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Path of the Damned

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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/23/2009, 3:38 am

haha!! you didn't see this coming[honestly me either xD i decided that they have a son when writing the chapter] well...i think it's normal to be angry when such a secret is kept from you...i know i would be ^^
well...this is the last chapter i am posting for now...i have to write more and finish it, so i won't be updating it so often.

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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/23/2009, 3:39 am

Chapter 32:Decisions taken[part 1]

Changmin and Chiyoko together arrived home safely before the first ray of sun appeared. A sigh was heard in the empty house. After walking a couple of steps inside the house everyone stayed rooted to the ground. Tonight’s events were something they didn’t expect. Their story complicated even more, although they tried to simplify things by just running and hiding. It seems this wasn’t the solution to their situation. Was war inevitable or was it necessary? They couldn’t tell.
Kangin and Minwoo excused themselves in their own rooms, but Changmin stopped them.

Changmin: Wait…we have to figure this out. A war is coming again…

Chiyoko: The question is: should we just stay back and watch or should we get involved in it?

Minwoo: I decided. I’m going to fight back. Changmin, your father was like a father to me, but this has gone way out of hand.

Changmin: I understand. How about you, Kangin?

Kangin: My purpose here is to be Chiyoko’s bodyguard, so if she goes, I go too.

Chiyoko: I want to stay as far as I can from the war for Junmin’s sake.

Changmin: I will go with Minwoo. My father is a mad man. I can’t let what happen 50 years ago repeat.

Chiyoko: That’s out of the question. I won’t let you!

Changmin: I have to. Kaya and Yunho won’t make it alone. I know dad’s tricks so I can help them.

Chiyoko: No! What’s wrong with you? We have a child. We’re supposed to protect him. Did you forget that?

Changmin: Of course not! Look…I didn’t even taken in calculation the possibility of you and Junmin coming onto the battlefield. I will go with Minwoo alone. I will talk to Kaya and ask her to send you and Junmin where Sangki goes. Kangin will go too and protect you. You’ll be safe.

Chiyoko: But you won’t. Am I less important than your slave and that stupid war?

Changmin: Now you’re crossing the line.

Chiyoko: I didn’t think you can be such a selfish jerk.

Changmin: What?

Chiyoko ran into her room and slammed the door behind her. Changmin followed her. He found her lying on the bed. Tears were flowing down her cheeks. The vampire sat down gently next to her.

Changmin: I understand…

Chiyoko: You don’t understand anything! You promised me you will never get me worried and now you’re doing exactly the opposite.

Changmin: I have no choice, honey. I promise I will be back before you know it. You won’t even have time to worry about me.

Chiyoko: Lies! You know what’s the most hateful thing? I will be away from you and I can do nothing to help you. What if you don’t make it?

Changmin: I am strong. He won’t be able to kill me.

Chiyoko: Please don’t leave me…

The girl buried her head in his chest crying even harder. She couldn’t bear the thought of him going to a dangerous place. Changmin wiped away her tears then he kissed her forehead and lips gently.

Chiyoko: There is no way of making you change your mind, is there?

Changmin: You know how stubborn I am…and I will not break the promise I made you today. I will definetly come back to you.

Chiyoko: If you won’t be here with me, then I have no purpose in life. I meant it when I said I wanted to spend my eternity with you.

Changmin: Me too, my love.

Chiyoko: Fine…I will give up just this time. You better keep your promise or else I’ll hunt you down in the afterworld and kick you! I’ll take Junmin as far away as possible.

Changmin: Thank you for being such a wonderful wife, Chiyoko. I knew you’ll understand. I will tell Kaya my decision tomorrow night.

Chiyoko: Yeah…maybe I give you too much liberty. I would probably make the same choice if I were you. It must be awful to have a father you cannot trust.

Changmin: Having you beside me makes this dark world a better place, makes my life have a purpose. I have always envied Mizuki for having such a good relationship with our father. I never thought my father, even in his insanity with winning this war, would harm my sister.

Chiyoko: You couldn’t have known. It’s not your fault.

Changmin: I should have seen this coming. Perhaps then I could warn everyone and…

Chiyoko hushed him with a gentle kiss on the lips. His frown disappeared and sadness could be seen in the prince’s eyes. His wife could see that he was upset about it. Seeing him like this made her heart to clench. Wanting to calm him down, Chiyoko started whispering soothing words in his ear. Her whispers were like gentle echoes that swayed ardent winds of harmony and in the symphony of life each word was wrapped in rhapsody. Like the chime of warm rain, like the moon that glowed through the trees and within the luster of evening, her aura filled the scene and Changmin let himself get lost in it. They stayed like that, in each other’s embrace until they both fell asleep.

Across from Changmin’s house, Mizuki, Yoochun, Siwon and Junki were gathered at the kitchen table. The curtains were lowered and on the table a small candle was flickering in the darkness. The recent events and confessions certainly had a great impact on all of them. The things said couldn’t be ignored. A decision had to be made. The 4 of them were thinking about what to do next. What was the right thing to do?

Mizuki: It doesn’t matter what you all say, I will go. He is my father and it’s my duty to stop this madness he created. You’re not under the obligation to help us. If you want to go with Sangki, it’s fine with me.

Junki: I will join you. I was raised as a warrior and I cannot stand back and watch. Hankyung will be there. That troublesome prince will cause a ruckus again like he did years ago.

Mizuki: What prince?

Junki: Before Hankyung joined the demons he was a human Chinese prince desperate to help his kingdom which was about to be conquered. He came asking for king Akira’s help. When we turned him and he found out his entire family was murdered, he went back and slaughtered them all. We barely made him stop.

Mizuki: Really? Wow…I didn’t even think of that. What about you, Siwon?

Siwon: You know very well that my life belongs to you, Mizuki. If you go, I will always be by your side. You saved me from my cruel family and now it’s my turn to return the favor.

Yoochun: I will be there too. Wherever you go, I’ll go…and besides…you will need a strategy genius to help you with your plans.

Mizuki: Oh, shut it! I don’t need your help with making plans.

They all stopped talking when they sensed a presence in the living room. Yoochun knew who it was: Hankyung who had brought the vampire queen. Mizuki rushed there. Her footsteps came to a sudden halt when she saw her mother whom she considered long gone. Her mother had the same warm smile upon her face as always. Mizuki ran into her embrace and a few tears escaped her eyes.

Mizuki: Mom, where have you been all this time? We’ve missed you so much!

Shizume: I’m sorry, dear. I had to stay hidden, but now I came back and I promise to stay by your side. I missed you too.

Yoochun: You two came earlier than expected.

Hankyung: Shizume said we should hurry because she wanted to see Mizuki.

Shizume: Also, I want to thank you, Yoochun. You took care of my daughter and you were a great husband. I am proud of you.

Yoochun: Oh, it was nothing…I am proud to have a mother in law like yourself.

Junki: Is it true, Hankyung?

Hankyung: What?

Junki: That you will be accompanying Kaya in war.

Hankyung: Yes, I have already decided.

Junki: Then I’m coming too and you have no right to protest.

Hankyung: But…

Junki: I’m not going to let you slaughter everyone again. Someone must keep an eye on you.

Hankyung: Just promise me one thing.

Junki: What?

Hankyung: Promise me we’ll both come alive out of it.

Junki: I promise.

Mizuki: So what are we doing now, mom? What’s the plan?

Shizume: Our plan is to strike Masao when he is vulnerable and win this fast. He is already too powerful as it is. We can’t compete with him in a fair battle.

Mizuki: That’s a good plan. Let me help, mom. I can’t stay aside like this. I’m a grown up girl now and a good fighter. I can do whatever you ask me.

Shizume: But are you ready to sacrifice your life to this cause if you must?

Mizuki: Yes.

Yoochun: Don’t worry. I’ll be right there to protect her. I’d rather die than see her die first.

Mizuki: So, we’re in.

Shizume: I don’t like this one bit, but if you want, I guess you can do a thing or two. Let Kaya know tomorrow.

Junki: When we will start?

Hankyung: We don’t know yet. Soojin is the boss…so we are waiting for instructions. Shizume, we must go.

Mizuki: What? Why?

Yoochun: Honey, your mom will be detected soon by Masao because the spell that hides her presence will wear off.

Shizume: Don’t worry dear, I will see you sooner than you expect.

The queen kissed her daughter on the forehead and disappeared into the mirror with Hankyung. Mizuki let out a pained sigh. Yoochun hugged her to give some confort then he took her hand and dragged her to the bedroom. There he would stay awake watching over her until she would drift to sleep in his arms.

Junki and Siwon headed for their own rooms. Both of them were bothered by what they heard today. A new war was starting and something felt wrong. Junki spent most of the night watching the glittery stars from his window while Siwon tossed and turned on his bed tormented by awful thoughts about what is about to come. But it was late and they all needed to rest for the upcoming battle.

Ayumi, Yunho and Junsu arrived at their house. Ayumi took out the mail before she entered the house, as usual. She threw the many envelops onto the little table from the lobby. When the girl entered the livingroom, she saw Yunho and Junsu sitting on the couch. Junsu took the remote control and started changing the channels randomly. It seemed that nothing suited his taste at the moment. Yunho looked blankly at the window. In his head all kind of thoughts were running. Ayumi sat on the armchair silently gazing at them. The words were on the tip of her tongue. The temptation to break the silence which crushed her heart together with the thick atmosphere was big. When she was about to speak Yunho began to speak.

Yunho: We have to talk about what happened tonight. I know you all are confused, but there is a reason why Kaya did all those things.

Junsu: I’m sure she did it with a purpose: to save us from Masao who wanted to kill us so badly.

Ayumi: Judging by the power that man possesses, we’re lucky to be alive.

Yunho: At first we didn’t know it was him or why did he do all of those things, but later we figured everything out. Masao, a man greedy for power, didn’t want vampires to mix with demons because he knew that eventually a new hybrid breed will be created and he will lose his throne and power.

Ayumi: That’s why he tried to kill us. He knew Kaya was pregnant and that the child she carried was strong, but what about Chiyoko?

Junsu: It’s obvious he couldn’t have killed her for two reasons: 1. during the pregnancy her strength doubled and 2. It would be suspicious if someone would try to kill the princess that carries the heir of the kingdom.

Yunho: That’s right. This is why he set up everything. We were able to make it because he underestimated our power as wizards…or maybe he just didn’t care. Anyway…Kaya, Soojin and I will declare war against him.

Ayumi: Yunho, it’s too risky! You’ll get killed!

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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/23/2009, 3:40 am

Chapter 32: Decisions taken[part 2]

Yunho: If we’ll succed in killing him, the curse will be lifted and we will be finally able to live in peace. This is our goal and we are going to do everything to reach it.

Junsu: Why now? He stopped chasing us. We can live peacefully without starting this war.

Yunho: No he didn’t. You just think he did. Kaya and I watched him closely over the years and concluded that he’s just waiting for the opportune moment to take action.

Ayumi: His kingdom is gone! There is no reason whatsoever to try and kill us when we are no longer a threat to him.

Yunho: The thing is…he wants to regain his kingdom…and this is the first step.

Ayumi: He must be mad!

Junsu: He is. You know, I’ve always admired your dedication and love torwards the family and friends. You and Kaya always were the first to be willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

Yunho: It hurts too much to lose the ones you love.

Junsu: I know because I’ve been through the same situation as you when Sangmi died.

Yunho: Then let me tell you this: all of you can stay out of this. Run away and live a happy life. We are going to take care of it.

Junsu: I’m tired of running Yunho. For 50 years I just kept on running and I’ve had enough. It’s time I turn back and face what’s coming. This is why I will join your little resistance group.

Ayumi: Junsu is right. We can’t spend our eternity running away from him. I’m a warrior and I grew up fighting. It’s time we fight back. I’ll join too. You will need a good spy.

Yunho: I’m giving you the opportunity to leave this behind. Think about it!

Ayumi: We’re warriors Yunho. In a war is where we belong. Live and fight, do nothing and die-this is our motto.

Junsu: I’ve decided and I won’t back out. You’ll need help. Let us help you, like you helped us 50 years ago.

Yunho (sigh): Fine. As you wish…

Ayumi: Great! It’s late so why don’t we go to bed? It’s been a long day for all of us. We can continue discussing this tomorrow morning.

Yunho: Go to bed if you’re tired Ayumi. I’m going outside to take a walk.

Junsu: I have to finish some reports. I’ll go to bed soon enough. Goodnight, Ayumi-chan.

Ayumi: Goodnight boys.

Ayumi dragged her tired body to the bedroom which has been waiting for her. The bed was made probably by the maid who comes every once a week to clean the house. After closing the door, she let herself fall on the soft mattress and fell asleep in a couple of minutes.
As for Yunho, he jumped down on the balcony when he was sure noone will see him and started walking wherever his feet carried him. It was his way to relieve stress and clear his mind. He walked absent-mindedly for hours passing by humans and animals, ignoring them all. On his mind was only one thing: finishing what they started.
Junsu went in his office and took a stack of paper slamming it on the table. He looked at it and decided it was not the right time to be doing this. He had other important things to do so he turned and left to the cemetery where he would think about things in peace.

It was almost midnight. Sunye and Donghae were walking on an almost empty street hand in hand. It’s been a very long time since they’ve seen each other. Sunye suddenly rested her head on his shoulder. Donghae smiled and looked at her with dreamy eyes. It seemed so perfect and he didn’t want to let go. He wanted them to stay like this for eternity. But Donghae also knew it was impossible since the war was about to come and with it everything will be changed. Who knows if he will get out alive? But no! He tried to think positively: he had to return for her sake.

Donghae: Are you tired?

Sunye: A little…it’s been a long time since I’ve experienced such peaceful moments.

Donghae: Then get on my back. I’ll carry you until we reach the hotel.

Sunye: Are you sure?

Donghae: Of course.

Sunye did as she was told but not before giving him a kiss on the cheek. Donghae’s smile widened. All this time they’ve been apart, he had moments when he would begin to doubt their relationship, her feelings for him…the truth was that he was afraid that she will fall for Jaejoong again. Now she proved that the love he hoped for was real and it will never change. Donghae continued to walk silently heading for the hotel.

Sunye: What are you thinking about?

Donghae: Hmmm…let me see…I’m thinking about the woman I love. Are you jealous?

Sunye: It depends. How’s she like?

Donghae: Uhm…she is lovely, beautiful, intelligent…the perfect being for me. I could never get sick of showing how much I love her.

Sunye: Ah~ you’re so cheesy!!

Donghae: You don’t like it? I know I’ve never been this cheesy, but today i feel like it.

Sunye: If it’s you, I’ll make an exception. And I can tell you I feel the same about my boyfriend.

Donghae: I’m very lucky to have you by my side, Sunye. Thank you for loving me and for staying by me all these centuries.

Sunye: Thank you for being so patient with me although I don’t think I desirve it.

Donghae: Stop talking nonsense! You know…at first I thought you accepted being with me just so you can forget Jaejoong.

Sunye: I thought so too and I began to feel bad for it, but later I realized that you cured my heart long before you asked me to be with you.

Donghae: After this is all over…I want us to live a normal life…and if it’s ok with you, I would like you to become my wife.

Sunye: Is that a marriage proposal?

Donghae: I don’t have a ring yet, but I will get you one tomorrow if you like.

Sunye: I haven’t accepted yet.

Donghae: Oh…well…do you?

Sunye: On one condition: I want a house filled with children laughter…our children.

Donghae: Children sound nice…actually I love children!

Sunye: Donghae, with or without the ring, I still considered myself your wife since long ago. You know I’ll always love you. Not even death can tear us apart.

Donghae: I do. I love you, my pretty wife.

Sunye: Cheesy again~

Sunye squeezed him and kissed his cheek. A tear escaped her eyes. His confession made her happy. She forced herself to hold back the tears because she knew that this would make him sad.

Donghae: And what are you thinking about?

Sunye: I don’t want you to go with Kaya. I’m afraid I will lose you forever.

Donghae: I can’t, I already promised her. It’s going to be ok, you’ll see.

Sunye: It won’t be ok! You’re asking me to run away from the battle and wait for you patiently to return. I can’t do that!

Donghae: I know it’s hard, but I promise I will come back to you.

Sunye: No! I don’t want you to promise me anything. If you go to fight Masao I’ll go with you.

Donghae: That’s out of the question! I want you to be safe.

Sunye: My safety is not the issue here. I can fight; I’m a good spy too. If you’ll die, I won’t know how to live on. Please let me come with you.

Donghae: Sunye…I...what you’re asking me is…

Sunye: Fine! Then let me put it this way. I don’t care if you agree or not. I will still join you.

Donghae (sigh): God, you’re so stubborn. Fine! But promise me you won’t take any unnecessary risks in battle. Even if I die, promise me you’ll live on happily.

Sunye: I promise if you promise.

Donghae: Fine! I promise!

Sunye: Same here.

By the time they reached the hotel to check in, the rain began to pour down the earth drenching it. They took the key from the reception, rode the elevator until the 10th floor. The penthouse Donghae had rented for a day and a night was far more luxurious that she would expect. Once he closed the door, Sunye went to him and started kissing him passionately. They both felt that this is their only chance to spend time together before the madness starts…and maybe their last chance.

Jaejoong finally arrived home. Stepping in the house, he didn’t bother to turn on the lights. He went directly to his room where he was surprised to see a figure sleeping on his bed. Getting closer, he identified the body: it was Kaya. The prince let out a sigh and sat on the bed next to her. For a while, he watched her as she slept while thinking about all that’s happened after they got separated and about what she confessed tonight. As he let himself being swept away in his own world by the thoughts and ideas, Kaya started to toss and turn in bed while screaming his name.

Jaejoong: Kaya, it’s a dream, wake up!

Kaya (suddenly opened her eyes): You’re home…

Jaejoong: What are you doing in my bed?

Kaya: Sorry for barging in like this but I wanted to see you. I want to talk to you.

Jaejoong: There is nothing more to talk about.

Kaya: Don’t be like this. Let me explain.

Jaejoong: Explain what? That I was a fool for praying to find love from you one day, for believing in a lie and ending up being hurt? You don’t need to explain this to me, I already realized.

Kaya: Jaejoong…I can fix all those lies. I’ll try to make things right. From the day you left I was very lonely. You don’t know how much I missed you. But I had to do it for us. I didn’t want to lose you.

Jaejoong: When are you gonna stop breaking my heart, huh? It seems that you found a sadistic pleasure in making me suffer. I gave you a chance and you ruined it.

Kaya: I know and I’m sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose!

Jaejoong: How can you tell me you didn’t do it on purpose when it’s exactly what you did?

Kaya: What if I would have told you the truth then? Would have you been able to stay away from us? Of course not! And this meant you could have died protecting us. I couldn’t have let that happen. I love you too much to let it happen.

Jaejoong: If you have had told me the truth and asked me to stay away, I would have done it, even if it would hurt me.

Kaya: See? It would have hurt more than knowing I’m dead.

Jaejoong: No! You don’t know how much I suffered thinking that I couldn’t see you anymore!

Kaya: I do! I’ve seen you suffering, crying. Who do you think cleaned up that body? You killed that human for kissing you because you felt you betrayed me. I’ve always watched over you from the shadows.

Jaejoong: You’re cruel, you know that?

Kaya: I know I’m the worst person on earth, but I didn’t know how to protect you… I’m sorry…

Kaya’s eyes became moist and soon, tears streamed down her cheeks. She didn’t want him to see her like this, but she couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. Jaejoong stood up and went to look out on the window. Soon Kaya dried her tears and stood up too.

Kaya: Anyway…I’m here to ask for forgiveness and to see you one last time. It’s up to you if I will be forgiven or not.

It hurt her heart that she had to leave him like this. She was aware that he probably hated her and it killed her. The girl done the most stupid thing of her life and now the mistake couldn’t be repaired. On the other side, Jaejoong’s soul was battling between forgiving her or not. He was so mad because she lied and didn’t tell him about their son, but on the same time, he loved her too much to let her go. It was now or never, because like she said, it was their last chance to spend time together before the war started. Seeing her leave, he grabbed her wrist, making her stop and look at him confused.

Jaejoong: You don’t know how angry I am because of what you did. But my love surpasses my anger. Whatever I do, I won’t be able to let you go.

Kaya found herself being pulled into a gentle kiss. After a few seconds she kissed him back hoping that this was not a dream. Being in his arms again gave her hope that everything will be alright, that a bright future is waiting for her after all this will be over.

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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by Guest on 8/23/2009, 5:27 pm

Yeah, I totally didn't see it coming..not that that's a bad thing ^^ I can't wait until the war starts!!! Woot!!! Thanks for the update Very Happy


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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/24/2009, 7:44 am's gonna start very soon ^^ i took my exam today so i'm free~ i will start writing asap! Very Happy

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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 9/13/2009, 12:48 pm

Chapter 33: The beginning of another war

The next day, Jaejoong was at his sister’s house, trying to convince them to help him. He wanted to marry Kaya since so long, but due to the circumstances, he couldn’t. Now he needed help in completing this task.

Chiyoko: If I were her, I wouldn’t forgive you for what you did 2 days ago.

Jaejoong: I know, but I’ve wanted to do this for so long…when I found out secrets were being kept from me all this time, I lost it. I apologized and she forgave me, I know she did.

Chiyoko: So you really want to marry her…fine, but what if she says no? What will you do then?

Jaejoong: I will respect her decision…and let go.

Changmin: Will you be able to?

Jaejoong: I don’t know, but I will try my best…for her.

Yunho: I don’t agree with it. I won’t let my sister marry a man like him. I don’t care if you’re Sangki’s father! Kaya, Donghae, Hankyung and I raised him properly even without you.

Jaejoong: Whose side are you on? I’m your master!

Yunho: I don’t care! My sister is much more important than you. You must know that by now.

Jaejoong: Of course I know that! Yunho, please…I love her…Back then I overreacted…I appologised and she forgave me. I want this wedding to be a surprise.

Changmin: Are you sure about it?

Jaejoong: If I wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Chiyoko: He’s telling the truth. I can feel it.

Changmin: Do you think he deserves a second chance?

Chiyoko: I think Kaya has the right to take away or give that chance. If she really loves him, she will accept in a blink of an eye.

Yunho: Not if I got something to say about it.

Chiyoko: No offence, but you should stop being so overprotective with your sister. I understand that she is your only relative left alive, but I believe she can decide on her own now. And you know Jaejoong for so long…you know how he treated your sister when they were together.

Jaejoong: We still are.

Yunho: Who are you to judge me and my actions? I do what I believe it’s best for her.

Changmin: We know that, but you’re overreacting about this. This is the reason you rejected Ayumi, isn’t it?

Yunho: My private life is none of your business!

Chiyoko: It becomes our business when you’re starting to make the wrong choices. Can’t you see we’re trying to help you?

Yunho: I don’t need your help!

Changmin: Yes, you do. Stop denying it.

Yunho: Fine!! Do as you please! But if you hurt her, I will personally cut off your head, Jaejoong. I don’t care if she will hate me afterwards. If this is the price for protecting her, I’m willing to take the risk.

Donghae: Then how about a double wedding?

Changmin: Where did you come from?

Donghae: Hankyung paied us a visit, so I asked him to help me teleport here. I wanted to talk to you about my wedding with Sunye, but I see that you’re already talking about another wedding.

Chiyoko: You too? What is this: wedding season?

Donghae: So what do you say? Will you help me?

Changmin: I think it can be arranged. We just need Mizuki’s help. She’s great with decorating and organizing stuff.

Chiyoko: And I’m not?

Changmin: I didn’t say this, honey, but you need some help too. You can’t do all of this alone.

Donghae: Thank you! I owe you one! Then let’s get down to business…we have lots to do and little time.

Changmin: Yunho, please teleport everyone here…except the brides, of course.

Yunho: What am I now: your slave?

Changmin: Shut up! We must hurry!

Kaya woke up from another nightmare in an empty and dark room. The apartment was silent. Slowly, she remembered what happened last night and judging by the dropped curtains, the moon had not taken its place on the sky yet. She rose and headed torwards the bathroom. After taking a long relaxing bath and dressing up, she wanted to go in the kitchen, but a note placed on the desk caught her attention. The girl took the note and began to read it. It was from Jaejoong stating that he will be gone to the office and then he will spend some time with their son, because he will be boarding a plane tonight along with his aunt, cousin and a bodyguard. She smiled satisfied and decided to wait until he returns. Hours passed by quickly and the sound of the key was heard. Once Jaejoong closed the door, Kaya jumped and hugged him.

Jaejoong: Hey~ I thought you left already.

Kaya: I wanted to wait for you…am I not allowed?

Jaejoong: No...It’s good that you did because I wanted to see you and ask you something.

Kaya: What is it?

Jaejoong: I know that the centuries I’ve been good to you don’t cover up the fact that I’ve been a total jerk 2 days ago, but I really love you…do you know that?

Kaya: If this is about you feeling guilty for that, I already told you that it’s my fault too…We’re even.

Jaejoong: No…the question I want to ask you is: will you marry me?

Kaya: What?

Jaejoong: If you don’t want to…it’s totally understandable…

Kaya: No…no…it’s not that...but I’m shocked…I didn’t expect you to ask me this after…

Jaejoong: So do you accept?

Kaya: Yes.

Jaejoong: That’s all I wanted to hear. Downstairs, a silver car is waiting for you. Chiyoko will drive you to pick your dress.

Kaya: You mean, we’re getting married right now?

Jaejoong: Yes, tonight. Everything is prepared. Only the bride is missing…

Kaya: Wow…I didn’t expect it to be so soon…

Jaejoong: If you want we could wait until after the war.

Kaya: No! Let’s do it now…we don’t know what this war will bring. Maybe we…

Jaejoong shut her up with a kiss. He didn’t want to hear those awful words. She needed to be happy and think positively.

Jaejoong: Don’t say that...don’t even think about it, Kaya. This will be a day you have to remember with a smile upon your face. Now be a good girl and hurry up to the car. My sister’s patience is running thin and she’ll kill me.

Kaya (began to giggle): You’re right. See you at the church. I love you!

Jaejoong: I love you too.

Kaya turned around to leave but not before she planted a kiss on his lips.
On the other side of the town, Sunye was waiting for Donghae who told her to meet him at Shibuya buss station in 30 minutes. The girl waited and waited, but her lover was nowhere to be seen. In the end, she lost her patience and prepared to leave.

Donghae: Going somewhere?

Sunye: Where have you been?? You told me to come here because it was an emergency and you didn’t bother to show up.

Donghae: I’m sorry baby…I just got caught up in stuff.

Sunye: Stuff? What stuff?

Donghae: You know…preparing stuff…I had to help Mizuki with the wedding.

Sunye: What wedding? Who’s getting married?

Donghae: Jaejoong and Kaya…and us…if you want to…

Sunye: What did you say? We’re getting married?

Donghae: Yes, I want you to be my wife. Do you accept?

Sunye: Y-yes…yes...but when…?

Donghae: Well…I was planning this for quite some time, but I needed help with the preparations…This morning, Jaejoong asked for help on this too and we agreed on a double wedding. That if you and Kaya accepted the proposals.

Sunye: Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Donghae: I wanted it to be a surprise. The ceremony will be held tonight, so let’s go!

Sunye: Go where?

Donghae: You need to pick a wedding dress, of course! Mizuki and the others will help you.

Sunye: A dress??

Donghae took her hand and began to run. After a few steps, Sunye stopped in her tracks suddenly and made him stop too, and turn around confused.
Donghae: Is there something wrong?

Sunye (smiled): No…I love you!

She pulled him in a heated kiss in the middle of the street, making everyone stare. Smiling, Donghae took her to the car and drove to where the others were waiting.

A few hours later, at the church, everything was ready. The brides were walking down the altar with a bright smile on their faces. The ceremony ended fast and everyone headed for Changmin and Chiyoko’s mansion where the party was going to take place.

Yoochun: A toast to the newly weds! I wish you a happy and long-lasting marriage.

Everyone was enjoying the party when suddenly they started to feel the air getting hot. The door opened and King Akira was thrown into the room. His son and daughter rushed to his side.

Chiyoko: Dad? Oh my God! Are you ok?

Akira: I’ll be…fine.

Ayumi: What is the meaning of this? Show yourself!

Masao: My, my…you don’t have to be rude to your guest, even if it’s uninvited.

Junsu: Why are you here?

Masao: I heard rumours…and I’ve come to see for myself if it’s the truth or not.

Sunye: What rumours?

Masao: Well…I just heard that you are planning to destroy me. My book has been stolen recently and noone could possibly know about it than those who are necromancers. This is a fact that proves the rumours were right, but I want to hear it from you.

Kaya: I stole it! So what? It wasn’t yours to begin with!

Masao: Oh…so you’re the culprit. I thought it was your brother, but it’s clear that I was terribly wrong. You know…I’ve always thought that you, Kaya were the weak one.

Junsu: You know what your problem is? You always underestimate your enemies and you’re so full of yourself.

Masao: You think so? I could just make you all vanish in a blink of an eye, but then it will be no fun.

Ayumi: We’re too many even for you. And 2 of us are wizards. You won’t be able to keep up.

Masao: Then let me prove you and at the same time take this as a warning…I have bigger plans than becoming king once again…you trying to destroy me is an obstacle.

Sunye: We won’t go down that easely! We’re much stronger than we used to be.

Masao: Yes, I am aware of that…but you’re not the only ones that improved your skills.

Masao pointed a finger torwards Akira who was lying helplessly in his son’s arms. In the next second all that was left of Akira’s body was a pool of blood which tainted Jaejoong’s clothes. In the room not a single noise could be heard, but the silence was soon interrupted by Masao’s sadistic laugh.

Masao: I can’t believe you guys. You call yourselves immortal creatures, but look at you now! You are the same as the mindless humans that poison this Earth.

Yoochun: How about you? You call yourself a being, but you’re nothing but a monster!

Masao: You see…feelings are useless. I don’t feel mercy, love like you do. You used to be a fine young warrior, Yoochun. I must admit it was very hard, even impossible to predict your next move. But look at you now going all soft just because you feel love for my daughter. Pathetic!

Masao stopped talking because a figure he hasn’t seen before was slowly approaching him. The new girl’s presence gave him an unpleasant feeling. Looking into her eyes he felt anger and hatred burning inside the being.

Masao: And you are…?

Soojin: Don’t tell me you don’t recongnise me, Masao. After all this time, i haven’t forgotten that day when you took everything away from me…my life included just to get the damned book of spells.

Masao: Soojin!?

Soojin: At least you remember my name. Yes, I’ve found a way to come back and I’ve come to exact revenge on you.

Masao: How…?

Soojin: You forget an important detail: I was the keeper of the book. I know all the spells in it, even the forbidden ones.

Masao: Then why didn’t you kill me when you had the chance?

Soojin: I tried…but I hesitated and that was the thing that brought me death. I promise I won’t hesitate now. I won’t rest until you’ll follow me in death.

Masao: I’m sorry but I don’t plan on leaving this world anytime soon. I’m more powerful than you can imagine. I know the book of spells like the back of my palm.

Soojin: It’s not up to you now. You took the last person that mattered to me: Akira. I’ve nothing more to loose. I’ll drag you back to hell with me!

Soojin began to unleash her power. Her eyes became pitch black. The house began to shake, everything was falling apart. To protect the others, Hankyung, Kaya and Yunho created an invisible box. In matter of seconds, half of the city was wiped out. Everything was buried in ruins and dust. The war had begun once more and from the looks of it, it will be bloody beyond everyone’s imagination.

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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Soojin!! Finally, kill Masao!!! Kill that bastard!!!!! Thanks for the update...I'm getting worked up, lol ^^


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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Yukie23 wrote:Soojin!! Finally, kill Masao!!! Kill that bastard!!!!! Thanks for the update...I'm getting worked up, lol ^^

hahah i'm glad you like it...i didn't have much time so that's why, in my opinon, i rushed things a bit, but i promise to take my time on the next chapters! i was busy with university and couldn't write[enrolling took more than i was expecting] but i promise to concentrate on writing and finish this asap. so look forward to it becuz it's gonna be a big, twisted fight coming up Twisted Evil Laughing

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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 34: Final preparation

After a while a huge blast threw the parts from Chiyoko’s recently demolished house and everyone who was under, came out. The scenery was incredibly stark. The sun’s light was obliterated by the thick curtain of smoke and dust. Cars and parts of the houses which still remained standing were continuing to explode occasionally.

They were all gasping for air because the energy which Soojin released had created a huge pressure.

Ayumi: Damn! She could have considered our lives. I’m too young to die.

Sunye: You can’t blame her. She was incredibly angry when she saw the last person she ever loved being wiped out in a second.

Ayumi: But at least she could have thought…

Sunye: Just shut up because you know you would have done the same if you had her power. Anyone could be blinded by anger and you know it.

Ayumi: Stop talking like you know everything.

Jaejoong: Chiyoko, are you alright?

Chiyoko: I’ll be fine…but dad…he…

Jaejoong: Don’t worry; I’ll make sure the bastard is going to pay.

Mizuki: Ok people, enough with the whining…time to get your selves together. We have to stick to the plan.

Ayumi: Wait! Who put you in charge?

Mizuki: Well…someone has to take the lead. Look at you people…a little blast swept off your feet.

Jaejoong: Just shut up, Mizuki because you’re as shaken as we are.

Mizuki: Jaejoong, I understand that you’re a little sad because you just lost your father, but you can mourn later. Now we have no time to lose.

Chiyoko: Listen to yourself, Mizuki! Are you aware of what are you saying?

Mizuki: What did I say wrong?

Chiyoko: How can you ask us to put the death of our beloved father on the back of our minds?? Would you be able to forget in an instant if it was your father?? Oh wait! It can’t be. Maybe because your father is the bad guy who tried to kill us??

Mizuki: I am just trying to…

Chiyoko: I know what are you trying to do, but you could have just stayed silent. You are the last person on earth I want to receive advice from right now.

Ayumi: Hey! It’s not the time to have a fight. I hate to admit it, but in a way, I agree with Mizuki. We have to keep our minds clear and carry on like we planned because if we don’t we might end up dead.

Chiyoko: Ayumi I can’t believe what I am hearing! You…

Jaejoong: Chiyoko… Chiyoko look at me! Noone is asking us to forget about it, ok? You must calm down.

Chiyoko: Maybe you’re right…I’m just….

Jaejoong: I know…I know little sis.

A little further away, Yunho was trying to wake up his sister and Hankyung who fainted. The first to open his eyes was Hankyung. He looked around confused.

Hankyung: What happened? Am I dead?

Junki: No, you’re still alive, you just fainted.

Hankyung: I remember Masao appearing out of the blue, Soojin’s anger…I felt like being choked and everything went blank.

Yunho: It must have been the blast which knocked you down. You’ll be fine. Kaya! Open your eyes!

Junki: Yunho, we’ve been spotted. We have to leave now! Hankyung, open a portal. I’ll go and gather everyone.

Mizuki: There is no need for that. We’re here. My question is: can they follow us through?

Hankyung: Not if I’m closing it behind me.

Mizuki: But what about you?

Hankyung: Mizuki san, since when are you concerned about a demon? I’ll stay behind and escape later.

Junki: Hankyung hurry up! They’re coming!

After the demon opened the portal, Yunho took Kaya in his arms and went in first followed by the others. Hankyung saw Masao’s men coming and he was prepared to close it when he was suddenly pulled in and the portal closed itself. A few seconds later, the group found itself in an old abandoned church.

Mizuki: I thought you said…

Hankyung: I know what I said. Someone pulled me in and changed the location of the exit too.

Soojin: That was me.

Hankyung: You’re the one who brought us here?

Soojin: Yes, I know how to manipulate these portals. I’m glad you could all make it because you will help me.

Junsu: I hope you have a good plan.

Soojin: Actually I have. My plan is for you to fight Masao’s men while I sneak in and finish him.

Junsu: That’s it? You make it sound so simple.

Yoochun: It seems but I believe it’s more to this plan than it meets the eye. This or you’re the worst strategist I ever knew.

Soojin: It’s true that I’m not the world’s best strategist, but I believe this will work quite well.

Yoochun: No it won’t. You will get us all killed.

Soojin: Then you do it, genius!

Yoochun: Well, first we get Chiyoko, Sangki and Junmin to safety. They have plane tickets to go abroad, but it seems we don’t have time to wait for the plane and the airport is probably destroyed.

Siwon: So what are you suggesting?

Yoochun: Since Yunho will be helping us with other stuff, Kaya is weakened, I say that Hankyung or you should open a portal to another country and then we will think about something else.

Yunho: Sangki, take your mother too. She is in no condition to fight.

Kaya: No! I will stay.

Junsu: When did you wake up?

Jaejoong: Honey, Yunho is right…

Kaya: I know you agree with Yunho, but no, I’m not letting you all alone. I’m fine! I’ve been just out for a bit because I was tired.

Soojin: She is right. We will need her help. I’ll open the portal now. We must hurry.

Quick hugs, kisses were exchanged before the departure. Chiyoko couldn’t help herself and started to cry. After their departure sighs could be heard.

Siwon: Good, we’re done. Now what?

Yoochun: Now we continue with the plan. Junsu, Ayumi please explain the details. I have somewhere I need to go. Hankyung come with me.

Mizuki: Where are you going Yoochun?

Yoochun: I need to speak with your mom and bring her here. I’ll be right back, I promise.
Junsu: Be careful, Yoochun.

Yoochun: I will, master Junsu.

Junsu: Don’t call me that! Ok…now back to the plan. We planned to sneak upon Masao and kill him as fast as possible. Yunho and Kaya go to kill him and we are creating a diversion.

Soojin: I am going with the brothers. They will be my back up. I want to be the one who kills Masao.

Sunye: I don’t think anyone will object that. Just make sure you do it already and fast. We cannot afford to make mistakes.

Soojin: I don’t think you have the right to question me, Sunye. I know what I am doing.

Sunye: I hope you do or else we’ll be dead in an instant.

Minwoo: Don’t let yourself fooled, Sunye. It’s not like she cares about our well-being. In her game we’re just pawns ready for sacrifice.

Soojin: Pawns you say? No…that’s not the right word for it. I am ready to sacrifice my life as well. Doesn’t that make me a pawn as well?

Minwoo: You have nothing more to lose since you already died, but the rest of us do. Now everything that you love has died or has been shattered to pieces.

Soojin: You’re wrong…You think I have no heart? I care about Jaejoong and Chiyoko like my own children. Maybe if I hadn’t been so stupid, things would have been different now.

Minwoo: It’s true…you were the most stupid girl I’ve ever seen…

Siwon: This is not the time to argue. Let’s just do our job and argue later.

Ayumi: He’s right. Any questions related to your mission? No question? Good now…I think it’s the right time to begin.

Right when they wanted to step torward the door, Hankyung and Yoochun appeared.

Hankyung: Stop! Don’t go outside!

Mizuki: Why? What happened?

Hankyung: They know everything. If you’re going out there you’ll not come back alive.
Minwoo: How could they have found out?

Junki: It means we have a traitor among us.

Mizuki: What??

Yoochun: We have also news. We found Mizuki’s mother dead.

Changmin: Mom’s dead?? Who did it??

Yoochun: Most likely, Masao has found the hideout…she couldn’t stand a chance…I should have seen it coming…I’m sorry.

Changmin: I’m gonna…

Soojin: It doesn’t matter now. We are already trapped. From now on, it’s every man for himself.

Mizuki: I thought you said we’ll be working together as teams.

Soojin: I lied. I only need the brothers. The rest are disposable.

Mizuki patience has gone thin. She wanted to grab Soojin and beat her to death, but there was no use. Changmin felt the urge to scream and kill everything around him but he had to keep calm because they had a bigger problem now: Masao had cast a spell which split them and transported them into different places. Soojin, Yunho and Kaya found themselves in a room full of mirrors. One of them lit up and Masao’s figure appeared.

Masao: Welcome! I’ve prepared a special show for you, my most important guests.

Soojin: You bastard! Stop being such a coward and come face me!

Masao: All in time, my dear. You’ve always been impacient like this. You must see my show first. Aren’t you curious?

Soojin: The only show I want to see is the one which shows me your death!

Yunho: Where did you take us?

Masao: This is a house…my old house. I spent my childhood here. This room is the mirror room. From here you can see all the other places from in and around the house. I will go to each one of them and kill them personally. You will be my witnesses. After I finish with them, I’ll kill you too.

Kaya: What?? No! I won’t let you!

Masao: There is nothing more you can do then watch because there is no way out of here. So…enjoy!

Kaya began attempting to make spells, banged on the walls desperately, but it was no use. The mirrors wouldn’t break and no spell had effect.

Kaya: Why isn’t it working??

Soojin: It’s because you are too weak to break through his spell.

Yunho: Kaya, you need to calm down.

Kaya: Calm down? How can you be calm, Yunho? They’re all going to die and I can do nothing about it! We must do something!

Soojin: The spell that is binding us is like nothing I’ve seen before. I might be able to get you out, but this will come at a very high cost. So you must swear that you will carry out the revenge for me.

Yunho: Why are you doing this, Soojin? Why are you sacrificing yourself to get us out?

Soojin: Yoochun is right. I’m the world’s worst strategist. Masao has predicted all of my moves. You’re my only hope of redemption. If sacrificing me in order to accomplish the task is the way to go, I’ll do it. I promised to do anything and I’m not gonna break my promise. So just promise me.

Yunho & Kaya: We promise.

Soojin: I will need some time to prepare the spell, so even if the battle starts, please remain calm and have faith in your friends.

Soojin sat down in a corner and began chanting. Not before long the first mirror began showing the start of the first battle. Kaya began to panic and turned away from the heartbreaking view. She was afraid that Soojin won’t manage to get them out on time. Yunho knew exactly what she was feeling so he hugged her to provide a little of reassurance and confort.

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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Woah, a lot happened in that chapter!! Soojin is terrible at coming up with plans...I just hope her plan now works out!! I hate Masao!!

Anyway, thanks for the update, and don't worry, I totally understand ^^


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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 35: War
Changmin was walking alone in a strange corridor. The place seemed somehow familiar, like he has been there before, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. The prince sensed something wasn’t right. He stayed alert. As he was walking carefully, the floor suddenly collapsed and he fell in another room. Looking around, he recognized the place as being part of a prison. Cells with metal bars were located to his left and right, ready to receive the evil ones and keep them there forever. A strong foul smell of blood mixed with carrion and death hit him, making him dizzy. Behind him, the rest of the floor collapsed as well giving him only one way out. He held his breath and continued to walk in search for an exit. Suddenly, someone hit him hard and he felt himself casted away. Changmin expected to hit something any minute now, but instead another person caught him. He opened his eyes and saw Minwoo.

Minwoo: Master you must be careful. Your father is here. Didn’t you feel his presence?

Changmin: I…didn’t. How come I didn’t sense his presence?
Minwoo: He must have…

Masao: I can hide my presence easely especially from weaklinks like you.

Minwoo quickly stepped in front of Changmin.
Masao: You want to protect him as always, but today is the day you will fail to do that. I always treated you like my son, Minwoo so I will give you a chance to live. Leave now and you will be spared.

Minwoo: I appreciate that, but I can’t abandon him. I won’t even if I lose my life.

Changmin: Minwoo, step aside! It is my problem, I will manage. It’s an order!!!

Minwoo: Allow me to disobey you. You have Chiyoko and Junmin. You can’t abandon them! You must keep the promise you made. That’s why I...

Masao flashed in front of him and quickly pinned him to the wall and began choking him. Changmin tried to pry his father’s hands away from his friend, but he was bound by a spell. Minwoo was running out of air while Masao smiled satisfyingly. The price kept struggeling to get out of the spell when he was released miraculously. A bright light eradiated from the right side gaining the king’s attention and in an instant, Changmin found himself in a blue room with no doors or windows. Looking around confused, he saw that Minwoo was lying unconscious in his his sister’s arms. Hankyung opened a portal and Junsu went through it. A hand was put on his shoulder. When the boy looked up, he saw Siwon’s reassuring smile.

Siwon: Are you ok, Changmin?

Changmin: Yeah…Is Minwoo…?

Mizuki: He’s fine. You almost got killed there. What’s happening to you??

Changmin: I don’t know why I am like this. I feel so confused. This place is so familiar, but I can’t remember where I have seen it.

Mizuki: I do. Do you remember dad’s favorite paintings? There were a bunch of them, the ones he would always speak about and show to the nobles?

Changmin: Yes, those which he kept locked in a special room and show them once a year to the nobles.

Siwon: Wait! Are you suggesting we are inside those paintings?

Mizuki: Yes. This or we’re in some sort of an illusion and he makes us see this place.

Minwoo: Killed by the king in his favorite place…great way to die, what can I say?

Mizuki: Since when you’re awake?

Minwoo: Quite a while…I’m glad I can breathe again. Thanks for getting us out of there Siwon!

Siwon: Don’t thank me yet. Wait until we’re out of here.

Changmin: So what now?

Mizuki: Hankyung is using portals to gather everyone here. Together we’re more powerful and we have a chance against him. It’s the only way to get out of here.

Siwon: The only thing we have to do is pray he doesn’t find us before everyone will be here.

Junsu observed closely his surroundings. He was in a labyrinth rose garden. It was full of red and black roses. Hankyung told him that at the next location he will find Junki, Sunye and Jaejoong. He could feel their presence nearby and he rushed there.
A few meters away, the three were in an agonizing fight against Masao who decided not to chase after his son and target someone else. As instructed, Junsu decided to wait for the perfect opportunity and observed the battle.

Jaejoong jumped in the air, Junki came directly from the front and Sunye attempted an one-sided attack, but Masao caught Jaejoong’s sword bare handed, kicked Junki with one leg then, after avoiding Sunye’s, he threw Jaejoong into a hedge. The roses surrounded him and held him in their deadly grip. The girl hurried and cut them, but as soon as they were cut, the roses grew back and in the end they were both capturated. Junki stood up, ready for another attack.

Masao: You know…I would love to play with you more, but it’s not my fault you can’t handle my game.

Junki: Is this what you call a game? You’re sick! Let them go! All we wanted was to leave in peace, but all you wanted was to rule the world. What is the point of ruling the world?

Masao: But why not? Having power is all I want. If I have power I can do whatever I like. If you guys are dead is better for me.

Junki: If you are dead it will be better for the world. So I will have to make sure you will die and not accomplish anything.

Masao: Do you think you have the strength to do that? Look at you! I can read your mind so easely.

Junki: Then I will have to find another way to beat you down. I’ve survived worse situations. This is nothing to me.

Masao: You sure talk too much, and you are too arrogant, young man. It’s not good for you. Let me help you shut up.

Masao flashed in front of Junki, but he anticipated the move and managed to dodge the hit and cut his hand. The king was surprised, but didn’t let that affect him as he spoke a few words that made Junki unable to move and quickly stabbed him with a sword in the heart. The demon fell to the ground groaning in pain. That’s when Junsu decided it was time to make a move. The spy came out of his hideout. Masao gazed at him for a couple of seconds before realizing he was surrounded by a wall of poisonous smoke which blocked his view and allowed Junsu to escape with the king’s prey through a portal.

In the blue room, a portal was opened and Junsu came in carrying Junki in his arms, followed by Sunye and Jaejoong. As soon as he was put down, Junki pulled out the sword by himself and fainted. Hankyung looked at him worried, but didn’t say a word. Mizuki gave him to drink from small bottle given to her by Kaya.

Siwon: What happened to him?

Junsu: Masao cast a binding spell and stabbed him in the heart.

Sunye: The bastard is too strong. I don’t think we’ll be able to make it.

Mizuki: Think positively, will you?? If you knew you can’t handle it, then why did you come in the first place?

Sunye: It’s none of your business. And besides, I was just stating an obvious fact, don’t get so angry.

Mizuki: How can I not get angry?

Jaejoong: Mizuki, please, not now…a fight among ourselves is the last thing we want.

Mizuki: Ok…I hate to admit it, but bone-head is right.

Jaejoong: So where are we?

Minwoo: Believe it or not, we’re in a painting, Masao’s favorite painting.

Sunye: The one which he would show once a year to the nobles?

Changmin: Exactly. The place in the painting has a special meaning to him.

Jaejoong: Great…just great!

Siwon: We can escape here only if we kill him. Hankyung is trying to locate and gather everyone here.

Mizuki: It’s my turn to go after the next group. So I’ll see you in a bit.

Siwon: Wait! Let me go in your place.

Mizuki: Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.

Siwon: But…

Mizuki: Say one more word and I won’t speak to you for the rest of the eternity!

Changmin: Let her go. You know it’s useless to argue with her.

And so, Mizuki left to find Donghae, Ayumi, Yoochun and Kangin as Hankyung instructed. When she got out, in front of her was a huge pond. Birds were singing, the air’s temperature was perfect, all sorts of animals could be seen near the water. It was so perfect that noone could say that this was a battlefield. The princess could feel the ones she was looking for, but they were pretty far away. She needed to hurry and reach them before her father does.

Meanwhile in the room where the others were, the creepy, tensioned air was filling the quiet room. Junki approached Hankyung who hasn’t moved from his position since he got there. The demon seemed very concentrated on the spells and it seemed he was watching something other couldn’t see. Junki thought it wasn’t wise to disturb now, so she sat quietly beside him.

Hankyung: Are you alright? I saw what he did to you.

Junki: You know I’m fine. What are you watching?

Hankyung: I’m watching and guiding Mizuki. She doesn’t know this place.

Junki: How come you know the place so well?

Hankyung: Because this was my castle when I was a prince…the castle I destroyed along with the land it held in order to avenge my father.

Junki: Why would he choose this place? Oh…I almost forgot you used to be a prince when you were human.

Changmin: You were a prince? No wonder you had the noble aura around you all the time.

Junki: Hey it’s rude to eavesdrop on someone’s conversation!

Changmin: I didn’t eavesdrop, I accidentally heard it. The room isn’t so big you know.

Hankyung: It’s ok Junki. It’s been such a long time since I’ve become a demon that I sometimes forgot I was human once.

Changmin: Do you miss it?

Hankyung: Being human? I don’t know…But because of what happened back then, it’s better now that I don’t feel any emotion.

Changmin: I see…

Junki: Has Mizuki found the lost sheeps yet?

Hankyung: She’s getting closer, but she still has more to go.

Junki: We better let him to concentrate, let’s go, Changmin.

In another corner of the room Jaejoong was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall, looking away with blank eyes. Worried, Sunye approached him. She knew he was dead worried about his wife and she wanted to make him feel better.

Sunye: Jae…I am worried too, you know?

Jaejoong: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Sunye: I know it’s not, but…

Jaejoong: I would have gone to find her already, but the bastard is keeping her well hidden and it’s a suicidal trip.

Sunye: Was does Hankyung say about this? Did he manage to find her?

Jaejoong: No…even he can’t find her. I’m sure she’s somewhere in this house. I hope she is safe.

Sunye: I hope so too and I’m sure her brother is with her, so you should stop worrying so much.

Jaejoong: Masao is so strong…how could he obtain so crazy power? How can he do such a thing to us?

Sunye: All I wanted was to have a great family with Donghae, but I had to postpone this because of the war. Don’t worry, together we’ll defeat him.

But their hopes were crushed by the sudden appearance of Masao who had found them.

Masao: You think so? Guess again!

Siwon: How did he find us?

Masao: Such a foolish question…this is my trap, of course I know my way around and where are my victims.

Everyone was thinking the same thing: they must protect Hankyung so he can bring back-up and all of them formed a shield.

Masao: Ah…of course you will protect him. He is the one who will bring the others in order to defeat me. Well…I don’t mind…do as you please. You are still going to be dead at the end of the day anyway.

Jaejoong: We’ll see about that!

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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Woah, big battle coming up!! Can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks for teh update Smile


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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 3/2/2010, 12:32 pm

no problem ^^ i'm glad u're not bored yet Smile)

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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 36: Checkmate
Meanwhile, in another part of the battlefield, Yunho, Kaya and Soojin were watching helplessly as their friends were being attacked without mercy. Soojin was chanting the spell continuously. Each time she started all over, a part of her body would disappear. Kaya was still in his brother’s arms, crying.

Yunho: Soojin, you can stop now…There is nothing more you can do.

Soojin: You promised me you won’t try to stop me. We all knew what this spell will do to me.

Yunho: Yes, but…

Soojin: Your job is to protect your sister. Now shut up and let me concentrate.

After that, he didn’t say anything, just kept thinking of ways to get out. He couldn’t find any. It seemed impossible. Were they going to die there? Lost in his thoughts, Yunho didn’t notice Soojin was gone until Kaya called yelled his name. He looked at her face and noticed that she was no longer crying; then he gazed at the object she was holding in her hand. All that was left from Soojin was an amaranth.

Kaya: She’s gone…we’re all alone…like always…

Yunho: I told her to stop…

Kaya: I know…

Yunho: Kaya…I promise you that I will protect you even if…

Kaya: Did you know? Did it even occur to you that we’re going to have such a faith?

Yunho: I can see the future, but only parts, bits. I didn’t know this is going to happen.

Kaya: If you concentrate, can you predict one’s death?

Yunho: You want to know if we’re going to die.

Kaya: Yes, can you tell me? I know you saw something the night before we left the palace that time. What did you see?

Yunho: I saw you on a bed with your heart ripped out of your chest…You were dead. Then mom told me that you have not much time left. I panicked so I ran to Jaejoong since he was the only one who would listen to me.

Kaya: You managed to prevent my death. Do you think you can do it again?

Yunho: I want to, but I can’t look into the future whenever I want.

Kaya: Yunho…you know that everything I imagine becomes reality, right? I will imagine that these mirrors will break and we’re free.

Yunho: Then why didn’t you do this earlier?

Kaya: Because Soojin was still alive.

Yunho: I don’t understand.

Kaya: After I trapped her into the mirror, she put a seal on this power of mine. I don’t know why, but she was afraid of me using it.

Yunho: I thought you two were friends.

Kaya: She was using us for her stupid revenge! One way or another she would have gotten rid of me because she needed only one of us to help her complete the plan.

The sudden outburst of his sister really surprised Yunho.

Yunho: But you were her vessel. She wouldn’t have gotten far without possessing your body.

Kaya: I opposed it since it was hurting me. If she would have tried to possess me without my approval, Hankyung would have made her disappear.

Yunho: Why didn’t you tell me anything?

Kaya: I didn’t want to burden you. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t keep going as her slave.

Yunho: Next time something bothers you, tell me! I’m your brother! Stop thinking you will be a burden to me.

Kaya: I promise. Now let’s hurry and help the others.

The witch concentrated and little by little the mirrors in the room started cracking until they broke into pieces. As soon as they did, the brothers were surrounded by water. They both held their breath as they were making their way torwards the surface. When they were about to make it to the surface, a hand grabbed the girl by the foot dragging her down. Yunho noticed and went to get her, but the creature punched him in the chest. Kaya managed to push the creature away and escape. Realizing that they had no choice but to kill their guardian, Kaya imagined that they could breathe underwater. This gave them the chance to fight equally with their opponent. Yunho drew out the sword and charged. The enemy was faster than him. In a split second Yunho found himself stabbed in the neck right before his sister’s eyes, who went cold all over just as fast.

Kaya: “Yunho…”

This was all that was going through her mind at the moment. The blue water started to be tainted in red. To a demon, a wound to the neck was a fatal one. Before giving his last breath, the wizard muttered a few words and thunder stroke the creature. Because they were underwater, the electricity spread around the whole lake, electrocuting even Kaya, but it didn’t affect their enemy that much. It was still breathing and with an insane speed it stabbed Kaya in the chest ripping her heart out with brutality after. She felt huge pain and after everything just disappeared into darkness. Yunho's premonition has been furfilled. In the end, he couldn't do anything to save his sister. The two bodies began sinking deeper into the water which was becoming redder by the second. Everything they fought for, all their efforts were going down the drain as their souls were being pulled out. They didn’t stand a chance. They died.

Donghae, Ayumi, Yoochun and Kangin were walking along the shore. Fortunately Mizuki was catching up on them. They were planning to find the others, but little did they know what was in store for them.

Ayumi: Wait…just going on like this…we won’t be getting anywhere.

Kangin: Maybe we’ll find the others.

Ayumi: But we can’t even feel their presence! How do you want to find them??

Donghae: Relax! If you are consumed by disperation, it won’t get you anywhere.

Ayumi: How can i relax knowing the situation we're in??

Mizuki: Donghae!!! Yoochun!!!

Donghae: Mizuki?

Yoochun: What are you doing here? How did you find us?

Mizuki: Hankyung sent me. He knows where everyone is except for Kaya and Yunho.

Ayumi: How can he track us down? We can’t feel anything.
Mizuki: Well, he knows some tricks from Kaya and something about…anyway!! It’s a long story. We need to get back where the others are. You are not safe here.

Donghae: Are the others ok?

Mizuki: If by others you mean Sunye, then yes, she is. But he is on the move and has attacked the others. We must hurry!

Right when they turned around thunder stroke the surface of the water. They all turned back to see what’s happening and saw the water coloring changing from blue to red.
Donghae: What was that?

Kangin: Blood…?

Ayumi: That’s Yunho’s spell…he called the thunder…YUNHO!!!
Donghae: You mean they’re down there??

Kangin: This doesn’t look good.

Yoochun: We must bring them to the surface. Kangin, Donghae let’s go!

They jumped in. As soon as they went down a bit, they could see a huge creature turn into a small fish and disappear. Not far from it 2 bodies were sinking. Kangin and Yoochun rushed to them. Kangin grabbed Kaya and Yoochun grabbed Yunho. In a few seconds they were back on the shore. Ayumi rushed to Yunho’s side.

Mizuki: Yay! We found them…Yunho, Kaya are you…?

Mizuki’s eyes stopped on Kaya’s chest. A huge hole was made and her heart was no longer there. Realization dawned upon them: the brothers weren’t breathing anymore. Their friends were dead. Their main tool for winning this fight was destroyed. Ayumi began to cry unknowingly.

Ayumi: Yunho you can’t do this to me!! You have no right!! Wake up!

Mizuki: What? They can’t be dead! You can’t be dead you cowards! Wake up stupid witch!

Donghae, Kangin and Yoochun kept silent. They didn’t know what to say. Yoochun realized how much Yunho and Kaya were worth to his wife, even if she didn’t show it.

Mizuki: What am I supposed to say to that bone-head now? He’ll blame me for your death and i…

Yoochun: Calm down…the damage has been done…it’s too late…

Ayumi: How can you be so calm? They’re dead! “I’ve lost Yunho just like I lost my family. I’m alone again.”

Yoochun: What’s the use if I lose my mind?

Ayumi: You…

The portal appeared next to them. Hankyung was calling for them.

Yoochun: Let’s keep calm and go. We have a fight to win.

Donghae: We can’t leave their bodies here.

Yoochun: We’ll come back later for them. I promise…but for now, let’s focus to end this.

In the room, Masao was being attacked from all angles and positions, but he was too good for his opponents. While the others were keeping the king busy, Hankyung was monitoring the situation outside. He saw everything from Mizuki finding them to the bodies carried out from the water. It was no use to continue so he opened the portal to call them there because the others seriously needed help. Jaejoong was knocked out, Junki had an injured arm and the others were tired. Suddenly he heard Masao addressing to him.

Masao: Checkmate, Hankyung.

Junsu: What are you talking about at a time like this??

Masao: You know…I considered this a game of chess. Clever Hankyung noticed that and tried to outsmart me. It was a boring one actually because the opponent wasn’t alert enough. The king and the queen, those who were a threat to me, were Kaya and Yunho, but I killed them.

Sunye: Is that true, Hankyung?

Hankyung: I’m afraid so. Now it’s all in our hands.

Masao: Now killing you is piece of cake. You lost ever since you fell into my trap. You know what made you lose? You can’t get over the past, you are not doing this because you are the best friends in the whole world, but you do this because you don’t want to die.

Sunye: Stop spitting nonsense!! I will kill you myself!

Masao: How foolish…

Sunye ran to him with her sword and kept swinging at him, but he dodged all of her moves. When Masao decided to attack, Sunye hesitated for a moment not knowing where he’s going to strike. He acted as wanting to cut her head with the sword, but at the same time, with the free hand pierced her chest. She blocked the sword, but in vain. She fell into his trap. Her strenght left and she fell down. She could hear them calling her name. A voice was louder than the others, a voice she wanted to hear for a long time, Donghae’s voice. The girl made a huge effort to look up because she wanted to see him one last time. The sounds were fading away, her sight was getting darker, and a pool of blood was forming beneath her. Sunye knew this was the end. In a few seconds, she drifted away to eternal slumber. Her eyes looked like were still searching for her beloved even though the sparkle of life was no longer in them.

Everyone was shocked. This wasn’t good. Masao, on the other hand, looked delighted. He got rid of one of the pawns. In this game of chess, the remaining king was going to win because no other piece will be stronger than him.

Masao: So, who wants to be next? If you won’t attack, I will. If you don’t choose, I will do it for you. There is no escape from this.

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Woah!! I can't believe they died!! Omg, poor Yunho, Kaya, and Sun Ye. Update soon, this fic only gets better and better!! Thanks for the update ^^


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Path of the Damned - Page 4 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 37: Dark passion play
Chiyoko was walking along a corridor and stopped in front of a door sighing. She couldn’t help but think about Changmin all the time and everytime she did it, a lump was forming in her throat. It’s been 3 weeks since they left the country and no news was heard. She promised to take care of the kids and she intended to keep it even if it made her heart clench everytime she thought about the time she agreed to stay away from the battlefield. Before she could put the key into the keyhole, the door opened by itself waking her from the trance. She entered quickly and the door closed behind her. Sangki was sitting on the sofa watching TV while eating chocolate.

Chiyoko: Sangki, I’ve told you not to do that anymore. We have to keep a low profile.

Sangki: I was too lazy to go all the way to the door.

Chiyoko (sigh): You’re just like your father. Where is your cousin?

Sangki: He’s out looking for you. I’ll call him to come back.

Junmin: It is ok mom, I’m already here.

Chiyoko: Where were you, fool? I told you to stay inside!

Junmin: I wanted to take a stroll because I’ve gone insane waiting here. It’s been 3 weeks mom!

Chiyoko: I know honey…but we promised, didn’t we?

Junmin: How long is it going to last?? I’m tired of waiting already.

Chiyoko: Unfortunately, it could last even hundreds of years.

Junmin: Are you seriously going to wait that long??

Chiyoko: I will wait no matter what! Stop acting like a child. I know…

Junmin: Know what?? Huh? What do you know??

Chiyoko: I know it’s harder to stay here and wait instead of being there in the midst of the battle…but please… you must have patience. I don’t want to lose you too.

Sangki: Will you two stop arguing? It’s hard to hear anything from this show.

Chiyoko: What do you want for dinner?

Sangki: Anything is fine.

Junmin: I’m not hungry. I will go to my room.

Junmin stomped his way to the bedroom and shut the door with a loud bang. Chiyoko looked upset in that direction. Even since they were here, Junmin kept yelling for no reason. She knew he was worried, that’s why she avoided conflicts.

Sangki: Just let him be. He’s worried, that’s all.

Chiyoko: Aren’t you the same?

Sangki: No. I know they will make it back.

Chiyoko: “It’s good to know at least one of us still keeps a clear head.” Anyway…I brought you icecream. It’s your favorite.

Sangki: Really?? Thanks auntie~!

In the dimension Masao created especially for the battle, 3 people were already dead. The situation looked grim for his opponents. Donghae, Mizuki, Yoochun, Kangin and Ayumi walked through the portal in time to see Sunye breathing for the last time. At first, they couldn’t see who was sprawled on the ground because the king was blocking their sight, but the smell of her blood hit them. Donghae’s heart clenched and the world started spinning. The only words that came out of his mouth were: “this isn’t happening”. He somehow found the strength to run to her. Masao wanted to hit Donghae, but Junki suddenly jumped in front of him and blocked it.
Masao: If you were smart enough, you would have lived a little more. Why sacrifice for a man who just wants to reach his dead wife? I could have made him a favor and helped him join her.

Junki: Help? Don’t make me laugh! What do you know about love? Oh, that’s right! NOTHING!

Masao: And you do?

Junki: I have a heart. You never did. You even tried to kill your own wife and children. How sick is that?

Masao: I see you can relate well at Donghae’s situation. Did someone kill your wife as well?

Junki: Wife…no. But she was someone I loved. She was killed by a sick bastard like you and I avenged her by sending him to hell.

Masao: Now I see why you’re willing to do it. Oh well…to me, the order in which you die is not important, so you’ll be next, Junki.

Hankyung: Don’t be stupid, Junki!

Junki: Don’t worry about me. I will definetly keep my promise.

Masao: Do I see fear in your eyes, Hankyung?

Taking advantage of Masao unawareness, Junki stabbed him in the stomach. Everything went silent for a brief second, and then Junki was stabbed in the neck. Siwon flashed and caught him before falling to the ground. After a few more seconds, Masao was left alone in the room because Hankyung teleported everyone someplace else. Seeing himself alone, the king smirked.
Hankyung took everyone back at the lake leaving just Sunye’s corpse behind. Junsu and Ayumi looked around in case Masao would appear. Junki was losing blood rapidly. Panic installed itself once again. Hankyung was disperately trying to save his best friend life, but it seemed like nothing was helping.

Donghae: You left Sunye’s corpse there…Send me back, I will retrieve it.

Siwon: Are you crazy?

Donghae: We can’t let her rot there!

Siwon: This is not the time to do foolish things! I know that she was your wife, but you have to survive. She would have wanted that.

Donghae: She would have wanted that…How do you know, huh?? The only thing she wanted was to be with that bastard of Jaejoong, but he pushed her away cruelly. Now when she finally accepted my heart, she left this world because she wanted to follow me into the grave…because she didn’t want to loose me….

Siwon: I know is hard, but you have to live long enough to give her a proper burial, don’t you think? So please, calm yourself.

Donghae: It’s all stupid Kaya’s fault! If she didn’t have the “brilliant” idea to start this war, I would have lived happily ever after. We all have lived!

Jaejoong: You shut up! She didn’t force anyone into this! She wanted to do this by herself, but you came and said you would help. Look at you! You’re useless!

Donghae: At least my corpse isn’t sprawled next to a tree with my heart tore out of the chest and thrown God-knows-where!

Yoochun: Donghae that’s enough!

Jaejoong: What do you mean by that?

Yoochun: Nothing…he’s talking nonsense because he’s upset.

Hankyung: If one of you speaks again, I swear you won’t be killed by Masao! I will kill you first!

Hankyung’s powerful murderous aura could be sensed. Chaos was present among them because they were feeling powerless. Junki, who was lying on the grass, opened his eyes to see Hankyung shouting angerly at the others.

Junki: Didn’t I tell you to keep calm?

Hankyung: I’m sorry…

Junki: Enough…it’s enough.

Hankyung: What?

Junki: It’s time for you to stop trying to…save me. I thought I could do it on my own…I acted on anger and I failed.

Hankyung: Don’t say that. You are like a brother to me. You must focus on healing. I know I can do it…I can save you…I can save you all.

Junki: There is a limit…to what your powers…can do. I’m sorry…

Hankyung: Sorry for what?

Junki: I…couldn’t keep my promise… but I want you all to pull through…if you are united…you have a chance…

Yoochun: Junki let us try to save you. You are an important part of our family.

Junki smiled bitterly and looked away.

Junki: Since when…is the general so mushy?

Yoochun: It’s the truth…

Junki: The truth is…Masao knows where we…are. Leave me…Go.

Yoochun: I am the leader here. I’m ordering you to stay alive!

Junki: Then I will disobey! I know there is no chance for me but at least I will be at peace knowing that I saved someone who was dear to me for once!

He began coughing uncontrollably and choked on his own blood until a few seconds later when his body gave up. His head turned to the left, his gaze locked on the bottomless lake. Hankyung started crying.

Hankyung: No! No! Junki look at me!

Yoochun: He’s gone. Pull yourself together. We will have time for mourning after we kill the bastard.

Donghae: So what do we do now?

Yoochun: We regroup and prepare an ambush.

Before he could say another thing, Masao came out of the lake holding Junsu’s corpse in a hand. He threw the corpse at their feet. Yoochun’s eyed widened at the sight. Faint gasps were heard.

Masao: Do you like my present? I admit it’s a bit rumpled, but it’s still in one piece. You have to give me credit for this at least.

Donghae: Where…how…?

Masao: Oh, he was no paying attention and all I needed was a strike. It was one of your best spies, yet he was caught off guard during war time. Interesting…

Mizuki stepped up. She felt the need to do something and also felt the need to know why her father does this.

Mizuki: Dad…why do you do this? Why has it come to this?

Masao: You provoked me. Well…Kaya did, but you joined her cause and I’m responding accordingly. If you would have let Kaya to go against me alone, there would have been fewer casualties. I never thought my own children would turn against me like this.

Mizuki: What you did and you are doing is wrong! There are many ways to obtain power. Choose one without shedding blood.

Masao: Now you are trying to lecture your own father about right and wrong? Hahahaha this is in deed funny~! You chose this and you will pay for it! I won’t spare anyone!

Mizuki: What if I would help you choose another way to conquer the world?

Masao: I don’t need anyone’s help…especially a traitor’s. I have fought for the supremacy for far longer than you imagine. I lost my patience. Kaya started this and I will finish it.

Masao wanted to strike, but Hankyung was faster. He put a binding spell on the enemy so they can run away and attack later when they will be ready. A portal was opened a few meters away. Everyone ran for it while Hankyung was holding Masao. Unfortunately, Mizuki tripped and fell while running. Siwon saw her and went back to help her up. That’s when Masao broke loose. Siwon immediately pushed Mizuki away. The king ran a small dagger through Siwon’s chest and took out his heart. Mizuki was splattered with her bodyguard’s blood from head to toe. Before she could realize what was happening, Yoochun dragged her into the portal. Once on the other side, the girl began panicking.

Mizuki: Siwon…where is Siwon?

Yoochun: He sacrificed for you.

Mizuki: Blood….his blood…take it off of me! No! Siwon!!

Yoochun: Shhhh….it’s okay. Calm down.

Hankyung: Stop that crazy woman from freaking out. Thank you.

Hankyung’s eyes had a dangerous sparkle in them. Everyone was surpised at how fast he transformed his feelings. Mizuki freaked out and Yoochun was doing his best to calm her down. She stopped screaming and sobbed in her husband’s arms.

Hankyung: Listen up! We have to stop fooling around and start this war for real.

Jaejoong: You call this fooling around??

Hankyung: Shut up! Starting from this moment, I will be the leader since Yoochun over there is too shocked.

Jaejoong: And you’re not?? Don’t tell me you didn’t cry moments ago when Junki died.

Hankyung: Who’s Junki?

Jaejoong: What? Are you bipolar or something??

Hankyung: If you say one more word, I’ll cut off your head! Now listen carefully. I have a plan. We will crush the bastard.

Everyone was looking weirdly at him, but as he was their only hope, shut up and listened to the plan. Hankyung had nothing else to loose. Masao had taken the last person he cared about that's why decided to get rid of his emotions and use the other ones as actors to stage a dark passion play. Even if he would die as well, he had to try and save whatever was left.

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Yukie23 wrote:Woah!! I can't believe they died!! Omg, poor Yunho, Kaya, and Sun Ye. Update soon, this fic only gets better and better!! Thanks for the update ^^

I managed to update at last. This fanfic will end with chapter 40 so this story is close to the final Very Happy

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