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Path of the Damned

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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/17/2009, 6:02 am

Chapter 20:Ancient tales: Encaged soul

Freedom is what people always craved for the most. Not to be free is the most gruesome form of torture for all. That's why those who've done a crime are put in jail. People never ceased to fight for freedom, wanting to escape tyrany and that often ended with ther deaths. But this was a price they were willing to pay. There are many silent ways to silence a tyrant even if he is protected. You just have to wait in the shadows for the perfect moment to strike.

Kim Sunye was a cheerful young girl who lived in a small village next to the seaside. The girl had a rich, long, black hair and blue eyes like the sea she loved so much. It wasn’t a very common eye color, so everyone thought her mother had her with a stranger. The village’s witch told her she had a special destiny. She was chosen for something big. She wasn’t rich, but money didn’t matter to her. It was enough that she had little food to eat each day. She had a kind soul, was very polite and loved to help people regardless of social status. Every day she would go on the beach early in the morning to see the sunrise and in the evening to watch the sun go down from her favorite place. She loved to collect seashells and she found a few pearls as well.

Everything went fine until her father fell ill. The doctors told her he had a sever heart condition that needed to be treated. Of course, the treatment was being brought from China and it was very expensive. Then she decided to sell the pearls which were worth a fortune on the market to get the treatment. To accomplish that, Sunye got dressed in more decent clothes and she went to the ryokan sited the edge of the village. There, traders stopped-over to rest and Sunye thought it was the best place to find a buyer for her goods. She entered the large building and was welcomed by music. After looking around the large room filled with tables, she found a man who seemed to be righteous enough. She approached his table silently and bowed.

Sunye: Hello! My name is Kim Sunye. I heard you were a trader.

Man: You heard well. My name is Takuya Miyamoto. Who do I owe the presence of such a beauty?

Sunye (blushing): To noone, sir. I would like to make a deal with you.

Takuya: A deal? You’re good with business too? This must be my lucky night! Sit down and tell me all about it.

Sunye (sat down): Firstly I would like to ask you what do you trade in?

Takuya: I trade in almost anything as long as it is profitable.

Sunye: I see…Would you be interested in pearls? My master wants to sell some.

Takuya: What kind of pearls?

Sunye: My master’s hobby is collecting seashells and he found some pearls in them. He has money issues and he sent me to sell them.

Takuya: I see…Black pearls are very expensive, you know?

Sunye: Yes. Do you have the money to buy at least one?

Takuya: I have only half of the sum now, but tomorrow I will trade with a client and get you the other half. Is that good enough?

Sunye: Yes, it will be great. Thank you!

Takuya: No, thank you! It’s hard to find people selling pearls these days. Come with the merchandise tomorrow night at the same hour here. I will instruct the owner to bring you to a private room and then we will seal the deal.

Sunye: Alright. See you tomorrow then. If you will excuse me, I will leave.

Takuya: Why so fast? Don’t you want to eat something?
Sunye: No, thank you. I ate before coming here. Goodbye!

Takuya: Alright then. Goodbye!

Sunye bowed and took her leave. The next night she snuck out of the house with the pearls to meet the trader. The night was calm and warm. She entered the familiar building again and he went to the owner. She was immediately sent to the private room where Takuya was waiting for her. Sunye was welcomed by a smiling Takuya.

Takuya: Please sit down, miss. How have you been doing?

Sunye: I’ve been good, thank you. How about you?

Takuya: I’ve never been better. The deal I told you about went smoothly.

Sunye: I’m glad.

Takuya: I have the money to buy a pearl from you. I’m sorry, I would love to help a beauty like you more, but I am not that rich.

Sunye: It’s ok. You are already helping me enough. I will find other buyers for the rest of the pearls.

Takuya: I wanted to ask you. I hope you don’t mind telling me how many pearls has he?

Sunye: About 15 of them.

Takuya: Oh~! So many…I will help you get more buyers for your pearls. I have many connections, even in China.

Sunye: That would be great, thank you.

Takuya: Now…let’s eat and have fun for a while before discussing business again. Work without fun is very dull.

Sunye (giggle): You’re right.

Takuya: So let’s eat! I’ve ordered sushi. It’s my favourite. I hope you don’t mind.

Sunye: Anything is fine. Thank you.

They sat for a while and talked about all kinds of things, getting to know each other better. At one point, Sunye felt light-headed, her sight was blurry and in the next minute she fell on the floor into a deep slumber. Hours later she woke up in an obscure room, filled with candles. A figure moved towards her and soon she felt the bed moving.

Sunye: Where am i? Takuya-san, is that you?

Takuya: Yes, I am here. Relax; you’re in a safe place.

Sunye: What happened to me? I suddenly felt dizzy and…I think I fainted.

Takuya: I gave you a medicine to help you sleep. You seemed so tired!

Sunye: What? You drugged me?

Takuya: No, I was merely trying to help you feel better. Sunye, I think I love you.

Sunye: You think you…? What? No!

Takuya: I want you to marry me. Don’t you feel the same?

Sunye: Of course I don’t! I mean, I’ve known you for a few hours. Yesterday I saw you for the first time in my life!

Takuya: My dear, this could be fixed. We have the eternity to know each other better.

Sunye: I’m sorry, I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t marry strangers. I have to trust and to know the person I am marrying.

Takuya: Ok, what do you want to know about me? I’ll tell you anything.

Sunye: You don’t understand, Takuya-san. I will not marry you because I don’t love you.

When he heard that, Takuya’s facial expression changed from happy to angry. Sunye sensed danger and she rushed out on the door. But before she could climb down from the bed, Takuya grabbed her wrist. She tried to jerk herself free, but no avail.

Takuya: Where do you think you’re going?

Sunye: Let me go, Takuya-san. I want to go home!

Takuya: You’re lying, Sunye. I know you have feelings for me from the minute you saw me. I also know you lied about your master. You want to get money for your father who is ill.

Sunye: How do you know that? Have you been spying on me?

Takuya: I simply read your mind. You’re like an open book to me, very easy to read.

Sunye: Are you saying you’re not human?

Takuya: Bingo, princess. I must admit I lied to you too.

Sunye turned to him and saw his eyes were bright red. She immediately concluded he was a vampire and that meant trying to escape was a foolish act.

Takuya: Yes, I am a vampire and a slave dealer. Don’t worry; I won’t sell such a beauty to be some slimy old man’s slave.

Sunye: What do you want from me?

Takuya: Look, I can help your father. I can get his medicine from China, but I won’t do it for free. In return, you will become my wife.

Sunye: Of course. This was your plan all along, wasn’t it? So what will you do once I become your wife? I won’t last long. Humans age and die. You live forever.

Takuya: I will turn you and preserve your heavenly beauty for all eternity. Think about it while I go and get you something to eat.

After Takuya disappeared, Sunye plumped on the confortable bed and let out a pained sigh. The girl couldn’t believe that this was happening to her. She had two options: become a vampire, wife to a slave dealer and save her father or refuse and die with her father. After some time that seemed to be hours, she had come to a conclusion. A noise interrupted her train of thoughts. Shifting her gaze to the door, she noticed Takuya had entered with a tray of food.

Sunye: I thought about your proposal and I decided.

Takuya: What will you do?

Sunye: I will marry you on 2 conditions.

Takuya: Anything for you, honey!

Sunye: I want to keep your promise and help my father.

Takuya: I am a man of my word. I will help your father live better until the end of his days. What was the second thing?

Sunye: I want to have my last meal alone. After that you can come here and turn me. I will call you when I am ready.

Takuya: As you wish. I will be around and come whenever you’re ready.

The vampire exited the room once again leaving Sunye by herself. Before starting to eat, she went at the window to look outside. The sun was rising. This will be the last time she will see a sunrise. After she finished eating, she lied down on the bed and called Takuya who, in a split second was present. The bite didn’t hurt so badly like she expected. Later, she woke up craving for blood. This was the first of her many times when she will drink blood instead of eating normal food and she’d better hurry up and get used to it.

Since then Sunye continued to be a fateful wife to Takuya while learning how to control certain cravings, instincts and powers. 2 years later from her transformation, her father died. The medication he received couldn’t help him anymore. Sunye buried him next to her mother in the village’s graveyard. Knowing that her father died peacefully and happy, she had no reason to stay with the man she loathed so much. So, one day while they slept, she woke up and stabbed his heart and then beheaded him. The guards sensed their master’s blood and rushed in the room. But they found noone there.

The girl spent the next 2 years in hiding. She traveled across the country and eliminated her agressors one by one by luring them into traps.

One night, while she was out hunting, she was attacked again. This time it was different. She was outnumbered. The enemy had succeeded in disarming and surrounding her. But that night, luck was on her side. A girl, fellow vampire, stepped in front of her right when she was about to be killed. The mysterious girl fought and defeated her enemies at an unbelievable speed.

Girl: Are you ok?

Sunye: Yes, thanks to you. They almost killed me.

Girl: You’re welcome. Always outnumbered, never outgunned. That’s my motto.

Sunye: It’s an interesting one. I’ll keep that in mind. What’s your name?

Girl: I am Lee Sangmi, you?

Sunye: My name is Kim Sunye.

Sangmi: So what did you do?

Sunye: Excuse me?

Sangmi: What did you do to piss them off like that? There must be something because I don’t think they kill a fellow vampire without reason.

Sunye: I…murdered my husband in cold blood.

Sangmi: Oh…You weren’t a vampire before, am I right?

Sunye: How do you know?

Sangmi: I just told you. Vampires don’t kill their own people like humans do. And I think your husband wasn’t some kind of saint either.

Sunye: He blackmailed me to become his wife. I didn’t love him. I don’t expect you to understand my situation.

Sangmi: Surprisingly, I do. You had pretty good reasons to do it.

Sunye: I did. Anyway…thanks. I will find a way to repay your kindness.

Sangmi: How about repaying me now.

Sunye: How?

Sangmi: Work for my boss, Masao Sakamoto. We are in need for warriors to support our cause.

Sunye: I don’t know how to fight.

Sangmi: Don’t worry about that. I will be your personal trainer. You won’t have to run anymore.

Sunye: If put it that way…I’ll accept.

Sangmi: Great! Come with me, I’ll introduce you to him tonight.

Sunye followed her saviour. Although the decision was made without too much thinking, she was sure of it. This was a way out of the situation she was in. After all those years in which Sunye was living imprisoned, she was finally free.
[End of flashback]

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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/17/2009, 6:03 am

Chapter 21:Ancient tales: Wanderer in the dark

For the children one of the most important things, especially in their early years, is to receive acknowledgement and love from their parents. Unfortunately, in ancient times unlegitimate children were forced to live the life of a slave. Slavery is a form of reducing one's freedom. To be your own family's slave is the worst that can happen. You have to be very strong-minded to survive in that kind of environment because this form of treatment from your own parent can lead to dispair and worse.

Choi Siwon was a 16 year old boy, the son of a high rank minister and a servant. His mother died after giving birth to him, so he never got to know her. Afraid of what the people would say about him if he abandoned his offspring, his father decided to keep him without aknowleging him as his son. Siwon had an older step-brother, the son his father had with his legitimate wife.

The whole family treated him like a slave. During the day he worked as a servant in their house and every time his brother did some mischief, he would be blamed for it and the guards would tan his hide as punishment. After they finished punishing Siwon, they cleaned his deep wounds, took care of him until he got better using the best doctor in the capital. The doctor was being bribed to keep his mouth shut. Once he felt better, he would be put to work again. He couldn’t complain or he would be beaten. He rarely ever uttered a word to anyone and obeyed every command. The worse fact for the poor boy was that he had no friends because he was never allowed to leave the house. In spite of all these, he would snick out of the mansion at night and take long walks along the lake shore which was close to the mansion.

One fine day, after everyone had gone to bed, Siwon snuck out again and went to his favorite lake. He loved the peacefulness of the night, the songs sang by crickets and the coldness of the water. To him, this meant heaven. If he could stay like that forever, it would be the greatest blessing of all. But today, he had made the greatest mistake in his entire life: he fell asleep next to the tree and slept until late in the morning. The guards found him and immediately took him to his father. He found his father in his office with a pile of papers in front of him, looking very troubled. After the guards left the room, they stood a few moments in silence.

Mr. Choi: Sit down, Siwon.

Siwon: Yes, sir.

Mr. Choi: What did I tell you about leaving the mansion?

Siwon: You said I wasn’t allowed to leave it.

Mr. Choi: And what did you do?

Siwon: I disobeyed and went to the lake. I’m sorry.

Mr. Choi: You know it’s funny you say that. People do things according to their own will. You wanted to go out, didn’t you?

Siwon: Yes. I love sitting on the lake’s shore at night.

Mr. Choi: See? You wanted to go there and you did even if that meant going against me. Then why are you saying you’re sorry when you’re not?

Siwon: I am sorry because I had to do this against your will. I never had the courage to ask you to let me go there at night for a couple of hours. I don’t have friends, I have nobody and that was my only joy.

Mr. Choi: So now you’re trying to make me feel sorry for a pitiful slave like you?

Siwon: No, sir, I’m not. I just told you the truth.

Mr. Choi: You’re right; you shouldn’t be lying to me. (Sigh) What should I do with you, Siwon? You keep disobeying my orders.

Siwon: Do what you want with me. I disobeyed on purpose.

Mr. Choi: Why is that?

Siwon: I wanted you to grow sick with me and sell me to another master.

Mr. Choi: You know well I can’t do that because you have my blood running through your veins. What will the people say?

Siwon: Is that your only worry, master? With your influence it shouldn’t be a problem. You can do it secretly and tell everyone else I died.

Mr. Choi: So you had a plan in that mind of yours. (Sigh) How many times have you went there by now?

Siwon: Since I was twelve years old. I discovered that lake when I accompanied you there at a picnic with the interior minister.

Mr. Choi (widened his eyes): I remember that time. I must admit I underestimated you. Your punishment this time will be 100 whips.

After being slashed, Siwon was bedridden for a week. He lied on his tummy because of the deep wounds. The doctor visited him every day to change his bandages and to clean his wounds. To Siwon this was the last drop. He couldn’t take it anymore and decided to run. The fate of a running away slave was execution, but Siwon didn’t care.

Feeling better, he started work like he usually did. But once everyone went to bed, he snuck in the storage room and stole a little bottle which contained poison. He succeeded to leave his father’s land and went to the tavern. He had enough money to buy a drink and he ordered one. The owner was reluctant to serve him, but in the end he did. The boy poured the entire bottle content into the glass of wine he had bought. For a while, he stared at the glass thinking about his miserable life. He wanted his father’s acknowledgement. He wanted a family. When he was a little boy, he used to hide and cry in a corner for hours because he was always being scolded without reason. Time passed and he got used to being a whipping boy for his brother. Now, he didn’t care about anything anymore. He just wanted to die. Siwon reached out to grab the glass, but someone else took it. His eyes widened when he saw a 12 year old girl holding the glass containing the poison.

Siwon: Hey! Give that back!

Girl: Why? If I mistakingly drop it, you can always buy another one.

Siwon: No, I can’t buy another one. Now give it to me!

Girl: If you tell me your name and speak politely to me, I might give it back.

Siwon (took a deep breath): My name is Choi Siwon. What’s yours?

Girl: My name is Sakamoto Mizuki. Pleased to meet you~! So tell me what is so important in this glass?

Siwon: It’s my first time drinking wine and it brings bad luck if the first glass is wasted. And I don’t have money to buy another one.

Mizuki: Liar! I don’t believe you!

Siwon: What does a girl like you doing here at this hour? Are you the owner’s relative?

Mizuki: I came here to play since I got bored at home. Daddy doesn’t have time to play with me and my little brother is a meanie!

Siwon: This is no place for you. You should go home and come back in the morning.

Mizuki: No, to play at night is more fun. I love to play hide and seek! Play with me!

Siwon: I can’t, I’m busy.

Mizuki: I won’t give this to you then. Goodbye~!

Siwon: Wait!

Mizuki: Yes?

Siwon (sigh): If I play with you for a while, will you give it back to me?

Mizuki: Yes! You’re it~!

Siwon: Wait! Let’s not play here. I’ll take you to a better place. You’re gonna love it.

Mizuki: Let’s go! I will tell the owner to keep your glass safe.

Siwon: Thank you.

Siwon took Mizuki to the lake. She was amazed by the beauty of the place. They started playing. Mizuki hid and Siwon was trying to find her when the guards found him again. He tried to escape, but he was caught again. Because he struggled, one of the guards hit him in the back of his head. The last thing he saw was Mizuki disappearing before his eyes. Later, he woke up in pain. This time, his own father was furiously hiting him with fists and kicked him. He winced in pain, but didn’t beg him to stop. Mr. Choi was screaming something at him, but he couldn’t understand what he was saying. At a time he even coughed out a large amount of blood. That was when Mr. Choi stopped hitting him to prevent himself from killing him. The servants were called and took him to his room. Before he closed his eyes to sleep, he saw a figure standing by his window but he couldn’t make out who it was.

Siwon woke up a few days later when the doctor was bandaging his wounds. He kept his eyes closed pretending to sleep. After a while, he heard the doctor close the threshold behind him but didn’t open his eyes. He felt very tired and he wished he would have never waked up. Comparing to the pain he felt during the beating, this was nothing. The boy heard the floor creak.

Mizuki: You can stop pretending to sleep now.

Siwon (snapped his eyes open): Mizuki, what are you doing here? How did you get in?

Mizuki: I have my ways. I came to see you.

Siwon: You shouldn’t have come here. Do your parents know what you’re doing? If my father finds you, he…

Mizuki: …won’t dare to harm me…and my dad allowes me to do as I please.

Siwon: Believe me, he would dare.

Mizuki: Tell me Siwon, what is your biggest desire?

Siwon: What do you mean?

Mizuki: I know more about you than you think. I know you are the bastard son of Minister Mr. Choi and I know how he treats his slaves.

Siwon: How do you…?

Mizuki: That’s not important. Now tell me what your biggest desire is.

Siwon: I want…to get away from here.

Mizuki: What is the price you are willing to pay for it?

Siwon: I would give my life if that will mean I am free.

Mizuki: You do know that the only way you’ll be free is either you die or your master’s family.

Siwon: What do you want to do, Mizuki?

Mizuki: Kill them all. These filthy humans don’t desirve to live. But I didn’t want you to suffer. That’s why I asked for your opinion.

Siwon: I don’t want them to die, but…

Mizuki: Don’t worry; they won’t know what hit them.

Mizuki disappeared again. Siwon’s eyes widened as he couldn’t find her anywhere. He climbed down from the bed and headed to where the rest of the family was. Going across the yard, he heard screams. Entering the mansion, he saw Mizuki standing in the middle of the room with a group of men. Next to them the boy saw his parent’s lifeless bodies. His mother seemed to try to protect his brother, but it was clear that they had no chance to escape from the murderers. Mizuki wiped her mouth and looked at him. She noticed that he had a poker face on. No emotion whatsoever was shown on his once saddened face though he couldn’t tear his eyes from the bodies.

Mizuki: So now you know what I am.

Siwon: Yes, I do. Why did you do this?

Mizuki: The day I met you I knew you were going to drink the poison. Humans have short lives and yours was worth living once you were free. I only drink the blood of the bad people, you were innocent.

Siwon: So they were bad people?

Mizuki: I don’t know. What do you call bribing doctors to keep silent to a cruelty like this? Your back is full of scars from the beatings. Do you call that good?

Siwon: Indeed, they were cruel to me. But they were my only family.

Mizuki: Don’t feel sorry for them, Siwon. You have a kind heart but they don’t desirve that.

Siwon: What am I supposed to do now? They will blame me for it.

Mizuki: Don’t worry; they will know you didn’t do it. I will make sure of that. After all I have done and what I am, do you still want to be my friend?

Siwon: Friends? Yes, you are my first and only friend. Thank you. When I’m gonna be older I will remember my first friend who is 12 years old.

Mizuki: You mean 120 years old.

Siwon: What?

Mizuki (giggled): You heard me. Our age is a bit different compared to yours.

Siwon: You’re right. You live eternally. I wish I could live eternally too.

Mizuki: That can be arranged.

Siwon: Really? Would you do that for me? I would give anything!

Mizuki: Hey, what are friends for? But that will mean you have to work for me in order to repay me.

Siwon: Ok, Mizuki. Tell me what I have to do.

Mizuki: How about becoming my bodyguard?

Siwon: I’m not good with fights.

Mizuki: You will be trained by the best instructor.

Siwon: If you say so, I accept. Thank you, my friend!

Siwon hugged her tight and held her like that for a couple of minutes. Seeing that he doesn’t let her go, Mizuki pushed him slightly. The human fell backwards and a guard caught him.

Mizuki (rolled her eyes): Humans! I can’t believe he fainted on me. Carry him home. I will speak to my father and when he will wake up he will be turned.

Guard: As you wish, mistress.

With that Siwon’s life made a complete turn. A new chapter of his life was begging once he would become a vampire. He was free and he was bound to dedicate his life protecting his friend.
[End of flashback]

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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by Guest on 8/17/2009, 12:01 pm

Oh, I see ^^ Siwon seems to be the only one that wanted to be a vampire though, Mizuki seems like she was an evil little kid, Lol!! Thanks for the update.


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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/18/2009, 4:30 am

Chapter 22:Ancient tales: The truth beneath the rose

Trust is a complex feeling. Every creature on this earth needs to have another to trust. Trusting someone means to have that someone who knows every weakness, strength, emotion and thought you have and when you are in trouble they help you without asking something in return. The person you trust, you are calling “a friend”. Trust, once you lost it, it’s very hard to gain. A friend’s betrayal hurts more than anything in this world, making you doubt everyone’s trust. Even though you think you have enough experience in life, that you know your most trusted friend, you are wrong. There is always a place deep within one’s soul where he hides his darkest sins. These are the lessons vampire Lee Donghae is about to learn in the most hard way possible.

Lee Donghae was a soldier in Sakamoto Masao’s personal army. He lived for 1900 years unseparated by his best friend of the same age, Jang Hyunshik. They both lost their parents in a battle with the demons when they were kids, and Masao took care of them. When they grew up they wanted to repay Masao for his kindness by joining his army. Masao could have never been happier with their decision.

One day as he finished his guarding shift, he went to his best friend’s room. He was anxious to see him and the long corridors seemed endless to him. Finally arriving, he didn’t bother to knock at the door and entered. Hyunshik was startled by his sudden appearance.

Donghae: Hyunshik!!! I’m done with my shift. Come on, let’s go out hunting. I’m starved!

Hyunshik: You startled me. Don’t you know how to knock?

Donghae: Sorry, didn’t mean to! I never knock at the door and until now you it didn’t seem to bother you.

Hyunshik: Well, it does now, so please knock next time.

Donghae: Hyunshik, why are you so upset?

Hyunshik: It’s nothing.

Donghae: Come on! You know you can tell me. I am your best friend.

Hyunshik: I said it’s nothing!

Donghae look at his questioningly. Why was he like that all of a sudden? Hyunshik had never yelled at him because he was angry or upset.

Hyunshik: Look, I just had a fight with Sangmi about the training session. It’s nothing I can’t handle.

Donghae: Ok, if you say so…You know you can tell me anything. If you’re in trouble I will help you.

Hyunshik: I know…I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m just sick of Sangmi’s behaviour lately. She’s very demanding and it makes me stress out a lot.

Donghae: I forgive you. Still want to go out?

Hyunshik: Yeah, just give me a moment. I will change and be right with you. Wait for me in front of the house.

Donghae: Ok, don’t take too long.

The vampire walked outside. The snowflakes were falling from the sky, covering the earth with a cold, white blanket. It was Donghae’s favourite season and he enjoyed walking around in snow. The cold, fresh air from outside made him rememeber the times when he and Hyunshik used to play in the snow at night. It wasn’t long before he heard soft footsteps signaling his best friend’s approach. He took some snow from the ground and threw it in Hyunshik’s face.

Hyunshik: Hey~! Not fair!

Donghae: You know you have to be on guard when it’s snowing!

Hyunshik: I didn’t even realize it was snowing, you fool!

Donghae: I don’t care~!

Hyunshik: You…wait until I get you~!!

Donghae: I’m hard to get and you know it!

Hyunshik: I’m still going to get you!

Donghae: Wait!

Hyunshik: What?

Donghae: Let’s place a bet. If you manage to hit me, i swear never to hit you without notice.

Hyunshik: And what if I loose?

Donghae: If you loose…You’ll be my slave for a week.

Hyunshik: I accept! Start!

Hyunshik had thrown the snowball at Donghae who didn’t have time to duck and was hit. The boy stayed there still looking dumbfounded at the speed his friend managed to move.

Hyunshik: I won!

Donghae: Hey, that was not fair! I didn’t have time to react.

Hyunshik: That was the whole idea.

Donghae: I didn’t hear you say “start”, you snake!

Hyunshik: I don’t care~

Donghae: Let’s do it again!

Hyunshik: Nope, I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.

Donghae: Noo!!! I want to do it again~

Hyunshik: Sorry, can’t do!

Donghae: You’re so mean to your best friend! I’ll catch you next time.

Hyunshik: Please do try. “He’s such a child sometimes.”

The boy smiled and went ahead making Donghae follow him. That night everything went well. They had no troubles in luring their pray. But soon, the morning threatened to reveal the first rays of sun, so they had to go back home. As they were walking on their usual way back, something caught Donghae’s eye: a fight between vampires and demons. Hyunshik noticed that his friend had stopped in his tracks. Looking over his shoulder, horror filled his bones. Donghae was heading towards the battle so he turned around and ran after him. In a second, he was in front of his friend, stopping him. The next second, his friend was in the middle of the battle punching one of the demons. When he was about to be hit, Hyunshik took the hit in his stead.

Hyunshik: Wait! What are you doing?

Donghae: Isn’t it obvious? I’m helping a fellow vampire. It’s something we have to do.

Hyunshik: This is not our fight!

Donghae: Yes, it is! We are at war!

Hyunshik: We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please spare our lives and we promise we won’t interfere again.

Donghae: Are you insane? How can you beg forgiveness from a lowly demon?

Hyunshik: Shut up! Do you still want to live?

Man: Ok…just this once. I can see this boy needs discipline. I would love to see your bones burning in the sun, but you’re lucky I am in good mood today. Hurry up before I change my mind.

Hyunshik: Thank you, kind sir.

Donghae: What? No! This is wrong!

Hyunshik: They are dead; there is nothing more you can do for them. Shut up and listen to me for once!

He grabbed Donghae’s hand and dragged him out of there. The other managed to free his hand, but when he turned around, the demon had vanished already.

Hyunshik: What are you doing? The sun is about to come up. We have to hurry.

Donghae: I still can’t believe you’ve done that.

Hyunshik: I was forced to. Do you know how powerful that demon was? He would have killed you without blinking.

Donghae: I am the best on our unit. I could have defeated him.

Hyunshik: Why don’t you ever listen?

Hyunshik went ahead home, Donghae reluctantly followed. The boys didn’t speak many days to each other since that incident. Hyunshik never wanted their friendship to end like that and tried to reason with his friend, but it was in vain. Donghae was too stubborn so he thought it was best to leave him alone for a while so the vampire can heal his wounded ego.

But it seemed faith wanted them together again, so one day, when Masao had to go meet Akira and he asked the boys to escort him. It never occurred to Donghae that it will be a day he will never forget and regret for his entire life. As they were walking through a thick forest, they were ambushed by a group of demons. He and Sangmi immediately prepared for battle, only Hyunshik stood still. In the next second, Donghae saw his best friend point his sword at the king’s neck. Masao didn’t seem to be surprised.

Masao: Took you long enough to make this move. I was wondering if you actually could do it.

Sangmi: Put your weapon down!

Hyunshik: No. Masao, if you knew what I will do, then why didn’t you stop me?

Masao: Because you’re weak and I could crush you without problems. And I still hoped you will change your mind.

Hyunshik: Obviously I didn’t.

Donghae: Hyunshik, what are you doing? You’ve allied with the demons?

Hyunshik: Yes. It’s the guy we met that night. Remember? The one I asked to leave you alone. Then it was just acting so you can’t figure out my scheme.

Donghae: Why?

Hyunshik: I have my reasons. You wouldn’t understand.

Donghae: Why do you say that? I told you that if you’re in trouble, I’ll help you. (Began to walk towards him)
Sangmi: Stay where you are, Donghae!

Hyunshik: What price are you willing to pay? Will you betray your family, the one who helped you so you can help your best friend? Will you sacrifice for me, so I can be free?

Donghae: I would give anything. But please, don’t do this. It’s not worth it. You once said we’ll be best friends forever.

Hyunshik: That was then, Donghae. Situation has changed. You have to sacrifice something to obtain something. I hate this man and I want to kill him. To obtain that, I must sacrifice my friendship with you.

Donghae: You don’t have to do that. Just run! I’ll back you up!

Sangmi: What are you doing? Are you insane? You have to kill him!

Hyunshik hugged Donghae for one last time and then stabbed him next to the heart, almost killing him.

Donghae: Why…?

Hyunshik: Did you really believe all that crap I’ve been telling you? You were never my friend. I just played with your feelings so I wouldn’t be suspicious and the truth was you were really entertaining me with your naivite.

Sangmi ran to attack the betrayer while Masao took him out of the way. The wound in his soul was getting bigger and bigger as Hyunshik’s words echoed in his mind. After a few minutes, he stubbornly stood up, took a sword and walked towards the battle. He shoved Sangmi away and took her place in battle.

Hyunshik: Stubborn as always, I see.

Donghae: This time I will feel no remorse when I will take your life away.

Hyunshik: UUU…scarry~!

Sangmi: Step aside! You’re not in a condition to fight!

Masao: Let him be, Sangmi. This is an obstacle he must overcome alone.

Sangmi: As you wish Your Highness.

Donghae: You broke our promise and made me realize it was all just a lie. The only thing I feel sorry for is the fact that I couldn’t see your dark intentions, your true feelings for me and that I let myself tricked like that.

Hyunshik: You know… Sangmi is right, but if you want to fight so badly, I won’t stop you.

Hyunshik could see that his friend was on the verge of tears, not being able to control his emotions anymore.

Hyunshik: Don’t tell me you’re about to cry (laugh). Go ahead, cry…you are week, cuz strong personalities act the way they want in every moment of their lives... Go ahead, cry, cuz being free has never felt so good and you are trapped… Trapped in your own thoughts and feelings…

Donghae: Stop saying that! You don’t mean that!

Hyunshik: Go ahead, cry, cuz being stubborn won’t give you anything… Cry, you are weak, cuz strong people show their real are alone...trapped in your thoughts and feelings...You’re patethic!

Donghae: Shut up!!

Moving at an incredible speed, Donghae managed to attack and kill his opponent with a single move fuelled by anger. Soon after that, he fainted. The next thing he knew was that he found himself in his room. All that happened seemed to be a dream to him. But the pain he felt in his chest confirmed the reality. Past and present were one in his mind. He swore never to trust anyone ever again. Soon tears were dripping on both his cheeks. He had killed his best friend and with him died his feeling of security. Donghae wanted to die too because Hyunshik was all he had. He felt empty inside knowing that he had noone to trust now. He looked at the door blankly. Hyunshik won’t ever come in through that door again.

[End of flashback]

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Chapter 23:Ancient tales: Chance


One of the pieces of advice we often receive from parents when we are young is to cherish what we have and the people dear to us, because we don’t know when we’ll going to lose them. The worst thing is that we realize our parents were right when it is too late. This is the lesson Park Yoochun, the young son of a Korean noble, is going to receive.

Yoochun was an arrogant, rich child who was only thinking about getting more money. He was popular amoung the ladies, being considered handsome, curajous, a true gentlemen. This made him popular amoung ladies who all wanted to tame him, to be the lucky wife. But the truth was that he never gave a damn about people surrounding him, excepting his parents whom he loved dearly. He was aware that he couldn’t have true friends amoung the young nobles, because the moment he would become poor, he will be left alone. Every time his mother asked him about marriage he would reply “What’s wrong with staying single?” or “I will find a lady who is truly worth for someone like me, alone.” Words like that also brought him a reputation of a narcissist. His parents failed to make him have interest in anything but money and playing with women’s hearts.

His father, wanting to see him safe in case something happened, hired one day a hapkido teacher secretly. The teacher was named Kim Junsu and he was said to be the best in the country. Mr. Park called him home and after Junsu accepted the job, he explained the whole situation. To his surprise, Junsu reacted calmly to the situation and promised to change his son’s character. So, an hour later, Junsu found Yoochun in a brothel with a woman in his lap sitting at a table with other men. He seemed to be carefree and to have a good laugh with his friends. Junsu approached his table and bowed.

Junsu: Park Yoochun?

Yoochun: Who’s asking?

Junsu: It’s nice to finally meet you. My name is Kim Junsu and I am your new hapkido teacher.

Yoochun: Hapkido teacher? How come I don’t know anything about that?

Junsu: Your father hesitated to tell you about it being afraid that you would refuse his offer.

Yoochun: So you’re a teacher, huh? How come you look young enough to be my twin brother?

Junsu: I am 21 and you are 22. I’ve trained ever since I was a kid, that’s why I am able to teach other people.

Yoochun: You know awfully a lot about me. Are you sure you’re not a swindler?

Junsu: I’m not a swindler. We are to begin training today.

Yoochun: So soon? Do me a favor and begin training tomorrow…by yourself. I have no need to be taught by someone younger than me.

Junsu: If I were older, you would have respected me more?

Yoochun: Maybe...

Junsu: So it’s true what they say. You are really an arrogant person.

Yoochun: So what if I am? Are you going to tell my parents?

Junsu: Maybe…

Yoochun: Well guess what? They already know.

Junsu: That’s a good start. Telling the truth is important for a warrior.

Yoochun: Are you thinking about making me a respected warrior or something? Keep on dreaming. I love the way I am now, so don’t bother trying.

Junsu: Trying won’t bring me death.

Yoochun: Look, grab a drink and go! Forget you’ve ever met me and had this conversation. I will pay for it, so don’t worry.

Junsu: I don’t drink, young master.

Yoochun: This is something I haven’t heard before: a man who doesn’t like drinking. Are you a monk?

Junsu: No, I am not.

Yoochun: You’re starting to irritate me. Leave before I punch you!

Junsu did as was told without protesting. The next morning, at 7 am sharp, he was up and dressed. After he had breakfast, he went into Yoochun’s room with a bucket of cold water. The content of the bucket splashed the boy’s body mercilessly. He woke up startled not knowing what happened.

Junsu: Good morning young master! It’s time to start training like you promised.

Yoochun (shivering): I didn’t promise you anything! Go away!

Junsu: You did. You begged me to start the training the next morning and after thinking for a while, I decided to do you a favor.

Yoochun: You’re so annoying!!! I’m going to speak to my father.

Junsu: Your father is away with bussines.

Yoochun: Where did he go?

Junsu: I can’t tell you that, I’m sorry.

Yoochun: It’s ok, because I will make you tell me!

The boy wanted to punch his teacher, but he dodged the fist coming his way and hit him hard enough to make him step backward. Yoochun keep trying to get him, but every move he made was useless. Junsu could see what he was going to do and hit him for every attempt of violence. After a few hits, he managed to surpress Yoochun’s desire to make him talk.

Junsu: My, I didn’t think you would react so violently. So let me teach you lesson nr 1: never use martial arts in violent purposes, but to defend yourself.

Yoochun: You’re a philosopher too?

Junsu: I was brought here to teach you how to fight. But it seems I will have a lot more to teach. You don’t even know the basis.

Yoochun: You’re more violent than I am. You hit like a hungry beast!

Junsu: Really? That was a soft hit. I barely touched you.

Yoochun: You call this bump in my forehead “result of a soft touch”?

Junsu: No, I think you’re very sensitive because you never got hurt before. But this is going to change soon.

Yoochun: What are you planning?

Junsu: You’re training won’t be easy. I won’t go easy on you just because you want that, or your father says so. I am payed to teach you something, but I choose the method.

Yoochun: So basically you will make me go through hell just to learn how to punch someone. I can’t believe my teacher is so cruel! And here I was thinking we can be friends.

Junsu: Quit the act, Park Yoochun. You’re a good actor, but I can see through your act. Fighting is an art itself, don’t take it lightly.

Yoochun: Yeah, whatever!

Junsu: Enough with the chit-chat! We are running late. Get dressed and meet me outside the house in 5 minutes.

Junsu waited more than 10 minutes outside for the noble to come, but it was no sign of him. Going back to his room, he found noone. Yoochun had jumped outside the window. Sighing, Junsu took a horse and chased him down. He caught up with his scholar at the usual brothel he would hang out in. This chase continued for 2 weeks. Yoochun always found new methods to escape his teacher, no matter what he did to prevent him from escaping, but he was always found. At first Junsu didn’t know why Yoochun did all that effort to escape from him. But then it dawned on him. He remembered a few men coming out of the house when he was called in for the job, but at the time he didn’t bother to ask himself who they were. Now he had the answer: those men were loansharks and came to collect the debt. Yoochun probably knew about his family’s financial problems. That’s why he avoided Junsu and was so disperate to make money.

One day, as he saw Junsu had found him again, he tried to run again.

Junsu: Yoochun, wait! Let’s make a deal!

Yoochun: Are you decided accept the payment and leave me alone?

Junsu: No. If you agree to let me train you, I will pay you back for every good result you have, even the smallest effort.

Yoochun: That’s stupid. Just take the money and leave me be!

Junsu: I know about the financial problems your family deals with right now. I want to help you.

Yoochun: I don’t need your help!

Junsu: You know you do. I can make money in a split second if I want because many people need my services. But what can you do except cheating at a game of cards? I know you are witty, that’s why I’m asking you this. You have great potential, so use it wisely.

Yoochun: Why are you acting like you know me for years? You think so highly of yourself, you are always so calm, like nothing is dangerous! How can you be so calm? Even when I tried to hit you, you…

Junsu: I am calm because this is one of the main keys of defeating your opponent. This is lesson nr 2. Remember the advice you receive because you don’t know when it will be useful. With this I have returned a part of your money.

Yoochun (looked at the money in Junsu’s hand): There is no need to give me this now. You will return it all at the end of the training. Two weeks from now I want my payment.

Junsu (smiled): Meet me tomorrow in front of the brothel at 7 am sharp. Each second you will be late means less money for you.

Yoochun: Just make sure you have all the money at the end.

Junsu: Don’t worry about it. I am a man of my word. See you in the morning!

Yoochun: Yeah, whatever.
Junsu left Yoochun standing alone in the night. That night, the young noble was wakeful. Thoughts and questions about his current situation and about why was Junsu so willing to help in spite of his graceless behaviour towards the man ran through his mind all night long. By the time he fell asleep, he already had to meet his teacher. Thinking about his parents, he forced himself to stay awake and headed for the meeting place. Junsu was surprised he showed up, but he acted like it was something normal. So, Yoochun’s training began. Each day he would begin training under Junsu’s guidance, ate the food he brought and sleept covered with the moon. At first he used to argue out of everything, but surprisingly he realized he liked it and had become best friends with Junsu. His financial problems were solved after a week, but he didn’t want Junsu to know that he changed his mind about learning how to fight, so he kept quiet.

When the time was right, Junsu brought the money he promised. After the day was over, he was planning to give the envelope to the young noble.
Junsu: Here is the money like I promised.

Yoochun: Keep it. We don’t need them anymore. Our debt is payed since last week.

Junsu: I promised something. Take it.

Yoochun: How about we go to have dinner. You’re paying. Will that be ok? My father will kill me if he will find out I took the money back from you.

Junsu: Alright. It’s ok with me.

Yoochun: Let’s go! I’m starving.

As they were heading to the brothel, Yoochun was happily chatting with Junsu. Suddenly, Junsu heard a noise in the trees. The moon allowed him to see something shiny glittering in its light. He quickly realized what it was going on and stepped in front of his scholar. A few seconds later he grabbed Yoochun’s shoulder for support after feeling a sharp pain in his back. A little groan escaped his lips.

Yoochun: What happened?

Junsu: Step back…Yoochun. Show yourself!

Junsu took out the knife and at the same time the masked criminal showed himself. Yoochun widened his eyes as fear took over his body, paralyzing him. Junsu began to fight the attacker and he didn’t know what to do or what he could do to help. The fight lasted for a few minutes before his teacher got tired. The attacker took advange of the situation and stabbed him in the chest. Seeing this, Yoochun became enraged. He realized that he was about to lose one of the persons that meant the world to him: his best friend. All he could think about was ways to torture this person who dared to take Junsu away from him. But he didn’t get to touch him because he fell breathlessly at his feet. A few men surrounded him, but he felt that those men didn’t mean him harm. He took the liberty to run at his friend’s side.

Yoochun: Junsu, look at me! I’m here. It’s over. I will call a doctor and…

Junsu: Don’t bother…it’s…too late…

Yoochun: No! Don’t tell me it’s too late! It’s not too late! It’s never too late!

Junsu: You…are my best…students…remember…that.

A man patted Yoochun’s shoulder from behind. He turned around to see the face of a young man smiling at him.

Junki: Do you want a second chance to be friends?

Yoochun: What do you mean?

Junki: If he is turned now into a demon, he will live. But this comes at a cost.

Junsu: It’s ok…

Yoochun: Yes! No matter the price, I will pay it. I will never let him down again.

Junki: If he becomes a demon he will have to fight for us. You may never see him again.

Yoochun: I won’t abandon him because he sacrificed too much for an arrogant bastard like me. If he is turned, then turn me too.

Junki: Alright, then hand him to my man and you will come with me. I will take you to my boss. He will turn the both of you.

And so, Yoochun swore never to let his friend’s sacrifice be in vain. He was indebted to Junsu who, with his kindness and perseverance managed to change him. He liked the new man he was so he decided to be at Junsu’s side forever and to pay back his debt. He didn’t know he cherished his friendship with Junsu that much and now he was sorry it had to come to this in order to realize this. Yoochun was grateful for the second chance he was given.

[End of flashback]

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Yukie23 wrote:Oh, I see ^^ Siwon seems to be the only one that wanted to be a vampire though, Mizuki seems like she was an evil little kid, Lol!! Thanks for the update.

no problem! haha yeah she was...i'm glad you like it ^^

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Aww...poor Donghae and as for Junsu and Micky, at least they weren't alone when they changed. Thanks for the update Very Happy


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Chapter 24:Ancient tales: Sacrifice

Loyalty is a devotion to a person or cause. One’s devotion to someone matters more than anything. For a friend, boss or king it is an important quality. When we are loyal, we are capable of sacrificing ourselves for the cause or person. The question is: how far are you willing to go to save the thing you are loyal to?

Once, there was a young prince of a faraway Chinese kingdom. His name was Hankyung. His country lived in peace and harmony. His father, the king, was loved by the people and he loved his people more than anything. It seemed that this paradise will never end. But one day, another kingdom, more powerful than theirs threatened the country. They wanted to conquer it. War was about to break and the Chinese were unprepared. Hankyung’s father kept it a secret until after a meeting he had with the conquerer. His attempt to come to an agreement failed. And so, the nightmare began.

Hankyung was enjoying a cup of tea and the fresh air of the private gardens filled with labyrinths when he was urgently called by a servant. The servant told him that the king wanted to see him at once so he hurried to the thone room. There, he found his father pacing around the room nervously, with his brows furrowed, wearing a worried expression on his wrinkled face.

Hankyung: You summoned me, father?

King: Oh, you’re already here.

Hankyung: Why do you look so worried father?

King: War is about to break in my own country. I have failed to negotiate with the conquerors. They want war at all cost and we are unprepared.

Hankyung: Let me try to negotiate with them myself.

King: No, son. I’ve tried everything. I know you’re the best negotiator in this country but it will be useless.

Hankyung: Then what should we do?

King: The only solution is to ask for help from other countries. An alliance will save us because we lack military power. We are outnumbered.

Hankyung: I see. Who do you plan to ask to go abroad?

King: You are the best negotiator there is. I beg of you to go. General Tao will accompany you.

Hankyung: But what about you? What about this country? I can’t just go like that and leave you here.

King: There is no other way. You’re doing it for the sake of the country. Ming will lead the armies in Tao’s place. I promise you we will hold on until you come back.

Hankyung: But father, I have a bad feeling about this.

King: Please trust me. This is the only way. I’ve thought about an alliance with the demons in Japan.

Hankyung: WHAT?? You know we will make vampires come after us if we form an alliance with them. It will lead to worse.

King: If you will do this the right way, noone will know. I know this is a big sacrifice, but I love my people too much to let them down. We have to pull this off.

Hankyung saw despair in his father’s eyes. He loved his people so much that he would sacrifice his own son to save them. One life lost is not such a big deal comparing to thousands lost. The young prince understood that, but what his father wanted to do was too much.

Hankyung: Alright father. I will do as you ask, but you have to promise me when I come back with the help, you will wait for me at the edge of the capital.

King: I promise. I have faith in you, son. You will save us and I will never be able to repay you for that. Tao!

Tao: Yes, Your Magesty!

King: You and Hankyung will leave tonight at midnight. I will provide you everything you need for the trip. You told me you know whom to ask for help. Do you mind telling me who he is?

Tao: The demon king-Akira Watanabe. He is a kind-hearted man and I assure you he will help us.

Hankyung: This was your idea, Tao?

Tao: Yes, sir.

Hankyung: How can you listen to this, father?

King: I have faith in him, Hankyung. He is my most trusted man. I know the idea seems crazy, but please don’t turn back now.

Hankyung: I’ve given you my word and I won’t turn back, but do you think he will just help us just like that?

Tao: With all the respect, sir. I know he will. He saved my life once. I’ve known him personally and he told me if I needed help again not to hesitate to ask him.

Hankyung: This is a strange behaviour for a demon. I hope you’re not lying.

Tao: I’m not, my prince. I’m devoted to you and this kingdom.

King: Trust him this time, Hankyung. Time is running out, so why don’t you go and pack?

Hankyung: You’re right. We should go. Come on, Tao.

Hankyung didn’t want to argue with the general anymore, but he thought it was a good idea to keep an eye on him just to be sure. The prince wanted to trust his people, but he knew that among the nobles there were some who disagreed with the current king although didn’t show it.

Once the clock struck midnight the prince and the general set out of the country secretly. They took two horses and supplies of water and food for the road. The jorney was strenuous and the athmosphere between the two men was thick, but after 5 days they finally arrived at the final destination. The prince was more anxious than ever and wanted to find Akira as fast as he could. They checked in at ryokan and had something to eat. While dining when they heard people talking about a man named Akira. Hearing this, Hankyung looked over his shoulder to see the man who talked. He saw a raven-haired man with a stern expression on his face talking with another whom he couldn’t see. Hankyung stood up and approached the other’s table confidently, ignoring Tao’s protest.

Hankyung: Excuse me; I heard you talking about a man named Akira. Is he the demon’s king?

Junki: Why does a mortal want to know this?

Hankyung: I am looking for him. I am so glad I’ve found you! I need you to take me to him right away!

Junki: What makes you think that I’m going to take you to him only because you order me? You were rude enough to barge into my conversation without introducing yourself and greeting me. Who do you think you are? You should tremble at my sight.

Tao: Please excuse my master’s rudeness. He is just tired and…

Junki: Like master, like servant. I bet he educated you like this. I can see you’re foreigners. Don’t they practice greeting in your country?

Hankyung: “Such an arrogant fellow! I want to kill him!!! No, I must calm down. He will be needed.” I am prince Hankyung of China. He is general Tao.

Junki: There! See? It wasn’t that hard to introduce yourselves, was it? What is your business with King Akira? I didn’t know he had foreign visitors.

Hankyung: Why aren’t you introducing yourself?

Junki: I’m not obligated to introduce myself to you. Now answer my question!

Tao: We are here to speak to the king of the help we need from him. The war is about to break in our country and we are outnumbered. We would like to form an alliance with your kind.

Junki (laughing): What makes you think he will accept a thing like this?

Suddenly the king himself appeared without notice in the room. He was followed by Junsu and Yoochun. Junki’s laugh died and he abruptly stood up.

Akira: Is there a problem, Junki?

Junki: No sir. There are two mortals who are asking for your help, but I told them to forget it.

Tao: Akira-san…do you still remember me?

Akira: Tao?

Tao: Yes, it’s me.

Junki: You know each other?

Akira: He is a mortal I saved when he was still a kid. He was about 8 years old. I left him to serve in China in a country for the king. What brings you here?

Tao: We need your help, sir. Our country is about to be conquered by a bigger kingdom. The king needs your help. He sent his son to negotiate an alliance with you.

Hankyung: My name is Hankyung, nice to meet you, Your Highness! I’ve come here to beg of you to help us. So please!

Akira: Ah, this will be hard. I would love to help you, but I have my own problems to deal with now. I can’t lend you military support.

Hankyung: I beg you! You are our last hope.

Akira: I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I have my own war with the vampires which lately had become more intense.

Tao: We understand. I am glad I saw you again, Akira-san. Good luck with your war. Let’s go, young master.

Hankyung: Wait! I understand there is no way you can lend me a few of your men, but you can do something else. Turn me.

Tao: What did you just say?

Junki: Are you insane?

Hankyung: Turn me and I will defeat that army on my own.

Akira: You are not realizing what you are asking of me. Do you how much you have to sacrifice in order to become a demon?

Hankyung: I don’t care! I can’t go back empty-handed. I can’t bear seeing disappointment in my father’s eyes. Even if I have to sacrifice my own soul, I will do it!

Tao: Young master, you can’t ask for this! It is too much even for you. Let’s just go back.

Hankyung: No! My mind is set. If he can’t do it, I will find someone else.

Akira (sigh): If you are so sure about it, I will do you this favor without asking anything in return. But you have to know that you won’t be able to control your powers until after 3 months.

Hankyung: Thank you. I am willing to risk it. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Akira: Let’s go then. We’re behind schedule. Junsu and Yoochun carry Tao and Hankyung. We will arrive faster at our speed.

Junsu & Yoochun: Yes, sir!

Tao and Hankyung found the demon’s hideout very cozy, but they didn’t have time to enjoy the stay. As soon as they arrived, Hankyung was prepared for turning. He was tied to a wall with chaines and bit. The pain he felt during the process was excruciating. Tao was told not to go to him no matter what he heard in the room, no matter what his young master would say or beg for. Depending on the bitten one’s will to live, the process of turning will last more or less. This agony lasted for three whole days. Another 3 days passed until the prince woke up from his recovering sleep.

During the following days he forced himself to learn quickly the basis of controlling his powers and strength. Hankyung was in a hurry to go back home and after 5 days he couldn’t take it anymore and ran back secretly. With his now insanely high speed, he arrived there in a couple of hours. Entering the palace, he felt something was not right. In the throne room, he found some stranger sitting on his father’s chair.

Hankyung: Who are you?

Stranger: I am the king of this country. How did you manage to enter here?

Hankyung: What do you mean by king? You’re not the king! My father is the king of this country!

Stranger: Ah, so you’re the late king’s son. He died honorably in battle. I’m sorry for you loss.

Hankyung: You killed him…you will pay for it! You and all your men! I will kill you!

Stranger: I would like to see you try because you’re surrounded, young man.

Hankyung: Then allow me to show you…the fear.

Hankyung’s eyes turned black in split second, his claws grew as well as his fangs, and an evil grin appeared on his face. The king was obviously surprised. The boy easily killed the new king’s guards. Witnessing the demon’s power was at a time they all backed away and ran scared. Seeing that noone dared to come any closer, he turned to the king whose fear was rooting him to the ground. The demon snapped his neck and then beheaded him, but this didn’t stop the bloodshed. Hankyung did not want to stop until he killed every single being in the kingdom. Fortunately, Tao and Junki arrived just in time to stop the murders. While trying to make him stop, Tao was killed by Hankyung who cannot control himself anymore. He killed all that was moving. A few moments later, Junki managed to make him unconscious and took him back to the demon’s den.

When Hankyung woke up the sun was warming his face. The light was too bright so he turned on the other side of what is seemed to be a bed. He saw Junki looking at him while chewing something. Bits of memories of that day came back to him. His eyes widened, but he remained rather calm. He couldn’t believe he was capable of such dreadful things.

Junki: How are you feeling? Do you remember what happened?
Hankyung: Only parts…some flashbacks. I remember wanting to go and help my father. I found out he died and I became angry. And then…

Junki: Darkness had taken over you consuming your mortal soul…well…what was left of it. You can’t remember anything but screams and the red color of fresh blood, right?

Hankyung: How do you know?

Junki: I was once in a similar situation as you. A cruel man had tortured and raped my girlfriend. She was my first love and he had killed her. I really can’t remember much from the time I took revenge on him, only his screams and the color of the fresh blood splashing my garments.

Hankyung: I see…I’m sorry for your loss.

Junki: Thanks. It was a long time, though. “But maybe not long enough.”

Hankyung: What are you doing here anyway?

Junki: What does it look like? I’ve been assigned to babysit you. You’re such a troublesome prince! This is the second meal I eat in 3 days in which I had to watch you all the time.

Hankyung: I’m sorry. I will pay you back somehow. I give you my word. What are you eating?

Junki: Steak and potatoes. Want some?

Hankyung: No thanks, maybe later.

Junki: Suit yourself.

Hankyung turned his head to the side and watched the clouds drifting away while Junki continued to eat. The prince was determined to serve King Akira in return for granting his wish. He realized that he couldn’t save his father from the start, but he loved him and it hurt his soul. His father had gave up the fight and left him behind. Hankyung forgave him and accepted his fate although he couldn’t stop asking himself why did everything turn out so wrong, why did fate deceived him and why not him before his father?
[End of flashback]

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Chapter 25:Ancient tales: Broken mask

At one point in life when they reach the state of adulthood, people are learning what means to be a responsible person. Responsibility is a great deal in one’s life and it can become a burden for those that are too weak to handle it. In a world where the survival of the strongest is the essential rule in life, responsibility becomes even a greater deal. In this world, children are taught this lesson in a harder way and much too early.

Demon general’s army Minawa Takeru was living hapilly with his wife, Naoko and their two daughters: Ayumi and Sachiko. Both he and his wife were working for their king, serving in the army. Because of the war, the family life has become complicated and Takeru was forced to apply an austere education on his two daughters. The oldest, Ayumi, was trained ever since she was 6 in the art of war. On the other side, Sachiko was a tender-minded person and this kind of treatment and training obviously didn’t suit her. Takeru, aware of the situation they were in, tried everything to make his younger daughter be stronger, but it only made her hate him. Therefore he turned his whole attention torwards Ayumi, having a lot of expectations from her.

Ayumi used to be a sweet child but thanks to her father’s education she learned to control her emotions and reactions when in front of a person. Her mask was unbreackable and her mind was just as strong. The truth was she loved and respected her family very much, but for the sake of reaching Takeru’s expectations, she chose to remain calm and composed at all times because that’s what he would want. She was constantly praised by saying that she was the perfect spy and assassin and everyone had a great impression on her. At the age of 15 she was already working as a subordinate for her father and often went on missions.

One day, she and her sister were called by their father in his office to discuss some important matter before having lunch together. They entered the room by pushing the heavy threshold. The sun was shining brightly that day and it couldn’t look more peaceful. That day was the quiet time before the storm that was going to come, their father was sure of that.

Ayumi: Why have you summoned us, father?

Takeru: I have something important to tell you.

Ayumi: What is it?

Takeru: I have been informed that a group of vampires will try to assassinate the king.

Sachiko: What has this to do with me?

Takeru: We will stop them by an ambush and you, Sachiko, are going to help us.

Sachiko: Great! (Rolling eyes) Why am I the decoy again?

Takeru: Because it’s the only thing that you can do. You refuse to fight so you will serve this mission in another way.

Sachiko: This mission of yours is none of my business! I don’t care about your stupid war.

Ayumi: Maybe you don’t care, but sooner or later, it’s going to affect you too. Stop being so superficial and learn some responsibility already! You’re becoming annoying.

Sachiko: Look who’s talking! You think you’re not annoying me? You look so calm and composed, but it’s only a mask you wear. A life without feelings is not life at all! Try living for once!

Ayumi: I am living. I love the way I am living right now.
Sachiko: Do you? Look at you, Ayumi! You’re a puppet of the king. Your purpose is to receive praises.

Ayumi: It’s not true.

Sachiko: Yes, it is and you know it!

Takeru: Sachiko, Ayumi cut it out! We have no time for your stupid quarrel!

Ayumi: I’m sorry father.

Takeru: Now, let’s resume. My sources told me that they will take action while Akira will be at the town’s tavern for the meeting. Our job is to locate the target and eliminate the threat.

Sachiko: I already knew that, can we get to the next part?

Takeru (looked at her annoyed then continued): Sachiko, you will be the bait as you already know. Be sure to have some hidden weapons in case we don’t have time to react. Ayumi, you will protect Sachiko and at the same time spy for us. I want a report ever hour.

Ayumi: We don’t want to cause a commotion if not necessary, right?

Takeru: Yes. And also try to avoid human casualties.

Sachiko: It’s always about humans. Protect the humans, protect the humans~! It’s not like they will protect you if something happens. I don’t know why you bother.

Ayumi: Our purpose is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. You failed to notice this little detail.

Sachiko: I can protect myself, so you don’t have to back me up. In fact I order you not to.

Ayumi: You can’t order me; I am higher in position than you are, sister.

Sachiko: Why you…!

Naoko (appearing at the door suddenly): Lunch is ready! Stop arguing and come to eat.

Takeru: You mother is right. Let’s go. After dinner we will prepare for leaving.

Ayumi: When do we leave?

Takeru: Tomorrow morning.

Naoko: The food is getting cold!

Sachiko: We’re coming!

The day went by fast as they were preparing themselves mentally and physically for the upcoming mission. The night came and they were announced that the meeting was going to begin in half an hour. They had to hurry to the town’s tavern to protect their king. Following the order, the spies mingled with the others at the tavern, making sure to enter alone or in small groups. The meeting started not long after they went in.
Surprinsingly, the place was packed with vampires who were casually glancing at the demon’s king. That night nothing happened. Noone attacked and it was quiet. When the meeting was over, everyone went home like they usually did. Takeru ordered his family members to retreat in silence and they did.

After the false alarm, everything seemed to be returning to normal although the security around Akira tightened. Quiet days went by, but one day something unexpected occurred. Ayumi and her family were returning from the palace when they saw two vampires waiting in front of their home. Ayumi couldn’t see their faces very well. She could sense danger, but remained composed.

Sangmi: Ah, you’ve finally arrived. We were waiting for you.

Ayumi: Who are you and what do you want?

Sunye: Who we are is not important. We are here to finish you off.

Sachiko: Now that’s a very good joke. There’s only two of you and four of us. You’re outnumbered.

Sangmi: You know what my motto is? Always outnumbered, never outgunned. I will wipe you out easily.

Ayumi: You don’t know who we are?

Sunye: Of course we do. We did our homework very well, actually. (Pointed to Takeru) Minawa Takeru, you are the general of the demon army. You control the spies too. Minawa Ayumi, your oldest daughter is the genius spy everyone is talking about.

Sangmi: To your left is Minawa Naoko, your lovely and fearless wife, who is as good as you in fighting. And the last but not least is your younger daughter, Minawa Sachiko who is tottaly useless in battle.

Sachiko: You really did your homework, didn’t you? But your information is only half correct.

Sunye: Oh, really? How so?

Sachiko: I’m better than you think.

Sachiko attacked the two without warning and managed to kick them both in the face. The vampires pulled back, surprised that they couldn’t anticipate her movement by reading her mind. She charged at full speed going torwards Sunye. She tried to stab her opponent with a short sword she had inside her sleeve, but couldn’t. Takeru and his wife attacked Sangmi simultaneously. Sangmi used a fan to block their moves and then threw some poisoned daggers in their direction. One of the dagger grazed Naoko’s skin, making her step back.

The fight was going nowhere and it was obviously getting more and more difficult for Ayumi’s family to win the battle because it seemed that the girls could see their every move. Seeing this, Ayumi decided to go and get help. The girl took advantage of the vampire’s distraction and slipped away through the forest. She ran and ran at full speed until she reached the hideout. The gatekeeper let her in and she went straight to Junsu’s room, knocking frantically on the door.

Ayumi: Junsu-san!! Open the door!

Junsu: What is it?

Ayumi: My family…no…general Minawa has been attacked and needs assistance right away!

Junsu: Where is he?

Ayumi: I’ll lead you there. Just hurry, please!

Junsu: Ok, I’ll get Yoochun, Junki and Hankyung. You go and tell the king, ok?

Ayumi: Ok, but hurry~! We don’t have time!

Junsu: It will be ok, Ayumi. I promise we’ll get there in time.

Junsu assembled everyone as soon as possible and waited for Ayumi to come and meet them. Not before long she came running.

Meanwhile, at Minawa family’s house, the fight came to a short stop. All of them were tired, panting heavily. Sachiko had a wound on her arm and one on her cheek. Takeru was severly injured on his stomac and his wife got stabbed in the shoulder. The other party sustained injuries too: Sunye on her left leg and Sangmi on her left shoulder.

Sangmi: Why are you making this difficult for both of us, Takeru?

Takeru: What exactly is difficult for you? Killing us?

Sangmi: Yes, in fact I expected it not to be easy. You are, after all, the best. But you can make this less burdensome and surrender. Why do you always have to choose the hard way?

Sachiko: Because if it’s easy is no fun.

Naoko: But you’re too young to die. Let’s just make a deal: you can stop this at any time and as long as we don’t cross paths again, you’ll be able to live in peace.

Sunye: That’s very nice of you, but you know we can’t do that. We’ll be executed if we do. By the way, where is that Ayumi of yours?

Sachiko: Now that you mention it…where is she?

Sunye: I bet she ran because she was scarred. And here I was thinking that Sachiko was the cowardly one. I guess I was wrong.

Takeru: My daughter was never afraid of anything!

Sangmi: There is always a beginning for everything. You trained her never to show her emotions, but they will always remain deep inside her soul.

Sunye: She is afraid of loosing you, that’s why she ran to get help. But we will make sure to finish our job before she comes back.

Sachiko: What exactly is your purpose?

Sunye: Let’s say I tell you because you won’t get to tell others. Our purpose is to get you all out of our way. We want Akira dead and with you out of the way it will be easy.

Naoko: We aren’t the only ones to protect the king. Why us?

Sangmi: Because you’re the strongest. The rest won’t matter.

Sachiko: That’s right. We’re the strongest and that means you won’t get out of here alive.

Sangmi (smirking): We’ll see about that.

Sangmi attacked Takeru’s wife so fast, she didn’t have time to blink. Naoko was stabbed in the neck and died. Takeru and Sachiko gasped at the sight. They were awestruck because they didn’t expect Sangmi to be this powerful and fast. This whole time the vampires played with them for fun. Sunye wanted to strike at Sachiko, but Takeru blocked the hit and told his daughter to run.

In the meantime, Junsu, Ayumi, Hankyung, Yoochun and Junki were hurring down to the battlefield to help the general and his family. They heard a noise coming from the bushes and when they looked over, they saw Sachiko tripping. Hankyung caught her and in the next second a dagger pierced her neck. Ayumi’s eyes widened and fear began to take control over her body. Everyone prepared for confrontation but nothing happened. After a minute of expectation Junki and Yoochun went ahead, while Junsu stood in front of Ayumi to protect her. They all knew she was next to go. But it seemed that the enemy stopped the attack and walked away because it didn’t take long for Junki and Yoochun to come back.

Junsu: Well? What happened? Where’s the general?

Junki: We’re going to need someone to take his position. I’m sorry, Ayumi-san.

Ayumi: What about my mom?

Yoochun: She was stabbed in the neck by the enemy as well. They died not long ago.

Ayumi: You promised, Junsu. You promised we’ll get here in time! You lied!!!

Junsu: We did everything we could. I’m sorry. I know your world is tumbling down.

Ayumi: Sorry doesn’t solve anything!

Realization hit her like a rock. Her parents were dead; she was left alone in a cruel world. All she had left was a legacy of memories like the time her mother told her she will watch her every night thus she should rest her head and go to sleep. There was nothing but silence around the ones she loved. For the first time in many years emotions were visible. What the others could see was sadness in her eyes.

Junsu: “You worry too much, my child. It’s not your fault.” I think that’s what your parents would say to you. I don’t think they would allow you to be sad.

Ayumi: I never thought this day will come so soon. We had no time to say goodbye. How can the world just carry on? I feel so lost without them.

Hankyung: You’re not alone in life although you might think you are. You can cry because it will make you feel better. But in time you will have to learn to let go and move on. We will be right beside you if you need something.

Ayumi: Thank you…

Ayumi couldn’t bear the pain anymore and tears flowed freely on her cheeks. Hankyung gave her a conforting hug. He knew very well how it is to lose your family because he was in the same situation.

After a while they went back to the hideout to announce Akira he had lost the best of his men. The sudden news shocked him. He saw how devastated Ayumi was. She kept looking blankly somewhere in space. Her eyes were red from crying so he decided to give her some free time to sort things out and mourn. The girl went to her room and cried herself to sleep. It felt like the whole world crashed down on her. Her blood started boiling when she thought about how weak she was. She kept thinking that she made the wrong decision by running cowardly to get help and not staying there to share the same fate as her family. But all of this didn’t matter right now because what’s done was done. Soon she will have to get her act together and continue living with the same purpose in life: protect king Akira.

[End of flashback]

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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Thanks for the update ^^ It's intersting to find out everyone's background.


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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 26:Ancient tales: Abandoned


So many people will tell you that running away doesn't solve anything, that it is just a way to escape your problems, there is always another choice, but sometimes there isn't. Do you know what it means to be abandoned? What do you do when you find out that your life has been a lie and your family isn’t your true family? What will you do if you find out you’re a burden to them and they don’t want or love you?

One stormy night, a young woman wearing a long mantle with a hood covering her face was hurriedly walking towards an unknown place with a basket in her arms. A cry of a new born baby could be heard. After a while the woman stopped in front of a door. She knocked frantically until a man opened it.

Woman: Here he is. Take him.

Man: So it’s a boy. What’s his name?

Woman: I haven’t named him yet.

Man: Come in for a while. Drink a coup of tea while thinking of a name for him.

Woman: You know I have no time. If he knows I am missing, he’ll kill the both of us.

Man: I understand, but…

Woman: Just…please…I really must return. Don’t mention him again in front of me and don’t come near me anymore. It’s for the best.

The woman took off with the same speed as she came not looking back even once. The man sighed in defeat and entered the house along with the baby. His wife immediately came to take the little boy from his arms. The baby was named Kangin that very night by the man’s wife. Years passed by like the wind and Kangin became a handsome, powerful and righteous young demon. He was properly raised by one of Akira’s most trusted men – Choi Jihwan who taught Kangin the art of war, how to control his powers and many other things. However, the boy knew nothing about being adopted or what happened that night.

One day as he was heading to his father’s chamber, he heard his voice coming from another one and stopped to listen. He didn’t have a curious nature, but the voice of the woman who chated with his father made him freeze. The lad put his ear close to the door and listened carefully.

Jihwan: So what brings you, Chohee? It’s unsual for you to come here. In fact you never came here since you left Kangin in my care that night.

Chohee: I see you’ve raised him well. He has become a fine young man. I often see him fighting vampires in my village which is now packed with them. Indeed I swore never to return but the circumstances are very dangerous. I came here because I have a request.

Jihwan: What do you mean by that?

Chohee: Like I said our village is packed with vampires. I want you to get rid of them. Kangin is a very good fighter. Send him over. He could stay at my place if needed.

Jihwan: I will have to speak to Akira about this. It’s not something I can decide on my own. Also, I am not sending Kangin there alone.

Chohee: How fast can you send them over?

Jihwan: I don’t know. I will talk to Akira today if possible.

Chohee: Jihwan you have to hurry! They have kidnapped my son and my husband! I wanted to fight them alone, but I am not that strong. I am a witch for many years, but I haven’t practiced in a while so I am a little rusty. I can’t risk their safety that way.

Jihwan: Now this is a whole different story. When did they kidnap them?

Chohee: It happened 3 days ago. My son and husband came home from hunting. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to react.

Jihwan: Do you know where they’re keeping them?

Chohee: I searched the woods, but there is no sign of them. They must still be in the village. I will use a searching spell to help your men.

Jihwan: Alright then. You should go home now and get some rest. I will send someone over with the news.

Chohee: Thank you, Jihwan. You did so much for me; I don’t think I would ever be able to repay you.

Jihwan: Do you want to see your son? A servant told me he wants to talk to me about something. I could use this as an excuse and introduce you to him, without telling him who you really are, of course.

Chohee: No, it’s better if things stay the way they are. I will take your advice and get some rest. I will wait for your message. Goodbye, Jihwan.

Kangin was extremely shocked by what he had heard. His once perfect life looked not so perfect anymore. Did Jihwan and his wife take him in out of pity? Did his adoptive family really love him? Does his own mother love him? He guessed not since she gave him away and now she didn’t even want to see him. Sadness quickly made her way to his heart. How could they hide this from him? Was he a disappointing son? The sudden sound of the opening door startled him. He looked up to see a middle aged woman who crossed the lintel and gave him an arrogant glare. Quickly gaining his composure, Kangin bowed to the guest.

Jihwan: Oh, Kangin, there you were! I heard you were looking for me.

Kangin: Yes, I wanted to talk to you about the next mission.
Jihwan: Ok, we will talk after I walk this lady out. She is lady Oh Chohee and she needs our help with something.

Kangin: Nice to meet you, madam.

Chohee: So he is your son. He is a very polite lad.

Kangin: Thank you, madam.

With this, Chohee left the house and Jihwan led Kangin to a room where they could talk without being disturbed.

Jihwan: What did you want to ask me, son?

Kangin: I wanted to ask…where we will be going.

Jihwan: We’re going in the next village. They have spotted a group of vampires there. Is there anything else?

Kangin: Why didn’t you tell me I was adopted?

Jihwan: What? How…? Who told you that?

Kangin: I accidentally overheard your conversation with my birth mother. Why has she abandoned me?

Jihwan: I am sorry I should have told you sooner. I wasn’t sure you would understand the situation. She left you into my care because you…are the result of my affair with her.

Kangin: What? Does your current wife know?

Jihwan: Yes, she knew ever since we took you in.

Kangin: Then why she accepts to take care of me?

Jihwan: Your adoptive mother is a kind person. I am blessed to have her by my side. We decided to take you in because Chohee’s current husband made her chose between abortion and abandoning you.

Kangin: “I see…So he did that because I don't have his blood.” He seems such a cruel man. How can she love a man like that?

Jihwan: I don’t know. But it’s as they say: love can be sometimes blind. Now you know the truth. What are you going to do next?

Kangin: I don’t know. Right now I am confused and shocked. I’ll think about it and tell you when I decide something.

Jihwan: Go and rest, son. “I just hope he won’t hate his mother and awake the death fairy to bring misfortune to those around him.”

Kangin: I will do that. Please let me know if the king has agreed with my mother’s request. I would like to go.

Kangin took off and shut himself in his room. He began to think about the situation while lying on the bed. The thoughts and questions kept him up most of the night. Once the first ray of light made its way through the window, his father knocked at the door.

Jihwan: Akira decided to help your mother. You will deliver the message to her.

Kangin: Understood. I will leave in 30 minutes.

His father was about to close the door and leave when Kangin’s voice made him stop in his track.

Kangin: Dad!

Jihwan: Yes?

Kangin: I’ve decided something last night.

Jihwan: What is it that you have decided?

Kangin: I decided not to wear a grudge against my birth mother. I won’t tell her I know and leave everything as it is. I don’t hate you or your wife either. You have been the greatest mom and dad ever!

Jihwan (smiling): I’m glad to hear that, son. Your mom and I will always love you.

Kangin: I love you guys too!

Jihwan left the room with a bright smile on his face. His worries vanished at his son’s words. Kangin was still upset by the matter, but decided to let go of the hatred and live like nothing happened. In his opinion this was the best choice. He got dressed quickly, ate some delicious breakfast his mother prepared and took off. He arrived at Chohee’s house faster than expected. As soon as he knocked the door opened itself and he entered.

Kangin: Hello? Lady Oh are you here?

Chohee: I’m in the kitchen! Please come in!

Kangin found the kitchen easely and entered. There he found Chohee sitting at a table with a man about her age and a girl who looked slightly younger than him. In the next second someone knocked him out. He fell on the cold tiles. The last thing he saw was his mother’s smile. When the lad woke up he was beyond confused. Not remembering what happened he looked confusingly around himself discovering that he was in some strange dungeon with his hands and legs enchained and shirtless. Fragments of memories washed his brain offering him pieces of information. The heavy iron threshold opened and a man walked in.

Kangin: Who are you?

The man did not answer his question. He gave the lad some water and took out a knife which he put on a table nearby. Minutes later, his mother came in and after exchanging glances with the man he left. Kangin was even more confused and also thunderstruck when he saw her.

Kangin: M…Lady Oh? What is this? Why am I in this dungeon?

Chohee: You’re here because you need to be. You need to die so I can live peacefully with my family.

Kangin: You want to kill me? What did I ever do to you?

Chohee: You were born and brought me misery. You are the result of Jihwan’s and my affair. We were both about your age when we met and we both were going to marry someone: he out of obligation and me out of love. The only problem was that we met in a brothel. I just had a dreadful fight with my soon-to-be husband and decided to go and cool myself off. That night I slept with your father and 4 weeks later I found out I was pregnant with you. My husband never forgave me for it and told me to kill you after you were born. I thought I could solve the problem without killing an innocent life and made a bargain with Jihwan. He and his wife agreed to take you in after you were born. But my husband saw you in the village the other days and threatened to leave me if I don’t finish what I should have done years ago.

Kangin: So you choose your family over me. I am your son too!

Chohee: Yes, but I’ve never loved you. You only brought disgrace to me and my family.

Kangin: You know…I’ve decided not to hate you because you left me and for not loving me. Wanting to kill me is too much. You are no longer my mother.

Chohee: I never was.

Kangin: That’s right…you never were. That’s why I won’t regret this.

With a heavy heart tears brimmed in his eyes, but he stopped himself not wanting to look weak. His eyes turned black in matter of seconds and before Chohee got to stab him, Kangin broke the chains. A black fairy appeared at his side. It was the death fairy who takes the lives of parents at the wish of their children. The fairy looked with fierce eyes at Chohee. Jihwan rushed in just to see the image he hoped he wouldn’t see ever.

Jihwan: Kangin stop! Please don’t do it. I have the situation under control. Akira will punish them, I promise you!

Chohee: I won’t let that happen!

Chohee picked up the knife from the table and threw it towards Jihwan. The knife pierced his neck killing him in an instant. Kangin’s eyes widened at the sight before him: his father was lying on the cold floor and a pool of blood was forming around him.

Kangin: You destroyed your last chance of survival, Chohee. I will kill you and I won’t regret it. I can’t believe I had a monster as mother.

Chohee: You will become just like your mother.

Kangin: No…I don’t want to be like you. I will never be like you!

The death fairy lifted a finger pointing it torwards Chohee. As soon as she mumbled something, the woman went and killed her husband and daughter. After that she killed herself and the house disappeared along with the death fairy. Kangin was left alone with his father’s body in an empty lot where the house once was. Teary eyed he took the body back home in order to be buried. All Kangin could think about now was what he had done and how to console his poor broken mom.

Kangin never thought his life would turn out this way. Horrible things had happened to him, but in spite of all these he wanted to be strong for the sake of his mother who raised him so well even if he wasn’t her real son. He will protect her until the end and continue his mission as protector of the king as well.

[End of flashback]

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Chapter 27:Ancient tales: Pride and prejudice


It is one of those essential facts of life that raising good children--children of character--demands time and attention. While having children may be “doing what comes naturally,” being a good parent is much more complicated. This is hard to do in a world with so many competing demands. Good parents consciously plan and devote time to parenting. They make developing their children’s character their top priority.

Watanabe Akira’s wife died after giving birth to his daughter, Chiyoko. Ever since then he was forced to raise his children alone. Jaejoong, his oldest son, was renowned for being a cold, quiet and merciless person. He was also an excellent in all types of combat. Noone dared to go near him. Chiyoko on the other hand, was famous for her freakish behaviour, cheerfulness and fighting skills. Almost every day she would piss someone off and get into a fight. Her father was at his wits end because whatever he did wasn’t good enough to control her and put an end at her constant wandering and annoying people. Appealing to his last resort, Akira ordered Jaejoong to follow her around and stop her from getting into fights. He knew that his daughter hated being followed around and that’s why he thought this might make her stop. Unfortunately, his son grimly refused saying he had better stuff to do than clean up after his whimsical sister. But this gave him another idea: he remembered his right hand’s son-Choi Kangin. To hire him as his daughter bodyguard was the best thing he could do.

Everyday, Jaejoong had breakfast with Chiyoko as his father ordered in order to improve his relationship with her. He thought it was a wasting of time, but still, he had to obey his father. Every morning they argued about something. This morning wasn’t any different.

Chiyoko: So how did you sleep?

Jaejoong: Good.

Chiyoko: Aren’t you going to ask how I slept?

Jaejoong: No.

Chiyoko: You’re the worst brother anyone could have! The most impolite, ugly, mean…

Jaejoong: You talk too much.

Chiyoko: You talk too little! That’s why we have breakfast together every day: to improve our relationship as brothers. I have to insult you to get your attention. I’m trying hard here!

Jaejoong: I’m not interested.

Chiyoko: Of course! When has something interested you besides your own person? You were always so selfish!

Jaejoong: You’re judging people before knowing them.

Chiyoko: You don’t let people come near you. Not even me. I can’t understand why you’re doing this.

Jaejoong: You don’t need to. I can’t understand why you beg for attention so much.

Chiyoko: I’m not begging for attention. I can’t stay alone all day like you, Jaejoong. I swear you will spend the eternity alone.

Jaejoong: It doesn’t bother me. Do you have any more complaints about me?

Chiyoko: Well…let me see…where do I start?

Jaejoong: With the beginning.

Chiyoko: You’re supposed to take care of me like a good brother would.

Jaejoong: I’m not your babysitter.

Chiyoko: Stop interrupting my speech. You’re arrongance and silence made you a bad reputation so you’re using it to push everyone away.

Jaejoong: It’s my choice. Is there a problem with it?

Chiyoko: I told you not to interrupt me! You’re not even listening to what I have to say!

Jaejoong: The way I live, whom I talk to and things like that don’t concern you. I like my privacy and I hate to be bothered by useless beings.

Chiyoko: So I’m a useless being?

Jaejoong: I didn’t say that.

Chiyoko: You insinuated it!

Jaejoong: It’s just your imagination.

Chiyoko: You know what? That’s it! I’m done eating! Have a nice time ALONE!

Jaejoong: Where are you going?

Chiyoko: None of your business!

Chiyoko stormed off out of the living room and Jaejoong didn’t bother following her. As she was stomping along the hallways, she bumped into Kangin who was on his way to meet her. Angry she shot him a death glare which didn’t seem to move him in any way.

Chiyoko: Watch where you’re going, you moron!

Kangin: Princess Chiyoko?

Chiyoko: No, I’m a beggar! Of course I’m princess Chiyoko, you idiot!

Kangin: Nice to finally meet you. I am Choi Kangin, your new…

Chiyoko: I’m not interested in your person unless you’re going to apologise.

Kangin: Apologise for what?

Chiyoko: For bumping into me.

Kangin: I didn’t do it on purpose. You didn’t look where you’re going.

Chiyoko: What did you say? Do you want to die, you arrogant bastard?

Kangin: Insulting me won’t help the fact you’re angry. I suggest you channel your anger in some different way.

Chiyoko (slapped him): How dare you speak to me like that?
Kangin: Are you better now, princess?

Jaejoong appeared catching her wrist when she was about to slap Kangin for the second time.

Jaejoong: Stop it, sis. It’s not his fault. You have to learn that to give respect is to earn it.

Chiyoko: Oh shut up! I’m tired of your lectures.

Jaejoong: Apologise or I’ll tell father to punish you. I know you don’t like to be locked up in your room.

Chiyoko: You wouldn’t dare!

Jaejoong: Try me.

Chiyoko (sighs in defeat): Fine! Fine! I’m sorry, Kangin.

Kangin: I already forgave you, princess.

Chiyoko: See he already forgave me. There was no need for an apology.

Jaejoong: Yes, it was. Now if you’ll excuse me I have other things to attend to. Take good care of her Kangin. And don’t let yourself fooled by her.

Kangin: I will, Your Highness.

After her brother left, Chiyoko took Kangin to her room and treated him with some wine as an apology. Kangin refused but Chiyoko insisted that he should drink half a glass so she could be at peace with the slapping incident. No having another choice, the lad accepted. As they were chatting about different things, Kangin felt giddy and in a few moments he fell asleep. Smiling in victory Chiyoko put him on the bed and exited the room noiselessly.

As she was walking through the village still angry, she saw the vampire prince with his sister and their guards bullying some human. The girl thought that it was a good way to vent her anger and walked confidently towards the group.

Chiyoko: Hey you!

Changmin: Well…well…look who’s here: the demon princess. Don’t you know that little girls like you aren’t allowed to walk alone at this hour at night?

Chiyoko: Who are you calling “little girl”? Do you want to die? Let go of that poor human. Your opponent is here.

Mizuki: Is it just me or she is trying to pick a fight here?

Changmin: I think she has a death wish.

Chiyoko: You’re four against one. There is nothing I should worry about.

Mizuki: You’re funny, I have to admit. Siwon, hold onto my prey until I finish her. Changmin, Minwoo, do me a favor and don’t interfere.

Minwoo: Understood, princess.

Siwon grabbed the human’s wrist so she can’t escape. Mizuki engaged into the fight. She ran to her opponent attempting to kick her. Chiyoko ducked and punched her in the face. Blood was dripping out of Mizuki’s broken nose. Changmin was surprised her sister can actually get hit in battle. Realizing that her opponent isn’t jocking around, Mizuki went to the next level. The battle was getting fiercer by the minute. Mizuki managed to beat up Chiyoko pretty good, but the latter wouldn’t give up for the world. She looked like she actually enjoyed the fact that her enemy was so strong. Sustaining very serious injuries, after a while, Chiyoko was having difficulties in standing on her own feet but Mizuki kept beating her. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone’s attention was focused on the battle, the human girl punched Siwon with all her might and attempted to escape. Unfortunately, she tripped. Changmin grabbed her nape dragging her back. In the next second, Changmin was sent flying across the road. The young girl saw with the corner of her eye a demon with black eyes standing behind her. It was Jaejoong who smelled his sister’s blood from nearby and came to see what was going on. The vampires were all alert in his presence. Mizuki stopped hitting her enemy who fainted.

Mizuki: I’m surprised you came all the way here to help your sister. It seems like you’re not as the rumours say.

Jaejoong: And what are the rumors saying?

Mizuki: That you are cold, fierce, deadly and merciless.

Jaejoong: Believing rumors…I thought you were better than that, Mizuki. But let me tell you that those rumours are true.

Mizuki: You want to see how good I am? Bring it on!

Jaejoong: As you wish.
Mizuki and Changmin charged their enemy but the battle didn’t last long because the morning was near. The first rays of sun threatened to appear and the vampires had to retreat. Jaejoong got himself an injured shoulder in the process. When everything ended, Jaejoong saw the human girl leaning onto a tree with his unconscious sister in her arms. The girl seemed exausted, her face was swollen, she was trembeling in fear and her lip was bleeding. He could sense her fear and didn’t know what kept her from running for her life when she had the chance. The prince went to them and kneeled before the two girls.

Kaya: She fainted, but she will be fine.

Jaejoong: I didn’t ask you anything.

Kaya: I’m sorry…I know you’re worried so i…

Jaejoong: I’m not worried. Shut up already!

Kaya: You can keep lying to me and yourself, but I know that you are.

Jaejoong: You! Why didn’t you run for your life when you got the chance?

Kaya: I knew the morning will come soon and I thought you could stall them until they will be forced to run for cover. Besides, if it weren’t for your sister I would have been already drained. Getting her out of the battlefield was the least that I could do.

Jaejoong touched Kaya’s lip wound with his finger and a jolt of electricity ran through his body. There was something about the girl, something he couldn’t understand and that captivated him.

Jaejoong: Did they do this to you?

Kaya: Y-yes. I was slapped…I should go now.

Jaejoong (caught her wrist and made her sit down again): Wait! (Bit his own finger) My blood will heal your wounds.

Kaya: There is really no need for that. You did enough already.

Jaejoong: This is for taking care of my sister and for being honest with me. You will pay me back later.

He brushed the injured finger across her lips letting blood drip on her wounds and after a few seconds they disappeared.

Kaya: Thank you sir. I will definetly find a way to repay your kindness. Goodbye.

Jaejoong: Goodbye.

The prince watched the girl as she ran away into the deep forest. He couldn’t pry his eyes off her. This was the girl Jaejoong won’t forget for the rest of his eternity. After he couldn’t see her anymore he took Chiyoko and vanished.

The next morning, Chiyoko woke up in her own room. She remembered what happened: she got beaten by the vampire princess. Not knowing how she ended up back in her room she thought that probably one of her subjects brought her in. She rose from the bed and went to the door. When she was about to open the door, she heard her brother’s voice and decided to stop.

Jaejoong: How could you be such a fool?

Kangin: I’m sorry. I didn’t think she would drug me to get rid of me.

Jaejoong: Well now you know what she is capable of, so don’t mess up again. If I find her beaten like that again I will rip your limbs off. Do you understand?

Kangin: Yes Your Highness. I promise to be careful from now on.

Jaejoong: Now go inside and watch over her until she wakes up. I will come to check on her later.

Kangin: Yes sir.

Chiyoko was thunderstruck at her brother’s words. She couldn’t believe he saved her and was actually worried about her. The sudden door click startled her. Kangin almost hit her with the door if she didn’t flash into the bed. What she heard made her think it was about time she would make a deal with Kangin: he would be allowed to follow whenever she went, but he will have to stay at a certain distance. Also, Chiyoko decided not to be so harsh on her brother anymore. Her family was what she loved the most and she would hate to loose them as a result of her stubbornness.

[End of flashback]

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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Yukie23 wrote:Thanks for the update ^^ It's intersting to find out everyone's background.

i'm glad you aren't bored yet Laughing next post will be the last 2 stories and then the story will go back on track from where i left it Smile

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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Okay ^^ I kinda like how Kaya and Jaejoong met, even though Chiyoko got hurt so badly. Jaejoong's not such a meanie Very Happy


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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Yukie23 wrote:Okay ^^ I kinda like how Kaya and Jaejoong met, even though Chiyoko got hurt so badly. Jaejoong's not such a meanie Very Happy

Laughing yeah...well my goal was to make jae a bad guy...but instead he just ended up being quiet and doesn't let others see his emotions

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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 28:Ancient tales: Family issues[part 1]

There are many different kinds of families. Some have two parents, while others have a single parent. Some children live in adoptive families. Families are much more than groups of people who share the same genes or the same address. They should be a source of support and encouragement. This does not mean that everyone gets along all the time. Conflicts are a part of family life.

Sakamoto Masao’s family was no different. His two children, Changmin and Mizuki were constantly fighting. Even a small detail would make them argue. The brothers were smart, merciless, ambitious and hot-tempered. Their mother was trying to patch things up between, but it was no use. They would just pretend everything is alright and in the second their mother would disappear, they would be at each other’s throat again. Masao could care less about them getting along or not as far as they could be used in mission. His wife would always complain about how he doesn’t care about his family and he would deny it saying that this is the reason her carries on with the war: to protect his family.

One day blight fell upon their family. Masao heard his wife was an ally of the demons and probably a spy too. He was prostrate with grief as he ordered that all traitors to face the death sentence by being left in the sun. The news that their queen was going to be murdered as a traitor traveled quickly and reached the ears of his children. They rushed to the throne hall where they found their father sitting on the chair with an unreadable expression on his face.

Mizuki: Father! We heard that you’re going to execute mom for treachery. Is that true?

Masao: My sources told me she has been plotting with the damned demons to exterminate us. She was probably spying for them.

Changmin: Are your sources reliable?

Masao: Unfortunately, they are. I am forced to send her to death.

Mizuki: But you can’t do that! You love her, don’t you?

Masao: I do. But if I don’t punish her, my man will loose their faith in me and this might lead to a rebellion. I can’t let that happen. Sacrifices must be made in order to win this war.

Changmin: What? Is that all you think about? What about us? What about mom? She loves you! I thought you loved her too, but I was obviously mistaken.

Masao: Don’t speak of what you don’t know, Changmin! It’s a very hard thing to do. Killing her is like stabbing my own heart and leaving the dagger there. This decision is killing me too.

Changmin: Really? It doesn’t look like it. Did you even hear her out? Did you even listen to her opinion about this?

Masao: I haven’t spoken to her yet.

Changmin: See? You’re misjudging her already. It’s not fair! Your family should come first.

Masao: This is why I am doing this! This war is to protect my family.

Changmin: Lies!

Masao slapped him across the face, leaving a visible mark behind.

Masao: You have continued to disobey me for far too long. I will no longer tolerate your insolence!

Mizuki: Dad…is there a way we could turn this around?

Masao: I’m afraid your mother’s fate was already written from the moment she chose to betray her own kind.

Mizuki: But something tells me mom is innocent. We have to…

Changmin: Of course she is innocent! Why would you even assume she is not?

Masao: I’m afraid your mother changed a lot since your birth. She wanted to end this war. I understand that. But plotting with the enemy against me was the worst move she could make.

Changmin: Dad, I beg you! Don’t do it. She is not a spy.
Masao: I already have the evidence that she is. It hurts me too, but I will not waver.

Mizuki: Can I see her for one last time?

Changmin: What? You can’t be serious!

Mizuki: I trust our father. He wouldn’t do this if he didn’t have the right reason.

Changmin: I can’t believe you agree to such a thing!

Masao: I will arrange a meeting now if you want. Changmin don’t you want to see her one last time?

Changmin: No, I will let you time to think about what you’re doing. By the time I am back, I want to see her in her room or else…I will make sure you regret it.

Changmin stormed off angerly on the empty hallways of the castle going to nowhere in particular. Mizuki looked at her brother’s retreating back. She could understand why he was so upset. She too loved her mother very much, but what if Masao was right? What if her mother really betrayed her family and joined the demons? As much as she hated it, she had to trust her father will make the right choice. After the heartbreaking visit, Mizuki ran outside the castle teary eyed hoping that this was just a nightmare from which she would wake up soon. She just kept on running until she couldn’t breathe anymore. Her best friend since childhood, confident and bodyguard, Siwon followed her. She could hear him screaming her name, telling her to stop, but she ignored. Suddenly Mizuki tripped on a rock and fell. Expecting to hit the hard ground she was surprised to realize that Siwon was underneath her. Mizuki stayed there with her head lying on Siwon’s chest and cried even harder. The boy slowly wrapped his arms around her wanting to give confort.

Siwon: I know you are upset, miss. But why didn’t you do something about it?

Mizuki: I can’t disobey him, Siwon.

Siwon: I understand why it’s difficult to disobey him, but I think if you said something about it, he would have listened to his favorite daughter.

Mizuki: No, he wouldn’t. He is so obsessed with this war that he is no longer seeing the troubles his family is going through and he is determined to do any necessary sacrifice to obtain the victory.

Siwon: Then what are you going to do now? Are you just gonna accept the fact that your father is murdering your mother for the cause he believes in?

Mizuki: What can I do? I’m weak compared to my father. I can’t fight him. Fighting him will lead to certain death.
Siwon: I wish I had the answers you need. Whatever you will do, I will be there for you like you’ve been for me.

Mizuki: Thank you, Siwon. I know I can count on you. I have got to figure something out.

Siwon: I’m gonna help you create a plan to save the queen. We just have to think about something or someone to help us.
Mizuki: You know what? I think I already have something.

Siwon: What is it?

Mizuki: What if we could use humans to save her? We can’t trust demons and definitely not our clan because father will find out and besides, we can’t go out in the sun.

Siwon: You want to force her/him to save your mother? How are you going to do that?

Mizuki: That’s simple. The human most definetly has a family. We threaten her/his family and she/he will obey. We will say that the family is in our hands and we kill every single one of them if she/he doesn’t do what we want.

Siwon: Then what? How will we make sure the human won’t try to put it across us?

Mizuki: Being human is good enough for me. She will find a method to get mom to shelter and once night will fall she will be able to run away. We will kill the human once the job is done so there won’t be any witnesses.

Siwon: That’s a great plan! Hopefully it will be successful.

Mizuki: I hope so too. Now let’s go and find our little helper. The night is still young. Time is on our side.

Siwon and Mizuki took off towards the village. The human was Mizuki’s last hope.

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Chapter 28:Ancient tales: Family issues[part 2]

Meanwhile, Changmin was with Minwoo in front of the village’s tavern. This was the first time he entered this place; the place where people drink for many reasons like to forget their sorrow or to joyfully celebrate. It was just like he imagined it: the thick curtain of smoke was making one dizzy; the strong smell of liquor was making one drunk just by sensing it and the loud noise people were making almost left one deaf. In spite all of this it seemed to Changmin that this was a place people came on their own will and it was like a second home to them, especially to the travelers. He picked a table in a secluded corner next to a window and sat down. The waitress came smiling and stopped in front of him. He looked lustfully at her jet black hair, brown eyes and mini skirt. This was the perfect prey for tonight.

Waitress: What can I bring you?

Changmin: Hmm…I’m for the first time here. What can you recommend me?

Waitress: Are you a traveler?

Changmin: Yes, but I think I will stay here for a while.

Waitress: Business must keep you here, right?

Changmin: No, not really, but I think I might fallen in love with someone at first sight.

Waitress (blushing): Really? Who is it?

Changmin: I will tell you later when your shift is over. Do you think you can hold on until then?

Waitress (blushing even harder): I think so…

Changmin: So, what would you recommend me?

Waitress: I will bring you the best wine we have. It’s a bit expensive, but this time is on the house for a cutie like you.

Changmin: Thank you, sweety.

The waitress disappeared from his sight behind a door. The fake smile he put on to seduce her vanished once he couldn’t see her anymore. He gazed out on the window and noticed that the full moon had a shade of red. A passing shadow attracted his attention. His eyes widened when he saw the owner of the shadow: Watanabe Chiyoko. Changmin rushed outside and Minwoo followed him.

Changmin: You! Stop right there!

Chiyoko: Oh, it’s you…And here I was thinking that my night would be boring. Do you smell that?

Changmin: Smell what?

Chiyoko: What can it be? I know! It smells like revenge!

Changmin: If I were you, I would be good and answer the questions.

Chiyoko: Ah~ so you want to ask me something. That’s interesting…

Changmin: Who told my father that my mother is working with you?

Minwoo: Young master you shouldn’t…

Changmin: Shut up, Minwoo! Now answer, princess.

Chiyoko: I didn’t know your mother was working with us, but thanks for giving me an idea. Maybe we should infiltrate a spy among you.

Changmin: You don’t know anything?

Chiyoko: Nope, not a clue, but the rumour has it that your mom will be left out in the sun. Judging by the look on your face and the question you just asked me I’d say it’s true.

Minwoo: Young master, we are wasting our time here. She is not lying.

Chiyoko: Wait! Before you go, I have a question too. Where is your bloody sister? I want to kill her.

Changmin: Don’t bother. Remember what she did to you the last time?

Chiyoko: I won’t rest until she is dead!

Mizuki: Oh, really?

Chiyoko: Ah! There you were! Why are you hiding from me? Are you scared?

Mizuki: Me scared? Not in a million years! I was passing by and heard my name so I came to see who is gossiping me. I understand you want revenge.

Chiyoko: That’s right.

Mizuki: Are you sure? Like my brother said, I almost killed you the last time.

Chiyoko: That was then. Now I’m back and ready to kick you!
Mizuki: If you are so eager to fight, then bring it on!

The two girls clashed in the air. Mizuki caught Chiyoko off guard. She managed to kick and break the demon princess’ ribs. Chiyoko was determined to fight until death and ignoring the excruciating pain she was feeling, she blew a fist at her opponent. Mizuki blocked the hit, but Chiyoko quickly grabbed her hand and pulled. In a matter of seconds, Mizuki’s shoulder was out of joint. After that, the vampire princess was kept being hit. Siwon couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed Chiyoko by the hands and slammed her into a tree leaving her unconscious. Siwon kneeled next to his mistress and began cleansing the blood on her face. She looked at him with soft eyes.

Changmin: Mizuki what’s wrong with you? I’ve never seen you take a beating like that in my life.

Siwon: She got distracted that’s all.

Changmin: I didn’t ask you, Siwon.

Mizuki: I got dizzy. I’m not feeling so well.

Minwoo: I think it’s a good idea if we all return to the castle. The dawn is coming in an hour.

Siwon: I agree with Minwoo. Come on princess.

Siwon took Mizuki in his strong arms and carried her to the castle. Minwoo and Changmin followed soon enough.

Once the dawn got near the human sent by Mizuki, reached the destination. In the heart of the forest, in a glade, a huge pole was stick deep into the ground. The queen, Sakamoto Shizume, who was tied to it, was expecting her death. No guard was in sight. Without a word, the human began cutting the ropes. He heard a noise and turned around only to see Hankyung’s black eyes. In the next second, the human kissed the dust. Shizume began to struggle in a lame attempt of running away, but Hankyung put a hand on her shoulder and signaled her to stay quiet. A man came out from the shadows.

Yoochun: Sakamoto Shizume, death row prisoner…I never thought I would live to see this. You’re the vampire’s queen, right?

Shizume: Yes. You’re demons, right? What do you want from me?

Hankyung: We are not here to hurt you. We heard that your own husband is suspecting you for treason and we came to see for ourselves if he dares to kill his own wife to win the war.

Shizume: As you can see, he doesn’t really care.

Yoochun: Isn’t it a pity? You’re innocent. I wonder who told him this.

Shizume: Most likely you did.

Hankyung: No, we don’t play dirty. Someone inside there wants to get rid of you so he or she can have influence over the king.

Shizume: Just get to the point! What do you want?

Yoochun: We simply want you to cooperate. If you’re already considered a traitor, you might as well become one now.

Shizume: Not interested. Now please go away so I can die at peace.

Hankyung: Don’t you regret leaving this earth? Do you really want to leave your children to that monster they call “father”? He will use them like he used you to get what he wants.

Shizume: I know he isn’t the greatest father in the world, but he is still their father and my husband.

Hankyung: I understand you love him dearly, but he is no longer the man you fell in love with. Can’t you see he’s become a monster?

Shizume: And how am I supposed to fix that?

Yoochun: Come with us. We will take you to our headquarters as our ally. If you help us win this war you will also save your children. You can make a deal with Akira and he will spare them.

Shizume: How do I know I can trust you?

Hankyung: You don’t, but this is the only way to save your children.

Shizume (thinking for a second): Alright. I will make a deal with you. Now take me to Akira.

Yoochun: Good choice. Hankyung cut the ropes and give her the cape. The sun is ready to come up. We must hurry.

Hankyung: What about the set up?

Yoochun: I’ll do it. You must take her to Akira. Don’t worry about me.

Shizume: What set up?

Hankyung: We will arrange the place to look like you died in the sun. Nobody must know you are alive. Not even your children.

Yoochun: Believe me, it’s for the best.

Shizume: Maybe it is…

Hankyung and Shizume took off immediately and Yoochun soon followed them. The vampire queen made a deal with the demons through she officially betrayed her clan. But the only thing which was present in her mind was her two precious children.

Once the darkness swallowed the planet, Mizuki and Changmin rushed to the execution site. To their horror, a pile of ash rested on the ground. A human body was lying next to the pole. Mizuki could recognize the human she sent to save her mother and realized all her struggle was in vain. Changmin bit his lip to hold the tears in and rushed out of there. Mizuki fell on her knees and began crying. Siwon embraced her holding tightly onto the fragile body of his best friend. Today was the grimmest day of their lives-their beloved mother passed away, killed by their own father.
[End of flashback]

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Chapter 29:Ancient tales: Alone


Loneliness is a feeling where people experience a powerful surge of emptiness and solitude. Loneliness is more than the feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person. Someone who is lonely may find it hard to form human contact. For humans it’s really hard not to have someone there to give them confort when they need it. The question is: what does one do when everyone is turned against him?

Yamamoto family’s life was a normal one with one exception: all the family members were wizards. They avoided using their power as much as possible because wizards became loathed by the commoners. The parents made a living from administrating a ryokan which was very popular among both humans and other creatures. Kaya, their daughter sold vegetables and fruits in the next village’s market. Yunho, her brother helped his parents at the ryokan by working as a waiter. The brothers were loved and respected by the villagers. Their parents were a bit overprotective with their daughter and forced Yunho to guard her, thing considered annoying by him. Also he loved to tease his little sister until she burst into tears. Their childhood was filled with lessons about creatures and how to fight them. This didn’t bother them because they were eager to know more about this subject which fascinated them.

It was a day like any other when the children were going to be left alone at home for at least a week while their parents left on a mission far away. Yunho and Kaya were used to be left alone since they were little. They both were old enough to take care of themselves and Kaya cooking skills were good. But this day was going to be different and change their entire life forever. Kaya was returning from the market hurriedly because she knew she wasn’t safe, especially after the last incident with the vampires. Arriving home, she was welcomed by the angry villagers who had her brother tied to a pillar. His body was covered in fresh blood, meaning that they beat him or worse.

Kaya: What’s going on here? Let Yunho go!

Villager: Look! The witch came home.

Kaya: What are you talking about?

Villager: Don’t pretend you don’t know. We heard rumours that you two practice black magic and it seems they were true.

Kaya: Who told you that? We don’t…

Villager: Tie her up next to her brother before she releases a curse upon us.

Kaya: No, please, this is just a misunderstanding. We don’t mean any harm.

They didn’t let her speak and started beating her with stones. The girl tried to cover herself, but it was useless. She trusted these people and they betrayed her. Her family always protected this village from creatures, but they didn’t understand that. Angry, she stood up and started mumbling something. The people paralyzed. She ran inside the house and took her father’s katana and a bag in which she put the money she found around the house, food, a book with spells and some clothes. The spell was starting to wear off when she came out of the house that’s why she quickly cut the rope freeing Yunho.

Kaya: Yunho! I need you to stay awake for a little more, please. You’re too heavy for me to carry you.

Yunho: I…will try.

Kaya: As for you, stay where you are or I’ll start killing you one by one with this sword!

Villager: Kill them both!

Yunho: Kaya…you go ahead. I will give you…a head start.

Kaya: I’m not leaving without you!

Yunho: “Strike them mercilessly, lightning!”

A lightning fell down from the sky right in the middle of the villagers frightening, but not hurting them. After that, Yunho fainted. Kaya, not knowing what to do and being outnumbered, ran away into the woods. After a while she stopped near a tree chocking with tears. There was no way of contacting her mother and father, her body was hurting, she was alone and weak. She forced herself to calm down and find a solution fast for saving her brother. The girl remembered a necromancer which lived up in the mountains. Opening the book she found the spell for the best transport: summoning a dragon. She arrived at the destination in no time and was welcomed by the grumpy old man.

Necromancer: Who are you and what do you want?

Kaya: My name is Yamamoto Kaya. I came here to ask for your help to save my brother.

Necromancer: Who told you to come to me?

Kaya: Noone but I heard stories about you as a child. You are a legendary…

Necromancer: Give me one good reason why I should help you.

Kaya: Please…I really need your help. I will give you money if you want.

Necromancer: I have money too, thank you very much.

Kaya: Then is it something you desire? I will do anything!

Necromancer: Hmm…maybe there is something, but you can’t give it to me.

Kaya: Tell me what it is and I will bring it to you, I promise.

Necromancer: Let me tell you something, miss. Don’t ever make promises you know you can’t keep.

Kaya: You have to tell me, please~

Necromancer: The thing I desire is the Evil Eye amulet. It’s a stone which gives you the power to repell all evil. It belongs to the demon prince, Jaejoong and he wouldn’t give it for the world.

Kaya: I will definetly find it and bring it to you.

Necromancer: Are you planning on seducing him?

Kaya (blushing): If that’s what it takes…yes.

Necromancer: Bad plan, miss. He is a cold hearted creature. Your charms won’t affect him.

Kaya: I’ve met him before when I was in danger and he was nice to me.

Necromancer: Define the word “nice”.

Kaya: He used his blood to heal my wounds.

Necromancer: I don’t believe you.

Kaya: I swear…

Necromancer: Look I’m too old for this, but if you bring me the stone, I will help your brother.

Kaya: Really? Thank you, thank you!!! I will be here at the next sunrise. Don’t forget your promise.

With that, Kaya climbed back on the dragon’s back and flew in search for the demon’s prince. The girl landed in the next village where she met him last time and started searching. She covered her face so she couldn’t be recognized, but she could still feel she was being watched. The girl carefully looked around and spotted the grumpy old man standing behind a tree. Then realization hit her. He lied about that stone. There was something else that he wanted, something she couldn’t figure out. Hurrying to get away she tripped and fell, injuring her knee. In a split second she was surrounded by vampires. Her hand automatically grabbed the sword. Kaya stood up slowly her eyes never leaving the enemy. Her thoughts were a mess because the fear took control of her.

Meanwhile Yunho, her brother, was still tied to the pillar with a torn shirt soaked in blood. He woke up and looked around. Not far from him a few villagers stood around a fire, probably guarding him. They noticed that he was awake and came to him.

Villager: Look, he came to his senses. I want to kill him already but the boss said that it would be more fun to torture him while we use him as bate to lure his sister.

Yunho: Why are you doing this? We didn’t harm you in any way.

Villager: We have to protect this village from any threat. People like you bring along unwanted danger, like vampires and demons.

Yunho: Ever since we moved here, we protected this village. Couldn’t you tell this village was quiet and in others there were murders every night?

Villager: We don’t care about that. Out there are still dangers that even you can’t prevent. A village that has wizards living is more likely to become a target the one that doesn’t.

Yunho: Then at least let us go and we promise we won’t come back ever again.

Villager: You will go in another village and because of that more innocent people will die. We can’t let that happen. You must die.

Yunho: Why are you so blind? We are human too! We have the same rights as you. I am sick and tired of people who treat us as monsters!

Villager: Why would they treat you differently? You are monsters indeed.

Yunho: What? Say that again…

Villager: And you’ll what make me regret it? Look at you! You’re half dead and tied up with a rope. What can you do to me?

Yunho: More than you can imagine! I was always good with you, but I am at my wits end. Didn’t you say I was a monster? Then let me show you what this monster can do.

Yunho’s eyes suddenly turned black. A huge amount of strength was bestowed to him. The boy severed the ties like they were made from paper. The villager’s eyes widened in shock and they quikly began to take steps back.

Yunho: What? Are you scared? Are you afraid that I’ll be killing you?

Villager: P-please do-don’t hurt us! We didn’t want to do it, but the boss forced us!

Yunho: You know I don’t believe a word you say because I know you do this to protect your pathetic life.

Villager: No, I’m speaking the truth! I-I swear!

Yunho: No, you’re not. I will kill you all.

He whispered a spell which called forward a tornado. In a few minutes all the villagers who opposed him were killed. When everything settled, Yunho’s eye color was back to normal. He saw the whole village run-down by a tornado and also noticed he wasn’t up on the pole. Questions ran through his mind as he couldn’t comprehend what was going on and why didn’t he remember anything. Brushing the weird feeling away, he recalled his sister. He had to find her really fast or he will be attending her funeral.

Back at the other village, Kaya was fighting a life-or-death battle against the vampires controlled by the old man. One already managed to stab her abomen with the claws. The scent of her blood seemed to make them stronger, faster while she could barely stand up to hold the sword correctly. She felt the life force leaving her body but she decided not to go down without a fight. The girl prepared herself for another attack when her enemies suddenly ran away.

Kaya: That’s right! You better run away! I would have beaten you to a pulp! Cowards!

The girl turned around and was startled by Jaejoong who stood silently behind her, his eyes completely black. Frightened that he would kill her, she put the tip of the sword at his neck. Jaejoong didn’t even blink nor showed any kind of emotion.

Kaya: Step away and let me pass!

Jaejoong: I heard you were looking for me.

Kaya: You’re…the one with the sister… she saved me that time.

Jaejoong: It seems you like to get in trouble with vampires. What do you want from me?

Kaya: Nothing. I just wanted to borrow your necklace for a while, but it doesn’t matter anymore. AH~! “IT HURTS LIKE HELL~~!!!”

Jaejoong: Where does it hurt?

Kaya: Excuse me? What are you doing? It’s none of your business! Get out of my head please.

Jaejoong: You saved my sister, I am indebted to you even if I like it or not. Now show me your wound so I can…

Kaya: Why do you speak so much?? Just shut up already! (She covered her mouth with the right hand) “Now he will kill me for speaking rudely. Why am I so impulsive??” Sorry, I didn’t mean what I said; it’s just that I am really in a hurry and…

Jaejoong: You really have a talent in getting people angry. Fine, I won’t help you. Next time when I’ll see you, I’ll kill you.

Kaya: No! Wait! (Jaejoong disappeared) What have I done?! He could have helped me!! I’m stupid, STUPID!!!

Kaya leaned on a tree and tried to heal her wounds while thinking about Yunho and Jaejoong. In the silent night, she heard her brother’s voice calling her. First she thought she was hearing things but the voice kept becoming clearer. The girl started running in the direction of the sound but fainted after a few steps.

A few weeks later she woke up on a soft bed. The sun was warming her face. She recalled what happened and wondered if it was all a dream. Hearing shuffling, she saw her brother waking up next to her.

Yunho: You’re up…what took you so long?

Kaya: It wasn’t a dream, was it? The whole thing with the villagers…

Yunho: Unfortunately it wasn’t. I found you nearly dead on that field. I was so scared. Mom and dad made great efforts to bring you back.

Kaya: After I left you there, I ran to get help, but the old man tricked me. He used a spell to control a few vampires and tried to kill me.

Yunho: Why?

Kaya: I don’t know. If it wasn’t for Jaejoong, I would be dead by now.

Yunho: Jaejoong, the demon’s prince?? He saved you?? How is that possible?

Kaya: He kept telling me he was indebted to me for saving his sister. I felt like he was lying. I don’t know what to say. Please don’t tell mom and dad about it.

Yunho: You know I won’t. This will be our secret. We can’t trust anyone, we are alone.

Kaya: I feel the same, but it’s a good thing we have eachother.

Yunho: I have to tell you something.

Kaya: Ok, go ahead.

Yunho: I kept thinking about it ever since it happened. I can’t remember how I escaped from the villagers.

Kaya: What do you mean?

Yunho: When I was up on the pole I had a fierce argument with one of them. I can’t remember anything after that. The next thing I knew was that I was standing in the middle of a destroyed village. I can’t recall what happened.

Kaya: Maybe you fainted or something.

Yunho: I’m sure I didn’t.

Kaya: Don’t stress about it. What happened is not your fault.

Yunho: I wonder how they found out though.

Kaya: Yeah, me too. But I am glad it’s over.

Yunho: I hope noone will ever find out again or we will be hunted down by the demons and vampires.

Kaya: That would be indeed a problem we wish to avoid. But until then let’s just rest. I am tired.

Kaya and Yunho closed their eyes while praying the incident from a few weeks ago won’t repeat itself. They didn’t want to go through such a terrifying experience one more time. Little did they know that after moving in another town things would start to turn out bad for them.
[End of Flashback]

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I don't know why, but Jaejoong's attitude makes me for the update ^^


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i know Razz well...i got a bit carried away and i didn't stick to my original plan...i always do that hehe ^^; because i find new stuff that seem to be better and stuff Razz and i don't want things to be predictable...or too predictable

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Chapter 30: Fully reunited[part 1]

Kaya was lying on the bed looking at the empty ceiling. Her thoughts were flying away to Jaejoong. She was so happy that he was safe and sound, that she managed to save him from that attack. Did he mind the fact she hurt him? He had to understand that she needed to. The girl couldn’t tell the reasons because she did it for him. He could tell her she’s frozen, but what could she do then? When the lies turn into truth she will have been sacrificed for him already. The witch wished to have other choices that to harm the one she loved. She wondered why fate made them suffer. It was clear that it was a curse between them; they were cursed to stay away from each other and she was determined to not fall, to not let it go, certain that they will be free when it ends.

Next to her bed there was a big mirror and inside that mirror, there was a girl-the spirit who lived within Kaya’s body-Soojin. Kaya had managed to make a wizard teach her a spell who traps spirits into certain objects because ever since they left the castle, Soojin’s outbursts became very often and sudden, damaging Kaya’s body as a result. Now, Soojin was telling something to the witch, but it seemed like she was talking to the walls since the girl wasn’t paying attention to her.

Soojin: Are you even listening to me?

Kaya: Me? Sorry…I got caught up in my own thoughts.

Soojin: I was saying that my thirst for vengeance was never subdued. My luck was the fact that Masao still had a few enemies among the necromancers. They helped me get into your body when you were born.

Kaya: So this is why I got chosen? Because I was born into the 13th generation since you died? To help you clear your grudge? This is ridiculos!

Soojin: No, it isn’t! Don’t you see what he did? He ruined everything I stand for! He killed your parents and mine! Isn’t this enough for you?

Kaya: I reckon that he is one evil son of a bitch, but this isn’t fair! I didn’t choose this!

Soojin: It’s too late to back out now. Your fate was written when you came onto this world. After I will kill him, you’ll be free and I will have found my peace.

Kaya: You better leave us alone after that. The risk is high so there is no guarantee my brother and I will make it out alive.

Soojin: You’re now a vampire and he’s a demon. The risks are much lower than when you were human. You must help me, please!

Kaya: This is so ironical, you know? You’re begging me to help you. This is very funny. Alright…tell me what I have to do.

Soojin: There is a book the wizards are holding onto. We need it. I know where it is, but you must go get it. Their main branch is in Osaka. That’s where they keep it. We’re moving out next week because I need more information.

Kaya: How do you really obtain it when you’re trapped into the mirror?

Soojin: I have my ways…

Kaya looked at her with a straight face and raised an eyebrow.

Kaya: Whatever…you’re the boss.

Soojin: You don’t seem to trust me.

Kaya: Of course I don’t! I mean why would I trust you when I know what you did to me these last 50 years? Not to mention the other times before the peace.

Soojin: Oh, quit being such a whiny child and taking everything personally!

Kaya: I am just a toy you’re playing with and I don’t like it. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place!

Soojin: And you wouldn’t have met Jaejoong. I know you’re keeping him away and hidden as hard as you can. You even risked pushing him away harshly saying stupid things to him.

Kaya: If I do this, they would be living happily ever after! That’s all I want.

Soojin: What about your brother?

Kaya: Unfortunately he is over his head in this mess. The others aren’t. But I will find a way to get him out before the final battle.

Soojin: You’re ready to sacrifice yourself for saving the ones you love. So touching! Too bad I forgot how that feels. I used to think as you do now and look where it got me. It’s true that you have no choice, but…

Kaya: Mind your own bussines! Go away and let me sleep! I am tired.

Kaya lied back on the bed putting her head on the pillow. She started to think about Jaejoong again while drifting into a dreamless sleep.

Back at Changmin and Chiyoko’s house things got cheerful. Junmin was pleasantly surprised to see his aunt and uncle after all these years. Yoochun managed to contact Junsu and asked him to visit them. When he came, Junsu brought along Sunye, Jaejoong, Ayumi and Yunho with him. Chiyoko had begun to cry when she saw her brother safe and sound because she always worried about him. Mizuki decided it was a good idea for them to go out in a club to have fun that night. Everyone agreed. Once arrived there, they rented a private room and ordered drinks. Seeing that everyone was unsualy quiet, Chiyoko decided to break the silence.

Chiyoko: Why are you all so quiet? We came here to celebrate!

Jaejoong: To celebrate what?

Chiyoko: We all got reunited after 50 years. Isn’t that a good reason for you?

Jaejoong: We are not all here.

Chiyoko: Oh that’s right…Kaya, Hankyung and Donghae aren’t here. Is that why you’re so grumpy today?

Sunye: Yes…and because he met her…Kaya told him horrible things.

Mizuki: What do you mean by horrible things?

Jaejoong: Sunye, shut up!

Sunye: She said that she hated him and if they cross paths again, she will kill him.

Mizuki: Why would she tell him such a thing? Have you cheated on her, you moron?

Jaejoong: You keep your mouth shut! Don’t start accusing people randomly!

Sunye: That’s exactly what she accused him of. Kaya told him those lies to keep him away from danger.

Yoochun: What danger? There is no danger. The things that happened 50 years ago are over.

Sunye: Apparently she doesn’t think like that.

Ayumi: I can understand why. What happened after Jaejoong left her there is…

Jaejoong: What happened?

Ayumi: You don’t know?

Sunye: Kaya made me swear I will never tell him the truth because it’s for his own good.

Yunho: I guess you can tell him now. He already knows why she did this.

Sunye: Jaejoong…Kaya knew that she was the main reason why they wanted everyone to die. She knew she couldn’t take the guilt if something would happen to you, so she sent me to lie and to keep an eye for you.

Jaejoong: I don’t need to be protected…I…

Yoochun: We know you wanted to protect her.

Junsu: What else did she tell you?

Sunye: I asked what if they would meet accidentally but she told me to hurry up because that was something she will figure out herself.

Junsu: So she chose to lie in his face. What will you do about this, Jaejoong?

Jaejoong: For now I will respect her wish…and search a way to make her come back to me.

Yunho: You still love her? I’m surprised.

Jaejoong: Are you insinuating something?

Chiyoko: Guys~! Let’s not have a fight in here. It’s not appropriate.

Mizuki: That’s right, we came to have fun. So let’s just have fun for tonight.

Ayumi: Right…so…what have you been doing these years…besides running away?

Yoochun: Well…what can I say? Mizuki, Junki, Siwon and me used to swindle people for a living.

Junsu: What? Is that what I taught you?

Yoochun: No…but I used what you taught me in my own purpose and I must admit you are a great master, master Jun ^^.

Junsu: I will forget you were ever my student! I disown you!
Yoochun: Don’t be so harsh! Now we opened our own business and we will try to live like normal people.

Junsu: Once a thief, forever a thief!

Yoochun: Forgive me, ok? I had to make a living somehow~!
Junsu: I will think about it…

Yoochun: So now that you forgave me, tell me about you.

Junsu: I didn’t forgive you yet. I will let Yunho tell you our story.

Yunho: There isn’t much to say. At first it was hard to get used with being fugitives. Along the way, we had several jobs until we opened our own scandal magazine.

Ayumi: It was my idea. I noticed that people are intrigued by them and it’s easy to make money like this.

Mizuki: Wow~ really, it was a great idea! Why didn’t I think of it?

Changmin: Because the only thing on your mind is Yoochun.

Mizuki: Yah! Watch your dirty mouth!

Changmin: You know, I thought that after you guys will get married you will cool off, but it seems I was wrong.

Mizuki: Why must you always badmouth me and confront me? Is this the only thing you’re living for?

Changmin: Actually…yes. Well, aside my family this is the only reason I live-to torture you. What can I say? It’s addictive.

Mizuki: Haha! Very funny…not!

Chiyoko: You two won’t change even if the apocalypse comes.

Changmin: But you love me as I am. (He placed a peck on her lips.)

Yunho & Jaejoong: Get a room!!!!

Changmin: Oh, come on! I only gave her a peck.

Yunho: I don’t want to see more, thank you.

Chiyoko: Yah! I kill you if you try to argue. It’s not like we were doing nasty things in front of you.

Jaejoong: It’s still nasty to me.

Chiyoko: Don’t be such a child! Wasn’t it nasty when you kissed you girlfriend?

Jaejoong: We never kissed in front of people.

Chiyoko: Oh shut it~!

Jaejoong: I know you can’t stand the teasing, but I’m having fun.

Chiyoko: Well…i’m not!

Jaejoong: I don’t care~!

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Chapter 30: Fully reunited[part 2]

The others started laughing at the sight. They have never seen Jaejoong teasing his sister like this. They could see he had changed and it was a good thing. The group partied hard by dancing, drinking and chatting until dawn when the club closed. Everyone went home after deciding to pay Kaya a visit the next evening.

The night had already fallen over the busy city when Sangki, Kaya’s son arrived in front of his house. He crossed the huge yard and after opening the door, entered. He threw his satchel on the couch and went to look for his mom.

Sangki: Mom! I’m home!

Kaya: I’m in the kitchen!

Sangki: Oh, there you were! (Received a kiss on the forehead) What are you doing?

Kaya: I was helping Hankyung to prepare the dinner. How was school honey?

Sangki: Boring as always. Uncle Hankyung, how was your day?

Hankyung: I had a very busy day. The bad guys are still at large because one of my colleagues let them get away.

Sangki: You should fire him then. He’s a nuissance.

Hankyung: Sangki…so ruthless. You will be a great policeman.

Kaya: He will get the job he wants. You won’t force him to become one, Hankyung.

Hankyung: Of course not. I was just saying that he will be a great policeman.

Sangki: Hmm…smells good. What are you making?

Hankyung: Lion’s Head Meatballs.

Sangki: Wah! My favorite~!!

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Sangki ran to see who it was. A tall man was standing in front of the door. He opened the door.

Sangki: Good evening, how may I help you?

Changmin: Is this the house of Yamamoto Kaya?

Sangki: No, there is no Yamamoto Kaya here.

Kaya: Sangki who is it? Changmin, what are you doing here???

Changmin: We have finaly found you. May we come inside?

Kaya: Who are “we”?

She gasped when she saw the rest of them standing behind Changmin. Even Jaejoong was there. Junmin jumped and hugged his aunt. In the end the girl had no choice but to invite them in. Donghae and Hankyung joined them into the living room. After a few moments of tensionate silence, Sangki began speaking.

Sangki: Mom, are they…?

Mizuki: Mom??

Kaya: Everyone, meet my son: Kim Sangki. Now, please go to your room for a while. I will call you when the dinner is ready.

Sangki: But…

Kaya: Not now! I promise I will answer all your questions later.

Sangki: You promised! Bye~ it was nice meeting you all.

After the youngest left, Kaya’s facial expression changed turning even more serious.

Kaya: So what brings you here?

Yoochun: What do you mean? We came to visit you. We haven’t seen each other for more than 50 years now and we missed you.

Kaya: It’s dangerous for you to visit me.

Junsu: Why? Because you were the target then and you want to protect us?

Sunye: I had to tell them, I couldn’t take it anymore.

Kaya: Look…I don’t even know why would you come and visit me. I mean, my brother is my blood and I understand, but Mizuki for example. We never got along.

Mizuki: I thought we were friends… (Kaya lifted an eyebrow)… guess not…

Changmin: Believe it or not, everyone here loves you and is your friend. Jaejoong…used to be your boyfriend, I am still your master, Junsu and Yoochun helped you when you needed, right?

Chiyoko: Remember that night when I helped you from the hands of Siwon? Jaejoong told me you didn’t leave and helped me back by dragging me out of the battlefield.

Kaya: You still remember that? How did you know it was me?

Chiyoko: I can still remember your smell. Didn’t you ever wonder why did I treat you so nice? Well…you have your answer now. My brother tried to repay you, but I never repayed you. I owe you my life.

Siwon: Sorry, Kaya…it was an order…

Kaya: I understand. Changmin and Mizuki are at fault here.

Changmin: We’re sorry too…

Kaya: Anyway…Hankyung, is the food ready?

Hankyung: Yes, it needs to boil 10 more minutes. I will call Sangki to dinner. (Left upstairs)

Ayumi: I have one question though.

Kaya: Ask away.

Ayumi: Is your son adopted or not?

Donghae: Kaya and I found him on a street as we were hunting. He was an abused child. We feeded on his parents and took him in.

Ayumi: And what exactly does he know about us?

Donghae: Everything.

Sunye: What do you mean by “everything”?

Donghae: The kid is very bright. You can’t really fool him by hiding stuff. Three years ago we decided to tell him everything: our story, what we are, what can we do…everything.

Ayumi: He seems quite ok with it. He wasn’t scared when we he saw us, just confused.

Donghae: He took the news pretty well and he is proud of us, it seems.

Sunye: But aren’t you afraid he will get caught in this web of ours?

Donghae: We swore to do everything to protect him, so if something comes up, he will be sent abroad.

Mizuki: You calculated all the options already. Impressive!

Sangki: I’m back~ Dinner!!!

Kaya: Let’s go in the kitchen. You’re all staying for dinner.

Jaejoong: I’m not hungry.

Sunye: Jaejoong, you haven’t eaten all day.

Jaejoong: I have bussines to attend to.

Chiyoko: Bro, at least wait for me. I have something to tell you after dinner.

Sangki: You should stay to dinner, daddy Jae.

Jaejoong looked at Sangki surprised. Kaya blood pressure suddenly went up, her eyes turned red. She was in front of her son in a flash, Donghae ran in between them to protect the child who was terrified. Everyone was also surprised at the witch’s behaviour.

Kaya: SANGKI!!!

Donghae: Kaya, calm down! He just made a mistake, that’s all.

Kaya (her eyes turned back to normal): You promised me…

Sangki: I-I know…I’m so-sorry! I promise it won’t happen again.

Changmin: What was that? This isn’t like you…

Kaya: Nothing, I just lost my temper…So…dinner everyone?

Ayumi: Sure…what do you have?

Hankyung: Sangki’s favorite: Lion’s Head Meatballs and for the vampires: the traditional blood.

Chiyoko: Oh, they’re my favorites too~!!!Let’s go eat!!

With a large grin on her face, Chiyoko dashed into the kitchen and sat on one of the chairs. The others followed. After dinner due to the tense atmosphere, the guests went home. Sangki was still upset with his mother’s outburst and with himself because he did not think before speaking. The boy went into his room and slept it off. After they cleaned the kitchen, Donghae went out and Hankyung in his room to sleep. Kaya was alone on the roof thinking about all that happened today. She felt sorry for yelling at her son like that, but if he will give Jaejoong any hope of coming back to her, all her efforts will be destroyed. Yunho soon joined his sister and talked until dawn came.

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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 31: Untwining the web of lies[part 1]

Time passed by like the wind for Kaya, Donghae, Yunho and Hankyung who were preparing for the next battle. Sangki continued to go to school and pretend nothing happened, but he sensed something bad was going to happen. As for the others, life went on, but they were troubled by something. They too sensed something was wrong, but didn’t know what it was.

Tonight was the night. Kaya was going to obtain something that will make a great difference in battle. She was determined to win. She was now in front of the building where the book was kept. Using a spell she made herself invisible and went in. After a while she reached the top floor where the seif was. Luckly the seif room was empty. Going in, she had no difficulty in opening it. After taking the book, the girl turned to the door to leave the same way she came, but before she could make a step, a man was sitting in front of the door. He looked directly in her eyes and without saying a word, he charged. Kaya quickly ran and jumped out of the window, landing on a car. Once down, the girl started running at full speed. After a short while to her nose a faint fragrance reached-it was a werewolf. Knowing that time was not on her side, she summoned Miki and gave her the book.

Kaya: Miki, take the book to Hankyung and tell him to pass it to Donghae who will give it to Yunho. He will know what to do with it.

Miki: What about you, mistress?

Kaya: I’ll stall him as much as I can. Remember: the book must not stay at only one of you. He mustn’t know where it is. Go!

After Miki left, Kaya took in deep breaths and waited. After a few seconds, a huge beast was landing in front of her. She dodged the hits as much as she could until he managed to scratch her belly seriously. She used telekinesis to throw him against the wall and run again. The wound was bleeding hard. She was in no position to match him now so she thought it was a good thing to try to hide among mortals while regaining her strength.

At the end of a tiering day, Changmin thought it was a good idea to go out with his wife and call the others too. Everyone except Yunho accepted the invitation. Hankyung, Kaya and Donghae couldn’t be reached. They went in a club to grab a drink and relax. The club was crowded. People were enjoying the music and many were on the dancefloor.

Changmin: So how was your day, people?

Mizuki: Busy…we had a lot to do today for our business.

Yoochun: Mizuki’s right…we’re dead tired…all day we carried furniture up to the 10th floor!

Mizuki: You didn’t do it in vain! My desk looks awesome! But I can’t believe Junki managed to break that painting!

Junki: I’m sorry, I got a little distracted. I was thinking about something and I bumped into Siwon.

Mizuki: Your thoughts are not as important as my painting! It cost me a fortune! I loved that painting!

Yoochun: Don’t scold him like that. You must understand that the man is tired.

Mizuki: But the painting…

Chiyoko: Ok…now you’re overreacting! It’s just a painting.

Changmin: Don’t worry, she’ll get over it. My sister often overreacts over the smallest detail.

Junki: I noticed. I’m not taking it personally, but I am aware it’s my fault and I will take responsibility by buying another painting for her.

Mizuki: Really?

Chiyoko: Junki is a man of his word, a true gentleman. Don’t underestimate him.

Junki: We will go back to the gallery and I will buy you another one.

Mizuki: That’s great! Because I had another one that I liked but I didn’t have money to buy both, so…

Changmin: Mizuki! You talk too much. Why don’t you let others speak as well? Ayumi and Junsu for example, they didn’t utter a single word since they left the house.

Ayumi: We had the worse day at work. Incompetent mortals~!! All they do is be in a continous coffee break! And they dare to say we’re the evil ones.

Junsu: Ayumi is very upset because an employee came drunk in her office and raised snakes before resigning.

Chiyoko: Why such a thing happened?

Ayumi: He asked me for a raise, but he didn’t desirve it, so I didn’t give him one.

Junsu: He was very disrespectful towards her, and Ayumi barely manage to control her anger and not kill him on the spot.

Ayumi: He was lucky you came in through that door or he would have been food for dogs!

Chiyoko: You should be more generous to your employees, give them raises and see how they react. Many will be encouraged to work harder.

Mizuki: Or they will become lazier. In my opinion, a strict boss is better than a generous one….hmm…what’s that smell?

Yoochun: What smell?

Changmin: Kaya’s here…her belly is wounded badly.

Jaejoong immediately stood up and followed the smell which led him to the restroom where he found Kaya hanging from the ceiling. When she saw him, let go and fell on her knees.

Kaya: What are you doing here?

Jaejoong: The question is why are you wounded like this?

Kaya: I’ll explain later. You have to go. Get out of this club now!

Jaejoong: What ever it is, I’ll help you.

Kaya: “It’s coming!”

Kaya pushed him against the wall. The next thing Jaejoong knew was that a werewolf threw the witch through a wall. He tried to run after her, but an invisible wall was stopping him. The witch tried to fight back, Jaejoong was trying to break free from the invisible prison, but it was all in vain. Changmin and the others tried to enter the restroom, but they couldn’t.

Jaejoong: Kaya…let me out! I know it’s your doing! Please! You’ll die if you don’t let me help you!

Jaejoong’s eyes widened as Kaya was struggling to get out from the beast’s grip. He was ready to rip out her heart. Just when the girl was about to be striken, Sangki appeared out of nowhere and killed the werewolf within a second by ripping his heart out. The boy took his mother away from the corpse and put her down near a wall. With a hand he opened the door using telekinesis. Changmin and the rest entered. They were shoked to see Sangki completely transformed: his eyes were icy blue, he had claws and fangs, his facial expression completely changed and the aura he was emanating was dangerous and powerful. He turned to look at Jaejoong who was rooted to the ground his eyes transfixed on Kaya who was shivering.

Kaya: S-Sangki…

Sangki (ran to her side): I’m here mom.

Kaya: W-why did you do it? I told you…to keep it…a secret.

Sangki: I know, but in this situation…I couldn’t let anything happen to you. He desirves to know, don’t you think?

Kaya: I…will tell all of them.

Sangki: Mom you need blood and some rest. I’ll take you home. You guys might want to come along.

Sangki took his mother and disappeared. The others looked at each other and followed him silently. After a few more hours after drinking the blood, Kaya woke up alone in her room. She stood up tiredly and walked to the door. She found everyone in the big livingroom eating. Hankyung, Donghae and Yunho returned home safely.

Sunye: You’re up. Good. You owe us a lot of explanations. Even to me.

Jaejoong: Why were you chased by a werewolf?

Ayumi: You told us the boy was human. How come he has powers now?

Sunye: Tell us everything!

Yunho: Are you ready to face it all?

Kaya: Yes, Yunho. I knew this day would eventually come. But first things first: is the book safe?

Yunho: Yes, I gave it to her.

Kaya: Then…shall we begin?

Chiyoko: I think everyone is ready so spill it.

Kaya: Well…how do I begin…? Yes, I lied to you all; I faked my death again for your sake.

Jaejoong: Tell me something that I don’t know.

Kaya: Soojin! (Soojin appeared in the mirror) Now…remember the times when I would faint and behave differently when waking up? This is the spirit that possessed me: Lee Soojin. She is the root of all evil in our story.

Sunye: What do you mean?

Soojin: I was once the keeper of the most important book in the magic world and the fiancé of Akira Watanabe. But I made the mistake of falling in love with a dangerous man: Sakamoto Masao. He used me to obtain the book and then he killed me and my entire family.

Mizuki, Changmin, Chiyoko, Jaejoong: WHAT??

Yunho: She’s telling the truth. The stupid book started this damned mess.

Mizuki: Why would he do such a thing?

Yunho: Obviously for obtaining power.

Changmin: And we’re supposed to finish it?

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Chapter 31: Untwining the web of lies[part 2]

Yunho: Correction: we’re supposed to finish this mess - me, my sister, Soojin. You are just collaterals.

Ayumi: So this means we were used our entire life?

Soojin: Pretty much…

Chiyoko: That’s why you were so powerless in the last battle: Soojin is inside the mirror.

Hankyung: We trapped her there because Kaya’s body was breaking down. We are planning to bring Masao down. Also…he was the one who ordered our murder 50 years ago.

Mizuki: This is preposterous! I won’t believe it!

Changmin: Why not? It’s nothing new to me. He’s capable of doing it.

Mizuki: How can you say that? He’s our father!

Changmin: He stopped being my father a long time ago.

Kaya: Argue later please. I want to finish this once and for all. So…today I went to steal the book back and as you can see, I made it. The book is now in the possession of Sakamoto Shizume. She knows what to do with it. The werewolf that chased me all over the town was probably its guardian.

Changmin: Wait…Sakamoto Shizume was our mother.

Hankyung: That’s right. She isn’t dead. Yoochun and I made a deal with her and saved her from the death sentence. Ever since, she is working for the demons. Not even Masao knows about this.

Mizuki: Yoochun…you kept this from me all this time??

Yoochun: I’m sorry honey, but it was for the best.

Mizuki: You should have told me!!!

Chiyoko: This is getting more complicated by the minute…

Donghae: And when we reach the end you will be even more confused. Mizuki and Changmin will be able to see Shizume as soon as this meeting is over.

Kaya: About Sangki…50 years ago, in the very day when we split our ways…I didn’t see this disaster coming…I went into the garden and spent a while there while waiting for Jaejoong. I was going to tell him that I was pregnant and that we were going to have a son...

Jaejoong: I have a son and I don’t know anything for 50 years?!!!

Kaya: Please let me finish…but then you left me there and I knew I was the reason for all of this, so I chose to lie to you again in order to protect you…I know it was the worse choice…but I had to…

Donghae: We specifically trained Sangki to hide his powers in order to live an almost normal life. Also…he was aware of you being his father and he was extremely happy to know you at last, but Kaya told him to keep quiet for the time being.

In a flash, Jaejoong violently slammed Kaya pinning her to the wall. Kaya didn’t dare to look in his eyes, afraid of what she could see.

Jaejoong: When were you going to let me know I had a son?? WHEN??

Kaya: I don’t…know…

Jaejoong: Did you know? I planned to propose to you that day! I can’t believe I wanted to make you my wife…you’re nothing but a liar!!! I should kill you right now…

Chiyoko: Don’t be ridiculous! She did it to protect all of us.

Jaejoong: This is not an excuse! But…for our son’s sake…pray we will not meet again…ever. If you’ll dare to say a single word to me…I’ll kill you without blinking.

Chiyoko: Jaejoong!!

As soon as he let go of the witch, he dashed to the door and left the house. Kaya slid down the wall, tears streaming down her face. Yunho kneeled beside her, stroking her hair gently.

Yunho: Kaya…I’ll go talk to him. You go upstairs and rest.

Kaya: Didn’t you hear him? It will be no use.

Yunho: It’s worth trying. The rest of you found out the truth as well…so please…its best if you stay out of our way. This is our war, not yours. I suggest you enjoy living a normal eternity.

Junsu: What makes you think I will stand down? I want to help you and I won’t take no for an answer.

Ayumi: Same here. I want the bastard to pay for what happened to my family.

Mizuki: He tried to kill mom, but thanks to Hankyung and Yoochun, she is still alive. He ruined our family and made us suffer. I’m in too.

Yoochun: Whenever she goes, I go, so count me in.

Siwon: My life belongs to Mizuki. I’ll be there for protecting her.

Changmin: I’m coming too, but first I will make sure Chiyoko and Junmin are safe away from the battlefield.

Chiyoko: That’s out of the question! Why you’re the only one who has fun?

Changmin: Think about our son! He needs a mother.

Chiyoko: He needs a father too.

Donghae: We will send the kids away for safety. There is no need to worry about that. But I think Changmin’s right. This is no joke. You should stay away from this battle, Chiyoko.

Junki: Plus, the royal family needs to be protected.

Changmin: Don’t give me that royal family crap! This means that Yoochun and Mizuki need to be protected too same as Jaejoong, Kaya and Yunho.

Siwon: Yunho and Kaya are not members of the family.

Changmin: But she has a child with Jaejoong!

Hankyung: The child will be sent abroad, like we told you before. Kaya and Yunho are over their heads in this mess. They have no choice.

Yunho: He’s right. There is no way out for us. Dead or alive…this war must come to an end. But you have the right to choose, so choose wisely.

Sunye: We already made a decision. I’m going to help you too. I won’t let Donghae go there alone.

Donghae: Don’t do this, Sunye. I want to know you’re safe.

Sunye: If you stay, I’ll stay and if you’ll go, I’ll go too and that’s final!

Hankyung: I suggest you all take a good night sleep and think about it. This is not a game. In this war lives will be lost. Yunho saw it happening and we are trying to prevent it.

Chiyoko: He’s right…let’s just go home for tonight. Dawn is coming soon and the vampires must find shelter. Let’s come back tomorrow night and state our final answer.

Reluctantly, everyone agreed. Donghae accompanied Sunye home while Hankyung helped Kaya go into her bedroom to sleep. Mizuki, Yoochun, Junki and Siwon went to their own house and so did Changmin with Chiyoko, Minwoo and Kangin. Yunho followed Jaejoong. He was going to make the man understand the difficult situation Kaya was in. This night and the day which will follow will be passing very slowly for those who have to make a decision.

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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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Lol, they were all arguing as to who would go and who wouldn't. But, OMG!! Kaya and Jaejoong have a son!! He's pretty powerful too...kinda funny how he called him Jae daddy. Jae has a temper though, I hope Yunho can set him straight. Thanks for the update Very Happy


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Path of the Damned - Page 3 Empty Re: Path of the Damned

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