting to me :]
update soon !

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Eternal Love : The Game Empty Chapter 1

Post by DbSkHatter on 8/14/2009, 9:21 am

Sorry for the late post~ school has been busy...[especially cause i actually cut my finger causing it to bleed like crazy...] but yes...
Ok just to clarify what has happened....

Junsu had been missing for more than a year and 'no one' knows where he is...until now. and He had supposedly died in a gang fight about the year earlier, right before he yes...

[edits after 6 hours]
_Chapter 1_

"Nice to meet you...."

Yoochun stepped closer to the small figure that vaguely reminded him of his ‘as he knows’ past lover. He looked at the boy; he had a scar on his cheek, fresh and bleeding, and was hugging onto his knees it looked like he was crying…

Yoochun kept a far yet visible distance between each other. He looked at the young boy and saw tears stain his cheeks. He felt a jab of pain in his heart seeing such an innocent looking boy crying and hugging onto himself. As he was about to say something a woman came running to the boy.

She leveled herself to the boy and embraced him by the back, and for unknown reasons Yoochun felt jealous. He wanted to be comforting the boy, but he wasn’t.

The woman didn’t look old and didn’t look young. She was probably about his age. She wore a white dress and a tank top, with the sign of worry on her face as she embraced the young boy yet the sadness of the boys face didn’t fade.

“Oppa… please don’t be sad… I’m sorry I won’t do it again…” The woman said to the boy. So the boy was older? He tried pushing her hands off him and every time he did she would quickly wrap her hands around him again.

“Get off me…! Do you know how much you’ve hurt me? I thought I could trust you Tae! Instead you go breaking my trust with that stupid over sized gorilla called Seung Ri!” the boy’s voice was like a mad angel to Yoochun, but to the girl it was like poison to the heart.

“I-I –I’m S-sorry” her voice faded, she stood up and lowered her head. The boy wiped his tears and blood away and stood up facing her.

“If you had any heart or even a conscience I would believe you and be hugging you right now… but no. This is the last straw Tae, we’re through… you get me? Just leave me alone now… I’ll give you one last hug but that’s the last thing I’ll give you… you took my hearts and threw it away like it could be found again, you played with my feelings like it was nothing… and you treated me like crap… after this… just leave me alone…Go to Seung Ri I know he’s better than me… he’ll protect you… take care of my friend ok?” he gave the girl a hug and after that she left the scene crying and walking slowly.

“I’m sorry sir if you had to see that…” the boy said scaring Yoochun. He politely bowed and gave him a small smile that Yoochun knew… THIS WAS KIM JUNSU!

“A-A-I-I- Um… No it’s ok…sorry for intruding in…anything… “

“No not at all…*sigh * somehow I knew this was going to happen…and somehow I have this feeling this has happened to me before…” He sat back down at the edge of the peer then looked at Yoochun with a smile.

“Hi I’m Kim Junsu…and you are?” Kim…Junsu?!

“I-I-I’m P-Park Y-Yoo-Yoochun…” He stuttered not knowing if he was remembered or not….looked like he wasn’t… how!? Why!?

“haha…! Hello P-Park Y-Yoo-Yoochun…. Nice too meet you… Do I know you from some where?” Junsu cocked his head on the side and Yoochun just looked out into the ocean.

‘Should I say yes? Or should I say no… I don’t know what to do anymore! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING! WHY IS HE HERE!? AND WHY DOESN’T HE REMEMBER ME?’ Yoochun asked and yelled in his head. As soon as he was about to answer his phone rang.

“Yoboseayo?” he answered bowing slightly at Junsu for interrupting their conversation. Junsu gave an ‘It’s Ok’ signal.

“Ahhh, Hyung! When are you coming back! SAVE ME!!” It was Changmin and it sounded like he was running…


“Jae and Yunho Hyung are like…MUSHY!”

“T___T… No! Leave me alone! If you want you and Hankyung can come down here for a while… I can’t be bothered going to Seoul right now!”

“Where are you then?”

“I’m at…” Yoochun suddenly forgot where he was… he turned to Junsu who was kicking his bare feet in the air and was singing to himself. For Yoochun he would have been like ‘Oh it’s just him singing I’ve heard it before…’ but imagine MONTHS! Of not hearing your ‘lover’s’ voice… and just so happens that you meet him again for unknown reasons!



“Where are we again?”

“Um…JeJu Island~” He said

“Thanks…” Yoochun turned back to the phone with the waiting Changmin.


“You could of said that earlier…we’re already here…”

“Are you serious!? I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!”

“Well… you’re not! I’ll see you later then… the hotel is-“

“Yeah yeah I know… I’ll go now…hold on…”

“Ahh… Junsu-shi… I have to go now…I hope I can talk to…you…again…”

“Sure we will! I work at the hotel you’re staying at!”

“You do?”

“Yep…I’ll see you later then!” He gave Yoochun a smile and stood up….

“Nice meeting you Park Yoochun” then he walked away without saying anything else to Yoochun…
Sorry for the length this is all i can do at the moment.

I'll update as soon as i come back from school camp ^^
<3 Rae

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Eternal Love : The Game Empty Re: Eternal Love : The Game

Post by DbSkHatter on 8/15/2009, 12:52 am

Jaemin wrote:omg. so suspense to me. ! Even tho~ i didn't understand perfectly the ending of the prologue it seems interesting to me :]
update soon !

The ending was pretty much Yoochun finding Junsu again after a year~
Thanks for the comment!

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Eternal Love : The Game Empty Chapter 2

Post by DbSkHatter on 8/15/2009, 6:26 am

Clue Number 1 : Hydrangea Hortensia

Hydrangea Hortensia, or as others call it ‘The Hydrangea’. It is a flower with the color pigments of pink and can be changed to blue by just changing small parts of the pigments.
The complex of Aluminum and Anthocyanin these 2 chemicals and bases can just simply change the color. The Hydrangea is a water plant being found near any water and in Greek its name means Water vessel.
So a flower that can change into 2 colors in just a matter of days, weeks or even hours, if possible, and used as a water vessel…

Using a term of a flower depends on what you use it as… in this case, metaphorically speaking; it’s being used as a metaphor for a person. Used as a vessel and has been changed into colors in a matter of months, but do you really think they have actually changed? And for the good?

[Kim Junsu’s POV]

My name is… wait why am I telling you this…you already know me. Oh yes. I’m THE Kim Junsu. The one who had ‘died’ and went ‘missing’ to the fans… yeah I did go missing but I DIDN’T DIE! I do think you’d want me to explain right? yeah all in good time. Me lose my memory? I did… just… that I remember every single detain now…
I wanted to start a new…

When I saw Yoochun, I was so scared that he’s be mad or even pissed off. For a moment I thought he was going to jump on me and give me the biggest hug he’d given me… but he didn’t he just sat there looking at me like he didn’t even know me… my heart just felt like it was stabbed!

But then… TaeYeon had to come and spoil it… really. Does she really think I’m that stupid? And does she really think that Seung Ri wouldn’t tell me? *sigh * I don’t even know why I bother… my cut hurts... why do I have a cut? I tree flicked my face when i ran t the peers...stupid i know but i was sort of pissed.

Breaking up with her is I guess…a good thing?

I should shut up now… hehe~

[End Of POV]

[Change of Red]

Yoochun made his way to the hotel that the other 5, meaning Hankyung was there. He saw that Junsu was at the front door greeting everyone. As soon as they saw each other Junsu gave a big smile and bowed to Yoochun. Junsu chuckled to himself seeing Yoochun awkwardly bow to him.

“Well if it isn’t Park Yoochun… hehe~” he giggled and walked over to Yoochun who had 2 bags in his hands now. Tired from carrying it.


“T__T is that how you greet people ‘Um…Hey’” Junsu asked mocking him.

“No…it’s just that…don’t worry” Yoochun shrugged off the idea that Junsu was his boyfriend and that he had died right in front of his eyes.

“…Ok then. Here let me help you with your bags, and if I don’t my boss will fire me…” he whispered the ending knowing his boss was looking at him, eye piercing actually.

“Oh Ok then…” Yoochun carried one bag and Junsu held the other. Yoochun was told to go to the pent house at the top level. Yes they may have ‘broken up’ but they are still dam famous!

“Here’s your place…” Junsu said walking out of the elevator that reached the top level. Suddenly both of them heard running and yelling.

“YAH! HYUNG IS…” Changmin stopped yelling and running when he saw Junsu. So did Hankyung and Yunho.

“J-J-Junsu? ” They all stuttered. Junsu was ‘shocked’ to know that they knew his name and he just awkwardly bowed to them…

“Yah…losers… what the hell are you doing?” Jae looking at the direction they boys were looking at and saw a Park Yoochun taking his shoes off and 3 idiots staring at the poor boy, as we know is Junsu.

“Hey Junsu…” He waved acting like Junsu had been with them since…forever…like he was never missing and that he never ‘died’

“Hi Hyung…” Junsu said quietly bowing to the oldest member.

“Hi Jae…” Yoochun greeted and slapped the 3 in a row on the cheeks. Lightly though.

“WE AREN’T CO.!” Changmin snapped out and yelled at Yoochun who chuckled to himself.

Yoochun then turned to Junsu and gave him a smile.

“If you don’t mind would you like to stay with us for a while? I know your boss won’t mind.” Yoochun said walking to Jae who was on the phone now.

“Um…if it’s ok with you all…” Junsu answered, playing with his fingers.

“Sure it is!” Yunho snapped out and exclaimed.

“Thank you…” he bowed and gave them a smile… he missed this…

Junsu suddenly ran to Jae and hugged him by the waist and started sobbing. Jae just slowly stroked his hair slowly letting his fingers run through Junsu’s hair. The other 4 were looking at them weirdly…like wasn’t he suppose to be dead weirdly, and didn’t he lose his memory weirdly, or was that just Yoochun.

“Junsu…who told you to come here?” Jae asked quietly to Junsu so only he could hear. Junsu lifted his tear stained face and slowly looked at Yoochun.

“Mmm… I see. Well…why break down crying?” he asked again only to be heard by Junsu.

“Taeyeon…wait…no…no…Hyung…I’m just confused now...” Junsu said, each word breaking because of his sobs. Right now he didn’t know how much Yoochun just wanted to push Jae out of the way and hug the poor boy in his own arms.

“Told you just to come back… did you listen?” Junsu shook his head. ‘Come back? What?’ Yoochun asked himself.

“…I’ll go now. Mr. Kudoh will probably start yelling at me…I’ll call you later… YOU OWE ME 20 BUCKS!” Junsu pointed to Jae who had let go of him and Jae just chuckled.

“Yep…I sure do… and you owe me your asses life!” Jae shouted back causing the boy to pout at him.

Junsu bowed to the still baffled men and Jae and left the room quietly.

“What the hell just happened?” Changmin asked putting his attention back to Jae.
[Change of Blue]

Junsu made his way down to the lobby and wiping his tears from his face and fixed his uniform. Today he wasn’t going to let this awkward reunion to break him down and suddenly change what had been happening. Slowly breathing in and out he made his way out of the elevator and to the lobby.

As soon as he put a foot in the lobby he heard the only voice he didn’t want to hear right now.

“KIM JUNSU!” He turned to his right lazily and looked at the furious Mr. Kudoh. He headed towards the tall man. He was a well built man who didn’t seem to know anything past the boarders of JeJu Island. So him not knowing he was THE Kim Junsu didn’t surprise him.

“Yes Mr. Kudoh?” Junsu answered knowing he was in for it.

“Where have you been? I have been looking for you everywhere!” He yelled causing customers to look towards them.

“I was helping Mr. Park with his bags sir.” Junsu explained bowing to the customers for disturbing the silence.

“Very well then. You know if you do anything again I’m firing you…” he turned around and went to deal with something else.

“I understand sir… I’ll see you later then…” he bowed and left for the door but accidentally bumped into a tall dark figure and both men fell causing him to yell. Mr. Kudoh turned red with embarrassment and grabbed Junsu by the arms and bowing at the man who was getting up then dusting his clothes.

“I’m so sorry sir. I’m sure he didn’t mean it. He’s well… accident prone. I’m sorry I’ll fire him straight away” he bowed and before the man and Junsu could say anything Mr. Kudoh ripped the tags and badges on Junsu’s red uniform and gave him a stern look.

“Junsu…I can’t deal with you anymore. I said I’d look after you after the accident but not anymore. You just give me trouble…Just leave now…I’ll help you, just leave here and find another job…” Junsu was on the verge of tears again, but he held it all in. He had to be strong.

“Yes ajushi, I’m sorry for causing you a lot of trouble. Thanks for the help you gave me when I was out of the hospital cause no one came. Thank you for your help, I won’t trouble you anymore…” Junsu bowed to the man and gave him a smile.

“I’m sorry Sir for bumping into you… I should have looked where I was walking…I’m sorry” Junsu bowed again and left the hotel lobby bowing to the people for breaking the peace and quiet again.

“I’m sorry for getting you fired” the man said quietly but made Junsu turn around… He knew the voice, he knew it somehow… how could he not know it? How could he not recognize the voice… why couldn’t he? This was the only person he knew why forgot…he knew this man visited him in the hospital…he knew this man had helped him recover…who was he though…

“N-No it w-wasn’t your f-fault…” ‘How come I know this voice?’ Junsu thought trying to figure out his face and voice…

“Let me make it up to you… I’ll get your job back…” the man said going to walk to the manager’s office. Junsu stopped the man by holding onto his wrist. The man looked at Junsu and cocked his head.

“No…Don’t bother…I was deciding to quit anyways…” he let go of the man’s wrist and looked down on the floor. The figure looked at Junsu and grabbed his hand, then dragged him outside where people would stare and talk about them.

Junsu kept his face down the whole time and tried figuring out who this man was and how he knew him.

The man tilted Junsu’s head up looking at the confused eyes. He saw Junsu’s searching eyes and saw that Junsu had totally forgotten about him… again.

“Do you remember me?” He asked… he wanted to know if Junsu remembered him, he wanted to know if Junsu even knew him, recognized him.

“…no… I know your voice… I know your touch…I know your face… I just don’t know your name… who you are… how I know you…I don’t know…” Junsu turned his head another direction but being turned to face the man yet again.

“ *sigh* I knew this would happen again… so you have no recollection of who I am anymore?” He asked looking deep into the boys face…

“No…I’m sorry…” Junsu let out a tear… today he wasn’t being the usual Junsu. He had suddenly changed. He became so sad and depressed today, his day was changed in such a quick motion he didn’t even know what was happening any more. Taeyeon cheating on him and him breaking up with her, which was fine, he actually didn’t even like her. He went out with her for like…3 weeks just to shut her up. He’s mean, usually. But meeting the guys again just turned it around. Why?

“Junsu… It’s me –“he got cut off…

“JUNSU! I forgot to tell you to call me… I don’t want you to break your words to hyung, and make me worry…” Jae came rushing out from the building looking at the figure that was holding onto Junsu’s chin.

“Oh…hyung…sorry…um…I’ll see you sometime…um… I still don’t know your name” He said making his way to Jae who had crossed his arms and started tapping his feet on the concrete.

“It’s Choi Seung Hyun but you can call me TOP, you usually did…” He said making Junsu and Jae turn to him…

“Um… How do you know Junsu?” Jae asked holding on the younger boys arms while Junsu rubbed his eyes, yes, he was tired.

“… I was the one who kept him alive Good Sir, and also…his boyfriend…”

“His…what?” Jae didn’t believe it…Junsu already had a boyfriend? What about TaeYeon? What about YOOCHUN!?

“His Boyfriend… anything wrong with that? Well…past” TOP asked looking at the innocent little boy who seemed to have leaned on Jae for support now.

“…Yes there is. His past lover is here… I advise you to leave not unless you want to get hurt, I thank you for looking after him… but I do have one question…” Jae asked hugging onto Junsu now who had fallen asleep standing. The wonders of Junsu.

“Go ahead…”

“If he’s your boyfriend…why doesn’t he remember you?” Jae asked, TOP chuckled and looked towards Junsu. He ran his hand through his hair and then sighed.

“…Junsu’s brain was damaged due to the fact he had lost a lot of blood in a car accident. This loss impacted one of the neurons in his brain causing it to burst and damage his memory. He once told me that if anything bad happened to him and he had to lose his memory because of it… was his heart ache and pain, things he thought gave him pain and gave people pain. It didn’t make sense at the time…but when he had a fight with me weeks after he suddenly ran out and got hit by a car…then when he woke up…he had no idea who I was. Yet…all he kept saying was Yoochun…Yoochun. It pained me to see it like that… so I just left him saying I was no one…is that Yoochun here?” TOP said in a concerned tone. He didn’t exactly know who Yoochun was that he was probably Park Yoochun from DBSK but he doubted it… and that this was THE Kim Junsu… He thought wrong really…

“So you’re saying is that Junsu forgot you because of the pain he had?” TOP nodded. Jae looked down to the Koala like Junsu who was sleeping and mumbling incoherent words. Jae then looked back to TOP.

“I thank you again for looking after him while he’s been well… missing. I’ll try calling you soon…” Jae turned and dragged Junsu with him. He noticed Junsu wasn’t making any difference so he turned Junsu making him face his back and carried Junsu on his back. Piggyback ride style. Junsu put his head on Jae shoulders and Jae started walking again. But was stopped by TOP

“How do you know my number?” he turned back…

"TOP do you really think I wouldn’t know? For heaven’s sake You’re TOP of Big Bang! Even Yunho knows your number…I’ll see you round then” he bid TOP goodbye and left his sight…

“For a famous guy…he’s creepy…” Jae said to himself and headed for the pent house, with Junsu on his back of course. He suddenly heard Junsu mumbling and figured out what he had been saying for the past…5 minutes or so.

Through the words of:

‘Yoochun…I haven’t forgotten You…’

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Eternal Love : The Game Empty Chapter 3

Post by DbSkHatter on 8/21/2009, 6:47 am

Clue 2 & 3 :Optimism and Pessimism

Did I say?Optimism and Pessimism, the definitions both mean something else but are in the same context. Optimism is the act or words of positive things, happy and good things, but then there are the times where times are bad and the good side is seen by a person or a group of people. Optimism can be such a good thing… sometimes that is…Pessimism is the exact opposite.

Every point and every view is bad. Whatever the place, deal, whatever is happening really is bad. Put in the view of bad, horrid, this will always end badly and so on. To be that kind of person it would mean you have no heart. You have no conscience saying that it WILL be ok, and even if it IS ok you end up saying something to turn it the other ways round. Pessimism is a bad thing… it’s probably the thing that makes your life….down.

The past few “hours” have been crazy… Yoochun and Junsu meet up again, we find out that TOP use to be Junsu’s boyfriend and now we find out that if Junsu finds something painful he’ll forget it… in other words… Pain causes him to forget. [So he DOES lose his memory…just if it causes him pain…that sucks!!That plot won't stay for long XD]

Jae walked in the pent house with the sleeping Junsu on his back. The whole time Junsu kept mumbling the same thing over and over again, this cause Jae to think over some things. Explain to the others why Junsu was like this or his condition, or both. Either way it’ll be about Junsu. He placed the mumbling Junsu on the sofa while we went to get a pillow and blanket.

Yunho and Changmin were in the kitchen while this was happening and were wondering what was going on with these 2. Did Jae somehow get a hold of Junsu or did Junsu just miraculously come back to life and accidentally called Jae instead of Yoochun and then decided not to tell anyone… either way… EVERYONE had something to explain.

While that was being thought about Yoochun was in his room with Hankyung both wondering how any of this could of happened.

“We saw him right…he died right in your arms yes?” Hankyung asked over and over again. They’ve been in the room for at least 20 minutes.

“I don’t know…! Yes we did…but the ambulance took him… then said he was dead… it could have been a cover up…” Yoochun said. What he didn’t know was it was true. It was a cover up.

[Flashback – forgot how long it’s been so…yeah~]

They placed the ‘lifeless’ Junsu on a carrier and pulled it into the ambulance.

“Let me go with him! LET ME GO!” Yoochun kept yelling and trying to get the people to let him ride with Junsu. He was being held back by Hankyung and Yunho who hadn’t said anything. He finally gave up and just fell on his knees.

“Yoochun…let him go…We’ll see him later…” Hankyung reassured Yoochun who was now crying.

“You better be right or I’ll punch you…” Yunho shook his head knowing Yoochun wouldn’t and lead him to the car. Without them noticing Jae slowly crept in the ambulance and sat on the seat and saying that he was the manager.

(In the ambulance)

“Junsu…Junsu…wake up…Junsu…please wake up…It’s hyung.” Jae lightly slapped Junsu’s cheek with the back of his hand and shook him lightly. Junsu started to toss and turn. He slowly opened his eyes and everything was a blur. Nothing was familiar and everything around him seemed like he had never seen them in his life.

“Hyung…? Where am I?” he looked around again and finally noticed they were in an ambulance and then trying to get up he felt the pain in his chest. He lay back down noticing all the bags and syringes near him.

“Junsu… why’d you save Yoochun when you knew you were going to get hurt…AND EVEN DIE!?” Jae asked Looking at Junsu and noticed that the blood looked…fake. It was fake.

“I didn’t die…gees….and who’s Yoochun?” Jae was stunned…did Junsu just say that?

“Junsu… What year is it?” Jae asked, his eyes were full of worry and Junsu didn’t exactly look OK to him.

“Mmmm… you know I don’t keep track of my dates Hyung…Oh! How’s Yunho ?” Jae was scared… He ignored Junsu’s question.

“Junsu… do you like Changmin and Hankyung?” he asked another question.

“Of course we’re like friends…” ok that was a good thing…

“Do you know about DBSK?”

“Of course. We are in it!

“What about Eunhyuk… do you remember who he’s going out with?” He must know this right… even though the 2 had a fight about it he would know right?

“Mmm…Eunhyuk is going out with someone!? Since when!?” Junsu freaked out. Of course he would…he just lost most of the memory of the fight…

“Um…don’t worry… do you… remember who Yoochun is?” Jae asked…if Junsu didn’t answer this then he had lost his memories…somehow…

“Yoochun…? Um…I…I…ah! Hyung my head hurts! It hurts a lot hyung!! AHHHHH!” once Junsu started screaming the doors were opened and a few doctors were already there getting Junsu out and ready for the emergency room. Jae followed and was told to stay in the waiting room. In the distance he could here Jusnu’s screams of pain and how he kept calling for him, even though he was worried about Junsu he was now worried about the fact he had no idea who Yoochun was… how could he forget that? How could he know most things but not Yoochun?

(When Junsu was out of the ER)

“Junsu has suffered a massive injury to his chest not from the impact on the vest but the bullet itself.” The doctor said explaining Junsu’s condition to Jae.

“What? You mean the bullet actually went through his chest?” Jae was confused.

“Yes and no…”

“How the hell does that work?”

“Ok…the bullet went through his clothes and the vest, but the vest was poorly made instead of stopping the impact of the bullet it cause the wires in it to break and stab into Junsu the more Junsu moved or was moved the more it went in. when the wires cut in the bullet was sliding in. Get me now?”

“So…the bullet was stopped but then slipped in because of the wires?”

The doctor nodded…

“It caused one of the main arteries to cause his brain a total shut down but miraculously came back on. So he was saved by something. Oh by the way… he might of lost partial parts of his memory…so…go easy on him” The doctor patted his shoulders and left Jae standing in front of Junsu’s room.

When he opened the door he saw Junsu looking outside the window and sitting on the hospital bed. When he opened the door making it crack Junsu had looked at him like he was not expecting him.

“Hyung! Wahh! Look at the sky! It’s so clear! Ahh! Let’s go out later yeah?” Junsu asked walking to Jae and giving him a hug. In Jae’s reaction he hugged the smaller figure back.

“Junsu… Do…you…remember Yoochun?” Junsu looked at Jae confused.

“Why wouldn’t I know my own Chunnie Hyung?” a sigh of relief was all Jae had to do to get Junsu’s mind working its own little questions that needed answering.

“…why’d you ask?”

“You didn’t know who he was when you were in the ambulance”


Jae nodded…

“WAIT! They think I’m dead don’t they? Dam…Hyung c-can you do me…a favor?” Junsu asked. This was a big thing from Junsu. Junsu never asked anything, he never asked for favors or anything else for the fact. This was a change.

“W-what is i-it?” Jae Stuttered knowing that this “Favor” could be the wrong kind.

“Can you pretend I’m still dead? I made you guys suffer so much. Yunho and Yoochun. Everyone for the sake of me…it started with me… so please pretend I’m still dead, and if you happen to stumble on me…then… I’ll see you?” Junsu said innocently like this was the kind of favor a person can ALWAYS do.

“Are you sure?” Jae asked Junsu nodded. Jae wasn’t going to let Junsu down but he didn’t want the rest to worry and do any other things…especially Yoochun.

“Better call me ok? Every week! If you don’t I’ll tell them all!”

“Wahh Hyung! Noo! I-I-I I WILL!” Jae patted Junsu on the head and went to the door.

“Junsu…I hope you know what you’re doing…”

“I do Hyung. I’ll call you when I’m out… if they try look for me tell them I died and tell the doctors the same thing!”

“Yeah yeah… Supposedly you’ve lost your memory…that might be of your advantage… Call me when you’re discharged…”

“Dea… see ya Hyung”

“Bye Junsu… Do take care yeah?”

They both bid each other good bye and left each other’s sight. It was going to be tough…but Junsu somehow knew what he was doing…

“Um… Hi” Junsu looked at the door to find a tall figure at the door looking lost.

“Hello! Are you looking for someone?” Junsu asked

“Oh…no not really… I just wanted to visit people…”


“I’m TOP by the way, from Big Bang”

“Oh I know you, SeungHyun! I’m Kim Junsu! from...Um...Seoul”

[End of Flash Back]

“That’s it I’m asking Jae… He knows more and I know he knows what happened!” Yoochun said standing up and headed for the door with Hankyung following him. He opened the door to see Jae, Yunho and Changmin placing blankets and pillows on Junsu. When they heard the door open they turned and saw Yoochun and Hankyung looking directly at them.

“Hyung…you have a lot of explaining…” Yoochun said to Jae.

Jae sighed in defeat. He might as well tell them while Junsu was fast asleep. Why did he know? Because when Junsu is fast asleep you can’t wake him up what ever you do. Poke him, he’s still sleeping, take his blanket off, he’s still sleeping. Ok you get it.

“Sit down… he thought this was all for the good of us so…don’t go yelling at me T__T”


“He was being all optimistic about it so...he was probably hiding the fact he didn't want to do this...."

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