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My Brother is a star[completed]

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

Post by andrushk on 8/5/2009, 11:32 am

Chapter 16:Girlfriends[part 1]

JunSu was at the airport wearing a disguise waiting for someone.Soon he heard the last communication for the flight that was coming from New York.He waited flurried a few more minutes and kept looking about.A girl approached him from behind and covered his eyes with her hands.

MinHee:Guess who?

JunSu: MinHee!

MinHee:Bingo!(hugs him) I missed you so much baby!

JunSu: Me too!!!

The two lovebirds went into the car and were off to YunHee’s mansion.Once arrived there,they found everyone gathered.JongHun came to introduce his new girlfriend,MinHwan brought Hana along and Jaejoong brought ChanSook. MinHee was warmly welcomed by everyone and they befriended her quickly. YunHee gave her a room at the second floor where she left the luggages before she came back down where everyone was.

JaeJin:So where do you live, MinHee?

MinHee:For now I’m living in New York,but I’m moving according to my job demands.I’m a reporter and momentary I am on vacation.

HongKi:Wow!You have a very interesting job.You get to travel all over the world.So for how long will you be staying here?

MinHee:Two weeks,because that’s how long I am allowed to get a vacation.

When the doorbell was heard,YunHo smiled and hurried at the door.They others watched him curiously.When he opened the door,he found his sister who was dripping wet and short of breath.

YunHo:Oh,it was you.You didn’t have to ring.Didn’t I tell you to take your keys with you?


Without any warning,Sun collapsed at his feet and he didn’t have the chance to catch her.All of them were at the door in the next second to see what happened.Worried,he lifted his sister and when he turned around,he saw the one whom he was expecting.He gave Sun to WonBin.


JongHun:What happened?

WonBin:Sun fainted.She’s dripping wet.

HyeSu:Take her into her bedroom.We’ll take care of her.We have to change her clothes or she will catch a terrible cold.

When the girls returned from Sun’s bedroom,they found the others talking to a girl they haven’t seen before.

MinHwan:Hey come here to introduce yourselves to YunHo’s fiancé.

HyeSu & YunHee:FIANCE???

JaeJin:Yes,the wedding will be in 2 months.

WonBin:How’s Sun?

YunHee:She’s sleeping now.She doesn’t have fever for now.

YunHo: YunHee,we were thinking to ask you to help SangHee organize the wedding.

YunHee:Would be my pleasure.I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

It was raining cats and dogs over Seoul. Jaejoong and ChanSook were walking on a lightless street under an umbrella,laughing.When he was with ChanSook,he managed to forget about everything,he was happy.They took a turn on a devious street,because much as it was pouring rain,the streets weren’t trafficless.Once arrived in front of the apartment,they stop in front of the door.

ChanSook:What’s wrong honey?You were quiet tonight.

Jaejoong:Nothing serious.

ChanSook:Tell me what happened.

Jaejoong:I had a fight with YunHo. YunHee told him nasty things…about us and he believes her.

ChanSook:What did she tell him?

Jaejoong:Look,I don’t want to think about this right now,ok?You should go inside.I’ll be going home.I’m tired because I didn’t manage to sleep last night.

ChanSook:All right,honey.I’ll see you tomorrow?

Jaejoong:Of course.Good night.

ChanSook:Good night.

Before he left, ChanSook gave him a life sucking kiss,but he was too lost in his thoughts to respond to it.He was too troubled by his dubiety and the fear that what YunHo had said will come true.He walked his way home reluctantly with his mind clouded by ugly thoughts.He had to be home because it was already late and the others will yell at him because the dinner wasn’t ready yet.

Sun opened her eyes and realized that she was in her bedroom dressed in pajamas.The nightmares were always there.Her parents suggested that she would go to a thought reader,but she trenchantly refused.She didn’t know how long has she been sleeping,but the clock was indicating 6 o’clock already.After she got dressed she went downstairs.She heard an unknown voice whispering.Curiousity pushed her to hide in a corner and listen to the conversation.She noticed that the girl was an unfamiliar figure.

SangHee:Don’t worry baby.Everything goes according to the plan.He is in my control as expected.Leader-shii won’t even know what hit him.

Sun:”What?Who is this girl?”

SangHee:I understand.I must go now or the others will suspect something.Bye!

SangHee hung up and Sun wanted to run so that she won’t be discovered,but before she was able to take 2 steps,she bumped into YooChun,who was angry and amaized at the same time. SangHee heard noises and went to see what was going on.

Sun:YooChun?What are you doing here?

YooChun(sees SangHee):I was looking for you,Sun.I’ve got something to tell you.Let’s discuss into my room.
Sun:Alright,let’s go.Who is she?(pointed to SangHee)
YooChun:She is your brother’s fiancé, SangHee.

SangHee:You’re YunHo’s sister?Wow!It’s a pleasure to finaly meet you! YunHo told me so much about you!I’ve heard you fainted.Are you alright?

Sun:Nice to meet you too. YunHo didn’t tell me anything about you,but I hope we can get along well.I’m fine,thank you.Excuse us,we have some business.Let’s go, YooChun.

HyeSu,YunHee,Ft Island members and Hana were bored out of their minds.JunSu was on a date with MinHee,YunHo and SangHee were out too,JaeJoong was not home either and the rain hasn’t stopped yet.

HyeSu:Tell me what should we do until I eat you all~!

MinHwan:I don’t know.

JaeJin:Let’s watch a movie.

YunHee:Prison break!I wonder where did ChangMin put those dvd’s.

HyeSu:I’ll go and ask him.

YunHee:But he is still sleeping…

HyeSu:It doesn’t matter!I’ll wake him from the dead if I have to!I’ve got to see gorgeus Wenty now!

Without futher ado, HyeSu races to ChangMin’s room,while the other were continuing to search for the dvd’s.She began to jump up and down in his bed.

ChangMin:What is it?Let me sleep!

HyeSu:Where are the Prison break dvd’s?

ChangMin:I don’t know!Let me sleeeep!

HyeSu:You will tell me or else…!Now~!I’m bored out of my mind, ChangMin.

ChangMin dragged the blanket over his head,but this didn’t stop HyeSu who continued to jump up and down until exasperated, he couldn’t take it no more and started to tickle her.She fell next to him in bed laughing uncontrollably.While ChangMin was torturing HyeSu,HongKi came in. HongKi’s facial expression quickly changed from happy to sad. ChangMin stopped when he saw HongKi.

HongKi:Sorry,I didn’t want to interrupt you guys…

ChangMin:You didn’t interrupt anything.May I help you?

HongKi:Uhm…I wanted to tell HyeSu that WonBin found the dvd.

HyeSu:Yay!!!!Wenty Went!!!!Now you can sleep as long as you like.I’ll be busy with my cutie lover.Let’s go HongKi.

Left alone in his room, ChangMin threw angerly the pillow torward the window and tumbled into the now empty bed. The scent of HyeSu was still there.It almost seemed that she was there next to him.After a few minutes,he sprang out of bed and went to the livingroom where he found the others watching the movie.He could see clearly that HyeSu and HongKi were really into the tv series by the way they reacted.He saw HyeSu esting her head against HongKi’s chest and he hugging her.In the next scene,the main character escaped the dangerous situation he was in.This caused HyeSu to jump up rejoicingly together with HongKi,who lifted her up,spinned her a couple of times,then kissed her cheek.This was the last drop for ChangMin,who became extremely green-eyed.Angry,he stopped the movie,took the dvd and left without speaking a word.

MinHwan: ChangMin,come on,man!The movie is great~!What’s wrong with you?

ChangMin:These are my dvd’s.You should ask for permission before using them.

HongKi:But HyeSu told us it was ok.

ChangMin:Well,I say it’s not ok.Next time don’t believe what HyeSu tells you.I don’t like it when people use my stuff without asking permission first.

YunHee:You didn’t have to make a scene for this.How can you be so selfish?

ChangMin:Selfish?I don’t think so!You’re the selfish one here.

YunHee:Excuse me?I brought you into my house and you’re saying I’m selfish?

ChangMin:We were better before you came into our lives.

HyeSu:Stop it!No one is selfish here.

ChangMin:Stay out of this!

YunHee:Stop defending him!You know that when you love someone you’re inclining to overlook his mistakes.

HyeSu:Are you insinuating that I’m in love with ChangMin?

YunHee:I’m not insinuating anything.I’m telling you that I know you are.

HyeSu:Well,this means you don’t know me at all.I’m not inlove with him.Are you crazy?Him and me,me and him,we don’t match.

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

Post by andrushk on 8/5/2009, 11:33 am

Chapter 16:Girlfriends[part 2]

ChangMin continued his way to his room without further ado.Once he reached the place,he took the pillow and threw it on the bed. HyeSu’s words ran though his heart like daggers.He tombed into the bed teary eyed.

In the livingroom,the ruckus was not over yet.

HyeSu:You know what?You’re telling me I’m mean to others and you’re always criticizing the way I act and I dress.I doesn’t bother me because I don’t care,but I am bothered about the fact that you are inclining to overlook your own mistakes.

She ran into her room,doing the same as ChangMin.She was thinking about him.Now she won’t stand a chance in making him fall for her.She hated the fact that he might be angry with her.Determined to apologise,she wiped the tears and walked out the door,but much to her surprise,she found ChangMin in front of her door.

HyeSu: ChangMin,i…

ChangMin:Can we talk in private for a minute?

HyeSu:Sure,come in.

After they sat on her bed, ChangMin continued what he was saying.He apologized for yelling at her.The apology was immediately accepted. ChangMin didn’t lose the chance to hug her.He was extremely sorry that he lost his cool and started yelling at her and he was very happy that she decided to forgive him.After he apologized to YunHee as well he went to bed.

JunSu was dining with MinHee in a restaurant he specially rent for that night.He didn’t want to be disturbed.The place was decorated with rose petals and on their table was a vase with fresh flowers. JunSu ordered her favourite dish and drinks.

JunSu:So what did you do while you were away?

MinHee:Nothing special.You know that I spend most of the time working.I don’t have time to breathe nor to have fun.The advantage to this job is traveling.I travel a lot and this keeps me from getting bored and happy.

JunSu:More happy than when you’re with me?

MinHee:Of course not,honey.When I’m with you,I’m the happiest girl alive.I see you really put an effort in touching a string in my heart tonight.

JunSu:Did I succed?

MinHee:Yeah.This is perfect,baby.

JunSu:This is how it’s supposed to be:perfect.Just like us.You’re perfect for me.

JunSu bent over the table and kissed her lightly. MinHee was making him feel the most happy man on earth.He felt she was the woman of his dreams and he was determined to do anything to keep her to himself,to make her happy.After they dined quietly,they took a stroll into the city,then came back home.

The next day,the sun was shining,but the clouds were still on the sky. YunHee was driving torwards a cemetery in the city.When she walked out of the car,noticed that it was already raining again.She took her umbrella and stopped in front of a tombstone on which was written:Kim SangKi. YunHee put the lilac bought earlier next to it.The tears didn’t fail to show up.She was crying quietly.

YunHee:” Hello,my love.I came to see you again,as promised.I miss you so much.I hope you can hear me from up there.Stupid me!Of couse you can hear me.You promised you’ll be by my side always.I can sense your presence sometimes.I know you’re with me all the time.I still can’t forget what happened that day.I wonder if you will be able to forgive me.I shouldn’t have left you there.”


YunHee and her friends were returning from a trip.They had much fun,so they wanted to come back on other times too.The way back wasn’t boring at all because everyone was laughing and talking.Because they were on a mountain road,SangKi was driving carefully.Suddenly,out of nowhere,a truck was coming at full speed torwards them. SangKi didn’t manage to avoid the truck due to the confined space,so he pushed YunHee out of the car.The cars crashed a few meters away from the place where YunHee landed.Seeing the accident,she ran at the car,took her lover out of the car and far away from it.When she wanted to go after the others,the cars exploded.Realizing that their friends are dead,fell on her knees,but she remembered SangKi and ran over to him.Looking at him,she noticed that he was covered in blood and his abdomen was holey.At the sight of her boyfriend bleeding she started to cry.She searched desperately for her phone,but couldn’t find it.Then she remembered that she had left it in the glove compartment which was now turned to ashes.

YunHee: OMG~!I can’t find my phone.We have to stop the bleeding.

SangKi: YunHee…listen to me…stop crying…you must bring some doctors here.It’s a village at about 3 kilometers away from here.

YunHee:I’m not leaving you here.I can’t!

SangKi:I know you’re strong enough….now go…I’ll be…waiting.

YunHee:I love you, SangKi.Don’t you dare leave me alone!I’ll be here in no time.

SangKi:I love you too…I’ll always love…you….i’ll be with…you always.

SangKi kissed her,knewing this was going to be their last. YunHee left teary eyed.She still hoped that she will make it back in time,but when she arrived with the ambulance,it was already too late.She ran and took him in her arms,shook him screaming his name,trying to make him open his eyes,but the boy’s cold body didn’t move an inch.An ambulance doctor took YunHee,who was choking with tears,away from the corpse.


A perfect trip ended up in tragedy. YunHee lost the most important person on the planet for her.He had promised her not to leave her alone ever,they will get married someday,but now everything was over.All of her hopes and dreams were buried together with SangKi.From that day onward,she made a vow she wouldn’t love anyone,ever again,but she broke it by falling in love with none other than Park YooChun.Before she had the chance to personally know him,she wished to meet him face to face,wondering how was he really like.It seemed that a miracle took place and she now lived in the same house with the one she secretly loved.Since then,she was wondering if this was SangKi’s doing,changing her destiny.After another 10 minutes of staring into a blank space,she dried up her tears and went back to the car.

In the other side of the same cemetery,Sun was sitting in the rain in front of a tombstone.She didn’t have an umbrella,but she didn’t care.

Sun: :”Takeo,what should I do?My brother is in danger.I’m scared…what if I lose him?What if I won’t be able to save him?I can’t tell him what I know,because he would be mad at me and if she knows everything becomes more complicated.”

She noticed that someone was behind her.When she turned around she saw Shin and YooChun were there.Shin grabbed her and made her stand on her feet.

Sun:What are you doing here?

Shin: Sun,you promised something to my brother.You know he hated to see you sad.You’ve got us.Whatever it is,we’ll be there for you.

YooChun:I really don’t understand why you keep it all inside.You should know by now that you can tell me anything.

Sun:No,I can’t.It’s too complicated.You should stay out of this.I’m doing great alone.

YooChun:No,I won’t.And by the way,I’m more curious than ever on that story of yours.

Sun:Shut up…I’m not in the mood for recollections right now.

Shin:Let’s go home.You’ll catch a cold.We must think at a plan.

Sun:You don’t know what is this about.

Shin:I know because YooChun told me.Now let’s go.

When they walked out of the cemetery, Sun turned and looked around.Because she didn’t saw anyone,she walked away.After the car started,a man came out from the shadows next to the chapel.His eyes never left Shin’s car.

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

Post by andrushk on 8/5/2009, 11:41 am

Chapter 17:Rejection

Dbsk,the girls and FT Island were standing in front of a gym from the suburb and they were waiting for Yunho’s sister to show up.She had told them to meet her there at 10 am sharp and now it was 11 already and she was nowhere to be seen.They already stood an hour in the cold in front of the closed bulding.JunSu was holding his girlfriend in his arms to shield her from the cold.

JongHun:If she doesn’t show up in 5 minutes,I’m out of here.I’m frozen.

YooChun:I wonder what’s taking her so long.

JunSu:Does anyone know why did she call us here?

All of them were clueless.After another minute,a car approached them stopping a millimeter away from HyeSu who was immediately pulled back by HongKi.Much to their astonishment and joy,Sun walked out of that car.She could hear them protesting and yelling at her for being late when the weather was like this.She apologized to them and unlocked the deserted gym’s door.After they dressed,Sun told them to warm up.After that,starting with JaeJoong, she tested them all,except MinHee,who sat on a bench and watched them. HyeSu and YunHee were very good,much to her surprise.The fights weren’t serious,so everyone had fun,although JaeJoong wouldn’t admitted it for the world.After a couple of hours,they stop to have lunch and rest.They all talked happily,all but Sun who was thinking deeply.It took WonBin a great deal of time and effort to interrupt her train of thoughts.He asked her to have a talk in private.He was lead to an old office upstairs.

Sun:So,what did you wanted to tell me?

WonBin:Well…I…aaa…I would like to…Would you like to go to have a drink with me?Tomorrow will be Valentines day and I was thinking…

Sun: WonBin…I can’t…I’m sorry.

WonBin:Oh,you have someone else…I see…

Sun:It’s not that.You’re cute and all,but…


Sun:Look…it’s better if you don’t get involved with me.It’s too dangerous.It’s enough us being friends.I’ll always be a friend you can count on,your best friend,but being lovers is too much…for the both of us.I have other stuff that go before a boyfriend right now.

WonBin:I understand…Look..I’m not going to put a restraint on you.We will remain friends until you will be ready.

Sun:Thanks for being so understanding.

Sun hugged him and they returned to the others.YunHee decided to invite FT Island for a tea and they all went home.At home, YunHee prepared the tea with MinHee,DBSK went to change their clothes, WonBin, JongHun,JaeJin and MinHwan disappeared somewhere into the house and HongKi was left alone with HyeSu in the livingroom.

HongKi:Could we talk for a minute?I want to tell you something about the girl I like..the one that we talked about.

HyeSu:Oh,you decided to tell her how you feel?Cool!Fighting!

HongKi:Yeah…haha…well…do you remember what I told you about her?

HyeSu:Sure.You told me that you think that her heart belongs to someone else.Did you find out?

HongKi:The thing is…that girl…is you.

HyeSu:What?You’re kidding me,right?

HongKi:No.(kneeled in front of her)Wanna be my girlfriend?

HyeSu: HongKi…I can’t…I…

HongKi:So it’s true.Your heart belongs to ChangMin.You are together.I don’t know why I even try.

He tried to leave,but the girl stopped him.

HyeSu: HongKi…we are not together.He doesn’t know I have feelings for him.I’m sorry but I have to turn you down.

HongKi(sigh):I understand.I don’t want to ruin our friendship.We can be friends,right?

HyeSu:Of course,silly boy.We will be the best of friends.Whatever you need I’ll help you get it.You can count on me.But please,don’t tell ChangMin.I will confess to him later.

HongKi:Thanks. My lips are sealed,best friend.(wink)

HyeSu decided to go and change clothes too.She knew very well that she had broken HongKi’s heart,but she loved him like a brother and nothing more.The one that held the key to her heart was ChangMin.A sharp noise was heard from ChangMin’s room.She cracked the door open slowly and looked inside.His room was a mess:things thrown all over the place,the lamp was broken.ChangMin was preparing to throw a pillow torward the door,but he stopped when he saw his beloved.He had seen when HongKi proposed her to be his girlfriend.He hadn’t heard anything,but by his gestures he could easily figure out what he said.He just got the confirmation to his greatest fear.

HyeSu:What’s going on here?Why are you angry?

ChangMin:None of your business.Can you please bring me the broom?

HyeSu:I’m not moving an inch until you tell me what’s wrong.
ChangMin:I asked you politely.

HyeSu:And I refused politely.

ChangMin:It doesn’t matter.I will go get it myself.

He stormed out of the room passing by her,but she grabed his hand,stopping him.She was very worried and curious about the reasons behind his behaviour because he seemed different these days.He suddenly turned threwing a death glare which startled her.

HyeSu:What’s going on here?Why are you angry?

ChangMin:Who do you think you are?My mother?I have no obligation to talk to you whatsoever.Now let me go.I’m not saying this twice.

HyeSu:Alright…you know something?Don’t you ever try to talk to me ever again!Anyway tomorrow I’m going back home.I stood here more that necessary.

In the kitchen,YunHee told MinHee to prepare the table for the tea,while she will prepare the cookies.JaeJin,seeing that YunHee is alone in the kitchen,snuck inside unnoticed.

YunHee:You scared me!

JaeJin:Sorry,I didn’t mean to.I wanted to talk with you face to face and I didn’t have the chance.

YunHee:What is it?

JaeJin:Well..uhm…tomorrow and I was wondering if you would like to go out with me somewhere.

YunHee:Ah…I knew this day will come eventually…


YunHee:Well…I was having a hunch about you having feelings for me.Look…I don’t want to give you false hopes,but can I think about it?Tomorrow you will have your answer.I promise.”What am I going to do?”

JaeJin:Sure…take you time.

YunHee:Now help me with these plates,will you?Put them on the table in the livingroom.

SangHee invited YunHo and his sister to visit her under the pretext that she wanted to know her better.They accept the invitation and go. SangHee’s house was as big as YunHee’s.Sun was thinking that her brother’s girlfriend was a rich and influent girl.She gave them a house tour,which was very convenant for Sun who was able to study every detail of the house in case something happened.At a moment she was thinking she has becomed paranoied,but she couldn’t help but feel extremely worried because of that conversation she had heard.After the tour, SangHee took them to the livingroom to have some tea,while they talked happily.Sun excused herself to go to the bathroom and when she came back she found on the chair she was sitting on something that seemed like a stuffed toy.When she wanted to touch the toy,it moved and Sun froze in fear.It was SangHee’s spider pet,Eva,who was out of his aquarium.In a few seconds,Sun collapsed and hit the cold floor. YunHo picked her up and put her on the couch. SangHee brought water and besprinkled her with it.When she woke up,Sun started crying and screaming desperately.She kept asking her brother go get out of there. YunHo didn’t saw her like this before and didn’t know what to do,so he decided to call home to tell one of the guys to pick them up.When he wanted to leave to get his cell,she clinged onto him,not wanting to let him go.JaeJoong came to pick them up because he was home alone.He was as shoked as YunHo when he saw her.On their way home,Sun was sitting glued to YunHo in the back of the car.She wouldn’t let him go until she fell asleep on her bed,2 hours later. Sun woke up in the middle of the night and realized that her bother was laying next to her.

Sun:YunHo,you’re asleep?

YunHo:Mmm…almost…did you sleep well?What happened to you? You made me jump out of my skin.

Sun:I’m sorry for scaring you…I have arachnophobia.I’m very afraid of spiders.It’s the only thing I am afraid of.Thanks for watching over me.

YunHo:No problem.I’m your brother and I am responsible for you.Now if you’re thinking of kicking me out of your bed,I’m too tired to make a…

He didn’t get to finish his sentence because he fell asleep.She pulled the covers and closed her eyes.She was hoping to sleep well tonight.

A few minutes later,the others returned from the club they were in.They all went into their rooms careful not to wake the ones who were sleeping.

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

Post by andrushk on 8/5/2009, 11:45 am

Chapter 18:Valentines day

It was Saint Valentine’s day and outside was pouring rain.Early in the morning,HyeSu was preparing to leave.Her things were packed and the car was waiting.She felt sorry for leaving like this,but she considered that this was the best solution.Before she left,she wanted to ask ChangMin for forgivness because she was such an intermeddler,when she had to mind her own business.She had entered in his room holding a note in her right hand. HyeSu sat on the bed next to him and put the note on the night table.She watched him a few minutes silently.He had the face of an angel when he slept.He seemed to be sleeping peacefully comparing with the first nights when he was so astir with nightmares.She remembered the night when he had kissed her and how happy she felt that moment.She would have wanted it to last forever,but it was impossible. HyeSu knew that even if she will leave,her heart will remain here with him,but she believed that time will heall all her wounds.

HyeSu:”I’m sorry that it has to be this way,but unfortunately I don’t have the guts to confess to you.I know you don’t love me the way I do,so this is the best solution.Goodbye!”

She walked torward the door,but ChangMin rose from the bed and grabed her hand.

ChangMin:Are you serious about leaving?

HyeSu(turned to face him):Yes.


HyeSu:Because I miss home.And I believe YunHee is sick of my presence already.

ChangMin:Don’t lie to me.I know I’m the blame for this.Don’t go.

ChangMin pulled her in a soul-sucking lip lock. HyeSu was astonished because she hadn’t see it coming,but in time,she responded at his kiss.This time ChangMin wasn’t sleeping and she wasn’t dreaming either.It was real.

ChangMin:Forgive me for being a fool.When I saw you with HongKi,I couldn’t help but feel jealous.I love you.Please don’t go.

After a few seconds, HyeSu kissed him without saying a word.

HyeSu:I love you too,Shim ChangMin.But you will have to pay for making me suffer all this time.

ChangMin:What about a ring for now?

HyeSu:A ring?

ChangMin(put the ring on her finger):Today is Valentines Day,remember?I had planned to give you this ring and take you somewhere.

HyeSu:Aww…you’re such a sweety!(peck on lips)Thanks!Then let’s go,what are you waiting for?

ChangMin:Wait!!!I’m not dressed yet!!!

HyeSu:Then hurry up!You made me curious!

JaeJoong received a call from ChanSook,who asked him to meet her in the central park near the monument.He had already wanted to call her later and tell her to meet at a restaurant where he wanted to propose.But because he was anxious,he took the little box which contained the ring and walked out the door.He waited a half an hour in the pouring rain before she showed up.

ChanSook:Sorry for the delay.I was stuck in traffic.

JaeJoong:No problem,baby.

ChanSook:Look,I’ll go straight to the point.We can’t be together anymore.I’m married to another man,whom I love deeply.I’m sorry,but I have to admit I have never really loved you.

JaeJoong:What?But I…

ChanSook:I was going to tell you on our last date,but you were very upset so I didn’t want to upset you more.Now if you’ll excuse me,I have a busy day and I must go.Goodbye!

Hearing those words, JaeJoong felt as he was rooted to the spot,unable to speak or move.His heart was shattered.The woman whom he thought he finally loved and whom he thought loved him back,just used him and she didn’t seem to feel any kind of remorse.At the beginning he used her to try to erase the memory of the one he had truly loved and whom disappeared without a trace.But now,when he had moved on,she dumped him for another man.YunHo was right.He was blinded by the love for ChanSook and he didn’t listen to him.He was a fool and now he was paying for it.At long last,he started walking to the park’s exit,his footsteps led him to unknown places.

YooChun and Sun have succesfuly snuck out of the house.They went at the mall and decided to order some soda and ice cream while they talked.

YooChun:Well,what happened?

Sun:All started one day when I was at the park with my family.I was 8 then.

Little Sun and her brother were playing in the park,running around. Sun wanted some ice cream,so she asked her parents for money.After she left to buy the ice cream from the nearby ice cream truck,nobody ever saw her again.Her parents and brother had been searching for her desperately for years,but it was in vain. Sun was kidnapped by a man in his early 30’s who took her in a decent house from another city.He locked her in a dark room from where she tried to escape numerous times before she resigned to the fate,not to mention the dayly beatings.There,she met Takeo Fujimori,the elder son of the Yakuza boss,who was also kidnapped by this mysterious man.They decided to help each other and be friends.There were no secrets between them. Sun had grown up so fast that you couldn’t tell that Takeo was 7 years older than her.For 2 years,the kidnaper trained them to become professional assassins.In those 2 years,they had learned everything about weaponry,battle strategies,many fighting and killing techniques.The man’s plan was perfect: Takeo and Sun became the perfect asssassins.For another 2 years,they were sent in missions as a team killing for rich people from all over the world.

One day,while they were in Japan, Takeo managed to talk with his father and tell him what happened and where they were.Something went wrong and the kidnaper found out.Before Fujimori’s man came,he stabbed Takeo right in front of Sun’s eyes.Sun tried to avenge him,but the opponent was too strong for her. She managed to bruise his cheek with the knife.Fortunately Fujimori’s men barged in at the right moment and he let go of the girl.Seeing that he is outnumbered,he made a run for it and he was never seen since then. Sun tried to stop the bleeding,but Takeo didn’t make it.He had told his father’s men to take Sun to him and help her find her parents.Since then,Mr.Fujimori raised her like his own child for 3 years.There she met Takeo’s little brother,Shin and his friends.Because she felt indebted to her saviour,she asked to work for him as an assassin and so she became a member of the Yakuza.She wanted a tattoo just like everyone else to symbolize that she was a member and so,she tattooed a black snake on her back and the word “shinigami” on her right arm.Her boss told her she didn’t have to do this and that she could always give up the job,but she didn’t.After 3 years of searching,they finally found her parents and she returned home.

Sun:So this was pretty much my life before the age of 15.Of course I still work for the mafia,but lately I didn’t have too many clients.

YooChun:Wow!Your life is like in those movies.Don’t worry,I won’t tell anyone.I’m glad that you shared that with me.
Sun:I’m not.Do you know that you’re in danger now?

YooChun:I’ll be fine.You know…you have really changed since I first met you.

Sun:How so?

YooChun:Well I don’t think this is just my imagination.You began to care about YunHo and all of us.Why did you ask us to come to the gym yesterday?

Sun:I wanted to know how much will you last in a fight.
YooChun:And what do you think?

Sun:The odds are weak. YooChun…if something happens to you…we must stop that wedding from taking place.

YooChun:You have a plan?

Sun:No,but my friends may help.We finish here and you’ll go to Shin’s place with me.

JongHun,YunHee,HongKi,JaeJin and WonBin were in the mall shopping just like they promised.They had fun all day window shopping and probing clothes.The guys were used to YunHee’s long shopping sessions and they started to even enjoy it.

JongHun:Let’s go eat something.Aren’t you hungry?
HongKi,what’s wrong with you today,man?You’re very silent.

WonBin:HyeSu rejected his proposal.

HongKi:Look who’s talking. Sun rejected yours too.

JongHun:Take it easy!It’s not the end of the world.There are many beautiful girls on this planet waiting to be fancied by studs like you.(wink)

While they were heading to a place where they could eat, YunHee suddenly stopped in her tracks.She saw Sun and YooChun at a table talking joyfully and eating ice cream.In that moment, YunHee’s heart broke in thousands of pieces,but because she didn’t want anyone to suspect anything,she turned around to JaeJin.

YunHee: JaeJin,I promised I will give you the answer today,right?

JaeJin:Yeah,but take your time,I…

YunHee:Well…the answer is yes.I love you too.

YunHee grabbed him by the collar and kissed him in the middle of the mall.

The guys:OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

YooChun and Sun heard some noise which drew their attention.When they look to their left they saw YunHee and JaeJin kissing. YooChun was visibly sadden and Sun looked at him apologetically.He smiled embarrassed and took her hand and dragged her torward the exit. Sun didn’t object knowing how he must feel. YunHee took JaeJin’s hand and went to one of the tables.She had seen YooChun holding Sun’s hand,but she acted like nothing happened.

Outside was still raining,so Sun and YooChun hurried to the car which was parked far away from the building.Ufortunately,a fan spotted YooChun and in a few seconds,they were surrounded by people. Sun spoted an opening and they ran with the fan behind them.In spite of their efforts,they didn’t manage to get away,so they continued to run.Their footsteps led them to Sun’s house.Recognizing the tall fence of the house,she heloed him jump over and did the same.A few moments later they heard the hurried footsteps of the fans passing by.They both were barely breathing and they were dripping wet. YooChun started coughing very bad and in a few moments,he fainted. Sun thought about doing CPR,but she saw a little spray bottle in his pocket,which was the medicine for his astma.After she sprayed some substance in his mouth,his breathing started to become normal.She took him in her room,quickly changed his clothes and covered him with lots of blankets,the changed her own clothes.She went to the drawer which contained meds and gave him something to prevent him from getting fever.After a while she looked at the clock.It was already late and she was supposed to be at a meeting. Sun disguised fast,got dressed and went out on the door before YooChun awoken.She reached the gates of a hotel.She went in and told the doorman she came here to a person named Kim ChanSook.

Sun: ChanSook!!!!Sweety!!!I haven’t seen you in ages!!

ChanSook:Maya!!!I missed you so much!!!(hugs)This is my lovely husband,Lee.Lee,she is my sister,Maya.

Sun:Pleased to meet you.I heard so much about you.I’m jealous that I haven’t found someone as charming as you.

Lee:Sweety,you didn’t mention anything about your sister.

ChanSook:She lived in States for a very long time.Have a seat.What can I give you?


ChanSook and Lee put sugar in their coffees.Suddenly,Lee started to cough blood and neither woman tried to help him.Soon he was dead. ChanSook smiled.

ChanSook:Nice doing business with you,”Maya”.

Sun: My pleasure.Now I need my payment.

ChanSook gave her a suitcase full of money.She counted the money and smiled.Then she also started to cough blood and died a few minutes later.

Sun:You know…I could have just killed him,cuz you gave me more money.But it’s more fun to take revenge for what you did to JaeJoong.He won’t be happy to find out that you died,especially who’s the murderer,but it’s too late to back out now.

She found the second money suitcase under the bed.Then Daisuke came disguised as a hotel staff and took one of the suitcases.They managed to get out without raising suspicions.Outside,Riku was waiting for them in a getaway car.While on the road,she changed clothes and erased the make up.

The heartbroken and now drunk Jaejoong was sitting on the couch thinking about what happened to him.He was home alone.Angry,he threw a bottle torward the main door the moment Sun entered.She managed to duck and the bottle hit the wall behind her.Realizing what he had done,JaeJoong rushed to her.

Sun: JaeJoong,what the hell!!!!You could have killed me with that.Get a hold of yourself!!!

JaeJoong:I’m sorry…I didn’t know that…

Sun:How much did you drink??Are you alone?Where are the others?

JaeJoong didn’t answer, he tried to kiss her on the lips,but she turned and he kissed her neck.She tried to make him stop,but because she didn’t succed,hit him in the back of his neck. JaeJoong fell dragging Sun down with him. Sun got up,dragged him to his bed then rushed out of the apartment.

JunSu took MinHee to a place she hadn’t been to a long time and which she adored:rolerskater park.They spent the whole day there having the time of their lives.For MinHee was the perfect day and the time went by very fast.She must be at the airport. JunSu insisted on accompanying her.He gave her a present before she left and told her not to open it before she arrived home.They parted with a kiss.Curious,she opened the box in the airplane. MinHee found a ring and a note on which was written:”I love you.Will you marry me?”.Smiling she dialed his number,while she put the ring on her finger.

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

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Chapter 19:Bloody wedding

When she returned,Sun found YooChun still sleeping.She put some clothes she took from his closet on the edge of the bed and went in the kitchen to eat something.She looked at the clock.It was 4 in the morning.Too late for her to be able to sleep.

Someone rang the bell at YunHee’s house.It was 7 am. YunHee,half asleep,went to open the door.When she saw YunHo’s fiancée,she suddenly remembered.

SangHee:Are you ready?

YunHee:Oooo God~!I forgot~!!!!Today we have to meet your friends at the batchelors party.Come in…i’ll go change fast.

Three hours later,JunSu woke up.The house was quiet,but he could hear giggles coming from the livingroom.Going there,he had found HyeSu sitting in ChangMin’s arms while eating cereals.

HyeSu:Morning,Su Su.Want some cereals?

JunSu: ChangMin, HyeSu,what’s going on here?

HyeSu:Oh,you don’t know? We are a couple since yesterday.

JunSu:Thank GOD~!I thought you’ll kill each other before admitting your love.

ChangMin:You knew?

JunSu:PLEASE!!!You two were extremely obvious.And what was with you two fighting all the time?

HyeSu:Well…uhm… ChangMin was jealous when he saw me with HongKi.

JunSu:Well…congrats!Ah~!I’m so hungry!!But I don’t want cereals.Where is JaeJoong hyung?

ChangMin:He hasn’t come out of his room since yesterday.When we came home yesterday,we found him sleeping.

JunSu:And YooChun?I have to speak to him today.He helped me pick a ring for MinHee.I proposed to her and she said yes.

ChangMin:Really?Congrats!!!When will be the wedding?

JunSu:We haven’t talked about this yet.

YunHo came in the livingroom looking very tired.He looked into the kitchen and noticed that JaeJoong wasn’t there.Sensing that something isn’t right,went to his room to talk to him.Soon after,the entrance door opened and YooChun was pushed inside laughing. YunHo and JaeJoong came to see what happened.YunHee and SangHee also joined them.

YunHee:What’s with you two?You weren’t home last night.


YooChun:Actually,we have something to tell you.Sun and I are a couple.

JunSu:What?I didn’t see this coming.Since when?

Sun:He…uhm..asked me for a date on Valentine’s Day.

YunHee:What a coincidence!JaeJin did the same and we are a couple too.Congratulations minna!

YunHee’s voice sounded so happy,but the look in her eyes betrayed her.She almost fainted when she had heard the news.Sun could see hate in her eyes.She wasn’t happy at all. Sun was caught by surprise when YooChun hugged her,so she stiffened a bit.She didn’t know why YooChun did that,but decided to take advantage of this “relationship” in order to succed in preventing the wedding.JaeJin called YunHee just in time.He wanted to let her know that the present for YunHo was ready and that the party may begin.She told Sun and HyeSu to go with her at the batchelors party she had organized for SangHee.Sun immediately ran out of YooChun’s arms embarrassed.She knew that YunHee would want to kill her later.

The next morning,the last preparations for the wedding had finally began. YunHee was extremely stressed about the wedding,because she wanted it to be perfect. HyeSu stood on ChangMin’s lap fixing his tie.After she finished,gave him a kiss and left to help YunHee. YooChun sat beside ChangMin on the couch to put on his shoes.

YooChun: ChangMin,have you imagined what would it be like to be married to HyeSu and have kids?


HyeSu and ChangMin spent their entire day cuddling and saying mushi stuff.They totally forgot about the kids.Seeing this,the kids went outside with a placard in their hands on which was written:”Please adopt us.We are orphans.”

ChangMin:To be honest,I don’t think we are ready for something like this.We’ve been a couple for 2 days.If you want grandchildren,you’ll have to wait.

YooChun:If you say so… YunHo hyung,have you seen my tie?
YunHee:It’s here, YooChun!HyeSu,I need those hairpins right now.Sun,check the tables and YunHo if I catch you in the bride’s room,I’ll kill you!!!!

Hours went by and the ceremony began.The bride was heading to the altar with a smile plastered on her face.This was her special day.Everyone was smiling,some were even crying from happiness.A man in his 40’s came behind the bride and made her stop walking even futher. Sun,recognizing the man,snuck behind the crowd and arrived behind the man.

JunSu:What’s going on?

Man:Nice wedding,too bad that it’s going to be ruined.

YooChun(through the michophone):Sun,what is this?This wasn’t in our plan.

Sun(through the michophone):This is not the plan.Don’t move until I get this jerk out of here. YooChun…he is the one that kidnapped me.

Sun pulled the 2 katana’s out of the boots where she had hid them.She wanted to behead him,but the man moved fast and in a second he was hiding behind the bride who was terrified. Sun crossed her swords cutting the bride’s veil.Then,she looked at her brother who was very confused and at the scared YooChun. The crowd watched in amaizement,not being able to stop the fight.

Sun:Let them go.It’s me that you want.Today is the day that I will get revenge.

YunHo:What’s happening,Sun?

Sun:Don’t move, YunHo!This man is no match for you.

Sun attacked the man,making him to throw SangHee to the side.Exactly what she wanted.Then she continued to attack him,while he avoided the hits.One slight mistake.This was what Sun needed and finally obtained.With that mistake,she managed to hurt his arm and kick him in the stomach.But this didn’t stop him from disarm her attempt to strangle her.Without blinking,Sun used the blade which was hidden in the tip of her right shoe and attempted to stab him.Although she didn’t succed, she forced him to let go.When she finally got up,he was already running.Because she didn’t want to miss this unique chance,she quickly took the swords and ran after him,ignoring the shoutings of her friends and brother. YooChun and JunSu ran at the car to chase her. YunHo ran to his fiancée to see if she was ok.Meanwhile,Sun continued to chase her enemy amoung cars on the highway.The chase ended on a roundabout street.There was a dead end.The man was cornered.Seeing that there is no option left for him,he quickly pulled out the 2 pistols he had and started shooting. Sun hardly managed to keep out of harm’s way.The second bullet,entered her right arm.Without hesitating she dashed torwards him.She stabbed him near the heart and in the stomach.With his last drop of strength,shot Sun in the chest,forcing her to back out.Infuriated, Sun pulled out the sword from his chest and beheaded him,painting everything in red.After that,she pulled out the other sword and started walking slowly torward a populated aria.She left the cellphone home and she was well aware that her life was almost over.She had heard YooChun’s voice through earpiece.He was told to call an ambulance and where to find her.Feeling dizzy and toil-worn once she reached the end of the street she sat down,resting her back on the building’s wall with the swords still in her hands.Soon after,her vision became blurred,her body became numb.She was loosing counsciousness bit by bit due to the blood loss. Sun struggled to stay awake,but her body no longer listened to her.A sound she heard told her a car pulled over.She faintly heard YooChun husky voice calling her name.Aparently JunSu was with him. YooChun took her in his arms,hugging her.Her blood tainted his shirt,but he didn’t care.Feeling helpless,they began to cry.

YooChun:SUN~!!!! Stay with me!!Don’t you die on me!

JunSu:Oh,please GOD no,don’t let her die…don’t…

She was dying and was aware of it,but if she was dying at least she died happily knowing that she finally got what she wanted. YunHo came a couple of minutes later at the scene where he froze in fear. YooChun and JunSu were crying their eyes out and his sister lying in a pool of blood.

YunHo:Sun!!!What happened?Say something!Please!!!


Sun wanted to tell him “YunHo,is that you?I’m sorry,I can explain”,but she couldn’t talk anymore.Blood started dripping from her mouth.


JunSu: YunHo,calm down.

A few seconds later,the ambulance arrived. Sun is put on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital into the operating theatre.The surgery lasted 5 hours.The doctors did many efforts to save her life because the bullet was very close to her heart. YunHo was becoming more desperate by the minute.He stopped and interrogated every nurse that he saw coming out of the operating theatre,until they decided it’s better if they sedated him to sleep a bit.After the surgery was over,the patient was taken to the ER,where she stayed one month in a coma.When her condition was better,she was moved in a private room.Everyone was at loose ends waiting to see her.At night they stayed up in shifts to watch her.SangHee disappeared for a week due to an incident in her family,but after that she was at YunHo’s side to confort him.

After another week,Sun opened her eyes one morning and noticed that her brother was sleeping in a bed next to hers.She stood up and looked out on the window.The sun was brightly shining on the sky.A sharp pain in her chest told her that she had an surgery.She remembered everything that happened.The shot,the shock.She wasn;t thinking straight after she saw that man.All she was thinking about was vengeance. YunHo opened his eyes and saw his dear sister sitting on the edge of the bed,smiling.He quickly stood up and hugged her,crying.

Sun: YunHo,are you crying?

YunHo:What were you thinking?You scared me to death!I thought that I’m going to lose you.Promise me you're not going to do something like this ever again.

Sun:I’m sorry.I promise.You desirve an explanation.Go and call the others.They probably want to know too.

After she explained everything about the kidnapping to them,she asked to spend a little time with YooChun in private.Although, YunHo was reluctant,the others dragged him out.Once they were alone,both of them wore a different expression.
YooChun:Sun,this world may have failed you,but it doesn’t give you the reason to do what you did.You could have chosen a different path in life.

Sun:This doesn’t concern you, YooChun.You agreed to help me stop the wedding.This was it.And what was the you being my boyfriend thing?

YooChun:I don’t know what came onto me,but later on I thought we could be alone to talk without being disturbed.

Sun:Now tell me what happened.How long was I in hospital?

YooChun:You were here for a month an a half in a coma.They barely managed to save you.SangHee disappeared in the first week you were here,but after she returned at your brother side.Of course the wedding was cancelled,but they haven’t given up the idea.Oh,and one more thing.ChanSook and her husband were found dead in their apartment.The police said they were poisoned.

Sun:What about JaeJoong?

YooChun:He was the primary suspect,until the killer showed up and gave himself in.But all this stuff was odd,you know?Seemed a pro’s bussines and that guy seemed to be an amateur.Do you know anything about it?


YooChun:Don’t lie to me.

Sun:OH OK!!!OK!!!(whispering)I killed her,so what??I was paied for it.Her husband ordered me to kill her and she wanted me to kill her husband so I killed them both,took their money and left.I did my job,nothing more.

YooChun:Sun,it’s ok to be jealous,but don’t kill anyone cuz you can.It’s not good.Why don’t you quit your job?

Sun:I can’t.It’s too late and it’s the only thing I’m good at.It’s too complicated,you wouldn’t understand.

Sun waved at the surveillance camera in her room,smiling.

YooChun:What are you doing?

Sun:Saying hi to my friends.Kazuya and the others are watching us.


Sun:They broke into the system and they control almost every electronic stuff in Japan and Korea.

After that day,Sun was released from the hospital and was anxious to see her friends.Once the night began she went at Kaito’s club where they threw a party to celebrate her recovery.Life seemed to return to normal once again before getting crazy for the last time.

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

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Chapter 20:More than meets the eye

It’s been 2 months since the accident from the wedding.Their life seemed to be back to normal.Those who witnessed the accident tried to forget and live on like nothing happened.They had no idea that their lives will get even more complicated,turning into a nightmare.

Outside was getting dark.YooChun was sitting on the couch with a rose in his hand.JunSu was next to him watching a soccer game.He heard YunHee and HyeSu’s voices.

YunHee:And if you think about it,they didn’t have date until now. YooChun is some boyfriend.He doesn’t know how to treat his own girlfriend.

HyeSu:What about you and JaeJin?

YunHee:We already had 2 dates,but you know,he doesn’t have that much free time lately.Today we will go somewhere.I can’t wait.Oh,hello YooChun!

YooChun: YunHee…

The doorbell rang.

YunHee:It must be him.Bye!

YooChun: YunHee!


YooChun:We must talk as soon as possible.

YunHee:About what?

YooChun:I can’t tell you now.We must be alone.

YunHee:Alright,then I think it can wait until I come back from my date.I see you have plans with Sun also.I’ll talk to you later.Bye!

YooChun: YunHee…

She hurried at the door.Once she saw JaeJin,she kissed him and they left. YooChun sighed and began to climb the stairs.He went to Sun’s door and knocked.Still sleepy, Sun opened the door and saw YooChun offering her a rose.She took the rose,grabbed him by the collar and threw him on her bed,closing the door.

Sun:What the hell are you doing?

YooChun:I wanted to tell YunHee that I love her,but…they think we are still together.I heard YunHee saying that we didn’t have a date before,so I was thinking…

Sun:And until when we are going to pretend like that?Until when are you going to lie to yourself and to her like that?

YooChun: Sun…the truth is that…SangHee is up to something.I still feel that she is hiding and plotting something.

Sun:Alright,alright!*sigh*Look..we will go out tonight,but this is it.We are going to plan our break up,cuz I can’t stand this anymore.You’re my friend.I can’t see you torturing yourself like this.Now get out so I can get dressed.

YooChun waited for her in the living room,where he talked with JunSu to pass the time.When Sun came downstairs,he asked her if he could drive.She passed him the keys and they left holding hands.When they were outside, YooChun suddenly stopped in his tracks.

YooChun:Do you have any idea where we’re going?

Sun:I hope you like street car races.

YooChun:You kidding me?I adore them!

Sun:Then we are going to have fun.

In the meantime, JaeJin and YunHee were dining in a restaurant.They chatted about all the stuff they could think of.Suddenly, JaeJin became serious.

YunHee:What happened?

JaeJin: YunHee…I think it’s better if we break up.

YunHee:Why?I thought you…

JaeJin:I can’t force you to love me when the one you really love is Micky YooChun.So I’m trying to do it in a delicate way,good for the both of us.Don’t worry about me.I’ll be fine.I’ll find myself someone at the right moment.And of course,we are still friends.

YunHee:Since when did you know?

JaeJin:From the moment you kissed me at the mall.I saw YooChun with Sun and I knew you were jealous.It’s better to tell him your feelings,don’t you think so?

YunHee:*sigh* You’re a true friend, JaeJin.I’m lucky to have you by my side.But are you sure that this is what you want?
JaeJin:Yes.Believe me,this is the best option.I can help you with YooChun if you like.

YunHee:It’s not necessary,thanks.But if I’ll need help,I’ll let you know.

After the dinner, JaeJin and YunHee went home on separate ways.She preferred to walk,although JaeJin insisted to take her home first.It was pouring rain,but she didn’t care.Further ahead she spotted a gang who’s members drank and smoked while sitting at the corner.When she passed by,the boys began to whistle and one of them blocked her way. YunHee warned him to leave her alone,but because he wouldn’t listen,she kicked him in the knee.When she wanted to walk out,the rest of the boys surrounded her.She began to hit them until she was layed fast by the heels.Luckely, Sun and YooChun passed by there on their way home.Seeing that she is being hurt, YooChun jumped out of the car and began kicking those guys.Sun waited at the car on the drivers seat,ready to leave in any moment.He pushed YunHee into the car,climbed into the car and they got out of there.

YooChun:What was that, YunHee?

YunHee:I was on my way home from the date and those guys picked on me.

YooChun:Where is JaeJin?He was supposed to be with you.I’ll kick him when we get home.

YunHee:It’s not his fault!I wanted to take a walk.

YooChun:Don’t you know that is dangerous out for a girl like you at this hour?HUH?

YunHee:It’s not your business,ok?I do what I think is best.And besides,I know to fight,not like someone I know.

A bullet hit the back window. YunHee screamed, Sun looked into the mirror.Behind them,there were the guys from before,now heavy weaponed.

Sun:Buckle up! YunHee,keep your head down.Damn those street gangsters!They think that if they can hold a weapon,they can own the world.We are lucky that the car is bullet-proofed.

Sun increased the speed trying to lose them.Once she had reached a wider space,she turned the car around to face them,took out a gun and opening the window,she shot the driver.After that,she turned the car around and drove fast home.

YunHee:Did you…kill him?

Sun:No,but he is dying.There is still a chance he could live.

YunHee:You’re nothing,but a cold-blooded assassin, Sun.I can’t believe that you’re YunHo’s sister.

Sun:What did you want me to do,huh?Let them kill us???You’re ridiculous!If you don’t like my methods,you can always be careful and handle it yourself,ok?

YunHee:Stop the car!I’m going to the police!

YooChun: YunHee!!!Enough!!!Sun,keep driving!
YooChun could see tears in Sun’s eyes.He offered her a tissue,but she refused. Sun took out an earring and gave it to YooChun.

YooChun:What is this?

Sun:A break up present.Believe me,it’s better for the both of us.Keep it to remind you of me.

The way home was rather silent. Sun left them home and ran at the club,because Rin had called her and told her to go there fast. YunHee stomped her way to her room. YooChun stopped her in the lobby. JaeJin’s words echoed in her head when she felt his hand on hers.

YooChun: YunHee…listen to me for a minute.
YunHee:Alright…you have a minute.

YooChun:I realized that you’re the only one that I ever loved.I don’t love Sun.I know you love me too.There is no use in denying it.

YunHee:Then why didn’t you ask me for a date on Valentines Day?Why you tell me this now?

YooChun:Because JaeJin was one step ahead of me.Then I took Sun out to talk about her past.I was curious.There was nothing serious between us.She was always gone.All that I did was to hold her hand and hug her once.Nothing more.I love you.

YunHee:Why should I believe you?

He kneeled down in front of her and put the earring in her hand.

YooChun:Because I’m telling the truth.My heart belongs to you.Don’t be jealous over something that’s not real,my love.Tell me what should I do to see I’m telling the truth.

She could see that he was being honest. JaeJin’s words echoed in her head once more.Maybe he was right. YooChun pulled her into a deep,passionate kiss.She instantly responded to his kiss.The magical moment she was waiting for so long,it was happening.She felt like melting under his touch.

YunHee:I love you too,Park YooChun.I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier.But you’re mine now and being with me is exactly like selling your soul to the devil.

YooChun:I’m fine with that,my gorgeus demon queen.

YooChun kissed her again,smiling.Unfortunately,their magic moment was interrupted by YunHo,who called him to a club where everyone was at with SangHee. YunHee decided that it was better to stay home,because she started sneezing,so YooChun went there alone.

Sun came back at about 5 am tired and covered in someone else’s blood.Rin had called her to help them in a fight started by some kids in “Tornado”.She found YunHee sitting on the couch with a worried expression on her face and a phone in her hand.A bad feeling came over Sun when she saw her.Something was wrong.She had a bad feeling all day long.She prayed not to be true.But it seemed that her prayers weren’t listened.

Sun:What’s with you here at this hour?Where are the others?

YunHee:They went at a club with SangHee and they are not back yet.

Sun:With SangHee???OMG~!When did they leave?

YunHee: YunHo and the others were gone a long time ago,but YooChun went after them shortly after we returned.What is it?Why are you so scared?

Sun quickly got her cellphone and began to push a few buttons.After she stopped,she was getting more and more concerned.

Sun:The earring that I gave him today is in your room,isn’t it?


Sun(sat on the couch,feeling dizzy): Stupid Yoochun! Stupid Yoochun! That earring was a tracker.Call the police and FT Island.


Sun:Just do it,ok?

Sun shifted into assasin’s mode.Her face shown no expression at all.She looked scary now,like a soulless ice queen. YunHee has never seen her like this.

YunHee: Sun,are you alright?

Sun(on the phone):Shin,pass Kazuya on the phone,please.

Kazuya:Tell me.

Sun:I need the recording of every club in town.You must search for DBSK.They’ve been kidnapped.I want to know where they’re at. Trace Yoochun’s phone.Pass the phone to Shin,please.

Shin:Tell what you need.

Sun:Weaponry,cars,full equipment.We are going after them,wherever they are.I want it all ready by tonight,ok?Tonight,we move out.I’ll come by later.I must sleep now…if I can.


YunHee called the police and her brother’s band,like Sun asked.Also she called the manager too.He desirved to know and maybe could help them in some way. Sun forced herself to sleep in order to have energy for later.In front of the others she maintained a cold expression,but the truth was she was very scared.Her soul was shattered.To her,the incident with her kidnapping and what happened to Takeo was repeating itself.

Meawhile,inside SangHee’s huge mansion,6 people were lying uncouscious in a room. HyeSu was the first to wake up.She looked around.She was in a room alighted only by candles,the courtains were pulled.Her head was pulsing and she felt dizzy.On a bed was lying JaeJoong,uncounscious tied up by wristbands on his hands and legs. JunSu and her were tethered to the pipes. YunHo was sitting on a chair with his hands and legs tied to that chair. YooChun and ChangMin were iron-bound by chains somewhere on a corner of the room.She tried to figure out what happened.She remembered that they were at a club with SangHee and suddenly she felt dizzy…that’s it.Looked around for the second time.No sign of SangHee.She called out for JunSu who woke up.

HyeSu: JunSu!!!

JunSu:What?Where are we?

HyeSu:We’ve been kidnapped.We gotta get out of here.

Soon,the others wake up and find themselves unable to move.No matter how hard they tried,they couldn’t free themselves.Soon after, SangHee entered the room smiling.

SangHee: My foolish YunHo.I finally got you.Let me explain some stuff to you.All the people you’re seeing and will see,are your antis.No one will save you now.

YunHo:What do you mean by that?

SangHee:Don’t tell me you thought I was crazy in love with you,do you sugar-cups?Let’s get real!You fell into my trap from the very beginning.I was your anti from the beginning.Every kiss and every minute spent with you made me sick.I’m a great actress,aren’t i?

JunSu:Why have you brought us here?

SangHee:I have a surprise for you.But I’ll leave it for later.See you later,sugar-cups.

They were all shocked at SangHee’s behaviour. SangHee who was sweet and caring.They were tricked. YooChun remembered the microphone that Sun gave him and tried to contact her,but all hi efforts were in vain.He didn’t eve know where he was.The signal was also jammed.

At YunHee’s place,FT Island was sitting quietly on the couch. YunHee brought them some tea. Sun was sleeping in her room for 6 hours already,yet she couldn’t close an eye due to the worries.She was thinking about YooChun.What if something happened to him?She was waiting news from the police,but noone called yet.When someone rang at the door, YunHee was the first one at the door.She thought it was the police or the guys,but instead she found 16 year old boy who asked about Sun.The boy secretly talked to Sun,showed her some pictures and then left with a message for Shin.Once the night will fall,they will begin to prepare for rescuing dbsk and HyeSu.

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

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Chapter 21:Nightmare

In the twilit room,the prisoners gave up on the idea of freeing themselves.They spent hours discussing and asking themselves why SangHee wanted to hurt them,why did she chose to use YunHo and how could have they been so stupid not to notice her true intentions.Tired physically and mentally,they were ready to accept whatever was waiting for them.HyeSu didn’t want to give up so easilyand decided to try to cut loose at all cost. SangHee entered the room wearing the same evil smile,but this time she was followed by a few men.At her signal,the men went to the captives and unshackled them.For HyeSu this was the perfect opportunity.As soon as she was unchained,she hit the man in front of her,forcing him to fall back. SangHee called more men which fought HyeSu,until she got tired and was captured once again.

SangHee:Who would have thought you’re such a beast, HyeSu?I knew you are a bit crazy,but I never expected this.It seems I underestimated you.For this,you’ll get special treatment.

ChangMin:Don’t you dare to touch her!

SangHee:OOO… ChangMinnie…I would suggest to not try to play the knight in shinig armour here,but if you insist,you can get her treatment twice.But she will still receive it.

JaeJoong:Bitch!You will no longer laugh when the police will find you.You will rot in jail.

SangHee:My my,we have a sharp tongue,don’t we?Well let me tell you something..BITCH(she slapped him)You really think I’m afraid of prison?If I was afraid,you wouldn’t be here,would you?Of course not.Leave YunHo and YooChun here for now.I will personally take care of them.Take everyone else.

YunHo:What are you going to do to them?

SangHee:You’ll see soon,sweety.They will test it first for you to see.As for me and you,we will solve our differences like leaders,won’t we?

After that,SangHee left YooChun and YunHo alone in the room.

YunHo:Have you managed to contact my sister yet?

YooChun:No.I don’t know why.The mike must be broken or something.

YunHo:If we don’t contact someone from outside fast,we’re dead meat.I don’t know what she wants,but if we will get out of here alive,I’ll make sure she will rot in jail.

A few hours later,the others were brought back and tethered again.SangHee didn’t come with them,but she left a message:what happened to JaeJoong,HyeSu,ChangMin and JunSu will be twice as worse for YooChun and YunHo for they are the ones whom SangHee hates the most.Th sight was horrible.They were beaten and tortured very badly.They were soacked in blood and uncoucious.The leader’s worries were now dubled,the fear paralysed him,the only thought in his head was that this was it.There was no way out of that mess. YooChun couldn’t contain himself and started to cry once they were alone again.

YooChun: ChangMin, JunSu!!! JaeJoong hyung… HyeSu!!!Say something!

YunHo:No…no..this cannot be…what kind of people are they?They are so cruel!


YunHo:Calm down, YooChun!I’ll try to reason with her when she comes back.Try to contact Sun.

It was 8 pm,the sun was setting painting the sky in orange and red colours.YunHee couldn’t sleep because she was worried to death,although MinHwan tried to persuade her.She was sitting on the couch watching tv on the news channel waiting to hear something about a ransom in exchange for dbsk’s lives.It was always all about money in this kind of things,wasn’t it?That was what YunHee and her friends were hoping for.She was willing to give all her money just to see them back safe.

MinHwan:Sis,you must rest.If we receive news,we will wake you up.

YunHee:It’s not necessary.I’m not sleepy.

JongHun:I hope they’re ok.DBSK has a lot of antis,you know?If…

JaeJin:Thanks for encouraging her.

YunHee:It’s ok.I’m asking myself the same questions.

Sun was coming downstairs dressed up in a black shinobi costume.Her nose and mouth were covered by a piece of black material and her hair was caught in a ponytail.

HongKi:Where are you going dressed up like this?

Sun:I’m going to save them before is too late.

MinHwan:What do you mean by that?You know where they are?

Sun:No,but my friends know.I’m going after them whether you like it or not.

WonBin:All alone?Wouldn’t been better if you called the police?

Sun:No!They will be killed if we do that.Leave it to me.I know what I’m doing.

JongHun:How come?You’re trained to kill not save.

Sun(death glare):Do not underestimate me,Choi JongHun.And don’t missunderstand me.I’m trained to kill,so I kill the kidnappers and I walk out with the victims.It’s that simple.

MinHwan:What if you won’t make it?What if something goes wrong?

HongKi:We have to trust her.

YunHee:Trust her?How can you trust a ruthless killer?

WonBin: YunHee!She’s our friend.If she was like you said she would have killed us a long time ago,don’t you agree?

Sun:I must go.I have the advantage,because they won’t expect me to come and know nothing about me.I’ll leave 2 bodyguards in front of the main door.If they are killed,use the kitchen knives or something.

Meanwhile, YunHo was forcefully dragged out of the room,leaving YooChun to wonder why didn’t she take the both of them at the same time. YooChun called the others to wake up,but the only one who woke up was ChangMin who’s voice was almost soundless.He didn’t ask the younger boy what happened.He already had the answer to that. YunHo was brought back after 30 minutes.He was knocked out and soaked in blood.He was put back in his chair. YooChun knew he was coming next.It was just a matter of time.

YooChun: ChangMin are you still awake?


YooChun:What will we do, ChangMin-ah?I must do something.We got to contact someone from the outside…I can’t stand and watch you die in front of my eyes.

ChangMin:Hyung…you did…all you could…do…it’s not your…fault…how’s HyeSu?

YooChun:She’s still knocked out.

ChangMin:I..want to be…there with her…to hold her…

YooChun:I know Min,I know.

The 2 of them felt fresh air coming from the window,hitting their bodies.From behind the courtains, Sun appeared and signaled them to be quiet.She moves soundlessly across the room,followed by her friends.Chiyo went at the door to hear if someone came.Tetsuya unchained YunHo,lifted him up and went to the window and disappeared. YooChun could see the being lifted in the air.Shin took HyeSu and did the same.Daisuke took JunSu and Riku took ChangMin and they were climbing up to the helichopter which was waiting for them on top of the roof.Ayaka went to take YooChun,but she was careless and broke a lamp.The noise was echoed across the whole house.

Chiyo:We’ve been discovered.

Sun:Get them out of here.Go,go,go!!!!

Ayaka, YooChun and Chiyo ran to the helichopter and Rin started the engine. Sun stayed behind to buy time for Chiyo,Riku,Daisuke,Tetsuya and Shin to get to the getaway cars.She fought SangHee’s men for a cuple of minutes,then threw a smoking grenade,jumped from the first floor and ran to her motorcycle.Fortunately the villains did not follow.Rin took the victims to the hospital where Kasumi had everything prepared for their arrival.As soon as they stepped on the hospital grounds,the doctors undertook them immediately to check up. YooChun was left in the waiting room,because he was the only one unharmed.One hour late he heard quick steps walking torwards him and when he looked to the left,he saw YunHee running to him. She kissed him lustfully with tears in her eyes then hugged him tightly.Behind her were MinHwan and his friends accompanied by the 2 bodyguards sent by Sun. YunHee began to tremble.She was happy that YooChun was unharmed,but she was worried for the others.

YooChun:I’m ok,baby.Calm down,ok?

YunHee: YooChun,you have no idea how worried I was.Sun didn’t tell me too many details on the phone.She only said to go to the hospital as fast as I can and by hearing that I got only more worried.I didn’t know what to expect.

YooChun:Where is Sun now?

MinHwan:We don’t know.She only said to go to the hospital and that’s it.

A few moments later Sun was hurriedly stepping on the hospital grounds,dressed in the same shinobi costume from earlier.The doctor came an hour later to give them the news about the patient’s health:Jung YunHo,Kim HyeSu and Kim JaeJoong were in deep coma,and as for Shim ChangMin and Kim JunSu suffered severe damages,but they were awake,but currently under sedation.He didn’t know when the patients will be awake,only God could make a miracle.This news astounded them.Furious, Sun hit the nearby window with her fist,breaking it.The blood was now flowing from her wounded arm.WonBin hugged her to calm her down,but she pushed him away.The fury which she felt,couldn’t be described in words.She felt dizzy for a second and all the memories she tried to forget,were back to haunt her.She felt powerless just like 9 years ago when Takeo died in front of her eyes.That night, Sun, MinHwan and his friends remained in the hospital and YooChun took YunHee home to rest.

In the middle of the night,in a hospital room,ChangMin woke up and stared at the ceiling for a few seconds.He had iv tubs in both arms.He remembered the nightmare moments he had been through. ChangMin was forced to watch how HyeSu was being tortured without being able to do anything.He saw HyeSu lying motionless on a bed next to him,connected to a bunch of devices.He pulled out the tubes from his arms and walked to her bed.Thinking about all that’s happened to them,he couldn’t help but cry.He lightly caressed her face and kissed her lips with the tears still flowing on his face.

ChangMin: HyeSu,you promised you’ll never leave me.Why?Why you?It would have been better if I was in your place.It’s all my fault.

A nurse came to check on the patients and she found him out of his bed.She tried to persuade him to go back to his bed so that she could put the iv back in his arms,but he wouldn’t leave his beloved.Touched by his actions she agreed to push his bed closer to HyeSu’s if he would be a good boy and listened to her. ChangMin agreed and after the nurse finished he job and left,he fell asleep holding HyeSu’s hand.

In the next room JunSu woke up hearing some stifled noises.It seemed like someone was crying.When he got up,he saw Sun sitting on her knees with her head on the edge of her brother’s bed and a hand was holding his.JaeJoong was lying uncouncious on the bed behind her.

JunSu: Sun?

Sun: JunSu,you’re awake!(wiped the tears away)I’m sorry,did I wake you?

JunSu:It’s ok.What happened?

Sun:After you’ve been ruthlessly tortured there,JaeJoong,YunHo and your sister are in a coma now.You and ChangMin have suffered sever damage,but you’re a bit better. YooChun is the only one unharmed.I got to him before they could do anything.

JunSu:Where is my…sister?

Sun:In the next room with ChangMin.I got bodyguards to watch the rooms,hospital and home too.They will be fine.Ft Island are here too.Get some rest.I’m going to let the doctor know you are awake.

JunSu:I want to see her!

Sun: JunSu,now it’s not a very good time.You’ll see her tomorrow,I promise.

JunSu:I guess you’re right…

Sun kissed her brother’s forehead then left to announce the doctor about JunSu and left home together with WonBin.

At home, YunHee still couldn’t sleep,but at her boyfriend’s insistence on eating,she finnaly ate a bit.

YooChun:It’s 3 am.We had a rough day and we should rest,don’t you agree?

YunHee:I’m not sleepy.

YooChun:Come on,I’ll be sleeping with you,ok?Nothing will hurt us.Sun put guards at the entrance,remember?

YunHee:I don’t trust her and you know it!She nothing but a ruthless murderer.I don’t even know why you enjoy being in her presence so much.

YooChun:What makes you think that?Don’t missjudge her.Can’t you see how lonely and pitiful she is?Her soul is broken because of the traumas she had suffered.She created a wall of hate and ice around her only to protect the broken pieces of her soul.She doesn’t know how to interact with people and show her real feelings because she was trained to wear masks,pretend and hide her true feelings.

YunHee:Alright!I got it!Can we not talk about her?It annoys me.I already had a rough time.I’ve had it.

YooChun(sigh):Alright,let’s get some sleep,ne?

YunHee: YooChun…

YunHee:Don’t leave me sleep alone tonight.

YooChun:I’ll never leave you alone.I promise.

YooChun sealed the promise with a kiss and led her to bed.

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

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Chapter 22:Price for retaliation

A couple more days passed by.They seemed like centuries,because everyone was worried and tense.Sun was restlessly sleeping beside WonBin.The nightmares,which seemed to have stopped until then,were back.That’s why she had asked WonBin to sleep with her.She had woke up screaming and crying for the 3rd time that night. WonBin didn’t know what to do to make her feel better.

WonBin: Sun,I’m here, it’s alright…everything will be alright…shhh…

Sun:I can’t take it anymore!Why?Why everytime I begin to care about someone he has rotten luck?I swear that SangHee will pay!I will not rest until I send her to hell!

WonBin:Shh…be quiet…try to get some sleep.It’s 5 am.You must rest.

Sun hugged him and continued to cry.She hadn’t cried like this since she was 8 and was under physical and psychological torture daily.A few hours later, WonBin’s phone rang and he snuck out of the room to take the call.It was JaeJin.JaeJoong was awake for a few minutes now and he was feeling better,except for the pain he felt on the entire body.Hearing that, WonBin knocked at YooChun and YunHee’s room to give them the news.After a few seconds,a scream was heard from Sun’s room and YooChun rushed there with WonBin.The young boy hugged her with all his might to stop her from struggeling.

YooChun:Sun, JaeJoong hyung has awoken.See,everyone will be alright,it’s just a matter of time.Now go to the bathroom and get changed,because we’ll go to see him,ok?

Sun:I’ll be ready in a moment.(exit the room)

YooChun:I’m worried about the way she has been behaving the past days.I don’t think she was like this before.

WonBin:I’m worried too.She is at her wits end.I’m afraid she’ll suffer a breakdown soon.

YooChun:That,if she hasn’t suffered one by now.You can never know what to expect from her.She is so fast in changing her mood.Watch her closely,ok?

At the hospital,JunSu and ChangMin were silently watching over HyeSu.He and ChangMin were wretched.A nurse was filling up their register cards.They were feeling a bit better and according to their doctor,were ready to return home.YunHee and YooChun came in and hugged the two.

YunHee:Did the doctor say something about when will she wake up?

JunSu:No.He said he doesn’t know how long will she be like this.

ChangMin:I want her to wake up already!I can’t stand seeing her like this anymore.It’s killing slowly on the inside.

YunHee:I believe you, ChangMin.You must have patience.I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

ChangMin:Oh,really?And how much longer?HUH?A matter of time can be anytime.Even a lifetime.

YooChun:Don’t speak like this, ChangMin.It’s gonna be ok.I promise.

Once in JaeJoong’s room, Sun ran and hugged him tightly.

Sun: JaeJoong….

JaeJoong:Woah~! Sun…easy…my entire body hurts.

Sun:Sorry…I’m glad you’re feeling better.You scared me to death.I swear the bitch is going to pay for this.

JaeJoong:Are you crying? Sun…it’s gonna be alright.Don’t scare me like this.You never cried before.

Sun:You’re right.I got involved too much in this.It was my mistake and I swear it won’t happen again.

JaeJoong:It’s not that..i’m really glad that you’re showing your true feelings…I…

He stopped talking when he saw Sun’s cold stare.She was back to like she was before.She ran out on the door,took WonBin’s hand and dragged him home.A few hours later, Jaejoong,Junsu,Changmin,Yoochun,Yunhee,Jonghun and Minhwan came home to get some rest also.

The next night, Sun woke up at 3 am,got dressed,took a big bag from the closet,kissed WonBin’s forehead and snuck into JaeJoong’s room.After she watched him sleep for a while,kissed him lightly on the lips and disappeared.She arrived at about 7 am to her house to gather some stuff.She got dressed in a black coat,put on a mask,some sun glasses and walked out of the house with the bag and an umbrella.After a day of shopping through town,she arrived at SangHee’s mansion at midnight.Her house was seriously guarded.

Sun:”You think that if you have so much men to guard this place,you can get rid of me?Think again.You don’t even know what I have prepared for you.The word “slaughter”doesn’t describe half of it.”

When a car passed by the big gate,she walked in too.The doorman stopped her.She pulled out a semiautomatic gun from her coat’s pocket and shot him.She did the same with the people in the car.After she threw away the empty gun,walked further.One of the guards saw her and rang the alarm.He was followed by a few guards in the garden to see what was happening.As soon as she stepped on the middle of the garden,she was surrounded by the guards.She put the bag down and began counting the umbrella’s angles.The men watched her perplexedly.

Sun:5 corners.Perfect.One for each of you.I was afraid one of you will be left out.

By pressing a single button,she paralysed them all by hitting them with needles in the neck.Another guard walked torwards her,but he was shot with a needle before he was able to do something.Once again,she abandoned the now useless weapon.From the inside,SangHee was feeling heart-sick because she didn’t understood what was going on.She ran at the window and saw a person dressed completely in black carrying a bag who broke down the front door and paced inside.Sun continued her step stopping from time to time to hide and pull out another gun from the bag after the one in hand was empty.She climbed upstairs,pulled out the last gun she had in the bag and dropped it over the guard rail.As soon as she murdered the last guard with the bullets she had,abandoned the gun.She paced quickly inside every room she saw.She was determined to send her in the grave.Finally,she found the person she was looking for in a room filled with antique weapons.

SangHee: You sure got some nerve to dare to barge in here and slaughter everyone you see.

Sun:And you got some nerve to kidnap and torture Jung YunHo to the extend that he inside the hospital now in a coma.
SangHee:Oooo…someone from the mafia is his fan…I presume you are a mafia member since you’re such a good fighter and managed to do this.He sure is lucky.

Sun(removed the mask):I’d say that I am more that a fan.

SangHee:SUN??????Wow…I didn’t see this coming.I saw what you did at the wedding,but this?

Sun:I came here to make you pay.YunHo is my brother and I won’t rest until I see you in a casket.

SangHee:Don’t you think you’re overrating yourself?

Sun:You don’t know who are you messing with.You don’t know what I am capable of,so shut the fuck up!

Sun drew her swords and SangHee drew hers.The battle began,the two girls attacking simultaneously.For some time they were blocking eachother’s hits continuosly,until Sun managed to disarm her opponent. SangHee was shocked because she was very good at wielding swords and no one ever succeded to disarm her.In a few seconds she was back on her feet and the battle continued.At a given moment, SangHee forced a sword from her enemy’s hands and cut her with it,leaving a big scar on her abdomen.Sun took a few steps back.Her enemy took advantage of the situation and snached away the other sword too.Seeing no other way out, Sun tried to wound her,but failed. SangHee fought back,yet Sun succeded on yanking her torwards the glass case.After that she succeded in cutting her arm before she could get up.A few minutes later,Sun was flung into another glass case and fell on her back.She tried to get up fast in spite of her severe bleeding and avoided the axe which was coming her way. SangHee continued to lay violent hands on her opponent,but she grabed her hands,took the axe and yanked her on a glass case again. SangHee got up,but Sun hit her heart with a poisoned needle,before she could make a move.The now lifeless body collapsed on the hard floor. Sun fell on her knees,exausted.It’s been a long time since she had a cut out for opponent.She pulled out her cellphone from her pocket and called the police to come.She put her mask on again,gathered up her things and hardly walked out of the house.She was well aware of the fact that she had to reach home for her abdomen wound was pretty deep.And she made the stupid mistake to let herself cut with her own sword,sword that was poisoned.She rode on the motorcycle as much as she could until felt the need to pull over.She rested her back on a building wall in a corner.She came up with an idea:to call YooChun to come and pick her up.

Sun: YooChun,can you come and pick me up,please?Bring me some of your clothes,please.I need to change.

YooChun: Sun,what have you done?I’m on my way.Tell me your location.

Meanwhile,ChangMin was sitting next to HyeSu’s bed on a chair,praying that she’ll wake up.He couldn’t help but cry.He felt guilty for the state she was in.

ChangMin:You really enjoy yourself by torturing me.Why?Why don’t you open your eyes to gaze at me like you used to,your mouth to kiss me like you did before?You may think that I’m too cheesy,but I sewar I’d do anything to make you look at me one more time,to see you’re happy and healthy.I’d give even my life if that’s what it takes.

HyeSu:I’d say that a kiss would do.Your life belongs to me,silly and I won’t let you waste it like this.I love it when you’re cheesy.

ChangMin:H… HyeSu?

HyeSu: The one and only,your HyeSu.Did you really think I will leave you like that?I would never ever leave you alone.

ChangMin: HyeSu~!!!You’re awake~~!!!

HyeSu:Of course I am,honey-bunny.

Without a second thought,ChangMin kissed her while crying.That made HyeSu chuckle,but also get worried a bit.

HyeSu:What happened,kitten?

ChangMin:Nothing…it’s just that…I was so frightened…I thought…

HyeSu:I’ll be ok.Everything will be ok, ChangMin.

YooChun arrived to where Sun was in 15 minutes by car.He took her in the car and gave her the clothes she needed to change before they left.Once in front of the house, YooChun carried her into the house,then returned to the car to gather the other stuff.YunHee wasn’t sleeping and was wondering where did YooChun disappear to.She saw light in the livingroom and headed there.She saw Sun standing behind the couch wearing YooChun’s favourite costume and hat.For YunHee this broke the camel’s back.

YunHee:You know what?I’m sick and tired of your whining!Apart from your thirst for blood and violence,you hit on every man you see.And to think I was starting to like you.

Sun:It’s not what you think…I…

YunHee:Stay away from my YooChun,you hear me?He desirves more that one like you.

YunHee slapped Sun,who took back one step.The pain she was feeling grew when she had moved and the blood was staining the shirt.Angry and extremely annoyed because she was hurt and probably dying too, Sun fought back,hitting her with the back of the hand. YunHee fell and twisted her ankle.JaeJoong,who came to see what was going on, saw Sun striking a blow at YunHee and felt his blood boiling.He dusted her off,flung her over the couch. Sun fell on top of the coffee table,shattering it into pieces.The shards entere her hands and abdomen making her wound open even more.The blood was flooding the carpet.

JaeJoong:If you ever touch her again,I swear I would do more than just slap you.You’re not the girl I used to know.You mean nothing to me, Sun.

Sun: JaeJoong….

JaeJoong helped YunHee to her room and checked on the injured ankle.

JaeJoong:I don’t think it’s broken.You just twisted your ankle.In a few days everything will be back to normal.I’m going to bring you a compress for this.

YunHee:Wait!Why did you hit Sun?I thought you two are in good termes.

JaeJoong:She killed ChanSook.I found a letter on my bed this morning in which was written.I don’t know who wrote it.

YunHee:Do you know why did she kill her?

JaeJoong:No.I don’t care.You know..when we were kids…I fell inlove with her…I still love her like I used to.Of course,she has no idea.I concealed my feelings.I tried to forget about her by being with ChanSook,but I couldn’t.

YunHee:Then tell her.It doesn’t matter what she did.If you love her that much,you can and will forgive her.Love does make miracles,don’t you think?I’m sure that she feels the same way.

JaeJoong:I’m gonna go and bring that compress.Wait here.

YunHee:You’re talking like I can go somewhere.Baka!

JaeJoong:I’m not bringing you anything,baka!

YunHee:What?Did you say something?Wanna die?

JaeJoong chuckled lightly,forgetting for a moment the troubles.YunHee was a fierce woman.YooChun was a lucky man.

Paralysed by the harsh pain she felt, Sun waited for YooChun to come back.She didn’t expect JaeJoong to say those harsh things.Maybe she desirved it.Maybe she had been playing death goddess for too long.It was time to pay for her sins and she was ready to accept any punishment. Whe he came back YooChun saw he lying on the floor in a pool of blood.He helped her stand up slowly.

YooChun: Sun!Who did this to you?What happened?

Sun: JaeJoong despises me. YooChun…help me to my room.I must stop the bleeding and stitch this wound before it’s too late.

YooChun:What do you mean?

Sun:This wound is made by my own poisoned sword.

YooChun:Shit!We must hurry.

He took Sun to her room,put her on the bed,closed the door and took the first aid case from the drawer.She requested him to help her take the shirt off and help her stand in front of the mirror. Sun shot herself with a infiltration anesthesia and after that she began to stitch the bleeding wound.After a lot of effort,she managed to complete the task then she had YooChun bound and dress her.

Sun:Thanks a lot.You’re a true friend.Now listen to me.There is one more thing I will ask from you.In an hour someone will wait for me in front of this house.You must take me to them.Kasumi must have the antidote ready by now.

YooChun:Alright.I will keep you company until then.

To pass the time, Sun told YooChun everything that he did in the last 48 hours because she knew he was very curious.At the right time,he took Sun to the meeting place without being noticed.She promised him that she’ll send her news,so 2 days later,Tetsuya showed up at their door.He told them about Sun severe state,but he also mentioned she has chances to survive.The situation was beyond their reach.All they could do was to hope that both brothers will be fine and think about what they will say to the anxious media.

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

Post by andrushk on 8/5/2009, 12:40 pm

Chapter 23:Happy ever after[part 1]

Three weeks later, JunSu was sitting next to YunHo’s bed,who,even now,didn’t wake up.YooChun,JaeJoong,ChangMin and their manager participated to a press conference in which they explained what happened to them to the worried fans. JunSu turned on the TV and minimized the sound’s volume. He wanted to see how the press conference will go. The only guards left were those who guarded YunHo’s hospital room. The other ones went back with Tetsuya. Perhaps Sun wanted to make sure that YunHo will be safe.When the press conference was over, JunSu turned off the TV.Sighing, he sat on a chair,his eyes never leaving YunHo.The latter opened his eyes slowly. JunSu couldn’t believe his eyes.He slowly aproached the latter’s bed.

JunSu: YunHo hyung,can you hear me?

YunHo: JunSu,my head is hurting terribly…

JunSu:Yay~!!!You’re awake!!!

JunSu called the doctor,who examined the patient.He was healthy except for a migraine,who was a normal thing.A few hours after the doctor left,the other bandmembers, came in looking tired.When they saw him awake,a smile crept on their faces and they hugged him.The smile faded away the moment Tetsuya came in.

Tetsuya:I came to bring you a letter from Sun.Ah~!I see YunHo has awoken.She will be happy to hear that.

YunHo:What happened?Where is my sister?

JaeJoong: YunHo…Sun was so pissed when she saw the state we were in that she sweared to avenge us.She went to SangHee’s house a slaughtered everyone.She came home badly injured…and…


Tetsuya: Sun begged Kasumi to spread poison on her sword’s blades.SangHee managed to cut her with her own sword.She has few chances of survival,so..she asked me to bring this message to you.She wants JunSu to read it.I will go now,because I’m pretty busy.I’m glad to see you’re safe, YunHo.

YunHo:Wait!I want to see her.

Tetsuya:I’m sorry,but you can’t.She gave specific orders not to let anyone see her.Especially you.

Tetsuya handed JunSu the letter and left.Ft Island and the girls came in.They immediately sensed the tension inside the room,so they kept quiet and sat in a corner.

YunHo:Read it faster, JunSu.

JunSu opened the letter using a clasp-knife.From the big anvelope,a small ring fell into his lap.He gave the ring to YunHo and unfolded the paper.

JunSu:”Ah…I don’t even know how to begin a letter because I never wrote to anyone.I noticed that in the beginning you write something like “dear friend” or something like that,depending to whom you’re writing.I know~!I’ll start like this: To DBSK,FT island,Yunhee,Hyesu Hana & family.That’s more like me,isn’t it?
I don’t know how to show my feelings to others,I only know how to fake them.But this time,my feelings were genuine.Little by little I started to care about you all.I don’t think that everyone feels the same about me,so I will be thankful with what I have for I am well aware that I don’t desirve more.I’m terribly sorry that things turned out like this.I would have wanted to have a normal life,but I couldn’t.
I don’t regret the slaughter I made at SangHee’s house,because she fully desirved it.She didn’ t see it coming,so it was much easier for me.She had picked the wrong boyband to hate.I killed her and it seems that she is dragging me in the grave with her.I don’t regret it,because I know it is time for me to pay for my sins.The poison from my body is spreading in spite the fact that I’m receiving treatment.That’s why this will be the last letter you will receive from me.
YunHo,please don’t be sad.I did what was best for everyone.I’m sorry that I keep so many secrets from you.But now it is time for you to find out.I became a member of the Yakuza in order to pay my debt to Takeo and his father,who is the boss of the clan.I’m really happy that we got along so well these last days and that we managed to make a progess in our relationship.You’ve probably already seen the ring in the anvelope.That ring was a gift from Takeo before he died.Now it’s yours to keep.Tell mom and dad that I died in a car accident and tell them not to feel guilty,because I already forgave them.
YooChun,thank you for being such a great best friend and helped me when I needed the most.I will never forget you or what you did for me.And ask YunHee to marry you already~!If you will fight with her one more time,I will make sure to send Shin to kick you.Happy marriage~!
JunSu continue to cheer them up,like you always do.Don’t let them to be engulfed by sadness.I’m sorry I won’t be at your wedding with MinHee.Even if I wasn’t on the guest list I still would have came.Happy marriage to you too!
ChangMin I hope your HyeSu is awake by now and that you two will continue to live happily.And don’t be jealous because she has only you in her heart.Believe me,I know so.i hope you two will get married too.
JaeJoong,I don’t have the right to tell you something.Not even “goodbye”.I desirved that slap.I know why you hit me.You know I killed your ex-girlfriend.I don’t know who told you,but I wish you would have to find out like this.I’m not asking for forgivness for it’s too late.I’m sorry because I didn’t give you the opportunity to get revenge.You’ll find someone else soon.I know it.
HyeSu & YunHee I can just hope that you don’t hate me too much.I succeded on messing up your perfect lives.I wanted us to be the best friends,but unfortunately was imposible.It’s my fault and I’m sorry.
WonBin,thanks for being there for me in those horrible nights tormented by nightmares.It means a lot to me.I’m sure you too will find a girl worthy of your love.MinHwan,don’t give YunHee too many headaches and be a good boyfriend to Hana like you’ve always been.HongKi,JongHun & JaeJin,may all the good things be with you forever.
This is all I had to say.Live the rest of your life happily.Forget about the past and look into the future.I will always watch over you.And don’t cry.I hate it when you do.
I wonder how should I end this?”Love, Sun?” “Hugs & kisses,Sun?” “Respectfully,Sun?” nah…I found something more befitting:

Once JunSu finished reading,the room was filled with a deathlike silence. YunHo lied on his bed once again and started sobbing.

HyeSu:Does…does this mean…Sun will die soon?

YunHee:Honestly…I didn’t think I would ever say this,but…why?Still she saved our lives…she didn’t desirved it.

YooChun brought her in his embrace.All of them were teary.They couldn’t believe that this was the ending.Sun wasn’t their favourite person in the world,but they were in her debt and began to like her.

The daily routine continued in spite of the events that happened 4 years ago.All has changed,yet remained the same. YooChun and YunHee were married for a year and now they were expecting a baby boy. JunSu and MinHee were married for a year too in the same day as the other couple. ChangMin and HyeSu were engaged since a week ago.They didn’t fixed the wedding date yet,but they asked HongKi to be their best man which he gladly accepted. JaeJoong and YunHo were still running in single harness.After all that has happened,they gave up on love and focused on their career. Ft Island had girlfriends too,but they were too busy to get married,because they’re schedule was full.

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

Post by andrushk on 8/5/2009, 12:42 pm

Chapter 23:Happy ever after[part 2]

YunHo woke up and went to the kitchen. JaeJoong was at the desk,surfing the internet.

YunHo:Morning!Where is everyone?

JaeJoong:Morning?It’s 3 pm.You know that they don’t have time to spend with the family.Besides, YunHee told YooChun that she will have his head on a plate if he doesn’t go shopping with her. JunSu is waiting for MinHee at the airport. ChangMin and HyeSu are gone on a 3 days holliday.We are home alone.

YunHo:I’m hungry~!What did you cook?

JaeJoong:Kimchi.Let’s eat.I’m hungry too.

Later in the evening,they decided to town disguised,because they were bored.While they were walking on a street a kid bumped into YunHo,but after he apologized,he walked further.Another man bumped into the kid and done the same thing.The man approached YunHo and handed him the wallet.Unknown to them,someone was watching them from above.

Tetsuya:You dropped this.Oh~YunHo!I didn’t know you’ll be here.

YunHo: Tetsuya?What are you doing here?

Tetsuya:I was passing by and I saw this on the ground.Hlw have you been?It’s been 4 years.

JaeJoong:We’re good.We are bored because we don’t have with whom to go out.

Tetsuya:Then I suggest you get yourself a girlfriend.
JaeJoong:We are too busy for this now.

Tetsuya:Aaa…I was asking you because I saw the ambulance in front of your house on the news just now.

YunHo & JaeJoong:What??

YunHo:We are going now~!Nice meeting you~!

Tetsuya:Yeah,you too.

After they left, Tetsuya gave a signal to the man on the rooftop.They ran home as fast as they could and arrived exausted in front of the house.Luckly,the house was intact,no ambulance was there,but they saw that the front door was open.After they calm down a bit,they go in.The lights are turned on and the door is closed.They see a stuffed bunny on the couch.At the desk near the window,a person dressed in black was sitting,typing something.In a corner behind them,a girl was sitting playing with a knife,chewing gum and at the table a man was eating kimchi.

Ayaka:Look boss!The leader and the lead singer are home.Just in time.I told you it works every time.

Riku:This kimchi is delicious.Chiyo must learn a few tricks
from Jaejoong.

Ayaka:If you want to die,tell her this.

JaeJoong:Excuse me,who are you and what are you doing here?

The person from the desk turned around and stand up,removing the sunglasses and mask.Yunho and Jaejoong were astonished and petrified.

Sun:Long time no see…I’m glad to see you’re doing good.

Yunho:What is this?Some kind of joke?

Ayaka:We never joke,YunHo-shii.She really is alive.

Jaejoong:Then why…?

Sun:Why did I sent Tetsuya with that letter?Because I really thought I was going to die.I was blind for two years and my breathing was sustained by devices until a year ago.My health was weakening by day.

YunHo ran and hugged her teary eyed. JaeJoong was glued to the floor.

Sun:I missed you guys and I’m sorry.That letter was for your own good.Ok…Yun...I can’t breathe…you’re squeezing too hard…

YunHo:Sorry,sis~!I missed you too!

Sun: JaeJoong please forgive Riku.You’ll find him where the food is.He’s worse than our ChangMinnie.

JaeJoong:It’s ok.I’ll cook again.I have free tim for a week. YooChun and YunHee have to be here soon.

Riku:They are already here.

Sun:Perfect!I want to scare Chun Chun a bit.Ayaka,you know what to do.

When he came in, YooChun felt a blade to his neck.

Ayaka:If you move,he dies, YunHee.

After a few seconds, Sun burst into laughter and removed the mask. YunHee and her husband were astounded.They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Sun:You should see yourself in the mirror,Chun.You are hilarious.

YunHee:Sun!!!Yoooouuu….you…I almost had a heart attack.How can you do this to me?

Speachless, YooChun hugged her,crying.

YooChun:I didn’t think I would ever see you again.

YunHee:You cheat on me when I am here?We are having a baby,you traitor!

JaeJoong: YunHee,I wouldn’t…

YunHee:What do you want,bone-head?And Chunnie…if you won’t let her go,I’m gonna squeeze you both.

YooChun let go of Sun and YunHee squeezed her.

YunHee:I missed you,killer!

Sun:Wow…I didn’t expect something like that from you,but I’m glad.I missed you too.Congratulations for the baby.

YunHee:Thanks.We will name him MJ.

YunHee, JaeJoong, YooChun and YunHo took a sit on the couch and Sun sat on the armchair with Ayaka and Riku behind her. HyeSu came in the house screaming and yelling.She was pissed and ChangMin tried to calm her down.


ChangMin:Calm down,baby…we will…


Sun:Please have mercy.I’m too young to die.You’ll get another round of tickets.

HyeSu & ChangMin: Sun???

Sun:The one and only…

HyeSu:I thought you were dead…

Sun:Me too…

Seeing Sun, HyeSu forgot all her anger.They both hugged her.They were very surprised to see her alive when they tought she was dead,but they were extremely happy.A few moments later, JunSu and MinHee arrived.

JunSu:We’re home! JaeJoong hyung, YunHo hyung~!

YunHo: JunSu,look who’s here.

When JunSu saw her,his eyes widened in surprise.He hugged her followed by his wife.

JunSu:But how?Are you sure this is really her, YunHo-hyung?

YooChun:Su,looks like you need some glasses.

JunSu:You need a wig cuz you’re getting bald.


HyeSu:Yah!Stay away from my brother or else you’ll see hell,got that baldy?

Sun:Haha..some things never change.

Sun kept them company for 2 hours.Everyone talked to her like she was a good old friend who has been away for a long time,like she didn’t even kill anyone.They felt good chatting about what they did in the last 4 years aside their career,which Sun watched from afar.Time passed by fast and they had to go.She promised to come and visit in spite of her brother’s assertiveness to move with them again.After they left, JaeJoong went after them,so Sun stopped the car and told them to go ahead and send a car to pick her up later.

Sun:What do you want,Jae?

JaeJoong:Why did you came back into our lives?Do you think that you can come and go as you please?

Sun:What do you mean?

JaeJoong:What do you think we are?(slams her body to a wall)
Sun:You want retaliation,this is it right?Then take this and do it.(gives him a small knife)Straight to the heart.(closed her eyes)

JaeJoong:What do you think you are?A puppeteer and you think we are your puppets?You think I’m gonna kill you just because you said so?

Sun:You’re insane.

JaeJoong:You know what?I think I am…I am insanely inlove with you.I’ve been like this since we were little.Never had the courage to say something.Especially after you came back after 7 years.I am insane enough to love you until my last breath.

Sun:What…?really…?i…”is this a confession?”I didn’t know…

JaeJoong:You have always had both my body,my soul and my heart.For years ago you received my life too.What more do you want from me?

Sun was speechless.Her entire life flashed before her eyes.She remembered the times she played with her brother and JaeJoong when they were little.Then the incident from 4 years ago came into her mind.When she saw him lying uncountious on the filthy bed,then the first time he ever hit her.That moment she had realized what was already obvious.He loved her with all his heart,but she was blinded by fury and thirst for blood to see anything else.

JaeJoong:You know what?This was a waste of my time.

JaeJoong turned to leave,but Sun hugged him from behind and made him stop in his tracks.

Sun:How can you love a monster like me?

JaeJoong:You were never a monster.All the things that you did,were in noble purposes.I know you never meant to hurt anyone.(walks away but Sun tugged his shirt)

Sun:Don’t go!I don’t want to be alone again.I’m afraid…that I might lose you,but this time,I’ll make sure that I can’t protect you,I’ll follow you in the grave.I love you.

Sensing that she was about to cry,he turned around and kissed her,while holding her in his arms.After that she remained a few minutes in his embrace.For the first time,she felt safe,yet she wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

The same house,same quiet neighbourhood.Sun was home alone with her son,MinKi and 3 nephews:MJ,MinHo and HeeBon.She was having a major headache and wasn’t in the mood for anything.The others were working,so she had to take care of the kids.The kids wanted to play with her,but she fell asleep.A few hours later when she woke up she couldn’t find the kids anywhere.Panicked,she wanted to exit the house and began searching for the kids when she bumped into a very angry Yunhee and Hyesu.Seeing them like this,Sun stepped back.

Hyesu:What were you supposed to be doing??

Yunhee:Where are our kids?

The two woman kept walking torwards her,but luckily,her husband came to the rescue.

JaeJoong:Yah~ cut it out!I told Sun she could sleep and I took the kids for a walk.Right kids?


HyeSu:Hm..let’s say we believe you.

YunHee:Well..i don’t… JaeJoong is always siding with her.

YooChun:Of course he is on her side,love.She’s his wife,remember?

YunHee:I don’t care!

ChangMin:It’s holiday season.Can’t you just forgive her this time?We are supposed to forgive in this period.

JunSu:Come on, YunHee…

YunHee:Alright,alright!Just this time.Next time will be off with your head,capisci?

Sun felt like she can breathe easy now.She went to take one of the bags JaeJoong was carrying.YooChun came in followed by MinHwan,WonBin,HongKi,Hana,JongHun and JaeJin.It was Christmas so everyone gathered to celebrate with they’re loved ones.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~this was the last chapter of my fanfic.it was a long way to go,but i made it~!i hope you enjoyed reading it.thanks ^^

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

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since this is completed I'll be moving it to the finished fanfic section

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Re: My Brother is a star[completed]

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