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Be Mine [GDYB...KhunYoung]

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Be Mine [GDYB...KhunYoung]

Post by M&S on 8/4/2009, 6:29 pm

'Love comes .. and goes....
And often.. It has paused...
Then.. come back to see...
The damage it has caused...'



Kwon Ji Yong

"Me... You know well who i am.. I am Kwon Ji Yong.. The most popular guy in the school... Yeah Thats me... Nobody cant hold his own of me... Im just perfect... And i will never change myself.. Because i like myself like that.. But... I know.. Everybody can be wrong.. I can be too..."

Nick Khun

"MmM... Look at me.. Im sexy.. Im hot.. Im just the only one who can make you crazy... Look in my eyes.. What do you see... I know.. You like me couse im the perfect one.. Im ready.. Im ready for you.. Just listen my voice.. And be with me.. I can do everything... Because I am Nick Khun... Im the best... Cmon girls.. Boys... Im ready for you"

Young Bae (Tae Yang)-

"What `bout me? Im tough ,im confident in myself ... I get angry quite easy... I can stand almost everything.. But if someone offend me couse of my status... That can piss me off..Girls are crazy about me.. But.. No one of them can reach my heart... I still cant tell why.."

Woo Young -

"I can tell about myself that im very shy... Sometimes.. I hate that part of me...I stand everything.. Couse i cant defend myself... Im calm person... I dont get mad easily.. I have to find someone who is able to change me.. Couse.. I wanna be different ... someone who is better... "




"Who i am..? Im just one boy who is inlove ... Im just а toy...I dont know what i can do... couse i have to be in one heart... But i dont know how...My friend told me that im stupid because i love someone who will never love me... Im jealous and maybe that makes me weak... But i cant stop to fight... Never..."


"I have that everyone wants... I have the best... But.. I think that im losing my boy... Noo... I cant lost him... I just can do everything to save him... Only for me"

Seung Ri-

"Im nice.. Tender... in love with someone who wont return to my feelings... Maybe im wrong.. But i cant press my feelings for him.. He is like angel.. Sent here to make me happy... He`ll never be mine... Couse.. He is.. My best friend..."

Jae Bum-

"Me? Haha... I surely know how to be bad.. Yeah.. And when im bad... I can be really .. really mean... Im used to do many crazy things... Well now i have aim... I think that i cant make it this time.. But.. There is still another option... So... Ji Yong.. Be ready..."

Taec Yeon

"I am friend with Ji Yong and Nick Khun... Maybe i am the most normal of us... They said to me that i am old-fashioned.. But i dont care about that... I just want them to be okay.. Because they are my friends and i want the best for them..."

Chan sung-

"Im good friend.. I`ll always stay behind Khun`s nad Ji Yong`s back... I think i can do everything for these guys. .They are like my best friends.. Well Taec too... But.. Even if Khun and Ji are mean most of the time.. Im used to that..."


"I have my own club... Im very proud of myself.. My friends and everyone.. They are grateful to me.. I`ll always do my best for my work.. Thats just me.. Im perfect..."

Dae Sung

"I have a club... Gay club... Maybe i like this place... There is fun... Hah... And there i can see sexy boys.. Mmm I really like this place.."

Rain -

"Im nice... But.. If something piss me off... I can deal with almost everything.. I love my bro.. Jun Ho.. I can do everything for him.. But .. I can sense something different in him..."


"I want one boy... But he never notice me.. I dont know what i have to do... But he will be mine"

May Doni-

"Maybe im foolish.. Couse i love the one who have every heart that he reach... He can hurt me.. Couse he is player... I cant say anything else.. Just.. He is.. Kwon Ji Yong..."


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First Day In The SchooL

Post by M&S on 8/4/2009, 6:32 pm

Chapter 1

"Where is he...? Ahh.. Why i never can find him..?" JunHo said to himself and sighed .. He looked around and frowned
"Ahh... there he is... " He said and screw his eyes "Yeahh ofcourse... Again with her... " Jun Ho said to himself and frowned..
The boy he was looking at...That was Ji Yong ... The most popular guy in the school... He was with One of the most beautiful girls... Dam Bi... She slowly touched his body smiling to him... JunHo stared at them with cold look "Yeahh... You.. Ji Yong... The most beautiful guy... tccc.." He mumbled and bite his bottom lip
"What the hell are you doing with her again.. Yeah.. I know the answer .. Everybody in the school have to like you... Because you are the best.. I know that.. But why her... I hate you.." JunHo signed "Fuck..." He said and walked back...When he turned... In front of him stood one very sexy boy... JunHo stared at him...
"Nick Khun..." he mumbled and frowned ... The guy in front of him stared at him and smirk on his face
"Whats up Junho.." he said and laughed
"What do you want?" Junho bended his head down
"Please stop watching him like that"
"Who?" JunHo asked and frowned
"You know who... Ji Yong" Khun said with mean voice and walked away
JunHo stared at his back "Fucker" he mumbled and continued on his way..


Woo Young walked out of his house looking around for his best friend Seung Ri... He put his earphones on and listened music on his ipod..

'He is soooo late... What took him so long?' Woo Young asked himself and sighed.. He lifted his head and looked at the sky...

'This will be one of my stupid school years... Like always ... I will be ..No one..'

"Woo Young!Yo! Come here!" Seung Ri shouted from his mother`s car "Mom will drive us to school!"
Woo Young frowned "We can walk Seung Ri.. I...."
"Oh cmoooon dont act stubborn again!" Seung Ri said and smiled weakly.. Woo Young bite his bottom lip
"Uh.. Um..Okay.." he said and slowly made his way to the car.. When he got in he sighed and looked out of the window..

'Maybe im not like those guys who can be popular... Get used with that Woo Young... Whatever... I wont lose myself to be someone else.. That will be no me.. ' Woo Young thought and then turned his head to Seung ri

"Do you have any classes with me today?" he asked with sweet voice and grinned.. Seung Ri felt like his heart skip a beat.. He turned his head aside
"No... But i checked your list.. You have classes with... 'The players'.." he said
Woo Young frowned "Uh huh.. I see.. Well whatever.. Then i`ll catch up with you at the lunch brake.. Right?"
Seung Ri nodded "Yep.. Then.."

'He is so good... I hope this year will be different for him.. I hope so...' Seung Ri thought and closed his eyes..


In the school...

"Hey hey.. sexy.." said Khun looking at Ji Yong ... He went closer to him and smiled "Hey i have to talk with you... thats why ,come with me...and Dam Bi.. baby... dont touch him" Khun said and smirked... Ji Yong laughed
"Okay.. cmon" he said and push Dam Bi back
"Hey Ji... Wait " she said and bite her bottom lip "Will i see you later?"
"Mmmm... I dunno..." Ji said and smirked "But Dont lose your hope"
Nick Khun laughed "Yeah... Maybe one day he will notice you.. But that day is far away.."
The guys walked away without looking at Dam Bi... She stared at their backs with frown "Nick Khun... I hate you" She said and signed

On the school yard...

"So... Whats wrong" Asked Ji Yong and smiled
"MmM Nothing.. I just wanted to see you.." Khun said and smiled "Did you saw JunHo...? Ahh... He was watching you with mean look earlier.."
Ji Yong smirked "I dont care... Hi is stupid like always... I just dont have words about him..."
"Yeahh.. I know that..." Khun smiled "JunSu called me today... Im nervous..."
"What happened?" Ji asked and frowned "What does he want?"
"Hm.. I dont know... But he told me that one day.. I will understand what i want... I dunno what he wanted to told me... He is stupid just like JunHo..." Khun said and laughed "Ohh... Dae Sung called me too... He wanted us to went in his club tonight... What do you think?"
"Am... I dunno...I think i want to go in TOP`s club tonight... I will tell you later..." Ji said and smiled

"Okay" replayed his friend and looked at him "Hey Ji... Today.. you are just..." He said and bite his bottom lip
"Do you like it? Mmm I hope so... And you... Hm... You are sexy too" Ji Yong said and pinched his cheek "Okay .. See you later... right?"
"Where are you going?" Khun wondered
"MmM.. I have to meet Taec Yeon ... Okay I will call you later"
"Okay" Khun said and wave infront his face... he stared at Ji Yong`s back "Aii... You and your sexy ass" he mumbled and smiled


Outside the school...

"This will be your new school Young Bae.. If you fail in here like in your old school.. Then i`ll send you to US..."
Young Bae turned his head and stared at his father
"I wont go there" he said with cold voice and walk out of the car.. His father stared at him
"Be careful boy.. I cant stand your manner .. With years .. you became more and more aggressive.. I expected much more from you.. This will be your last chance... This school is good.. So be nice with the students and dont get into any fights.. Arasso?" Young Bae`s father said and screw his eyes.. Young Bae laughed
"Dont tell me what to do.. I already know" he said and started walking to the school...
When he went in the school yard he looked around with disgust..

'Bunch of jerk and losers.. What the fuck is this place?Uh.. Damn.. If i dont get expel from here... Im scared i can lose myself... Wait ,what? Haha.. No way' Tae Yang thought and started walking towards the entrance of the school...

Some of the girls around him stared at him with amaze...Others .. Checked him out with smirks on their faces... He ignored them and bended his head down... He didnt liked when girls were flirting with him... Maybe couse he was bored from all of them.. He continued walking until he heard something...

"You little peace of shit! Bump in me again and i`ll show you who`s the boss here!" some guy shouted at one guy who was staring at him with mad look in his eyes..

"Me? You better watch where you`re going!F-F-Fucker!" Woo Young stutter and then screw his eyes.. Seung Ri turned his head to him
"Yo ,Woo Young .. What are you doing!" he hissed and grabbed his wrist.. Woo Young pulled back and stared at the guy in front of him..

'Maybe he`ll kick my ass.. But i wont let every jerk here to make fun of me.. Im not different from the others ... Well i will surely became the reason for their laugh later.. When he beats me up..' Woo Young thought .. He started to regret for his acts...But it was late to step back now

"Fucker? You call me a fucker?" the guy shouted and clenched his fists..
"Dont start a fight here...Its no use.." someone behind Woo Young said and he turned his head back to look at him..

(Jae Bum

'Oh damn.. Not him...' Woo Young thought and frowned..

"...This trash cant beat you... Just look at his stupid big head" Jae Bum said and lifted Woo Young`s head by the chin.. "What do you want shorty? I can smash your ugly face.."
"Jae Bum.. He didnt wanted to say that.." Seung Ri tried to defend his best friend.. Jae Bum laughed with irony and pushed Woo Young back...
"Are you his bodyguard?" he asked with nasty voice and walked to Seung Ri "No wonder he gets beaten everytime..."

Tae Yang watched from afar.. He screw his eyes and slowly walked to them...He hated when someone underrated the weakest... Seung Ri , Woo Young ,Jae Bum and the other guy were surrounded of many girls and boys.. Tae Yang pushed them away,making his way to the boys

"You bitch cant even save your ass.. Am i right.. Seung Ri?" Jae Bum continued as he leaned closer to Seung ri`s face.. Seung Ri bended his head down.. "I guess im right..."
Woo Young stared at him with mad look in his sweet eyes.. He didnt wanted to make trouble.. But if someone offends his best friend.. He have to defend him.. He pushed Jae Bum from back..
"What the hell?!" Jae Bum said madly and turned back.. He gazed at Woo Young`s eyes "You bitch never know when to stop... Let me tell you something.. You.. are dead" he said and punched Woo Young across the face... He fell down on the ground..

"If You think you`re so tough... Why dont you beat someone who is on your strength" Tae Yang said quietly behind Jae Bum`s back.. He turned to face him...
"Its not interesting" he replayed and looked all over Tae Yang..

'I never saw him before.. Is he new... ?' Jae Bum thought and smirked

"I saw the whole thing... I think your loser friend started it.. So what? You`re trying to take all the attention? Well.. That cant happen when im around.. So.. Get used to it" Tae Yang said calmly and laughed
"You have big mouth ,new guy.." Jae Bum said and leaned to Young Bae`s face.. Young Bae pushed him back
"I see .. You like to be close to guys.. what are you? Gay?" he said with irony and everyone around them sighed with amazement... Tae Yang walked to WooYoung and helped him to stood up..
"Yo! Im not finished with you!" Jae Bum shouted after Tae Yang.. He pursed his lips and followed them
"Yeah.. But we are.. Right bro?" Tae Yang said and smiled to Woo Young.. He gave him one puzzled look
"So you`re friends with the ugly one.." Jay said and laughed "Alright.. Then.. Lets meet tonight.. At TOP`s place.. If you dont know where it is.. Ask your fuckin little friend" he said and turned back to leave with his friend next to him...

Tae Yang stared at his back..
"What loser.. Are you okay?" he asked Woo Young who touched his bruised lip..
"Im fine.." Woo Young simply said and walked forward..
Seung Ri frowned and then turned his attention on Young Bae..
"Wooow you`re so brave to stand against him.. Jae Bum is very popular with his fights here... He dont get expel couse he is the son of the principal.." Seung Ri said staring at him with amaze..
"I dont really care.. And what is this TOP`s place?" Bae asked and fixed his hat to one side.. Woo Young turned back
"Its a club.. TOP is the owner..Do you know that Jae Bum wants to beat you in there? Thats why he told you this place.. He is planing something.."
Seung ri frowned "Woo Young you wont go .. right?" he asked worried about his friend.. Woo Young bite his bottom lip.
"I started it.. I have to finish it.."
Tae Yang laughed "LEave it all to me.. I`ll get this fucker Jae Bum.. You`ll get the other one.. Araso?"

Woo Young slowly nodded.. That will be his first time fighting.. He wasnt very confident in his fighting skills.. But.. There was nothing else to do..

"Woo Young! You dont know how to fight! They will smash you!" Seung Ri shouted and hugged Woo young..
"Waah! Let go!" his friend tried to push him back.
Tae Yang stared at them with open mouth "No wonder they`re making fun of you two.. you look like gay couple" he said and laughed.

Woo Young finally pushed Seung ri back
"He is the weirdo!" he said and pointed at Seung ri
"Im just concern about you!"
"Im not little!"
"Alright cutie.. Calm down..Lets talk" Tae Yang said and pushed Woo Young next to one bench.. He sat down and stared at him with wonder..
"What are you two going to talk? Can i listen?" Seung ri asked and winked at Tae Yang..
"No.. You go away.. This is man talk" Young Bae said and glared at him.. Seung Ri frowned
"Uh...Whatever" he said and pouted , making his way back to the school "And Woo Young! Your 'man talk' will cost you absent! And you know how bad the teachers are!"

Woo Young waved in front of his face and looked aside.. When Seung ri get in the school ,Tae Yang turned his attention on Woo Young

"Is your friend gay?"
Woo Young gazed at him with disgust "What?! Are you crazy.. He is.. not .. gay.. he is just.."
"..In love with you?" Tae Yang laughed "He looks obsessed about you"
"WAaah!I dont want to listen! Stop it.. uh.. just say what you wanted to say.." Woo Young said with annoy..
Young Bae gave him a look "Okay... Tonight.. Meet me here.. You`ll take me to this TOP club.. And if you cant fight.."
Woo Young cut him off "I`ll do it.."
"Well.. Okay then.."

Tae Yang continued talking something but that time Woo Young`s mind went somewhere else... He stared at two boys who were walking towards them... The best players in the school.. The most popular guys here.. Ji Yong and NickKhun.. Woo Young always had the dream how he is popular and confident just like them... But in the same time.. He hated their behavior.. they were mean .. and self confident.. They played with everyone.. The girls were crazy about them.. and most of the boys hated them...

"Are you listening to me?" Tae Yang laughed and looked at Woo Young`s direction.. He spotted them too.. "Who are these jerks? They look like fuckin dolls"
Woo Young turned his head to him "Well they are the players of the school" he simply said and sighed.. Tae Yang rise his eyebrows..
He stared at the boys...


"Who is he?" Tae Yang asked and screw his eyes.. Woo Young frowned
"Thats Ji Yong.." he said but his eyes were on Nick Khun "The other one.. His name is Nick Khun"
Tae Yang nodded "Mhm.. Like i said.. Fuckin dolls"


The two of them were talking .. They didnt noticed Bae`s and Woo Young`s presence ..
Tae Yang stared at Ji Yong... but he never met his look..

"Well.. What are we doing now?Just walking?" said Khun and sighed
"Ohh.. What do you want to do?"
"I dunno.." Khun replayed and looked around.. He spotted Woo Young and smirked "Maybe we can make fun with him" he said and pointed at Woo Young
Ji Yong laughed and followed him..
"Whats up! Whats up!What are you doing loser?" Khun said as he walked closer to them.. Woo Young looked at him and then looked away.
"What? Who beat you up again?Do you want me to scoff at him?" Khun said and laughed .. Woo Young glanced at him
"No thanks.. Its not your business" he replayed and frowned
"Calm down.." Ji Yong said and smirked.. He looked at the guy next to Woo Young "Who is he?"
Tae Yang looked at him "Im his friend"
"Mm.. Boyfriend?" Nick Khun asked with irony
Woo young sighed "Whatever.. Lets go" he said to Tae Yang and glared at Khun.
"What?! Dont go baby.." Khun said and laughed
"Why dont you shut up" Tae Yang said turning back to them.
"The new boy think that he`s very smart.. Huh.. I dont like him" Ji Yong said to his friend.. Khun nodded
"Yea.. Me too..Okay..I dont want to lose my time with them.. Losers" he said with mean voice "Lets go"
The two of them started walking away watching by Tae Yang

'Hm.. These guys are trying to get some.. I wont stand them for long..' he thought and before he can turn back he felt someone pushing him forward..He madly turned around to face another guy.

"Be careful.. What do you want from him?Dont mess with him..Araso?" the guy said and gave him a nasty look.. He walked away.. Tae Yang stared at his back
"What the fuck was that?" he asked himself and sighed
"Its just Jun Ho.. I dont know him but i think he is crazy" Woo Young said and laughed "Well if someone is near Ji Yong .. He gets angry.. What ever..Lets go.."
"Uh huh.. I see.. This Ji Yong is popular for sure.. No wonder..."

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Re: Be Mine [GDYB...KhunYoung]

Post by M&S on 8/4/2009, 6:39 pm


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In The Club part 1

Post by M&S on 8/4/2009, 7:00 pm

Chapter 2



They went in TOP`s club and slowly walked to the VIP seats.. TOP spotted them and walked to them..

"Whats up my boys" he greeted them and smiled
"ooh.. TOP.. Whats up man" Ji Yong said and patted his shoulder..
"Um.. You know.. Work" TOP replayed and smirked "Well guys.. I`ll see you later.. I have things to do tonight"
"ALright .." Khun said and sat down.. TOP walked away talking with some chick.

"Okay.. Lets see..What do you think about this chick?" Ji Yong asked and pointed at one girl who were dancing near them..
"Um.. She is hot" Khun replayed "What about this one?" he asked and nodded to a girl standing on the bar..
"Yeah.. I like her" Ji smirked and stood up "See you later"
They separate to their new victims for the night...


Outside the club...

"Okay... This is the place" Woo Young said to Young Bae and sighed..
"Are you ready.. ?" Bae asked and laughed.. Woo Young gave him a look
"Do you?"
They looked at each other and laughed
"Yo.. Whats your name?" Bae asked and laughed more
"Its Woo Young"
"Im Young Bae... But you can call me Tae Yang"
"Okay.. “ Woo Young said and smiled.. Tae Yang looked at him…
“You look different tonight..”
“Well .. Sorry”
Tae Yang laughed “For what? Its not bad.. Just you don’t look like..”
“Loser? Like everyone said about me..” Woo Young said and sighed
“Its okay.. Dont leave them talking to you like that… I`ll teach you how” Young Bae smiled and punched Woo Young`s arm playfully ..
“Arasso… Lets get in" Woo Young said and they entered the club..

"Where do i have to find this bastard?!" Tae Yang shouted and looked around.. Some girls looked at him but he ignored their looks.. He searched for Jae Bum..

"Well he should be here.." Woo Young said and scratched his head
"Uh... Yeah.. I can see him ... He is on the dance floor, right?" Tae Yang asked

(JB )

"Yep.. He is.. Hey wait for me!" Woo Young shouted but Tae was too fast...He went through the crowd.
He stared at Jae Bum who were making his way to one guy..

"Hey sexy whats up?" Jae Bum said as he slid his hand through Ji Yong`s neck.
Ji Yong turned back and looked at him
"Hm.. You`re in the wrong club my boy" he said and laughed . Jae Bum leaned closer to his face
"You too" he said and smirked "You look hot tonight "
"Like always" Ji replayed
"Mmm... We can... go somewhere else.. Later.." Jae bum said and pressed his hand against Ji Yong`s ass
"With you? I dont think so" Ji replayed and pushed him back. Jae Bum laughed
"You`re acting stubborn again? Look Ji... I want you.. and i want you now.." Jay said with smirk on his face.
"But you know well... You`ll never have me.. I deserve the best... And that.. thats not you" Ji Yong said and start walking to one girl who was near them...
Jae Bum pulled him back
" I.. Will have you.. Remember that" he said into his ear..
"Dont touch me" Ji Yong hissed
Someone pushed Jae Bum from behind and he reel forward
"What the fuck!" Jay shouted and turned back . He stared at Tae Yang "Oh.. So its you again"
Tae Yang smirked "Who else can be... Some guy?"
Jae Bum glared at him "So.. When you`re here now...From where we can start?" he said

"Show me what you`ve got.. if you think you`re such big deal...For me .. Its nothing.. Im bored of guys like you" Tae Yang said and then his eyes went on Ji Yong "Oh.. So you two know each other?"
Ji Yong smirked "Of course... Everyone knows me"
Tae Yang lifted his eyebrows "I see... Even this fucker here" he nodded to Jay and laughed
"Dont talk with him!" Jay said and pushed Tae Yang back
"Why? I want to talk with him.. Cmon man.. Lets drink something" Ji Yong said and grabbed Tae Yang`s hand.


"Hey sexy" Nick Khun said and sat on a chair next to the girl who was sitting on the bar. The girl gave him a look
"Hey" she said and smiled
"MmM.. do you want company ?" Khun asked and pressed his hand against her leg.. The girl looked at his face
"Yeah... Sweety" she replayed and bite her bottom lip
Nick Khun smirked and looked around... He noticed one boy who walked towards them...

Woo Young looked around .. That was his first time that he go on a place like that... He was nervous and little ashamed..

'Oh... What am i going to do now? Where is Tae Yang? Um.. If Seung Ri was here he wont leave me like this' Woo Young thought and stared at the bar.. There was some free seats...

'But .. If i go there.. Everyone will stare at me... And im not such good looking... Well whatever' he thought and walked over to the bar...
He looked left and right.. He was feeling uncomfortable around so many unknown people... Then .. he spotted Nick Khun.. A big smile came on Woo Young`s face as he walked to him...
"Heyy" he greeted Khun and grinned.
Khun turned to face him..
"Woo Young?!" he said and smirked

'MmM ...He looks very well... I like him... Mm yeah... I like what i see' he said and smiled

"What are you doing here?I never thought that the losers went on places like this.. But.. I was wrong"
Woo Young`s smile fade away.. He sat next to Khun and stared on the floor speechless ..
Khun wrapped his hand over Woo Young`s shoulder
"So.. Dont be shy" he said and pinched hid cheek.. Woo Young glared at him and pushed his hand
"Dont try to act nice.. I know you well.. Even if you dont know me" Woo Young said and bended his head down..
"Hey..Hey.. You`re right... Im mean with you.. But i`ll change myself..." Khun said and smiled sweetly

'Yeahh.. I will do it.. Because i really want fuck you'

Woo Young looked at him confused
"I dont get it.. Why for me?" he asked and frowned

'Because you are cute' Khun thought and smiled

"Aiihh.. Okay.. Stay alone if you want" he said and turned to the girl again... Woo Young pouted.. He pocked Khun`s shoulder
"Um.. Can you... Um.. Stay with me" he said and looked aside
Khun turned back and gave him one sexy look..
"Okay.. Right choice.." he said and lifted Woo Young`s head by the chin... He grinned
"Thanks.. Im very... Shy.. Mostly around girls.." he said and frowned "You can laugh at me.. But this is my first time when i go to club."
Khun looked at him and smiled 'Foolish boy' he thought and smirked
"Mmm.. then.. Stay close to me"
Woo Young nodded and hugged his arm "Thaaaanks"
Khun lifted his eyebrows and laughed ... He caressed his cheek.
"Okay.. Stop thanking me.. Im didnt do anything special"
"You did" Woo Young smiled "Um.. will you.. Act mean with me tomorrow? Couse i dont think that you be my friend.. I mean ... Look at me" he said and pointed at his face "Im ugly"
Khun screw his eyes and licked his lips.He leaned closer to Woo Young`s face and stared at his eyes..
"No.." he said with sweet voice "You`re not"
Woo Young blushed a little... He laughed ashamed
"I dont really.. Think so" Woo Young said and moved his head back
Khun lifted an eyebrow
"You know what?.. Everytime when i see you.. I thought how i want to be you.. But maybe more good.. Its just... My thoughts..." Woo Young said and laughed
"MmM.. sweet..." Khun said and smiled.. He felt how someone patted his shoulder and turned back to see JunSu.. Khun`s eyes widened..
"Nick Khun.. Whats up?" Jun Su said with nasty voice
Woo Young looked at him "Hi.. Jun Su"
Jun Su looked at him "Who the hell are you? Hm... You are the loser from the school,right?"
"No.. He is my friend" Khun said with slighting look... Woo Young opened his mouth to say something but Khun`s words left him speechless.. He just smiled and looked aside
JunSu screw up his eyes and leaned to Khun
"What are you think you are doing?" he whispered into his ear
Nick Khun took his hand and turned his head back to face JunSu
"Dont be jealous..." he said and winked at JunSu


Suddenly Woo Young took Khun`s hand and pulled him up
"Cmon!.. I love this song" Woo Young said and smiled
"And what? I love many songs but i dont pull you up because of that" Khun said with irony and laughed.. Woo Young folded his hands
"Maybe.. But you`re dancing to them,right? Cmooon i cant dance alone.. Im too shy"
JunSu glared at him "He wont go anywhere with you ugly shit" he said with mean voice...
Woo Young`s smile fade away.He looked at them ad his eyes filled with tears..

'Right.. How can i think that Khun can be my friend.. This is all put up..' Woo Young thought

"Okay.. I understand" he said coldly and turned back to leave

Nick Khun glared at Jun Su "Dont mess with my things" he said and walked after Woo Young
JunSu stared at his back "What!?!?" he shouted but Khun didnt turn back..
He ran through the people and grabbed Woo Young`s wrist "Wait for me"
"im leaving.. Im not stupid.. I can see what you`re trying to do.. Let me go" Woo Young said and pull back his hand
"Hey..Hey.. dont think like that.. Please .. At least let me drive you to home" Khun said and gave him sad look... Woo Young frowned "Yea.. Right.. And for what? To offend me again? No thanks"
"Cmon... I will be good with you.. I promise" Khun said sweetly and gave him a smile
Woo Young signed "Um.. Okay"
They make their way outside the club...
When they reached Khun`s cat Woo Young stared at it with amaze


"Whoaaaa.. Is that your car?"
"Yep" Khun replayed "Do you like it?"
Woo Young nodded "I love it" he said and grinned
"MmM.. Get in" Khun said and the two of them gets in his car...
"Drive to the centre of the city.. I will tell you the direction after that" Woo Young said and smiled
"Okay.. it will be nice for me to hear your sweet voice" Khun replayed watching over the road
Woo Young gazed at his profile..

'Why i cant have a face like his? He is so pretty.. No wonder the girls are crazy about him.. Um..I cant never be like this' Woo Young thought and pouted... He became silent,watching over Nick Khun... He admired his face.. his hair-do... His arms... His legs.. He stared at Khun`s belt.. His eyes went down at his member.. Woo Young bite his bottom lip staring deeply on that area...

Suddenly he shоок his head and quickly looked aside.. His face blushed and he felt ashamed from his acts..
"What?!? Whats wrong?" Khun asked and gave him question look
Woo Young didnt look at him.. he covered his face..
"Um..There is something in my eye.. Huh.." he said and turned his head aside..
Khun suddenly stopped stop with a jerk the car..
Woo Yоung didnt expected that and he bumped hi head in the window.
"Aww!" he mumbled and pressed his hand against his forehead
"Oww! Sorry" Khun said and embraced him..
"Its okay" Woo Young replayed and put down his hand
Nick Khun looked at his red forehead and caressed it.. Woo Yоung give him a puzzled look and pull back.. He blushed more
"Im sorry.. I just wanted to see whats in your eye" Khun said and pecked Woo Young`s forehead.
"Its gone now.. Huh.. You can.. drive now" Woo Young stutter and smiled.. He felt ashamed again
"Okay.." Khun said sweetly and drive away..


after 30 minutes.....

"We`re here" Woo Young said as they reached his house.. He looked at Khun "Thanks for the ride"
"Its okay.. See you tomorrow" Nick Khun said and smiled.. Woo Young grabbed the handle and opened the door.. Before he can get out of the car, Khun pulled him back
"Can i hug you?" he asked sweetly .. Woo Young didnt known how to replay.. he just nodded... Nick Khun gave him a hug and rested his head on his shoulder..
"Dont be confused.. Um.. Thats a friend hug.." he said and smirked... Woo Young pulled back and stared at his face
"Um.. yea... I know.. Me and Seung Ri are hugging like that.." Woo Young said and grinned

'Is he gay? I will try him' Khun thought and smiled to Woo Young
"Mm... I should go now.. its late.." Woo Young said "night"
Khun gave him a smile and watched over him... When he get out of the car, Khun smirked
"Night baby"


Woo Young went in his house.. He closed the door and leaned against it...He felt strange... His whole day was strange.. First.. His fight with Jae Bum and his friend.. after that.. Meeting Tae Yang... After that.. Khun`s good behavior...

Woo Young sighed.. 'Maybe Khun was drunk... He was surely not sober... He cant be nice to me'


"Whats up! Whats up!What are you doing loser?" Khun said as he walked closer to them.. Woo Young looked at him and then looked away.
"What? Who beat you up again?Do you want me to scoff at him?" Khun said and laughed .. Woo Young glanced at him
"No thanks.. Its not your business" he replayed and frowned
"Calm down.." Ji Yong said and smirked.. He looked at the guy next to Woo Young "Who is he?"
Tae Yang looked at him "Im his friend"
"Mm.. Boyfriend?" Nick Khun asked with irony
Woo young sighed "Whatever.. Lets go" he said to Tae Yang and glared at Khun.
"What?! Dont go baby.." Khun said and laughed


"Im so foolish.. He cant be really good with me.. He is playing.. Like always... Dont be so stupid Woo Young.. The cool guy cant be friend with the loser..." Woo Young said to himself and sighed.. He walked to his room and went asleep...

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Re: Be Mine [GDYB...KhunYoung]

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Oh cont soon! Loving this...the boys look and sound so badass!


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Re: Be Mine [GDYB...KhunYoung]

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