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You're My _ _ _ _ _ _ Sleeping Beauty (Complete)

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You're My _ _ _ _ _ _ Sleeping Beauty (Complete)

Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 11:30 pm

Title: You're My _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Sleeping Beauty
Pairings: Yoosu (main) - watch out for other side pairings on the way
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Fluff, Action, Smut ( will be warned in the story on where to stop and begin reading- optional read)

Summary: Yoochun, a normal STRAIGHT average guy, reads a book just to get sucked in by its spell to make his dream come true - to kiss a girl. In the book he becomes the prince who rescues the princess from her slumber by kissing her - Mouth to mouth. The only catch is, there are 2 rules during and after the hot make out session. One, during the kiss you must deeply and passionately kiss for 5 minutes. Two, have enjoyable hot sex after the princess is AROUSED - you can't stop her, let her do what she wants with you. Disobey the rules and the princess will forever be asleep. HOLD IT! Wait, did you say aroused? Wait till Park Yoochun finds out that the princess is actually a GUY - a hot, grougeous MAN. Watch how this story turns in for the worst for Yoochun. or will it? Before he could reach the princess or should I say prince, he must overcome his fear which is ... (SHOULD I SAY IT?) - - - Turning .... gay. Luckily, he makes friends... 'Gay' Friends that will gladly help him reach the...LOVE OF HIS LIFE?!

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Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 11:34 pm

Chapter 1 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Prologue: Forever Mystery

The world has many mysteries. Would you like to know one?

It is about a Prince who holds a book capable of making men fall in love with him once they have read it. It was given by a witch who slyly wanted to help him find his true love. That’s right. He is still looking for his destined one. Unfortunately, the Prince used this book on every man he thought would be fun to play with – to get to the point, for the pleasure. Because of this, he was named ‘The Slutty Prince’.

When the witch found out about his doings, she zapped herself in front of him and casted a spell on the Prince out of rage.

“You who have used this book not seeking true love,
But pure pleasure,
SLEEP - until you are kissed by a lover who will love you …
I’ll give you one final chance,
I’ll send another being of you –
Taking your shape and your form,
To another place in time.
This is your one last chance.
Give this to your destined lover but be careful,
Pick and choose wisely…”
With that, a flash of light erupted and the angelic prince fell into a deep slumber.

On top of the unconscious body,

A note is left behind -

`Directions on How to Revive your Sleeping Beauty`


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Chapter 1: I'm Not Gay!

Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 11:41 pm

Chapter 1 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 1: I’m not GAY!

“Yunho-aah! Why is it so boring in your apartment?!” Yoochun heaved a sigh. “Seriously man, I’d rather go to the library than this.”

Yoochun walked and crashed on the sofa. “Gawd Yunho, it’s so hot in here too.” He said as he unbuttoned the two top buttons of his shirt.

Yunho peeked at Yoochun noticing his tempting seating position on the couch. He started moving towards him.

‘Oh, what a temptation,’ he thought.

“Well maybe it’s hot in here because …” Yunho stopped until his face was a centimeter close to Yoochun’s. “…here.”

Yunho gave a sly smile enough to give Yoochun the creeps. From there, he immediately shot up from his awkward position and pushed Yunho away. “GAAAH! No. NO. NO. NOO! Private space remember?!” He grabbed a pillow from the floor and used it as a shield to protect himself from Yunho, his hand shooting out saying stop.

Yunho grinned. “Oh please, you don’t find me attractive at all?” He started to head towards Yoochun again.

“NO!” was all Yoochun could blurt out. “STOP! I know you’re a bit gay… OR wait maybe a LOT gay….er than me but please don’t do anything! GAAH. I’m perfectly straight! I LOOVE GIRLS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Yoochun laughed crazily.

‘I think I did a lot of damage to him,’ Yunho thought.

“Ahh. Let’s see… Let’s go to the library then. I still have reports to finish up anyways.” Yunho grabbed his shoes, about to step outside.

“I don’t want to come with you.” Yoochun said stubbornly and stuck out his tongue at him.

Yunho was a bit irritated. He stopped putting on his shoes and grabbed Yoochun’s hand.

“Listen, I changed my mind. I’m staying here.” Yoochun added.

“You made me put on shoes so were going to go okay?” Yunho said irritatedly.

“I said I changed my mind.”

Yoochun was going to go back to the sofa again but suddenly, Yunho grabbed his hand and pushed him against the wall, pinning him there. “If you stick your tongue out at me again, I’ll bite it off.”

Yoochun too shocked to move stared at Yunho wide eyed. So speechless - Yunho waited for a minute but...

“BAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!” Seeing Yoochun’s priceless face, Yunho laughed his butt off. “You should go look at yourself in the mirror now.” He started to shake his head sideways and started laughing again.

“Anyways, we’re going to the library and you’re coming with me.”

“After what you did to me, NO!” Yoochun pouted.

“They have air conditioning~!

“Fine! I’ll go.”


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Chapter 2: The 'Hot-Gorgeous' Man

Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 11:46 pm

Chapter 2 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 2: The ‘Hot-Gorgeous’ Man

“Come on Yoochun, hurry up! Grab some books.” Yunho told him as he grabbed the History of Japan textbook and sat on an empty table.

“Fine you naggy person. I’m going to find an interesting book. I can feel we’re going to be here for a while.”

Yoochun walked off to one of the romance shelves.

After a while, a librarian passed by Yunho and placed books on the proper shelves.

‘Damm!’ Yunho thought. ‘He has a nice ass.’ Yunho scanned the guy from head to toe but he seemed to be eyeing something. Yunho followed the direction of his stare and smiled.

“He’s not gay you know.” Yunho said out loud still pretending to read his book.

“Excuse me?” the startled librarian turned around and asked, a bit flustered.

“You were staring at the ‘HOT-GORGEOUS’ man over there right?” He eyed and nodded his head to Yoochun who was on the side of the shelves, bending down to chelck out the lower books on the shelves.

“N-n-noo…” the librarian with the sexy butt stuttered.

Yunho grinned. “Uhh… yeah you were. You have the hots for him don’t you?” Yunho teased. “Just to let you know, well, just incase you want to know, his name is Yoochun.”

“Yoochun,” the librarian said it again. I like that name.

“My name is Yunho by the way. How about yours?” Yunho asked still reading his book.

“Junsu.” The librarian said and took a seat beside him. “So he’s really not gay?”
With this Junsu stared at Yunho attentively, waiting for his answer.

‘Ahh! Someone has a little crush on Yoochun, and he’s a GUY! G-U-Y! I should set them up. BAHAHAHAH! I’m so evil.’ Yunho thought.

Yunho finally puts his book down now attempting not to giggle. “Hmm… I don’t know how to explain this really.” He faced Junsu and started to think for the right words to say. “He’s not gay… BUT! maybe you just have to be the right person for him.” He thought some more. “I don’t know if I’m making sense but if he’s the one for you and you’re the one for him, even though you’re a guy, he can make an exception. I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying but I’m not good with words.” He scratched his head, embarrassed.

“No, no. I perfectly understand.” Junsu replied. ‘Somewhat. It just means I can get him to like me.’

“I wish he’d turn gay though. It’ll be so fun! That means I’m not going to be such a loner in the world anymore!”

“Oh. My. God. You’re GAY too?!” Junsu accidentally said that line overly happy and loud, enough for the people around them to hear – except for Yoochun who is concentrated on finding the right book for him. Giggles around the room could be heard. Now everyone was staring at them.

“Sorry! Keep reading!” Junsu said as he bowed for apology.

Yunho couldn’t help but laugh; Instead of overreacting like Junsu, he held it.

After knowing that Yunho was gay, Junsu just realized something. “Hey Yunho…”

“What is it?”


“Do you have something to ask?” He’s probably going to ask me if I have any feelings for Yoochun. Yunho smiled and shook his head sideways.

“Uhmm… would you happen to… to…” Junsu wanted to ask but somehow the words got stuck in his throat.

“No, I don’t have any feelings for Yoochun. I love to tease him and all, but it’s just for the fun of it. REALLY!”

“Ahhh…okay.” Junsu said still not assured.

Not wanting to ruin the chances of Yoochun turning gay one day, Yunho wanted to do anything, EVERYTHING to have someone in the dark side – other than Junsu. It just had to be Yoochun.

“Look, if you’re still not assured yet, I’ll help you hook up with Yoochun over there. I’ll do anything just to help him experience all the fun I’m having. Heck, I’ll even call him right now.”

“Wait! He can’t see me!”


“Just BECAUSE! Don’t call him okay?” Junsu said hurriedly. “You said you’d do anything.”

“Ah fiine~” Yunho pouted.

“Listen, I think it’ll be best if he didn’t see me right now. Anyways, before, you said you’d do anything for him to turn gay right?”

“Hahahaha! Daamm right.”

“OK, wait here. I’m going to get something. Don’t leave for whatever reason okay?” With that, Junsu rushed to the back of the building.

Just after Junsu left, Yoochun came to Yunho with empty hands. “Hey Yunho, I can’t find any books that looks nice. It has to have a nice cover or else it’s not a good book for me.”

“I’m busy Yoochun can’t you see? Go get yourself a book. If you do, I’ll check all my books out and we’ll leave right when you find one.”

“Ughh… fine!” With that he stomped off onto one of the shelves full of books.

Seeing Yoochun leave Yunho’s side, Junsu came back to Yunho holding a nicely covered book. It has a black cover with golden writings that just attracts the human eye either way, the book was big enough to be spotted 23948723 miles away.

“Here.” Junsu handed the book to Yunho. It was pretty…big?

“I’m going to trust you with this book okay? Whatever YOU do, don’t OPEN IT!!”

“Why? I’m curious.”

“If you open it, you won’t like men anymore.” Junsu whispered into his ear.

“You don’t want me to open it that badly?”

“I don’t want you to open it. If you do, my plan won’t work anymore.” Junsu’s expression turned serious. “If you open this, you’ll be better off killing me instead.”

Seeing Junsu’s gravely serious face, he nodded and flashed a smile.

“Okay, so here’s the thing. What you’re going to do is make Yoochun read this book.”

“I don’t see how this book is going to turn him gay. Seriously.”

“Just do it! It wouldn’t hurt to try right?”

“Fine,” Yunho rolled his eyes. “You’re very weird.”

“Well this weirdo can help your best friend turn gay.” After saying this, Junsu left and started to put away books again – like nothing happened.


Yoochun sat beside Yunho who pretended to work on his project. Yunho tried for the past few minutes to work but failed because there was one problem.

How was he supposed to get Yoochun to read this BIG, BLACK book? It’s very attractive but it looks a bit… oversized?

“Hey Yunho, I’ll just wait for you even though it’s a complete waste of time. I seriously can’t find any nice books.”

“No need, I found you one already.” Smooth Yunho.

With this, Yunho gave Yoochun the big black book. He tried to hide his nervous look.

‘If he says he doesn’t want to read this book, he really wouldn’t.’ Yunho thought worriedly.

“Whoa! This book looks so ancient!” Yoochun said amazed. “I’ll try this one then.”

“Really?” Yunho said a bit shocked.

“I guess so.” Yoochun shrugged his shoulders. “It looks like an interesting book. Where did you get it?”

“Uhhmm…” Yunho thought. Ahh! Caught off guard. Gotta come up with something. QUIICK! Brain. OH-MY-GOD. Work. “Ahhh… that…”

“Did you ask a librarian? You couldn’t have found such a nice book when you were studying here the whole time.”

“Ha…haha…haaa,” Yunho giggled nervously. “Y-yeah! He was really nice, a bit weird though.”

After hearing the “weird” part, Junsu who was placing books on the shelves choked in his own spit and started coughing all over the place.

Seeing the librarian having trouble, Yoochun stood up, placed his hand on the librarians shoulder and patted the librarian’s back.

“You should be careful okay?” Yoochun said, bending down to meet Junsu’s face.

Junsu flushed beet red. ‘Man his face is so close!!’ He could only nod very quickly. Without a word, not even a thank you, Junsu left leaving Yoochun with a puzzled face.
“Wow, that guy was really weird. I helped him but he only ran away.” Yoochun said as he took a seat beside Yunho again.

“Well, if your face is a centimeter close to a human who’s the same gender as you, how would you react? I thought you weren’t gay, yet your face was so close to that guy. You don’t even let me do that to you.”

“It wasn’t THAT close. I just wanted to see if he’s fine. I didn’t have any naughty intentions like jumping him or anything.”

“Uhuuuhh,” Yunho teased, pretending to not believe Yoochun.

“I’m serious. Don’t do that to me Yunho. You’ll make me say my crazy lines again. You knoow…”

“Yes, yes. I know your world famous lines.”


“STOP! I know you’re a bit gay… OR wait maybe a LOT gay….er than me but please don’t do anything! GAAH. I’m perfectly straight! I LOOVE GIRLS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Yoochun laughed crazily.

/End of Flashback

After thinking about it, Yunho shook his head, “please don’t do that again.”

“Plus!” Yoochun added on, “I’m not gay or anything but when I saw him, I just thought that I should help him. Some kind of instinct and reaction I can’t explain.”

‘And that my friend is the first step to ‘MY’ world.’ Yunho smiled.


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Chapter 3: You are the One

Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 11:50 pm

Chapter 3 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 3: You are the one

“You sure took your SWEET time doing your stupid project,” Yoochun sighed as he walked into Yunho’s apartment once again – currently 7:00 PM.

“Well, first off all, my project is not stupid and second, you didn’t even wait long! You fell asleep before you could even read that damned book I gave you.”

“Oh yeah … book” Yoochun remembered and looked at his hands expecting it to be there but to his surprise, it wasn’t. “Oh shoot, I forgot it in the library… but oh well,” he said as he walked to the black leather sofa.

“Don’t worry.” Yunho told him and grabbed that weird book from his bag. It’s a miracle that it even fit there.


“Oh here, I checked it out for you.” Yunho handed him the book that weirdo librarian gave to him earlier. With this, he left the living room and headed towards the kitchen. But before he could take a few more steps away from Yoochun—

“Wait!” Yoochun yelled and jumped out of the couch. “You’re suspiciously nice today.”

‘Crap.’ Yunho cursed.

“Well, aren’t I nice to you all the time?”

“Hmm…let’s see. There was this time when I asked you to get me a drink—”

“See? I was very nice to you,” Yunho interrupted.

“You did get it but you drank it yourself - right in front of me.”

Yunho scratched his head and tried to remember. “When did I do that?”

“Just yesterday.”

“Oh fine, whatever,” Yunho snatched the book away from Yoochun. “I’ll just read it myself. If you still want to read it, you can get it from me in about 2 MONTHS!” Yunho turned away and—

“No wait! I’ll read it.” Yoochun yelled and took back the book. “If you wanted to read it in the first place then just say so, but I’m not waiting 2 months just to read this thing. I’ll read it first then.”

“Suit yourself.”

‘Yunho, you’re a smart man.’ He praised himself.

Yunho was about to turn away from Yoochun for the SECOND time but he stopped. Something caught his eye.

‘OH.MY.GOD. Yoochun is stripping! Did the book have an effect on him already? Maybe he wants to do ‘it’ with me right now. Or maybe—’

“Yunho… I seriously can’t take it anymore,” Yoochun complained full of frustration, his eyes staring intensely at Yunho.

‘Was he lusting at me this whole entire time?’

He took off his shirt and flung it over his shoulders. “I want to take a bath,” Yoochun said bluntly.

“Chun! I think we should take this slowly. You know? Since you’re still getting used to it and all.”

“Slowly? I want to cool down.”

“Yes, yes I know. But taking a bath with me—”

“With you?!” Yuck! How many times have I told you, I’m not gay.” He denied. “You blast the heat in your apartment and it makes me all sweaty. I’m drenched with sweat and I start to smell. See why I need to take a bath?”

Yunho misunderstood the whole thing. “Oh.” He thought. ‘He didn’t have to take off his shirt in front of ME – a person who likes guys!’

“I’m borrowing your towel.” Yoochun placed the book on the couch but suddenly, shivers ran up his spine.

‘Ahh! Yunho’s staring at me. Out of all the commotion I forgot that he was gay. G-A-Y.’

“YAAH!” Yoochun turned around, threw his shirt to Yunho’s face and ran to the bathroom.


“Ahh, he didn’t have to do that.” Yunho pouted.

“Yunho?” The washroom door opened. “I’m going to sleep here for the night so I’m borrowing some of your clothes. Is that alright?”

“Go ahead then,” Yunho answered. “You can take the bed then, I’m going to stay up late and play this game I rented.”
“Oh sweet.” The door closed again. Not even one second has passed and the door opened. “Thank you~” Yoochun said cheerfully and closed the door for the last time.


Yoochun came out of the shower, ruffling his wet hair with a towel as he walked to Yunho’s bedroom. When he got there, he just threw the towel on an empty chair and jumped on the bed.

“Oww! My back!” Yoochun shouted. It seems that he has landed on a hard squared object.

‘Ahh Jung Yunho, out of all the places, you put a book on a bed. It’s for sleeping you know!’ Yoochun ruffled his hair some more.

“Since its here, might as well start reading then,” Yoochun mumbled to himself. He lied down on his stomach and placed the book in front of him. “Wow, this book really looks like its ancient. The title is missing some words though. You’re My…… Sleeping Beauty.” Yoochun looked at the book with curiosity. “There’s a word missing between ‘My’ and ‘Sleeping’. But oh well, I’ll just find out later – maybe ask the librarian or something.”

And without hesitation he popped open the book.

In an instant, a flash of light emitted from it forcing Yoochun to close his eyes.

“You are the one…” the mysterious voice said from a distance.

“Who’s there?” Yoochun looked around but could see nothing. He was blinded. “Damn! It’s so bright! I can’t even see a single thing! Yunho’s definitely pulling a prank on me. What kind of light did Yunho put in this book?” Yoochun stupidly questioned.

After a few moments, the light finally died down and started to fade; it left Yoochun confused and truthfully, scared out of his wits. He backed away from the book.

“YUNHOOOO-AHH!” Yoochun called out and got up from his position.

“Sorry buddy!” Yunho yelled from the living room. “I apparently own at this game, I’m about to set a high score already!”

‘Ahh stupid Yunho.’ Yoochun cursed He looked back at the book again and one thing is for sure, he doesn’t want to read the book anymore.

Yoochun hurriedly stood up and got out of bed – ready to beat up Jung Yunho for tricking him like this. He took his first few steps very quickly to the door but these steps eventually slowed down and came to a stop.

His head throbbed and dizziness took over his mind. He fell to his knees; hands immediately shooting up to his head seeking relief.

“Aaahh…” he panted. He could barely breathe. Every object in the room spun and went out of place. ‘So dizzy. I think I'm gonna...’

“You are the one…” a voice called out again.

There it is again. “Is there someone here?” He called out.

“What’s going on? My head…it hurts.” Yoochun straightened out his hand to the floor trying to hold himself up while his other hand was on his forehead trying to ease the pain.

‘Ahh, I can’t take it anymore.’ Unable to think, he fell on his back, landing with a small thud on the floor.

“Someone…please help me. Yunho—” he managed to whisper as darkness started to cover his sight, his consciousness slowly disappearing.

“You are the one…” he heard for the very last time.

“I’m the … one?”

“The chosen one…”


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Chapter 4: Sleeping Beauty?

Post by 3ternallove on 8/3/2009, 11:53 pm

Chapter 4 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 4: Sleeping Beauty?

“Where am I?’ Yoochun found himself awakening in a black empty universe. “My head still feels like…Wow!” He shook his head crazily to get rid of his unstable vision. Everything was black. He couldn’t see anything except for his own form. ‘Weird.’

Yoochun roamed around but he stopped as he realized that he was getting nowhere. When he did, he placed his right hand on his chin and sat cross legged. ‘Come on Chun, think back…’ he scrunched his brows together and pouted.

“AHA!” he pounded on his other hand. “That’s it. I’m dreaming.” He bluntly stated. He pinched his cheeks trying to wake up.

“No you are not dreaming,” a voice came out from nowhere.

That voice. “It’s that same voice from before!” Yoochun exclaimed. “You’re that same person who kept on going ‘you are the one’!”

“Well your presence here means that you are the chosen one,” spoke the mysterious voice, soft but eerie.

“Stop! I’m sick of the ‘you are the one’ line,” he used his fingers to quote and unquote. “Just stop with this foolishness and get me out of here.”

“Unfortunately, you can’t.” the voice replied. “To get out—”

“How come? Why NOT? Aaishh… I’m talking to myself,” he complained as he realized that he was talking to the air. Black space to be exact. “Who are you? I’m dreaming right?” He pinched himself again. “This is all a joke. There is a way out of here. I know it! How’d I get here anyways?” So many questions were asked all in one breath.

“Too many questions my child, let me explain.”

“You better or else…or else…” Yoochun tried to threaten the voice but he couldn’t finish his sentence.

A soft globe of light suddenly appeared from above overcoming the darkness around him. Yoochun watched as this light fell down softly and slowly turning into a human figure. A woman figure to be exact. She had angelic features as white, as pure and as beautiful as the heavens above. Who ever she was, she started to approach him. Again, everything went dark and to Yoochun’s eyes, the only thing he could see was his own self and the glowing figure approaching him.

“Yoochun-ah, don’t be afraid,” the heavenly figure assured him. She was not a threat.

“I will if you tell me how to get out of this prank.”

“Oh child, I’m afraid this is all real. Have patience and I shall tell you how to get out of this world. Your presence here requires tasks to be finished and possibly a huge sacrifice made in the end.”

“Hold it!” Yoochun cut her again. “You said we’re in another world? So we’re not on Earth?!”

“Nonsense child. We are still on Earth because this is the world of the book that you have opened before. Only the chosen one is destined to open this book first.” She explained.

‘Stupid Yunho! He tricked me! I’m going to kill him if I ever get out of this mess. It’s all his fault!’ He yelled in his mind.

“And what sacrifice?!” He freaked out. “I’m not going to die as a sacrifice right?” He gulped down the excess spit forming in his mouth.

The figure gave a soft smile, very patiently she answered, “your destined lovers heart.”

“That person’s heart?!” He was worried before but now he was more shocked and scared. “I’d have to kill in order to get out of here?”

“Silly boy. To give a heart away is to fall in love,” she corrected his way of thoughts.

“This sounds silly. That person cannot possibly fall in love with a stranger.”

“We all know that,” she smiled again, a smile so gentle it’s able to calm Yoochun down. “This is your task. Even if it is complicated you must do it. Since you are the one, you are the only human being that can do this.”

“What if I fall in love as well?” He shyly said and looked down on the stable ground he was standing on.

“Love includes happiness, but also grief. It is up to you if you shall fall in love.”

“How do I know if this person is in love with me?”

“That is not for you to judge, but for the world to judge. This world will know.”

“Wait! This is strange! This world has a brain?!”

“This world is very different. It’s crumbling. In order for the story to move on, your presence here has to exist and your tasks be finished. The huge sacrifice made in the end is the love you have for each other. When this world recognizes your lover’s great love for you, your form in this book will disappear slowly meaning that the more you love, the more you will hurt in the end.”

‘So much for meeting a girl and falling in love.’ Yoochun thought.

“That means, to not fall in love is to just play with this person’s feelings?”

“…” the angelic woman didn’t answer.

“So?” he wanted an answer.

“It’s up to you how you show your love for this person. It’s up to you if you want to love or not. This is your choice. The ending of the book will vary depending on how you treat your lover and how much of an empty hole this human being will have in his chest.”

“I’m sort of getting what I have to do now, but who is this person anyways? She better be pretty just like you!”

The angelic woman laughed. “She?”

“Yeah! She! I want to see her face.”

She chuckled some more.

“Just show me where she is so I can get on with this.”

She smiled. The woman waved her right arm upward, her hair flying up along with it. In a flash, a scene of the great palace was shown in front of him. The view traveled through the legs of the workers with great speed, going up from stair to stair until it reached a huge rusty door that said, ‘Do not enter.’ One thing is for sure, it looked very sacred.

The angelic form pointed at the knob and in a flick of one finger the door opened. There, inside, laid a lifeless body. Yoochun wanted to see his destined lover’s face but the view was too far and was angled very awkwardly at the person. He couldn’t even trace out the details of her facial features.

“This is the person you seek.” She pointed to the person sleeping softly on a bed.

“Is she sleeping?” He asked.


“That’s too bad. I wanted to see her get up so that I can see her face.”

“I’m afraid this person will never wake up.” The saintly woman said. “Unless…”


“Have you remembered the title of this book?”

“Well there was a word missing in the middle of ‘My’ and ‘Sleeping’. But if I put them together it says, “You’re My sleeping Beauty.” Yoochun replied.

The woman didn’t reply. She wanted to give Yoochun time to think.

“Oh.My.Gods.” Yoochun realized. “So this world is like Sleeping Beauty? I’m getting it right, right? But a bit different?”

“Yes.” The woman agreed.

“So I have to kiss her so that she could fall in love with me? This is going to be easy!” He cheered. “She just falls in love with me automatically according the my Disney knowledge.”

“Even though this book is like the sleeping beauty version that you have seen, it is very different in its own way. Since you understand now, listen. I don’t have much time.” She said in a gentle but serious voice. “In order to start off your task, you must seek a guy named Kim Jaejoong. Your lover’s brother. You must make him believe that you are the one. He is the key person to your success. Second. Your kiss. You must awaken your destined lover by your kiss. Make the person lying on the bed fall in love with you and your task is finished. You will be free from the wrath of this world. It is up to you to love and accept love. There is nothing more than I can do now but just show you the direction of the path you have to take from this darkness.”

The figure took out the ring out of her left hand and gave it to Yoochun.

“Here. Show this to Kim Jaejoong. When he sees you, he will probably think that you are an enemy. An outsider in fact. The castle is very strict on visitors. You have to convince him that you are the one or else it will be a hard journey ahead of you.”

Yoochun took the ring and pocketed it.

“There are many rules to awake this person so be careful. You only have one chance. You have to listen and be patient. Your lover’s awakening and the faith of this world depends on you now. It is now laid down on your hands. ”

“Wait, rules?” Yoochun interrupted again.

“Don’t worry, these rules will be explained by Kim Jaejoong. That is why the key of your success is befriending Kim Jaejoong.”

“What if I can’t do it?” Yoochun was nervous now. “Are you going to leave me?”

“If you fail, you’ll forever be stuck here and be forever in guilt for leaving this body in eternal slumber.” She used her serious voice. There was no hint of gentleness now. “However, don’t be afraid. I do not seem to be around but in spirit I will be there- helping you. Besides, there will be friends that can help you. Someone will always be there but that someone cannot be me.”

The white figure approached him and turned Yoochun around, his back facing her front. She then laced both of her hands on top of his eyes and magically transported them into a different setting. Yoochun could feel it. The gentle breeze, the sun’s prickling heat, the moistness of the ground and the twittering of the birds.

“I will be the light to help you.” She stated. With this, she took her hands off of Yoochun’s eyes and disappeared like the leaves flying and riding the waves of the wind.

When Yoochun was finally able to see, he was amazed. It looked like a yard. There were a few trees around him and a lake right beside him.

“Please don’t go,” Yoochun begged. He turned around only to find the angelic form gone. “Ahhh!” He ruffled his hair. “I feel so lonely now. Where’s Yunho when I need his company the most? I need to get out of here. Where are you Kim Jaejoong. I have to—”

“Who’s there?” a voice came from behind a tree. He then revealed himself. “State your purpose.”

Yoochun freaked. “I-I-I…I am…” Yoochun could barely speak.

“GET ON WITH IT!” The black raven haired man yelled impatiently and placed his hand on his side where his sword lied.

‘Oh crap.’


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Chapter 5: You're My 'Slutty' Sleeping Beauty

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Chapter 5 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 5: You’re My ‘Slutty’ Sleeping Beauty

“Like I said – State. Your. Purpose,” the black raven haired man impatiently said.

“I’m trying!” Yoochun shouted as he waved his hands right in front of him saying that he was not a threat. “Just don’t take out your sword.”

“What about my sword?” the guy in an armor asked. “You’re a threat. It’s normal. Now deal with it and talk.”

The word ‘scary’ was all that came out of Yoochun’s mouth. In that second, many thoughts ran through his mind. Should he run away? Should he stay?

“I am waiting for your answer. Speak you imbecile,” the man commanded as he took out his sword by a centimeter to threaten Yoochun.


Yoochun clearly didn’t hear him because of his indecisiveness in his mind.

‘Yoochun, if you don’t run away you’re going to die! What if he’s fast? What if he’ll throw the sword at me? Oh my God, I’m too young to die. No Yoochun, calm down. Don’t cry! Just stay and don’t run away. Don’t run away. Don’t run away. Don’t run away…Run away. Run away. Run a…way?’ Yoochun asked himself confusedly. “Run… aaa-way? OKAY!’

And that’s what he did. He backed up, and turned around to dash but because of his stupid clumsiness, he tripped on a rock that he was completely unaware of. He fell to the ground but managed to flip himself so that he’d land on his back.

‘That hurt… quite a lot.’ Yoochun thought. He picked himself up into a sitting position and stayed like that. ‘I don’t want to die!’ Yoochun cried inside.

Because of all the commotion Yoochun made, the unknown man was alarmed in his mind to dispatch the threat in front of him. The seemingly heartless male took out his sword and pointed it straight at Yoochun’s neck to prevent him from running away again.

‘Shoot.’ Yoochun cursed as he stared at the dark orbs of the man. Time seemed to have stopped from here. Everything else around them moved but not them. Yoochun was trapped at the pull of the other man’s eyes. It felt as if it were jagged thorns that pierced through his soul, reading on to whatever move he’d make next and what he was thinking. Yoochun sweated within seconds but alas, he managed to stare down at the ground to break the contact.

“You’re an intruder aren’t you?” the man assumed as he used the tip of his sword to lift up Yoochun’s chin that was pointing to the ground. “A spy waiting to get killed most likely? Or maybe an assassin sent here to kill my brother? Or how about –”

He was cut off.

“Can you stop interrogating me?” Yoochun yelled at him. “Just to get things straight, I’m not an intruder a spy OR an assassin. Who do you think you are anyways? Stop being such a b—”

“Bitch?” the man with the sword asked.

“No. A bastard,” Yoochun corrected. “Just hear me out okay?” Yoochun placed both of his hands out hoping to try and calm down this mans expiring patience.

“Who are you to order me around? The way I see it, I can kill you anytime now. You had your chance to talk and you wasted it,” the man smirked. He then bent down to Yoochun’s ear and whispered to him, “I guess you’ll die now.” With this, the man in the armor pulled back his sword to slash Yoochun into half.

“Yunho! You better save me now or I’ll haunt you for the rest of your life!” Yoochun yelled out loud, his veins popping out of his forehead and his neck.

“It was nice talking to you stranger who I don’t know. Sa-yo-na-ra,” the merciless male taunted.

Yoochun scrunched his eyes closed hoping to not see himself being massacred into pieces. He was waiting…waiting and waiting.

But nothing happened. A few moments later, he felt something fall with a thud but he didn’t want to open his eyes to check it out.

“Helloooo?” the nameless man closed the gap between his face and Yoochun’s in order to take a closer look at his face. “You know, you should know how to fight back. I won’t be here for you all the time to protect you.”

No reply. Yoochun’s eyes were still tightly closed.

“You know Yoochun, you look really cute with your eyes scrunched up like that. You should do it more often. It’ll make me want to eat-you-up.”

‘That voice…those pick up lines…it all sounded familiar…could it be?!’ Yoochun opened his eyes to see THE Jung Yunho… right…in front - of his face?!

“Yaah!” Yoochun pushed Yunho away. Yunho went flying. Where did all that strength come from?

He saw Yunho holding a piece of wood. Its size was enough to knock out a person if you knew where to hit. That lucky person apparently became the man who almost slashed him into bits!

“Is that how you repay your life saver?” Yunho pouted. “That guy was going to cut you in half and I knocked him out for you! Don’t I at least get ONE kiss or something?

“No, you’re not my candy. But!” Yoochun ran up to Yunho and gave him a bear hug. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank. YOU! You saved me. I thought I was going to die. He was going to stab me and…and, and—” Yoochun said almost crying.

“And I came and yes, I knocked him out for you.”

“Yunhoo! I called out for you!” Yoochun cheerfully said. “And you came! I never knew you would but you actually did!” Yunho’s sudden appearance confused Yoochun. Speaking of which…how did YOU get here?”

“Well you see…LONG STORY!” Yunho confusedly said and tried to explain from the beginning.

He grinned and scratched the back of his head and started to talk as fast as the speed of light. “I don’t quite remember but I’ll just tell you what I know. You see, I came to check up on you in my room but you were gone. All I saw was a closed book lying on the ground. I thought you went home or something so I picked it up. But the moment my fingers came in contact with the book I was like WHOOOA~!! Everything started spinning and I thought I was going to die. I think I blacked out or something. And then, I met up with this lady and she started saying something like ‘protect Yoochun at all costs.’ After that she vanished. It was crazy! But then, I think I was dreaming because I found myself lying just over there. It felt like such a nice nap. But anyways, just right after I woke up, that’s when I heard this very loud, desperate voice yelling, ‘Yunho! You better save me now or I’ll haunt you for the rest of your life!’ I came to see who it was and it ended up being you. Then yeah! I came to save you. I hit this guy with this log I found and apparently he got knocked out. It was like BAM! And then he fainted.”

Yoochun laughed at Yunho’s dramatic story. It had lots of side effects and sounds. He kept on using his hands which distracted him from what he was saying. Truthfully, Yoochun didn’t understand a thing because Yunho talked too FAST! Oh well, he’ll hear it later.

He wanted to ask Yunho more questions but before they could talk some more, the seemingly girly man stirred. He was starting to gain his consciousness.

“What do we do?” Yoochun panicked. “Quick! Get his sword or something!”

Yunho hopped in front of the almost conscious man and pulled out his sword and checked for other dangerous weapons. He went beside Yoochun after a quick check and stepped a few feet backwards. They watched as the man rubbed the back of his head for comfort.

“Gaah,” the man groaned.

Yoochun and Yunho still kept on watching him.

“Should we run for it?” Yoochun whispered to Yunho not taking his eyes off the hurting man on the ground.

“No! We have an advantage. We have his weapons!” Yunho whispered back.

“Oh right!” Yoochun accidentally yelled out.

‘Stupid Yoochun,’ Yunho looked down and shook his head sideways.

The sudden loud sound made the now conscious man stand up very quickly on his own two feet; he held a stance like some old martial arts movement. He wanted to grab his sword on his side but to his surprise, it wasn’t there anymore. He looked towards them and saw Yunho holding his weapons.

“Give me back my sword!” he yelled out in anger.

“Sorry pretty boy!” Yunho said teasingly.

“PRETTY BOY?!” Yoochun could’ve sworn he saw smoke come out of the man’s ears.

“Wait. Yunho! Stop it! Let’s just all calm down.” Yoochun said. “We’re not going to hurt you. We’ll return your sword after you answer a few questions.”

“…” the man didn’t reply.

Yoochun didn’t hear an answer but because of his desperate need of help, he asked anyways.

“I’m looking for a man named Kim Jaejoong. Would you happen to know where he is?”

The man looked at Yoochun like he saw a ghost.

“You see, this really pretty woman told me to come find a man named Kim Jaejoong so that I can start my task. Don’t ask me what this task is all about because I’m pretty confused myself but if I find him, he’ll be the key to my success. At least that’s what she said.”

“Why again do you seek this Kim Jaejoong?” the man asked as one of his brows went up in suspicion.

“I don’t know exactly. But this lady told me to show this to him.” Yoochun took out the ring the saintly figure gave him from before. “You see?” He held it up.

The man’s eyes widened at the sight of the ring and then he mouthed, “The One.”

“Where did you get that?” the man said in a shocked voice.

“Like I said, this person, or I don’t even know. I’m not sure if she’s still alive. She just disappeared. It was a bit odd. She—” Yoochun got cut off.

“Get to the point,” the cold man said harshly.

“I was getting there!” Yoochun said annoyed. “This lady gave it to me. I don’t know who she was because she just suddenly disappeared!

“Wait! Maybe we saw the same chick.” Yunho said. “She was saying stuff like ‘protect Yoochun at all cost’. I think it’s a dream but maybe it’s not since it’s probably the same woman you’re talking about.”

Yoochun ignored Yunho and continued to talk to the man in the armor. “Anyways, I know we’re strangers to each other but finding this man would help us a lot. He’ll be the answer to our prayers.”

The man stood up straight from his stance, his cold features became gentle. He understood what had to be done and this guy right in front of him was the one.

Everything was quiet but then he started to smirk and suddenly said, “I guess I’m the answer to your prayers.”

“You’re Kim Jaejoong?” Yoochun surprisingly asked.

“Call me Jaejoong. I will be your trainer and your rule book.”

“What trainer? Rule book?” Yoochun was delighted that he found the man he was looking for but was confused at the same time because of the new information given.

“I shall be responsible for your training so that you won’t fail in your tasks. I’ll be like your rule book to show you what you should do – to let you know what should be done and what shouldn’t be done so that you success in your task.”

“Like I said, training on what?” Yoochun asked impatiently.

“The kiss and…” Jaejoong trailed off and smiled.

“And what?” Yoochun asked wide eyed.

“The sex,” Jaejoong bluntly stated.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Laughter came out from Yunho’s mouth. “Yoochun what did you get yourself into?”

Yoochun was mad. He faced Yunho. “The question Jung Yunho should be, What Did You Get ME Into?!” he yelled. “You’re the one who gave me that damned book and now we’re stuck here until I do this task right.”

“Task?” Yunho was confused. He didn’t know what Yoochun and Jaejoong were babbling about. ‘I guess I’m late.’ He thought.

Jaejoong laughed at the two fighting.

Yoochun heard the light laugh. “You! Stop laughing! I did not sign up for this at all. I knew this was like sleeping beauty where you have to kiss BUT SEX?! No way.”

“Hold up. First of all, there were no sign up sheets involved in this. You were picked. Secondly, do not assume stuff. The title of the book is not Sleeping Beauty.”

“I know there’s a word missing but it doesn’t make a difference!”

“One word changes all meanings. Would you like to know the original title of this book?”

“…” Yoochun was speechless. He certainly wanted to know.

“It’s called, You’re My ‘Slutty’ Sleeping Beauty.”

“You’re My Slutty WHAT?!” Yoochun freaked out.

“I only have to say it once. I believe you heard me.”

Yoochun fell to the ground, dazed. He was at an incredible loss.

Seeing Yoochun in despair, Yunho stood beside him and patted his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, look on the bright side! At least it’s not a guy like me! I now you’re afraid of guys so I guess your virginity is not going to be taken by a guy.” Yunho assured him.

When Jaejoong heard all of this, he started to worry and called Yunho so that he could privately talk to him. Both of them left Yoochun there by him self just who was trying to think things through. When they were far away from Yoochun, Jaejoong asked him something.

“So he doesn’t like guys?” Jaejoong asked worriedly.

Yunho suspiciously asked, “Why?”

“Just answer my question!”

“Okay. Okay. Yes, he doesn’t like guys. I always flirt with him and tease him just for fun but he always ended up saying something to the lines of ‘I am straight and I like girls’.” Yunho shrugged his shoulders.

Jaejoong’s face literally dropped. “We’re doomed.”

Yunho finally clued in. “Is the ‘sleeping beauty’… I mean, that sleeping beauty happens to be a guy right?” Yuho smiled at him.

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Chapter 5 [Continue]

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“Yeah…” Jaejoong unconsciously said. After realizing that he just revealed the gender of the ‘sleeping beauty’ he covered his mouth. “Please don’t tell him.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t. But if you want to succeed in this, you have to mentally prepare him because if you fail to train him then whatever the consequences for his failure will happen. I’m pretty sure we didn’t get sucked into this word for nothing,” Yunho said in a completely serious tone.

Jaejoong blushed. ‘Who knew he had this type of side as well? I shouldn’t get too close to him. Don’t want to get too attached.’

“I will do what I can. I have another person who will help me in this. I’m sure with his help we can do it. I’ll try – I mean…We’ll try our best. This is going to take some time but I’ll make sure your friend wakes up the prince. There is no chance for failure. It cannot be tolerated because the rest of this world lies on your friend’s hands who also happens to be my responsibility.”

“I’m not sure what’s happening but his success is the key to get us out of here right?” Yunho tried to figure out what’s going on.

“Yes. You guys only have one chance.” Jaejoong nodded. “Or else you’ll be stuck in here forever.”

“In that case, I’ll help out too.”

“Okay,” Jaejoong smiled. He felt happy for some reason. “We’ll start tomorrow. However, for the rest of today, you may stay in the castle and rest. It’ll be tough tomorrow but I’m sure we can do it.”

“Okay!” Yunho grinned cutely and turned around to talk pick up Yoochun. He left Jaejoong confused because of his multi personality. ‘What’s up with this guy?’ He thought. ‘He’s annoying, he’s serious, but he’s cute and good looking. What a weird personality.’

Yunho came back with a dazed Yoochun on his back. It seemed like Yoochun was still pretty out of it. Jaejoong laughed at the sight.

“Follow me,” Jaejoong commanded.


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Chapter 6: I'm Your Kissing Instructor

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Chapter 6 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 6: I'm Your Kissing Instructor

Jaejoong opened up the doors to their room. When Yunho saw it, there was only one word that came out of his mouth. “Wow.”

Of course, Yoochun was still out of it so he didn't notice the sophisticated style and the amount of class radiating from the room.

Yunho stared at the still dazed Yoochun and then looked at Jaejoong.

"Sorry Joongie-yah, I'll just talk to Yoochun for a bit."

"..." Jaejoong spaced out. 'Did he just call me Joongie-ah...?' he thought.

"Did you hear me Joongie?" Yunho asked and looked at Jaejoong's face really closely.

Of course, Jaejoong was taken by surprise because of the sudden closeness of their faces. A shade of red was about to creep up to his face but he suppressed it. He shook his head to regain his composition, not showing a glint of happiness, and took a step back. "I'll come back in about 30 minutes. I'll introduce you to the man who will be helping us over dinner. Please be ready," Jaejoong said with a stern face, his joyful cheery appearance totally blown off by the wind.

'What happened to his smile?' Yunho wondered. 'Did I say something wrong?'

Jaejoong headed for the door and closed it very gently. He took a deep breath and leaned back on the wall beside Yunho and Yoochun's door. He then closed his eyes and recalled back some memories.

He remembered that time when his father had slapped him on the face because he greeted everyone with a smile during the royal meeting. Because of a simple smile numerous shocked faces came upon the table. Who knew that the King’s son could show a loveable expression like this when the King himself didn’t even know how to smile? This simple action caused the King to redden with anger and embarrassment.

"Stop presenting that horrendous smile of yours in front of everyone! I forbid you to show these humble expressions; Smiling, laughing, crying, loving – No one shall see these expressions plastered on your face. It will only make the imperfections within your self appear. No living soul should see your flaws simply because you are the heir to the throne— a true King must be perfect. Humble expressions like these are only for the weak Jaejoong,” his father stated.

Five seconds have passed and his smile turned into a frown as he remembered the words his diseased father.

"If I don't start anything, then I don't have to end anything," Jaejoong said as he sighed.

'Ignore your feelings Jaejoong.' With this, he covered up his face with a stiff, non-readable expression and walked away.


Back at the room...

"Hey Chun, I don't think the 'sex' part is THAT much of a big deal," Yunho stared at Yoochun and raised his brow. To Yunho's surprise, Yoochun was drooling. 'WTF?' Yunho said in his brain. "Earth to Yoochun! Stop daydreaming."


"What's up with everyone dazing out every time I talk?" Yunho ruffled up his hair. He looked at Yoochun again. It was clearly an erotic sight because Yoochun was drooling. "Yoochun! If you don't say a word right now I will start licking you starting from your lips down to your --"

"Boobs." Yoochun cut him off.

Yunho stared at him wide eyed. "You have … boobs?”

Yoochun continued. "Yunho..." He mumbled, still dazed.

"What is it? It better not be anything stupid. I bet I know what you're thinking about."


"..." Yunho didn't want to talk anymore.

A minute of awkward silence occurred. No one spoke. It was quiet. Too quiet.

"Hey Yunho...?"

"You just called my name a minute ago! Now I'm going to say, WHAT IS IT?"

Yoochun stood up and faced Yunho and hugged him gently, no tightness at all.

"I'M GETTING LAAAAAAIID!" Yoochun screamed at Yunho's ear and tightened the hug all of a sudden.

At the same time, Yunho screamed; the word 'laid' still ringing through his ears.

"THAT'S IT?" Yunho was about to freak out.

Yoochun sat back on the bed again. "Yeeeees," he bubbly said. He smiled so innocently.

'So ironic. Behind that cute face is a perverted university student.' Yunho shook his head sideways.

"I'm not a pervert Yunho." Yoochun looked at him and glanced at his face like a readable book.



"Thanks for coming even though it's such a late notice Changmin!” Jaejoong greeted as the person came in through the library doors. “I know you were out on a mission but I am certain this is more urgent. Tracking down the witch will have to be placed second priority right now. Junsu will be first." Jaejoong was very stressed out but one look at Changmin's gentle expression made all of his problems vanish. Jaejoong smiled brightly. That's right. The only people who have seen his smile would be his brother, Junsu and his step-brother, Changmin. They were the only ones that could understand him the most. Since he was the eldest, he had to show no signs of weaknesses even if it meant that he had to be a person who's like ice. The heir to the throne will not be as strong when others know how to take advantage of their weaknesses.

The only people who have seen his true self was his brothers. They've been together ever since his childhood days. Even though Changmin is not blood related to them, all three of them got along comfortably like grapes stuck together in one stem. They were brothers and the best of friends.

Unfortunately today, he has shown his bright side to Yoochun and Yunho. He didn't know why but with the both of them, especially with Yunho, he felt most comfortable and safe.

"I'll do anything for you hyung. You know that!" Changmin returned his smile. He walked to the richly designed desk where Jaejoong was sitting and placed his hands on top, leaning on it. "Getting back to business, since you called me here so urgently I'm guessing you found 'The One'."

"Yes. I want to start training 'the chosen one' as soon as possible. Training would include the explanation of the rules that damned witch left us," Jaejoong said in an annoyed tone.

"Ahh. The rules," Changmin remembered.

"We have a big problem though." Jaejoong tapped his fingers on the desk.

"What is it?"

"The chosen one is homophobic." Jaejoong bluntly stated.

"But that's wrong! I assumed that the chosen one should be --" Changmin was cut off.

"Someone who likes guys right?" Jaejoong confirmed. "So far, nothing is going as planned but I bet with our help and our looks we can fix this." Jaejoong confidently said and flicked his rich black bangs to the side.

"This is not good," Changmin worriedly mumbled.

"Anyways, there are two major priorities in this task right? Who will be in charge of which?" Jaejoong asked.

"You mean the kissing and the sex part?"

"Well..." Changmin thought but Jaejoong answered his own question.

"I was thinking that you'll be in charge in teaching him how to kiss. Judging from his reaction he's still one of those 'pure' guys," Jaejoong contemplated.

"That's another big problem." Changmin rolled his eyes.

"Not getting his first kiss would mean that he's most likely still a virgin. I have to teach him how to handle things when he's with Junsu. I have no idea what Junsu will do to him when he does wake up - that kinky bastard. He has to get used to it." Jaejoong continued on with the plan.

"It sounds good but isn't there a problem?" Changmin stated.


"He doesn't like guys remember? You just told me that," Changmin stated the obvious and continued on with it. "And looking at our figures, we're definitely guys." Changmin looked at Jaejoong from head to toe. "How are you going to get him to have sex with you if he doesn't even want to touch or kiss you?"

"Don’t worry. I know he'll do it," Jaejoong seriously said. "He has to do this if he wants to get out of this world."

The atmosphere suddenly thickened. The air became worrisome.

"Anyways, so that's the plan. You're in the kissing business and I'll be teaching him the sexual intercourse 101. Agreed?" Jaejoong confirmed with Changmin and sighed.

Changmin nodded once again.

“I’ll take my leave now then.” With this, Jaejoong stood up from his chair and headed towards the door. "It's been thirty minutes now. I shall go get our guests."

"Wait! Guests? There's more than one?" Changmin wondered.

"Yes. Apparently he has friend who ended up here with us as well."

"Why is there another person? Isn't there suppose to be only one?" Changmin asked.

"I only have as much knowledge about this as you do." Jaejoong said as he went out the door. "Meet us in the dining area in 5 minutes."

Changmin thought over the situation one more time. 'What's happening? Why is nothing happening according to what is supposed to occur?' He sat on Jaejoong's chair for minutes trying to figure out what's going on.

"Maybe the strings of destiny are being altered. We best be prepared." He concluded.


Jaejoong knocked on Yoochun's room where Yunho also stayed. He kept on knocking but no one answered.

Getting impatient, he was about to open it but suddenly he heard a loud groan. "Ugghh.. Yunho. There! Ahh! That's the spot!"

'That's...the spot?' Jaejoong frantically thought. 'That could only mean... that's not good. ARE THEY HAVING ... sex?' To find out what's happening, Jaejoong placed his right ear on the door.

"Keep on doing that. It feels good that way...aaaaaahhh. Soo good! I never knew you were so good at this Yunho." Jaejoong assumed that it was Yoochun talking. Yunho had more of a deeper voice.

"Well, you never let me touch you so you wouldn't know how good I am with this." Another voice said.

Jaejoong was mad. Wasn't Yoochun supposed to be scared of guys? Or maybe Yunho was lying to him about Yoochun being homophobic? Because of the conversation he was hearing, Jaejoong forced open the door only to see Yunho holding Yoochun's shoulders and Yoochun with a half open mouth.

"Oh hi Jaejoong!" Yunho waved. "Is it time already? I was just giving Yoochun a massage!"

Yoochun stared at Jaejoong who was red because of ... anger...? Or maybe more on the point of embarrassment? Maybe a mix of both?

Everything was quiet again but Yunho fortunately broke it. He then asked Jaejoong, "Would you like to have a massage also? You must be hurt because you got knocked out from his afternoon. Yoochun said I’m very good at this." Yunho flashed him one of his play boy smiles.

Jaejoong wanted to laugh out loud because of his stupid assumptions. He wanted to smile. He wanted to blush. But just like the usual, he covered his surfacing humanly emotions with his ice cold expression. No one can see his weak side.

"No." Jaejoong coldly rejected. "I've been knocking but no one was answering the door so I thought I'd just go in.” He then changed the subject. “We have to go the dining area to meet your other teacher Yoochun." Jaejoong turned his back towards them and headed for the door.

"Oh okay." Yoochun was confused. He thought Jaejoong was such a cute and nice guy. I guess he thought wrong.

"Hey Joongie~ can I come too?" Yunho asked cutely.

"You may do as you wish," Jaejoong said. "Come now, follow me."

"He's scary. Just like before when he was about to kill me," Yoochun shivered.

"I don't think he's scary at all! Trust me." Yunho assured him.

"Maybe." Yoochun thought. “Still, I don’t trust your instincts. He was about to slash me in half before.”

"Do you know I can melt ice Yoochun?" Yunho suddenly asked out of thin air.

"What's with that sudden question?"

"Because to me, Jaejoong is like ice," Yunho replied.


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Chapter 6 [Continued]

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When they reached the dining area, they were in awe. Not just because of the ancient designs in the room but also because of the well-dressed man who was sitting on one of the chairs surrounding the dining table.

'How come every guy that I've met in this book are so gorgeous?’ Yoochun wondered to himself. 'Very good looking guys to be in fact.'

Yoochun stared at the man who emitted a whole lot of charisma. He checked him out from head to toe and man, what long legs. He must be very tall. When Yoochun stared at the man’s face, his eyes were caught by his striking eyes. ‘Oh shit.’

The man who was sitting on the chair noticed their sudden appearance and walked towards them, still holding the eye contact that he had with Yoochun.

"Yunho. There's a gorgeous man walking to wards us," Yoochun whispered.

"Yeah, but he's not my type. Maybe he’s yours," Yunho whispered back.

Yoochun was frazzled by the last comment Yunho made and accidentally replied back to him out loud. Audible enough so that everyone in the room could hear it. "I'm just saying that he's good looking you know but not because I like him!" He pouted.

"I know I’m good looking gorgeous but you should certainly not fall in love with me. You might get pregnant," the gorgeous man smiled and reached out his hand to Yoochun. "I'm Changmin. Shim Changmin. And you are?"

Yoochun blushed and timidly introduced himself. "Park Yoochun. And this is my friend Yunho." Yoochun hesitantly took his hand and shook it. While shaking hands with Yoochun, Changmin had eye contact with Yunho and smiled at him.

Instantly after that, he held on to Yoochun’s hands tightly and pulled him straight into his arms, their lips meeting each others. As their lips crashed with each others, Changmin placed his hand at the back of Yoochun’s neck to prevent him from escaping and placed his other hand around his waist. They made out for about fifteen seconds on the spot.

Yoochun was too damned surprised. The alarms inside his body rang and called for a desperate need to run away. This guy that he just met was ravishing every single part of his mouth. His knees were about to buckle.

Yunho gaped, his mouth hung open at the sight. Who would’ve thought that a gorgeous man could kiss this good? Yoochun’s such a lucky bastard. Just by watching this, his hormones were acting up. ‘Ah! Yunho control yourself.’ He panicked and looked at the ground.

‘Nice move Changmin.’ Jaejoong thought and evilly smiled.

Yunho saw this cute evil smile but was very disappointed as he saw it disappear in a blink of an eye. ‘What’s up with him? He smiles but he stops it.’ Yunho thought about it but was still confused.

“YAH! What’s wrong with you?” Yoochun yelled at Changmin when he let his lips go. Yoochun tried to push him away but the waist on his arm kept it form doing so.

“Let me introduce myself again,” Changmin said to shut Yoochun up. “I’m Changmin. I’ll be your kissing instructor which means I get access to your lips whenever I want to.” Changmin gave Yoochun’s lips a quick peck.

Yoochun was very much hopelessly confused, shocked and furious at the last action. “What KISSING INSTRUCTOR? I am not a slut if that’s what you think! And what makes you think I need help with my kissing skills?” Yoochun yelled at Changmin and threw out the hand around his waist. He finally escaped.

Changmin smirked. “Rule Number One on how to Revive YOUR Sleeping Beauty,” he said completely ignoring Yoochun’s worries. “You must kiss your sleeping beauty until the person is aroused.”

“That’s no problem,” Yoochun carelessly said. “Just kiss her until she wakes up right?”

Changmin chuckled. “You see? You don’t even get the situation you’re in so there is no time for you to complain.”

“I know what I’m doing you idiot,” Yoochun pointed at Changmin. “I’m completely aware of what’s happening so stop treating me like an idiot you dolt.”

“Yoochun. I think that’s enough name calling for you in one night,” Yunho warned.

“Don’t worry… Yunho is it?” Changmin asked.

Yunho nodded and smiled.

Changmin then turned his attention to Yoochun again. “Have you met your “sleeping beauty” yet?”

“Sort of. This chick showed her to me once and I think she’s really pretty,” Yoochun nodded.

As Jaejoong heard this, he placed his index finger and his thumb on his temple and shook his head side ways. ‘This is going to be bad.’

“Jaejoong, I’m going to spill the beans right now. Is that alright?” Changmin stared at Jaejoong for the signal.

“Do whatever you want,” Jaejoong replied still holding his temples while looking at the ground.

“Well Yoochun,” Changmin walked towards him again until they were shoulder to shoulder facing opposite ways. He cracked an obviously wicked smile. “There is something you should know about your sleeping beauty.” He whispered to his ear and placed his right hand on Yoochun’s right shoulder. “Your sleeping beauty is a…” He paused for a moment taking in the image of Yoochun’s anticipating face in the corner of his eye. “Guy.”

“Hehe…he…he…he…” Yoochun laughed awkwardly. “You’re just teasing me right?”

“Nope.” Changmin whispered back to Yoochun, his mouth very close to his ear. He was tempted to bite it and so he did.

However, Yoochun didn’t react. The information given to him gave him too much of a shock already and so he blacked out. “A…guy…?” He said as he lost his balance about to meet the ground.

Noticing that Yoochun was about to fall back, Changmin caught him and placed him on a seating position on the ground. “Rest well Yoochun, tomorrow will be a very long day.” He then patted his head and gave Yoochun a quick peck on the lips. “Yunho, please take him to your room and come down for dinner with us after,” Changmin ordered.

“Sure,” Yunho followed as he walked towards the helpless Yoochun. Yunho chuckled inside his head. ‘So much for having good lay Yoochun. That’s what you get for being such a pervert.’ A smile crept up his face now.

Jaejoong watched as Yunho picked up Yoochun. He couldn’t help but stare at those muscles popping out of his arms. He had the urge to poke them, his tongue licking his own lips unconsciously.

Changmin looked at Jaejoong who was too busy checking out Yunho’s biceps. He grinned for the millionth time in the day.

‘Jaejoong only licks his lips when he sees something he likes. And now, he is staring at Yunho.’ Changmin thought. ‘Maybe…’

“You like Yunho huh?” Changmin straightforwardly asked.

Jaejoong covered up his flustered expression with his icy cold one. “I don’t even know the meaning of the word.” He then walked away from Changmin and to the dinner table. “Sit down. Once Yunho gets here, we’ll start eating.”

Changmin sighed and shook his head sideways. ‘I now know the purpose of Yunho’s appearance in this world. It is to melt your seemingly frozen heart.’ He concluded.


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Chapter 7: This is how it should feel like

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Chapter 7 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 7: This Is How It Should Feel Like

Morning came and Yoochun just got himself prepared for the day especially his mental strength because he needed it. He wore lose clothes and pants that weren’t his and they were pretty much loose at the butt area.

“Someone who wore these pants must have had a huge ass!” Yoochun said to himself. The style was pretty much not his but he was still able to pull it off. He looked in the mirror and examined his face. After that, he gave himself quick slaps on his cheeks to wake himself up so that he’ll be more alert. He knew that that Changmin guy will try to kiss him again.


“YAH! What’s wrong with you?” Yoochun yelled at Changmin when he let his lips go. Yoochun tried to push him away but the waist on his arm kept it from doing so.

“Let me introduce myself again,” Changmin said to shut Yoochun up. “I’m Changmin. I’ll be your kissing instructor which means I have access to your lips whenever I want to.” Changmin gave Yoochun’s lips a quick peck.

End of Flashback

Yoochun shivered at the thought. ‘No matter what, these lips will not be taken again.’ Yoochun determinedly said.

“Yoochun! Are you coming? We’re heading for breakfast now,” Yunho yelled from the door. “Me and Jaejoong have been waiting here for five minutes!”

‘I don’t want to leave this room.’ Yoochun said to himself. ‘I feel so much safer here.’

“Yoochun-ah! I’m going to eat all your food!” Yunho yelled.

‘Food…’ Yoochun thought. His stomach just grumbled. ‘Maybe he won’t be seen at breakfast today. Changmin, you scare the living hell out of me.’ Yoochun sighed as he lost to his stomach. He quickly went to the door where Yunho and Jaejoong were waiting.

“If you make me wait that long again, Yunho will end up collecting the pieces of your body in the middle of the garden,” Jaejoong said threateningly as he placed his hands on the side of his hips where his sword lied. “Come now. You’re going to make the food cold.” He then led the way to the dining room where he was first introduced to Changmin. As much as he was scared of Changmin, he was surer that he’d want to keep his limbs. He quickly followed Jaejoong behind Yunho because he had a feeling that Yunho could really protect him from Jaejoong.

“Don’t worry Yoochun, he’s probably just faking it,” Yunho whispered to Yoochun, grinning after he reassured him.

Yoochun looked at him with his big round eyes, shocked. ‘You’re one hell of a guy Yunho. I can never understand you.’ He thought. ‘There’s a guy who’s more than willing to slash us in pieces and there you are grinning your face off.’ He shook his head sideways.

Their pace finally stopped. They’re here. Yoochun prayed that Changmin wouldn’t be there. It’s not like he was sure that he was going to be there, but he wanted a miracle to happen and that was for Changmin to not be there! When Jaejoong opened the gigantic door in front of them, Yoochun leapt for joy in his mind.

“Yes!” Yoochun quietly said to himself.

Yunho who was beside him, chuckled. He knew why he was laughing. It’s because Changmin wasn’t there.

Jaejoong lead them to the dining table where they all gathered for breakfast except for Changmin who was nowhere to be found. Yoochun sat to the right of Yunho who sat across from Jaejoong. He heartily ate his breakfast since he skipped dinner last night – “Heartily” as in stuffing every single food he could get his hands on in his mouth.

“Chun! Calm down! I swear after this you’re going to be so fat that having sex would be impossible,” Yunho warned.

“Aya, that’s why I’m stuffing 500kg into myself!” Yoochun replied to him still munching his food.

Jaejoong wanted to laugh at the scene. Those two bickering always placed a smile on his face even though he didn’t show it.

“Yah! Stop!” Yunho scolded Yoochun. “That’s not good for you, you know! You might choke!”

Yoochun swallowed all of the food in his mouth. “You don’t know how much I’m in trouble right now! It’s because of you we’re stuck here okay?! You just had to give me that book huh?” Yoochun stuffed some more food, chewed and swallowed it. He then continued to talk. “Now I have a guy as a kissing instructor and I’m assuming later on I’m going to have sex with a—” Yoochun felt someone tapping on his right shoulder. He then looked behind him to check who it was but to his surprise, he was met by another person’s lips that captured his own. Yoochun dropped his fork and spoon on his plate. His mouth was completely ravished in about 5 seconds. He couldn’t even taste his own food anymore.

“That was yummy,” Changmin licked his lips and took a seat beside Jaejoong. “I think I had my dessert already.” He grinned at Yunho who just looked at him surprised by his action.

Yoochun had enough of Changmin’s evil plots. He slammed his hands on the table. “YAH! Who do you think you are anyways?!” Yoochun yelled at Changmin.

“I’m your kissing instructor of course!” Changmin wittedly replied. “Or are you asking for my name?” he asked back.

“Ahhh! You bastard!” Yoochun was about to get up from his seat to punch his face off but he stopped himself from doing so. He grabbed his spoon and his fork again and started eating. It was like food was his comfort for today.

Changmin chuckled at the helpless Yoochun who just ate away. “How’s your appetite?”

Yoochun kept on stuffing food in his mouth. “Gone.”

“Well you should keep eating and fill yourself up. My lips might be your only food for today.”

Once again, Yoochun was left speechless. He stared at him with his mouth hanging in awe, still full of food. Changmin just laughed out loud.

“Isn’t he so much fun to tease?” Yunho asked Changmin.

Changmin swallowed his food first before talking. “Yeah. It’ll be fun to tease him for the rest of the day.” He then continued with his eating.

“Jaejoong teases him too much also,” Yunho added in.

Jaejoong stared at Yunho, one his brows going up in question.

“I’m right! You do tease him too much. Just this morning you threatened to cut him into pieces!” Yunho stated.

Changmin choked on his food because of Yunho’s last comment. “That’s Jaejoong for you.”

“I found it really funny,” Yunho giggled and continued on eating his food.

“It wouldn’t be funny if I actually did cut his limbs apart,” Jaejoong replied to Yunho without humor at all.

“That’s the thing Jaejoong. I found it funny because you won’t really do it,” Yunho continued on.

“How do you know?” Jaejoong questioned in annoyance. He didn’t like it when people tried to tell him what he can and cannot do.

“Because it’s just not you,” Yunho answered back, his eyes meeting Jaejoong’s as he said it.

Jaejoong broke the eye contact and started eating his food to get rid of the awkwardness in the table.

Changmin observed the two of them. ‘There’s no doubt about it now hyung. He truly was sent here to melt your ice cold heart. You’ll be able to smile like you used to. I just know it.’ Changmin thought undoubtedly. He then stood up from the table and excused himself.
“Yoochun, I’ll meet you in the library in about 5 minutes. It’s right across this room. Fix yourself up. Remember, for every minute you’re late, the longer you’ll have to spend time with me and you’ll be punished.”

‘Only FIVE MINUTES?! I don’t want to spend most of my time with this fool! AND PUNISHED?!’ Yoochun panicked in his mind. He stood up, ran back to his room, brushed his teeth and washed his face because of the food he ate too messily. He then dashed to the library where Changmin should be waiting. ‘Phew, a minute left. I guess I’m here earlier than expected!’ He sighed. 5 minutes passed Changmin was the one who was late. He was going to go on a spazz attack again but suddenly, the doors opened and Changmin appeared.

“Let’s start!” Changmin smiled.

Yoochun was furious. “You told me to get here in 5 GAWD DAMN MINUTES and you get here 4 minutes after!”

“Someone’s eager today!” Changmin grinned. He completely ignored Yoochun’s hate towards him. “But since I’m late, would you like to punish me?” he asked playfully as he headed towards Yoochun.

Yoochun backed up but after a few steps back, his back connected with the huge window with a small thud. He looked back and saw the height that they were at and got scared. He then quickly jumped forward towards Changmin, grabbing his manly arms.

“Got scared?” Changmin asked staring at Yoochun intently.

Yoochun who unconsciously grabbed Changmin’s arm, threw his hands out and tried to run away but Changmin was too fast for him. He quickly grabbed Yoochun’s elbow, pulled him towards his arms and kissed him again – just like last time.

“You’re not fighting back anymore,” Changmin told Yoochun. “Are you used to my lips yet? Or better yet, my touch?”

“Get…” Yoochun blushed. He couldn’t finish his insulting sentence. He knew he wanted to push Changmin off of him but this time, he kind of like it. However, before he could feel what was happening to him some more, he suddenly remembered something – His motto that he always said to Yunho.


“NO!” was all Yoochun could blurt out. “STOP! I know you’re a bit gay… OR wait maybe a LOT gay….er than me but please don’t do anything! GAAH. I’m perfectly straight! I LOOVE GIRLS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Yoochun laughed crazily.

End of Flashback

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Chapter 7 [Continued]

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Seeing Yoochun speechless, Changmin decided to talk instead. “Instead of resisting, feel what’s happening instead. I promise you’ll like it. Let yourself go.”

After the last statement, Yoochun snapped back to reality. “…OFF OF MEEE!” He tried to push Changmin away but was too weak to do so.

He loves girls. That’s what he knew. He should love girls shouldn’t he? It’s only right.

“Since you’re not cooperating with me,” Changmin said to Yoochun, “You can just do the ALL the work. So show me what you got you loser-who-doesn’t-even-know-how-to-kiss.” Changmin challenged Yoochun. ‘Maybe insults will work on him.’ he assumed.

“Are you challenging me?” Yoochun asked him, ticked off.

“Yeah.” Changmin dared him. “I bet you can only kiss as well as a grandma with no teeth! Hahhahahaa!” He laughed at his own joke.

“Oh yeah? I’ll show you.” After this, Yoochun smacked his lips onto Changmin’s and stuck his tongue outside of his own into Changmin’s mouth. He totally didn’t think of anything else except for proving Changmin wrong. Because of Yoochun’s sudden attack, Changmin lost balance and both of them fell on the floor. Yoochun fell on top of him, but surprisingly, still kissing him.

‘Yoochun, it’s time to show you how it’s done.’ Changmin said to himself and broke the kiss. “It’s my turn now,” he smiled seductively at Yoochun and flipped their positions. Changmin was now officially on top of Yoochun with his legs in between his. “I’ll make you feel good Yoochun-ah,” Changmin said to him as he captured Yoochun’s lips again and ravished it.

Changmin was too good, waaaay too good. Too good that Yoochun who complained too much just got lost in paradise.

“Mmmm…” Yoochun moaned in the kiss as their tongues tangled with each other. It wasn’t long until his lower area became very uncomfortable and Changmin wasn’t helping either. His leg kept on grinding with his crotch that it caused too much friction. He couldn’t help but unconsciously rub onto it. He wanted more. He didn’t know that kissing could feel this GOOD!

“Yoochun-aah,” Changmin broke their kiss, but continued to peck Yoochun on his lips then to his neck and at his ears. He then whispered, “You’re hard.” He then stopped kissing Yoochun all of a sudden to capture his flushed face.

“Ahh! You stopped and I feel so fucking uncomfortable right. What do I do you stupid moron? Do something right now!” Yoochun felt so agitated so Changmin couldn’t help but smile.

“You swore,” Changmin told Yoochun. “You can go fix that “monster” you know. Haven’t you jacked off before?”

“Of course I have, but not in front of you!”

“Well then, I guess this is something that you should change.” Changmin lifted the wobbly Yoochun up and held him up against the wall, his knees right in between Yoochun’s legs. “This is what you should do and what your sleeping beauty should feel like when you kiss him. This is what it takes to wake your sleeping beauty. Can you pleasure someone like how I’m doing it?” Changmin then continued to kiss him again.
“I’ll help you with this problem…” Changmin then snaked his hand down to Yoochun’s crotch and started to unzip his pants. “…only if you don’t complain about me kissing you every time.”

“No! Don’t touch me there!” Yoochun hissed at him.

“But you want me to do it for you right?” Changmin seductively asked him. “So like I said, I’ll help you.” Changmin continued to eat Yoochun’s mouth for minutes now, hoping to distract him from what he was doing underneath his pants.

Yoochun couldn’t breathe anymore. To do so, he opened up his mouth bigger and wider which only lead for more room for Changmin’s sinful tongue to explore. It distracted him from everything else that before he could realize it, his pants were down to his ankles and he could feel a gentle breeze snaking along the sides of his legs. Changmin’s right hand was all over his cock. He played with the slit on Yoochun’s member hoping to get Yoochun more agitated. It seemed to work. Yoochun panted between his touches as Changmin held onto Yoochun’s member around his fingers and slowly began to move it in an up and down motion.

Changmin started to peck Yoochun’s neck. “Changmin-ah, you bastard,” Yoochun panted between his breaths.

“You know, just because I let go of your tongue, it doesn’t mean that you can insult me already.” With this, Changmin moved his hands a bit faster than before.

“AH. Ah..” Yoochun tried to stop his moans, his hands shooting up to his mouth, tears forming at the side of his eyes. “Changmin, ahh… I don’t want to come.”

‘Cute.’ Changmin thought. “You don’t want to cum Yoochun?” Changmin changed his pace once again.

“No…no…Not…in front…of…you,” he panted some more.

Because of all the pre-cum, Changmin’s hands were able to slide up and down so easily. He looked at Yoochun’s member and noticed that it was about to burst, he could feel it. “You must be in pain right now Yoochun-ah. You’re about too explode.” He then quickened his pace some more, faster and faster and faster.

“Changmin…Changmin…Changmin…STOP! I can’t hold it in anymore! No, no. Not here,” Yoochun begged.

“Just let it go Chun.”

“No, I can’t…” Yoochun was flushed crimson red.

Yoochun’s last comment did it. Changmin went down on his knees and took Yoochun into his mouth, swallowing him whole. His head bobbed up and down at full speed.

“No Changmin-ah, that’s… dirty!” Yoochun grabbed a fist full of Changmin’s hair. “Please stop, don’t do this.”

Changmin didn’t respond. He kept on bobbing his head upside down hoping for Yoochun to find his release.

“CHANGMIN!” Yoochun yelled as he climaxed, releasing his seeds inside of Changmin’s mouth. Changmin sucked him dry.

“See? You feel so much better don’t you? Wasn’t I good?”

Yoochun panted and nodded.

“That’s how your tongue should work when you make love,” Changmin got up and pecked Yoochun’s lips.

Yoochun looked at Changmin. He looked like a person who just came out of a library from reading a book and not someone who gave another person a mind blowing blow job. “How come you didn’t feel good?” Yoochun asked him.

“It was fun, and it did feel good,” Changmin added.

“But yours didn’t even go up!” Yoochun replied collapsing to the ground. He was dead tired.

“It’s because to make it go up, you have to be in the same level as me. With practice I’m sure you can give that level of pleasure to me. But in the mean time, you can just practice on me until you get the hang of it. Don’t get me wrong, you were good; however, I’m just way above your level.”

“…” Yoochun didn’t want to insult him anymore. The pleasure he got from this man overwhelmed him.

“Anyways, to get to the point before you fall asleep, you have to pass my lessons in order to move on to the next part. So in order to pass you have to get me aroused just like what you have to do to your Sleeping Beauty. Got it?”

“So that’s what it meant…” Yoochun said as eyes fought to stay open. He was tired.

“What does what mean?” Changmin questioned him.

“The word aroused…” Yoochun smiled. “I guess I’m the stupid one…” He said as he yawned.

“You should rest now,” Changmin suggested. “Just fix yourself up after you wake up. I’ll see you at lunch or maybe dinner.”


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Chapter 8: You Lied to Me

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Chapter 8 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 8: You Lied To Me

“So…” Yunho broke the awkward silence that surrounded him and Jaejoong during breakfast.

“Don’t start me with your cheap words again,” Jaejoong warned him, “or else you’ll take Yoochun’s spot in the garden just like I said before.” Jaejoong stood up from his seat to leave Yunho by himself eating breakfast.

“Wait!” Yunho called out but Jaejoong kept on walking towards the door to exit the dining area. “Wait. Jaejoong!” Yunho said annoyed. He stood up from his chair, ran up to Jaejoong and grabbed his elbow to get his attention. “When someone is talking to you, you face them okay?”

“I only look at people when they have something useful to say,” Jaejoong turned around and stared at Yunho’s eyes intensely, “Do you have something important to tell me?”

“Actually, yes, it is very important,” Yunho stated, “I really want to tell you something now that we’re here.”

“You have ten seconds.”

“Okay,” Yunho took in a deep breath, “Jaejoong…I like you. I mean…”




“Maybe you don’t like men or maybe you do—”


“But I just really like you okay?”


Ever since the first time I saw you —”


“Your strict but gentle face, and —”


“Your tough but sincere attitude—”


“They are more than enough to —”


Yunho paused for a second. He didn’t know what he was doing but he sure knew that this is what he wanted.


“Attract my own heart— Please be mine!”


“Time’s up. Is that all?” Jaejoong coldly said, his masked face stayed the same – unmoved and uncaring. “I’m leaving.” With this, Jaejoong swatted Yunho’s hands away and walked towards the door once again, his head looking down on the empty ground.

“Jaejoong! Why are you like this? I know you’re just hiding your heart in that ice cold shell of yours. Why are you pretending to be someone you’re not? Don’t choose to be like this.”

“I’m not pretending,” Jaejoong stopped in his tracks and turned his head around to look at Yunho, solemnly. “This is the real me. If you can’t face reality then deal with it.” Jaejoong turned his head forward to the door and opened it.

“Jaejoong…If you take me now I’ll always be there beside you. Jaejoong…please. Don’t choose to be like this.”

“I never chose to be like this Yunho. I had no choice in the first place. My world is always going to be dark and cold. Having you around will not change anything.” Jaejoong continued to walk out of the door and closed it shut along with Yunho’s feelings for him.

‘Sorry Yunho. It will be better like this. I’m not the right person for you. Where I am in the darkness, you won’t be able to reach.’ After closing the door, Jaejoong ran to the nearest room. After he reached his limit, his knees buckled causing him to land on the floor on his legs. ‘Why am I being like this?’ He asked himself. Without him realizing it, a tear ran down his porcelain face.

“A tear?” he whispered out loud. “Why am I crying? No. No. I’ve never cried. Why now? Is it because of him? But why?” A tear fell again, followed by another and another. ‘What’s happening to me?’ Tears continued to fall from his dark orbs. “Yunho…”


“Yoochun?” Yunho went inside their room looking for Yoochun. “Yoochun-aah?” Yunho sat on their bed and parted the sleeping Yoochun’s bangs to show his eyes. “I really need to talk to you. Please wake up.” Yunho was about to cry but remained strong.

Yoochun stirred, his eyes fluttering open. He slowly sat up and stretched out his arms exposing his lower part of his stomach. When he was finally wide awake he rubbed his eyes only to see Yunho’s depressing face. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?” he concernedly asked. Yoochun knew that Yunho was rarely down. And when he was, it was always about something serious. When Yunho is depressed, it was always something to be worried about. Because of this, Yoochun hugged him tightly to comfort the hurting man in front of him.

“Yoochun-ah…” Yunho whispered, his voice cracking. Yunho tried to be strong but after Yoochun’s tight warm hug he just broke down. He then hugged Yoochun back, his hands now around his waist and his head at the crook of his neck. “Jaejoong… Jaejoong… he…” Yunho now sobbed. Feeling Yoochun’s warmth just made him cry all out.

“Yunho. What happened?” Yoochun asked. He patted Yunho’s back and started to comfort him.

“Jaejoong…he…he!” Yunho sniffled some more.

“HE what?” Yoochun said impatiently. “Did he hurt you?!” Yoochun held Yunho’s manly shoulders and pushed it away from himself to separate Yunho from his own body. He wanted to check if he had any cuts or bruises.

“No, no. Not like that…” Yunho said still crying his eyes out.

“What did he do then?” Yoochun stared deeply in his eyes.

“He rejected me Yoochun…I told him that I really liked him…” Yunho said between his breaths. “I mean, I really love him. I really do Yoochun. Why did he do that to me? Was I a bad guy? ”

Yoochun didn’t know what to do in this situation. The very topic of ‘Love’ was never his area of expertise especially ‘love’ between men.

Yunho continued to sob, his heart obviously scarred.

‘What do I do in these situations? Make him feel good? Better? Lift up his mood? But how?’ All these questions ran through Yoochun’s mind.

“Don’t worry Yunho, maybe he just needs time.” It was all Yoochun could tell him. He wasn’t going to be of any help in this type of situation. All he could do was just watch Yunho cry his tears out of his body until there was none left. At least, that’s what Yoochun planned. But seeing Yunho in agony like this made his own heart very restless. He didn’t know why.

“Yunho. Stop crying. Please?” Yoochun pleaded. “It hurts my heart to see your always cheery self turn into something depressing like this.”

Yunho ignored him. Instead he just sobbed harder and his tears falling at a faster rate.

“Jung Yunho! Stop crying like a baby this instant or else I’ll kiss you!” Yoochun scolded him.

Immediately, Yunho stopped crying and looked at Yoochun. “Yoochun-ah, I’ll take your offer,” he whispered to him, his lips crashing with Yoochun’s own mouth.

Their kiss wasn’t hurried but very comforting. A friendly kiss, that was all.

“Yunho?” A voice called out from the side. Jaejoong came through the door only to see this scene right in front of his eyes. He was about to cry again but held back his emotions firmly. His cold hard mask thickened once again.

“Jaejoong…Wait!” Yunho called out. “I can explain.” Yunho got up from the bed only to be a short distance away from Jaejoong.

“So this is how it is Yunho.” Jaejoong stared at Yunho’s marbled eyes with his own gaze and began to talk again. “You tell me you love me and that you’d always be there for me but here you are now in this room making out with your fucking best friend.” Jaejoong spilled hurting words towards Yunho. “You know. You should be proud of yourself. You made this stone hearted person believe your loving words.”

“Jaejoong… Please don’t assume—”

“Don’t talk. My Father was right. Showing these types of feelings for someone will lead to my downfall. This is the perfect example of it. Thank you Yunho for making me realize this.” Jaejoong turned around and walked towards the door for a way out.

“Jaejoong wait… please. I can explain,” Yunho pleaded. He ran up to Jaejoong and hugged him from behind in order to not let him escape his grasp again.

“Sorry Yunho,” Jaejoong said as he forcefully tore Yunho’s arms away from his body. “You lied to me.”

Jaejoong headed towards the door, his hand twisting the golden knob to open it. “And I will never forgive you for deceiving me.” Jaejoong shut the door on Yunho for the second time in that day.

The slam of the door kept on replaying in his mind. Yunho couldn’t help but to just stare at the door where Jaejoong left him alone once again.

Seeing the situation worsening, Yoochun yelled at Yunho. “Are you a dolt or what?! I know I’m not good with these situations but I’m pretty sure this is the time where you go after him. GO you no brainer pencil!”

Yoochun opened the door once again for Yunho and pushed him out of the door.

Without any hesitation, Yunho ran around the whole entire castle and opened each room possible but Jaejoong was nowhere to be found. He ran and ran hoping to just run into Jaejoong in this humungous place. In the end, his sore feet lead him outside the castle, near the place where they first met Jaejoong.

Yunho took a few more steps but finally out of frustration he desperately yelled, “JAEJOOONG! I LOOOOVE YOU!” Out of breath and worn out from all the running, he quickly fell on his knees and sobbed.

“You shouldn’t say meaningless words like these,” a man said from behind him.

Yunho could recognize that voice from a crowd. “Jaejoong! You’re here!” He was about to turn around in delight but he was stopped by a blade pricking his back.

“Don’t you dare turn around,” Jajoong threatened. “If you turn around, I’ll kill you here and now.”

“Jaejoong…please don’t be like this,” Yunho begged.

“Like I said, I will always be like this. This is the reality of it.” Jaejoong’s voice was cold. There was no hint of sincerity in it at all. Every word that spilled out of his mouth stabbed Yunho like shards of ice. “Yunho. I despise you. Go die.”

“If killing me is the only way you’ll forgive me, then kill me right now,” Yunho whispered to Jaejoong just enough for him to hear. He then turned around to face Jaejoong and grabbed the blade that was pointing at his back to his chest where his heart lied. He then kneeled down in front of him still keeping the blade pointed at his beating heart. “Jaejoong, if you want me to be with you, throw away your sword and kiss me. If you don’t love me, plunge your sword right through my heart but know that I’m very sorry.”


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Chapter 9: Meeting Sleeping Beauty

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Chapter 9 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 9: Meeting Sleeping Beauty

“Yunho, You. Are. A. Scum,” Jaejoong whispered to his ear. He then smirked at him, evil radiating from his eyes. “You see Yunho, you’re not the first person that is going to die because of this blood tainted sword. In fact, many people have died because of this blade…” Jaejoong paused and stared at Yunho’s pleading face. “You wouldn’t make a difference.”

“But Jaejoong…” Yunho’s voice cracked. “I am different.” Tears rolled down his insistent eyes.

“You are all the same - You and those worthless people who I’ve killed. All of them I despised and hated,” Jaejoong’s voice was strikingly cold but in the depths of it, it sounded like a painful memory. “All of them betrayed my trust.”

Yunho composed himself before talking. “Jaejoong… You’re the one that’s cruel,” he said this as his gaze held on to Jaejoong’s fierce eyes. “You’re the one that rejected me. You’re the one who pushed me away. And also, you are the first one that slammed the door shut on my heart two times in just one day. I was seeking comfort is all I could say to explain my huge fault in kissing my best friend. But know that you were the one that triggered it.”

No one spoke. It was dead silent around them, no sound was sung and no words were uttered except for a single drop of tear that fell from those dark orbs that seemed to belong to the devil itself. Who knew that a devil could also cry?

“Jaejoong. I am different from all those people— those people you hated, and here’s me—someone you love, but you shred of.”

“STOP IT!” Jaejoong yelled at him. “Stop messing with me! STOP IT!” With this, Jaejoong pulled back his sword only to swing it forward with the intent to kill him.

Yunho smiled. It was a different smile. It was a smile caused by grief and sadness. Before Jaejoong could stab his aching heart he whispered his last words, “I love you Jaejoong.”

“Jaejoong!” a familiar voice yelled from behind, only a couple of feet away.

The width of a strand of hair - that was the distance between the life and death of Yunho. It was the only gap that kept the sword from stabbing his own beating heart.

“Changmin, as you can see. I’m a bit busy.” Jaejoong said angrily. The sword was withdrawn from its murderous path and placed back on the sheath where it belonged.

“No time hyung! Finish off what you have to do later on. There are more important things to deal with right now,” Changmin stated urgently.

Before Jaejoong turned around to face Changmin, he wiped the tear drops on his eyes and his cheeks. He didn’t want Changmin to know that he was crying.

“This better be important Shim,” Jaejoong replied.

“Jaejoong! You better come quickly!” Changmin now in panic mode. “It’s Junsu.”

The last line caught Jaejoong’s attention. “What’s wrong?” he quickly questioned him.

“It’s Junsu,” Changmin paused. “I’ve been alerted by the guards that his body is starting to disappear!”

“Shit. This wasn’t supposed to happen yet! It seems like we’ve ran out of time.” Jaejoong bit his thumb. “Find Yoochun at once and also… bring that box with you,” Jaejoong commanded him. Because of the news, it seemed that Jaejoong forgot all about the “love” problem at hand. “The training session has now ended. It’s now or never Changmin!”

“Yes Hyung. Now or never it is.” Changmin hurriedly ran back to the castle to go fetch Yoochun, the chosen one and Jaejoong followed right behind him.

“Jaejoong!” Yunho called out. He was very bewildered because he assumed that he was going to die but he didn’t.

After hearing Yunho calling out his name, Jaejoong stopped and turned back to go to the area where he was kneeling down. There, Jaejoong stood in front of him and gave him the heaviest slap on the cheek a man could ever bring to another person. Yunho was shocked, his face numbed in seconds.

“Jaejoong…” he simply said, “you still haven’t forgive me yet?”

His question was answered by a deep kiss that ravished his mouth within seconds. It was a quick one but Yunho got his message and the answer he was hoping for. The kiss lasted for only a few seconds and Jaejoong fled into the castle, leaving Yunho behind, still overwhelmed with what just happened.


“Yoochun!” Changmin went to Yoochun’s room and looked for him there. “YOOCHUN! Come out now!” Changmin couldn’t find him anywhere but before leaving their room to go check somewhere else, Changmin heard singing noises. It came from the bathroom. From the voice, it seemed like it was Yoochun’s.

A/N: It’s the song Tonight by DBSK. Ookay? The very beginning. LOL.

“Whoo~ how are you doing out there!” the voice sang in a cheery voice.

“In a hurry!” Changmin yelled out loud hoping Yoochun would hear. Even though the question wasn’t directed at him, Changmin felt the need to answer. “Yoochun! Open up!” Changmin jiggled the knob.

“…” Yoochun failed to hear him because of his loud singing. Some adlibs were added. “Woooohoooo~~~ This song…it makes you fall in love again…,” another line was spoken once more, “…it makes you happy… with love.”

“Yoochun! I swear if you don’t open up I’m going to break the door down!” Changmin yelled.

No answer was heard except for another adlib of the song, “Wohoooowohoaaa—!! …Baby right now, right—”

At the same time Yoochun was singing this line, Changmin snapped. “That’s it! I’m breaking the door down!” he angrily yelled. With this, he shoved the door open only to see a naked Yoochun in the shower.

“Here…?” Yoochun was shocked to see an angry Changmin busting in, in the washroom. He then realized the situation he was at right now. “GAAAH!” He yelled out loud. “Not only have you taken my lips innocence, you’ve also take my virginity! AHHH!” He screamed out loud.

“F.Y.I! I did not take your virginity! Put your clothes on. Prepare you mind. You’re going to awake you sleeping beauty now,” Changmin replied, clearly in a hurry.

Yoochun was still stunned by the sudden appearance of Changmin in the washroom. He didn’t know what to do so he stood there… staring at the man in front of him.

‘Awkward.’ Yoochun thought. ‘And I’m naked!!”

“Did you not hear me? Put on your clothes!” Seeing no action, Changmin added on a question that would sure trigger his senses back to normal, “Or should I do it for you?!”

“No SIR!” Yoochun screamed out. He quickly grabbed his shirt and his jeans and placed them on messily to cover his body.

With his hair and body still dripping wet, Changmin dragged him outside. Their pace quickened as seconds passed.

Yoochun couldn’t help but hear the jiggling noises inside the box Changmin was holding. He was really curious so he asked, “Hey, what’s in there?”

“Oh, I don’t know either. Jaejoong said it’s for you to give Junsu,” Changmin told him.

A simple “Oh” was the only answer Yoochun gave back.

“We’re meeting Jaejoong at the highest floor of the castle,” Changmin explained while they were now sprinting to the other side of the palace.

“Wait, why are we running there again?” Yoochun asked confusedly.

“You douche! You have to be ready now. Junsu, you’re Sleeping Beauty’s body is disappearing. We don’t have time to teach you more about kissing and having sex so like what Jaejoong said, ‘it is now, or never’.”

“But I’m not ready yet! I don’t even know the rules!” Yoochun panicked.

“First rule, kiss him like what I did to you for 5 minutes. Second rule, have sex with him. Easy right?”

“Easy for you to say!” Yoochun yelled at him and stopped running. “I never had sex before… ESPECIALLY WITH A GUY!! I mean why do I have to have sex with this person when he’s awake already?!”

“Sorry buddy, I don’t make the rules,” Changmin ran back towards Yoochun and grabbed his hands. “Deal with it.” They sprinted once again to meet up with Jaejoong who stood in front of the sacred door at the highest floor of the castle.

When they got there, they saw a worried Jaejoong who kept on going in circles.

“Jaejoong!” Changmin called out. “We’re here.”

No words were spoken from Jaejoong. Instead, he grabbed the box Changmin held and shoved it into Yoochun’s arms. “Take this. Give it to Junsu if he wakes up. Don’t you dare come out of there saying that you’ve failed or else you’re going to die within 5 seconds. You understand?” With this, Jaejoong opened the door and shoved Yoochun inside. He then closed the door on them leaving Yoochun and his Sleeping Beauty alone in the room.

“I wish you the best of luck!” Changmin grinned and at the same time waving his hands. Was it waving goodbye?

Yoochun was not pleased at all. He gulped and then took a nice deep long breath.

He walked towards the bed and looked at the lifeless body. He couldn't help but just be captured by the sleeping figure so he placed the box down right at the foot of the bed and continued to stare in awe. There, he sat.
“Aygoo! I’m not sure what to do now… do I just start kissing him?” He ruffled up his dripping wet hair. “We’re doomed!— Well specifically, I’m doomed. Yoochun! You’re going to die a young man. I just know it!”

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Chapter 10: Awakening Sleeping Beauty

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Chapter 10 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 10: Awakening Sleeping Beauty

“OH.MY.GOD,” Yoochun whispered out loud in shock. “HIS LEGS! IT’S NOT THERE ANYMORE.” Yoochun kept on looking back and forth between Junsu’s legs and his lips. ‘Save him or leave him to die? My homophobic pride or my precious ass?’ Yoochun stood up from the bed and started walking back and forth. “Oh the hell with it.” With this, he placed his arm around his sleeping beauty’s back and pulled him forward into a seating position. “Forgive me, my homophobic side.”

Yoochun closed his eyes as he smacked his lips against Junsu’s.


“This is what you should do and what your sleeping beauty should feel like when you kiss him. This is what it takes to wake your sleeping beauty. Can you pleasure someone like how I’m doing it?” Changmin continued to kiss him again.

/End of Flashback

‘Fuck you Changmin.” He cursed. ‘I can be as good as you.’

The sleeping beauty’s lips were cold. That was the first thing he realized as his own tongue slid at the surface of Junsu’s pale lips. Wanting to give greater pleasure, he placed his free hand to the back of Junsu’s neck, and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. It felt weird at first. There was no movement at all but he continued to ravish Junsu’s mouth in order to wake his sleeping beauty from his deep slumber.

Time seemed to have passed too quickly for Yoochun as a pair of hands started to move south towards his lower area. This guy was teasing him. That’s what his brain told him.

Feeling gentle movements coming from the man, he opened his eyes. They stared at each other for seconds but he broke it by closing his eyes once again. One thing is for sure, this guy looked like an angel. His eyes, to his nose, and to his lips, they were too close to perfection. How can this guy be a slutty prince? He couldn’t be. He continued to kiss him again for minutes until his sleeping beauty had enough.

All of a sudden, Yoochun felt a strong push from the man that caused him to fall backwards to the bed. Things happened so fast that before he knew it, the man pinned him down with his legs at each side of his hips – their crotch in contact with each other. It was such an erotic scene as his sleeping beauty’s hard on was now gently rubbed his throbbing member with each sway he did with his flexible hips. Elicit moans escaped his mouth.

“Ahh, stop, stop, stop!” Yoochun moaned out. He used his elbows to prop himself up only to be pushed down again by Junsu’s strong arms. With hands at both sides of Yoochun’s shoulder, Junsu leaned down and trailed butterfly kisses along Yoochun’s collar bone to his ears.

“You’re wet,” Junsu said as he felt Yoochun’s dripping hair along his face. “What’s your name?”

“Y-y-yoochun…” he managed to speak out loud. He shivered as the icy cold air that surrounded him travelled through his back.

“Yoochun huh?” Junsu said as he faced him face to face. “I’ve been waiting for you…” With this, Junsu attacked Yoochun’s mouth, his own crotch smoothly grinding on Yoochun’s growing bulge.

“No, this is … wrong,” Yoochun managed to mumble out. His right hand grabbed Junsu’s left hoping to get his weight off of him. He wanted to push it away but he felt himself becoming weak— his strength draining quickly from his body. Soon, he found himself lifeless on the bed, unable to breathe— his mind overloaded with pure pleasure.

Time was such a great value to this world because it passed by them too fast. However, this fact seemed to have been proven wrong to Yoochun. To Yoochun, time in this world passed by too slow, too unbearable.

“What’s that?” Junsu looked at him, pointing to the box right beside him.

Yoochun panted. “Jaejoong…” his thoughts were incoherent. He closed his eyes to gather his words together. “Jaejoong…he told me to give it to you.”

Junsu reached for the box curious to what’s inside. After taking a good look, he grinned. “We’re going to have fun for the rest of the night Yoochun.”

Yoochun’s eyes shot open. He looked straight at Junsu’s own piercing eyes searching for answers.

“You’re a virgin aren’t you?” Junsu asked Yoochun as he got off of him.

“…” No reply.

“If you are,” Junsu smirked at him. “I can’t promise you that I’m going to be gentle.” Junsu didn’t waste any time. He placed his hands inside the box and took out what seemed to be a circled piece of rubber to Yoochun’s eyes.

“W-what is t-that?” Yoochun stuttered. He was scared.

“I guess you’ll know soon enough,” Junsu grinned. He then reached out to Yoochun’s bulge and then kissed him again. “If you stop me Yoochun, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I feel like I have the need to make love to you in the dirtiest way possible.”

Yoochun only moaned in reply. The waves of pleasure filled his veins once again. He was way too concentrated on the pleasure he was getting that he didn’t feel Junsu’s hands unbuttoning his pants, reaching down to play with his throbbing member. Junsu stopped kissing him. Impatiently, he pulled Yoochun’s pants down and threw it to the side of the bed. He grinned at the sight and Yoochun could only cover his eyes with his hands out of embarrassment. Half a minute didn’t even pass and he found himself feeling the same pleasure that Changmin gave to him before.

Yoochun yelled out loud. “Don’t do that!” His hand that once covered his eyes immediately shot down to his member. Junsu was sucking him dry. All he could feel was Junsu’s own mouth bobbing up and down on his length, his tongue licking his sensitive spot from time to time— teasing him.

He grabbed a fist full of Junsu’s hair hoping to distract him self from all the pleasure he was getting all at once. “No! Get off. I’m going to…I’m about to…” Before he could say his last word, he suddenly felt a tight grip around the base of his member. He looked at Junsu’s eyes, a tear dripping from his eyes. “Junsu…I…don’t feel good.”

Junsu gave Yoochun’s member a last lick as he switched the cock ring ‘on’ around Yoochun’s member to the highest level. The ring came to life.

Yoochun screamed, his body curling because of the sudden mass of pleasure he was receiving from the circled piece of rubber that he saw before. “Yoochun-ah, we’re definitely going to have lots fun tonight.” Yoochun couldn’t think straight anymore. His mind was too scattered all over his head.

Taking advantage of Yoochun’s helplessness, Junsu took out a pair of handcuffs from the box and placed them around Yoochun’s right and left hand attaching it to the nearest bed post.

Yoochun didn’t know what was happening anymore. What was Junsu doing with his hands?

“Take it…off now!” Yoochun yelled at him, his mind about to explode. Unable to wait anymore, he reached for his now burning cock but failed— they were cuffed tightly to the same bed post. Yoochun felt powerless for the first time in his whole entire life. “Junsu… I can’t take it anymore. Help…me,” he whispered, about to cry because of the overwhelming pleasure, his cock dripping wet with his own cum.

“Don’t worry Chun-ah, it won’t be long now,” Junsu whispered against his ear as he turned him around. His face was now buried on the pillow and his ass now facing his sleeping beauty. “Get ready.”

Junsu took the lube out and popped it open taking a generous amount to coat his fingers. He played around with Yoochun’s entrance before sticking his fingers in him to prepare him for what’s going to happen next.

Yoochun groaned at the sudden intrusion— his muscles contracted against Junsu’s finger. “Relax Yoochun, I won’t hurt you… that much.”

It was too hard for Yoochun to relax— too challenging in fact. All he knew is that there was a vibrating thing around his now quivering member and currently at this moment, there’s a finger intruding his virgin asshole. “Junsu, I can’t,” he breathed heavily. “Help me. I don’t feel good. Please…please…please.”

Ignoring Yoochun’s pleads, Junsu pumped his finger in and out of his entrance and began to thrust it in angles to stretch Yoochun’s tight hole. A second digit was added after a while, moving in scissoring motions. It stretched Yoochun to his limit.

“Goddammit! I’m going to explode Junsu!” Yoochun spazzed and pulled on the cuffs out of agitation but failed. He had the need to touch—to fuck something senseless.

“Almost there Yoochun-aah,” Junsu squeaked out as he inserted a third digit inside of Yoochun. All three fingers were now pumping in a rapid pace.

“Keep on saying my name Yoochun, I’ll promise to give you pleasure greater than flight.”

Yoochun’s pride seemed to have gone down to the lowest level. He had nothing to lose now and because of this, he obeyed Junsu. “Junsu, Junsu…Junsu… JUNSU!” he screamed as Junsu found his prostate and started pounding it like a gun sniping its prey.

Just by looking at Yoochun, Junsu was sexually frustrated. He wanted to be pleasured as well. Anxiously, he removed his fingers and replaced it with another object - an expanding butt plug to be exact. He forcefully pushed it inside Yoochun’s abused hole and got the keys to unlock the cuffs that held him in place. “Don’t you dare take that plug out of your ass. I’ll allow you to turn off that vibrating ring around your cock though.”

Once the cuffs were unlocked, Yoochun’s hands shot immediately to his member immediate turning off the ring that gave him the biggest wave of pleasure. He wanted something. He needed something—something to relieve his own aching need. “Junsu…what do I do?!” Yoochun fisted the sheets and began to shake.

Seeing the agitated Yoochun, Junsu gave Yoochun’s lips a quick peck. He stripped his pants off and crawled beside him, his back facing Yoochun’s front. “Fuck me, Yoochun. Fuck me senseless,” Junsu whimpered as he fell forward landing on his shoulders, his ass facing Yoochun. “Your cock, inside my ass, now.” Junsu used both of his hands to spread his cheeks apart, showing Yoochun where to fuck him senseless.

Without hesitation, Yoochun took out the ring, threw it aside and roughly grabbed Junsu’s ass pounding it mercilessly. He screeched. The butt plug inside of him slowed down his monstrous pace. The plug rubbed his prostate for every thrust he gave Junsu.

Because of the pleasure he was giving himself, he stopped thrusting and regained his thoughts. “Ahh…” he moaned. He didn’t want to move inside Junsu anymore. The object inside his ass prevented him to do so. “You’re going to pay for what you’re doing to me…Junsu,” Yoochun said with his deep low baritone voice. He took the ring that once gripped his cock and placed it around Junsu’s, turning it on.

“No, no Yoochun!” Junsu screamed. The ring came to life once again.

“See how you made me feel?” Yoochun whispered.

“Don’t—don’t stop…move…!” Junsu’s hands fisted the sheets as his muscles contracted around Yoochun’s unmoving member. “Move! Is that all you got?!”

Wanting Junsu to feel the pleasure that he got from before, he began to thrust again but this time in different angles hoping to find that spot that will make him cry in pleasure.

“AH! Yoochun…!” Junsu squeaked. “Harder!!” He found it. Yoochun aimed for that spot over and over again making him scream louder and louder!

Yoochun was perfectly turned on by the sounds Junsu was making. “JUNSU! What do I do?! I have to…”

“Inside me Yoochun,” Junsu panted, “but first, take off the ring… I’d like to cum with you.”

Yoochun obliged and took off the ring. But instead of leaving Junsu’s throbbing member alone, he grabbed it with his left hand and pumped it in time with his thrusts to give him greater pleasure.

Junsu felt like he was in heaven. No other man had made him feel this way before. Yoochun was the first one—maybe he was someone special?

Before he could think about it some more, a cry of “Junsu” was heard from Yoochun as his seeds gushed out of his cock. It squirted with just enough force to make Junsu cum right at that moment.

Yoochun rode his orgasm out and slowly moved in and out of Junsu. His breath hinged.

“Ahh… Yoochun. Out of all the nights I’ve spent with men,” Junsu croaked out loud, his hips jerking, body too sensitive to touch. “you were the best one. Are you sure you’re a virgin?”

“…” No reply.

Seeing no reply, Junsu used all of his remaining strength to look back only to see an out of breath Yoochun losing his own balance. He was about to faint.

“Hey…you alright?” Junsu asked him, still catching his breath.

Yoochun’s eyes fluttered open and closed. He fought to keep the tiredness away but failed again. He fell on top of Junsu, his weight crushing him down to the bed.

“Fuck! Yoochun! Don’t fall asleep!” Junsu yelled like a dolphin. “You’re still in me! I’m too tired to get out and you.are.too.damn.heavy!”

A light snore came from Yoochun indicating that he was too deep in his slumber to be woken up.

‘Is it my turn to wake you up now?’ Junsu thought.

Yoochun had a big smile on his face that Junsu was completely oblivious about. ‘Who knew that sex could feel so good?’ With this, he now finally let him self completely go—consumed by the darkness, he fell asleep.


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Chapter 11: Are the having...?!

Post by 3ternallove on 8/4/2009, 12:22 am

Chapter 11 [LJ Version]
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Chapter 11: Are they having...?!

“Jaejoong! What’s happening?” Yunho yelled out loud running to them.

“How did you get here?” Changmin asked him. Both Jaejoong and him were still in front of the same door in which they sent Yoochun off.

Yunho took a moment to breathe. He bent down and placed his hands on his knees, panting. “Ah. That. Well.Yeah.”

“Don’t talk. Catch your breath first,” Jaejoong told him.

A minute has passed and Yunho’s lungs finally pumped enough oxygen in his body to talk. “I ran and ran. I probably ran all over the castle for thirty minutes just looking for you guys! Where’s Yoochun? Is he in danger? He should be fine right? Where is he? Yooch—!!” Yunho was too loud.

Jaejoong covered his mouth to shut him up. “Fool! Can you be quiet?”

Yunho got out of Jaejoong’s grasp and he whispered to him worriedly, “where’s Yoochun?”

“Why are you so worried?” Jaejoong asked him back, “he’s only your friend not you boyfriend right?”

Yunho smirked. He grabbed Jaejoong’s chin and looked in his eyes reading him like an opened book. “For some really odd reason…” he paused, “are you jealous of Yoochun?”

That question seemed to have ticked off the seemingly cold hearted Jaejoong. Because of this, he pushed Yunho to the wall, his hand slamming to it right beside Yunho’s face. He placed his other hand at the side of his hips.

“Aren’t you mine now Yunho?” Jaejoong rhetorically asked him, “Didn’t I seal my answer with a kiss back then? Who the hell in the right mind wouldn’t be jealous if his boyfriend kissed another man? His best friend to be in fact. And to add on to that, the boyfriend didn’t even kiss him back yet!” Jaejoong angrily screamed in his whisper to Yunho.

Changmin stared at the two wide eyed. He was totally confused. What was happening? Did he miss anything?

The two kept on arguing.

“Well Jaejoong,” Yunho leaned towards Jaejoong’s face and wrapped his arm around his waist flipping their positions. Jaejoong was now leaning on the wall. “If you wanted a kiss from me, then why didn’t you just ask?”

Without a moment of hesitation, Yunho kissed Jaejoong who was taken by surprise.

Changmin now gaped, his jaw dropping almost touching the ground. ‘Is Jaejoong…Jaejoong is kissing…Yunho! Wait... Is that possible?’

“Don’t do that!” A scream erupted from the other side of the door. Another desperate one came half a minute after. “No! Get off. I’m going to…I’m about to…”

All of them froze. Jaejoong stopped letting Yunho kiss him and finally pushed him aside. He headed for the door and then the rest followed.

“Take it…off now!” Another distressed yell was heard. All of them stared at each other, their eyes wide opened to its limits.

“Are they…?” Yunho asked.

“What do you think you douche?” Changmin questioned him.

“Goddammit! I’m going to explode Junsu!”

‘Is that … Yoochun?’ Yunho curiously asked his brain. “Oh.My.Gawd,” Yunho gasped. He wanted to hear some more so he stuck his ear right to the door. Then he finally said, “I think Yoochun is getting owned.”

After hearing what Yunho just said, both Jaejoong and Changmin ran to the door and placed their ear right against the door as well.

“Junsu, Junsu…Junsu… JUNSU!”

Another minute.

“Fuck me, Yoochun. Fuck me senseless…”

Seconds later.

“Your cock, inside my ass, now…”

An awkward laugh erupted from Changmin’s direction. “Ahh… well Junsu is awake…”

“Let’s give them privacy,” Jaejoong proposed.

“Yeah… let’s just… you know, sleep,” an incoherent sentence came from Yunho.

All three of them turned their backs to the door and headed to their own rooms as quickly as they could. Opening each of their doors to their own private space, the three of them started to think of the same thing at the same time. But of course, no one knew.

‘Good thing I got out …’ Changmin thought.

‘…of there. I was getting…’ Jaejoong told himself.

‘… too turned on!’ Yunho finished.

All of them turned in too early for the night hoping to relieve the tension that formed in their lower area.


‘I can’t breathe!’ That’s what Yoochun thought as he woke up from his nap. His eyes fluttered open only to see a naked Junsu kissing the daylights out of him. Yoochun finally gathered his scattered mind all togther.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Yoochun screamed. He quickly got up, removing his weight off of Junsu’s small body. He was about to run away but a slight tingling sensation hit him. “Ahh!” A moan escaped from his lips. He froze—no movement was made.

“You fell asleep with a plug up your ass,” Junsu smirked at him. “Do you need help taking it out?” He advanced towards Yoochun who was at the other side of the bed.

“NO! I don’t need your help!” Yoochun backed up only to find him self moaning out loud again. The plug stretched his passage, its end gently rubbing his prostate.

“”I think you need my help Yoochun-ah.” Junsu got on his knees and crawled behind Yoochun. “Do you want me to pull it out for you? I’ll be gentle this time.”

“No…! Wait…yes.” Yoochun replied.

“Yes or no?”

“Yes! Just take the damn thing out already!”

When Junsu reached for the plug deeply embedded in his ass, Yoochun fell on all fours, panting.

“Would you like it slow or fast?” Junsu slyly asked him.

“Whatever! Just take it out!” Yoochun yelled at him.

Junsu scrunched up his face and pouted. “Fine then. I’ll do as I wish.” With this, Junsu pulled the plug in an unbearably slow pace. It made its way out of Yoochun’s tight passage with an unhurriedly speed.

Yoochun gasped for air as the plug came out, his muscles quickly contracting from the loss of the object inside of him.

“That was fun.”

“For you.” Yoochun rolled his eyes.

“Too much, actually.” Junsu just grinned at him. “Say… can we get breakfast?”

“How about we go get cleaned up first?”

Junsu was delighted. He didn’t have a meal in quite a while! “Let’s go now then!” He excitedly got up and took a step out of the bed only to fall face first on the floor.

Hearing the loud thud, Yoochun looked at Junsu. “Are you okay?” He got up asking worriedly.

“Yeah just a slight blood rush, that’s all.”

Yoochun sighed getting out from the bed to help the “used to be sleeping beauty” up. “You have to be more carefully then,” Yoochun advised him gathering all his clothes thrown on the ground. “Here, I’ll help you dress up.”

After dressing up, they headed towards the door to get cleaned up in their own rooms. Both were physically tired but emotionally, both were very refreshed.

Seeing the limping Junsu walk, Yoochun couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He didn’t know why. Because of this, Yoochun kneeled down in front of him, his back facing Junsu’s front. “Get on my back,” he offered.

Junsu smiled. He couldn’t resist a sweet suggestion.

Yoochun couldn’t ignore the fact that Junsu needed help. He had this feeling that he should just help him. It was like there was this invisible force that he couldn’t help but get drawn into— a hidden string that bound him and Junsu together. He didn’t know what this feeling was but it sure did feel nice.

“Thanks,” Junsu said. He hugged Yoochun’s neck with his warm hands causing Yoochun’s cold body to relax a little—to give into warmth for just a bit.


“Hyuuuuung~!” Junsu called out as the dining doors opened. “Chaaangmin-aaah!”

“Junsu!” Jaejoong said while smiling.

Yunho took notice of this. “Hey, psst! Boyfriend!” He tried to get Jaejoong’s attention. “You’re smiling!”

Jaejoong looked at Yunho with a frown; the smile disappeared in a matter of seconds. “It’s not for you,” Jaejoong told him.

Yunho pouted. “When are you going to give me one also?”

“When I can place my life in your hands,” Jaejoong replied as he got up from the breakfast table to hug Junsu.

To greet his hyung, Junsu awkwardly ran to Jaejoong. “Oh hyung, I don’t know if I should say I missed you because really, I didn’t.”

“But why?” Jaejoong snapped already. “I worried everyday that you might die!”

“Because I was sleeping!” Junsu replied. “Sorry I caused trouble.”

Yoochun giggled at the kiddy reply. Why was he giggling at everything Junsu was doing?

“Oh, well then, would you want some breakfast?” Jaejoong asked Junsu, “We started already but there are still lots of food left.”

“Okay!” Junsu squeaked.

Yoochun followed.


Breakfast ended too quickly. Junsu was having too much fun talking to Jaejoong that he didn’t notice Changmin dragging Yoochun out to another room.

“Did you have fun last night?” Changmin asked Yoochun as he closed the door.

“Don’t! You even get started on that subject,” Yoochun scrunched up his face in annoyance.

“Fine, fine, fine. I won’t then,” Changmin just smiled and moved his head from side to side.

Yoochun sighed.

“You know what your next mission is right?” Changmin asked him.

“Make… him fall in love with me?”

Changmin grinned. “Would you like some advices?”

Yoochun backed away. “If it’s sexual advices then no, but if it’s love advices on how to make Junsu fall in love with me, then yes.”

“Of course love advices!” Changmin replied as he sat on a vacant seat beside him. “I’ll tell you the ‘2 different ways on how to make Junsu fall head over heels with Park Yoochun’.”

“Is there a catch?” Yoochun asked him suspiciously.

Changmin ignored the question. “First, the man should be able to play the piano for him. He’s a suck up when it comes to piano players.”

“Ahh… piano. I’m good at that,” Yoochun rubbed his hairless chin.

“Second, you have to be his saviour.”

“Wait! What does that mean? I’m not dying because of him!” Yoochun said worriedly.

“No. Not like that. Savior as in ‘catch me when I fall” kind of thing’,” Changmin replied.

“Question,” Yoochun raised up his hand like a student asking a teacher for advice, “does Junsu know about all these things like him falling in love with me and the consequences if he doesn’t?”

“It’ll be a lot easier that way don’t you think? I wish it was like that too but unfortunately he only knows that your purpose in this world was to wake him up. That is all. We’re not allowed to tell him also.”

“So he doesn’t know a single thing huh?” Yoochun asked.

“Not a thing,” Changmin told him. “He doesn’t know that this world will die because of his doings.”

“We’ll be better off if he didn’t know anyways.”

“Since we’re in a bit of a hurry, would you like to start your wooing section of the mission now?”

“Do you have a plan?”

Changmin quickly nodded.


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Chapter 12: Can I have Your Heart?

Post by 3ternallove on 8/4/2009, 12:31 am

Chapter 12 [LJ Version]
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Chapter 12: Can I have Your Heart?

“Junsu!” Yoochun called out running towards him, “where are you going?”

“Oh, hello Yoochun,” Junsu greeted him still walking, “how are you today?”

Weird. That was the first word that popped in his mind when he heard Junsu being all nice and… not bed talking. “Are these one of those cheap talks that people always talk about?”

“Excuse me?” Junsu replied to him wide eyed.

“You know, in bed… last night,” Yoochun wondered. “You’re talking funny.”

Junsu stopped and pushed the off guarded Yoochun to the wall. His face was too close to Yoochun’s. “In bed…last night. Would you like to have another round?” Junsu grinned.

“No.. no. Not right now,” Yoochun told him calmly. He was surprised that he didn’t have one of those tantrum moments like every time a guy was close to him. “I was just wondering why you were talking weird.”

Junsu bit Yoochun’s ear. “I wasn’t talking weird, I was just being friendly.” He pushed himself off of the too stunned figure and started walking again. Yoochun followed from behind.

“Jae told me everything,” Junsu said.

I thought we’re not allowed to tell you anything? That was the question Yoochun wanted to ask but instead, he pretended to be oblivious about the situation. “About what?”

“Oh you know, about how you’re homophobic and how you didn’t want to kiss me and have sex with me,” Junsu replied.

Yoochun slowed down and stopped in his tracks. ‘Oh. So that’s what Jaejoong told him. I really officially dislike that guy. Arggh. I’m going to get you back someday. Oh wait… no. Maybe not. I might die.’

Junsu noticed the too deeply in thought Yoochun so he turned back and grabbed his hand urging him to walk. Truthfully, he wanted Yoochun to walk with him today but right now, they weren’t walking. It was more like ‘let’s drag Yoochun day’ today.

“Aren’t you going to swat my hands away?” Junsu asked the dazed Yoochun. “Hello?” Junsu used his other hand to wave in front of the confused figure.

“Oh,” Yoochun snapped back to reality, “what were you saying? I was just thinking about something.”

Junsu sighed. He repeated his question the second time. “Aren’t you going to swat my hands away?”

“Why should I?”

“Oh maybe because, for some odd enough reason, you know…you’re scared of guys,” Junsu told him.

Yoochun looked at their hands. There was no current spazz coming up to go out of his throat. “Well, would you believe me if I said, for some odd enough reason, when you hold my hand it doesn’t feel awkward?” Yoochun uneasily smiled at Junsu when he looked back at him.

“Good.” It was all Junsu could tell him.


“Why are we here?” Yoochun asked Junsu. He looked around to find a mass of books organized into shelves. It’s bigger than any library he has ever gone into.

“Let’s get to know each other Yoochun-ah,” Junsu said all of a sudden.


“Let’s start then,” Junsu initiated as he dragged Yoochun to the front book shelves of the library. He started to climb up the side ladder to go look at one of the books at the top of the shelf where his eyes couldn’t see. “If you knew me, you’d know that I like to read books. I love going to library.” Junsu took a book out of its place and started flipping through it.

‘The library…’ Yoochun stopped a pout from coming out. He remembered the last time he went to the library. It was the start of his life tragedy. ‘Stupid book. I hate books. Ah! Speaking of which, my book is way overdue now. How many days has it been?! That librarian will scold me! What was his name again? Stupid. I can’t even remember his face.’ He sighed.

“Achoo!” Junsu sneezed causing the book he was holding to drop to the ground and also him self falling along with it. “Yoochun-AAAAAH!” Junsu squeaked like a loud dolphin, his lids tightly shutting closed. It was the end of him. He just knew it.

“What the…- Junsu!” Yoochun dashed as fast as his legs could go to get under Junsu. He was successful on getting under him but his weight plus the force that came along with him was too heavy for Yoochun to bear. Both of them fell but instead of Junsu falling hard on the ground, Yoochun flipped their positions making his own back meet the cold hard tile with a huge thud.

Junsu felt it. Compared to the ground this cushion was way softer. But why? To see what it was, he opened his tightly closed lids and open. There, lying unconscious on the ground was Yoochun.

“YOOCHUN?!” He wasn’t responding. “Yoochun?” Junsu called out again.

No response.

“YOOCHUN!” Junsu was panicking now. “Yoochun wake up! Now!” He then started to slap his face so that he’d regain his consciousness.

No response again.

“YOOCHUN! WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID?! Why did you catch me if you were going to die like this?!” Junsu teared up, his fists slamming down to Yoochun’s chest. “YOOCHUN!! You didn’t even live long enough to tell me something about you! You died knowing that I love going to the library and love reading stupid books…” Junsu now bawled and slammed his fists again for the very last time.

Yoochun couldn’t hold it in anymore. Junsu was being such a baby. As much as he was having fun teasing the poor guy he had to stop so he ended up laughing. He was faking death all this time. “Stop squeaking. You sound like a high pitched blue nosed dolphin.” Yoochun managed to let out a soft giggle.

“Ah!” Junsu got up on a sitting position straddling Yoochun. He wiped his tears away like an innocent child who just dropped his lollipop. “I’m sorry. Sorry! Sorry!”

“It’s okay! It’s okay!” Yoochun comforted the crying Junsu.

“I hate you!” Junsu pouted his tears still visible on his cheeks. “You pretended to be dead and you made me cry. Stupid Yoochun.”

“Who’s stupid? I saved you from a possible death. So please, from now on, call me your savior.” Yoochun shot him a grin from the floor.

“When did you become such a playboy?” Junsu scrunched his brows together. He sniffled wiping the rest of his tears away. “Aren’t you supposed to be scared of me especially this position right now?” He moved his hips on top of Yoochun’s crotch in a circular motion producing moans from the man pinned down on the floor.

“No. Stop! Wait!” Yoochun hissed at him. “You’re making my thingy all tingly!”

“What am I making all tingly?” Junsu smiled at him innocently while still grinding Yoochun’s crotch. He wanted to test when Yoochun will snap so he continued with his evil payback deeds.

“STOP MOVING! You’re making my dick hard, you asshole,” Yoochun got up in a seating position to get away.

Junsu was surprised by the dirtiness of his words. He laughed. “I think this asshole wants you dick, hard.”


Junsu stopped his laughter and went for Yoochun’s rosy lips devouring it in less than a second.

“Wait. Wait! Stop,” Yoochun broke the kiss.

Junsu pouted. “I still haven’t forgiven you yet for you stupidity. You owe me. Hmpphh. Can’t you at least do this for me?” He shrugged his shoulders.

“Your savior owes you?” Yoochun asked him. “Well then I guess I’ll fix that. I’ll give you a surprise.”


“Well, if you get off of me, I’ll show you.”



“Changmin showed me this room yesterday,” Yoochun explained as he opened the room that lead to the grand piano. “I fell in love with this room the moment I saw it.”

“How come?”

“I’ll show you.” Now, it was Yoochun’s turn to grab Junsu’s hand. He led him to the grand piano where he pushed him down on the piano chair so that Junsu will take a seat right beside him.

“Am I suppose to play the piano for you?” Junsu asked him. “Because I can’t play.”

“I know. I know,” Yoochun told him as he went to the other side of the piano chair, “that’s why I’ll play for you.”

Junsu’s eyes lit up like some girl who just saw her prince charming. “You can play?”

Yoochun smiled. He felt that he didn’t have to answer Junsu’s question with his own mouth. He wanted to show him. “I’ll sing for you as well. I really like this song so don’t make fun of me okay?”

Junsu just nodded like a little kid.

Yoochun began to play, his fingers danced along the black and white nameless keys. It produced a sweet sound that lingered on Junsu’s ears.

He sang.
Stolen my soul, Stolen my heart,

Ne ane gudega nomuna nomchyo
[ I'm filled with you so much that
I can't breathe. ]

Sumul shwil su jocha obnungoryo
[ Like a small child caught in the rain. ]

Nerin birul majun aichorom
[ Like the love…]

Deji wie purin sarangchorom tonight
[ sprinkled on the earth, like tonight ]

Yoochun looked at Junsu. There was something in Junsu’s eyes that drew his own. What
is it? It can’t be love. It shouldn’t be love. He ignored his thoughts and continued to sing
while staring deep into Junsu’s dark orbs.

“Now I know why those people are saying 'Love is blind'
I believe my heart belongs to you,
I love you more than I do.”

To Junsu the song ended in a flash. That last part…I love you more than I do. Junsu repeated those last words. ‘Does Yoochun like me?’ That’s what he thought at first but he quickly made up an excuse for it. ‘Or maybe it’s just the song. He even told me himself, he likes it. Yeah it’s just part of the song.’

Junsu inhaled a deep breath. He clapped because of amazement. “Hey listen, Yoochun? Can I get a request?”

“Ahh… You mean you want me to play a song for you?” Yoochun asked him back while stretching his stiff fingers.

Junsu nodded. He took one of the sheet music on top of the grand piano and laid it out on the stand. “Can you play this? My friend used to play this a lot on the piano for me when he was still here,” Junsu recalled some past memories, “there was no lyrics so I made some up myself to sing to him but he left me and—”

Yoochun knew what Junsu was going to say next. He didn’t want to see him sad so when the poor guy was about to cry once again, he stopped him. “Junsu. No need to explain any more okay? Sing for me then. I’ll play this song for you.”

Once again, Yoochun’s fingers danced magically. It was like he knew how to play this piece already—like he listened to this song in his dreams. The whole situation felt surreal but what he was feeling right now was nothing compared to what he felt in dreams of falling in love. This was much greater.

Junsu sang, tears forming on the corner of his eyes.

“Rain in my heart..

Mou yamanai namida wa TONIGHT
[ The tears won't stop, tonight ]

[i]Kimi ga saigo ni nokoshita
[ In the end, you left me behind ]

Hakanai wasuremono no you ni
[ Like something temporarily forgotten… ]

Kimi no inai sekai wa yami ni furuete
[ This world without you trembles in the dark ]

Nee~ subete yume nara ii no ni
[ It'd be nice if this was all just a dream ]

Aitakute ohh my boy
[ Though I want to see you, oh my boy ]

Aenai wake wa kimi no sayonara wo
[ The reason I can't meet you ]

Kikitaku nakatta kara
[ Is because I don't want to hear your goodbye… ]

Both of them. They were in sync—like a match made in heaven. They’ve only met for the first time, and only made love once but how come it seemed that they knew each other for years now? What’s this feeling that’s lingering inside of him?

The song ended. Everything was quiet. No sound was sung in the area once again.

“You’re scared,” Yoochun finally said.

“Scared?” Junsu asked him, “scared of what?”

“Falling in love.”

“…” Junsu just looked away from Yoochun and stared at the lonely, lifeless ground.

“Your scared that the one whom you’ll fall in love with will leave you right?”

“…” A tear dropped from Junsu’s eyes. It seems that what Yoochun’s words have brought a painful memory to surface in Junsu’s thoughts.

“I understand you now,” Yoochun read Junsu like a book, “your slutty image. You use it to cover up your true self as well, like your brother. Now I know how Jaejoong is different to Yunho’s eyes. To me he’s a one heck of a scary guy but to Yunho he’s something so much more. You and Jaejoong are alike. Both of you hide inside a fake shell to shield yourselves hoping that you won’t get hurt. But life doesn’t work that way.”

“…” Junsu continued to not reply He kept on staring at the tile.

“Listen Junsu, all through out this day I’ve been questioning myself. What’s this emotion that lingers inside my heart every time you’re with me? It’s always been that same question that I’ve been asking myself each minute of this day. When I think about it now, my reason for wanting to help you all the time, and the want to always see you smile, now, I think I know what I’m feeling.”

Yoochun reached out for Junsu’s chin so that they are looking right at each other. He wasn’t surprised that junsu’s eyes were filled with so many tears. These were the type of eyes that have seen so much pain, been through so much suffering.

“You feel warm to me,” Yoochun continued on. He then brought their lips together not because of greed but for comfort.

He kissed Junsu not for the sake of his mission and not out of lust. It was for this whole entire new feeling that was new to him, a new feeling that he never felt for another man before—it was the feeling called love. Love, it was right in front of him but he was too blind to see. He didn’t want to admit it but ignoring this feeling will just make his own self more confused. He didn’t care anymore. He didn’t care how much he’ll hurt by falling in love. He really didn’t give a bother of what will happen next. He threw away his excess thoughts about the plan, his mission, everything. He knew what he wanted now and that was Junsu.

“Can I be the person who will take off your mask? Will it be too much to ask for your heart?” Yoochun asked him.

Junsu’s lips curved, his eyes covered with a layer of tears. He then said, “Excuse me.” Without hesitation, he got up from the chair and ran out of the room, his hands covering his mouth stopping the loud urge cry that was coming up his chest.



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Chapter 12 [Continued]

Post by 3ternallove on 8/4/2009, 12:33 am


“Hyukjae! You’re leaving me?” Junsu called out from the top of the stairs.

“Sorry Junsu, I can’t love you. I don’t deserve you,” Hyukae said just audible enough for him to hear.


“…” Hyukjae continued to walk down the stairs to get out of the castle.

“WHY HYUKJAE?” Junsu screamed desperately, “you told me you love me. That you’d take care of me. That you’d always be there. Why are you leaving me?!”

“I’m sorry, Junsu. No man deserves to be in your arms.”

Junsu fell on his knees. “I thought you loved me.”

“I did love you… but not anymore.”

/End of Flashback

Junsu ran out of the door too occupied by his nightmarish past that haunted him all his life. It was his dreadful past that made him the way he is from this day on.

As he left, he was too deeply in thought to see Changmin leaning at the edge of the door.

Junsu ran to the nearest room and locked it, leaning on it for support. He cried and cried for a few minutes. It was all he needed.

‘Yoochun, I don’t want to fall in love anymore. Why did it have to be you? Why is it now that you come into my life?’

Junsu grabbed the neck of his shirt and pulled it right over his nose. Then he closed his eyes trying to find a place full of peace— a place where silence is deathly. He composed himself in mere minutes. ‘Even if I can’t apologize…I should apologize for leaving him just like that.'

And that’s what Junsu did. He headed towards the grand piano room where Yoochun was by himself. When he got there, he opened the door by just a tiny bit to see if Yoochun was still there. And to his surprise, he was there but this time with someone else. It was Changmin.

They were talking. It seemed serious so he stayed there hoping not to interrupt the conversation.

“You totally broke through Yoochun-ah! You have great acting skills! I swear! I was listening to the whole entire thing,” Changmin obliviously talked, “if I was Junsu, I would’ve fallen in love with you by now.”

‘Acting skills…?’ Junsu thought. He continued to listen.

“See? The plan worked! Man he’s so predictable. It was still hard work though! Placing all those pepper dusts on the books…it made me sneeze like hell!” Changmin added on. “And those lines that I told you to say to Junsu…You totally changed it! The people in charge for the theatres here should hire you.”

Junsu didn’t want to hear anymore. His heart ached too much. For the second time in his life, his heart shattered into thousands of pieces. He was fooled once again. He wanted to run away; run away till he had nowhere run but this castle prevented him from doing so. His responsibilities as a prince, all those people under him, they were all his responsibility. He couldn’t run away from this place but what he could do was run away from the feelings conveyed by his heart. That’s what he’ll do.

He did get fooled. He thought what he felt was love for Yoochun. He should have learned his lesson. Now, his heart has been broken once again but this time indirectly. Yoochun’s deeds were crueler than what the man haunting his past has done to him. He left the place not wanting hear anymore.


Back at Yoochun & Changmin’s conversation…

“I wasn’t acting Changmin,” Yoochun stared into his eyes. It was like that for a minute.

“Oh dear Lord! You’re not kidding aren’t you?”

Yoochun’s lips curved, his brows scrunching together. He cried. “Changmin-ah! I think I got rejected!” Yoochun grabbed Changmin’s stomach and hugged it.

“You totally ruined the image that replaced your manly side that I’ve heard from you,” Changmin said disappointedly, “stop crying like a baby and get an answer then! You didn’t even get an answer yet and you’re crying like a baby already!”

Yoochun sniffled. “What if I get rejected?”

Changmin sighed and took a deep breath. “You know what will happen already.”


Changmin bent down so that he could whisper it to Yoochun’s ear. “You’ll be forever stuck here with your friend—wandering this world for the remaining of your lives. But forever might not be the case because we also have our time limit as well. If the story doesn’t move on, all the contents of this world will disappear including us.”

“That was supposed to make me feel better right?” Yoochun asked him.


“Thanks. I feel much better.”

“Well! I’m glad I could help,” Changmin smiled at him. It was a smile filled with sarcasm and joke.


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Chapter 13: Those Three Simple Words

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Chapter 13 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 13: Those Three Simple Words

“Jaejoong? Can you tell me something?” Yunho asked him as they strolled around the lake beside the castle.

“As long as it’s in my vocabulary then I will.”

“I haven’t heard you say this to me yet even though we’re a couple now. So…” Yunho continued on, “I want to hear it from you.”

“What do you want me to tell you?” Jaejoong asked impatiently.


“Do you always take so long to ask a question?”

“Fine,” Yunho pouted. “Jaejoong…” He stopped walking and grabbed both Jaejoong’s hands. “Tell me you love me.”

Jaejoong was dumbfounded. “Where did this come from?”

“I’m guessing my heart. It’s aching for some love from you.”

“First of all, don’t give me cheesy lines. And second of all, aren’t you satisfied that I let you kiss me and I kissed you back?” Jaejoong raised a brow.

“But Jaejoong! That’s nothing!” Yunho replied, “I want to hear it from you, from your own mouth—three simple words. That’s all you have to say to cure this throbbing muscle in my chest.”

Jaejoong sighed and let go of Yunho’s hands. “You know what? I thought we’re fine as it is right now. Why do I have to say it? What do I have to prove to you?” He walked away from Yunho.

“Jaejoong. Can’t you just tell me those simple words?” Yunho questioned him as he walked away.

“It’s too early for that,” Jaejoong told him, “like I told you before; I’ll tell you words that are only in my dictionary. Those words that you want me to say to you right now aren’t in mine.”

“But Jaejoong!” Yunho ran up to the walking Jaejoong and grabbed his right hand, “I’m scared.”

“I don’t think those three little words will help,” Jaejoong answered.

“I’m scared I’ll just disappear in this world any time now without those words coming out from your mouth,” Yunho explained to him, “If you tell me those words then I’d feel like you belong to me forever even if we’re apart.”

“You make everything hard for me, did you know that?” Jaejoong asked him. “You’re changing me bit by bit but this favor is too much.”

“What’s the problem with saying those words Jaejoong? Why can’t those words come out from your mouth? Don’t you feel anything when I’m with you?”

I really don’t know how to say those words Yunho,” Jaejoong looked at him, “even if you threaten to kill me I can’t say it because I don’t know how. My mouth hasn’t spoken those words and even my ears haven’t heard those words until you came. I’m still learning how to and I was hoping you’d give me time—that you’d give us time.”

“Jaejoong…” Yunho pulled him into a tight embrace. “I understand then. I won’t force you but tell me while I’m still right here beside you okay?”

Jaejoong nodded in his arms.


“Junsu?” Yoochun opened the door that led to his room. “Junsu?”

“I’m here.” Junsu answered his call in a serious tone.

“Junsu. Good thing I found you,” Yoochun said to him as he saw him on a chair reading his book. “I thought you might need some company and—” He was cut off.

“I don’t need company.”

“Junsu… listen, what happened earlier on…I’m sorry” Yoochun apologized.

“About what?”

“For going too fast. But Junsu, I wasn’t kidding when I told you I wanted your love. I mean I don’t know much about this whole subject but there’s this strong feeling inside me that’s telling me I want to keep you… all to myself…” Yoochun rubbed the back of his head ruffling his hair, “aaiish. I don’t know what I’m saying but I hope you understand me.”

Junsu placed his book down. He didn’t like the way Yoochun was still trying to fool him. No one is being fooled by his act right now. “So what do you like about me? Huh Yoochun? Is it my body? My slutty moans? My ass? Tell me.”

“No. Please don’t assume things,” Yoochun told him. “Listen to what I have to say.”

“Okay. You have ten seconds.”



Yoochun scratched the back of his head. “…”


“Gawd dammit, I can’t think!”




Yoochun turned in circles.


“Ahh Junsu!”




“Junsu I—!!”


“I think…”




“YES! I think I’m IN LOVE with YOU!”


“Okay?” Yoochun asked him stunned. “Can I get at least a full sentence answer?”

“You never asked a question.” Junsu stared at him, unmoved.

“You can answer my question from before,” Yoochun’s voice cracked. He tried to be strong so he held back his incoming tears.


“Can I be the person who will take off your mask? Will it be too much to ask for your heart?” Yoochun asked him.

Junsu’s lips curved, his eyes covered with a layer of tears. He then said, “Excuse me.” Without hesitation, he got up from the chair and ran out of the room, his hands covering his mouth stopping the loud urge cry that was coming up his chest.

/End of Flashback

“Ahh that question…” Junsu remembered. “You sure you want my answer to that?”

Yoochun nodded and inhaled a deep breath.

“You see Yoochun,” Junsu answered, “In guys… there are three different reasons why I don’t fall in love with some of them.” He stood up from his chair facing Yoochun eye to eye. “First of all, I don’t fall in love with incapable men. Second, I don’t fall in love with men who love me for the wrong reasons. And lastly, I don’t fall for men who lie to me.”


“Unfortunately, all those reasons apply to you.”

A tear fell from Yoochun’s eye. “Junsu…why are you so…?” He couldn’t finish his question. There was a lump in his throat that prevented him from speaking anymore.

“Cruel?” Junsu finished his question for him. “Don’t worry Yoochun-ah, I’m not the only one.”

Each word that came out of Junsu’s mouth stabbed his heart. What did he do wrong?

“Junsu…I’m…Whatever I did—” Yoochun turned around to face the door, “Sorry.” All hope was lost now. With this, he ran. He ran out of the room, out of the castle and out of the place where he was reminded of Junsu. He wanted to get away so he ran as far and as fast as his feet would take him going deep into the woods surrounding the castle— through the eerie trees and into the darkness.

“Sorry Junsu…” Yoochun whispered out loud to him self, “I do love you but you don't love me.”

He failed. He failed his task. He failed everyone. Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin, himself and most of all, he failed Junsu.

‘I wish I could go back in time… to see what I did wrong… so I can be a better man to make you love me.’ Yoochun regretted. “I’ve never wished for anything else until now. Someone...turn back time for me.”

“Then your wish will be granted,” a voice came out from deep into the woods.

Yoochun stopped running. “Who’s there?” He looked around and tried to see but the thick layer of darkness prevented him from doing so.

A dark hooded figure emerged appearing right in front of him. “I can help you.”

“Who are you?” Yoochun wiped his tears away.

“A friend or a foe. It’s up to you to decide,” the unknown body spoke in riddles, “The one who started everything, the one who gave the book to the now awakened prince, and the one who can put an end to all things—that is me. Come with me stranger and I shall grant your wish.”


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Chapter 14: I Can't Say Goodbye Cuz' I Love You

Post by 3ternallove on 8/4/2009, 12:40 am

Chapter 14 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 14: I Can't Say Goodbye Cuz' I Love You

“You guys! Yoochun is missing!” Changmin busted the door open to where Yunho, Jaejoong and Junsu we’re having dinner. “I’ve checked with the guards and they told me that they saw him running into the woods. It’s really dangerous in there, especially at this time of day.”

After hearing all of this, Junsu placed his fork and spoon down and headed out of the room brushing Changmin’s shoulder as he passed him.

“Junsu, wait,” Changmin called out to him. Their backs were facing each other. “Did you happen to reject Yoochun?”

“Yoochun confessed already?” Jaejoong blurted out.

“Jaejoong… Yunho,” Changmin closed his eyes and looked down, “don’t talk right now okay? Let me talk to Junsu right here for a bit.” He faced Junsu now and asked his question once again. “Did you reject Yoochun?” His voice was firm.

“You mean that bitch?” Junsu turned around staring deep into Changmin’s fierce eyes. “Yes. I did reject him. As a bonus I even told him that he was not good enough for me. I told him he was too incapable and useless for my taste.”

Changmin fisted his hands. He fisted it so tight his nails dug into his skin. Yunho too. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing from Junsu. He practically owes his whole life to Yoochun for saving him.

“You should have seen him. It was too amusing,” Junsu smirked and continued on, “I swear, I was going to add some more but—”

Changmin’s temper snapped. His fisted hands connected with Junsu’s stomach causing Junsu to gag.

“JUNSU!” Jaejoong yelled out loud and got up from his chair.

“JAEJOONG!” Changmin screamed out, “Stay there. Don’t move. I have to knock some sense into this slut.”

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!” Junsu freaked out at him.

“You deserve it. I don’t know what’s gotten into you Kim Junsu but you had no right to do that to Yoochun. Out of all the people in this room, you should be the one who should know how much that feels. It was going to be fine by me if you rejected him but why did you say that? Those words…they are enough to kill,” Changmin told him with his rigid voice.

“That asshole, he doesn’t deserve anyone,” Junsu replied.

Changmin grabbed the collar of his shirt. “Who’s an asshole Junsu? Is he the asshole because he confessed his love to you? Huh Junsu? Is that it? Or are you scared? I know you were hurt before and you practically don’t trust anyone now but is this how you treat others who confess their love for you?”

“He lied to me Changmin-ah!” Junsu looked at him straight in the eye, “in fact, both of you lied to me. I know everything Changmin. I heard your conversation in the grand piano room from today.”

Changmin let go of Junsu’s shirt. “Did you hear every single part of it?!” He snapped for the second time. “Did you hear all of it? All the words he said to me? I admit, it was planned but you never heard the entire conversation did you?”

“I didn’t need to hear the rest. It’s all a bunch of lies.”

“So that’s why you rejected him. You thought he was lying to you?” Changmin’s eyes were filled with disappointment.

“I never had feelings for him. I don’t care what happens to that fool anyways.”

“I see…that’s sad,” Changmin paused and looked at the ground. “If you’re not going to look for him, then I’ll go instead. He’s the one who needs to be saved right now. You owe your life to him. He doesn’t deserve this crap from anyone at all especially not from you. He loved you enough to confess and what did you do to his heart? You stabbed it and killed it.”

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that!” Junsu slapped Changmin’s cheek. It was a huge blow. “You’re both in this together. Changmin, your act, let me tell you, it’s not working.”

“Your words…” Changmin touched his red cheeks. “Get your facts straight.”

“It’s very straight,” Junsu told him. “I’ll even list them for you. Fact one, both of you lied to me. Fact two, he played with my feelings. Fact three, you’re lying right in front of my face this time.”

“Is that all your facts?” Changmin asked him. “Then it appears that you didn’t stay for the grand finale of our conversation. Fact four,” Changmin continued with the facts and held up four fingers, “when you left, Yoochun cried telling me that he wasn’t acting. Fact five, Yoochun told me he loves you. Fact six, Yoochun was scared to confess to you but he did because he really truly does love you.”


“My words,” Changmin said roughly, “they aren’t going to go through that thick skull of yours huh? Let me tell you something Kim Junsu,” he pushed Junsu’s shoulder with his index finger and continued to do that, “Because of you, the life that Yoochun wanted will never be the way he’d want to live it. Because of you, he’ll die. Because of you, all of us will disappear. Because of your selfishness, you’ve doomed us all.”

“Changmin…” Jaejoong warned. “Too far. Remember…”

“What’s going on?” Junsu said wide eyed. He didn’t know why it was his fault that they were all going to die. He knew about the witch and all and why Yoochun was here. But did he miss something? “Why is Yoochun going to die? Why are they all going to die?”

“You’ve been sleeping for far too long Junsu-ah,” Changmin told him, “you wouldn’t know. This situation is something you will never understand. Mark my words Junsu, Yoochun does love you. When he finally opened up to you, you just stepped on him like a flower growing unguarded on the ground. Whatever words you’ve heard from me, they don’t reflect the real feelings of Park Yoochun. So if you’re not going to look for him, then me, Jaejoong and Yunho will look for him with or without you. We won’t wait for you decision.” Changmin faced Jaejoong and Yunho who looked at him bewildered. He gave Junsu’s shoulder a small shove and got up from his knees. He faced Jaejoong and Yunho. “We’re leaving. We have to find Yoochun now. The forest. It is too dangerous to be by yourself in there. It’s the home of that mischievous witch. She’s too menacing.”

Junsu was kneeling on the ground unmoving. ‘The witch?’

‘It’s my fault huh?’ Junsu was reflected back on his own doings. ‘I was the one who dragged Yoochun here when I needed him but when he was no use to me I just told him to get out.’

“We’re leaving now,” Changmin reached for the knob and opened the door. Yunho walked passed Junsu staring him down. He didn’t want to say anything because he was scared that he will beat the hell out of him like what Changmin did to him also.

“Wait!” Junsu shouted out.

All of them stopped in their tracks.

“I’m going with you.”


No words were uttered and not a single soul was present except for his and the stranger ahead of him. Through the shadows they walked. Not a single word was sung. They finally reached a cleared land. The shadows of the trees surrounded them giving Yoochun the feeling of deception and fear.

“Unfortunately,” the witch told Yoochun, “your wish for time I cannot grant you. Only the Gods have the power to turn back time. For a person like me, I can grant you anything except time.”

“Where are we…?” Yoochun questioned.

“This whole forest is my lair, my home,” the raspy voice woman answered. “Now make your wish. What is it that you yearn for? What is it that you seek?”

“What is it…that I seek?” Yoochun repeated her words.

“One wish, I can grant you. Pick and chose wisely and make it known to me now.”

“I don’t trust you,” Yoochun finally replied.

“Desperate you are. That is what I see,” the unknown entity told him. “I am a mere mortal like you who wishes to help another person out.”

“So what exactly are you then? You are a mortal like me but you can cast magic?”

“Ahh, later you will know. For now you shall wonder,” the black hooded figure answered. “Quickly stranger, let your wish be known to me.”

“Wait!” Yoochun hissed, “Why are you helping me? To me you’re a complete stranger. Have I done anything to make you want to assist me?”

“All good things have consequences. They have a price,” the unknown figure said, “your penalty and your debt I will not say. Once you make a wish, it will never be taken back. A good thing will happen but something else will happen in return. Are you willing to accept?”


“I shall stand here and wait for an answer. When you are ready, enlighten me with your wish.”

“Then…” Yoochun hesitated. “I want a prince by the name of Kim Junsu to fall in love with me.”

‘That’s right Yoochun,’ he told himself. ‘You can be selfish for once in your life. Just as long as Junsu is by my side, I’ll be happy and no one will be hurt because of my failure. Because of this, I’ll do everyone and myself a big favor.’

“Is that your final wish?”

“This is what my heart is telling me,” Yoochun replied.

Lightning emerged from the sky and thunder rumbled in the clouds as cold water droplets fell from the sky. Yoochun became soaking wet and so did the entity in front of him.

“Then granted it shall be.”

The hooded figure took her arm out towards her with her palms up while the loose silk cloth draped down her wrist. She then spread her fingers and mustered all her energy to her palm.
Out of nowhere, a blast of smoke appeared on top of her hand but was cleared by the small droplets of rain instantly. A vial appeared with a deep red liquid inside.

“Drink this and your wish will come true.” She grinned menacingly.

Without hesitation, Yoochun took it from her hand and chugged it down his throat.

The witch cackled. It was pure evil laughter.

Yoochun dropped the vial. His vision blurred.

Seeing the change the dark hooded figure said, “You must be a fool for believing what I said. Because you trusted me, you shall die. That is your consequence.”

“You tricked me!” Yoochun tried to lunge towards her but everything spun. His vision went haywire and his strength began to drain quickly from his body. With this, he fell down on his knees and fell face first.

“Yoochun!” Changmin called out. Everyone got to the same place where Yoochun was just in time to see him fall landing on his face. All their movements stopped even their breathing.

The witch cackled. “You guys are doomed now. Without your chosen one, this world will be controlled by me forever!” She laughed menacingly some more. Her finger pointed to Yoochun who lied on the ground too weak to move a single bone in his body. “Ten minutes. That is the length of his life span. That’s all you have. In ten minutes he’ll breathe his last.”

“YOU WITCH!” Changmin pulled out his sword and attacked her out of anger. “You’re dead!”

Seeing the attack coming, the witch waved her hand sending a great force of wind to Changmin’s way. He was blown off in an instant and was thrown off at the side hitting a tree. His back pounded the mighty object with great force that he was unconscious by the time his long legs have hit the ground.

“CHANGMIN!” All of them yelled. Junsu couldn’t move. No one had time to think. Ten minutes. It was all they had.

The witch zapped herself in front of Changmin grabbing the blade that snapped from Changmin’s sword. “Anyone who wishes to challenge me may attack now.”

“You BITCH!” Jaejoong charged at her with his sword at full force. Jaejoong’s eyes were blinded by anger. He didn’t know what he was doing and so he attacked. For her own defense, the witch made the blade float into thin air and threw it right at Jaejoong. There was no time for dodging. Jaejoong was going to get hit.

Yunho knew. He knew who that floating sword is going to be thrown at. And so he ran selflessly after Jaejoong hoping to save him from the fate that he’s going to suffer.

“JAEJOONG!” Yunho pushed Jaejoong out of the way to save his love’s life. The sword that was aimed at Jaejoong now pierced his abdomen leaving his life in danger.

“GAAAH!” Yunho shrieked in pain his hands taking out the blade that has pierced him. He fell on the ground with his hand clutching his stomach.

“YUNHO!” Jaejoong crawled to him as fast as he could. He looked up at the ominous figure. “YOU WITCH! Have you realized what you’ve done?”

The witch cackled. “Of course! I’ve killed him.”

Jaejoong was about to stand up to attack her once again but Yunho’s hand grabbed Jaejoong’s arm just in time so that he’d stay where he was. “Jaejoong don’t. Stay…here. You’ll be safe.” Yunho commanded him between his breaths.

“Yunho! You’ll be fine! I promise,” Jaejoong cried as he tried to pull his arm off.

“Jaejoong…” Yunho called out his name as Yunho coughed out blood from his mouth, “Stay here. I feel that time is running out.”

“Time?” Jaejoong asked.

““I wan you to do something…can you perform my last request?’ Yunnho asked him. “Those three words that I wanted to hear from you before, I’d like to hear them now.”

“Those three words…” Jaejoong started to sob, “will they make you stay?”

“It will make me feel warm…” Yunho’s lids were now only half open. “…and happy…”

“Yunho please don’t leave me!” Jaejoong bawled and took Yunho’s bloodied hand. “Yunho, I…I…”

Yunho now panted for air, his eyes fluttering closed. He was fighting to stay alive just long enough to hear those simple yet not so simple words come out of Jaejoong’s mouth.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong held his hands tightly. “I LOVE YOU! I love you so much. Without you—”

“Stop there,” Yunho replied. He smiled weakly. “Joongie… I love…” Yunho gave Jaejoong’s hand a one last squeeze which used up his remaining energy. “…you…” His grip became weak and his heavy lids now closed permanently. “…too.”

“Yunho! No! You can’t. You can’t do this to me. Yunho!” Jaejoong hugged the lifeless body that laid on the ground. “Don’t leave me by myself again…” He wailed.

Junsu just stood there and watched the scene unfold right before his eyes. Tears dropped one after the other. It was his fault. All of this— it was his fault.

“Why are you just standing there?” the witch asked Junsu. “Shouldn’t you go to your chosen one? Six minutes. That’s all you have now. Or maybe, I should kill you also? That’ll make my life—“

Changmin took his sword and stabbed the witch right at the heart. The witch has underestimated Shim Changmin and now she has paid the price.

“You!” the menacing figure cursed, “you…killed me.” Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her body disappearing in a thick black smoke.

“What are you still doing standing there?” Changmin hissed at Junsu then pointed to the person lying on the ground.


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Chapter 14 [Continued]

Post by 3ternallove on 8/4/2009, 12:42 am

Junsu snapped out of his own world. He ran to the spot where Yoochun lied and kneeled down right beside him. “Yoochun. You’re pretending right?! Tell me you’re pretending to be like this.” He flipped Yoochun so that his face was not flat on the ground. “YOOCHUN! Don’t joke around with me!”

“Junsu…” Yoochun heavily breathed, “you’re here.”

“Yoochun I’m sorry. I misunderstood everything. Because of this…I’m making everyone suffer. This is all my fault.”

“Junsu…” Yoochun called out again, “even if the whole world collapses on you, I’ll be there with you…maybe not in person but in spirit okay?”

“Yoochun! Don’t say that!” Junsu yelled out, “I’ll save you somehow. I will save you!”

“No stop. Wait. Junsu…” Yoochun smiled and wiped the tears flowing down his cheeks. “Su…I’m sorry for whatever I did to you…”

“No Yoochun! Don’t ever blame yourself for this. It’s all me okay? You never did anything wrong! Never you. No. Not you. Never!” Junsu cried some more. “Yoochun…don’t leave me too!”

“Su…Can I tell you something?” Yoochun asked him. “I failed the first time but maybe…” He coughed, “I’ll hear these same words from you too.”

“If we were to meet in another lifetime…” Yoochun started to loose his consciousness. Everything around him was turning grey and unclear. Junsu’s face was now merely an outline. “…would you love me back? I failed in this lifetime…so maybe…just maybe, will you love me then?”

“Yoochun…” Junsu bawled, his chin started to shake from trying to hold in the lump that was in his throat, “…I was already…” Junsu gave him a quick kiss. “…in love with you. There will be no other man but you. I know it’s too late now but I want you to know…” Junsu cried. He bawled, he yelled and screamed. “I want you know that right from the start I fell in love with you. But now, even though I tell you this, you’re not going to be here with me to share my own happiness. You’re going to leave me just like everyone else.”

Yoochun began to sing softly. It was audible enough so that Junsu was the only one who was able to hear it.

Mou nakanaide itsumo you’re cryin’ baby
[ Don't cry anymore, You're always being a crybaby ]

Sonna tokoro mo SO SWEET
[ And even that part of you is so sweet ]

Ima wa boku janai dareka ga
[ Now someone else, not me ]

Namida wo nugutterundane
[ Will be wiping away your tears ]

Dakedo kimi ga suki da yo wasurerarenai
[ But I love you, you're unforgettable ]

Omoide no naka dake ikiteru
[ Alive only in my memories ]

Kono omoi FOREVER dakishimeta hi no
[ This feeling is forever ]

Kimi no kaori zutto karada wo hanarenakute
[ Your scent from that daywe embraced will never leave my body ]

Baby I still love you

Yoochun smiled at him. “Remember me this way.”

Junsu looked at him with his tear stained eyes. It was too saddening.

“Yoochun? Yoochun. What’s happening? Your legs! They’re disappearing!” Junsu yelled.

“Hahaha,” Yoochun gave a weak laugh. “I guess it’s time then. Parting our ways now maybe? In another life time, I will make sure I’ll see you. Junsu….I’m very happy that I was able to share part of my life with you—“

“Yoochun!” Junsu bawled. “No! Please! Stay. I love you so much. It hurts!”

Yoochun grabbed Junsu’s hand and gave it a gentle peck. “Junsu, can you give me a little parting gift?”

Yoochun’s hands were starting to disappear. His whole body became transparent.

“Could you show me your smile for the very last time?”

Junsu mustered all his strength into forming a smile with his lips. How could you show a grin when someone you love is slowly dying right in front of you?

Yoochun smiled at him gently. “I love you Su. Forever … and always…” Those were the last words heard by Junsu’s ears as Yoochun disappeared in his life never to be seen again.

He cried and softly, his voice drowned the silence of his heart.

Omoide no naka dake ikiteru
[ I was living in my memories ]

Kono omoi FOREVER
[ This feeling will last forever ]

Yamanai ame ga boku no kokoro dake
[ Even if the ceaseless rain falls on my heart alone ]

Kagirinaku nurashite mo
[ Eternally drenching it ]

I can’t say goodbye because I love you.

Rain drops. It brought forth so much sadness. What will happen now? The sky was clearly crying like a small child caught in the rain, like tonight.


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Chapter 15: The Three Mysterious Figures

Post by 3ternallove on 8/4/2009, 12:45 am

Chapter 15 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 15: The Three Mysterious Figures

“Bring Yoochun back! Stupid book! Stupid world! Stupid Me.” Junsu yelled and pounded the ground. “Bring Yoochun back… bring him back.” He kept on saying this line over and over again as the sound of his voice cracked. He continued to cry.

Jaejoong sobbed as well. He crawled to where Junsu was and lifted his head off the ground. A brotherly hug—that’s what both of them needed for comfort, a person’s warmth which both of them provided for each other.

Changmin walked up to both of the brothers. “You guys…” he finally limply walked. “Stop crying~” Tears started to fill his eyes. “You’re going to make me cry!”

“Changmin-ah,” Junsu responded to him, “I-I-I’m sorry…”

A simple pat on the head—it was a gesture that Changmin always used ever since they were young. “It’s going to be alright Junsu.” Watching both Junsu and Jaejoong pained him. Both were very strong but life caught them off guard and left them defendless.

“As much as I-I-I want th-th-that to happen…” Junsu trailed off and more tears started to flow. “Y-Y-You don’t understand what I’m feeling right now. It’s my fault. What happened here… everything! I’m the source of everyone’s pains... I’m sorry Jaejoong. If I wasn’t so cold hearted Yoochun and Yun—”

“No. Stop it,” Jaejoong cut him off and broke their hug. He looked straight at Junsu’s swollen red eyes trying to look strong. “It’s going to pass. It’s just going to be very hard. But no matter what they will always be there okay? That’s what…” His face started to scrunch together to stop the flow of emotions that were going out. “…Yunho said…” Mentioning Yunho’s name was too hard for him. “Maybe when we’re reborn again…” He tried to stop the tears that were trying to come out but he failed. There was a huge lump that was stuck in his throat preventing him from talking once more.

“No, no, no,” Junsu wrapped his arms around Jaejoong’s chest and buried his face in his clothes. “It hurts. I need him here… beside me.”

Changmin could only look. He couldn’t utter a single word out. He didn’t know what to say. His expertise on this subject disappeared like papers crushed and crumpled in a hurricane. He did feel pain. But this pain was different from what Junsu and Jaejoong were feeling. Whatever he felt, it was a million times heavier for them.

“I-I-I want Yoo…ch-chun back…” Junsu muffled.

All three of them yearned for the two people who have rescued them from their isolated walls. But unfortunately now, their hope was like a candle in the middle of the rain—easily crushed.

Everything happened so quickly that if they could, they’d turn back time to experience the feeling that was missing from their lives once again. However, what they truly wish for cannot be done. Time will never turn back and will always move forward. It is the general rule of life.

“My children…” a new person joined in, “These tears. They are too heavily burdened.”

All of them looked up at the figure that stood angelically upon them.

“Who are you?”


Yoochun’s eyes fluttered open as he lied down on a bed. Where was he? His vision was too blurry and his mind was too scattered in his head to be able to think properly. ‘Junsu…’ He thought for a second.

“JUNSU?!” He quickly got up. His body was fully functioning once again. “Junsu…” It seemed like it was the only word that his mouth could utter out. He found it hard to breathe. His mind was too frantic. But why?

‘Think Yoochun. What happened last?’


“Yoochun! Don’t say that!” Junsu yelled out, “I’ll save you somehow. I will save you!”

“No stop. Wait. Junsu…” Yoochun smiled and wiped the tears flowing down his cheeks. “Su…I’m sorry for whatever I did to you…”

/End of Flashback

He grabbed the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes.


“If we were to meet in another lifetime…” he started to loose his consciousness. “…would you love me back? I failed in this lifetime…so maybe…just maybe, will you love me then?”

End of Flashback

He grabbed the pillow that lay beside him and hugged it oh so tightly. His heart was in pain with all the emotions that fell upon him all in one go.


“Yoochun…” Junsu bawled, “…I was already in love with you. There will be no other man but you. I know it’s too late now…”

End of Flashback

Yoochun started to sweat. “Breathe…” he told himself.

The clock ticked, the birds twittered. What’s going to happen now?

Without a word of warning, Yunho entered the room urgently with his eyes red like cherries. He too seemed like he cried. Yoochun looked up at him with his pitiable state.

“Junsu…” he finally said as he grabbed the covers of the bed to cover himself up. “Was I just having a bad dream?”

Yunho went up to him and without notice, he instantly hugged him. “Yah! Yoochun-aah!” He bawled. “Don’t you ever think whatever happened to us was just a dream!”

“Even if it was just a dream, I’d like to go back to it.”


“Who are you?” Jaejoong asked as he reached for his sword at his side.

“I am she who guided Yoochun and Yunho to meet you,” the lady said.

Changmin knew who exactly this lady was. It was the angelic figure that Yunho has mentioned to him when they talked before. “Jaejoong,” Changmin called out to him, “put your sword down. She’s not a threat.”

“But Changmin! Who knows—”

“Just do it,” Changmin answered him, “let her explain.”

“I am the guardian of this world,” she replied, “I have the power over everything here.”

Junsu looked up to her, a glint of hope sparking in his eyes. “Then,” he hesitated for a bit. “You have the ability to help us right?”

“I have the power to do so.”

“Then will you help us?” Junsu pleaded.

“Have you finally learned how it’s like to live life for real?” She asked both Jaejoong and Junsu. “Do you now know what it is like to love and be loved?”

It was Jaejoong’s turn to talk. “I mean, we don’t know much about love at this moment but I’d like to feel loved again.”

The angelic lady smiled. “What is it that you need my utmost help with?”

“Yoochun…” Junsu said.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong told her.

“Bring them back to us.” they both finished.

“I assure you both of them are alright,” she answered. Both Jaejoong’s and Junsu’s face lit up with joy and relief. They were glad yet still mournful since their presence was not present. “I was always watching over them but unfortunately, I can’t interfere with anything that is happening here and thus, they were hurt. For me as well, I didn’t want them to die so I chose to heal them,” she continued. “But for every good deed there is a consequence.“

“What was the consequence?” Junsu asked her.

“Because of what I did, their return in this world is now forbidden. They cannot go back here anymore. They will forever remain in their own world.”

“Then…” Changmin was thinking. “Let us go there instead.”

“A life needs a plot and in order to live it, a theme as well. Every living thing has an end and so does this book. Four months, that’s how long until the story of this book is finished. After that, you may go there. Can you wait that long?”

“Even if I have to wait my whole entire life I will,” Junsu answered. “We didn’t grab on to the treasure that we had and so they disappeared. This time, we’ll take a hold of it.”

“But are you sure they will wait for you?”

“If I don’t do anything about it, then for the rest of my life I’ll wonder if Yunho still loves me or not. If he can’t wait for me, then at least I can watch him from a distance.” Jaejoong answered wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Very well then, if that is your choice,” the saintly figure said. “In four months time, we shall meet at the entrance of the forest. I will wait for all of you there.” With a flash of light, she disappeared.

‘Yoochun, wait for me. This time, I’ll come to you.’ Junsu contemplated.

5 months later…

“Would you like to go anywhere today, Yoochun?” Yunho asked him as they got out of their university gates.

“Can we grab a light snack at that coffee place you brought me yesterday?” Yoochun told him as they walked. “I’m feeling a bit down today.”

“Since when were you not down after—” Yunho stopped himself. “I mean. Ehmm. Let’s just go.” He smiled.

“I know you’re down too,” Yoochun muttered back. He sighed.

Unknown to both of them, three figures followed from behind.

“Ahh Chunnie-aaah, I finally found you. Still charming as always…” one figure spoke.

“I’m jealous…why do they always have to be together?” the other one spoke.

“I’m double jealous…they get to grab snacks,” the last one added.


“Sir, these are you orders,” the waitress served them. “One mocha latte for you,” she said as she gave it to Yoochun. “And a white hot chocolate for you.” She flashed Yunho a smile as she flipped her hair to the side.

Yunho could only give an awkward smile in return.

The black haired figure who was watching the scene from the side slammed his menu down too angry to think properly.

“Arggh! That bitch. I’m going to beat her up!” the black raven haired man said and stood up. “Stupid Yunho. You smiled at her too.”

“Hey you! Tough guy! You’ll blow our cover!” the tall man in skinny jeans hissed.

“Yeah! Sit down,” the other man said in his squeaky voice. “We’re going to get caught!”

“Here are your orders, sir!” a waiter said to the group of three guys. “Have a nice day!”

“Have a nice day my ass…” the pissed figure said as he sat down.


“I really want to go back.” Yoochun told Yunho as he spun his remaining latte inside his cup. “It’s really weird how that librarian disappeared. Gawd dheng, I still can’t remember his face. His name too.”

“Tell me about it. I can remember him introducing himself to me but in my memory his face is blurry and when he mentions his name… I swear! It’s bleeping on me.”

“You’re going crazy.” Yoochun teased him.

“At least I’m not the only one.”

Both laughed.

“Chunnnieee~!!!” his name was squeaked really loudly somewhere from the door.

Yoochun’s hair all over his body stood up and his eyes cringed. He knew who this voice belonged to from a mile away.

“I missed you so much!” A hug was given to him from behind.

“Ah!” Yoochun unwrapped the arms around his neck. He finally said, “Solbi. We just saw each other at school.”

“I know oppa!” Solbi said loudly, “But I have to see you every minute or else I go crazy!”

Yoochun looked back at Yunho who just looked away. He smiled awkwardly.

“Well… I’m with a friend soo…” Yoochun grinned.

“Oh well! I’ll take my leave now then,” Solbi waved cutely. “But first…”

Everything happened so fast to Yoochun. He blinked and the next thing he knew her lips was connected with his. WTH?

Yunho’s eyes opened widely but his mouth he kept closed. He almost died holding his laughter in but he managed to hold it until she has left the coffee shop door. They were causing a lot of commotion today.

“If you laugh…you’re going to die,” Yoochun told Yunho as he stared him down.

“It’s not my fault you attract those types of girls,” Yunho replied.

“BUT~!” Yoochun yelled out almost about to cry. “I like guys with duckbutts!!” He pouted and drank his latte to clean his mouth with it.

The three figures watching them from the side of the restaurant saw what happened. Two were too shocked to move and one was flaming hot with anger.

“I’m going to punish him!” a man with a squeaky voice yelled out. He stood up from his chair but both his two friends grabbed his arm. “Let go!” He stared at them with eyes like the devil itself.

And of course, they let go.

He stomped his way over to Yunho’s table and got to Yoochun’s back without him getting noticed. He tapped his shoulder.

Yoochun didn’t want to turn to look. He knew who it was going to be. It was going to be that Solbi chick again with her line, “oppa I haven’ seen you in a while~!!”

Yunho looked up at the person to see who’s tapping Yoochun. He was about to take a sip at his hot chocolate but the surprise just made him slam the cup down. He couldn’t believe his own eyes and so he rubbed them. ‘Oh.My.GAWD.’ That’s what he first thought. He pointed at the person behind Yoochun so that he would look back but Yoochun was too pissed and so he just ignored.

“J-J-ju…” Yunho couldn’t say the name of the man.

“Oh chunniee-aah~” he whispered on Yoochun’s ear. “I haven’t seen you in a long time.” The voice had no tone making it impossible to guess who the person was.

This chick is getting too close and so Yoochun snapped.

“CAN YOU FUCKING GET…” he turned around to face the person who he thought was Solbi, “…out…? His eyes widened. “JUNSU?!”


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Chapter 16: I Want to Feel You

Post by 3ternallove on 8/4/2009, 12:48 am

Chapter 16 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 16: I Want To Feel You

“G-get out?” Junsu swallowed the lump that was coming up his throat. His eyes were tearing up. “D-d-do you still love me?”

“No! I don’t want you to get—” Yoochun blurted out still shocked to see the love of his life standing in front of him. “That’s not—!”

“No?” Junsu’s eyes looked defeated.

“I mean—!” Yoochun was too frazzled by Junsu’s surprise appearance.

“Y-you don’t love me anymore?” the cute dolphin voiced man squeaked out.

“Yes! I mean—! Junsu stop changing your question to yeses or no’s!”

Tears began to form in Junsu’s eyes. “You’re in love with that other girl?”

Yoochun didn’t know what to do. Misunderstandings were the only reason why each of them ended up separated from each other. He didn’t know what to say. Is ‘Junsu I love you’, enough? I missed you, maybe?


Junsu’s right hand connected with Yoochun’s left cheek leaving it stinging with heat and pain.

“I hate you Yoochun!” With this, Junsu pushed Yoochun down and ran out of the café.

Yoochun was startled. Why?! “Junsu! Wait! I can explain—!!” Junsu didn’t hear it. He was long gone before he could hear Yoochun utter another word. ‘What do I do? Junsu must hate me now…’

*Flick* Yunho flicked Yoochun’s forehead to get him back to reality. “You’re going to leave him like that?”


Yunho’s calm face suddenly turned dark. He yelled. “THEN GO AFTER HIM YOU STUPID ASS!” He pulled Yoochun up and pushed him out the door.

When Yoochun got out of the café he saw the running Junsu bumping into other people causing too much attention. “Junsu! WAIT!” he called out.

Junsu heard it but ignored him. Instead of stopping, he ran even faster and faster.

“Ah! Junsu! No stop!” Yoochun yelled at him some more. But Junsu still kept on running. He turned corners— right, left, into a building, through hallways and up the stairs.

“Junsu! Please stop. You’re going to kill me,” Yoochun called out to him, panting harshly.

Junsu finally stopped running but only to unlock the door that led him to their own room. He was too upset to even listen to whatever the tired man was saying.

Noticing Junsu opening the door, Yoochun ran faster to catch up but he failed. He didn’t make it in time because Junsu has closed the door right before he got to him.


“Junsu! Open up!” Yoochun banged at the door. He jiggled the knob and was surprised that it was unlocked. Did Junsu want him to go in? Oh well!

Yoochun turned the knob to go inside. It was all dark. He couldn’t see a thing. Where were all the light switches? He kept on walking, his hands touching the wall to make sure he didn’t bump into anything. “Junsu? Come out please. We need to talk. I really missed you.”

Suddenly, cold metal embraced his left wrist and was dragged behind his body connecting the object with his right hand.

‘What the…’

“Chunnie-ah,” a man whispered close to his ears.

“Junsu?” Yoochun guessed. He couldn’t see. “W-why did you cuff my hands together?”

“I… need to make up for lost time Chunnie,” Junsu whispered as he began to unbuckle Yoochun’s belt.

“I don’t understand Junsu. You’re not mad at me—?” Yoochun asked him confusedly because of the sudden change of mood. He wanted to stop Junsu’s hands but his cuffed hands prevented him to do so.

“A little bit..” Junsu answered as he brought his lips close to Yoochun’s. Both could feel each other’s short but quick breaths because of their short chase around the streets. “Your lips… you should know it belongs only to me.” Junsu licked Yoochun’s lips wanting him to open up but Yoochun refused. “Chunnie-ah, you’re playing hard to get. I want to taste you.”

“No…” Yoochun said through his gritted teeth. “You’ll get that chick’s germs.”
“Open up,” Junsu told him. Yoochun shook his head sideways which Junsu felt. He took that as a no. “Fine, have it your way then.”

Junsu continued to lick Yoochun’s lips. He then placed his hands in Yoochun’s pants grabbing his member squeezing it tightly.

“AAH!” Yoochun screamed. Without hesitation, Junsu took this opportunity to stick his tongue inside Yoochun’s cavern, ravishing him. “Joon-fuu!” Yoochun tried to say his name but was completely muffled by the other man’s tongue. Junsu was completely dominating. He was too hungry for the man in front of him. Too long—he has waited too long to taste this unripe sin in front of him.

Moans came out of Yoochun’s mouth. He wanted to stop so that he could talk to Junsu but he also wanted to keep on going. He never felt this good for so long. Air. He needed air. And so, he broke the kiss. Both panted for what both of them needed but seconds later, Junsu ravished his mouth once again quickening his pace on Yoochun’s throbbing member.

“Ahh..ahh..ah,” Yoochun groaned. He thrust his hips to get Junsu to go faster and faster. Almost there…Yoochun felt the tension down there about to tighten but before he could reach that point, Junsu stopped everything he was doing to him. Yoochun shivered because of the sudden loss.

“Junsu…” he groaned. “Need..something.” Yoochun wanted to touch, to feel the man beside him but these stupid metal cuffs prevented him from doing so.

Junsu grabbed his shirt leading him through the dark. Seconds later, a door opened. Yoochun could hear it creaking. Lights finally opened but it was dim and so his eyes got quickly used to the brightness of the room.

Junsu grabbed his waist with both arms keeping both of their bodies close as they slowly walked to the bed. “Yoochun,” Junsu called out his name, his forehead resting on Yoochun’s own. “Remember the first time we made love? I’d like you to feel what you made me feel before…”

Junsu laid Yoochun down to the bed going on top of him causing Yoochun’s arms to be crushed by their weight. “Can I make love to you?”

He hesitated to nod but Yoochun didn’t want to upset his man some more and so he just nodded anyways. Junsu smiled, taking off his shirt and any piece of clothing that was attached to his body. Yoochun copied him. He didn’t know what was going to happen next which caused him to feel scared and excited at the same time.

“Yoochun,” Junsu crawled on top of him. “Have you been fucked by a man before?”

Yoochun was caught off guard by this question. He blushed. “N-no…”

“I don’t think I can be gentle with you,” Junsu whispered. “I can think of so many ways that I can do to your tight ass.” He took two of his fingers and placed it inside Yoochun’s mouth opening them. “Suck on them. This is the only thing you get right now.” He shoved his index and middle finger inside Yoochun’s mouth almost making him puke. With his other hand he wrapped it around Yoochun’s member and moved it in an up and down motion.

“Junsu, stop. I can’t cum yet,” Yoochun gasped for air. This feeling felt so different from all the nights he touched himself. Saliva began to trickle down his jaw as Junsu’s fingers started playing around with everything inside his mouth. Because of this, his mouth was prevented to close and his tongue was too helpless with the playfulness of Junsu’s fingers inside his mouth.

“I can help you with that Chunnie,” Junsu grinned. He stopped all his movements once again, his fingers still inside. Under a pillow right beside them, Junsu grabbed a cock ring and placed it around Yoochun’s slick member.

Seeing the object appear right before his eyes once again, Yoochun whimpered. “Junsu…”

“Sorry Yoochun, I’m still mad at you for letting that girl kiss you.”

Yoochun’s eyes conveyed defeat. Junsu had a complete advantage of the situation right now. “But—!” He stopped whining as Junsu turned the ring on making it come to life. Vibrations started to crawl up his body.

“FUCK!” Yoochun cursed. His hands headed towards his member but were stopped with a loud clink. The cuffs still held his hands together behind him. “Junsu, you’re really going to kill me right now. Take… it … off.” He started to feel weak—his mouth too feeble to speak. His eyes were half open.

“Don’t worry Chun-ah. I’ll make you feel good tonight. This is my apology to you for almost killing you.” He took his fingers off of Yoochun’s mouth and replaced it with his lips. He licked the side of his jaw where Yoochun’s saliva has been dribbling and went up to his lips. Junsu played with Yoochun’s ring muscle but suddenly, with great force he pushed one finger inside.

“Ah!” Yoochun winced in pain.

“Don’t worry Yoochun,” Junsu assured. “It won’t hurt for long.” He moved his finger around thrusting it in and out in different angles.

“Junsu, Junsu,” Yoochun’s panted his name over and over again. The pleasure he was getting from the vibrations of the cock ring and the pain he was getting from Junsu blended well together. The pleasure was too much. Not long after the first finger, Junsu inserted his second digit. It spread his tight hole apart, fingers moving in scissor like motions.

Yoochun’s breaths became short and quick. The pain suddenly went away and now, only pleasure was felt. Junsu played around inside his virgin hole thrusting them in and out looking for that pleasure spot inside of him.

“Fuck! What..ah..was that?!” Yoochun cursed for the second time, his body shivered as Junsu continued to hit his prostate. “Ah..aah..J-jun..su.” Yoochun turned his head sideways to hide his expression. Junsu could only grin. He took out his fingers and sat on top of Yoochun’s chest near the base of his neck.

“Yoochun…help me,” Junsu begged as he thrust his hips. His member was now dangling in front of Yoochun’s mouth with cum dripping out of it. “Suck me.”

Panting harshly, Yoochun took Junsu’s needy cock into his mouth and licked it all over like a baby trouncing on its lollipop. Junsu grabbed Yoochun’s hair pulling on it once in a while. “Ah…baby I can’t take it anymore!” He pried Yoochun’s hands away and started to mouth fuck his lover. “Ah, Chunnie-ah,” Junsu groaned out loud, “every single one of your holes feels so good.”

When Junsu began to thrust his hips, Yoochun almost gagged but got used to for every time Junsu’s member hit the back of his throat going deeper with each thrust.

Junsu’s pace finally slowed. Not long after that, he took his member out of Yoochun’s abused mouth and ravished it with his own lips once again.

“Ah Yoochun, I taste so good inside you,” Junsu said just audible enough for both of them to hear. “Aren’t you curious to what I would feel inside of you?”

Without a word warning, Junsu positioned himself on top of Yoochun with his back still on the bed. With this, shoved his needy member inside.

“It hurts… Junsu,” Yoochun moaned.

“I know baby. Bear with it for now,” Junsu comforted him. “You’ll feel good soon.”

Junsu started off slow. Yoochun’s passage was too tight for his own slicked cock. It felt too good. “Yoochun… so tight.” He said as he read Yoochun’s face. “Should I stop?”

“Keep…moving,” he looked at him with too much intensity in his eyes.

“Yes sir,” Junsu grinned. Let’s do this together. He lifted Yoochun’s back off the bed with his arms dangling behind.

Junsu kept on thrusting as Yoochun finally settled into a rhythm with him.

“I’m okay now Junsu, go faster,” Yoochun said in between his breaths. Junsu obliged.

Without anything to hold on to, Yoochun buried his head at the crook of Junsu’s neck and began biting and licking all over it.

“Ah..ahh..ughh,” Yoochun’s muscles began to tense up. “Ring..the..cock ring.”

“Cum with me,” Junsu panted as he turned off the cock ring and took it off Yoochun’s throbbing member.

“Harder Junsu! Fuck me harder!” Yoochun begged. Junsu compelled once again.

The pace fastened. “Ah..ah..AAH! Junsu, can’t…hold it in..a-anym-more.” Yoochun’s passage tightened causing Junsu’s own member to release its seeds inside. His own hips jerked as Junsu rode out the pleasure from his orgasm. Yoochun fell back dragging Junsu with him down to the bed.

“Y-Yoochun, you sh-should be t-top every t-time w-we do th-this,” Junsu suggested.

Yoochun just laughed. Undo my cuffs now. I’d like to feel you for the first time in such a long time.

“The keys…they were beside you the whole time.” Junsu pointed with his head.

“Way to tell me ahead of time,” Yoochun said sarcastically as he unlocked the hand cuffs around his wrist. Without wasting any second of their time, Yoochun grabbed Junsu’s cheeks and rubbed his thumb over the soft skin. “You don’t know how much I wished for this moment even though it seemed too impossible.”

“Yoochun, I thought I wasn’t going to see you again. It feels so surreal. Back there…I thought you really died. I have never felt so sad in my whole life,” Junsu confessed to him. “Now that I’m here with you again, I’m never going to lose you again.”

“Ahh… my sleeping beauty, I really love you. I’ve said it to you before but it feels good to say it over and over again.”


“So that I can make sure that you only belong to me,” Yoochun replied. “Everything belongs to me okay? Especially your heart.” He gave Junsu a quick peck on the lips.

“I love you too Chunnie,” Junsu yawned. “Even if you’re old and wrinkled…I love you.” He embraced Yoochun so tightly not willing to let him go.

Yoochun felt so warm. He smiled for the first time in five months. He watched as his sleeping beauty slept comfortably right next to him.


‘I hope they’re alright,’ Yunho thought in his mind. He just pushed Yoochun out the door to chase after Junsu. “Good thing he has a friend like me…” he mumbled to himself. He sat down on the coffee table and began to think. ‘If Junsu was here…then is Jaejoong here?!’ He was kind of happy but sad that he couldn’t see him yet. “Ah… Jaejoong…” He sighed out loud.

“What about me?” Jaejoong said from behind him.

“J-Jaejoong?!” His mind screamed.


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Chapter 17: The Hidden Rose

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Chapter 17 [LJ Version]
Click for the link!

Chapter 17: Hidden Rose

“Jaejoong?” Yunho got up from his seat slowly.

“…” No reply.

“Jaejoong? Is that really you?”

Jaejoong still didn’t reply. Instead he watched Yunho as he circled him, inspected him…observed him.

“Jaejoooooong?” Yunho called out annoyingly.

“I heard you the first time you knuckle head. Now for the second time, what about me?”

Tears formed at the corners of Yunho’s eyes. His face scrunched up as a sign that he was about to cry. And without any hesitation at all, Yunho ran to Jaejoong’s arms and hugged him oh so tight. “I thought I was never going to see you again,” Yunho cried, his face buried in Jaejoong’s clothes.

The hug caught Jaejoong by surprise. “I should be the one crying you douche,” he sighed. Even though Jaejoong called Yunho names, he felt sympathy for the man. And so he patted the man’s back to comfort him. “I thought I lost you permanently.” His hands that were patting Yunho’s back now embraced the crying man’s chest. “Shall we go for a walk?”

Yunho let go of Jaejoong’s magnetic body and quickly nodded.

They sat on the bench right in front of a park where children played. It was a perfect scenery to enjoy happiness and the freedom of a childhood that never existed for Jaejoong.

“I wouldn’t even ask how you got here,” Yunho said to start off the conversation.

“Good, because I wouldn’t even want to talk about it anyways.”

The topic ended in an instant. Seconds passed by and no one spoke. The laughter of the children playing was the only thing that kept their world from sinking under complete silence.

“So…” Yunho awkwardly said to start off a conversation.

Finally, Jaejoong said something but didn’t look at Yunho. “Are you hurt?” Truthfully, he was very worried about Yunho being stabbed back there and all but really, it was hard for him to express his emotions especially in person. Now that Yunho was with him and was at his reach at last, he was very happy—really happy actually. But Jaejoong didn’t know how to show it.

“You know Jaejoong,” Yunho sighed not knowing how he’s going to explain what he wants to say. “We should let go and forget the bad memories that happened to the both of us back there—to all of us I mean. I think we’ll be happier this way.”

“Happy? Me?” Jaejoong made fun of the word. “I can barely smile.”

“Since I am here now, I think I’ll be your source of happiness. I know you can be happy. I saw it back there when I was about to leave you. You smiled at me.” Yunho looked at Jaejoong and Jaejoong glanced back.

“Yunho, I thought…” Jaejoong didn’t finish his sentence. Instead he brought his face closer to the other man’s with the intent of wanting to kiss him, but he restrained himself. From this distance, which was not too far away from Yunho’s face, he saw the other man closing his eyes hoping for a kiss as well. He smiled and instead of a kiss he yelled out, “I thought… WE WEREN’T GOING TO TALK ABOUT SAD THINGS FROM THE PAST YUNHO?” With this, he took his index finger and pushed Yunho’s forehead away from his face increasing the distance again.

“What the heck Jaejoong. I mean I really love you and I know YOU love me,” Yunho complained as he rubbed his forehead. “But your strength will leave me headless. Besides, you smiling isn’t a sad memory. ”

Jaejoong raised his right brow. “I don’t remember saying that I lov—yeah,” Jaejoong didn’t manage to say those words out loud to him leaving Yunho pouting.

“You know, I would’ve killed myself out of depression if I didn’t get to hear those words from you Joongie. So even if you don’t say I love you now, I’m still happy. That added smile was a real bonus too,” Yunho only grinned to taunt the man sitting beside him.

Jaejoong stared down at the cemented ground with a black aura emitting from his body. He looked at Yunho with eyes that sparked red. “If you say that one more time, you’re going to find yourself hanging on top of a tree branch begging for mercy.”

Yunho only stifled a laugh. “Ah, Jaejoong. You shouldn’t throw away happy moments just like that,” he sighed. “Being happy should be a responsibility us humans should have. So don’t carelessly throw them away or else, you’ll only be finding yourself left with the depressing ones.” Yunho patted Jaejoong’s back with too much strength which brought the angered man back to his calm state.

“Why me Yunho? Are you a fool? Out of all the people in this world why do you cling to me?” Jaejoong continuously asked Yunho questions.

“You have lots of charm Jaejoong,” Yunho answered. “You just haven’t realized that you have them. I’m this fool who just fell for those charms. Beneath that mask of yours, people might not be able to see these charms but for me, I can see them too clearly.”

Jaejoong’s usual emotionless face cracked. He wore this icy mask so that he could protect himself from getting hurt just like his father said. But now, his heart is telling him to finally melt the mask off so that he could hold on to the one that he loved most. “Yunho… out of all the people, why you?”

“Because I’m a fool, just like you said,” Yunho answered. “I’m a complete fool… for you. Only you.”

Jaejoong’s heart which was usually calm and cool now stirred up.

“You should learn how to pick a better man Yunho,” Jaejoong told him.

Yunho reached out to Jaejoong’s hand leading them to his cheek. He thought it would be cold, but surprisingly Jaejoong was very warm.

“Can you hug me Yunho?” Jaejoong suddenly asked. ‘I want you to fill my cold empty heart with warmth.’

This warmth that he was feeling, it brought tears to his eyes. Yunho felt so warm and safe. It felt so comforting. How he wished he had this luxury when he was a kid. Soon, his eyes were filled up with tears. “Yunho, can we stay like this for a little longer? I don’t want you to see my face like this again.”

“That’s all right. Cry into my arms all you want,” Yunho told him.

For some reason, these words felt so serene in Jaejoong’s ears. They were words that he had never heard from anyone for a long time. He felt so alone all this time.

Yunho felt so pained seeing Jaeoong like this. Just staring at him now, he could feel the pain and the hurt that Jaejoong has gone through by himself. “Jaejoong…” he whispered.

Jaejoong didn’t answer but he stopped his sobbing. He did not say anything. He waited for Yunho to speak but no one uttered a word.

And so, Jaejoong talked first. “I’d like to stay with you like this Yunho,” he said. “I know you’ll stay by me too.”

Yunho was momentarily stunned by those words and so he watched as Jaejoong boldly grabbed his chin and kissed him. His heart almost stopped but his eyes were wide open with surprise. He gazed at Jaejoong’s angelic face that tried to put an awkward smile.

This was the only way Jaejoong was able to show Yunho what he felt for him all this time. From his childhood, he knew that he would never be loved or be happy but when Yunho came, his expectations of his life turned upside down. Life shouldn’t be tough now that Yunho was with him.

“Can I take you home Jaejoong?” Yunho broke their own silence.

“Anything you want to do…Yunnie.”

They got to the door at Yunho’s apartment where he just dragged Jaejoong to the bedroom where they were about to make love.

When they reached the bed, he placed his hands on Jaejoong’s chest and stimulated his nipples.

Jaejoong began to blush from the pleasure. He tried to stop Yunho but Yunho just smiled.

“I don’t think I can stop myself anymore Jaejoong, I’ve waited for at least five months now.”

He started to pinch and stroke Jaejoong’s nipples causing him to cry out. “I want to leave my mark on you now so that you belong to me and only me.”

“S-stop!” Jaejoong managed to breathe out but Yunho ignored these protests and instead, he ran his fingers down Jaejoong’s crotch.

“Ahh..t-that…mmm,” Jaejoong complained but Yunho just stopped him by kissing his lips.

At first, Yunho licked his lips… teasing him but after that, he slid his tongue inside Jaejoong’s hot cavern ravishing his insides. The black raven haired man resisted but Yunho only sucked on his tongue. Unconsciously now, Jaejoong placed his arms around the man on top of him as waves of pleasure started to dominate his whole body and his mind.

Yunho sensed that Jaejoong has now given in to him. It was time now. He pulled his lips away leaving Jaejoong’s lips craving for more. The dominating man grabbed Jaejoong’s chin and looked deeply into his eyes, into his soul, until Yunho saw his reflection on Jaejoong’s dark orbs. He then nibbled on his earlobe wanting to taste every single part of the man who was withering below him. Jaejoong’s lips trembled from pleasure and not from pain. He wished for this night to be never ending.

“Jaejoong…” Yunho whispered into his ear. “You’ll be happy with me right?”

Jaejoong could only nod. He found himself being entranced by Yunho’s words. “I won’t run away from these feelings I’m feeling right now. I won’t run away from you either.” The black raven haired man’s eyes trembled as he poured out his honest feelings to Yunho.

“You deserve to live happily Jaejoong,” Yunho told him. “Don’t live life with only you in your own circle. You don’t deserve that.” He blew gently on Jaejoong’s ear as he spoke to him.

Jaejoong’s chest tightened as he realized that his life was terribly wasted. What has he been doing all this time?

Yunho started to kiss the corner of his eyes. Jaejoong realized that tears now streamed down his face. He looked at Yunho silently regretting his life that he has lived up till now.

“I can’t hold back anymore Jaejoong,” Yunho spoke softly, “I’ll try to be gentle with you. But I don’t think I can. I want to mark you so deep that it will never disappear.” After this statement, he ran his fingers along Jaejoong’s neck where his skin was silky smooth. He undressed Jaejoong.

“Isn’t this too sudden Yunho?”

Yunho stroked his chin like a cat. “How do you want me Jaejoong?”


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Chapter 17 [Continued]

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It wasn’t like Jaejoong to be dominated over but for some reason, Jaejoong felt happy. Yunho wanted Jaejoong to tell him what to do and so he slowly stripped himself wanting Jaejoong to see every single curve and line of his body. He laid the man there on the bed with his legs spread exposing everything to him.

“Yunho…this is…” Jaejoong complained. His voice shook as he called his lover’s name. “Stop teasing…”

Yunho could only look at him with eyes full of want as their bodies rubbed each other creating hot friction between them.

“Hurry…” Jaejoong cried out for Yunho to go faster as his want for him grew every passing second. “Yunho… please, hurry.”

“So even you can show this type of face now,” Yunho murmured, “at least, you are improving Jaejoong.”

Jaejoong could only pant out the words “shut up.” His voice now lacked with his usual strength and power. Just like his clothes, it was quickly stripped off of him too.

“When did you fall in love with me Jaejoong?” Yunho asked out of curiosity. His slender fingers caressed Jaejoong’s cheek.

“I… don’t know. I never really realized it because I kept on running away from you. I was too stubborn,” Jaejoong replied. “But back at that time, you really cared for me. That’s why I felt kind of comfortable around you.”

“So you really do love me…” Yunho reached for Jaejoong’s member and stroked it.

“Aaah…” Jaejoong couldn’t stop his moans that kept on coming up his throat. He wanted more. His body burned with desire. “Stop teasing me.” Jaejoong’s protests now turned into sweet moans that sounded like gentle music to Yunho’s ears under his moving fingers on Jaejoong’s crotch. Yunho now rubbed the tip of his finger on Jaejoong’s wrinkled opening on his butt. It invited Yunho in but he just kept on rubbing Jaejoong’s opening. With this, Jaejoong wriggled below.

“Can you tell me how you feel about me Joongie?”

“You should know by now,” Jaejoong told him as he looked away from those deep orbs that seemed to have sucked him in every time he stared at them.

Yunho stopped his movements. He asked again. “Can you tell me how you feel about me Jaejoongie?” He placed his hands again on Jaejoong’s crotch and gently stroked Jaejoong’s penis with his slim fingers.

Jaejoong thrust his hips forward to get more from the movement but nothing good came out of it. His opening was now craving and quivering for desire and so, Yunho poked the opening.

“Hurts…” Jaejoong managed to say out loud as Yunho fingered his ass. “I-is it too late… to … say… I l-lo-love… you?” Yunho pressed another finger up Jaejoong’s tight entrance. Jaejoong’s prostate was now being gently massaged bringing forth mind blowing pleasure. He cries of pain turned into sweet moans to Yunho’s ears. Yunho wiggled his fingers around inside Jaejoong searching for that spot that would send greater pleasure to the other man.

“Yunho…no…hurts…” Jaejoong began to moan out.

“Then I’ll make you feel good now,” Yunho whispered. He pressed his fingers against Jaejoong’s sensitive spot inside which caused the small body to freeze because of the sudden jolt of pleasure. Jaejoong looked up in confusion. ‘Why does it suddenly feel so good?’

“You love me Jaejoong?” Yunho pressed his fingers hard against Jaejoong’s sensitive spot and decided to thrust them in and out before Jaejoong could answer.

“Ahhh…aahhh...not good,” Jaejoong panted. He grabbed Yunho’s arm and nodded his head quickly. Before he could cum, Yunho stopped his thrusting of fingers causing Jaejoong’s inside to tighten against them, sucking the fingers deeper into his body.

“Your body says you love me Jaejoong,” Yunho softly spoke. He smiled at Jaejoong and gave him a kiss on the lips. Their eyes met again and this time it was Jaejoong’s turn to say something.

“I-I love you… Yunho.”

Yunho could only smile. He finally took out his fingers and replaced them with his own throbbing member. Jaejoong could feel it. His opening filled to the brim with Yunho’s own member. It hurt. He felt like he was going to rip and so he clung to Yunho’s body as he moaned out loud.

“Y-Yunho…yunho…move faster,” Jaejoong commanded.

“As you wish…” Yunho kissed him passionately as he thrust in and out of Jaejoong. To increase the amount of pleasure, Yunho started to rub their bodies together making Jaejoong’s stiffened cock rub against Yunho’s abdominal muscles.

“I can’t… hold… YUNHO!” Jaejoong screamed. His penis, his mouth, and his opening were all pleasured. He couldn’t help but to give in and submit.

“Not yet Jaejoong,” Yunho told him as he grabbed the base of his cock causing Jaejoong to not be able to release. He fastened his pace and thrust in and out too violently for Jaejoong to handle.

“Yunho… you’re tearing me apart…” A tear flowed down Jaejoong’s eye.

“Then be torn apart Joongie. This way you can give your everything to me,” Yunho replied.

“YUNHO! Stop…” Jaejoong’s hips jerked as Yunho let go of the base of his cock, his eyes squeezing closed as he came. His drool dribbled down his own mouth leaving Yunho to lap it with his own tongue. He could only tremble and moan out loud from his mind blowing orgasm.

“Why haven’t I felt this before?” Jaejoong questioned him. “With you, it feels very different.”

“It’s because I’m the only one that can love you like this, can make you feel like this…” Yunho panted.

“Yunho-ah,” Jaejoong called out as he looked at Yunho with enchanting eyes. Today, the barrier that he placed to keep people out has been broken down revealing a beautiful rose garden that has been hidden by it. Yunho now held Jaejoong’s body. Both wanted to be one and thus, both never wanted to let go. There is no one stopping them now.


“Now, I’m alone…” Changmin mumbled out loud as he stirred his chocolate latte that he ordered. He kept on playing with the straw, blowing on it making bubbles in his drink as he decided what he should do to pass time.

“Are you alone?” A gorgeous smile appeared from the man on his side. “Can I join you for today? There aren’t really extra seats so …”

‘Gorgeous.’ It was all Changmin could describe him. He wanted to smile but he kept his poker face on. “Sure. Go ahead...seat’s available. My friends left me so yeah.” Changmin spoke in a calm manner.

“Oh, well, I guess we can keep each other company for the day.” The seemingly gorgeous man stated.

“Well you sure like to be straight forward,” Changmin smirked.

“Why should I not say what I want to say to you?” the man asked. “Everything not said causes stupid…” The man stopped as he searched for the word that he wanted to say. “…misunderstandings.”

“Ahh, trust me. I’d know,” Changmin said as he drank some more of his latte. “Well, I’m glad there’s someone who understands that fact in this world.”

“Your answer?”

“You never asked a question,” Changmin told him in confusion.

“You’re a smart one,” the man complimented him. “Well, I was wondering if you can accompany my lonely self for the day. You know, go around the town for a bit. Are you new here?”

Changmin could only stare at the man. He couldn’t read his face, his thoughts and so he got attracted to the mysterious beauty in front of him. “I’m sort of new here. I’ve only lived here for at least a month. And as for going with you… sure why not?”

“I never thought you’d agree coming with me,” the man answered with his deep alluring voice. He took Changmin’s hand and kissed the top of it like how a princess would be treated like. “Your name…?”

Changmin blushed crimson red. This man was so bold—just the way he liked men. “It’s Changmin.” He replied back as he tried to stay calm. He didn’t want to stutter.

“Well Changmin…” the stunning man continued to speak. “My name is Dongwook and I’d like to keep you company for the rest of today.”

Changmin could only pout. “Only for today?” He asked.

“Today and…” the man smiled showing his perfectly straight teeth. “And maybe… if I really like you, I’ll keep you company till you get old.”

“That sounds nice…Dongwook.” As soon as the last syllable left Changmin’s mouth, the strikingly dressed man stood up from his chair and leaned across the table to kiss the unguarded lips of

“What are you doing?!” Changmiin broke the kiss.

“Well for a perfectly smart man, I thought it was obvious,” Dongwook replied with a grin. He stared at Changmin’s eyes and studied them so close.

“Uwaah!” Changmin complained. “I’m accompanying a crazy man~”

“Well at least you know the man is only crazy for you,” Dongwook added.

“Gaah!” Changmin stood up in frustration. “You’re taking my smart aleck commenter role!”

“Well, you can’t be the only smart one in the world. As you know, someone is always better than you at everything.” Dongwook now teased the frustrated man in front of him.

“First you kiss me and then you make fun of me?” Changmin questioningly challenged him. “That’s not how you seduce men.” He told the gorgeous man still sitting on the table.

“Well it’s certainly working for you isn’t it?” Dongwook answered Changmin with his eyes forming an innocent smile.

“Totally…” Changmin grumbled out. “…Not!” But really what he wanted to say was, ‘Yes.’

“You’re in denial,” Dongwook told him.

‘NO I’M NOT!’ He complained in his mind. From his standing position, he turned his back from Dongwook and headed towards the door.

Noticing this, Dongwook got out of his seat and took a hold of Changmin’s slender fingers.

He then whispered to him, “Yeah, you are.”

“Fuck, you’re smart.” Changmin sarcastically said out loud.

“Well at least you are willing to admit.”

Changmin ignored that last comment. “So where are we going?”
The slender man shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. I haven’t thought about that one yet. I thought we’d stay at the café for a while but you left.”

“Stupid.” It was all Changmin could say. Every time this man spoke, it was like sex to his ears.

“But I thought I was smart?”

“Well I guess…not anymore!” Changmin grinned as he laughed in victory in his mind.


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Re: You're My _ _ _ _ _ _ Sleeping Beauty (Complete)

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