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DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

Post by Jaemin on 8/15/2009, 4:50 pm

Haha ! Well if you knew me in real life you would find me wierd...
You know? I think i have fallen in love with Changmin. I guess if we marry ( o,ooooooo1 % sure ) We will be " eeew ew ewww ' ing at yoosu and yunjae" Very Happy
For the story...CHUN SO PERVERTED D: ... I feel pity for Junsu, he got to be moaning every second or blushing from the...ahem...coments Yoochunnie gave him...
And yunjae O.o yeeeeah i just hope the walls of their new home would be soundproof...Poor Minnie

Jaemins little drama if they didnt have soundproof or idunno how it spells :

Yoosu and Yunjae : Mmm... ughh FASTER

Min out of nowhere in the other side of walls : EWWW MOMMYYY TT.TT

EDIT : UPDATE SOON Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

Post by dreamyyme on 8/16/2009, 3:44 pm

[quote="Jaemin"]Haha ! Well if you knew me in real life you would find me wierd...
You know? I think i have fallen in love with Changmin. I guess if we marry ( o,ooooooo1 % sure ) We will be " eeew ew ewww ' ing at yoosu and yunjae" Very Happy
For the story...CHUN SO PERVERTED D: ... I feel pity for Junsu, he got to be moaning every second or blushing from the...ahem...coments Yoochunnie gave him...
And yunjae O.o yeeeeah i just hope the walls of their new home would be soundproof...Poor Minnie

Jaemins little drama if they didnt have soundproof or idunno how it spells :

Yoosu and Yunjae : Mmm... ughh FASTER

Min out of nowhere in the other side of walls : EWWW MOMMYYY TT.TT

EDIT : UPDATE SOON Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy[/quote

hahah xD but pretty crazy too in real life xD hahaha lol, you've fallen in love with Min?? hahah wish you good luck to win his heart HAHAHAH

hahaha yes yoochun soo horny!!! hahaha but i like the horny yoochun 'cause i like the blushing junsu too xD hahaha
And I'm sorry for min, because the house isnt soundproof xD hahaha so yeah he has to hear them EVERY NIGHT!! XD hahaha lol I'm so evil xD

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Chapter 11

Post by dreamyyme on 8/16/2009, 3:46 pm

In the evening everyone had finished with their packing and Jaejoong made dinner for everyone after they ate they went to bed, really early this time because they had to wake up early in the morning.

Next Morning

Yoochun and Junsu slept in their own beds, because Junsu wanted to give Yoochun a little ‘punishment’ for his teasing but it was a huge punishment for Yoochun.
After he felt Junsus warmth in their first night together he never wanted to let go of Junsu he wanted his beloved beside him.

Junsu didn’t know how much he would hurt Yoochun with his ‘little’ punishment.

As Junsu woke up in the morning he found Yoochun beside him, he smiled Yoochun had sneaked into his bed in the night. He couldn’t be mad at his lover, Junsu laid there and watched his lover sleeping until he decided it was time to wake up.

Junsu:” Chunnie wake up.”

Yoochun didn’t respond so Junsu shook him harder.

Yoochun:” Suuu~ never ever let me sleep alone again…pleaseee..*hugging Junsu* ok? ‘Cause I love you baby.”

Junsu*smiling and in a sweet tone*:”Aww did my Chunnie feel alone? *serious* then don’t tease me so much anymore! And beside Chun you didn’t sleep alone, you sneaked into my bed!”

Yoochun:” What should I have done Su? I missed you! And beside you look sexy when you are serious.” Yoochun smirked his sexy evil smile and turned them over, so Yoochun was lying on top of Junsu.

Junsu:” Chun let me go what if Changmin wakes up!”

Yoochun:” I don’t care!”

Junsu:” But I care! Chun if you don’t let me go now I promise you, you will sleep alone for the next 2 weeks.”

Yoochun didn’t say anything he just rolled of from Junsu, Junsu smiled a victory smile and pecked Yoochuns lips.

Junsu*smiling*:” Good boy.”

Yoochun pouted and got up and took a shower while Junsu did the same in another bathroom.

A while later everyone was up and their manager came and took the DBSK members to their new home. It was a beautiful house and it was huge.
Like little kids everyone ran inside the house and upstairs. They all wanted to have the best room. As they found the master bed room everyone wanted to have it so they played rock-paper-scissors and YunJae won so they got the master bedroom Yoosu got the second room and Changmin got the room opposite of the Yoosu room

Manager:” Aiish these kids….can’t wait for anything.”
Their manager got up to into the hall and shouted:” Guys! Come out let the workers bring your stuff in and I will treat you breakfast!”

As the manager mentioned the word “breakfast” everyone ran out and they went to their favourite restaurant.

As they sat at the table they ate and talked happily.

Manager:” Ouh and Yoochun, Lee So Man told me that we have a new trainee and he needs you to sing with her. It will be her debut single.”

Yoochun:” What? Why me? And when? And who is this girl anyway?”

Manager:” Like I said it’s a new trainee and we need someone popular who will make her popular and since you have time and the fans love you, so he decided that it will be you. And you two start tomorrow.”

Yoochun:” WHAT? Tomorrow? Noo~ I wanted to go on a date with my Su.”

Junsu*blush*:” R-really? Aww Chun how sweet.”

Yoochun*smiling*:”Yes, I wanted to surprise you and since we never went on a date yet I wanted to go with you somewhere special.”

Junsu*got excited at the words “surprise” and “special*:”Really? Where do you wanted to take me? Ouh would we go to an amusement park? You know I love parks!”

Yoochun*laughing*:” Like I said I wanted to surprise you baby….”

Yoochun leaned in and wanted to kiss his Su until they heard a fake cough.

Manager:” No matter how much I like you guys but I don’t want to see you making out. Anyways if you want to go on a date you can go in the evening because the recording will be in the morning.”

Yoochun just sight and agreed and they went home.

For the rest of the day they unpacked their things and arranged themselves in their new home.

In the next morning Yoochun woke up early and left the house without making too many noises.

As he arrived in the studio room he saw a skinny girl with too much make up on her face approaching him.

Girl:” Yoochun Oppa! I’m glad that you came, my name is Jessica.” ( Ok, this have NOTHING to do with SNSD it’s just a random fictional girl, just in case you guys are SNSD fans ;D)

Yoochun*trying to be nice*:” Y-yeah nice to meet you. *thinking* Whatever….I don’t like her she has too much make up on her ugly face and this fake smile makes me want to vomit! My Junsu is 100 times prettier than her!”

The girl linked her arm around Yoochuns arm and led him to the studio. Her manager and Yoochuns Manager sat there and talked to each other as they spotted Yoochun they gave him the lyrics and they listened to the song after a while they started recording.

Yoochun got annoyed by the girl her singing abilities weren’t really good so they had to repeat the same parts again & again.

The whole time they recorded the girl would always touch Yoochun or trying to hug him in any ways that could be possible.
Yoochun had to act nice so he just pushed her nicely to the side.
Even as Yoochun told her that he didn’t like it to be touched by strangers the girl would go on and tell him that they could get to know each other when the would go on a date.

Now it was 5 pm. Yoochun was in the studio since 6 in the morning and he was really tiered. He was glad that his recordings are over for today. And Junsu would come to pick him up.

Jessica*holding Yoochuns arm*:” Oppa, let’s go on a date yeah?”

Yoochun*annoyed*:” Yah! Let me go! And I already have plans for the evening!”

Jessica*trying to act cute but failed*:” What are your plans? Just cancel them and come with me *trying to be sexy* I can make you feel good Oppa….”

Yoochun*thinking*:” Goosh this girl is killing me….she isn’t even cute or sexy….she is just ANNOYING and UGLY!”

Yoochun*trying to be nice*:” No, its ok just let me go now.”

The girl hold Yoochuns hand and Yoochun tried to free himself as they saw Junsu coming in.
Junsu saw how the girl held Yoochuns hand and was angry and hurt.
Yoochun saw the angry look in Junsus eyes and freed himself from Jessica. He ran towards his beloved and was about to talk but Junsu cut him.

Junsu hold Yoochuns in a demonstrating way and showed it to the girl, while he was leaning in Yoochuns embrace.

Junsu*in a sweet and innocent voice*:” Chunnie~ who is this girl?”

Yoochun now recognized what Junsu was trying to do, he wanted to “mark his territory” and make the girl jealous. Yoochun smiled at the cute behaviour from his boyfriend. So he decided to play along.

Yoochun*putting an arm around Junsus waist*:” Ouh this girl is the new trainee I have to sing with.”

Junsu just nodded and turned to hug his boyfriend fully. The younger one buried his head in to the chest of his love while the girl stood there dumbfounded.

Junsu:” Chunnie, can we go on our date now?”

Yoochun:” Sure my love.” Yoochun pecked Junsu’s lips and Junsu just smiled at his love.
Yoochun*turning to Jessica*:” Ouh yeah Jessica see’ya tomorrow.”

The happy couple left the room and Jessica stood there dumbfounded and left alone.

Jessica*thinking*.” I thought this whole ‘Yoosu couple’ thing was just fan service….OMFG they are dating for real…..what freaks!”

Before Jessica could spread any news the Manager already talked to her to shut up or her contract would be cancelled, she agreed so the little Yoosu secret wont be spread.

Yoochun and Junsu left the floor in which the studio was but in the entrance hall of the building Yoochun stopped and turned to Junsu to stare into his eyes.

Junsu:” What?”

Yoochun*smiling*:” What was that about, I mean in the recording room.”

Junsu*blushing*:” I-I don’t know what you mean.”

Yoochun:” Well, you hold my hand in a demonstrating way, you hugged me, you let me kiss you in public….*grinning like a fool* You were jealous, weren’t you?”

Junsu*blushing and walking away*:” No I was not!”

Yoochun ran after him and hugged him from behind as he whispered in to his ear.

Yoochun:” Su, baby don’t walk away…..I like it when you get jealous and when you want to show everyone that you are mine and that I’m yours!*kissing Junsus ear* Maybe I should make you jealous more often.”

Junsu*turning around*:” Don’t you dare to Park Yoochun!”

Yoochun just chuckled and hugged his beloved.

Junsu*smiling*:” Chun don’t forget! You wanted to bring me on a date!”

Yoochun*laughing and letting go of Junsu*:” How could I forget about that!”

Both walked out hand in hand to the car and they drove off.

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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

Post by Jaemin on 8/16/2009, 4:56 pm

Awww they are all so cute ! Makes me want them to hug Yoochun and Junsu! Look at Yuchunnie only thinking about the date ! Aish only if boys were like that...*pushes away Yunjae* You two, you are too perverted for me... D:

I liked the way how Junsu acted really cool,for me, with Yoochun in front of Jessica. Personnally, i am not an anti, nor a fan.. well...But i like the name -.-'
Go on Yoochun! Fighting! Tease Junsu and bring me some pictures if you can!

Another part i liked is when their manager threats them for a breakfast lmao! Too much food...

Aah and yeah,For Minnie, i think ill have to start to love food... Just i dont imagine myself watching Yah Dong xD

Okay i stop it it seems i am writing my english essay xD

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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

Post by dreamyyme on 8/17/2009, 2:13 pm

Jaemin wrote:Awww they are all so cute ! Makes me want them to hug Yoochun and Junsu! Look at Yuchunnie only thinking about the date ! Aish only if boys were like that...*pushes away Yunjae* You two, you are too perverted for me... D:

I liked the way how Junsu acted really cool,for me, with Yoochun in front of Jessica. Personnally, i am not an anti, nor a fan.. well...But i like the name -.-'
Go on Yoochun! Fighting! Tease Junsu and bring me some pictures if you can!

Another part i liked is when their manager threats them for a breakfast lmao! Too much food...

Aah and yeah,For Minnie, i think ill have to start to love food... Just i dont imagine myself watching Yah Dong xD

Okay i stop it it seems i am writing my english essay xD

hahah yeah yoosu are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute xD
oh yeah and yunjae are sooooooooooooooooooooooo perverted xD Hahahah lol
i wish for that too that boys would be like that, but i think it will be just a dream -_-

i loved they way junsu acted too, and for snsd it's the same for me too, i dont hate them but i'm not a fan of them either, so i dont care really xD
i would love to seee some yoosu pics on a date....*imagine the pics* muahahahaahahhahahahahhahaha xD ok i think i' getting crazy, i will better post the storry now, the date hihi, enjoy <3

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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

Post by dreamyyme on 8/17/2009, 2:13 pm

On the date

Junsu:” Chun where are you bringing me?” Junsu said as he held his hands in front of himself just in case he would bomb in to something or someone.

Yoochun:” Stop asking Su, I told you it would be a surprise baby.”

On the half of their way Yoochun had covered Junsus eyes and led him now in to the direction where they first date would be held.

After a bit of walking Yoochun took off Junsus blindfold.

Yoochun:” Su, we are here.” Yoochun said as he stood behind Junsu and took off his blindfold.

Junsu:” Woahh…..Chun how beautiful…..why are here no people…? Omo…..did you book the whole place?”

Yoochun*chuckling*:” Yes Su I booked the whole place because of our crazy fans. They wouldn’t let me be alone with you.”

The Yoosu couple stood in an ice skate square and it was beautiful there.
Yoochun had booked the whole place and had decorated it with chain of lights and flowers. The light was dimmed to the chain of lights looked more bride and beautiful.
There even were some little trees which were also decorated with some lights.

So all in all it was really beautiful.

Junsu:” Chun this is just amazing…”

Yoochun:” I’m glad that you like it. Come on let’s go and skate!”

Yoochun dragged Junsu along to the seats and gave Junsu a pair of skates.
The older one helped the younger one to wear them in a lovingly way.

As he was done dressing his beloved, Yoochun wore his own skates.

They slowly went to the ice as Yoochun recognized that Junsu was hesitating a bit.

Yoochun:” Su, what’s wrong?”

Junsu:” Chun, I can’t skate….” Junsu said in a low voice and while looking at the floor because he was embarrassed.

Yoochun*chuckling*:” You really can’t? I didn’t know Su, but I will teach you baby.”

Junsu looked up with a slight smile on his face he was happy that his beloved was going to teach him how to skate.

Yoochun took Junsus hand and pulled him on to the ice slowly. He turned himself, so now I was standing in front of Junsu and slowly he started to skate backwards as he pulled Junsu with himself.

Yoochun:” Su just move your lags forwards and you will skate.”

Junsu did as Yoochun told him, but he tripped and fell forwards on top of Yoochun.

Yoochun just laughed as Junsu apologized and was trying to get up, but he ended up again on the ice but this time on his duck butt.

Yoochun:” Su be careful with your cute duck butt”

Junsu*blushing*:” Yah! Stop calling me that and help me up!”

Yoochun just chuckled and helped Junsu up. Slowly Yoochun teach Junsu how to skate, of course Junsu would fall on his butt the whole time and Yoochun would chuckle and help him up.

After an hour of teaching and falling Junsu complains that his butt was hurting him.

Yoochun:” Should we eat something Su?”

Junsu:” Sure, but where?”

Yoochun*smiling*:” Wait here I will prepare everything.” And with that Yoochun left his lover dumbfounded on the ice.

In the corner of this place Yoochun placed a blanket with a basket on it on the floor.

He then went to Junsu and picked him up from the ice and helped him to step out from the ice court.

As Junsu saw the neatly arranged little picnic from his lover he was mesmerized a second time this day.

Junsu*squealing*: Waaahhh~ Chun this is soooo cute!”

Yoochun chuckled again at the behaviour from his lover and sat him down to take his skater off and of course he took his own skaters off too.

Junsu sat in between Yoochuns legs and leaned his head on the older ones chest, as he was getting feed.

Yoochun pulled out a bottle of champagne and two glasses and poured the champagne in to it and gave one glass to Junsu.

Yoochun:” I love you Junsu, and I will always love you.”

Junsu:” I love you too Yoochun, and of course I will always love you too even if I will die.”

They drank the champagne and talked, laughed and kissed each other lightly from time to time softly.

As they sat there they fully forgot about the time and now it was midnight and slowly they got up and prepared themselves to leaf this place.

Junsu*pouting*:” I don’t want to go now I want to spend more time with you here.”

Yoochun*smiling*:” But you know Jae and Yunho Hyung they will get mad if we get home too late.” [ Hahah doesn’t the Yunjae couple sound like parents xD]

Junsu just nodded as Yoochun came and hugged him tightly to his chest.

Yoochun:” And now we have our own room, so we can spend as much time together as much as we like.”

Yoochun said grinning and making the younger one blush madly as he thought about the things they might do tonight.

Yoochun cleaned the mess they made and together they left and were heading home.

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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

Post by Jaemin on 8/17/2009, 2:21 pm

LOL! I want pictures of them ~ picture of youuu xD ~ the song Wink
Omg Yunjae do sound like parents... Aaah who doesn't want Yunjae as their parents?...tsk tsk !

The date was absolutely adorkable \[^O^]/ *smiley fail* I love the skating date ! and yoochun's sweetness towards su is soo ..waaah!fangirling!And the champagne..Wouuh romanticness.

But ahem... Poor Junsu... He had fallen to his butt too much times.. Sad

Update soon ne ~ ! Very Happy

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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

Post by dreamyyme on 8/18/2009, 4:18 pm

Jaemin wrote:LOL! I want pictures of them ~ picture of youuu xD ~ the song Wink
Omg Yunjae do sound like parents... Aaah who doesn't want Yunjae as their parents?...tsk tsk !

The date was absolutely adorkable \[^O^]/ *smiley fail* I love the skating date ! and yoochun's sweetness towards su is soo ..waaah!fangirling!And the champagne..Wouuh romanticness.

But ahem... Poor Junsu... He had fallen to his butt too much times.. Sad

Update soon ne ~ ! Very Happy

ahah yeah they sound like parents, haha i wanted them to sound like that xD lol, i would love to have them as my parents xD hahah but i dont want to see them making out every minuete xD hahah lol

ahh i'm glad you liked the date, coz i wasnt really sure about it...hehe maybe a bit too cheesy lol...but kind of cute and romantic too Razz

oh yeah his butt hurts...hahah in this chapter his butt will hurt more...*muhahahah* xD
lol, dont mind my crazyness and just enjoy this chappie Very Happy

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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

Post by dreamyyme on 8/18/2009, 4:19 pm

DBSK House

As Yoosu was entering the house hand in hand they saw Changmin on the couch and eating potato chips.

Changmin heard the door so he turned to look at the happy couple.

Changmin:” Ouh Hyungs you are back! How was your date?”

Yoochun:” It was great*smiling*”

Changmin:” I see. Well I’m going to bed, just wanted to wait for you two.”

Yoochun just nodded as the youngest member passed them.

Changmin*turning back to Yoosu*:” Ouh I almost forgot, don’t be too loud this night! I don’t want to hear your moans the whole time!”

Yoochun send him a ‘shut-up-or-you-are-death’ glare as Junsu just looked down and blushed furiously.

Yoochun smiled at his cute lover.

Yoochun:” come on Su let’s take a shower and go to bed.”

Junsu just nodded and they went upstairs. In their room there was a connected bathroom and Junsu went inside it, there he showered and washed himself.

Junsu forgot his clothes in the room so he stepped out of the bathroom just with a loosely towel around his waist and with a wet body.

Yoochun sat on the bad as he saw Junsu stepping out of the bathroom. It was the sexiest and most beautiful scene he had ever seen.

Junsu:” I just forgot my cloooo-AHH*tump*”

Junsu tripped and felled on his butt, ‘cause of his wet feeds and his clumsiness.

Junsu*Crying*:”WAAAhhh….my butt hurts! AAAHHH Chunieee~ I felt the whole day on my butt and it hurts now….ahhhhh!”

Yoochun ran to his lover and helped him up and laid him down on to their shared bed at first he wanted to laugh at Junsu because it looked cute and funny how he felt on his butt, then as he saw the tears he wondered why his beloved would cry. And as he heard he cried because his butt hurts he had a hard time not to laugh because he knew if he would laugh Junsu would get mat at him.

Yoochun*kissing Junsus forhead*:” Shhh….Su baby calm down…..*caressing Junsus back* shhh it’s ok baby….”

Yoochun turned Junsu, now he was lying on his belly and felt two hands on his butt

Junsu*calming down*:” Chun….? *snief* w-what are you doing?”
Yoochun:”Hm? Massaging your butt, love.”

Junsu*blushing*:” N-no ne-need to do it.”

Yoochun:” But I want to *smirk*”

Yoochun slowly removed Junsus towel and went on going with his little massage.
He cupped Junsus butt cheeks in his hand and squeezed them a bit this brought Junsu to moan.
Yoochun smiled in satisfaction. He began to send butterfly kisses on Junsus butt lovingly.

Junsu:”uhhng Chun…w-what are you doing ahhnn nmmm”

Junsu bit his lips to prevent himself from moaning out loud.

Yoochun:” Did you get horny my little duck butt? Hahaha I always knew that you are very sensitive on your cute butt.”

Yoochun just laid there and went on with his massage and kissing and licking of Junsus butt, while Junsu couldn’t help but moan bit by bit.

Yoochun laid himself on top of the naked Junsu and kissed his back and went on to his neck and sucked it, while he grinds his member against Junsus butt.

Junsu:”Uhhh Chun…..ahhh….”

Junsu lifted his head and turned it so he can look into Yoochuns eyes. As Yoochun saw Junsus face he couldn’t resist and just kissed the lips of his lover while he never stopped to grind himself against the younger ones butt.

Yoochun:” Fuck Su you are too sexy to resist!”

Yoochun got off of Junsu; Junsu turned around and watched as Yoochun stripped himself fully.
Yoochun smirked and went back to the bed and laid again on top of the younger one, who was now laying on his back

Yoochun caressed Junsus inner thighs and went to tease Junsus nipples.

Junsu:”Uuhh….Chun….ahhh you are so naughty…..ahh nggmm.”

Yoochun went up to Junsus face, their faces were just inches apart from each other.

Yoochun*smirking*:” Why?”

Junsu*smirking too*:” You pretented you would massage me, but instead you made me horny….don’t tell me it wasn’t all planed.”

Yoochun:” Well not from the beginning….but then I couldn’t resist you baby.”

Junsu leaned in and kissed Yoochun on his lips softly.
They kissed and touched each other everywhere until Junsu switched their positions and was now lying on top of Yoochun.
He sat up on his lovers stomach and started grinding his butt against his lovers erected cock.

Yoochun:” Uhhh Suu~ ahhh baby…your so good…ahhhngggg uuhh”

Junsu*smirking*:” I know…..ahhhhhh” Junsu started to moan endlessly as Yoochun grabbed his cock and started to pump it.

Junsu:” Ahhh…Chunn….uhhh mmnhhn ahhh…”

Yoochun:” Ahhh Su…..ohhh….do you want…nhmm to ride me?”

Junsu looked at him innocently as he titled his head to the side.

Yoochun:” Ahh Su…my baby…slide down on my cock and then move….ride me…but let me prepare you first”

Junsu turned a bit red as he sat up a bit and Yoochun inserted two of his fingers in one go, soon after this Junsu was stretched enough.

Junsu:” Uhhh…ahh Chun take your fingers out…ahhh”

Junsu through his head back as was finger fucked by his love. Yoochun took his fingers out of the tight hole from the younger one. Junsu pulled his but cheeks apart and sat on the thick hard cock of his lover.

Junsu:”Uhhhhh ahhhhwww ngghh.”

Yoochun:”Ahhh Su….uhhh you’re so tight…ahhh uhhh”

Junsu:”Ahhh no Chun….you’re too big ahhhmmnhhh..”

Soon Junsu started to move slowly and drove Yoochun crazy.

Yoochun:” ahhh Suu…move faster….ahhhh”

Before Junsu could even start to move faster Yoochun switched their positions again without moving out off Junsu.

Yoochun put Junsus legs on his shoulders and started thrust in to him faster than before.

Junsu:” Ahh yeahh…Chun I’m close ahhh…”

Yoochun:” Uhhh baby me too…..uhhh ngg.”

Soon both came at the same time and were panting hard.

Yoochun was still laying on top of Junsu and was kissing his neck.

Yoochun:” Su, baby let’s go for a second round*wink*”

Junsu:” Yoochun please, noo~…..my butt is already sore from the falling and now it hurts more*blush*”

Yoochun:” Alright baby for today I will let you go baby.”

Yoochun slide out from Junsu and laid beside him.

Junsu*turning to Yoochun*:” Chun, I love you *smile*”

Yoochun:” I love you too Su*kissing Junsus forehead*”

Junsu turned around and his back was facing Yoochun now. He wanted to sleep.

Yoochun:” When you’re showing me your butt like this I’m going to pound in to you right now!”

Junsu blushed madly and said nothing as he turned around and was snuggling into Yoochuns chest.

Junsu:” Chun!”

Yoochun*chuckling and hugging Junsu*:”Now I like this position more.”

Soon both fall asleep in each others arms.

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Chapter 14

Post by dreamyyme on 8/19/2009, 2:50 pm

In the next morning Junsu woke up alone in the bed, he washed himself up and went downstairs in to the kitchen. There he saw the Yunjae couple……fighting?

Junsu didn’t dare to enter the kitchen, he just stood by the doorway as he watched the whole scene in front of him.

Jaejoong*yelling*:”So you’re saying that I’m not worth it, to tell your parents about us?!”

Yunho*yelling too*:” NO! Jaejoong I never said that! I just didn’t find the right time to tell them!”

Jaejoong:” How many years do we date now Yunho, and you still couldn’t find the DAMN RIGHT TIME TO TELL THEM?”

Yunho:” Why are you blaming me all the time? It’s not like I could see my family every day. Jaejoong you know that we have a real tight schedule!”

Jaejoong:” But I found the time to tell my parents that I’m in love with you and you couldn’t?!”

Yunho:” I-…..”

Now Jaejoong got really pissed of, Yunho even couldn’t find any reason anymore not to tell his parents. In fact Yunho was just scared to tell his parents, he was scared that they would not like Jae as his life partner.

But Jaejoong got angry at Yunho because he thought Yunho wouldn’t love him dearly.


Yunho was speechless at Jaejoongs outburst. Jaejoong began to yell more at Yunho he called Yunho stupid a coward and the he told Yunho that he would not love him. The taller male would yell back and the fight went on.

Junsu got scared at his two yelling Hyungs so he ran in to Changmins room and closed the door with a loud thud.

Changmin was still half asleep as he felt a weight adding on his bed.
Junsu craweld under the blanket and was shaking Changmin a bit, since he wanted him to wake up.

Junsu:” Changmin-ah please wake up.”

Changmin*half asleep*:” What, I want to sleep Junsu.”

Junsu:”How can you sleep when our Hyungs are fighting that noisy!”

Changmin:”I’m trying to ignore them!”

Junsu:” They are scaring me…..”

Changmin*putting an arm around Junsu*:” Shhh, don’t think about them….just sleep a bit more untill Yoochun Hyung comes home.”

At the thought of Yoochun Junsu relaxed and he fall asleep again.

As yoochun came home from his recording he was really pissed of, because this Jessica girl wouldn’t stop to ask him on a date or to touch him.

As he came in to the living room he saw a deprest Yunho sitting on the couch.

Yoochun:” Hyung whats wrong?”

Yunho:” Aish, the same old issue! Jae and I got in to a fight and this time it really escalate he even broke some plates!”
Yoochun:” But Hyung don’t you think that he is right? He is suffering. You really should tell your parents soon!”

Yunho:”Aish, Yoochun shut up! Watch your own relationship with Junsu, you should tell your own parents about him.”

Yoochun blushed abit at this statement, but he didn’t talk to Junsu about this issue. Were they even ready to tell their parents?

Yoochun:” But this fight wasn’t about me….go and talk to Jae Hyung. And where is Junsu?”

Yunho:” Ouh I think I saw him running in to Changmins room….”

Yoochun frowned at this statement….he never liked the thought of Junsu being alone with Changmin. It’s not like that he wouldn’t trust Junsu, no but he wouldn’t trust Changmin.

Yoochun went in to Changmins room and saw Changming sleeping with Junsu in one bed as Changmins hand was around Junsus back.

Yoochun*in a very low and scary voice*:”What. Are. You. Two. Doing?”

Yoochuns voice wasn’t very loud but both boys on the bed woke up as they stared at Yoochun. They didn’t know why Yoochuns voice sounded so scary.


Junsu was scared of Yoochun he didn’t dare to speak.

Changmin:”Hyung, it’s not like-“


Junsu*trying to calm Yoochun down*:” Chun it’s really not-“

Yoochun cut Junsu off as he pulled him hard at his arm and off the bed.
Yoochuns grip was really tight because he was really angry.

Junsu:”Chun stop you are hurting me!”


Junsu*thinking*:”Chun really thinks that I am cheating on him? Why doesn’t he trust me? Why can’t he let me just explain?.....”

Now Junsu eyes were tearing up he couldn’t stand it that Yoochun was mad at him.

Changmin:”Hyung he was not cheating on you-“

Yoochun:”Why should I believe in your words Changmin?”
Changmin:”What yo you mean Hyung?”



Junsu:” Is that true Changmin-ah”


Junsus POV

Yoochun released his grip on my arm. It really hurts now. I fell on the floor and my eyes started to tear up.
Why does he thinks that I don’t care about him? I-I- do love him so much and he thinks that I’m a wrong person.

Junsu:”*sob* Ch-chun *sob* please don’t say such things about me….l-let me explain *sob*.”

Yoochun:” What do you want to explain to me, how you cheated on me?....how you hurt me?”

Junsu*still sobbing and crying*:” Chun no! I-I did not cheat on you….”

Yoochun:”STOP LYING AT ME JUNSU! I know that Changmin had a crush on you since every he saw you the first time!”

Changmin*walking towards Yoochun*:” Yes it is true that I HAD a crush on Junsu. But it was before our debut you damn bastard!”

And with that statement Changmins fist met Yoochuns face, Junsu gasped as Yoochuns face flew to the side.

Changmin:” And now I just love him as my borther, as my damned Hyung! How dare you to even think that we could cheat on you, you selfish idiot!!”

Junsu*standing up and going to Yoochun*:” Ch-chun a-are you okey…..?”

Yoochun*sold stare*:” I will leave so that you two can be happy together…..”

End of Junsus POV

Yoochun left the room, Junsu felt on the floor crying and sobbing hard and Changmin he just stood there with his fist still bulled up and wit an angry look on his face.

The last thing that was heard in the house, was the loud bang that the door made as Yoochun slammed it.

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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

Post by Jaemin on 8/19/2009, 3:33 pm

ouch that must've now REALLY hurt ! poor Junsu, making it while his butt hurts that way. Oh anyways, he enjoyed it.

And lol of course it would be like wtf if your parents were making out in front of you!

Sheesh.... Yoochun is jumping to conclusions wayy too fast! Junsu didn't do anything wrong :'( waaah... But wow... changmin? woow that made me suspens'ed

Hope that Yunjae and yoosu will make out * not kiss but finish the stupid fight because they're all smexy pabos*

Update soon :DDDDDDD

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Chapter 15

Post by dreamyyme on 8/26/2009, 6:25 am

I know I'm quiete late >_<....

Yunho sat in the living room, he barley could hear the fight YooSuMin had, but he heard Yoochuns yelling, and he was sure that no one could calm him down at this moment so he decided to stay out from this fight.

As Yoochun ran out from the house he saw Yoochuns depressed face and sight. As the leader Yunho felt himself responsible to stop the fights in the house. But at first he had to apologize bye his love.

Yunho sat up and went to their shared room. At first he hesitated to knock the door because he was kind of afraid of Jaejoong.

Yunho*finally knocking*:” Jae…….boo can I come in?”

No respond.

Yunho*knocking again*:”Jae please let me in”

Again there was no respond so Yunho decided just to enter the room, well after all it was his room too.
As Yunho entered the room he saw a peacefully sleeping Jaejoong on the bed, Yunho smiled gently. He sat himself beside Jaejoong and caressed the others cheek as he whispered,

Yunho:” Baby, I’m so sorry, I caused you so much pain.”

Yunho leaned in and kissed Jaejoong temple as his tears started to flow out slowly.

Yunho*with tears*:”How can you think I wouldn’t love you? How can you say such things about me? I love you more than anything else in this world, I love you more than my own live…Jae…”

Jaejoong had a hard time as he tried not to cry. He was awake since Yunho touched his face, since he was still mad at him he didn’t want to face the taller man, but after his apologize and the tears the taller men shed, he couldn’t hold it anymore.

Jaejoong*sitting up and crying too*:” Yunnie…Please….please stop crying…I’m sorry….I’m really *sob* really sorry….*sob*”

Yunho*:” Jae…you…you were awake* Jae nodding*…Omo…no boo I’m sorry…you are right I should tell my parents…I just didn’t ….be-because I am afraid the won’t like you as my lover, as the sense of my life…Jae I just love you so much. Please don’t ever think that I would not love you…it’s not true. It hurt me so much”

Jaejoong:” Yunnie, I’m so sorry….I-I wont say such things again, I don’t want to force you to something that you don’t want to do….Yunho…I-I love you…just don’t be hurt anymore.”

Jaejoong leaned in and kissed Yunhos lips lighty.
Jaejoong pulled away from the kiss but stayed just one inch away from Yunhos face.

Jaejoong:” Yunie, I hate it to fight with you, promise me that we’ll never fight again.”

Yunho:” I promise babe.”
Yunho pecked Jaejoongs lips and looked lovely in to the others eyes.

Yunho:” And I promise that I will tell my parents, when we solved the YooSu problem.”

Jaejoong:” ‘Yoosu problem’?”

Yunho:” Yes, they had a fight too, I think Yoochun thought that Junsu cheated on him.”

Jaejoong:” WHAT?! Junsu would never do this! Let’s go and ask him what happened”

And with that Yunho and Jaejoong went in to the YooSu room, where they saw a crying Junsu laying on the bed as hugged Yoochuns pyjamas. Changmin sat beside him and tried to comfort him but it was no use, the little shaking boy wouldn’t listen and would just cry.

Jaejoong*worried*:” What exactly happened?”

Changmin*sigh*:” Junsu came in to my room because he was afraid of you two. He woke me up but we ended up falling asleep again in my bed. Well that bastard Yoochun saw that and mistook it. He thought Junsu Hyung was cheating on him, with me.”

Jaejoong and Yunho felt guilty. Well it was their fault that Junsu got scared and crawled in to Changmins bed.

Jaejoong:” Oh my god Junsu, I’m so sorry….it’s all my fault”

Junsus didn’t give any respond he just cried.
Yunho hugged his lover to comfort him, at least a bit.

Yunho:” No it’s not, it’s my fault too boo, don’t blame yourself.”

Jaejoong nodded and hugged the taller one back. The room was silent, the only thing that could be heard were the sobs and cries from Junsu, he looked so pitiful at this time.
The oldest one couldn’t stand the hurt sight of Junsu anymore, so he decided he should do something.

Jaejoong:” Where did Yoochun go?”

Changmin:” I don’t know Hyung, he just slammed the door.”

Jaejoong:” We need to find him. I will go and look for him.”

Yunho:” Ok be careful Boo.” Jaejoong just nodded.

Jaejoong put his jacket on and went to his car. The first place that came to his mind, where Yoochun could be, was the ‘Purple line’ bar. And he went to the ‘Purple line’ bar, for the luck of the celebrities in Korea the bar was isolated from the town, and there was no way that any crazy fans or paparazzo’s could find out the location of the bar.
The bar wasn’t crowded since it was in the early evening. Jaejoong went in and started to search for Yoochun….

*Back the DBSK House*

Junsu didn’t stop to cry. As time passed it was just getting worse and wors.
Junsus eyes looked empty, like there were no feelings anymore but his tears wouldn’t stop.

Yunho:” Junsu, calm down he will forgive you. I’m sure.”

The whole time Yunho and Changmin tried to calm the poor boy down, but it wouldn’t work. He wouldn’t give any respond to his two band members.

Yunho:” I will go and make something to eat for him. Try to calm him down Changmin.”

Changmin:” Ok Hyung.”

Yunho went down and tried to make something to eat for Junsu, since he can’t cook this could take a long time.

Back in Junsus room Changmin still tried to calm Junsu down.

Changmin:” Hyung please calm down, I’m sure Yoochun Hyung will come back to you.”

As Changmin mentioned Yoochuns name, Junsus eyes came back to life and filled with sadness and more tears, as Junsu sobbed again.

Junsu:”*sob*…No…h-he hates me*sob*…..he….hates me…I-want to be loved….but….he-e *sob* hates me….”

Junsus eyes were now empty again, and were without any emotion….just with tears. It seemed like his tears couldn’t stop.
Now Junsu mumbled the same words all the time ‘he hates me’ was the only thing that passed his mind.

Changmin sighed he had the feeling that he made things worse than they were before.

*Back to the Purple line bar*

After searching for Yoochun about 1 hour he finaly found him at a very far corner of the bar.
This bar was really huge, well it was more like a really huge hall, but it was called bar after all.

Jaejoong saw Yoochun sitting at a couch with a lot of cheap girls surrounding him.

As Jaejoong went near Yoochun, the girls recognized him, and almost all the girls ran towards him.

Girl 1:” Ohhh Jaejoong Oppa, did you come here because you are stressed too?”

Girl 2:” Oppa…you’re so cool, you wanna have fun with us?”

Girls 3:”You wanna drink something?”

Jaejoong got annoyed from all this bitchy girls, but he didn’t show it.

Jaejoong*smiling gently*:” Girls could you let me speak with my friend, alone please.”

All the girls melted by this smile and immediately left the two young men alone.

Yoochun*drunk*:” Hyuuung….what are you doin here? Wanna have fun too?”

Jaejoong:” No I-“

Yoochun*cutting him off*:” I think I will take this girl home *winking at some girl*”

Jaejoong:” Park Yoochun, get your sense back and come with me home!”

Yoochun:” NO! Hyung I won’t go back to the house were this wrong person sleeps!”

Jaejoong:” Yes you will! And Junsu is no wrong person nor is Changmin!”

Yoochun:” Yes both are!”

Jaejoong*sigh*:” Yoochun, you mistook the whole situation Junsu wasn’t cheating on you.”

Yoochun:” No, I didn’t! Hyung, he hurt me *near tears* I don’t want to hear his name”

Jaejoong:” Yoochun, you have to listen to him, please you hurt him more, he is crying h-“

Yoochun*cutting Jae of*:”Shut up Hyung please….”

Jaejoong didn’t dare to say anything more he just sat beside Yoochun. It was no use to tell Yoochun to come home. The stubborn man would not listen so he decided to stay here and watch over his friend, and later he could take him home.
Well this was his plan.

Jaejoong saw how Yoochun ordered his 10th or so drink but Jae didn’t want to see how Yoochun was getting more drunk.

Jaejoong:” Park Yoochun stop it! Don’t you dare to get drunk now! You’re coming home with me!”

Before Yoochun could protest Jae dragged him out of the bar and though him into his car, he drove home to where the rest was waiting for them.

*DBSK House*

Yunho made something to eat for Junsu but the young man refused to eat. Well better he didn’t gave any respond to anyone, he just laid there and cried.
Junsu didn’t speak, eat, nor did anything since Yoochun left in the noon. And now it was 2 am in the morning.

Yunho*sighing*:”Changmin ah, change Junsu in to his pyjamas I don’t think he will do it, he should sleep a bit.”

Changmin:” Ok Hyung.”

Yunho left the room and went down to clean up the kitchen.

Changmin went to Junsus drawer and put some clothes out, he sat Junsu up on his bed. The little boy didn’t say anything, he just sat there lifeless.

Changmin sighed and started to undressed Junsu, as he was about to dress up his Hyung he heard a loud bang so he turned around to see Yoochun, a very very angry Yoochun.


Jaejoong stormed into the room he saw Changmin sitting beside Junsu with Junsus cloth in his hands while the older boy was topless, and he saw a very angry Yoochun who fisted his palms.

Jaejoong:” Ok I’m sorry but this position is really awkward now.”

Yunho:” Omg it really is but I can explain it, I told Changmin to change Junsus clothes because I thought he should try to sleep, *eyeing Yoochun* since he was crying the whole day!”

Yoochun:” I don’t care! No one is allowed to see or to much my boyfriends naked body!”


Yunho and Jaejoong were shocked by the sudden outburst of their dongseng, they didn’t expect this!

Yoochun was angrier than before, how could Changmin talk to him like that?
Yoochun bulled his fists even stronger and punched Changmin across his face this caused the poor boy to fall onto the ground. Yoochun stood above him and yelled more.


For the first second Changmin was shocked by the sudden hit across his face but as soon as Yoochun was finished with his yelling, Changmin chuckled in a low voice, which caught everyone’s attention, and than he started to laugh like crazy.

Jaejoong:” Ok now he got insane, poor Minnie.”

Yunho:” Yah Changmin stop it, and Yoochun get your nerves together.”

Changmin*still very mad*:” Yoochun you’re such an idiot! I never wanted Junsu to be MY boyfriend!*getting up from the floor* BUT YOU JUST FUCKING DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLE EXPLAIN! LIKE YOU DID WITH JUNSU HYUNG!”

Yunho:” Ok you both I think its enough! Everyone out here!”

Changmin just stomped out of the room and went angry into his own room. Jaejoong gave Junsu a concern look as he walked out too.

Yoochun just stood at his place and waited for Yunho to leave, after all it was his room.
Well and Yunho waited for Yoochun to leave Junsu alone, so the boy could get some sleep at least.

Yunho:” You leave too Yoochun!”

Even before Yoochun could answer they heard Junsu speaking, who was quite while this whole drama played right in front of him.
Junsu was on his fourth on the edge of the bed while he spoke to Yoochun with hurt but still hopeful eyes.

Junsu*crying again*:” No, no Chun, please don’t leave me, please don’t hate me….*sob* d-don’t hate me….I didn’t do anything with Changmin, I-I swear….just don’t leave *sob* do-dont hate me Chun, I plead you….*sob*--“

Before anyone could say something else Junsu fainted on the bed.

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Chapter 16

Post by dreamyyme on 8/29/2009, 12:20 pm

Even before Yoochun could answer they heard Junsu speaking, who was quite while this whole drama played right infront of him.
Junsu was on his fourth on the edge of the bed while he spoke to Yoochun with hurt but still empty eyes.

Junsu*crying again*:” No, no Chun, please don’t leave me, please don’t hate me….*sob* d-don’t hate me….I didn’t do anything with Changmin, I-I swear….just don’t leave *sob* do-don’t hate me Chun, I plead you….*sob*--“

Before anyone could say something else Junsu fainted.

Yunho:” Junsu! Damn!”

Yoochun:” Ouh no! Why did he faint?!”

Yunho:” You dare to ask why he fainted? Damn you Yoochun, he cried the whole day because of you, he didn’t eat or dink anything, he is exhausted Yoochun!”

Yoochun felt guilty. Well not just now, he felt guilty since he stepped into this house.
His poor Junsu cried the whole day, Junsu was just afraid that Yoochun would leave him and because of that he became like this.

Yoochun*stepping closer to Junsu*:” Yunho could you leave us alone? * Yunho hesitated* Please Hyung, I want to be alone with him *teary* I-I want to apologize to him I want him to be my boyfriend forever.”

Yunho:” Alright, but don’t make him cry again!”

Yoochun*smile weakly*:” I won’t…I promise.”

Yunho left the room and went to Changmin and Jaejoong.

Back into the room Yoochun still stood at the edge of the bed, he had tucked Junsu in the bed while he caressed Junsus cheek.
Slowly he sat beside Junsu, carefully so that he wouldn’t wake up Junsu.

Yoochun:” Ouh my little Su, what have I done to you?”

Yoochun was on the edge of tears but he didn’t want to cry. He went down in to the kitchen to get himself a cup of coffee. There he saw Changmin looking at him with an angry stare.

Yoochun:” Don’t look at me like I killed someone!”

Changmin:” Ouh you didn’t kill someone but you broke Junsu Hyungs heart, this reason is enough for me to look at you like this!”

Yoochun:” First of all Changmin shut up! This is not your business it’s mine and Junsus! And secondly go eat something and stop annoying me!”

Changmin send him another death glare as he went up the stairs without another word.
Yoochun thought that Changmin was going to his own room so he just purred himself a cup of coffee and went to his room. There he saw Changmin wiping Junsus face with a napkin.
Now Yoochun was boiling with anger. Didn’t Changmin understand?
It was Changmins fault that Yoochun thought that Junsu was cheating on him and still he was sitting beside his love and touching him? Why can’t he understand that he doesn’t want Changmin near his Junsu. Not after he knew that Changmin had a crush on his beloved. Who says that he doesn’t love Junsu anymore?

Yoochun*angry low voice*:” Shim Changmin take you hands off of my Junsu and get fucking out of OUR room!!”

Changmin:” Yoochun, why do you hate it when I’m near Junsu Hyung, and beside that I just wiped his sweat off of his forehead!”

Yoochun:” I know that you love my Junsu but he is mine!”

Changmin*caring voice*:” Yoochun Hyung, yes it is true I had a crush in Junsu Hyung, but that was before our debut, I don’t love him anymore, please why can’t you trust Junsu Hyung nor me?”

Yoochun*talking normally*:” Changmin please leave me and Junsu alone, I want to talk to him.”

Changmin didn’t say anything he just left the room and went to his own room.
Yoochun took a chair and sat beside Junsu and waited for him to wake up.
He sat there for about an hour until he saw Junsu move slightly his head, this was a sign that Junsu was about to wake up.
Yoochun stood up from his place and went to Junsu and held his hand.
Junsu realized that someone was holding his hand, and he knew this hand, it was Yoochun, Junsu felt happy that his beloved was by his side. He opened his eyes and met with the caring eyes from Yoochun.
Suddenly Junsus eyes filled with tears as he remembered that they had a fight, and that Yoochun was really mad at him.

Junsu:” Ch-Chun, please let me explain!”

As Junsu then tried to sit up Yoochun helped him and nodded with a smile.
Junsu felt a bit hope that Yoochun would forgive him so he started to talk.

Junsu:” As I woke up I saw Jae Hyung and Yunho Hyung fighting, a really bad fight. I didn’t dare to stop them because they were really scary…so I went to Changmin. He was still asleep as I woke him up he told me to sleep until you would came home, so we two could spend time together….than I fall asleep with him….but I didn’t realize that I was hugging him or that he was hugging me!...Chun please believe me I didn’t do anything with Changmin *teary* really…please Chun *sob* Please…”

Now Junsu was crying again. He had his hands formed into fists and rubbed his eyes with them.
And Yoochun felt so guilty. So damn guilty. Junsu just went to Changmin because he was afraid of his two Hyungs, and he felt asleep because he waited for him. Yoochun didn’t know what to say. He was ashamed of himself.
He saw Junsus upper arm. The spot where he had held him, where he had hurt him. The spot was sore. He was just so stubborn he didn’t even let the younger man speak.
Damn was Yoochun an idiot!

As Junsu saw that Yoochun wasn’t reacting to his explaining he thought that Yoochun was thinking to leave him, or he didn’t believe him.

Junsu*crying again*:” Chun…Please say something…*sob*…please Chun I beg you.”

Yoochun:” Su, stop crying…”

Junsu felt hope as Yoochun called him by his pet name “Su” he looked up at Yoochun with hopeful eyes.

Yoochun:” Su can I ask you something?”

Junsu*nodding*:” Yes sure!”

Yoochun:” Why are you so afraid to lose me?”

At this question Junsu felt his heart sink because he thought that Yoochun was trying to brake up with him, but still he answered him.

Junsu*still teary eyes*:” Chun, I never told you but I love you since our debut *Yoochun was shocked* I love you so long ago, and I always saw you with girls, you went from one girl to another and I always watched you. When you broke up with one girl I hoped that you would see me *sob* but you didn’t….so I just watched you and hoped that you would be happy one day, maybe with me *sob*…but you never saw me Chun, you never saw me as a lover, just as a friend…”

Yoochun:” Ouh…Su I’m sorry.”

Junsu*sob*:” But as you confessed to me I felt so happy…but still I think that you could leave me anytime, I mean you can have almost every girl on this planet, so I’m really afraid that I’m not good enough for you *sob*.”

Yoochun:” Su I don’t want any other girl! I just want my cute, adorable, innocent, wait cancel the innocent part, you’re not so innocent anymore…*grin* anyways I just want my Su, and no one else, just you Kim Junsu.”

Junsu smiled with a light blush on his cheeks. Yoochun was so cute towards him, a bit perverted but still very cute and kind hearted.

Junsu:”Chun…you wont l-leave me, right?”

Yoochun*hugging Junsu*:” Su do you even listen to me?*chuckling* I just want you Su, I wont leave you baby!”

They were hugging each other very tight, Junsus arms were under Yoochuns arms. Yoochuns hug was getting tighter until Junsu moaned in pain.

Yoochun*pulling back*:”Ouh did I hurt you?”

Junsu didn’t respond as he looked down at his bruised arm, Yoochun caught the hint and felt guiltier.

Yoochun*with guilty eyes*:” Su, I’m so so sorry*kissing Junsus arm*”

Junsu*smile weakly*:” It’s ok Chunnie….”

Yoochun:” No it’s not! I hurt you Su…and I’m really sorry… I will make it up to you tomorrow!”

Junsu:” O-ok…*playing nervous with his hands*”

Yoochun*concern*:” Is there something else Su?”

Junsu*nervous*:” C-can I umm…k-kiss you Chun?”

Yoochun*chuckling but a bit confused*:” Why do you ask Su? Just do it baby.”

Junsu just nodded and slowly he leaned in and pecked Yoochuns lips and then leaned back.
Yoochun was perplexed; the first thing was why did Junsu even ask to kiss him? And the second thing was why did hesitated and just pecked his lips.

Yoochun:” What was that?”

Junsu*shocked*:” What? Did I do something wrong?”

Yoochun:” Yes kind of, Su baby kiss me properly!”

Yoochun closed his eyes and waited for Junsu to kiss him. At first Junsu hesitated again, but then he slowly leaned closer to Yoochuns face, and pressed his own lips against the lips from his lover. He started to suck and to kiss them but he got no respond from the older one.
He pouted and pulled away from the kiss.

Junsu:” Why won’t you kiss me back?”

Yoochun:” Because you said that you want to kiss me, and not that I have to kiss you *smirk*”

Junsu:” Chuniieee~ pleasee *blush* kiss me!”

Yoochun laughed a bit and leaned in he captured Junsus lips and started kissing him gently sucking and licking his lips. Junsu felt happy and kissed his lover back.
They kissed for minuets and Yoochun started to caress Junsus waist until suddenly Junsus stomach started to growl.
Yoochun pulled away from the kiss as he started to laugh and Junsu started to blush.

Junsu*looking down and blushing*:” I’m sorry I didn’t mean to ruin the moment, it’s just that I didn’t eat anything since this morning…”

Yoochun*smiling*:” You didn’t ruin anything Su, come on we will go and eat something.”

Junsu just nodded and they went hand in hand into the kitchen and ate something, they saw Yunjae cuddle into each other on the couch while they watched a movie.
After they were done with the eating they went back in to their room and went to sleep, since both of them were really sleepy.
Junsu was really happy that Yoochun was sleeping by his side and that he could smell his scent and that he didn’t need Yoochuns pyjamas anymore.
They slept in each others arms holding each other really tight.

On the other side, there was a still angry Changmin. He saw the happy couple walking into the kitchen hand in hand. He couldn’t understand why Junsu accepted Yoochun back after he had hurt him so much! He was mad because he was worried about his sweet Hyung and not because he still loves him….right?

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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

Post by dreamyyme on 8/31/2009, 12:09 pm

The next morning the sunlight went through the window and hit Junsus head, the letter moaned and shifted in his sleep. He reached his hand out to the other side of the bed to hug is beloved, bur what he felt, wasn’t what he wanted to feel. He felt nothing beside him, just an empty bed without any Yoochun in it.
Junsu opened his eyes, to make himself sure that he didn’t miss him. He was shocked Yoochun had left the bed, and did he leave him too? Junsu was at the edge of his tears again. He really thought that Yoochun would leave him even after the talked they had at yesterdays night. Stupid Junsu. Anyways just when Junsu wanted to go out of the bed and search Yoochun the door opened and there stood a charming Yoochun with a tray of food in his hands.

Yoochun*smiling*:” Did you finally wake up sleepy head?”

Junsu*sleepy*:” Why? What time is it?”

Yoochun*walking to Junsu*:” Its already 1 pm baby *smiling and sitting beside Junsu in the bed* I made you breakfast.”

Junsu*shocked*:” What?! 1pm already? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Yoochun*smiling silly*:” Hehe because I just woke up 30 minuets ago too.”

Junsu laughed heartily at his stupid lover, Yoochun put the tray on Junsus lap and sat under the planked with his lover.
Junsu looked at his self made breakfast and was smiling from ear to ear.

Junsu*happily*:” This looks yummy Chunnie!”

Yoochun*happy that Junsu was happy*:” I hope you like it Su.”

Junsu:” I love it! But I love you more Chunnie! *pecking Yoochuns lips and blushing a bit*”

Yoochun*grinning like an idiot*:” Awww, my SuSu is sooo cute! *pinching Junsus cheeks* I love you too my dear!”

Junsu blushed more while Yoochun started to feed him. Surprisingly the food was delicious.
After Junsu and Yoochun finished the food, Yoochun put the tray aside and kissed Junsus forehead.

Yoochun:” How are feeling Su?”

Junsu:” Full!”

Yoochun laughed at the cute answer from his lover and hugged him tightly. Junsu rested his head on Yoochuns chest.

Junsu:” Chun did you plan anything for today?”

Yoochun:” Actually yes I did, I wanted to go on a date with you.”

Junsu:” Ermm…Chunie…uhmm please…do-don’t be mad at me…b-but can w-we just stay at home?”

Yoochun*with concern eyes*:”Su baby, why should I be mad at you? *with guilty eyes* A-are you afraid of me?”

Junsu:” No Chunnie! It’s not like that! I’m just afraid to lose you *lowering his head*…I’m sorry….”

Yoochun:” Don’t be sorry Su, I won’t leave you…and if you want to we can stay here in the bed and watch a movie or play games…ok?”

Junsu just nodded and snuggled closer into Yoochuns chest and relaxed. But Yoochun could not relax, why was Junsu still afraid to lose him, he had to do something so the younger one would believe him! But for today he would make his Su happy, just laying lazily in bed and talking, snuggling and playing games.

Yoochun:” Baby, you want to watch a movie?”

Junsu:” Now? Isn’t it a bit too early? Lets play a video game and we can watch the movie later.”

Yoochun*pouting*:” Ok, but I will choose the movie later….okay?”

Junsu*kissing the pout*:” Ok Chunnie! Now lets play with the X BOX *grinning cutely*!”

Yoochun stood up from the bed and started to connect the X BOX with the huge TV in the room. Junsu shifted from his sitting position in bed and laid down on his belly with his feeds on the head of the bed. He waited for Yoochun to lay beside him and they started to play a race game. Junsu would always lose and pout cutely.

Junsu*whining*:” Chunnie~ let me win too!”

Yoochun*laughing*:” What will you do if I don’t let you win *putting out his tounge*”

Junsu*smirking evilly*:” We will see about that.”

Yoochun kind of liked the evil smirk on Junsus face but had a bad feeling about it. Anyways they started the next game. And it was like always, Yoochun was winning but this time Junsu wouldn’t let this happen.
Yoochun was smiling to himself because he was winning, Junsu had still his evil grin in his face. He shifted himself closer to Yoochun until their bodies touched. Yoochun as confused what was Junsu trying to do? Well, actually he didn’t mind it at all.
Junsus smirk got wider he put his mouth nearer to Yoochuns ear and breathed heavily.

Yoochun*a bit nervous*:” Uhm…Su…wh-what are you doing?”

Junus*acting innocent but with a sexy voice*:” What do *pant* you mean *pant*?”

Junsu was concentrating on the game while he was panting in Yoochuns ear. Yoochun could not concentrate on the game as much as before but Junsu still could not win.
Junsu recognized that he still could not win so he started to moan into Yoochuns ear.

Junsu” Uhh…hmmm…Chunni~ ahhh please…ahhh…uhh…”

Now Yoochun could not concentrate on the game at all, Junsu was taking the first place in the race game but before he could get over the finish line Yoochun had stop the race game.

Yoochun*smirking perversely*:” Well baby, we can play this game too.”

Even before Junsu could respond Yoochun flipped him over and pinned him down. He was smirking perversely at him.

Junsu*pouting cutely*:” Chunni~ no~ I want to play the race game…”

Yoochun:” You started it baby, and when you pout like that I can’t hold myself back anymore!”

Yoochun had Junsus hands under his own hands so the younger boy couldn’t move. So he just straggled with his legs and Yoochun tried to kiss him. Junsu giggled while Yoochun had his hands all over Junsu.

Junsu*giggling while struggling*:” NO!...Chunii…*giggle* stop *giggle* it….”
Yoochun didn’t respond as went on with the kissing and teasing, while he was laughing too.
Changmin was in his room as he heard Junsu screaming and yelling, well he didn’t hear the giggling.
He stormed out of his own room and peeked into the Yoosu room. There he saw a struggling Junsu under a horny Yoochun. Changmin thought Yoochun tries to rape Junsu so he stormed into the room.

Changmin*really angry*:” GET OFF OF JUNSU!”

Changmin didn’t wait for any respond from Yoochun. He went to the older boy and punched him across the face. This brought the latter to fell off of Junsu and onto the ground. Junsu was shocked and so was Yoochun.
Changmin pulled Junsu off of the bed and into his embrace. Junsu was too shocked to say something until Yoochun burst out in anger.



Junsu*meekly but still in Changmins embrace*:” What do you mean Min?”


Yoochun stormed towards Changmin and ripped Junsu away.


Yoochun and Junsu were shocked of this statement. They couldn’t believe their ears. Junsu decided to talk before Yoochun did, so they would not yell at each other again.

Junsu:” I’m glad that you’re worried about me but Min, Chunnie didn’t try to rape me *blush* I agreed to it….erm…we were just playing around.”

Yoochun*grinning proudly and putting an arm around Junsus waist*:” You see Changmin, I didn’t try to rape him, my SuSu agreed to have sex with me.*smirk*”

Junsu*blushing madly and hitting Yoochuns arm playfully*:” CHUN! You don’t have to say it like that!”

Yoochun*smirk*:” What? That you love to have sex with me *Junsu blushing more while Yoochun laughs* aww my baby is soo cute!”

Junsu*still blushing*:” Errm…Anyways Min….it was not like you thought.”

Changmin:” Yeah, I see, I’m sorry for interrupting you two.”

As Changmin left the room he gave Yoochun one last death glare. Yoochun didn’t now why he earned this kind of glare, but all he minded right now was his cute boyfriend who was still red like a tomato.

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Chapter 18

Post by dreamyyme on 9/5/2009, 11:55 am

Yoochun*annoyed*:” Aiish this kid, he always destroys the mood.”

Yoochun walked away from Junsu and went to the TV. Junsu was confused. Normaly Yoochun would try to seduce him whenever someone disturbed them. Yoochun wouldn’t walk away from him. Why didn’t he seduce him today? Junsu didn’t know. But what he knew was that he wanted Yoochun to make love to him!

Yoochun stood in the middle of the room with his back facing the younger boy. Junsu couldn’t help but walk to him and hug him from behind.

Yoochun*confused*:”S-Su….what are you doing?”

Junsu*licking Yoochuns neck*:” What does this looks like for you?”

Yoochun*feeling hot*:” Ahh, Su….”

Junsu was happy with the respond he got from Yoochun he got to seduce his horny lover.
The younger boy slide his hands down to the member of his boyfriend and massaged it outside of his pants.
Yoochun smirked, unknown to Junsu of course, he turned around and faced an already horny Junsu.
His plan had worked! Junsu made the first step.
As Changmin had left the room he just wanted to pound into Junsu like there is no tomorrow but he resisted his urge. He wanted his Su to make the first step, so he acted like he didn’t want to have sex with Junsu anymore. And actually his planed worked. He never thought that Junsu is this horny and that he would seduce him. He liked it when his Su seduces him!

Yoochun turned around and Junsus hands wanders up and down Yoochuns chest, he licked the neck and the several sensitive spots of the older man.
Yoochuns hands wanders down to the duck butt of Junsu and he massaged it, this earned him a few high pitched moans, which he enjoys a lot!

It took the couple just a few seconds to strip each other and they laid on the bed, naked.

Yoochun*panting and sweating*:” I’m not going *pant* to prepare you *pant*”

Junsu*pantig and sweating too*:” Just make love to me already *pant*”

Yoochun smirked and gently pushed himself into Junsu, as his lover nodded he moved gently, while the cute boy under him moaned.

After a short time both men reached their climax.

In the other room sat a depress Changmin who listened to almost the whole love-making session, until he couldn’t take it anymore and he left downstairs to the living room where he can’t hear the couple anymore.

After a couple of minuets he heard the door being opened and closed, his Hyungs are back.

Jaejoong:” Hey Min, what’s up?”

Changmin*not facing them*:” Hm…nothing much, and you two?”

Jaejoong*happy smiling*:” We went shopping!”

Changmin*turning around*:” Food?”

Jaejoong*laughing*:” Hahah, actually no but if you want to I can make you something”

Changmin just nodded uncontrollable with a cute grin on his face. After all he wasn’t that much depress that he couldn’t eat.
Jaejoong just laughed and went into the kitchen and started cooking, while Yunho brought the bags up to his room, on the way there he heard Yoosu moaning in there room.

Yunho*talking to himself*:” Looks like they are ok with each other.”

30 minutes later Jaejoong made them all food and served it on the dining table.

Yunho:” I will call the other too, I bet they are hungry after their ‘activity’.”

Yunho went upstairs and knocked on the door from the two love birds. He didn’t want to see them naked or in an awkward position, his poor innocent eyes!

Yunho*knocking*:” Yah! You two! Come downstairs-“

Before he could go on with his sentence the door was opened.


Yoochun:” Calm down Hyung! No one is naked in here!”

Yunho*silly smile*:” Ouh, Ok come downstairs. Jae cooked for us!”

Junsu, Yoochun and Yunho went down together and they sat on the table eating happily.

Yunho:” Errm, hey guys, um I want to tell you all something, or better ask you something.”

Everyone looked up at Yunho and they stopped eating.

Yunho:” Well after all we still got 2 weeks vacation right?*everyone nodding* How about we go to the countryside and visit my parents.”

Jaejoong eyes widen at the mentioning of Yunhos parents. Does that mean he will finally introduce him as his boyfriend, his lover?

Yunho*looking at Jae with eyes full of love*:” I want them to know that me and Jae are a couple *smile softly*.”

Junsu*excited*:” Awwww, this is soo romantic Hyung! And you think we all can go?”

Yunho:” Thank you Junsu, and yes I already called them and they got our rooms prepared.”

Junsu clapped excited in his hands while he smiled widely. Jaejoong kissed and hugged his lover, he was happy that Yunho finally took him to his parents.
Changmin was happy for his Hyung so he smiled and watched as Yunho and Jaejoong were all lovey-dovey about each other.
Yoochun was the only one who was not smiling he sent a death glare towards Yunho, which Yunho saw but he didn’t understand.
After they ate Junsu and Jae cleaned up with a bit help from Changmin.
While Yunho and Yoochun were packing some stuff, since they are going tomorrow morning.

Before Yoochun could go into his room Yunho stopped him.

Yunho:” Yah, what was this death glare about?”

Yoochun:” You ask? *copy Junsus voice* ‘ Awwww, this is soo romantic Hyung!’ Now I have to do something romantic too! And it has to be better than this! I already planed something but I’m not sure if he will like this…”

Yunho*laughing*:” That’s it? Hahaha, Yoochun I’m sure he will like whatever you made for him, because it’s from you! Don’t worry too much and after I heard you guys before I’m sure he forgave you! *copy Junsus voice* ‘ Ahh Yoochunniee…more uhh…yess I love you ‘ *laughing hardly*”

Yoochun blushed a bit but even before he could respond to his Hyung he saw a red faced Junsu standing and looking shyly but a bit angry at Yunho.
Yunho saw him and quickly left the room before he could get bashed from the cute boy.

Junus*screaming*:”YAH YUNHO HYUNG! YOU PERVERTED PIG! HOW DARE YOU?! waaahh Chuniie~ *hiding his face in Yoochuns chest* how can you let Hyung copy my moans….Chunie this is soo embarassing *hitting Yoochuns chest and pulling away* it’s all your fault!”

Yoochun*surprised*:” Why is this my fault?”

Junsu:” Why do you make me moan so load?!”

Yoochun*smirk*:” Because I can’t resist you, and you just love my touches, don’t you?”

Junsu blushed more and hide his face again in Yoochuns chest. Jaejoong came up and saw the couple in the hallway and a blushed Junsu.

Jaejoong:” Aww Su, why are you blushing?”

Yoochun:” Yunho Hyung copied his moans, he heard us before.”

Jaejoong*holding back his laugh and pretending to be mad*:” Go pack you two, I will scold Yunnie!”

Jaejoong left the two as he started to laugh madly and they heard him as he asked Yunho to copy Junsus moans again.

Junsu looked down and went to his room with Yoochun following him.
Everyone packed their things in this night, tomorrow will be stressing!

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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

Post by pinayrevolution on 12/14/2009, 6:08 pm

ooh please update soon
i loveeee this fanfic
even though its perverted, i cant stop reading it lol!


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Re: DBSK cute love (Yoosu, Yunjae)

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