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Path of the Damned

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Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/11/2009, 3:48 am

Chapter 10:Walking on the path of the damned[part 1]

Changmin was rushing with Kaya in his arms to the doctor’s room. The blood’s smell enveloped the entire castle. Kaya was bleeding heavely and barely breathing. She kept repeating her brother’s name. Mizuki barged into the doctor’s room and woke him up with a slap while Changmin put Kaya on the bed next to him.

Mizuki: If she dies, you’ll go with her. So you better cure her fast.

Scared, the doctor looked at the wound and after examinating it for a few minutes, he gave his verdict: the girl couldn’t be saved anymore because she lost too much blood. She had only an hour to live. Infuriated, Changmin cut the doctor’s neck and ordered the guards to dispose his body. He approached Kaya and kneeled next to her. She looked at him and smiled weakly.

Changmin: Why did you take the hit? Why did you protect me?

Kaya: I…wanted to repay you…for allowing me…to see Yunho.

Changmin: He said…don’t you have a spell to make you all better?

Mizuki: Face it brother. She is going to die and there is nothing we can do.

Changmin: Do you know what your problem is, Mizuki? You don’t believe in miracles. She is a witch. There must be something she can do about it.

Mizuki: No, it is you who has a problem. You live in a fantasy world because you’re too scared to face reality. I’m going to tell father.

Changmin: He already knows.

Kaya: Changmin…

Changmin: What is it, Kaya?

Kaya: Turn me.

Changmin & Mizuki: What?

Kaya: It’s the only way…turn me.

Changmin: But you told me…

Kaya: Just do it!!

Mizuki: What if you don’t make it?

Kaya: At least…I know I tried… I don’t want to…leave him…alone.

Mizuki: Alright. I will make sure noone enters this room.

Mizuki exited the room and went to prepare the necessary things for when the girl will wake up. Left alone with Kaya, Changmin had doubts about what was about to do.

Changmin: Are you sure? I’m surprised you haven’t lost control until now. And what will happen to that beast inside of you when you’ll turn?

Kaya: Let me worry…about that. Please…

Changmin obeyed and bit her neck. The irony flavour of her blood enveloped his entire body. He wanted more and he drank until he drained her. Then he slit his own wrist and gave her to drink. Kaya drank and after a few minutes, she opened her eyes. Changmin widened his eyes at the sight: Kaya had one black and one red eye and her fangs were enormous. This made him realize that she was no longer in control of her own body and he stepped back. When she attacked him, he pinned her to a wall and knocked her out. After that he took Kaya in his room to be able to keep her under surveillance.

Many hours passed and Kaya was still lying unconscious on Changmin’s bed. He passed the time watching her sleep or reading. Worried about her, he never left the room. Maids brought him everything he asked. Mizuki also came a few times to check on the girl and her brother. She was curious about how will the witch bear with the transformation. Changmin was wondering if she will ever wake up, because she looked very pale. Since Kaya didn’t look like she was going to wake up soon, Changmin decided to go out for a breath of fresh air.

When Kaya woke up her entire body hurt like hell. Her fangs were growing; her lust for blood was strong. A few guards and some maids took care of her, giving her some blood. She twisted about in pain for more than 3 hours before the transformation process ended and she fell asleep again because the pain had made her exausted both mentally and phisically. When she woke up again, she noticed that she changed: she could hear a heartbeat from a mile away, her sense of smell was very strong, her new fangs were sharp and her eyes could see in the dark. She was half vampire now. By turning into a creature of the night, she also gained a new set of supernatural powers which she was agog to try. Not seeing anyone in the room, she snuck out to search for her brother. But little did she know that the lust will take over and self control will vanish.

Meanwhile, the demon’s hideout was silent. Jaejoong’s footsteps echoed on the empty hallways. He walked slowly to his room. With every step he took, he felt the sky crushing him bit by bit. He was afraid of Yunho asking all those questions about Kaya and how he will react at the only answer Jaejoong had: Kaya was killed by Chiyoko. Yunho will definetly go crazy when he will hear that if he hasn’t already. Finally, he arrived in front of his room. He could smell Yunho’s anxiousness and he knew the boy was worried to death about his sister. He gathered up his courage and entered. Yunho greeted him with a worried glare making him sigh.

Yunho: What happened?? Where is my sister? Your stupid plan failed!

Jaejoong: I’m sorry…This is the best thing I can say to you right now. I’m sorry I couldn’t…

It didn’t take long for Yunho to read the demon’s mind. In a few seconds, the mortal’s face was showing disbelieve, sadness, desperation. Yunho fell on his knees, beginning to cry. His heart was being crushed again. The only being who he loved so much was now gone into the other world. He was alone on this cold earth. Chiyoko, who had just come in, watched him with sad eyes. She knew how miserable both her brother and the wizard were feeling for not being able to save Kaya. The princess regretted what she had done, but it was too late now. The hearts of these two men were broken into million little pieces.

Yunho: This can’t be happening! Please…let it be only a nightmare!

Chiyoko: It’s true. I was the one at fault. I killed Kaya with my own hands, but I didn’t mean to. I swear it was a mistake.

Yunho: A mistake…

Yunho laughed bitterly before his tears and emotions could take control over him again.

Yunho: You say it was a mistake…You didn’t want to kill her. BUT SHE IS DEAD! YOUR SORRY DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE! I will make sure you pay for killing my sister.

Chiyoko: You’re right. It’s too late. But I’m still sorry. She was a nice girl. I shall leave now.

Yunho: No! You’re not going anywhere! You’re going to pay by blood. After I kill you, I will force Jaejoong to turn me so I can bring her back from the dead.

Chiyoko: You can actually do that?

Yunho: Yes, there is a spell for that, but it is forbidden.

Jaejoong: Then why bother to kill my sister for revenge?

Yunho: Because I need the blood of the murderer.

Chiyoko: Look. I’m sorry that life hasn’t been fair to you, but let it go and move on.

Yunho: I don’t need your opinion on this.

When the sorcerer lifted his head, they could see his eyes were completely black. His face showed no emotion whatsoever. Jaejoong, although didn’t know what caused the brothers to turn like this, he knew that the mortal had become dangerous. But before Jaejoong could make a move, Chiyoko moved fast and knocked him out.

Jaejoong: Fast as always.

Chiyoko: Let’s just kill him and make it look like suicide. If he wakes up he will kill us. And he has nothing to live for now that his sister is dead too.

Jaejoong: No. I promised Kaya I will look after him. And I am going to keep my promise. I have a little chat with him when he will wake up.

Chiyoko: You’re planning to turn him, aren’t you?

Jaejoong: Yes.

Chiyoko: No! This is wrong! I know you’re mourning that little girl right now, but this is not the solution. There must be another way!

Jaejoong: He is my capture and none of your concern. I will do as I please.

Chiyoko: Are you sure that Kaya will be the same when she’s back? She’ll be nothing but a monster created to kill.

Jaejoong: I know what I’m doing.

Chiyoko: No! You’re making a mistake!

Jaejoong: You have no word in this since you killed her. Now leave me alone! Don’t make me say it twice.

Angered, Chiyoko exited the room without saying anything. She ran out in search for the person that could confort her – Changmin.

Jaejoong remained in the room waiting for Yunho to wake up. Seeing Yunho’s face reminded him of Kaya. After all, they were twins. It didn’t take long for Yunho to wake up, which surprised the demon prince. Jaejoong took a good look at the boy to confirm that he was being in control.

Jaejoong: I decided to furfill your wish. I will turn you, but on one condition.

Yunho: Name it.

Jaejoong: I want to know what’s going on. What’s wrong with you? Why do you sometimes turn into…something else? Kaya did the same once. She’s twice as dangerous as you are.

Yunho: It’s from the powers we posses. If we use too much magic when our body or mind are wounded, we lose control over our bodies and magic posseses us. It’s like having double personality.

Jaejoong: So all the sorcerers are like this?

Yunho: No. I’ve never heard of anyone to be like this. We asked questions about this, but our parents always avoided the subject.

Jaejoong: Are you sure you want this? It’s better to stay human. The turning will be very painful and you may not survive.

Yunho: It’s the only thing I got left. I promise to serve you in return.

Jaejoong: Good. I will tie you to the bed, so you won’t be able to run.

Yunho: Why should I try to run?

Jaejoong: Believe me, you will try.

After he tied him to the bed, Jaejoong bit his neck then went to sit on the chair at the table.

Yunho: So this is all? And could have you been more gentle? I got feelings too!

Jaejoong: It will begin in a few moments. Be patient.

Like the prince predicted, in a few moments, the boy began to feel like something was crawling under his skin giving him terrible pain. Yunho began to struggle in his attempt to break free from the chains and to scream in agony. Jaejoong watched him peacefully as he turned. The door was opened and Ayumi barged in. She had heard the screams and wanted to know what was happening. The first thing she laid eyes on was Yunho who was tossing and turning in the bed. She entered and closed the door. Then she looked at the prince who was looking at her all this time.

Ayumi: My Lord, what is going on here?

Jaejoong: Isn’t it obvious? He is turning. I bit him and he will be my loyal servant from now on.

Ayumi: But what if he doesn’t survive?

Jaejoong: He will. I can see the determination in his eyes. Why are you so worried about him? He is only a human.

Ayumi couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t tell him that she fell in love with a mere human. Ayumi was half happy, half worried. If he will become a demon, she might have a chance to be with him. But what if he doesn’t make it? She didn’t want to think about that. She thought how ironical it was how come she, a demon who hated humans, could fall for one so fast.

They continued to observe how the transformation was going. After one more half an hour of agony, a white smoke began to make its way out of Yunho’s mouth becoming black. In that second, Jaejoong put his hand on the boy’s head and chanted something. The black smoke went back into the sorcerer and his eyes became completely black. Ayumi came to see Yunho who was wearing a confused expression.

Jaejoong: I know you’re feeling weird, but after you sleep a bit, you’ll be as good as new. Sleep and Ayumi will be visiting you later and bringing you some food.

Ayumi: I have other things to do…

Jaejoong: Cancel them. He is your top priority for today.

Ayumi: But…

Jaejoong: Ayumi I am not stupid and definetly not blind. Take care of him today. It is an order.

Ayumi: Y-yes sir.

These being said, Yunho closed his eyes drifting into a dreamless sleep. Jaejoong and Ayumi exited the room after unchaining him.

Tonight was a memorable night for the brothers. It was the night they chose to walk on the path of no return, on the path of the damned. And this was only the beginning because unknown to them, fate will be playing a terrible trick on all of them.

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Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/11/2009, 3:48 am

Chapter 10: Walking on the path of the damned[part 2]

Yoochun was walking on a path in the forest heading toward the village. His thoughts flew back to the night he spent with the vampire princess. He was so wraped up in his thoughts that he didn’t even realize when he reached the village. Soon a familiar smell filled his nostrils. He noticed Mizuki was standing with a boy and talked to him. Jealousies quickly build up in Yoochun, who misinterpreted what he saw. Appearing behind Mizuki, he made the two aknowledge his presence by harrumphing. The boy noticed him and left.

Mizuki: Can’t you see I have a very important discussion here?

Yoochun: Luring your food or you fell for this mortal?

Mizuki: I’m not you. I don’t fall for every boy I see. And yes, I am trying to make a living here. It’s your fault that my food left! He was the cutest guy in town. I bet he tasted good too.

Yoochun: Why are you so stingy all the time? Was he cuter than me? Why is it my fault?

Mizuki: Why do you ask so many questions?

Yoochun: You’re my woman, of course I’m jealous. I have all the right to be jealous of you talking to some random human.

Mizuki: No offence, but allow me not to believe you. And I won’t fall for a human because my dad taught me not to play with food.

Yoochun: Well, that’s relieving. But you know…We talked for so long already and I didn’t receive my treat yet.

Mizuki: Treat? What treat?

Yoochun: Don’t pretend you don’t know, puppet.

Mizuki: I’m not pretending because I really don’t know what you want and whatever you want, you won’t get it from me.

Yoochun: You’re so mean! I should get use to it, right?

Mizuki: It’s in our nature to be evil. I don’t know why bother to be mushy all of a sudden. Love is a waste of time anyway.

Yoochun: You think so? So that night didn’t mean anything to you?

Mizuki: No. I used you to get information by hypnosis.

Yoochun: I don’t remember that.

Mizuki: Of course you don’t. You were under hypnosis.

Yoochun: If you say so…

Without a notice, Yoochun grabbed and pulled her into a tight embrace while kissing her. Mizuki felt the world spinning, but she relaxed and enjoyed the kiss. She had desired that even since she sensed his presence, but decided to punish him for not trying to find her after that night.

Yoochun: I know you wanted it too. It’s pointless to deny it.

Mizuki: Yeah, well, it’s more fun teasing you than kissing you. And plus, you are a womanizer. I can’t trust you enough.

Yoochun: The key word is “was”. I was a womanizer, I admit, but you seem to be the one.

Mizuki: How many women have heard this from you by now?

Yoochun: Mizuki, I’m serious. I’ve…

Junsu: Yoochun!

Yoochun: WHAT? Why are you here?

Junsu: I’m sorry for interrupting you, but you can flirt later. I got orders from Jaejoong. We have to guard Yunho tonight.

Yoochun: Why us?

Junsu: Because he said so. Let’s go!

Mizuki: We can meet some other time. You should go with your friend.

Yoochun: Alright. I’ll be looking for you tomorrow.

Junsu: Nice to see you again, princess.

After the general kissed her again, they left Mizuki with a smile upon her flawless face.

Chiyoko stomped her way in the ryokan very angry with Kangin tailing behind her and saw Changmin sitting at his usual table. She went there and suddenly slapped him hard across the face. Changmin looked at her in bewilderment.

Changmin: What’s wrong with you woman?? Are you crazy or something?

Chiyoko: Where have you been these few days?

Changmin: It’s none of your bussines! I’m not your husband or family to be answering to you every minute of the day!

Chiyoko: But it is my bussines!

Changmin: You know what? You’re crazy. First you beat the crap out of me then you kiss me and after that you come and ask me where I have been because somehow you care about me? You’re playing the wrong game with the wrong person.

Chiyoko: No, I’m not crazy, but you are too stupid to understand what is really going on!

Changmin: I come here every night to relax and all I get is a stupid demon princess stalking and harassing me.

Changmin was slapped again harder and it was the last drop. He stood up, grabbed her hands and pinned her to the bar.

Changmin: You really want to die, don’t you? I’ll be glad to kill you.

Chiyoko: If you kill me, you will be regretting it for the rest of you eternity.

Changmin: And why would I regret it? Give me one good reason.

Chiyoko: You’ll miss the way I’m teasing and harassing you. I know you like it.

Changmin: You are always overrating yourself. You think you know everything about me, but you don’t know anything.

Chiyoko: You’re underestimating me in everything because I’m a girl. I’m much smarter, better in combat and cuter than you!

Changmin: At least I’m not a narcissist.

Chiyoko: What? Say that again and I’ll rip your head off!

Changmin: You just try. You’ll miss harassing me too, so you won’t.

Chiyoko: No, I’ll just find another victim. There are plenty young, handsome lads in this world.

Changmin: But none is like me, right?

Chiyoko: You said you weren’t a narcissist.

Changmin: Shut up! You talk too much.

He suddenly had a strange feeling that something wasn’t right. Then it dawned on him: the witch had left the chateau and she was scouring the village. He quickly let go of the princess completely forgetting about the argument with her, and headed to the exit. Confused, Chiyoko stood up and followed him. She put a hand on his shoulder and turned him around.

Changmin: I don’t have time to…

Chiyoko shut his mouth with a rough kiss which didn’t last long because Changmin was in a hurry to find Kaya and pushed her away fast. He dashed outside with Minwoo and disappeared into the night.

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Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/11/2009, 4:00 am

Chapter 11:Proposal[part 1]

It’s been 3 months since the brothers had become creatures of darkness and they seemed to adapt well to the new conditions. Chiyoko and Jaejoong convinced Yunho not to bring Kaya back from the dead and to think positively. He spent most of his time with Jaejoong and Ayumi and refused to go outside the hiding because he wanted to master the new powers that were bestowed on him. When he was alone, he usually slept in his room or read. In front of others he hid his sadness behind smiles and serious faces, but even a fool could tell that his heart was far from beginning to heal. He still mourned his beloved sister.

The night was drowning everything in its dark colours again. At the demon’s hideout, everyone gathered in a room to have dinner with the king. Akira had the habit of having dinner while discussing the latest matter regarding the war with the vampires. At the dinner his 2 children, Junsu, Yoochun, Ayumi, Sunye and Yunho were present.

Akira: So how was today?

Chiyoko: Same as always, just that the vampires were quieter today.

Sunye: I sense something will happen soon. I just have this weird feeling since 3 days ago.

Akira: Do you think your kind is plotting something?

Sunye: Maybe, but I’m not sure.

Junsu: We should look into the matter and see what to do next.

Yoochun: I agree with Junsu. We should investigate on daylight so we can have the advantage.

Akira: Excellent! You will begin tomorrow morning. Yunho, why are you so quiet? Are you transforming into my son now?

Yunho: No, my Lord. I was just thinking about what was being said and I think that I should go with Junsu to investigate.

Akira: Well, that sure is the surprise of the evening. But I don’t want you to force yourself. If you need more time to train or to meditate, it’s ok.

Yunho: No, sir, I have made up my mind. It’s been three months already.

Akira: As you wish. I am grateful that you’ve been loyal to us until now.

Yunho: Thank you, my Lord. I feel blessed to have such an understanding leader.

Jaejoong: Ayumi, you will go too, right?

Ayumi: Of course. I’m sure Junsu has something that needs to be done and I always provide back-up in missions.

Jaejoong: Make sure you take care of Yunho. He…

Yunho: I’m not a beginner, prince. I fought vampires before. I know how to take care of myself.

Jaejoong: Like the time you fell off the horse?

Yunho: I’m sorry that the responsibility you have toward me burdens you.

Akira: Now now, don’t fight while dinning. This must be a pleasant moment you spend with your family.

Jaejoong: What’s pleasant about war? That’s everything we do at dinner and you are telling me not to argue with Yunho? You’re not being fair, father.

Akira: One more word, Jaejoong, and you will be punished.
Jaejoong: You just…

Sunye: My lord! Please stop this useless arguing. Let’s just eat in silence.

Akira: I agree with Sunye. She is a very smart girl. If I were you, I would listen to her.

After this everyone remained silent and eat in peace. But tension could be felt in the room. Jaejoong threw away the fork and walked away slamming the door behind him.

Meanwhile, in the dark night, a person wearing a cape was heading to the demons’ hideout. A hood and a mask were covering her face and she was surrounded by fog. Once arrived at the hideout, she commanded the guard to open the gates because she had come in peace. Because the guard refused, she opened the gates herself and stepped in. After she closed the door, she stopped and looked around. The hallways were empty. She continued to walk down the hall. It didn’t take long for the guards to know that she was intruding which meant that she probably wouldn’t reach the king. In spite of the obstacles, she continued to go forth by pushing the demons through telekinezia. The person stopped when she was facing Jaejoong, Yoochun, Yunho, Sunye and Junsu.

Yoochun: You must be really bold to barge in like this alone.

Junsu: Why are you here?

Kaya: I come in peace and your guards attacked me. I had to fight back.

Sunye: You’re lying!

Without second thoughts, Jaejoong charged, but Kaya pinned him to the wall. She uncovered her head for everyone to see who was hiding behind the hood. Their mouths hanged open when they saw the one they believed to be dead.

Kaya: I can see you are all surprised and I can understand why.

Yoochun: Wasn’t she dead?

Junsu: At least that’s what everyone knows. Why are you here, Kaya-san?

Kaya: I came here with a proposal from the vampire king. I need to talk with your king. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything but talk.

She let go of Jaejoong. Yunho was speechless. His sister wasn’t the same anymore. But how did she survive? She must be pissed knowing that he became a demon. If he knew she was alive, he wouldn’t have chosen this path. Now it was too late.

They agreed to take her under escort to the king. Once arrived in the throne hall, Kaya bowed to the king.

Kaya: My lord, I have come here today to talk to you about something.

Akira: Aren’t you the witch that works for the vampires? I heard you were dead.

Kaya: With master Changmin’s benevolence I became one of theirs. I am half vampire now.

Yunho: What?

Kaya: The vampire king is willing to make a truce and possible peace.

Akira: This is the funniest thing I heard in decades.

Kaya: If it wasn’t the truth, I wouldn’t be here.

Kaya was in her room reading a book of spells when Mizuki entered. The witch was surprised to see the princess in her room because they mainly avoided each other. Mizuki sat on the bed next to her.

Mizuki: What are you reading?

Kaya: It’s just a book of spells. Is there something that you need, princess?

Mizuki: Well, I was thinking about something last night. Aren’t you interested in it?

Kaya: No. I have a lot to read, so please tell me quickly so I can go on with my reading.

Mizuki: Then I’ll cut to the chase. I’m thinking to make an agreement with the vampires. I’m sick of this meaningless war. I want peace. So here is what I have come up with: marriage.

Kaya: Marriage?

Mizuki: I know that my little brother is in love with the demon princess and she feels the same about him. So I’m planning to marry them.

Kaya: But being the oldest, you are next in line.

Mizuki: That’s true, but there is no way in hell I will marry that idiot of Jaejoong. Plus, he’s chasing you and I have someone else. So you will go there and talk to the demon king.

Kaya: Why me? Does your brother know about this?

Mizuki: Because you’re the best. When he will see you, Jaejoong won’t allow anyone to kill you. Changmin doesn’t know and make sure he doesn’t find out until the time is right. So what do you say?

Kaya: I’ll do it.

Mizuki: Great! I’ll distract Changmin and Donghae will escort you outside under the guise that you go hunting.

[End of flashback]

Akira: Is that so? Then…allow me some time to think. My servants will give you a room to stay until I decide.

A few guards escorted Kaya to a guest room. Yunho insisted to stay with her for a while and she gladly accepted. Once they were left alone, Yunho pulled her into a tight embrace. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His sister was alive. It didn’t matter that she was a vampire. He wasn’t alone anymore.

Kaya spent 3 days inside the demon’s den before the king summoned her. Akira had agreed to give peace a chance and to send his daughter to marry Changmin. So, they left the next night. Chiyoko was escorted by a few demons including her personal guard, Kangin. She was carried inside a palatine and Kaya cast a protecting barrier over her and the guards. Half way to the chateau, they encountered something unexpected: a hell gate was open right in front of them. Kaya stopped them at a safe distance and went over to close the gate while Miki distracted the hell hound. After that, they arrived safely at the castle.

Before the sun rose up in the sky, Chiyoko thought to surprise Changmin and wait for him in his room. She was very happy to get married to the man of her dreams and later wanted to thank Mizuki for having such a brilliant idea. Hours passed by slowly and eventually, she fell asleep on his bed. A little later, Changmin walked in the room waking Chiyoko up. He was wondering why the demon princess hasn’t show up tonight at the ryokan. He realized that his night was boring without her being there. Was this love or just habit? Shoving the thought aside, he climbed onto the bed and slipped under the covers.

Chiyoko: Welcome home, honey!

Changmin fell out of the bed. Surprise was written all over his face.

Changmin: WHAT THE..!!!?? What are you doing in my bed??

Chiyoko: This is not a proper way of talking to your future wife, darling.

Changmin: Future what? Guards!! We have demons in the palace!!

Chiyoko: There is no need for calling the guards.

Minwoo: What is it, master?

Changmin: How come nobody noticed her coming in the palace?

Minwoo: Everyone did, my lord. She will be your future wife according to the truce that was made one day ago.

Chiyoko: By marrying me, you’ll provide the peace that everyone longs for.

Changmin: You knew about it and didn’t tell me, Minwoo?

Minwoo: I’m sorry, but it was an order.

Changmin: Why you little..!!! GET OUT!!! And you, why are you still here princess? Go back to the demon’s den! I rather die in war than marry you!

Chiyoko: You didn’t mean what you said. I know you…

Changmin: Yes, I mean it! You are just like the others! Fine, I’ll marry you, but after the ceremony, I don’t want to see your face ever again.

Chiyoko: Why are you so angry about? Why are you like this? I never meant you harm. I actually truly love you and I struggle so hard to make you take interest in me. You’ve always acted like a jerk, but I amnesty it every time.

Changmin: You’re lying! That’s all you ever do. And you know what? You can have this room. You already bedraggle it with your presence. I will sleep in another one.

Chiyoko: Changmin!!

Changmin slammed the door behind him and stomped his way outside. Chiyoko wanted to follow him, but dropped the idea knowing that she will only angry him even more. The prince’s harsh words felt like daggers in her heart. She hugged the pillow and started to cry silently. He was not angry for finding Chiyoko in his room, but because his father had plans that included him, but didn’t bother to let him know. Mizuki didn’t tell him also. He was continuously looked down on by everyone and that always infuriated him.

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Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/11/2009, 4:01 am

Chapter 11:Proposal[part 2]

Sunye was walking down a path heading to the village nearby when Donghae jumped from a tree in front of her. She stopped and her heart skipped a beat. After that she smiled, happy that she can see him once again. It has been long since they saw each other last time and she missed him terribly.

Donghae: Sunye! I haven’t seen you in months. Where have you been?

Sunye: Don’t scare me like that! I’ve been busy.

Donghae: The prince is giving you a hard time?

Sunye: Not really. Ever since he turned Yunho I became a messenger. He spent most of his time with his new child to teach him how to hadle his new gifts.

Donghae: So you’ve been replaced?

Sunye: Not officially, but he used Yunho as an excuse to stay away from me. I only see him at dinner.

Donghae: I’m sorry…

Sunye: Don’t be. I’m fine with it because I decided to move on.

Donghae: That’s good news. So you didn’t answer my question. What have you been doing lately?

Sunye: Except deliver messages? I just slept most of the time. How about you?

Donghae: A few months ago I became Kaya’s personal guard. I go where she goes.

Sunye: I see…you were promoted. Good job! Is she around?

Donghae: No, right now she is in the castle and I asked permission to go hunting because I was hungry.

Sunye: I am out for the same thing. Have you eaten yet?

Donghae: No, not yet. I sensed you approaching and decided to wait. Will you have dinner with me?

Sunye: Of course, let’s go.

They walked further, talking about all sorts of things and sometimes arguing on the subject. Not wanting to get her mad, Donghae always dropped or changed the subject. Sunye and Donghae were at the edge of the village when they noticed a body lying in grass. A familiar smell filled their nostrils. They approached him carefully and were thunderstruck at the sight of Changmin’s almost lifeless body.

Sunye: Changmin?? OMG~ what happened here??

Donghae: Sunye! Look here!

A few meters away another body was seen: it was Sangmi. Donghae checked her life signs. She was dead.

Sunye: Sangmi!! Is she dead?

Donghae: I’m afraid so…

Sunye broke down in a loud cry. Donghae hugged her tightly and let her cry on his shoulder for a few minutes. She couldn’t believe that her childhood best friend, the one who taught her all she knows, actually died in combat. She felt like a part of her soul was ripped apart.

Sunye: Thank you, but there is no time for this. We have to save Changmin.

Donghae: Kaya should be able to fix him.

Miki, Kaya’s servant appeared just in time to help them.

Donghae: Miki, what are you doing here?

Miki: My mistress told me to get proof and to search for her master. I will take you all with me.

With that, Miki took Changmin and they all disappeared.

In the castle, Jaejoong was heading to see Kaya. He had to talk to her about something important. Yoochun had left with Junsu in a mission and he hadn’t better things to do anyway. When he wanted to knock at her door, it suddenly opened and Kaya dashed out. Turning, he saw Miki standing with Changmin fainted in his arms. Kaya looked too worried for Jaejoong’s liking, but he decided not to say anything. Has she fallen in love with him? He remembered Chiyoko crying because of the vampire prince. He watched as Changmin was taken in a room and his sister begging Kaya to let her assist. She was finally allowed to enter. He began to think why she loves a man who doesn’t even look her way. But then he remembered himself. He also loves a girl who doesn’t even care about him.

After she finished healing Changmin, Kaya got out from the room, leaving the two love birds alone. Her eyes were red from all the crying. For a minute she thought she had lost Changmin. She remembered seeing Jaejoong, but due to the situation, she had to ignore him. Now he wasn’t there anymore. Kaya wondered where the king and Mizuki are, but Miki appeared interrupting her train of thoughts.

Kaya: What is it, Miki?

Miki: I want to hand you the proof I found at the scene, mistress. Miss Sangmi was killed by your master. She is the one who engaged in battle first attacking him.

Kaya: I wonder why she wanted to kill him. Junsu must be devastated. Thanks, Miki. You are free for now.

Mizuki appeared from around the corner. She heard the entire conversation.

Mizuki: What are you saying? Sangmi is dead? How?

Kaya: The new truce you made wasn’t to her liking. She was so proud of being a spy that she had to continue the war at all cost. She loved her job more than her lover.

Mizuki: So she attacked my brother? That bitch! I should have seen it coming earlier! Is he alright?

Kaya: Yes, I healed his wounds. They were pretty serious. He could have died. Chiyoko is there with him.

Mizuki: Oh, so he doesn’t need me anymore. Thanks for saving him. Now come with me. I have a mission for you.

A few hours later, Changmin opened his eyes and looked around. He has been sleeping in Chiyoko’s arms all this time. He looked up to see Chiyoko looking at him with red and swollen eyes. When he saw her like that he felt feel horrible.

Changmin: Chiyoko…

Chiyoko: Shhh…you shouldn’t talk. Save your strength for later.

Changmin: I’m sorry for being such a blind jerk.

Chiyoko: It’s ok. I’ll still love you. It’s ok if you don’t want to marry me. I’ll just talk our dads out of this covenant and I’ll find a way to stop this war. You’ll never see me again, but just please let me take care of you for tonight.

Changmin: Forgive me. I’m not worthy of your love. I’ve been such a fool. But are you willing to marry a fool like me?

Chiyoko: What?

Changmin: I’ve been denying it all this time, concealing my real feelings. Now I know better. It’s time for you to know the truth. I want you to marry me because I love you too. Are you willing to forgive and spend the rest of the eternity with me?

His face was inches away from hers. She could feel his hot breath and her heart skipped a beat. A smile formed almost instantly. The happiness she felt could not be described.

Chiyoko: My greatest wish is to spend my eternity with the one I adore. Of course I will marry you, my darling. I have a request.

Changmin: Anything you desire, my queen.

Chiyoko: Don’t you ever scare me like this. EVER! You know how worried I was when i smelled your blood all over the chateau?

Changmin: I promise, my love.

The prince pulled her into a tender kiss, sending chills down her spine. It was their first real kiss which felt heavenly for the both of them.

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Re: Path of the Damned

Post by Guest on 8/11/2009, 2:45 pm

Awww..Chiyoko and Changmin ^^
I feel bad for Junsu..I wonder how he will react once he finds out Sangmi is dead..


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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 12:End of rebellion[part 1]

Changmin woke up and took a quick glance at his beloved wife who was sleeping soundly next to him. The wedding which was last night, passed off better than expected. There were no incidents, none of the rebels showed up to ruin it. But the vampire prince wasn’t convinced that the rebellions stopped with Sangmi’s death. The prince was holding secret meetings with his child, Kaya, who was investigating the issue behind everyone’s back. He got dressed and walked out in silence, afraid that he might wake his love up and went into a nearby room where Kaya was waiting.

Kaya: I hope you weren’t followed, Changmin.

Changmin: Come on, Kaya. You know I’m careful. So what did you find out?

Kaya: As I suspected, the rebellion is not over. One of my bottles is missing. It contains a magic potion which summons a powerful spirit capable of possessing any creature he wants.

Changmin: This is bad. Is there a way to stop it?

Kaya: I know a spell, but it takes time and I need a diversion. Sangmi is still out there and I don’t know who her next target is. We better hurry up.

Changmin: I will give you Minwoo to accompany you. I’m sorry, but this is the best I can do. He is a great fighter; you don’t have to worry about that.

Kaya: This is not what concerns me. What I am worried about is that he won’t be able to hold her for long enough. I will take Donghae with me and we will leave when at night fall.

Changmin: Alright, I will tell Minwoo. Good luck.

With that, he went back and found his wife talking to her brother.

Changmin: Honey, you’re awake.

Chiyoko: I’ve been looking for you. Where have you been?
Changmin: I had some papers to sign, so I thought to finish the job quickly and spend the rest of the day with you.

Chiyoko: Hear that, Jae? Isn’t he the most caring husband in the whole world?

Jaejoong: He is doing well for now, but if I see you cry because of him I will tear his heart out with my own two hands.

Changmin: I swear I won’t ever hurt her. She is in good hands. Now if you’ll excuse us…

Chiyoko kissed her husband and they closed the door to the bedroom. Jaejoong pretended to continue his bussines and waited for a while in the hallway. He waited for Kaya to get out of the room once the coast was clear. When she did, he pushed her back in the room, entered and locked the threshold.

Kaya: Prince Jaejoong, what are you doing here? Is there something that you need?

Jaejoong: Stop talking like that with me. Why did you change so much?

Kaya: What do you mean?

Jaejoong: You know damn well what I am talking about. You make us think that you’re dead and after 3 months you show up at my door as a vampire with a proposal, acting like nothing happened, like you were the toughest soldier in the world.

Kaya: Oh I see where you’re hinting at…

Jaejoong: Do you have any idea how much your brother suffered? He wanted to raise you from the dead. You know how much I struggled to make him let go of that idea? I turned him to make him think that I would let him do it and then talked him out of it.

Kaya: I’m sorry, but I couldn’t…

Jaejoong: Is that all you have to say after all this? You think “sorry” will solve it all?

Kaya: I have troubles in controlling my powers for 3 months because of my emotions and I am afraid that if I let them free I will…

Jaejoong: Shut up! *sigh* Look…I didn’t come here to have a fight with you. I didn’t mean to yell at you like this…is just that I’m not accustomed to your new behaviour. These 3 months were hell to me and your brother. Promise me you won’t do this again.

Kaya: I promise I won’t hide anything ever again. My love for you hasn’t changed, Jaejoong. It never will. Human or vampire I always loved you and I always will.

He bent down to kiss her. His lips touched hers sending an electrifying chill down her spine. She pulled him toward the bed and started kissing him again when they heard a knock on the door which made them stop. Kaya took a deep breath and put a finger over his lips, signaling him to stay quiet.

Kaya: Who is it?

Minwoo: It’s Minwoo. I have to talk to you.

Kaya: Wait a second. I’m coming to open the door.

Without waiting for Jaejoong’s approval, Kaya mumbled a spell which transported him out of the room and went to open the door. Minwoo entered fast and she closed the door so they could talk.

Sunye was sitting on her favourite spot on the castle’s rooftop. She always loved to come here and look at the thousand of lights glistening in the dark. This often helped to ease her mind when she was upset. Things were going from bad to worse ever since last week when she and Donghae discovered Sangmi’s body at the edge of the village. She felt a hand on her shoulder so she turned around and hugged the person. Donghae was surprised at her reaction, but hugged her back knowing that she needed it.

Donghae: Sunye…I know it’s cruel for me to ask you this, but I have orders.

Sunye: What is it?

Donghae: Kaya asked for your help to kill Sangmi.

Sunye: But she is already dead.

Donghae: In a way…she is. The spirit that is possessing her body must be vanquished and sent back to hell. There is a spell for that but she needs time to prepare and we have to make diversions and provide back-up.

Sunye: And by “we” you mean?

Donghae: You, me and Minwoo. It’s Changmin’s idea. Noone knows about this because he doesn’t trust anyone.

Sunye: I’ll go. But this is madness.

Junsu: I’ll come with you.

Donghae: Junsu…you heard…

Sunye: You should stay here because you’re being controlled by the love you feel for Sangmi. You’re only going to stay in our way.

Junsu: And you’re not? As far as I know she was your master and best friend. Am I right? I’ll come with you or I’ll tell the king about this.

Donghae: Fine, fine. But if you tell someone, I’ll be forced to kill you.

Junsu: Like you can…

Junsu smirked and turned to leave. In a second he vanished leaving the 2 vampires alone.

Donghae: Is he always like this?

Sunye: No, he’s been like this since he found out about Sangmi’s death. Yoochun and Jaejoong tried to calm him down, but didn’t succed.

Donghae: I can understand his pain. Loosing someone you love is terrible.

Sunye: Yes, you and me. We understand his feelings best.

Meanwhile, unaware of the troubles awating for them, Mizuki and Yoochun talked on the hallway. Mizuki wanted to tell her father about her relationship with Yoochun, but he was reluctant.

Mizuki: You told me you’re not a womanizer and it’s time to prove it.

Yoochun: I told you already I passed that stage and that you’re the only one in my eyes, but I’m afraid your father isn’t ready to know this yet.

Mizuki: I assure you he will be more upset if he will find out we’ve been hiding this.

Yoochun: And there is another problem: I don’t have royal blood. He won’t be allowing you to marry me, a commoner.

Mizuki: You’re not a commoner. You’re the general of the demon army.

Yoochun: This doesn’t matter. Please…allow this thing more time.

Mizuki: But i….

Masao: Is something that I should know of?

Looking behind them, the two saw the vampire king gazing at them with cold eyes and their eyes widened in fear. Yoochun immediately kneeled before the king. Mizuki gulped. Her throat was dry. She feared that her father will take the news badly. Masao was a ruthless man who put war and pride before his family which he still loved dearly. He hated people who kept secrets because one of these men nearly killed him centuries ago. His very own nurse tried to kidnap him when he was younger so that she could kill his family and take over the throne. Crazy, isn’t it? But it nearly worked. If his older brother hadn’t sacrificed his life in order to kill the nurse, he wouldn’t be standing here right now. The number one rule for everyone was not to keep secrets from him. The ones who tried to lie or keep secrets were chained on a pillar in front of the castle and let to burn under the cruel sunlight. The silence lingered for a moment more, and then the calm, yet emotionless voice of Mizuki’s father could be heard again repeating the question.

Masao: What is it Mizuki? Are you hiding something from your father?

Mizuki: Well not really…I mean i...we wanted to tell you…that…

Masao: Go on…

Mizuki: That…

Yoochun: Your magesty! I have something to tell you. I’m inlove with your beautiful daughter and I want to marry her. We wanted to ask for your blessing.

Masao looked at both of them. Yoochun didn’t dare to lift his eyes from the ground and Mizuki was looking at his with anxiousness and fear waiting for an answer.

Masao: Since when you two are a couple?

Mizuki: Since a week ago.

Masao: And why didn’t you tell me?

Yoochun: Because of the wedding. You were very busy with the preparations, and Mizuki-sama was too and…

Masao: Enough! What you are saying makes sense. But I didn’t expect my daughter to fall for a demon. You do know you will have to marry someone with royal blood, Mizuki.

Mizuki: But father! I love Yoochun! You can’t force me to marry anyone else. I will runaway with him if I have to! You know what I’m capable of.

Masao: Are you sure this is what you want?

Mizuki: Yes. We are sure. Marrying him is what I want the most.

Masao: Rise, Park Yoochun and look at me. If you ever hurt my daughter I will kill you myself and eat your heart at dinner. Understand? You two have my blessings.

Yoochun & Mizuki: Really?

Mizuki: Wah~~ you’re the best dad in the world!!!

Mizuki jumped happily in her father’s arms. She really didn’t think her father would approve. Yoochun bowed in front of his future father-in-law.

Yoochun: Thank you, your Highness. I promise I won’t disappoint you.

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 12:End of rebellion[part 2]

At midnight Minwoo, Sunye, Kaya, Junsu and Donghae assembled outside the vampire castle in a hidden corner and discussed the plan to kill the spirit that possessed Sangmi. Kaya taught Junsu how to make the summoning ritual because she needed time to prepare the exorcization one. After everyone was in position, Junsu summoned Sangmi who appeared in a few seconds after he finished the incantation. Sangmi walked seductively torward Junsu who tried to control his emotions as instructed.

Sangmi: You called, handsome?

Junsu: Yes I am the one who summoned you.

Sangmi: I suppose you want something.

Junsu: I want you out of my girlfriend’s body. I want her back!

Sangmi: And you think that I will fall in my knees and give you what you want? I love her body. It is cozy in here.
Junsu: If you don’t want to, we will force you.

Sangmi: Who is “we”?

Minwoo, Sunye, and Donghae came out of their hiding place, all ready to fight. Sangmi gazed them mockingly and began laughing.

Sangmi: And you’re going to do that by killing Sangmi? She is already dead.

Minwoo: We will do anything that is necessary to get you out.

Sangmi: Then be ready to die!

They began the fight by attacking Sangmi. Junsu’s heart shattered with every blow Sangmi received, but he knew that there is no other way. The spirit was better in combat then them so he used the sword to spoil Donghae and Minwoo followed soon after. Sunye ran into her best friend’s aid when she was almost decapitated by Sangmi, but thanks to Junsu, who stopped Sangmi in time, she survived. Not before long, Kaya got out too mumbling some words the others couldn’t understand. Sangmi paralysed. She struggled for a while then went still. Kaya hit Sangmi’s chest with 5 strikes and released the binding spell which kept the enemy from moving. The girl approached her to see what happened. Suddenly, Sangmi cut though her with the sword.

Donghae: Kaya!!!

Kaya: Release!

Sangmi’s body fell into Junsu’s arms. Minwoo helped the witch draw the sword out from the body. Suddenly, Junki appeared next to them. A strange glint was seen in his eyes dark eyes, signaling the witch that Junki may be possessed.

Junki: Kaya-san, are you alright?

Kaya: No, could you help me up?

When he bent down to help her, Kaya edged closer and gave him a kiss on the mouth, making him swallow the blood from a little incision she had made with the sharp fangs. After that she let him pull her up and carefully pronounced the word “release”. Junki fell on his knees dragging the girl with him and from his mouth a red smoke came out. Everyone watched in awe as the smoke came out and vanished into the air. After the exorcization finished, Sangmi took a deep breath, making everyone’s hearts leap in joy. Only Kaya stood there with Junki fainted in her arms and a sad expression on her pretty face.

Sunye: Sangmi!! You’re alright! I was so worried!!

Junsu: I missed you so much, my love.

All of them were gathered around the vampire spy. Tears of joy were spilled. Kaya decided she couldn’t let them fool themselves any longer and tell them the truth.

Kaya: She is dead.

Junsu: What? How can you say this? Can’t you see she’s…?

Kaya: When I hit her 5 times in the chest was to allow her soul to stay in the body for 5 more minutes before departing. She is dead. I’m sorry, but this is the best I can do. Sangmi, you can bide your farewell now. You haven’t got much time left.

Sangmi: Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Kaya.

Kaya nodded slowly with her eyes covered with tears. Sangmi was going to die. She wasn’t someone she felt connected with, but still seeing someone die reminded her of her parents. She stood there, patting Junki’s hair to confort him and also herself.

Sangmi: Junsu, I don’t remember what happened when I was possessed. I know you want revenge, but it won’t be your priority in life, you hear me? I want you to find yourself someone worthy of love and keep going on. I will always love you, remember that.

Junsu: I love you too, Sangmi. Don’t be selfish! How can you ask me to love someone when my heart only belongs to you?

Sangmi: I’m sure you’ll find a way.

He couldn’t contain his feelings anymore. The extreme sadness which turned into despair, made him start crying, though he didn’t want Sangmi to see him this weak state.

Sangmi: Sunye…you came to rescue me too, huh? I knew we will be friends forever. I am sorry for saying those harsh words to you back then.

Sunye: How can I leave you like this? I owe you my life. And of course I forgive you. But don’t leave us! I’m begging you!!!

Sangmi: I’m afraid that’s not a choice. I want to, but I can’t stay any longer. Promise me you’ll move on and don’t feel guilty. I love the both of you very much. I know the prince killed me, but I don’t blame him because I asked him to do it in a moment of lucidity.

Junsu: Why?? Why you?? It was the witch whom he wanted and we are paying for it.

Sangmi: The time has come. I must leave. I love you. Goodbye…

Junsu: NO!!! Don’t close your eyes!! Don’t leave me!!

With that she closed her eyes and he body turned to dust. Sunye and Junsu cried helplessly. They felt as the sky was crushing down upon them. Kaya and Minwoo did too. Not before long, Jaejoong came from behind with a few guards and took everyone in custody by the vampire’s king edict. He shot Kaya a cold glance because he had seen her kiss Junki and she didn’t understand why when she tried to contact him mentally, he blocked her. Junsu, Minwoo, Kaya, Junki, Donghae and Sunye were brought to face a very angry king. His fury filled the air, making it dense to the point of almost killing them. Changmin, Mizuki, Yoochun and Chiyoko were present too.

Masao: Kaya, you were the leader of all this, right? You realized what you just done? You signed your death sentence. Tie her to the pillar.

Changmin: WAIT!! I made her do this! Don’t kill her!!

Gasps filled the room. Everyone looked at Changmin.

Masao: What? Son, have you forgotten what is the number one rule of this castle?

Changmin: I haven’t. It’s just that when I found out about what the spirit can do, I knew I couldn’t tell anyone because I didn’t know who was possessed. Please understand this!

Masao: So you didn’t trust anyone. Why should I trust you?

Changmin: I am your son! The only way of killing that thing was to insert blood in his mouth.

Minwoo: Yes, this is why she kissed Junki.

Junki: You kissed me??

Junki’s worried gaze flew to Jaejoong whose expression couldn’t be read at the moment. Reazlizing that he was very upset about this, Junki mouthed “I didn’t know” to him. Masao didn’t care about anything and wanted to slap Kaya, but she stopped his hand halfway. The king saw her black eyes when she raised her head.

Kaya: You know what? I’ve grown sick and tired with you filthy bastards. You keep damaging my host body and it’s very rude, you know? I mean, look at this wound in her belly. Do you know how much time it will need to heal?

Changmin: Oh no~! Kaya, are you…?

Kaya: I’m sorry, but she is not available right now. Try again later if she is still alive. You know…you are a very bad king and someday I will prove to everyone that.

Masao: So you came out. I’ve been looking forward to knowing you and you’re threatening me already. I belive we stepped on the wrong foot. Let’s just start introductions again, shall we?

Kaya: I know who you are, don’t bother. I came to give you a warning. If you touch Kaya again, I will use force if I must to get rid of you, got that? Now, Jaejoong, please be a sweety and hold Kaya. She is very weak. And between you and me: she only loves you. She kissed Junki because she knew this was the only solution. My advice is to forgive her.

In the next seconds, Kaya’s eyes returned to normal and she fainted. Jaejoong caught her and frowned because he didn’t like the whole situation. He took the witch to her room and Changmin sent Minwoo to bring Yunho as soon as possible to begin healing her. Hours later, Kaya woke up in her large bed in Jaejoong’s arms. She turned around and smiled seeing his sleep peacefully next to her. When she moved she could feel pain from the wound. Jaejoong woke up when he felt her stir in bed.

Jaejoong: You’re awake…don’t move too much because your wound is not healed yet.

Kaya: Does anyone know you’re here?

Jaejoong: Everyone. They know about us. Do you remember anything after you kissed Junki?

Kaya: So you know…That kiss didn’t mean a thing. I just…

Jaejoong: I know. I’m not angry about it, although I was. The spirit told me all about it. You should have seen the vampire king’s face when you stopped his hand. He wanted to slap you, but she stopped him.

Kaya: Really? Wow…she must be powerful.

Jaejoong: Yeah, she is. It time for you to get some rest. You’re tired.

Jaejoong pecked her lips then lied back down to sleep, hugging her close to his body.

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 13:Pacifier[part 1]

Yunho was in bed sleeping. His sleep wasn’t a peaceful one because of the repetitive nightmares. He was dreaming about walking in a long corridor of a chateau following the smell of someone’s blood. He didn’t know who it was but something told him it was someone close to him. After a while he stopped in front of a door which led to a room he hasn’t seen before, so he decided to see what was inside. Entering, he was overwhelmed by the strong smell of blood and noticed a corpse lying on the dusty bed. Curiosity got the best of him and turned the corpse only to see it was his sister. Fear, despair, sorrow and anger were making their way in his heart. A sudden movement of a shadow caught his eye. Another person was with him in the room. Furious, he grabbed that person’s hand trying to stop it, but he was thrown into a wall and the stranger jumped outside the window. Screaming, he tried to follow the stranger, but his mother appeared telling him to protect his sister at all cost because something horrible was going to happen.

A few seconds later, Yunho woke up screaming his lungs out, covered in sweat and breathing unevenly. Ayumi was trying to wake him up by shaking him, but he wouldn’t budge. Yunho noticed her worried expression, but shrugged it off.

Ayumi: Are you ok? Why do you sleep with your eyes open?

Yunho: What?

Ayumi: You were dreaming something when I entered here and I tried to wake you up, but you didn’t budge. I saw your eyes were completely black and you were screaming Kaya’s name. What was your dream about?

Yunho: I don’t remember. Anyway…why are you here? Is something wrong?

Yunho remembered exactly what happened, but didn’t want to burden Ayumi with his worries. Since he moved in with the demons, she has been very supportive and helped him a lot. Also, they grew closer by day and they became best friends. He hated lying to her, but it was the only way he could protect everyone. Yunho knew now for sure that his dreams were actually premonitions and was determined to stop those events from happening.

Ayumi slapped him playfully and rolled her eyes.

Ayumi: You always think that if I come here this means something bad had happened. Don’t I have the right to visit my best friend from time to time?

Yunho: You can visit me anytime you want. You know you are welcomed here.

Ayumi: You do remember I wanted to tell you something important and I couldn’t because we were being interrupted every time?

Yunho: Yes, I remembered last night. I was curious about it and wanted to summon you, but then I knew you were tired and I thought is best not to bother you. What was it that you wanted to tell me?

Ayumi looked into the dark orbs that have always enchained her into a fascinating and torturing journey. Just by looking at him she brightened her day. She was determined to confess and now was the time. She slowly got closer and kissed him tenderly. Yunho carefully pushed her away a few moments later.

Yunho: What was that?

Ayumi: Yunho, I’m in love with you. I’ve been since I saw you…

Yunho: This is wrong.

Ayumi: What? Why?

Yunho: Look…to me, you’re just my best friend and nothing more. I’m sorry, but I can’t return your feelings.

Ayumi: But Yunho…

Yunho: Please don’t ruin it! Don’t ruin our friendship. Don’t ask me to learn to love you and don’t wait for me. To me my sister will be the top priority for the rest of my eternity. I almost lost her once. I won’t allow it to happen again.

Ayumi: I understand…At least you know…

Yunho: Do you have a family?

Ayumi: Used to have but they were killed by vampires on night when they were returning home. My parents tried to protect my little sister, but they all died eventually.

Yunho: Then can you understand my feelings? My parents were killed by vampires too. I know I sounded harsh, but I couldn’t stand to see my sister injured or killed.

Ayumi: I understand, but this has no connection with…

Yunho: It has, because if I fall inlove I’m afraid that I will have to choose between my sister and my lover. I can’t do that. Whoever I choose I will feel guilty and it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Ayumi: Wait, something does gonna happen?

Yunho: I didn’t say that. I’m just saying that if war breaks again, I and my sister will be in danger because the two parties will fight over us. I don’t want to put anyone in danger. It will be hard enough to watch my sister’s back and my own.

Ayumi: But we are at peace. War is not going to break again.

Yunho: How can you be so sure? All it takes is for Changmin to upset Chiyoko and all our efforts will go down the drain.

Ayumi: They are mature enough and can solve their problems without war.

Yunho: You can’t be sure. Sorry for being so harsh, but I think it’s best for both of us to know the truth.

Ayumi: Yunho…can we remain friends?

Yunho: Of course.

Ayumi: That’s great! Anyway, I have to go now. I stayed long enough. See you around.

Ayumi tried to convince him she was ok with their deal, but she couldn’t even convince herself. She exited the room with tears in her eyes.

Sunye walked quietly alongside Donghae on a path that led to the castle. She was obviously upset about something else aside Sangmi’s death and he knew it. Donghae didn’t want to force her to tell him what bothered her because he knew that it will only anger her more. After a while, she suddenly jumped on a tree branch which collapsed. Donghae rushed over and caught her in his strong arms. She looked confused in his eyes like a lost puppy making his heart sink. He noticed she was crying silently all this time because of the glistening tear drops. He gently ensconced her at the base of the old tree. The boy let out a long painful sigh and kneeled beside her. It pained him to see her unhappy.

Donghae: Can you tell me what’s wrong with you?

Sunye: I miss Sangmi…

Donghae: You’re lying! Why won’t you talk to me?? Do you think I am stupid? That I don’t know you’re crying because of that bastard prince?

Sunye: It…It’s not…true…

Donghae: Then why are you stuttering like this, huh? I was not born yesterday, you know. You can’t lie to me, Sunye! You told me you’re ready to move on, but you’re obviously not. You’re still suffering for that bastard.

Sunye: He’s not a bastard! Don’t you dare talk about him like that!

Donghae: He’s not? Then why is he acting like a jerk in your presence? Why did he shake you down to go rescue the witch? You’re nothing more than a slave to him and you’ll have to accept it!

Sunye: He didn’t shake me down! I did it out of my own will!

Donghae: You kept lying to yourself all this time and it’s time for you to face the truth.

Sunye: What truth? I thought you cared for me, Donghae.
Donghae: You don’t know how much I love you! But I couldn’t get near you; I never could confess it because in your eyes there was only him. I thought it was wise to give you some space, time to forget him, but you just can’t do it.

Sunye: Since…when do you...have feelings for me?

Donghae: Honestly since that night I met you I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I always did my best to protect you, but I can’t if you don’t let me.

Sunye: I…don’t know what to say…

Donghae: I never asked anything from you, but now I ask you to forget him for your own good. I don’t care if you use me or anyone else. I don’t ask you to accept my heart because I know you’re not ready.

Sunye: I don’t think I can do it. My heart will forever belong to him. I’m sorry.

More tears rolled down her soft cheek as realization hit her. She broke his heart mercilessly just like Jaejoong did to her. Seeing him every day from afar chatting happily with his girlfriend broke her heart in million of pieces again and again. She could have been there with Jaejoong instead of that lowly half vampire. This thought brought her even more sorrow.

Donghae’s glare darkened as he stood up to leave. His eyes showed sadness, not hatred. He couldn’t blame her for choosing Jaejoong. She had all the right to make a choice that will make her happy. It pained him to know that she chose to suffer while waiting for the prince’s heart to change.

Donghae: I’ll go to eat. If you need me, you know where to find me.

Sunye: WAIT~! I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…

Donghae: You don’t need to be. I will let you go if that’s what makes you happy because if you’re happy, I am too.

He left her there crying. Donghae felt his heart being ripped apart, but it was best for both of them if he let go.

Meanwhile, in the castle the atmosphere was tense also. Chiyoko found out 2 weeks ago that she was being pregnant and wanted to tell her husband the good news, but he was always away. When she wanted to tell him someone interrupted them and he had to go. Weeks passed and her patience was running thin. The princess ended up by passing her entire time with Kangin and ignoring Changmin, who noticed the strange behaviour but was clueless as of why. To him, Kangin and Chiyoko looked too close for comfort, but he brushed off the idea. One day when he was preparing to leave again, Chiyoko lost her temper and they began to argue. The door opened, Changmin got out and bowed to his sister and Kaya, leaving way for a Ming vase to head straight for the two girls. They all ducked the deadly vase which shattered on the impact with the wall. From outside, they could hear Chiyoko screaming. In a few moments, the princess came at the door, but Changmin was long gone. She only found Mizuki and Kaya looking at her strangely.

Chiyoko: What are you looking at?

Kaya: Nothing.

Mizuki: Look, you have to calm down. It’s not good for the ba…

Chiyoko: Say the word “baby” and I will rip out your heart!!!

Mizuki: By the way…have you figured out a name yet?
Chiyoko: Can’t you see I’m moody right now?

The deathly glare Chiyoko threw them meant nothing good, so the girls began to run for their lives. Mizuki pulled Kaya into her room and sealed the door. They were both panting.

Mizuki: Remind me not to mess with her when she’s moody.

Kaya: Her recent behavoiur is not good for their marriage. Does Changmin know she’s preganant?

Mizuki: Judging by her angry glare I’d say he doesn’t. She’s been trying to tell him for weeks.

Kaya: Any ideas on making them a good couple again?

Mizuki: I haven’t thought about it yet.

Kaya: Oh, come on! You’re the strategy genius here. I can’t believe you didn’t cook something up by now.

Mizuki: Well, I really didn’t think they will end up like this.

Kaya: You should see it coming and prepare for it.
Mizuki: Shut up so I can use my brain. (After a few moments) I got it! I need your brother’s help.

Kaya: You got it! Sunye and Donghae have love issues too.

Mizuki: Oh, really? You’re asking for my help?

Kaya: Yes, I am.

Mizuki: What do I get in return?

Kaya: Almost everything you want, just cook some plan for them too.

Mizuki: Ok, I will remember that. Changmin and his wife are our top priority, so let’s go.

Kaya: Wait! She’s still at the door. I will cast a spell to teleport us to my brother’s room.

Mizuki: See, you’re learning something already. Ain’t I a great teacher?

Kaya (rolled her eyes in annoyance): Let’s just go.

Hours later, after thinking hard about what Donghae said, Sunye got up wobbly and headed to the castle. With every step she took, she became more doubtless of what she had to do, her feelings cleared and she began to see the world differently. Sunye had a full realization of things that clouded her mind and was well up in what she had to do. She arrived in front of his door, unsure if she should knock or not. The girl was anxious to tell him the conclusion she had come to. Finnaly she knocked. The door opened with a creak. When she entered she saw Donghae being beaten by Hankyung. Her eyes widened at the sight, she rushed to stop him, but when Hankyung let go of Donghae, he fell on the marble floor and a pool of blood formed.

Sunye: NO…NO…What did you do?? Donghae!! Open your eyes!!! Don’t leave me!

Hankyung: What will you do now when the only one who truly loved you is gone?

Sunye: Why did you do it? What has he done to you?

Hankyung: You didn’t love him, so I killed him to end his misery.

Sunye: What? That’s not true! I loved him from the bottom of my heart but he didn’t know. I didn’t know either until now and he’s gone. I didn’t get to tell him.

Hankyung: This will be your lesson to remember for the rest of the eternity: you won’t know how much you love someone until you’re about to lose them. This is very valuable, so it’s better for you to remember in the future.

Sunye: What use if he is dead?

Hankyung: He’s not. Look around you.

When she looked the body had disappeared, she was in another room. The room was clean and Hankyung was smiling. Mizuki came behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. Sunye looked at her still in shock.

Sunye: H-how is this possible?

Mizuki: This was an illusion created by Yunho. It was my idea to make you realize who you cherish most and to help you make the right choice.

Sunye: What about him?

Mizuki: He was the only one real in all this. He’s a great actor, so we asked him to help. You should have seen the look on your face. You were terrified.

Sunye: HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?? Do you know how scared I was??

Mizuki: You’ll thank Kaya later. She will pay me for this brilliant plan I came up with. Now go to Donghae and tell him. He’s in the second room from left.

With tears in her eyes, Sunye ran to Donghae as fast as she could and knocked frantically at his door. When he opened the door, she pushed him in, shut the door and kissed him harshly on the lips until they were both breathless. Taken by surprise, Donghae just stood there frozen. After that, Sunye hugged him tightly burying her face in his chest.

Sunye: I love you. Promise you’ll never leave me. Promise you’ll never leave me like Sangmi did.

Donghae: Sunye, what happened to you? Why are you so scared?
Sunye: Just promise me! I know you love me…please.

Donghae: You know I never will. Even if you chase me away, I will still follow you and protect you from the shadows.

Sunye: I won’t be able to live with myself if you’re gone. If you die I’ll follow you in the grave.

Donghae: Stop talking nonsense. You’re scaring me.

Sunye: I mean it…

Donghae: Stop it! Stop crying…it breaks my heart.

The boy wiped away her tears with his thumb. Sunye tried her hardest to give him a smile, but failed miserably because she was still scared. She insisted on spending the night in his room and he was more than glad to accept.

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Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/12/2009, 6:01 am

Chapter 13:Pacifier[part 2]

Meanwhile, Changmin arrived to his quarters and found them empty. He was wondering where his wife had gone when he noticed a piece of paper on the pillow. He picked it up and read: “Meet me at the edge of the woods. I have something to tell you urgently. Hurry up!” Although he felt dead tired, he decided it was wise to go and see her. He didn’t want to upset her because lately she seemed go get annoyed by every little thing he did. A question popped in his mind: what was so urgent? Was she in danger? Or maybe, she wants to leave him because she felt ignored? No. That was out of the question. He will do anything to obtain forgiveness. With those worries in flooding his brain he dashed to the meeting place. Using the speed of light, he found himself in front of the woods in no time. The prince saw Chiyoko standing on a blanchet with a picnic basket next to her. A smile appeared on his face making all his worries vanish. But before he could make another step, a shadow which moved toward his wife caught his eyes. The moonlight showed that it was Kangin. Chiyoko stood up and they kissed as a greeting. Changmin’s heart stopped beating, his jaw dropped; his smile was replaced by a frown. Not before long, his heart was filled with jealousy. He dashed to the couple. Neither of the two knew what was happening when the angry prince started punching Kangin. Chiyoko tried to stop him, but he slapped her and she fell on the ground. After that, Changmin pinned her guard to the tree. Kangin’s face was covered in blood.

Chiyoko: Changmin stop it!! Let him go~!!

Changmin: So this is why the two of you spend more and more time together lately. I noticed it, but I didn’t want to believe that my wife is actually cheating on my back.

Chiyoko: It’s not what it seems! We didn’t do anything! He was guarding me…

Changmin: You dare to lie in my face. I was so naïve. You know how much I hate myself right now? But you know what I hate the most? I hate how much I love and need you.

Chiyoko: No. Listen to me! I was and always be faithful to you. Let him go and look at me! I’m not lying~!

Changmin: I’m sick of your lies!

Kangin: She’s telling the truth.

Changmin: Good job on reading my mind. You want to save your lover, right? Are you up for it? Are you capable of sacrificing your life for hers?

Kangin: What?

With a mad look on his face, Changmin headed toward his wife and grabbed her hands. Chiyoko had never seen him like this. It was scarrying her. She began to struggle, but no avail.

Kangin: Don’t!!! She’s carrying your child!!

But it was futile. The prince’s mind was set on killing. Kangin rushed and broke them apart being hit by Changmin. Chiyoko just stood there shocked, tears flowing on her cheeks. Mizuki appeared at Chiyoko’s side.

Mizuki: It’s enough, Yunho. Changmin, please come to your senses!

Changmin: What is this? You’re protecting her?

Mizuki: Of course we are!

Changmin: We?

Mizuki: Me, Kaya and Yunho. They are up in that tree. We are protecting her because you’re ready to kill your wife and unborn child.

Changmin: What are you talking about?

Kangin: We saw you two arguing all the time because she wanted to tell you she is two weeks pregnant and you didn’t listen to her, so we planned to get you jealous, but we never thought you would react like this.

Changmin: What? You’re pregnant? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Chiyoko: You didn’t listen to me!

Changmin: I’m sorry, my love. I should have spent more time with you.

Chiyoko: It’s only your fault, you moron! You and your idiotic stubborness.

Changmin: I know I’m guilty. Forgive me, please. I promise to listen to you more from now on.

He immediately hugged her and the hug was returned although she was still crying. The prince gently broke the hug, wiped away the tears and kissed her soft lips. Mizuki smiled and took Kangin to Kaya to be healed.

Kangin: Thank you, Kaya-san.

Mizuki: Are you done, Kaya?

Kaya: Yes, I am.

Mizuki: Then we’re done here. Let’s go.

Kaya: You guys go ahead. I still have a thing to do.

Mizuki: Suit yourself. Remember you still have to pay me for the brilliant plans.

Yunho: Yeah, sure. But don’t you think you’ve been kinda harsh?

Mizuki: It worked, didn’t it?

Yunho: But Changmin almost killed Chiyoko.

Mizuki: We were there to help, weren’t we?

Yunho: Yes, but…

Mizuki: So there is nothing to worry about. I’ll be waiting for my payment.

Yunho, Kangin and Mizuki went ahead and Kaya lined out to another meeting place. Junsu and Ayumi were waiting for her on another side of the forest. Ayumi sat on the ground and Junsu leaned on the tree bole. They both looked miserable.

Kaya: So have you thought about it? Do you want to forget your feelings for them?

Junsu: I don’t know about Ayumi, but I can’t do it. I don’t want to forget Sangmi. Even if she is dead, I will respect her final wish: I will stay alive. I don’t want to lose all the sweet memories I have with her, even if it’s painful.

Kaya: I understand. What about you, Ayumi?

Ayumi: No. I don’t want to forget my feelings for your brother. It will be painful to watch him every day and act around him like nothing happened, but I’ll do it.

Kaya: Are you two sure about this?

Ayumi & Junsu: Yes.

Kaya: As you wish. My offer still stands in case you ever change your mind.

Junsu: Ok, now that we cleared this, let’s go home. Jaejoong is looking for you.

Kaya cast a spell that teleported them back to the castle and they all tried to act normal not to raise suspicions.

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Re: Path of the Damned

Post by Guest on 8/12/2009, 2:00 pm

Wow, all these tangled raltionships!!! I've got them straight in my head thoguh, and it makes the story very interesting ^^


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Re: Path of the Damned

Post by andrushk on 8/13/2009, 4:15 am

Chapter 14: Goodbye...[part 1]

Three years passed since peace was installed into Masao’s kingdom. Chiyoko had given birth to a beautiful baby boy who was named Junmin. The boy was 2 years and a half now. He was growing healthy surrounded by love and pure bliss. Yoochun and Mizuki thought it was best for them not to get married for now. Kaya and Yunho were happy that they didn’t have to use too much magic. Yunho had got confortable with the idea that his sister had Jaejoong as a lover, but threatened him when he found out at first. Akira had retired, leaving room for only one king with the promise that he’d take part on all the important decisions. Ayumi and Junsu seemed to have left behind their painful past and started to enjoy life. Sunye and Donghae were also living happily within the castle.

Now, in the august chateau were living both demons and vampires who were getting along really good. Life seemed to go on the right track. But none of them saw disaster coming their way.

Yunho was having his regular nightmare from which he woke up panting. But something was different about this one. He was warned that his sister was going to be killed in 3 days. His worries doubled in a second. He decided to take measurements. After he got dressed, he looked for Jaejoong because he was the only one who would listen to him and help him. He found the demon prince having breakfast in his room. A wave of nausea came over Jaejoong because of Yunho’s feelings he felt.

Jaejoong: Wow!! Calm down! What’s wrong with you? I’m ready to faint here because of you.

Yunho: I need your help.

Jaejoong: Well you won’t get it if you kill me. Have you forgotten that our bond is stronger because I turned you? Have a little bit of mercy for your master.

Yunho: I can’t help it. Kaya is in great danger.

Jaejoong: What are you talking about?

Yunho: I had some visions. My mom appeared to me in my dreams and told me that in 3 days someone will kill her and those around her.

Jaejoong: Are you sure it isn’t just a dream?

Yunho: Please. If you love her like you say you do, help me save her.

Jaejoong: Tell me who is involved and I see what I can do.
Yunho: I don’t know who will try to assassinate them, but I know who is about to be murdered.

Jaejoong: Well…tell me.

Yunho: Aside Kaya there is Yoochun, Junsu, Ayumi, you and me, Mizuki, Chiyoko, Changmin and possibly Junmin. I don’t want to make them to loose all spirit or to knock the spirit out of them that’s why we need to do this maidenly.

Jaejoong: I have an idea. Let’s go.

Jaejoong forgot all about his meal when he saw how serious Yunho was about all this. He was sure this wasn’t a prank, but the real thing. Jaejoong summoned his best men: Hankyung, Junki, Yoochun, Junsu and Ayumi in a secret place.

Yunho: Alright. Listen here. We have a very unpleasant situation. Me, my sister, Ayumi, Yoochun, Junsu, the vampire and demon princes are going to be murdered in 3 days.

Yoochun: What? Who is the bastard?

Yunho: We don’t know. But please don’t tell the girls. I don’t want them to be worried too much. They will raise suspicions, so this will remain only amoung ourselves.

Ayumi: What can we do to prevent this? There has to be a way to catch the bastard and kill him before he gets to us.

Yunho: The only solution is to run away and hide. He’s too powerful even for all of us right now.

Junsu: So you’re telling us that there is no other way, but to run like cowards?

Yunho: Yes. Even out there is dangerous to go alone, so you must have a partner. I say we settle everything in 2 days for our escape and find solutions later to get the murderer.

Ayumi: What about the child? This isn’t a life for a child his age.

Junsu: We have to take this risk or be killed. So are you up for it?

All: Yes.

Yoochun: Great, now that we agree, let’s form the pairs. I’ll take Mizuki and I suppose her bodyguard will follow.

Jaejoong: Good. Junki, you’ll go with them.

Yoochun: What? I don’t need him.

Junsu: Yoochun, stop arguing. There is no other way but to accept the situation. Shut up, ok?

Jaejoong: I will take Kaya and Yunho will come with me. I suppose Donghae will follow.

Ayumi: Then that leaves me, Junsu and the royal family with their bodyguards: Kangin and Minwoo.

Jaejoong: Hankyung will go with you. They need to have extra protection. We will all meet here in 2 days at the same hour. Make sure you’re not seen. Dismissed!

Time went by fast and the predicted night came. The groups met at the indicated place and left the luggages there before proceeding to the next step. The plan was to trick the rest into coming with them in the best way possible and not raise suspicions. Separating into small groups they raided the castle in search for the ones who had to be saved.

Hankyung, Junsu and Ayumi went to Junmin’s bedroom, because they were told that the princes were playing with their child. When they reached their destination, they heard strange loud noises coming from the little one’s room and rushed in finding Changmin and Chiyoko fighting for their lives. Junsu and Ayumi immediately helped the vampire prince, while Hankyung took Chiyoko and Junmin to safety. After Ayumi and Junsu managed to kill the assassin, stopping to catch their breath, Changmin looked at them with anger and questions written all over his face.

Changmin: Can you tell me what the hell that was?

Ayumi: Yunho had visions in which some of us are killed. Your family is on the list. He said it’s pointless to fight them now because we are too weak.

Junsu: Our best option now is running away from the castle. I, Hankyung, Ayumi, Kangin and Minwoo will be your guards. We have to leave as soon as possible.

Changmin: The hell I am! I’m not going anywhere! I will protect my family even if it costs me my life. I will improve the guarding system.

Junsu: Listen to us, please! You have to go! Think about Junmin!

Changmin: No! A life on the run is not suitable for a child of his age. This is my final answer.

Masao: What is happening here?

Ayumi: My lord! There was a murder attempt. Master Changmin and his family have to leave the castle at once!

Masao: Non sense! You know what I think? The ones who tried are you. Seize them!

Junsu: This is a mistake. We tried to protect them.

Changmin: It’s true!

Masao: I think they are lying. I sense a rebellion. Who else is with you: the sorcerers, other demons?

Changmin: Hankyung, leave now and protect Kaya! I’ll be fine. Go~!

Hankyung: But…

Changmin: Just go!

Masao: You won’t get that far…

Masao snapped his fingers and they were surrounded by guards. The three of them started to take wary steps back, looking for a way out. They all knew that arguing with the king is pointless because his point of view won’t be changed. Yunho appeared and created an illusion enough for them to escape.

Masao: Damn that wizard! A few of you stay here and guard the royal family. The rest of you come with me.

The king stomped his way over to the next “group of traitors” in his daughter’s quarters. He was determined to exterminate all of them without regrets. If his daughter was involved in this, he would have to kill her as well. To him protecting his kingdom was set as a top priority, even above his own family.

In the eastern wing of the castle, Jaejoong was desperately searching for Kaya. She wasn’t anywhere to be found. He suddenly remembered her favourite place to hang around: the garden. He headed that way. Luckly for him, he encountered the witch on a corridor. Apparently she was returning inside the castle. Jaejoong rushed to her, but before he could reach out to pull her into a hug, a masked man kicked him and shoved her into the wall. Kaya was obviously not expecting that coming. She was about to be beheaded with a sword, when her lover snatched her away and disappeared. A few moments later, they found themselves hiding behind a wall, panting.

Jaejoong: Are you alright? For a moment there I was scared out of my wits.

Kaya: What is happening?

Jaejoong: Listen…I wanted to do this maidenly, but it’s too late for that. Yunho had some premonitions. Someone wants us dead. We don’t know who it is, but he’s powerful enough to kill us without blinking.

Kaya: Why didn’t you tell me earlier? So what? The only solution is to run and hide.

Jaejoong: Yes, at least for now.

Kaya: NO! I am powerful enough to…

Jaejoong: No, Kaya, listen to me!! In his visions you were the one to die first. I won’t let that happen. Stay here. I will come to get you later.

Kaya: Jaejoong, no, I…

Jaejoong: Please don’t argue with me now. I love you and I won’t let them spirit you away. Remember that.

He left her standing there in shock after giving her a haste kiss. Jaejoong dashed to find the one who tried to attack his love, but someone pulled his arm. When he turned around, he saw Sunye and frowned.

Jaejoong: What do you want? I am busy.

Sunye: The chateau is not safe. Come with me. We must go.

Jaejoong: I won’t go anywhere with you. I will kill the intruders and leave the castle with Kaya.

Sunye: No, they already caught her. The king has gone mad. He thinks a rebellion is raising and wants to kill all of you. Hankyung, Ayumi and Junsu barely made to escape with Yunho’s help. I am getting you out of here.

Jaejoong: I said I’m not going anywhere without Kaya! Let go of me!

Sunye: Jaejoong! She is dead already!

Jaejoong: That’s not possible. I just left her in a corridor…

Sunye: How many minutes had passed until now? I’ll tell you: more that 5. It was enough for them to do it. I’m sorry, but I saw it with my own eyes.

Jaejoong: No, she is still there…

The prince tried to locate Kaya in the castle, but he couldn’t feel anything. Sunye reach out in her pocket and gave him Kaya’s necklace which was a present from him. It was all covered in the witch’s blood. Tears were forming in his eyes. He didn’t know what to say or do, he just stood there frozen. Sensing danger, Sunye grabbed his arm and dragged him forcefully in a safe place.

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 14: Goodbye...[part 2]

Yoochun was waiting impatiently for Mizuki to get out of the shower. He had been telling her that they were going on a trip while Junki was searching for Siwon and tell him the whole story. After minutes that seemed like centuries, she came out fully dressed. The luggage was already packed. Junki and Siwon burst on the door startling the two, especially Yoochun.

Mizuki: What are they doing here?

Yoochun: They’re coming with us, honey.

Mizuki: Why? I thought we would be alone.

Yoochun: We will be. But we must take into consideration that you are a princess and I want you to be protected.

Mizuki: I can protect myself, Yoochun.

Yoochun: Yes, but…

Siwon: Mistress, it is for your own good, please understand. We have to leave now.

Mizuki: Siwon, what’s with that tone of yours? Why are you so worried about leaving?

Yoochun: Good job, Siwon! She is suspicious now. Junki, didn’t you tell him to be discreet?

Junki: I did.

Yoochun: You know what? I think I will tie you to her bed and leave. You’re just getting in my way.

Mizuki: Stop arguing and tell me what’s going on or I will read someone’s mind.

Siwon: Mistress, you have to trust us. The castle is not a safe place anymore. The king thinks we are rebels and wants to kill us. We must leave right now.

Mizuki: I will personally talk to him now.

Yoochun & Junki & Siwon: NO!

Junki: People tried to convince him, but no avail. He is horn-mad. Please have a little faith.

Mizuki poundered a bit over the matter, but before she could decide what to do, who to trust, the castle guards burst in her room, surrounding them. From behind them, the voice of her father could be heard.

Masao: Seize the traitors!

Mizuki: Father! What is going on in here?

Masao: You too, Mizuki? I never thought of you being a traitor, but I guess I was mistaken.

Mizuki: What are you talking about? I am not a traitor!

Siwon: We have to get out of here now.

Masao: You will all die this instant.

Mizuki: Father!

Luckly, the back-up arrived on time to get them out of there. Yunho was a master of illusions and this was their only upper hand. Masao ended up with empty hands again and started cursing them. He sent scouts to find and kill the traitors.

An half an hour later, Jaejoong, Sunye, Junsu and Ayumi were waiting for the others to gather in order to have a discussion and leave. Jaejoong sat behind a tree far away from the others. He got out a ring from his pocket; he looked at it for a while, and then put it on the bloody necklace which he attached it onto his neck. He didn’t dare to tell anything about Kaya’s death because he didn’t want Yunho to find out yet. Junsu sat on a branch a few trees in front of him and looked away to see if the others are coming. Ayumi and Sunye sat quietly below Junsu waiting for a sign from the others. Fortunately it didn’t take a lot of time for Yunho to bring Mizuki, Yoochun, Siwon and Junki. Knowing that his child was back, he came and gathered them in a circle.

Yunho: Where are Hankyung and Kaya?

Jaejoong: Yunho…she’s…Kaya’s…dead. This time is no joke. Sunye saw it herself. I don’t know anything about Hankyung.

Yunho kept quiet. He felt chills down his spine, but somehow, deep down he knew his sister was alive. She wasn’t safe yet, but she was alive. Now he thanked God for the strong bond he had developed with his sister over the years. Being a demon sure had its advantages.

Mizuki: I’m sorry, Yunho.

Yunho: It’s ok…

Sunye: So what now?

Junsu: Now we will split into groups and leave at once. We don’t have much time. They will soon find us.

Yoochun: My group remains the same: Me, Mizuki, Siwon and Junki.

Mizuki: Wait wait! So you’ve been planning this?

Yoochun: Yes, love. I’m sorry to have kept it from you, but we made plans ever since 3 days ago when Yunho warned Jaejoong.

Mizuki: Alright, I trust you. What about the rest of you?

Sunye: I’ll take Jaejoong. It’s safer for him if he is in a smaller group.

Ayumi: Ok then this leaves me, Yunho and Junsu in another group. It’s better for all of us if we don’t know where the others are so that the chances of survival are higher.

Junsu: She’s right. And besides, Yunho and Jaejoong will always keep in touch through the bond. We will know if something happened to him and Sunye.

Mizuki: Sure genius, you will know, but what about us?

Junki: Junsu and I will be in touch all the time, don’t worry about that.

Mizuki: Junki is Junsu’s child?

Ayumi: No, but they have a secret way of communicating. They learned to communicate through telepathy without being caught. Junki will know what we know.

Mizuki: Ok then. What are we waiting for? Let’s go.

Sunye: Everyone please take care. I have a hunch we won’t be seeing each other for quite some time.

The groups split ways a few seconds later, careful not to leave tracks. They won’t be seeing or talking to each other for a very long time. From this point on they were dead to the world. There was no turning back. It was a tough choice, but they had to do it. Survival was their most important matter right now.

Inside the castle’s western wing, Hankyung, Kaya and Donghae were still trapped. Fortunately the guards didn’t find them yet. They were hiding in a room waiting for the fair moment to get out. Donghae cracked the door open and took a peek at the hallway.

Donghae: The coast is clear. Let’s go!

Hankyung took the unconscious girl from the bed and carried her across the hall. She didn’t want to leave without Jaejoong, so the best way to protect her was to knock her out. The hallways were empty. Most of the army was out searching for the others and the few soldiers that remained in the castle were surrounding the royal family. This was their only chance to escape and they took it. Hankyung and Donghae manage to snick out of the chateau unnoticed. Arriving in the forest where they were supposed to meet the others, they found no one.

Hankyung: Where are they?

Donghae: Damn it! They left without us!

Hankyung: What are we going to do now?

Donghae: We have no choice, but leave this place now. We are on our own.

Kaya: Donghae…where is my brother?

Donghae: Sleep some more. We are going to meet him soon.

Kaya: You’re right…I am so tired…

Hankyung: We have to hurry. Did you get the mirror?

Donghae: I have it in my pocket.

Hankyung: Take the girl and give it to me.

Donghae did as he was told. Hankyung one of the many spells he learned in the last three days. Yunho sensed that a bit of witchcraft will be needed for a better protection of the royal family and decided to teach him. He also gave Hankyung a notebook with spells which could only be read by him. The demon mumbled something and the small mirror turned into a big one becoming a portal. Donghae was watching him amaized. Hankyung signaled him to step into the portal. After he did, the demon followed closely and in a few seconds after they crossed, the mirror became normal, fell and it was shattered into pieces. By the time the soldiers arrived all they found was a broken mirror. The fugitives were long gone.

With this, a new chapter of their life was beginning. They had to choose between being fugitives and accepting punishment. They did and now they were suffering the consequences of their own actions. The only thing they had left was the hope that they will see eachother again.

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 15: In between[part 1]

In the huge castle, all was quiet, too quiet for anyone’s comfort. Chiyoko and Changmin attempted to ask the king questions about the situation, but failed. They weren’t sure that Masao wouldn’t label them as traitors and kill them. The couple felt trapped, unable to escape, they weren’t certain of anything anymore. Their child was also affected since he missed playing in the garden every day and missed seeing Mizuki and Kaya who used to play with him. Changmin failed to sleep many nights because of this and because, no matter how far he was from his child, their bond was stronger than always. If he fell asleep for a moment, he would wake up in tears in the other, yelling Yunho and Jaejoong’s names. Then, Chiyoko would wake up and try to comfort him in hope that Kaya will settle down too. It was dangerous for him to go out like this because the king knew about their bond and if he would know that the girl was alive, he would torture Changmin to obtain the location.

Chiyoko had sung a lullaby to Junmin until he fell asleep. Then she went to their room to check on her husband. She saw him sitting by the window, looking at the moon. He seemed lost in his own thoughts. Chiyoko went to him and put her head on his shoulder.

Changmin: Is he asleep already?

Chiyoko: Yes, he’s sleeping soundly by now. How are you feeling? Is she ok now? It’s been more than 6 months.

Changmin: I still cried a bit today. No, she’s not. But she will soon accept the fact that she has to let go.

The princess grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bed. He followed her obediently. They lied in the huge bed and Chiyoko rested her head on his chest. He played with a strand of hair and patted her head while letting out a sigh.

Chiyoko: What’s wrong, love?

Changmin: Everything is! I feel trapped like a rat in a cage. My father has been giving me cold shoulders all my life, but none of them was like this. I can’t do anything about it. I’m useless.

Chiyoko: My love, don’t say this! You’re not useless. Everything will work out in the end. Trust me. It’s just that we are in a crisis right now. We have to hang on until…

Changmin: Until when?? Tell me! I think that it’s not going to be over until my father finds and kills them.

Chiyoko: I know you’re scared, honey. I am too, but for the sake of Junmin, we have to stay strong.

Changmin: It’s affecting him too, you know? He’s been asking about Mizuki and Kaya these few days. What are we supposed to say to him?

Chiyoko: We can tell him the truth later. I can’t lie to him. He’s more aware of the situation than us.

Changmin: We have to find a way out of this.

Chiyoko: We will. I promise.

Chiyoko gave a reassuring kiss to her husband. She understood his situation. Many of his worries weren’t his own, but the witch’s, that’s why she didn’t blame him for showing his emotions and worries. This also made her happy because knew that he trusted her.

Minwoo came through the door panting and managed startling the two.

Changmin: Minwoo, what is it?

Minwoo: The child is…the king…it’s bad.

Rushing into the child’s room, they find Junmin completely transformed: pair of black wings was coming out from his back, one eye was red and one was black, his fangs and claws were bigger than usual, an evil smile was plastered on his little face. His parents looked at him amaized. On the other side of the wall, they saw Masao trapped by an invisible force. He was clearly afraid of the little boy. All the soldiers who were trying to release him were killed instantly. Junmin was only 3 years old and yet so powerful.

Masao: Make…him…stop…

Chiyoko: Junmin!! What are you doing?? Let go of your grandpa right now!

Junmin: Stay away mommy.

Minwoo: Young master, listen to your mother, please.

Junmin: All those who oppose me shall perish, so I’m not advising you to come any closer.

Changmin: Young man! Let go of your grandpa right now or else…

Junmin: Is that a threat daddy?

Changmin: No, baby…you know daddy loves you, but please, for my sake. Let go of him.

Junmin: I love you too, daddy but I’m not letting him go. He hid aunties somewhere and he won’t tell me where. I want to play with aunty Kaya and aunty Mizuki.

Chiyoko: Junmin…listen here…Your aunties have gone away for a while, but they promised to come back. They told mommy they will. Don’t you trust mommy?

Junmin: I trust you. But I want to see them now!

Chiyoko: Junmin, please…I know it’s hard…Your aunties will be back.

Chiyoko started to cry because she knew he couldn’t bear with the thought that his mother was sad. Changmin embraced her as she continued to shed bitter tears on his shirt. For Masao was getting really hard to breathe.

Changmin: Junmin, you made your mother sad. She’s worried about you. We all are.

Junmin’s gaze softened when he saw his mother sad. In a few minutes he was back to normal. The kid went to his mother and took he hand in his little one.

Junmin: I’m sorry to have made you sad, mommy. I didn’t mean to.

Chiyoko: I know Junny. Mommy loves you too and she forgives you.

Changmin: You have to promise us not to do that ever again. It’s a very bad thing.

Junmin: I promise, daddy.

Changmin: Good boy.

After they put the child to sleep, Masao summoned them to his office. He told them all about the current situation and praised the child in spite of what happened. When questioned as of what he was doing there, he simply said that he wanted to see his nephew. The couple had doubts. Why? Was it because of the king’s voice or maybe the look in his eyes? They didn’t know either, but they were eager to find out.

To those who have been running, life got harder by day. It has been really hard to hide, to avoid the king’s guards who formicated all over the kingdom. It seemed that after they have been declared fugitives and traitors, every man in the country would be oferered a huge ransom if he or she catches on of them. All in all, soon no place was safe for them. The only smart decision was escaping from the kingdom and go at the end of the earth where Masao couldn’t reach them.

The first to arrive at the border of the kingdom were Yoochun and his group. Even since he knew about his fiancé possible death he made plans for the escape. The first one was to trick people into lodging them using Mizuki’s power to hypnotise. The technique was flawless just as he thought. He expected the border to be seriously guarded too. They stopped by a house of an old woman who gladly let them spend the night at her house. Everyone gathered at dinner time and then went to bed under the pretext that they were tired. The old woman didn’t question that. After she fell asleep, Mizuki left with Siwon to hunt. As they were wandering around the last houses, Siwon sensed danger. In the last second he pushed her to the ground and received an arrow in the hand.

Mizuki: Siwon!

Siwon: I’m ok miss. Run back to the house. You’ll be safer there.

Mizuki: I’m not leaving you here to die!

The two vampires fought the enemies and managed to defeat them. Panting, Mizuki went to her guard to see his injuries. He looked at her surprised.

Siwon: What are you doing, miss?

Mizuki: Isn’t it obvious? I’m checking your wounds.

Siwon: It isn’t necessary, I’ll be fine.

Mizuki: No, you won’t. Here, drink some of my blood. You’ll heal faster.

Siwon: But miss…

Mizuki: I won’t accept a “no”, Siwon. Listen, you saved my life many times along the centuries. I didn’t do anything to thank you.

Siwon: It’s my duty, princess.

Mizuki: Siwon, from now on, if you call me “princess” or treat me like one, I’ll smack you, understand? It’s my final order. Remember that the vampire princess died.

Siwon: As you wish.

Mizuki: See, that’s what I love about you, you’re a very good friend and guard. You never fail to make me proud.

Siwon widened his eyes at the statement. He had never heard the princess talk like this. His cheeks turned pink, showing embarrassment. Mizuki noticed that.

Mizuki: Haha! I never saw you blushing before. I didn’t know you can be so cute. All these centuries I always saw you cool, not expressing your feelings and I wanted to smack you so badly for that.

Siwon: You’ve changed, Mizuki-san. I didn’t expect this side of yours.

Mizuki: I know I’ve been a meanie with all our staff, but once I’ve fallen in love with Yoochun I saw things differently. Have you ever been in love with someone?

Siwon: Not yet. I guess I didn’t find the right person yet. Maybe someday I will.

Mizuki: Yes, I’m sure you will. I mean, look at you! You’re gorgeus, kind, and a great warrior. What could a woman want more, right?

Siwon: Thank you…but I hope you will stop praising me because it’s creepy.

Mizuki: How can you say I’m creepy? You’re a meanie! I kill you!

Mizuki slapped his arm playfully and he began to laugh. It was the first time he had seen his princess acting like this, but he loved her new personality. Remembering the other two they decided to go back to the old lady’s house. Arrived there, they found the house in a mess and Yoochun and Junki lying on the floor, barely breathing. Mizuki dashed to her lover, afraid that he was killed. Siwon checked on Junki. They were both severly injured, but alive. The general tried to stand up and with much difficulty, he finally did. Siwon helped Junki stand and cleaned his wounds.

Mizuki: Yoochun, are you ok?

Yoochun: Get away from me!

Mizuki: What’s wrong, honey?

Yoochun: What’s wrong? Where the hell were you when we were attacked? The old lady was killed, the house is a mess! It was a bloody massacre and we got exposed.

Mizuki: Well for your information Siwon and I were attacked too! And why the hell are you yelling at me for?

Yoochun: Didn’t you hear me yelling your name over and over again? I was trying to get to you through telepathy. Junki and I needed help because we were outnumbered, but apparently, you shut down all communication in spite of your promise.

Mizuki: We were in the same situation as you! Siwon almost died protecting me.

Yoochun: Of course! Why would you fight? You’re a princess! You’ll die if you break a nail.

Mizuki: How can you say that? You don’t even know me!

Yoochun: You think so? I gathered information with Junsu when we were at war with your people. I know everything about you: your favourite clothes, hairstyles, and your every habit! You loved to kill, you were a monster. I thought you changed, but I was obviously blinded by my love for you to notice anything.

Mizuki: I can’t believe you’re such a jerk! I thought you were better than this. You know what? I’ll go back to the palace. I’ll just go there and tell my father that I used you and now you’re dead. He’ll be glad to have me back safe and sound! Let’s go Siwonnie!

Yoochun: Fine! Go! I’ve been stupid to take you with me. I should have taken Junsu!

Mizuki stomped his was outside dragging her guard with her. He obediently followed because he knew that she needed to be conforted. Yoochun was wrong, but they were wrong also, because they had to guess the others were attacked too. They walked fast hand in hand a long way before the princess stopped. She suddenly turned around and hugged him crying.

Siwon: It’s ok Mizuki-san. I’m here with you.

Mizuki: I was a fool by allowing myself to fall in love with him!

Siwon: No, don’t say that. He was very worried about you and that’s why he’s reacting like this. He doesn’t know how to tell you that.

Mizuki: You think? Well he should learn!

Siwon: You should teach him. I’m sure he will be seeking for you to obtain forgivness.

Yoochun: I already found you. Siwon, leave us alone for a while, will you?

Mizuki: He’s not leaving anywhere! What do you want?

Yoochun: Look I’m sorry I reacted that way. Your guard is right.

Mizuki: What if I don’t forgive you?

Yoochun: I won’t force you to. It’s up to you. My apologies are coming from the bottom of my heart.

The long moment of silence was the answer to Yoochun. Mizuki won’t forgive him. Or so he thought. Saddened, he turned to leave when he sensed a pair of arms wrapping around his upper body.

Mizuki: Who said you’re allowed to leave me? I will forgive you, but on one condition: to show your true feelings. I love you, Yoochun and I want you to be honest with me.

Yoochun: I promise not to leave you no matter what. I’m sorry I’m such an idiot.

Mizuki: Well, you’re my lovely idiot.

Yoochun: Hey! I didn’t mean that!

Mizuki: Ok, I’m sorry…We have to cross the border tonight, right?

Yoochun: Yes. I’ll be right beside you, don’t worry.

Mizuki: I know. I trust you, Chun.

After Siwon had come back with Junki and the rest of the luggage, they walked towards the border.

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 15: In between[part 2]

Yunho, Ayumi and Junsu crossed another border flying on dragon’s back. They had been flying for a long time already and the dragon was tired, so Yunho ordered him to decend in a village nearby. Junsu knew a tavern there where they could rest until morning at least and they decided to go there. As they entered the busy tavern, Yunho saw a person he didn’t want to meet, a person from whom he has been hiding ever since his parents died: his father’s best friend and member of the elder’s council - Jung Taemin. He felt the urge to get away from there, but it was too late. Taemin saw him too and he was coming their way. He shrugged the thought aside and tried to look natural.

Taemin: Yunho is that you? Oh my God, you’re alive!

Junsu: You two know each other?

Yunho: He is a friend of my father’s. Jung Taemin, meet my friends: Minawa Ayumi and Kim Junsu.

Taemin: It’s nice to meet you. Yunho…I’m terribly sorry about your parents. Did you find out who did it?

Yunho: Not yet. That’s why I came here. I am on a journey to investigate the murder.

Taemin: I see…What can I do for you then?

Ayumi: We need 3 rooms. We are tired and need to rest.

Taemin: I am afraid that I have only 2 left. Is it good?

Junsu: It’s ok. I will sleep with Yunho and…

Yunho: You’ll take a room with Ayumi. I need to be alone for a while.

Ayumi: It’s fine with me.

Taemin: Great! This way please.

Taemin personally escorted them to their rooms which were at the highest floor. Yunho immediately entered in his and Junsu told the owner to send them some food. Taemin received the money with a smile and left. Junsu and Ayumi entered in their room. She sighed and lied on the bed.

Ayumi: Ah! I’m so tired~

Junsu: Me too. I never imagined that flying could be so tiering. But I’m glad we escaped from the king.

Ayumi: Yes, it was worth it. Junsu…do you know why Yunho lied to this Taemin? He said that Taemin was his father’s best friend. He would probably know him since he was born.

Junsu: I don’t know what’s in that wizard’s head. All I know is that he doesn’t trust anyone. I don’t think he ever did. You’re worried about him, aren’t you?

Ayumi: Well, I must admit I am, but what worries me most is his look when he saw Taemin. It was like he wanted to escape this place.

Junsu: I don’t know. He must have his reasons. Why don’t you ask him about it?

Ayumi: I can’t because he won’t tell me anything anyway. He kept distance from me since I confessed to him and ever since he had those premonitions is worse.

Junsu: He wants to protect you. You’re his best friend.

Ayumi: Sometimes, I feel I am a stranger to him. I don’t want him to be so silent. We’re his friends and we can help him.

Junsu: I think he first needs to let his dark past behind. He also misses his sister terribly. It’s difficult for them to be apart. The fact the crazy king is after our lives doesn’t help him either.

Ayumi: You’re right. I have to be patient. I’ll give him all the time he needs. We have an eternity ahead of us. How are you holding up?

Junsu: I’m not in my best shape, but I’m trying my hardest. I need to keep my head clear otherwise it will be over for all of us. Still I feel much better that we are in another kingdom now.

Their conversation was interrupted by a knock in the door singnaling them that the dinner was ready. They ate and drifted to sleep soon after.

A few hours later, Yunho still couldn’t sleep so he decided to take a breath of fresh air on the balcony. His mind flew back to his sister and he began to think back to the time they found their parents dead in the old house. He missed her very much, but their bond told him she was alright away from the ruthless king. A crepitation woke him from his daze. The door was slightly opened and this alerted his senses. He wanted to make a move when he discovered he was not able to move. A spell was binding him.

Yunho: Who’s there? Show yourself!

Taemin: Don’t raise your voice, Yunho-kun. You’ll wake my guests.

Yunho: Taemin what are you doing?

Taemin: I know what you became, my dear child. I got orders from above. I need to kill you for the good of the humanity. Do you remember how it is to be human?

Yunho: Since when did you know?

Taemin: The rumour was spread on the day your parents died. I knew you were too idiot to be able to stop your sister from befriend that demon. Where is she?

Yunho: Even if I knew I wouldn’t tell you! You’re a betrayer! I was the one who was betrayed. Still I am hunted. Still I am hated. My blind eyes see what others cannot: that the hands of destiny can’t be forced.

Taemin: Who told you this poetry? It’s ugly. You’re telling me I am a betrayer when the only one who is a betrayer is your own flesh and blood. I am simply here to help humanity. This is my destiny. And yours is to die in my hands.

Yunho: You call yourself a best friend, but where were you when my parents died? TELL ME!!

Taemin: Now now, dear child there is no need to be angry.
Yunho: I’m gonna kill you and your entire race!

Taemin: So you’re officially one of theirs, huh? Well it’s best for me. I would have hated to kill you if you had a bit of human heart in you.

Yunho: Be ready to meet your end. I made a promise and I’m not going to break it!

Yunho’s eyes became black as he let himself controlled by the spirit who possessed him. Bit by bit, the spell became weak allowing him to murder the wizard. The thirst for blood didn’t end with Taemin’s life. He wanted more. Yunho stepped on the hallway which was empty. Everyone was in a deep slumber. His eyes desperately sought someone who he longed to see for a long time: his sister. The fact that he knew his sister wasn’t there drove him insane. The constant cries and growls which were heard drew his friend’s attention that came to see what was going on. What they saw was beyond their wildest imagination: Yunho had cold black eyes, long fangs and sharp claws. He was on a killing spree chasing anyone who tried to escape him. Then Junsu got a brilliant idea: he pretended to have found Kaya and lure him into a trap. Yunho fortunately fell in the trap and he was hit by Ayumi with an iron rod. The hit made him faint and they took him back to the room to rest. Ayumi took care of him while Junsu cleaned up the mess Yunho made. They were lucky this time, but maybe next time they won’t be. When the wizard will wake up, they will be on the move again.

At the other side of the little village, Jaejoong and Sunye also rented rooms for a night and day. The walked only at night because she was a vampire. They sat at a table while Jaejoong ate reluctantly his dinner. These few months were terrible for them. The phsychological pressure was huge. They acted with extreme caution. Jaejoong ate and spoke very little. He was like before: cold, ruthless and very irritated all the time. Whoever spoke a bad word to him met God in heavens in a matter of seconds. Sunye was afraid to tell him anything.

Sunye: Jaejoong you need to eat! Look at you! You’re so skinny.

Jaejoong: Will you cut that out? I’m not your child!

Sunye: I didn’t mean it like that. I know you’re not in the mood to eat, but please try.

Jaejoong: Why did you stay with me? Why didn’t you go with Donghae? I would have been much better on my own.

Sunye: Why? Look at you! You’re a mess! You kill without blinking and you don’t need a motive. You were not like this.

Jaejoong: Do you think you know me that well? We spent 1 century together and you think you know me. Do you know the rumours about me?

Sunye: The ones which told that you were merciless and cold, which told you’re a monster? I’ve heard them.

Jaejoong: They were true. This is how I am. I changed myself for the woman I loved, but now it doesn’t matter anymore. All I have left is killing and our memories.

Sunye: Do you think she would have wanted you to be like this? Remember how upset she was when you didn’t tell her something or when you acted cold to others.

Jaejoong: But she’s not here to see me, is she?

Sunye: Thank God she isn’t. But I wish she was so she could beat the hell out of you! She was a good woman. Have some respect for her.

Jaejoong: You think I’m not respecting her? What about you, huh? You tried to kill her out of jealousy and now you’re using her to lecture me? You have no idea how much I loved her and don’t pretend to know me!

Sunye: You’re right, but I regret what I have done. I’m trying to help you. Can’t you see that?

Jaejoong: I don’t need your help so stop helping me!

Sunye: But…

Jaejoong: Shut your trap or I’ll swear I’ll kill you. The fact that we are pretending to be friends in front of others doesn’t change the fact that you’re still my subordinate.

Jaejoong’s cold gaze made her stop talking. In his eyes she could see sorrow. She couldn’t blame him because she would probably feel the same if something happened to Donghae. Jaejoong shifted his gaze back to the food and stabbed the meat with the fork. Suddenly a wave of nausea together with a sharp pain in the heart took over him. He stood up from the table and wanted to leave, but the pain didn’t allow him to move. The prince fell on his knees with one hand clutching his own chest.

Sunye: What happened? What’s wrong with you?

Jaejoong: It hurts…Yunho…stop…it… Sunye, I…

Sunye: Jaejoong!!!Hey!!

But his body gave away. He fainted in the girl’s arms. The next day he woke up and found Sunye sleeping on the bed next to his. A major headache swept him off his feet when he wanted to get up. Hearing noises, the girl opened her eyes.

Sunye: You’re awake…what happened last night?

Jaejoong: Yunho, that’s what happened. I think he might have lost control over his body. He left the spirit to posses him on his free will.

Sunye: Are you suggesting he was in danger?

Jaejoong: Before that I felt anger which took over me fast, and then I felt he wanted to see his sister very badly. I think this is what drove him insane. I also smelled blood and I think he killed at least 3 people.

Sunye: Is he ok now?

Jaejoong: He is sleeping and he is quiet for now. One more of this scene and I’ll be dead.

Sunye: What are you going to do about it? It’s dangerous to communicate with him now.

Jaejoong: True, but I will succeed. You’ll see.

Sunye: If you say so…

Jaejoong: I’m sorry for speaking harsh words yesterday.

Sunye: I understand how you’re feeling. I know you miss her deeply. If I were you, I would probably do the same thing.

Jaejoong: Thanks for understanding. Let’s get some sleep before the sun sets. We will leave at dusk.

Being tired, Sunye immediately returned to sleep, but Jaejoong didn’t sleep anymore. The powerful headache didn’t let him so he exited the room in silence to take a breath of fresh air.

Meanwhile, Donghae, Kaya and Hankyung stepped out of the portal that had opened in a place far away from the evil king. Donghae and Kaya looked curious at their surroundings and realized that they were in a small village in the mountains. Hankyung smiled and took a breath of fresh air.

Hankyung: Isn’t the air nice?

Donghae: Where are we?

Hankyung: In my village. I was born here, but then left at the age of 5.

Kaya: This is a very nice place. It’s surrounded by mountains with pits and ferocious beasts to protect us.

Donghae: Good thinking, Hankyung. How long we’ll going to stay here?

Hankyung: Not very long, two days at most because we have to keep moving often for a while. I want them to loose our trail and then we can stay longer in places.

The demon led them to a deserted caban not far away from where they were. There were two rooms and a kitchen. Donghae and Hankyung left the luggage in a corner and began to inspect the house. Kaya took a bag of blood and went to take a breath of fresh air. She needed some time alone. While eating, her mind flew to her brother and a tear escaped her sad eyes.

Back to the cabin, Hankyung was preparing himself a meal while Donghae watched.

Hankyung: You like to stare at people?

Donghae: I had no idea you could cook.

Hankyung: I had to learn because there were a lot of times when I was alone. It’s not so difficult. I should teach you sometimes.

Donghae: That won’t be necessary, because I don’t need to eat food.

Hankyung: Haha, you’re right. That would be pointless. Where is Kaya?

Donghae: Don’t know. She went outside I guess.

Hankyung: I don’t hear any movement outside. Go and check on her.

When he stepped outside, Donghae saw Kaya at the edge of the cliff, staring into nothingness.

Donghae: She’s he… Kaya!!!!!

Donghae ran to catch the girl who had fallen into the cliff, Hankyung grabbed his hand.

Hankyung: Don’t go! That’s not her! It was a fairy. They like to play tricks on mortals and other creatures. They are attracted by the presence of a necromancer. What they don’t know is that this apparent child play could be deadly.

Donghae: Aren’t they supposed to be good creatures? How do you know so much about fairies?

Hankyung: They are mercenaries, so to speak. They work for the highest bidder. I told you I lived here before. Now where is she?

Kaya: Where you looking for me?

Hankyung: Where were you? You got us worried. Don’t wander around like this.

Kaya: I was checking the surroundings. What’s wrong with that?

Donghae: I almost got killed by a fairy!

Kaya: It’s ok, I made her go away.

Hankyung: How much did you pay?

Kaya: I told them where to find an ancient amulet which they lost.

Donghae: Only that?

Kaya: They are afraid of me because of the spirit that lives within me.

Hankyung: Let’s go inside. My food is burning!

Kaya: Donghae…

Donghae: Yes?

Kaya: Do you…think that I will see my brother again?

Donghae: Don’t give up hope, Kaya. I’m sure you’ll see him again.

Kaya: I miss him so much… We’ve never been apart for this long.

Donghae hugged her tightly as she started to cry. He knew that she felt insecure apart from Yunho, but there wasn’t any other way. Donghae also missed Sunye very much. He thought about her day and night asking and hoping that she was safe and sound.

They all were being watched and followed. The time was ticking for the fugitives. They were able to hold on until now. The question was, for how much longer?

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Ahh...I wonder how long they can keep running.....I feel bad for Yunho and Kaya, they have something terrible inside them...


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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 16:Reunion[part 1]

It is been said that the powerful time can heal the wounds of the soul. No matter how many or deep they are, time will eventually heal them all without failiure. For some this principle works, but for others, the emotional impact is too big and they cannot let go of their past. Even if they try covering sadness, grief or any other emotions successfully from others, in their heart a battle is continuely fought. The memories continue to haunt them, ripping their heart apart.

It’s been 50 years since our heroes managed to escape death. For 50 years the fugitives continued to run away from the evil vampire king. They kept hiding, changing locations as often as possible until they heard rumours that the king believes they are dead and the pursuit was over. Still they thought that it was best if they would keep a safe distance from him.

During those years many things have changed. For the better, some would say. The political system changed from soveregnity to democracy. Masao and Akira had been forced to step down from the throne. Because they hid away from the world, they became, bit by bit, a legend, a part of history to be told to the future generations. But the truth was that they both were still alive and breathing and they were known as powerful investors of the new society. No one even could imagine that they and their men were actually demons and vampires.

It was now year 2009 and the city of Tokyo was busy as always. The sound of the never-ending traffic was now a sweet melody for the ones who lived there. The ancient creatures adapted to the new environment. Many things improved, but the memory of the past events was still haunting them. Chiyoko did a great job at hiding her real thoughts and feelings in front of her father whom she saw twice a year. Changmin didn’t see his father since they moved out of the palace and he didn’t want to either. She had to do that in order to protect her family. Their safety wasn’t guaranteed even now. She pretended to live happily and to have forgotten what happened 50 years ago, but the truth was that not even a day passed without her thinking about everyone. The princess often asked herself if they were still alive and a painful feeling in her heart. No matter what she knew she had no choice but to have faith in them and their abilities, to belive that they were alive somewhere in this big world.

Chiyoko and her son, Junmin with Kangin were in the new-opened mall to shop. She entered every clothing and shoe shop she could see. They spent more than four hours inside. Junmin was loosing his patience while Kangin lost it the minute he knew he was going to shop with Chiyoko. She seemed to never get tired of shopping. Kangin was holding his mistress’ bags which multiplied by the minute.

Junmin: Mom, I’m tired. Can we go home now?

Chiyoko: No, we still have 27 stores to see on the last floor.

Junmin: But I’m hungry and Kangin is tired! Look at him! He’s almost dead.

Chiyoko: Nonsense! He can still go on for a long time. Don’t try to gainsay my words because I’ve known him for far more than you, young man.

Junmin: Kangin…a little help here!

Kangin: Chiyoko, if the boy is hungry, we should just stop for a while and get him something to eat.

Chiyoko: He looks like a 19 year old and he is old enough to go and buy himself food. Junmin, honey, you go and eat. Here is some money.

Junmin: What? So you dragged me here and now you leave me alone?

Chiyoko: What? You’re old enough! I didn’t leave you home because you said you were bored.

Junmin: I was and I said I will call my friends, but you insisted me to go with you! If I knew you will be like this I would have left a long time ago.

Chiyoko: Have I ever tried to stop you to do what you wanted?

Junmin: You’re unbelievable, mother!

Chiyoko: But I’m the best mother in the world.

Kangin: Junmin, just go. Don’t come back. I can handle her.

Junmin: I will never come with you again no matter what you say, mom. I want another mom; please…the kind that hates shopping.

Chiyoko: What? How dare you? You’re grounded young man!

Kangin: Please don’t shout! We are in the middle of the mall. Everyone is staring.

Chiyoko: I don’t care about them. Have I never been a good mother to you? Tell me!

Kangin: He didn’t mean it like that.

Chiyoko: I’m gonna tell your father about this!

Junmin: I didn’t mean it like that! But you’re incredulous! You dragged me here and…

Chiyoko: Ok, I’ll come with you. Kangin are you hungry? Let’s take a break.

After that, they ate in silence. Junmin felt sorry for talking without thinking first and letting his anger take him over. He knew his mother would be ok after a few hours spent with his father and decided that it was best if he just let her be for now. The argument with her son made Chiyoko loose appetite for shopping so they all went straight home after they ate.

Arrived there, she went straight into the main bedroom where she found her husband sleeping in complete darkness. A thought popped into her head: Changmin was sleeping as cutely as always. She approached him quietly because she didn’t want to wake him up and bent down to watch him closer. Sensing her presence, Changmin opened his eyes, pulled her down on the bed next to him and got on top of her. He bent down and planted sweet kisses down her mouth, jawline and neck. Chiyoko felt chilles down her spine with his every touch, no matter how small. It made her want more. The love and passion between them was the same as in the first day they layed eyes on each other.

Changmin: How was your shopping time, baby?

Chiyoko: It was ok until Junmin ruined it.

Changmin: What has he done this time?

Chiyoko: Nothing, actually it’s my fault that he said that.

Changmin: What did he say?

Chiyoko: I was pushing him to do what he didn’t want when he was hungry. I should have thought about him first…

Changmin: Just tell me!

Chiyoko: He said he wants a new mother who will hate shopping. I got upset and eventually took him to eat. We came home after that.

Changmin: What? Didn’t you scold him? He has no right to talk to you like that!

Chiyoko: Have I been a bad mother, Minnie?

Changmin: No! Of course not! You are the best mother and wife in the whole world. I can’t believe our son can be so ungrateful! I will have him grounded right now!

When he wanted to leave, Chiyoko grabed his hand and pulled him back in the bed.

Chiyoko: Let him go.

Changmin: Why?

Chiyoko: I will talk to him personally later. Please…

Changmin: Ok, I trust you.

Chiyoko: I know you do.

Chiyoko leaned in and kissed his sweet lips. The kiss became more passionate as Chiyoko began to unbutton his shirt. A few seconds later, Junmin barged in. Chiyoko and Changmin both stopped what they were doing and looked at the door.

Junmin: Mom, I’m so…gonna leave and apologise later. Have fun…Bye~

The next thing they saw was the door closing practicly by itself, because their son was long gone. The pair began to giggle.

Changmin: It’s my fault that I forgot to lock the door first. He will not talk to us for the rest of the eternity.

Chiyoko: It’s my fault too…I got carried away, but I can’t help it when I have such a sexy hunk for a husband.

Changmin: My soulmate is very hot also. She is the hottest woman on this planet.

Chiyoko: Thank you, baby. And don’t worry. He will talk to us because he is old enough to understand, but he’s just a little shy, that’s all.

Changmin: What do you say? Shall we continue from where we left? The door is locked.

Chiyoko smiled widely and in a few seconds their lips met again in a passionate kiss. Outside, they could hear the gentle chime of the falling rain.

In the same city, not far from where Chiyoko and her family lived, unknown to the prying eyes of humans and creatures, a broken hearted man was dragging himself to live every day. His life no longer had meaning without the person he loved, the person who he lost 50 years ago. All his thoughts were with her forever. He could almost see her smile and feel the warmth of her embrace. With every turn of his head he saw her face over and over again. They had no time to say goodbye then. Was that really their farewell? He felt so lost without her by his side. He was lost in darkness, hoping for a sign. Instead of that there was only silence surrounding him. He swore to never stop hoping, to never stop searching no matter what. The prince was living now under the same roof with his guard, Sunye, but it was like they lived far away from each other: she slept during the day while he was at work and when he came home, she was out hunting. They rarely saw or spoke to each other. He was living a normal life now. He learned how to cook, got a job and he even had a girlfriend. Sunye kept bugging him to get one and he eventually gave up to her request. He pretended to love the girl, but he knew that no girl will make him forget the love of his life.

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 16: Reunion[part 2]

Jaejoong continued to walk absent-mindedly, holding the bags with ingredients, to his current house. As he continued to walk ignoring the pouring rain and his soaked garments, he felt someone pushing him. The prince fell to the ground and quickly got up, alarmed by the sudden push and seconds after that a girl fainted in his arms. By the time he realized that someone had lauched a deathly arrow in his direction, the aggressor was already gone and the girl was lying in his embrace with the arrow stabbing her chest. He cursed himself for being so stupid and not paying attention to his surroundings. He decided that it was for the best if she was taken care of at a hospital. Luckly the closest one was across the road, so, after making sure no one was there to see him, he moved fast in front of the hospital entrance. Jaejoong called the nurses which quickly took her in, extracted the arrow and stitched her up while he was waiting patiently on the hallway. For some strange reason he knew that the arrow was destined to him and was grateful to the girl for risking her life for a stranger. Not before long, the nurse came to tell him that he can visit the girl, so he went to get himself a cup of coffee before going in. When he came back, it was an unnatural silence surrounding the room the girl was kept in, something was amiss. The prince decided to barge in the room. He found the nurses on the floor, drained of blood. Looking up, he found the girl standing in front of the window, buttoning her shirt.

Jaejoong: You! Where is the girl I brought here?
Kaya: I’m the girl whom you brought here, Your Highness.

Kaya turned and bowed, showing reaspect. Jaejoong thought he was dreaming when he heard her voice. She turned around making his eyes widen, jaw drop and feel shivers down his spine. She sure looked a bit different now, but it was her. His heart leaped with joy, but he was also confused. Jaejoong automatically touched the necklace, speachless. This couldn’t be happening. His love was in front of his eyes, but somehow it felt like it wasn’t real. The prince watched in awe as she fixed her hair. It felt like deja-vu.

Jaejoong: Kaya…?

Kaya: What is it, Your Magesty?

Jaejoong ran and pulled her into an embrace. She was real. A thousand questions flooded his mind. He sure was lucky to not loose her until now. It didn’t matter that he used to think that she was dead. The only important thing was that she was safe and sound in his arms now. The hug didn’t last long because she quickly broke it.

Jaejoong: I can’t believe that you’re here with me. These 50 years were torture to me. I know I wasn’t able to keep my promise to you and I am terribly sorry.

Kaya: Don’t be because you did what was best for all of us.

Jaejoong: I missed you so much! I was such a fool for not looking for you. I…

Kaya: Stop!

Kaya looked at him with fierce eyes; her face and her voice didn’t show any emotion. It was like she didn’t feel anything. This worried the prince. She used to be a cheerful girl, but now she was like a ghost, a merciless killer. How could that be?

Jaejoong: What’s wrong with...?

The witch covered his mouth with a hand and pushed him against the wall.

Kaya: Yamamoto Kaya died 50 years ago. I am dead to the world and that’s the way I want it. Make sure you don’t resurrect me and that we never cross paths again.

Jaejoong removed her hand looking at her bewildered. It was a whole new face of her. A face he didn’t see before.

Jaejoong: What’s with you? I have never seen you like that before.

Kaya: Sure you did. Don’t you remember? It was our first fight in the market.

Jaejoong: You’ve changed. Why?

Kaya: Does it matter? People change. You changed too. I was the one that changed you and now I wish I didn’t. You’ve become weak.

Jaejoong: Don’t hurry in making assumptions, Kaya. You know you can tell me what happened to you. Tell me.

Kaya: I’ll tell you what happened. I began to hate you the day you left me there waiting for you. That fateful day Sunye came to me and told me you two slept together. In that instant my love for you became nothing but hate.

Jaejoong: WHAT? We didn’t! I swear I have always loved you. I would have never…

Kaya: I don’t need your explanations. I got over it a long time ago. You mean nothing to me. You told me you loved me, but you led me astray. For a while I felt cold inside and sorrow had frozen my mind, but not anymore. I will continue to be polite because you are the demon’s prince.

Jaejoong: How can you believe her when she was the one who wanted to kill you out of jealousy?

Kaya: I just do.

Jaejoong: That’s not good enough! I bet she is still jealous and she wants to break us apart again.

Kaya: I don’t think so. She already had Donghae as a lover when she told me. She told me she would live with you from then on because you love each other very much. Does she live with you now?

Jaejoong: Yes, but…

Kaya: See? Then, stop telling lies because you won’t be able to convince me.

Jaejoong: There are not lies! It’s the truth! I would never lie to you~!

Kaya: I don’t care.

Jaejoong: You have to believe me. You know me.

Kaya: Look at how pitiful you are, prince Jaejoong. You’re almost tearing up for stupid love. You are so weak. I HATE weak people.

Jaejoong: Our love wasn’t stupid! Don’t you dare say something like that!! Does this mean you regret what it was between us?

Kaya: Yes, I regret wasting my time with someone like you. But let me tell you something: in the end it was all worth it because I made you keep my brother safe. I pretended to love you so you can watch my brother, so I can keep him safe because he is the only one that I love.

Jaejoong: So you were using me all along? You were never a good liar. I still can’t understand why you are so stubborn.

Kaya: This is the only truth I told you since I met you except of my name, of course. I will leave before they come to check on them. Remember what I have said. Don’t get anywhere near me or I will really kill you.

The witch took a step and disappeared into thin air. He tried to follow, but couldn’t keep up with her. Panic took over him as he felt like loosing her again. This time, he was the one left behind. She no longer needed him. The bitter thought tore his heart into pieces. In a way, he deserved it because he should have never left her alone in the first place. Kaya could be very stubborn sometimes, he was aware of that, but he wanted to try one more time to explain her, to tell her what happened after they got separated. But if he told her, would she listen? Would she stay, be there forever?

On the very same night, Yunho, Junsu and Ayumi were returning home from work. They have created a scandal magazine which was very popular among humans. Many criticized them, but their bussines was doing great. They were always busy, but they always reserved time to have dinner at their favorite restaurant or a drink together in their favourite fancy bar. Tonight they decided to go and have a dinner at the restaurant. Junsu and Ayumi went ahead, leaving Yunho some time for himself in order to turn about in his mind. Ever since he killed that wizard, he would always want to be alone. His friends tried to cheer him up, but he always wanted to be alone and spent little time with them. To them, it looked like the past still haunted him, that he wasn’t able to move on. Was he afraid not to loose control and turn again? Maybe that was it, but they couldn’t be sure because he would never speak about it. Yunho surrounded his own heart with a wall of ice and stone that no one seemed to be able to break.

After they sat at the table and looked at the menu wondering what to eat, the waiter came to ask their order. Looking up at the waiter, they saw a person who they thought that they would never see again: Kim Sunye. She was as surprised to see them as they were.

Ayumi: Sunye?

Sunye: Junsu, Ayumi and Yunho? What are you doing here?

Junsu: We are regular customers here. You’re the new waitress? This means His Highness is here too?

Sunye: Yes, he is. I think he came back from work already. He must be home by now.

Yunho: So he’s working? I never thought I would live the day to see him work.

Sunye: Don’t underestimate him. He is a great bank manager. He even learned how to cook.

Ayumi: This shouldn’t surprise us. After all, he had to and we all changed. We have all made huge sacrifices in order to adapt to the changes.

Junsu: How has he been all these years? Has he forgotten her yet?

Sunye: He will never forget her. Ever since we left the kingdom, he returned to his cold self. I didn’t manage to make him better. I don’t see him much lately. We live under the same roof, but I barely see him.

Yunho: You know that my sister is alive, don’t you?

Sunye: How do you know?

Ayumi & Junsu: What?

Ayumi: How come she’s alive?

Yunho: I just read your mind. I always knew she wasn’t dead due to the bond we have. Why did she do that? Why did Kaya lie?

Sunye: To protect the prince and everyone. The king knew that if one of you is dead, the other one will be much easier to kill.

Junsu: Why did he want to kill them if he was the one desperately searching for them before?

Ayumi: I think I know why. They all knew that Kaya and Jaejoong were together. Sooner or later Jaejoong would have proposed to Kaya and get married. A kid was the thing he feared the most because that would have meant that the descendant was going to be far more powerful than him.

Junsu: So you’re saying that he feared being banished by the descendant. You may be right because he was told to care more about the war than his children. I didn’t think he was such a bastard.

Yunho: Tell me what happened the day we got separated, Sunye. My sister never told me and I am curious.

Sunye: Are you sure this is what you want? I don’t want to upset her.

Yunho: Don’t worry, my lips are sealed.

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 16: Reunion[part 3]

Sunye was aware of the crisis in the castle and she was searching for Donghae. On her way she fought many opponents until she felt Kaya’s smell nearby. The vampire quickly went in the direction of the scent and found the witch crying silently in a corner. The witch stopped crying when she saw Sunye.

Sunye: Kaya! What are you doing here? Why isn’t Donghae with you?

Kaya: I don’t know where he is. The palace is under attack and Jaejoong left to kill the rest of the attackers before we leave.

Sunye: The come with me to look for him! He must be around here somewhere. We must find him and hide someplace safe.

Kaya: No! I will not run away. I know what they want and they are going to get it.

Sunye: Are you planning to negotiate with them?

Kaya: I will ask them how they want to die. This is the only thing they will receive.

Sunye: Do you know what they want?

Kaya: Yes, they want me.

Sunye: What? Oh, dear God, I should have thought about it.

The girl took the locket she wore and cut her own hand. She used the blood to taint the locket. Kaya took Sunye’s hand and put the locket into her open palm.

Sunye: What are you doing?

Kaya: This is the only way. You have to trust me. Make him believe I’m dead and this time for good.

Sunye: No. You’re going to break his heart. Besides, he won’t believe me, the one who tried to kill you out of jealousy.

Kaya: That’s exactly why he will try looking for me. You will give him this locket. Tell him you have seen it all, but couldn’t help because you were engaged in a fight with an opponent. The blood on the locket will help you prove it.

Sunye: Think about it carefully. You’re going to make the both of you suffer.

Kaya: He’ll be just fine. Never tell him I’m alive! If I will meet him one day I will take care of it. Now go and take him to a safe place! I will hold them up.

Sunye turned to leave reluctantly. An enemy appeared in front of her, but Kaya used mind control to break his neck. Sunye took one last look at the girl. The girl wasn’t paying attention to anything else but the fight. With a heavy heart, she turned and started running away.
[End of flashback]

Yunho: I see…So this was her plan all along. I wonder what happens if they meet like we did.

Junsu: All I know is that Jaejoong will be shocked out of his mind.

Ayumi: I’m sure he will forgive her if she tells him the reasons why she did it. I wish they meet soon so they could end the suffering.

Sunye: You know…I was this close to tell him the truth so many times, but then I remembered her words.

Junsu: You made the right choice.

Sunye: Have i? When I look at him all I see is a soulless body and it’s tearing me apart.

Yunho: You still love him, don’t you?

Sunye: Well, not like I used to, but I still am. I love him like a brother. My heart belongs to Donghae now.

Ayumi: And Donghae’s heart is yours. It always was.

Sunye (smiled): I miss him a lot. I wonder where he is. I want to see him.

Yunho: Maybe you’ll see him sooner than expected. I’ve lost my appetite. I’ll go home first. Enjoy your dinner.

Sunye: Hey what was that supposed to mean?

Ayumi: Just leave him be. He’s like that since 50 years ago when he had to leave his sister behind.

Junsu: He misses her alot, that’s why. He doesn’t trust anyone but her.

To Sunye, Yunho’s behaviour seemed like he was a second Jaejoong and thought I was because of the bond they carry. Remembering that her friends might be hungry, she hurried to bring them food. After they ate, they left a contact number and settled a meeting. Sunye was going to bring the prince too.

After her shift was over, at about 1 am, Sunye decided to go and feed in her favourite club. She used hypnosis to pass the guard. Large heavy clouds of smoke greeted her along with the smell of fresh blood being pumped from the heart. Her eyes instantly shifted from brown to pure red and she liked her lips. She could almost sense the pleasure of drinking fresh blood. Stepping further into the room, she faintly sensed Donghae. The smell made her remember Yunho’s words:”Maybe you’ll see him sooner than expected”. Was he right? Sunye looked around among the people on the dancefloor. None was who she wanted, but she kept searching. A few seconds later, she located the target: Donghae was at the bar drinking with a girl. Sunye felt jealousy build up inside her core, but decided that it isn’t wise to jump to conclusions.

As he was pleasantly chatting with the girl beside him and preparing to lure her into the deadly trap, Donghae felt something had changed in the air. Something he couldn’t explain and it felt like deja-vu. Suddenly, he felt someone tap his shoulder. Looking back he saw a girl passing him by going in the direction of the back exit. Something told him he should follow the girl so he did. Catching up with her, he grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. Sunye greeted him with a kiss. He was so shocked he couldn’t react. She took her time kissing him until they were both breathless.

Donghae: Sun…Sunye? Is that really you?

Sunye: Yes, it’s really me. I can’t believe that Yunho was right. He said that I will meet you sooner than expected and here you are.

Donghae: I missed you so much~! Where have you been? I thought I will never see you again…

Sunye: It’s a long story. I’ve traveled around the world with Jaejoong and a few years back we settled here in Tokyo.
Donghae: Wait! You were with him all this time? I thought you stayed at the palace with Changmin.

Sunye: It’s a long story, like I said, but now that we found each other I will take my sweet time telling you.

Donghae: I’m looking forward to it. I didn’t pass a day without thinking about you. I was so worried that you might be in danger. God knows what that evil king is thinking.

Sunye: I can take care of myself, you know. But it feels good to know that you’ve been thinking about me because I’ve been thinking about you too.

Sunye embraced him, holding him tight. He returned the hug, but his face showed a bit of disappointment. She was with her old love all these years and he didn’t know anything about it.

Donghae: Have you eaten yet?

Sunye: Well…not yet. I usually come at this club to eat, but I saw you and forgot all about eating. Why? Do you want me to have dinner with you?

Donghae: No, it’s just that my dinner has left. I would have shared, but you got me distracted from the hunt and now you owe me dinner.

Sunye: You’re such a meanie! You shouldn’t be like that with…

They both felt a strong presence next to them and realized that Jaejoong was standing behind them. He was beyond furious which scared the both of them. He was coming torwards them menacingly making Donghae step in front of Sunye to protect her.

Sunye: What happened, master? Why are you so furious?

Jaejoong: You! You told Kaya we slept together!! Why did you lie to her?

Sunye: “They must have met.” I didn’t…

Donghae: Jaejoong, stop! Calm down and let’s have a civilized conversation.

Jaejoong: Never address me by my name again! I have no intention to talk with someone who’s trying to ruin my life under the pretext of saving my life!

Sunye: Just let me explain.

Jaejoong: You have 5 seconds.

Sunye: Look, I didn’t tell her anything like that. Why would I tell her I slept with you?

Jaejoong: I don’t know, revenge perhaps? You always had something against her.

Sunye: At first I was jealous, but my heart belongs to Donghae now. I had no reason whatsoever. She’s lying to you~!

Jaejoong: She would never lie to me! She never did. You’re the one who is lying!

Sunye: Just ask her to tell you the truth, that’s all I’m saying.

Jaejoong: You will come with me right now to find her. And when we do, you’ll tell her the truth.

Donghae: I won’t let you take her! She is staying here with me! Sunye is not lying. I know her.

Jaejoong: Do you? I thought I knew her too, but I was obviously wrong.

Donghae: I know you’re frustrated because Kaya rejected you, but don’t take it out on Sunye. It’s not fair. Try to solve your own issues alone.

Jaejoong: Fine! You know what? I’ll pretend this didn’t happen.

The prince turned to leave and the suddenly turned back and punched Donghae throwing him into a nearby tree. His eyes were completely black. Sunye, worried, ran to see if Donghae was alright. Jaejoong felt a mortal presence behind him and immediately charged to him like a mad man. He almost punched the lights out of the mortal, but someone stopped him. When he looked back, he saw Miki, Kaya’s servant, staring at him with a deathly glare. His eyes widened, he was speechless. Kaya must be close.

Kaya: Sangki, go and help your uncle up. We’re going home.

The mortal teenager got up and took one last glance before running to Donghae’s side. He and Sunye helped Donghae up who was now coughing out blood. The prince’s punch was strong.

Sangki: What happened here, uncle Donghae?

Donghae: Kaya, what did you do to him? He’s acting like a mad man.

Kaya: Me? I did nothing. He is the one who is acting like a mad man for no reason.

Jaejoong: No reason? How can you…

Sunye: You told him we slept together. It’s…

Kaya: Come on, let’s go home, Sangki. This is no place for you. Miki, take Donghae please. We’re going first.

Kaya took Sangki’s hand and they both disappeared in a split second. Miki released his grip on the prince, took Donghae and disappeared too, leaving Sunye alone with Jaejoong. The both of them remained in silence for some time before Jaejoong told his guard to come home after she had her meal and left. The dawn was coming soon and Sunye had to hurry.

Unaware of the situation outside, Chiyoko and Changmin spent their day in bed sleeping. Once it was dark outside, Changmin went to take a shower before going outside to hunt. He came back before Chiyoko woke up. Their son was out with some friends at a party, Minwoo was reading in his room and Kangin was still at work. After she got dressed and had dinner, they decided to watch some TV together, but their plan was ruined by a knock at the door. Minwoo went to open the door. When he did, a wave of shock struck him.

Mizuki: Hello! We are…

Yoochun & Mizuki: MINWOO???

Changmin: Minwoo, who’s at the door? Mizuki!?

Mizuki: Bro, what are you doing here?

Changmin: I live here.

Yoochun: We just moved in tonight across the street. Wah~ this must be fate!

Changmin invited them inside and they all hugged, relieved to see that the other was safe and sound. Junki and Siwon came too, worried for their master’s disappearance. This was a happy day for all of them. The guests were amaized by the great taste in decoration and the immensity of Chiyoko’s house. They were invited in the huge livingroom and Minwoo brought food for all of them. This was the first time they dined together since a very long time.

Yoochun: So, tell us what did you do all this years?

Chiyoko: We stayed at the palace for another 5 years, and then decided to leave that horrid place. It was the best thing to do since Junmin kept trying to kill his grandpa.

Mizuki: What do you mean by “to kill his grandpa”?

Changmin: Exactly that. Junmin would go berserk once in a while, especially on full moon and tried to kill the king countless times. I think he understood more that we thought he did at that time. He kept telling Masao to bring you and Kaya back so you can play with him.

Siwon: Wow…this is…I don’t know what to say. Your boy is very smart and deadly too. How did you manage to stop him?

Minwoo: We thank God that we managed to. He almost killed me and his parents once when trying to stop him. We practically begged him to release the king and the doll helped us a lot too.

Yoochun: What doll?

Junki: Kaya foresaw how powerful the baby will be so she made a doll which contained a binding spell of some sort. I don’t know much about it because she didn’t tell me.

Mizuki: As expected from the witch. She did a great job. Oh, and that reminds me! Have you by any chance met the others these past years?

Chiyoko: No, we didn’t meet anyone nor received news from them. It was like they vanished. I didn’t try to contact them because I feared that we will be found.

Changmin: Enough with our story because it’s boring. What have you been doing all these years?

Junki: We were mostly on the run, always hiding. We changed locations as often as possible to make him loose our trail.

Mizuki: In spite of the fear of being caught, it was kind of fun actually. We traveled around the world experiencing different cultures, customs, and meeting interesting people, bonding with them, even if it was just for a fleeting moment.

Yoochun: We also got married in a chapel in Europe. Since then we use this as our cover. When moving somewhere else we would pretend to be a newly wedded couple searching for a place to stay. It always works.

Chiyoko: Congratulations! Your strategies are flawless, as always, Yoochun.

Yoochun: Thank you, Your Highness.

Minwoo: But where do you get the money for your everyday living?

Mizuki: That’s a bit…complicated…how can I say this?

Siwon: Junki and I are professional swindlers.

Minwoo&Chiyoko&Changmin: WHAT??

Junki: This is a bit disturbing isn’t it? I know, but Siwon and Mizuki can’t work properly, we were always on the run and Mizuki won’t let Yoochun go 50 feet away from her.

Chiyoko: You would have been better in the mafia bussines.
Mizuki: Siwon and I kill only to feed. We are no murderers…anymore. Well…we are but that’s just… nature laws.

Yoochun: But we have also good news. We decided to stay here forever…or at least a human lifetime. All of us will find work or start a business of our own.

Changmin: That’s great to hear. Let’s finish our meal before it gets cold.

Junki: It already did.

Minwoo: Should I reheat it?

Chiyoko: No, its ok, Minwoo. I’m sure we ate plenty already and everyone is full by now.

Changmin: I’m not.

Mizuki: Me neither.

Yoochun: Then eat! What are you waiting for?

No one knew why the atmosphere became so awkward, but they were all embarrassed and kept eating in silence. Mizuki, Junki, Siwon and Yoochun agreed to spend the day at Changmin’s place. They had so much more to say about what happened in the past. The memories and feelings started to torment all of them, but none of them showed it. They stayed to talk until late in the morning, then being tired, decided that it was best to continue this some other time and turned in.

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 17: Ancient tales: Dangerously in love[part 1]


War is the most terrible thing hate can create. It brings poverty, begarhood, sorrow and death. For some, it is the only solution for solving a missunderstanding, for the the ones greedy for power is a way of forcing others to step aside and let them lead. Men go to war for a cause that they believe to be the right one. But it is never certain who was right or wrong until the outcome is settled.

There was a time, before the war begun, when humans and creatures lived together in harmony. They helped one another when in need. Looking back at the terrifying war between demons and vampires it will be hard for one to imagine such a world existed.

Lee Soojin was a 20 year old girl, the daughter of a highly respected nobleman. They were very skilled in the art of both black and white magic. Soojin’s parents were proud of their only daughter, especially that she was born in the 13th day of the first month and she was the 13th generation in their family. This meant that she was powerful and her destiny was a great one. Her best friend since childhood and her fiancé was Watanabe Akira, the future king of demons. The prince used to be a womanizer until he truly fell in love with Soojin. He loved her deeply, but she did not feel the same way. Akira decided not to push her to love him and take things slowly.

One evening as they were taking a walk along a river side, watching the sunset, a badly wounded man collapsed at their feet startling the girl. He was impaled by arrows and bleeded profusely. The kind-hearted Soojin ignored the fright and immediately rushed to help him.

Masao: Help…me…

After that he lost consciousness. Akira told the servants accompanying them to take the man to Soojin’s place. The mysterious man had been tended by Soojin for a week until he recovered. When Soojin entered the room to see his condition, she found him standing in front of the mirror, taking his bandages off. Realizing what he was doing, the girl rushed to stop him, afraid that he will make them open.

Soojin: You musn’t! The wounds are not healed yet!

Masao: They must be. How long has passed since I slept?

Soojin: Seven days.

Masao: Then my wounds are healed. I’m a vampire.

Soojin: Ah…really? I didn’t notice…

Masao: Are you a servant here? Where am i?

Soojin: I am the daughter of Lord Lee, Soojin. You are in my house.

Masao: Forgive my rudness, Miss Soojin. I did not introduce myself properly. My name is Sakamoto Masao and I am just a humble vampire.

Soojin: It’s alright, Masao. What can I do for you? Do you need something? Aren’t you hungry?

Masao: You already did more than enough. I don’t want to abuse your hospitality. I shall take my leave now.

Soojin: But I want you to stay!

Masao: Excuse me?

Soojin (blushed and looked away): Everyone in the village knows that you are being taken care of here. My family is highly respected and if you leave we will have a bad reputation because they will think we threw you out after you felt better.

Masao: Are you sure there isn’t any other reason? I can read your mind, you know?

Soojin: Perfectly sure. I can block you out of my mind if I want to. I am a witch. (after a moment of silence) So… you should at least stay for dinner.

Masao: Alright, if you insist. I don’t want your family to have a bad reputation and I can thank your family for tending my wounds at the dinner too.

Soojin: Alright then. You will be called downstairs once the dinner is ready. I will make sure our servants bring you some blood.

The witch exited the room hurriedly, with her cheeks flushed. She looked back at the door and smiled. Maybe he was the one that she’s been waiting for.

Months passed and Masao saw Soojin everyday. It was clearly that the two of them were madly in love with one another. It pained Akira to see his beloved happy in someone else’s arms, but he vowed on the sword never to make her unhappy and he intended not to break the vow. One day, he stopped coming to see her. The next day her father was summoned by him.

Akira: Take a sit, sir.

Mr. Lee: Why did you summon me, Your Highness?

Akira: I called you here because I want to talk to you about the arranged marriage between me and your daughter.

Mr. Lee: What about it?

Akira: I want to cancel it.

Mr. Lee: But why?

Akira: I love her. But she doesn’t feel the same about me. Soojin fell in love with Masao. If being with him makes her happy, then I will sacrifice for her.

Mr. Lee: But you know she can’t marry a commoner. It’s you she has to marry.

Akira: I know. But I want what’s the best for her. If she will be happy with him I will learn to let go. The deal you made is now officially broken. I won’t marry Soojin anymore.

Mr. Lee: Your highness, you shouldn’t rush in making decisions. I’m sure that Soojin is just infatuated with him. Please reconsider!

Akira: I can see the difference between infatuation and true love. She’s not just infatuated with him. My decision is final wheather if you like it or not, Lord Lee. You may leave now.

Mr. Lee: I will do as you say, prince Akira, but I still want you to reconsider. You know as well as I do that this marriage wasn’t made for us to obtain status and wealth. Your destiny is to be with her.

Akira: I know you are good people. I never doubted it. Tell Soojin I don’t want her to see me anymore. Tell her I am not upset or angry at her, but I found someone else to make me happy. I wish her only happiness. She will understand that this is for the best.

Mr Lee: I will make sure she gets the message. But remember that you will come across each other weather you like it or not. You can’t avoid fate because it always finds ways to make things it wants them to be. Goodbye, Your highness!

Akira: Goodbye, Lord Lee.

The first thing lord Lee did when arriving home was to tell his daughter the dreadful news. Hearing the news from her father, Soojin became baleful and spent 3 days ill in bed without eating. She loved Masao; there was no doubt about it. Even if Akira cancelled the wedding, she still wanted them to be best friends. The truth was that without Akira, her heart felt empty. He used to be her confident and she realized that unknowingly he was someone who became very precious to her, someone without she could not live. Soojin decided that she should try to be happy for his sake. Her father forbidden her to see Masao ever again, but she broke the rule because she found comfort in him.

Two years later, Soojin met Akira in the market while she was shopping for new hairpins. He was walking down the road and he didn’t seem to notice her. She ran and grabbed his hand, making him stop in tracks and turn around. A fake smile was plastered on his face once he realized who it was.

Soojin: Akira!

Akira: Ah…long time no see, Soojin-sama.

Soojin: “Why is he so formal? I hate it!” Please don’t be too formal with me. We’ve been friends for a very long time.

A long silence followed putting them both in an awkward position. Regardless, she was glad to see him after all this time.

Soojin: It’s been a long time since we’ve taken a walk on the river bank. Care to take a walk with me?

Akira: Actually, I am very busy. The coronation is in 3 days.

Soojin: Come on! It won’t be long, I promise. If they scold you, I will take the blame. Tell them it’s my fault.

Akira: “I would never blame you for anything. I would never do something to hurt you. Because i…”

Soojin: So what do you say?

Akira: Alright, let’s go. But I can’t stay more than one hour.

He let her ride the palanquin while he walked. The trip to the river was silent until Akira started to talk, wishing that things wouldn’t feel so awkward between them.

Akira: So how have you been, Young Miss? Is everything alright?

Soojin: It…it is pretty good. But I feel something very precious to me is missing. This makes me sorrowful.

Akira: I hope that thing is returned to you so you can be happy again.

Soojin: It’s what I wish too. How have you been doing?

Akira: I spend my days learning how to be a good king for my people. It was hard at the beginning, but I’m used to it now.

Soojin: Have you improved your swordplay? I know it was your hobby.

Akira: I’ve been practicing every single day. Do you still remember what I taught you about swordplay?

Soojin: Of course I do. I’ve been practicing too and I’ve been told that I’ve improved very much. Usually I practice with Masao in the woods.

Akira: You’re still with him?

Soojin: Yes. I’m seeing him secretly. So please don’t tell my father about it.

Akira: Don’t worry. My lips are sealed.

Soojin: Ah~ this brings back memories, doesn’t it?

Akira: Yes… “I wish we could be like we used to but it’s not possible. I still love you but I have to marry someone else to become king of demons.”

Soojin: Are you ok? What are you thinking so deeply about?

Akira: Nothing…I just…I’m very busy these days. Oh! That reminds me that our time together has come to an end. I will escort you back to the market and then I will leave.

Soojin: “Why did the things changed so drastically between us? Why aren’t you the same when you are with me?”

Soojin gave him a small nod and smiled reluctantly. She wanted to stay some more but it was no point in trying to make him stay if he was so busy. As they were walking back to the palanquin, one of her father’s guards called her name. They both turned around to see the guy forcing himself to reach where they were. He was dead tired and covered in painful wounds. Their eyes widened at the sight before them.

Man: Young Miss! You must go as far away as possible! Hide someplace safe! Your highness, you must take her away immediately!

Soojin: What happened?

Man: He killed your entire family.

Akira: Who did this?

Man: The vampire did. Masao came back and attacked us in broad daylight. You have to stay away from him, miss. We couldn’t stop him. Your father’s last wish is for you to continue living so please!

Soojin: What…? It’s impossible! I have to see it for myself.

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 17:Ancient tales: Dangerously in love[part 2]

Soojin felt the whole world crashing down upon her. Was it true? Did he use her? She started running as fast as she could, taking a sword of a servant in the process, ignoring Akira’s cries. She had to be certain. He ran after her afraid that the witch might do something regrettable. At one point the girl summoned a dragon and flew away. Akira increased his speed to be able to keep up with her.

Soon the dragon landed to its destination. All she saw there was bodies spread across the courtyard. Inside the house was no better. In a corner she saw both of her parents’ corpses. This made her knees weaken. Tears started streaming down her cheeks, but she decided to be strong and continued to walk further. Arriving in the master bedroom, she saw Masao smiling proudly while holding the Sacred Book of Spells in his right hand. In his left hand was a sword from which blood was dripping, tainting the floor.

Soojin: Masao…did you do all this?

Masao: I didn’t expect you to come at all, honey. I thought you were out shopping.

Soojin: Why did you do it?

Masao: Obviously, the Book was my primary target. You were just too stupid to see it.

Soojin: So what was between us was a lie?

Masao: Finnaly! I thought you will never come down from your little cloud 9. It wasn’t easy to stick with your annoying self almost all the time pretending to love you, to kiss you and to tell you all those mushy stuff that make me wanna throw up.

Soojin: So you used me. I was so stupid! How could I be so stupid?

Masao: I admit you are, but it helped me a lot. Thanks!

Soojin: Why are you smirking like that? Aren’t you afraid of me?

Masao: No because I know you wouldn’t hurt your beloved. Isn’t that right, love?

Soojin: This time, you’re wrong! I will whipe the floor with you! I WILL MAKE YOU WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN!

A series of ways to make him suffer popped up in her mind. Masao was like her sparkling angel. But his evil smile tore her apart. He took her heart, deceived her right from the start. Soojin couldn’t see his dark intentions, his real feelings for her. Masao showed her dreams that she desired to be real. Now he broke his promises and made her realize that it was all a lie. She was still curious about the reason, the thorn in his eye. Remorse was useless now. No more denying, felt that it was time for her to face the truth, to stand her ground. Could she take it? Even though this might be the end of the life she had held so dear she won’t run. There was not turning back from there. If she didn’t make it, someone else will defeat him.

Soojin’s eyes were turning black as she mumbled something he couldn’t understand. The fight ended in less than a minute. Before Soojin could cast a spell to bind him, he shot an arrow with his crossbow. The quarrel hit her in the heart and she fell motionlessly on the cold floor with blood dripping from her mouth. A few minutes later, Akira found her struggling to live. Terrified, he ran, picked her up and embraced her. Masao was long gone with the Book.

Akira: Soojin, don’t you die on me! You stupid girl~! Why did you run like that? Why didn’t you wait for me?

Soojin: Forgive me…Akira…for being such…a burden to…all of you. I should have seen…what he hid beneath…that mask. I…should have…listened to you.

Akira: No! It’s my fault for not trying to save you, for not seeing the truth.

The girl coughed blood which stained his shirt. This made him panic even more.

Akira: Bear with it a little longer. I will take you to a necromancer.

Soojin: No! It’s ok…it’s my fate…I should die for making…such a great mistake. Is useless anyway…Just…let me stay here…like this…in your arms.

Akira: No! I won’t accept it!

Soojin: I’m begging you…let’s just stay here…and talk about good times…

Akira: Can you remember? Can you remember back to that time where i used to make you laugh endlessly?

Soojin: I missed those times…

Akira: I was never good enough for you, always being a fool, always being an idiot...I loved you more than anything, I'd give up everything just to be with called me a player after I told you about my past. I never loved any of those girls as much as I love you. You say that I'm mean sometimes, well that's all because I'm too much of an idiot to tell you how I really feel. You are everything that I've ever wanted. If I could just be with you for a month, a week, a day, I'd treasure those moments forever. You are the best thing to ever happen to me.

Soojin: The funny thing is…that it took me…an awful long time to…realize it. Now it’s too late. You know how much I missed you?

Akira: I don't deserve you, but I just want you let you know...I'd give everything up for you.

Soojin: You’re wrong. I’m the one who…doesn’t deserve you…you were always so…good to me and i…always hurt you…You even let go…of your love for me…so I can be happy…with Masao…I will be indebted to you…forever.

Tears threatened to spill, but he held them back. Akira hated to be seen cry. Soojin made a tremendous effort to lift her hand up to his face. She caressed it lightly, smiling to encourage him.

Soojin: I know…your heart is being torn…so don’t need to…hold back the tears…in front of me…I’ll take the secret…with me in the grave…

Akira: I swear that bastard is going to pay for taking you away from me. I will not rest until he is dead!

Soojin: I will take care of…my own revenge…don’t worry. I’ll find a way…to come back and kill him…

Akira: I will be waiting for you, my love.

The next moment her heart stopped beating, she stopped breathing, passing away into other realm. Only then he dared to let himself cry. Akira buried her under her favorite cherry tree. As soon as the funeral was finished, he sent all his men to look for Masao Sakamoto. He gave instructions to have his head on a plate. He became powerful by managing to learn the spells and tricks from the Book of Spells. He was helped by wizards who were told so many times about the dream not meant to be-his ideal kingdom in the world of the free. Surprisingly this theory of his managed to gather many followers. Masao was the deceiver of hearts; the deceiver of fools who loved to play with the human mind. To him, this was just a game played for fun. This was the beginning of the war between demons and vampires. The human race was caught in between. Akira and Masao made a covenant with all the other creatures to avoid useless bloodshed. But little did Akira know that the covenant was broken right from the start.

Luckly there were those who didn’t let themselved be tricked by Masao and knowing about the truth behind Soojin’s assassination, managed to resurrect her soul and put it into a new born girl’s body. Because the mother had given birth to twins, a part of Soojin was transferred to the boy also. This, along with the fact that they planned to use the twins in order to murder Sakamoto, was a well guarded secret. Not even the children were allowed to know.
[End of flashback]
A/N: Hello! I was told that the action of my story was going too fast. So, in order to slow it down, i decided to take my time on writing chapters focusing on each of my characters life. Every character has his own life story and i will try to tell you a little bit about how did they ended up working for the kings.
This chapter is focused on Masao Sakamoto & Akira Yamamoto's pasts as well as the spirit who lives inside Kaya's body and shows the reason why the war began.
I hope you will like it and once again i will apologise for my grammar or spelling mistakes ^^ Have a nice day~

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Wow, awesome, now we finally know where the demon in Kaya and Yunho is from. Thanks for the update ^^


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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 18:Ancient tales: Never love again


Love is a very powerful feeling which is told to drive creatures insane. Love can make you selfish, but also generous.When we love something or someone, we wish to be by our side eternally.For that to happen, we protect the thing we love even at the cost of our own life. We are able to do everything for the one we love, not caring for the world. But love can also be cruel to us and the most terrible thing is that we don't know what destiny has prepared for us. We don't know when our beloved is harshly taken away from us.

Lee Junki was an ambitious young demon who dreamed about being the best fighter in the world. Actually he loved to be the best in everything. Not because he wanted to receive praises but because he knew that like that, now that the war was engaged, he could protect his comarades and friends. He swore to fight to protect them until his last breath. The young lad was still training hard to become a spy for the demon king.

One day while he had some free time, decided to go and buy something to eat. He decided to go to the village’s brothel because the food there was the best. The cooks were excellent. He rented a private room for a few hours because he wanted to rest too. The training was irksome. As he waited for his order, he heard hasty footsteps coming to his room. The door opened and a girl entered, closing it fast behind her. She was surprised to see him standing at the table. That showed that she didn’t expect anyone to be in that room. He recongnised minister Ishikawa’s daughter, Yumi. She was famous for helping poor people, for being an extremely kind-hearted person.

Junki: Excuse me, but what are you doing here? I rented this room so I can get some privacy but it seems that nowadays no one cares about that anymore.

Yumi: Shut up!

She drew a hairpin from her hair and threatened him with it. Curious what will she do next and confident that he could immobilize her fast, Junki let her do as she pleased. A voice calling Yumi was soon heard. It was clear to him that she was running from her servant. Another pair of footsteps approached the door menacingly.

Yumi: Get behind the guise now!

Junki: Wait! You hide and I will tell them I didn’t see anyone.

Yumi: How can I trust you?

Junki: You can’t be sure. It’s your only chance. I suggest you take it.

Not wanting to go back home Yumi hid behind the guise. Junki kept his promise and didn’t tell anyone she was there. After they left, he went to her.

Junki: You can come out now. Everyone left. Now what’s my reward?

Yumi: I didn’t say anything about a reward for helping me.

Junki: You’re indebted to me, so I must get a reward.

Yumi: Ok, name your price.

Junki: Firstly you have to tell me what minister Ishikawa is running away from.

Yumi: That’s my own bussines.

Junki: You promised you would give me a reward. I demand answers.

Yumi: Aish! You’re so annoying! Alright! My father wants me to marry the prime-minister’s son, Hideo Nakamura. I hate him! He’s such a jerk. Every night he goes to the brothel and sleeps with every woman he lays his eyes on.

Junki: I suppose your father doesn’t know that.

Yumi: Of course he doesn’t because Hideo takes advantage of his position and hides all this. I’m sick of all the rules and regulations a noble’s daughter has to respect. I wish I was poor!

Junki: Wow! This is the first time I hear something like that from someone like you. You know…it’s not good to be poor. Poor people are good people, indeed, but they don’t have the privileges nobles have.

Yumi: You’re right, but at least you can marry whoever you want.

Junki: You have someone in your heart?

Yumi: No, but I really don’t want to marry a man like Hideo.

Junki: I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with that. All I can say is that you should face this with your head up high. Don’t feel discouraged.

Yumi: How can I not? I can’t marry him! Every Sunday he comes to visit me. When he touches me I feel sick.

Junki: “She is helping everyone without discrimination yet she has such a dreadful fate of marrying the one she loathes. I wish I could help.” I understand, Young Miss…

Yumi: Then this is it. You had your reward. I told you everything. Why were you so curious anyway?

Junki: No reason in particular. You are famous for helping poor people, that’s why I wanted to know a bit about how you think, who you are.

Yumi: Did my answers satisfy your curiousity?

Junki: Yes, Young Miss. Your debt has been cleared.

Yumi: Thank you, by the way.

Junki: You’re welcome.

Yumi: But I don’t know your name, kind sir.

Junki: Do you want to know it?

Yumi: Yes.

Junki: Why?

Yumi: Why? That’s such a ridiculous question! Of course I would want to know the name of the one who helped me.

Junki: My name is…Lee Junki.

Yumi: I have to leave now although I don’t wish so. Perhaps we will meet again, Junki-san. Goodbye!

Junki: It was nice meeting you, Yumi-san.

This was an interesting day for the young lad. The company he had on his day off was rather nice. He didn’t regret going to the brothel that day. Ever since then, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He shook away the thought of being with her because he knew he had no chance. She was engaged to that man.

A few months later he had to run some errands for his superior. He had been told to go in the market where a certain person will be waiting for him. Junki always took his time in doing things and was always careful so on his way to meet the person; he stopped by a few shops and looked at the merchandise. While he was looking at a vase, someone bumped into him and fell down. Looking down he recongnised the face of the girl he met a few months ago.

Junki: Running away again, Yumi-san?

Yumi: Junki…come on! We have no time! They will catch me!

She quickly stood up, took his hand and ran away. They took shelter in a deserted house and waited silently for the chasers to pass them. Yumi looked through a chap in the door, worried. They were both panting hard and Junki couldn’t keep but to look at her.

Junki: Why are you running away, Yumi?

Yumi: I…I can’t take it anymore!

Junki: What did I tell you on our first meeting?

Yumi: I tried, I really did. But…ah!

Junki: What’s wrong?

Yumi: I stepped on a piece of broken pottery…my leg is hurt.
Junki: How can you be so careless?

Yumi: I’m sorry…

He checked her wound. She had cut her foot while running pretty badly. He ripped a piece of his cape and used it to bandage her leg after cleaning it, careful not to make her feel pain.

Junki: There! Next time don’t run if you’re injured. It will make it worse.

Yumi: Thank you, Junki.

Junki: So tell me…what happened? Why are you running away again?

Yumi: The wedding is in a week. I have a bad feeling about it.

Junki: What are you scared about?

Yumi: He’s a scarry man. He just scares me.

Junki: Is he human?

Yumi: I think so. Junki…I wish everyone was as good as you. Would you mind helping me one last time?

Junki: Tell me what I can do for you.

Yumi: Make me yours. That way he won’t marry me anymore.

Junki: What? You’re insane! I can’t do that!

Yumi: Junki, please! I’m not using you…the truth is that I couldn’t stop thinking about you since we met. I love you!

Junki: You can’t love me. I’m a demon.

Yumi: I don’t care what you are. You’re the good man I’ve fallen in love with. Don’t you love me back?

Junki was shocked to hear that from her. It was like a dream. Never in his wildest dreams could afford to imagine that. Was this real? This kind of thoughts flooded his mind. A small noise interrupted his train of thoughts. Knowing who it was, he quickly embraced her and they both disappeared. The next thing the girl saw was that she was in the middle of the forest.

Yumi: Where are we?

Junki: We’re safe for now.

The demon sat down on a rock, eyes fixed on something far away. Yumi went across him and fell on her knees, trying hard to hold back the tears. She didn’t succeed. Not bearing to see her cry anymore, he went to her and brushed a strand of hair covering her face. This made her look up. Junki wiped her tears and kissed her delicate, trembling lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck sobbing with her head resting on his chest.

Junki: I’m here so stop crying. I won’t allow you to cry anymore.

Yumi: Promise you won’t leave me. Ever!

Junki: I promise, Yumi.

That night they planned to run away together on her wedding day far away so that Hideo or her family won’t find her. But none of them knew that their plans would be ruined.

Two days later, he received an invitation from Hideo “to go to his house and discuss a matter that concerned him” as the letter said. Curious but prudent, he went there. Once arrived there, he was invited in a salon and told to wait for the master’s arrival. Minutes later, Hideo walked in with a fake smile plastered on his face.

Hideo: I’m glad you could make it, Junki-san.

Junki: Why did you summon me, Young Master Hideo?

Hideo: I wanted to talk to you about Ishikawa Yumi.

Junki: What about her?

Hideo: You know…I know about you two.

Junki (maintained his calm): I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Hideo: Good job at concealing your real feelings. Is that a natural feature of demons?

Junki: Aren’t you afraid of me?

Hideo: No. I know that if you could love Yumi as much as you did, you’re harmless if we will just have a nice chat. There is no need to hide your intimate relationship with her from me. I already know.

Junki: I’m not sure if you are brave of plain stupid, Hideo-san. Knowing that your fiancée has a relationship with a demon, you do nothing about it. But now you summon me to tell me that you know, aware of the fact that I could just kill you in a blink of an eye and go unpunished.

Hideo: It’s true, but I’m doing that for the woman we both love. Anyway…I’m giving you this letter which you are forbidden to open until you reach your destination.

Junki: Where am I going?

Hideo: My servants will escort you someplace. I won’t tell you where you’re going. I want to surprise you.

Junki: And what if I refuse to go?

Hideo: You have to go or she’ll be upset. It’s your choice.

Junki had no choice but to obey. He was escorted into a palanquin to some unknown destination. The trip wasn’t very long. When he stepped outside, he found himself in front of a house at the edge of the next village. One of the servants told him to enter it. Once inside the small house a saprogenic smell mixed with blood hit him as a tornado, making him want to throw up. Despite the horrid smell he went forward. The next thing he saw was Yumi’s half naked, mutilated body lying on a dry sea of red liquid. His jaw dropped, his hand automatically covered his mouth, and he fell on his knees next to the bed with tears threatening to fall. It didn’t take him long to realize who was behind this. The demon quickly ripped the envelope and took out the letter which said:
“Junki, by now you will have found out why she didn’t come to see you yesterday. I kidnapped her and tried to persuade her to accept the marriage because I will love her like no one will. But she insisted to refuse my offer so I raped her, tortured her until she begged me to take her life. Even when she was suffering she kept calling your name. You’re a cruel man, you know? Your love led to her death. It’s your fault she died. If I can’t have her no one will~!”
He balled his palm into a fist crumpling the piece of paper. Fury quickly took over him and his eyes turned black. By the time he arrived at Hideo’s house, the murderer was already long gone. It was too late for everything. After punching a few walls and making holes in them, he calmed himself down. Junki went back to the house and picked up Yumi’s body. He buried her on a hill where they used to watch the sunset together. As he buried her body, he didn’t stop crying. Because he loved her, she died. He swore to never love anyone again because that would deliver him and his beloved nothing but pain.

He spent his next ten years training almost non-stop to become stronger. The result was the one he expected: he was promoted to top spy branch. Since her death he rarely smiled, dedicated his life to fighting and the little time he took off was the day she died when he went to her grave. In spite of all this, he found a great friend in his fellow comarade, Hankyung. His moral support kept him going on and ten years from her death he was able to exact revenge on the one responsible for ruining his life.
[End of flashback]

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Chapter 19:Ancient tales: Loosing everything

Sadness is a feeling that man wished never to discover. Whenever we see someone sad, we wish to make him feel better and it automatically makes us want to help the sad one. That is what people call "pity". The opinions are divided.Some believe that we help because we know we will get payed at the end and some believe that only the ones with a kind heart are capable to feel it. However,pity manages to bond people in mysterious ways by turning into genuine love or friendship.

Long ago, in a mountain village, a little human boy was living. He was Korean and he lost his parents when he was on a trip to Japan. His name was Lee Minwoo and he came from a reach noble family, but when on a trip to Japan, because the boy was too playful, he got lost and his family went back to Korea without him. Minwoo was four years old when this happened. A poor family without the possibility of having children decided to adopt him. Because he was smart, his parents made efforts to send him to school; he quickly learned the language and was always praised by the teachers. Minwoo was an obiedient child who loved his parents and helped them whenever he could. He made many friends among the kids from the village and everyone loved him.

Many years passed by and Minwoo was now 14 years old. His life seemed to be perfect in spite the fact his family was poor. A few months earlier he showed his interes in learning the ways of a blacksmith. His father decided to teach him how to make a sword and how to use one, so Minwoo went to his workshop every day. Today was no different.

Minwoo: Dad! I’m here~!

Mr. Sato: I was expecting you, son.

Minwoo: How was your day? Did you receive requests today?

Mr. Sato: My day was good and yes I did receive a big, big request.

Minwoo: From whom?

Mr. Sato: From the emperor himself. He called the best blacksmiths in the country to make him a unique sword.

Minwoo: That’s great! I bet we will get so much money from him that we will have enough to live two lives!

Minwoo started bouncing up and down, his heart leaping in happiness. With the money received from the emperor they will be able to pay their debts and live well for a long time. His father watched him and on his face, a bittersweet smile was plastered. He knew he had no choice but to obey the emperor even though the reward his family will receive will be little and after making the sword and it was obvious that all the blacksmiths will be disposed so the secret won’t be revealed or another sword like that created.

Minwoo: When will you leave?

Mr. Sato: They will come to get me a week from now. I don’t know how long it will take to make it, so in the meantime you will be running the shop.

Minwoo: Really? That’s awesome!!

Mr. Sato: But! This means you will have to be a quick learner and make a sword without my help in 4 days.

Minwoo: I will do my best~! I will be the best scholar you’ve had!

Mr. Sato: “You will never manage to disappoint me, son. You always made me proud.”

Minwoo: Can we start now?

Mr. Sato: Of course! But first I need you to run an errand for me. Take this sword and deliver it to noble Ishikawa’s house. When you come back I will teach you some secrets.

Minwoo: Ok, dad! I will be back soon. Don’t go anywhere!

Mr. Sato watched his son exit the shop with a smile on his furrowed face. This shop will eventually belong to Minwoo so he must teach him all the secrets he also learned from his father. The old man wasn’t stupid and he wanted to negotiate with the emperor about the making of the sword. He had an idea of how the sword will look like, so he wanted the emperor to make his family debt-free. Their happiness was his primary concern.

The week passed fast and the day Minwoo’s father was leaving to the palace came. The palace guards arrived at their door early in the morning. He was allowed to bid farewell to his wife and child. Mr. Sato embraced his wife and child and took a look at their faces for one last time. Minwoo was brightly smiling and telling him not to worry because the shop will be in great care and by the time he will return, the bussines will be doing great. On the other side, his wife was crying silently thinking at her husband’s fate. If they wouldn’t have any children she would have begged them to take her also, but now she must take care of Minwoo as agreed.

In the next months, Minwoo was doing a great job taking care of the shop. The costumers always praised his work. Being all alone in the shop, he often left the shop to run errands. One day he had to go and deliver some swords in the capital. He made a good deal with the costumer and he was getting a lot of money on the merchandise. When he decided to go back it was already dark. On his way back, he saw a thick black smoke column rising from his village’s direction. Seeing that, Minwoo hurried back. Arriving there, he experienced the shock of his life. The village was a total chaos: people were running for their lives while a group of people on horses were stricking deadly blows at them, all the houses were on fire. He stood there in shock watching how people were fighting desperately for their lives, unable to strike back and defend themselves. Suddenly a thought popped up in his mind: his mother. By the time he made a step, someone hit him and he passed out.

A few hours later, he was awoken by loud noises. He opened his eyes, but his sight was blurry. He couldn’t remember what happened either. The boy heard footsteps approaching and he looked up trying to distinguish the person.

Man: Hey, he’s awake! What’s your name, boy?

Minwoo: I must ask you the same question…ah! My head!

Man: Your head hurts, huh? Humans are nothing but a pain in the neck. I told you not to bring him. Get him some water.

Minwoo: What are you? Are you demons?

Minwoo received a bottle of water and begun to drink slowly. The man began to laugh. The boy looked really innocent.

Man: Here is what we’re gonna do, kid. We will play a game. You wil tell us a bit about yourself and we will tell you a bit about us. How about that?

Minwoo: Fair enough. I’ll start. Answer the question I asked you.

Man: The right answer is vampires. There! I said it. It’s your turn. Tell us your name, age and profession.

Minwoo: My name is Lee Minwoo, I am 14 years old and I work as a blacksmith.

Man: So young and already a blacksmith! You must be talented. Where are your parents?

Minwoo: I don’t know. Hey! You already asked 2 questions. I must ask you 2 too.

Man: Go ahead.

Minwoo: Your name, age and profession. Also, I would like to find out where I am.

Man: My name is Kei and I am the boss of the Flying dragons. You’re at our hideout in the mountains.

Minwoo: You’re the famous vampire thieves!

Kei: What can I say? We’re too good.

And then he remembered the terror, the fire, everything. The pieces of the puzzle were finally fitting. The flying dragons have robbed their village. Minwoo suddenly stood up and backed away. Fear was present in his eyes brimming with tears.

Kei: What’s wrong, boy? Why are you so scared?

Minwoo: You…you’re the ones who robbed and killed my friends.

Kei: Ah…you must have lived in the last village we targeted.

Minwoo: HOW COULD YOU??? WHY??????

Minwoo came towards him and attempted to hit him. Kei blocked his fist and threw him to the ground. The boy attempted again only to get the same result. Realizing he had no chance, he gave up and stood there on the ground, crying.

Kei: Aish, they all have the same reaction. You humans are all the same. You’re so emotional. I can’t understand you people, really.

Minwoo: Kill me.

Kei: What? I can’t hear you.

Minwoo: KILL ME!! You killed everyone! I have nothing to live for and you don’t need me so kill me!!

Kei: You know, when I was younger I thought that humans were interesting creatures because of their complexe emotions. But now I realized that you are all the same.

Minwoo: Spare me the detailes and just do it quickly!

Kei: When you loose someone you want to die too but don’t have the guts to end your own life. You’re constantly telling others to do you a favor and end it.

Minwoo: Well then let me prove you I am not like them.

He took a sword from a vampire’s hand and pointed at his own heart. Then he remembered that his father was still alive. He couldn’t do it. Changing his mind, Minwoo managed to stab Kei in the stomach. Annoyed, the vampire advanced towards the boy not caring about the sharp object in his body. Minwoo’s eyes widen when Kei grab him and pierce his skin with the fangs. He felt the blood being drained and in a few minutes everything became blank.

Mr. Sato was sleeping in a cell on the ground with only his hands as a pillow. His hands were tied by a thick rope; his eyes were blindfolded with a dirty cloth. He was forcefully yanked and pulled outside. He asked where he was being taken, but noone bothered to answer his question. A while later the cloth which was preventing him to see was removed. He saw his son sleeping before his eyes.

Kei: Welcome to your execution site, dear sir!

Mr. Sato: Excuse me? What do you mean?

Kei: I know that you and these men behind you are the blacksmiths who created a new sword for the king. We were ordered by the king to kill you.

Mr. Sato: You’re vampires, right?

Kei: Of course. The king gives us the criminals and enemies as a meal. He doesn’t bother to make a commotion by killing them in the market and we are not bothered by it either. Actually is very convenant for us since you are our food.

Mr. Sato: Did the king tell you to kill my son as well?

Kei: Your son? Where is he? I don’t see him. Ah~ you mean this young man?

Mr. Sato: Yes. Please spare his life. I beg you! He hasn’t done anything wrong!

Kei: Oh, don’t worry about him. I turned him a few hours ago. He will wake up soon.

Mr. Sato: You mean…he is a vampire too?

Kei: That’s exactly what I mean. And one more surprise for you: he will be hungry. You are his meal.

Mr. Sato: Vampire or not, my son won’t hurt me!

Kei: You can continue to persuade yourself, but if I were you I’d be more realistic. Your son will woke up and the lust will take over him. Probably not immediately, but it won’t be long until he will be completely insane.

Mr. Sato: My son is a strong person!

Kei: I tell you for a vampire, as long as the blood is provided to quench the thirst burning deep within his core, it doesn’t matter from whom. Enjoy your meeting with him. It will be the last.

The vampire went out and ordered that the other 14 blacksmiths to be taken out as well. The old man and his son were left alone in the large room. It didn’t take long for Minwoo to wake up.

Minwoo: Dad? What are you doing here?

Mr. Sato: Minwoo~! I am so glad to see you! Are you ok?

Minwoo: Dad, I have to tell you something. Mom and our friends…are…gone. I couldn’t protect them. I am so sorry.

Mr. Sato: It is ok, Minwoo. I know you did your best. I promise you everything will be ok. I am getting you out of here.

Minwoo: No dad! They are vampires. If they catch us, then it will be over!

Mr. Sato: Maybe they will catch me, but they won’t catch you. You are faster than an arrow.

Minwoo: No! I won’t leave without you, dad! I will think of a plan to get us out of here, but please! You’re the only one I have left.

Mr. Sato: Alright, son, but hurry. I will think too.

A few moments later, a deadly silence enveloped the room. Mr. Sato sensed something had changed in the air. Minwoo broke the silence.

Minwoo: Dad, do you smell that?

Mr. Sato: Smell what?

Minwoo: I don’t know, but it smells yummy and I am so thirsty, so hungry….

Mr. Sato: I…don’t smell anything…

The next thing Mr. Sato knew was Minwoo bitting his neck. After he finished, Minwoo came to his senses and realized what he had done. Horrified, he stepped back and fell tripping on the carpet. Minwoo started to cry hard. He had killed his own father. He became a monster. The fate was cruel to the boy who seemed to be lucky all his life: although he got lost from his previous family, he found a new one and started a new life. Now, a new chapter in his life had begun.

After he stopped crying, the vampire went to the other room where he found all the thieves sleeping. His mind was set on vengeance. He tied them all and woke them up. Kei’s brows furrowed when he realized he couldn’t move.

Kei: Minwoo what is this?

Minwoo: What does it look like, Kei?

Kei: Come on, let me go. You’re part of the family now. You’re one of us.

Minwoo: Me, part of a family? I lost my family the day you robbed my damn village! You were the ones who took away my family, my happiness!

Kei: No hard feelings. It wasn’t personal, you know that. We must make a living too.

Minwoo: Do you know how is it to feel you’ve lost everything? How is it to feel alone? You killed my family and now I’m killing yours.

Kei: Minwoo, there is no need to do this. Come on! We can talk about this.

Minwoo: There is nothing left to talk about, Kei. You will watch me kill them one by one and enjoy doing it.

Kei: Minwoo stop! STOP!!!

But the boy didn’t listen. He began to cut their heads one by one. Kei watched in horror as his companions were murdered before his eyes while he watched helplessly.

Minwoo: How does it feel? Tell me!

Kei: “Kill me…”

Minwoo: What did you say?

Kei: “Kill me” …now I understand why you said that. I know how you felt. Now my question is: will you kill me as well?

Minwoo: Yes. I won’t give you the satisfaction to know that I’ve become like you.

Kei: Like me? How’s that?

Minwoo: You’re a cruel monster! I may have become a monster, but I won’t be a cruel one! Ever!

With that, Minwoo ended Kei’s life by beheading him. He threw the sword aside and kicked Kei’s body in frustration. After composing himself, he buried his father’s body and let the other bodies in the sun, so there will be no trace left behind.

Minwoo spent the next year alone wandering from a place to another living by tricking people to drink their blood through different methods. The memories were torturing him every moment of his existence. On his birthday, he was alone at his father’s grave, pondering on what to head on next. He had to go away for a while to get his mind into order so he can live the rest of the eternity in peace. That’s when the gods sent his salvation. A man was running in his direction and he fell a few steps away from the grave. The man, most probably a vampire, was being chased by 3 demons. Minwoo helped him by killing the demons.

Man: Thank you so much! Without you I would be dead by now.

Minwoo: No problem.

Man: My name is Masao Sakamoto, yours?

Minwoo: I am Lee Minwoo.

Masao: I will be forever indebted to you, young man. I should give you something in return. Do you have a place to stay?

Minwoo: No, not really…

Masao: Then how about coming with me? I will give you a place to stay and some food.

Masao’s offer was tempting, so after thinking for a second, he accepted. Masao took him to his palace and treated him as his own son. The vampire king quickly gained the trust of this young man. Soon, Minwoo became his son’s bodyguard and best friend. Minwoo had found a new family.
[End of flashback]

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Re: Path of the Damned

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Wow, Minwoo and Junki both have such sad it the same for everyone??


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Re: Path of the Damned

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Yukie23 wrote:Wow, Minwoo and Junki both have such sad it the same for everyone??

uhm...yeah...becuz this ff is a bit angsty ^^;; so everyone has a sad past...i thought there must be a reason for them to be so loyal to their i came up with the "sad past" reason...something like that haha

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Re: Path of the Damned

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