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A Broken Love's Sonata [SUPER JUNIOR]

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A Broken Love's Sonata [SUPER JUNIOR] Empty A Broken Love's Sonata [SUPER JUNIOR]

Post by _niXIAH on 8/4/2009, 6:10 am


What happens when friendship was destroyed because of love?
Is there any way to fix it?
Would there be any way to return the same relationship?

What if... love will be the only answer to these questions?
Would someone be ready to sacrifice something just to solve this problem?


In a school embedded deep within the center of a city, a group of thirteen boys was known all over the school.
'The Thirteen Gods' as they were often referred to, are boys in the fourth year of high school who loves to hang out with each other.
They could sing and dance and they would do the honor of performing during school activities.

Inside this group were pairs or trios of bestfriends. One who is known all over SojiEul High was Kim Ryeowook and Choi Siwon.
They have been friends since birth and they are always found being together.
What if love comes in between and destroys this bounded friendship?
Would someone from the two of them be ready to sacrifice in order to return that friendship?



Choi Siwon
Kim Ryeowook
Jin Aoi [fictional girl]

And the rest of Super Junior

Other couples:
•Yesung & Im Han Jae
•KiBum and Kim Eun Soo
•Heechul and Jung Jae Kyun
•Leeteuk and Choi Seul Yeon
•HanKyung and Hyori

I won't be introducing the characters’ attitudes... they will be introduced as the story goes...Very Happy[b]

Comments please.^^

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