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My 1/3 Boyfriend (Starring So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul) COMPLETED

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My 1/3 Boyfriend (Starring So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul) COMPLETED

Post by davinci486 on 7/30/2009, 9:02 pm


This is my 2nd fanfic (here). The story itself is base on a manga entitled "1/3 no Kareshi" in English "My 1/3 Boyfriend" starring

Kim Bum as So Yi Jung
Kim So Eun as Chu Ga Eul



So Yi Jung takes an embarrassing picture of Chu Ga Eul, but he says he will only delete it if they meet again at the same place later. What will Ga Eul do?


Hope you'll like it

Very Happy


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Chapter 1: Teddy Bear Print

Post by davinci486 on 7/30/2009, 9:03 pm

'I continued to wait..For someone honest and pure-hearted..If I live that way...I've always day that person would find me.'

Ga Eul in the hallway....

Ga Eul: I bet I'm the only 3rd-year high school student who doesn't have a boyfriend.

A girl who happen to past by her in the hallway said "She said she doesn't have a boyfriend even though she's in her las year of high sad." to her friend with her.

A boy who also happen to past by her in the hallway said "I hope I don't end up like her, that's for sure."

In the Common Area where Junior and Senior high are gathering.

Ga Eul talking to herself "th..There’s nothing wrong with me.

It's just that everybody else is too easygoing."

It must be a sad case for Ga Eul that even Junior high students make fun of her. Though since the students wear normal clothes in the school, it's hard to tell what year everyone is in.

Ga Eul bump into a man.. "Oh sorry.."

Then the man she bumps into stares at her holding a mobile phone. She thought 'What a cool-looking guy'.

The man then asked "Would it be ok...for me to take a picture of you?"

Ga Eul "Eh?! Ah.. Yes. Please go ahead."

Ga Eul's POV
'Why does he want a photo of me?' 'Don't tell me he fell in love with me at first sight or something.' 'If so........'
End of POV

Then Ga Eul start to ask "B...but why do you want to take my picture?"

The man replied "Well, because..."

Ga Eul: "because...?"

"Your underwear is completely exposed. So funny!!!" the man continued.

Ga Eul prossesing "EHH?" then react "EH!!!? DELETE IT!!! ERASE IT!!!!"

"No way you said I could take it." the man replied.
Ga Eul feeling embarrassed "What!?"

The man then continues what he's saying "If you want me to delete it, then meet me here again."

Ga Eul in shock "HUH?!" in her thoughts 'Is that a threat?!'

The man said "I wonder what I should do with this if you don't come?" "Oh. I have to get back to class."

Ga Eul still prossesing everything "EH!? WAIT!? FINE..."

Ga Eul's POV
'What will I do if something like that gets spread around?' 'and of all things, I'm wearing panties with teddybear print!!!'
End of POV



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Chapter 2: Guy's Confessions

Post by davinci486 on 7/30/2009, 9:05 pm

"I'll come back at lunch!!! Make sure you don't show that around or anything got it?!" Ga Eul shouted back.

The man just smirks.

A teacher coming there way said "Hurry and get back to class."

Ga Eul responds "Yes sir."

The man starts to walk away when Ga Eul shout again "Understood?"

Again the man just smirks.

Ga Eul battling inside 'I can't believe I wasted even a second of my time thinking he looked cool...' '..Who the hell was he!?'

The man as he walked away whispered "Found you."

Ga Eul in her homeroom class feeling wasted after that incident.

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhh..............." Ga Eul signed.

A friend approched her "Ga Eul, you look like you've aged all of a sudden.."

"JanDi could you leave me alone please?" Ga Eul said to her friend.

JanDi asked her friend "Never mind that. You went to the Common Area, right? Did you see any cute-looking new student?"

Ga Eul still feeling wasted "I didn't notice any."

JanDi respond "That was stupid of you. It's a tradition in our school for 3rd-year high school students to go to the Common Area to check out the new junior high students."

Ga Eul replied "You're the only one who does that, though, right?"

JanDi quick respond "No, that's not true!"

"Don't you remember when you were a 1st-year junior high student? Lots of the high school 3rd-years came to check you out." JanDi added.

Ga Eul suddenly shocked and get's up "Huh!? What do you mean?!"

JanDi replied "You're really popular back then because you're cute."

JanDi added "Don't you remember all theses guys confessing to you?"

JanDi then remembering one time..

"How late would we be if we went out?"
"Huh? A relationship between a man and a woman?!"
"But the school doesn't allow relationships between high school students and junior high students"
Ga Eul said to a guy confessing to her way back when she was a 1st-year junior high student. The poor guy he can't even talk back.
End of Flashback

JanDi continue to talk "Anyway, you scared off everybody because you were so strait-laced."

As JanDi was talking Ga Eul talking to herself again 'Come to think of it, I vaguely remember something like that happening..'

Ga Eul can only respond "oohh.."

Then Ga Eul stiffed. And felt doomed "Wait! This isn't the time to be thinking about something like this!"

JanDi shock "huh?"

Ga Eul battling inside 'I can't get a boyfriend if that photo is floating around.' 'I wonder who that guy is.' 'He didn't look he was younger than me. Could he be the same year?' 'But surely I would have notice a guy who stands out as much as he does.'

"Maybe he's from the maths and science section. I don't know many of those students" Ga Eul whispered.

Lunch break came...

'He's not a delinquent or something, is he?' Ga Eul thought.

"Excuse --------" Ga Eul said while she opens the door.



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Chapter 3: I Like You!

Post by davinci486 on 7/30/2009, 9:06 pm

"You're late." the man said while smoking.

Ga Eul shocked "Y..Y..You're smoking!!!! That's bad!!" Then close the door...

Man said "Oh?"

He added as he put's out his cigarette and walk towards Ga Eul "You get here late, and that's all you have to say?"

Ga Eul said "Wh-What is it?"

"Hold still" the man said.

"Huh?" Ga Eul utter.

"Uh...Something like this should only be done after we've beem going out for a while!" Ga Eul whispered as she thought at the same time 'He's not going to do something perverted, is he?!' 'Is that why he called me here?'

"Quiet down. It will be over soon." the man said approching her reaching his hands to her..

'Was he aiming for this!?' Ga Eul questioning herself. As she says "Hey... Sto...Ahh.."

Then the man said "Look here."

"The butterfly was on your shoulder." the man added.

Ga Eul didn't know what to do stares at the butterfly and says "oh...” and blushed.

"I'm So Yi Jung and you're Chu Ga Eul." the man starts saying and added "Right?"

Ga Eul was once again shocked "How did you kno ---"

Ga Eul was cut off by Yi Jung as he releases the butterfly and said "You don't have to be so afraid of me."

Yi Jung added "It's just that....."

".......I like you. That's all." Yi Jung added.

Ga Eul quickly responded "huh?" She swears she could hear her heart-beating fast.

Yi Jung then turns to Ga Eul and said "Well, I'm not asking for your reply right away."

Yi Jung added "You'll be here on time tomorrow, won't you?"

Suprised Ga Eul asked "Eh? Oh..."

Yi Jung putting his hand on the door cornering Ga Eul and in agry face said "You are coming, right?"

Ga Eul feeling scared all of a sudden burst out saying "Y-YES!!"

Then Yi Jung calmed "Well, you may go now."

Ga Eul began to asked herself 'What's with this guy' 'He's weird.' 'Really weird, huh?'

Ga Eul starts to turn around saying "Okay,"

Ga Eul walking back at her class thinking 'He said he likes me.' then starts to blush as red as a tomato.

Yi Jung on ther other hand feeling the best of it shouted "YES! I-I DID IT!"

Feeling happy and excited Yi Jung walked back to class, which by the way is in the Junior High Division Area of the School, shouting "It's going well, very well!" "I DID IT!"



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Chapter 4: Strait-laced

Post by davinci486 on 7/30/2009, 9:09 pm

“Ahh!” Jandi shouted
“Ga Eul’s gone again” Jandi continued to shout inside their room.
“Maybe she’s got a boyfriend.” Chae Kyung, one of their of friends, said.
“No, that’s not it” Jandi said. “My gut instinct tells me…” she continued.
“She’s probably taken for a ride!!!” Jandi added.


“I heard Sang Mi from Class B is being two-timed” Ga Eul broke the silent between her and Yi Jung while eating mouthful.
“Th-that’s terrible” Yi Jung replied.
“Right being lied to and all.” Ga Eul answers back.
Yi Jung kept silent. Ga Eul continued to talk.
“About what you said before?” Ga Eul started to ask.
“I’ve got to go back. 5th period is about to start.” Yi Jung immediately said.
“Oh that’s true.” Ga Eul replied.
“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Yi Jung said and walked back to his class.
“Yep, bye!” Ga Eul said smiling and continued to eat.

After Yi Jung left…

Ga Eul starts to talked to herself:
“Why does he always run off to class so early?”
“He said he liked me, doesn’t he want to spend more time with me?”

“Anyways you scared off everybody because you were so strait-laced” Jandi said yesterday.

“I wonder if I really am strait-laced”
‘No matter how upright I am, don’t give up on me. If you keep on liking someone, that’s the real like, right?’ Ga Eul thought. ‘But…’ Ga Eul added.

Ga Eul ends her talking-to-myself thing. And eat more.

“Yuck.” Ga Eul stated.

‘I think I would be really sad if we didn’t see each other anymore’ Ga Eul continued to state.

Yi Jung going back to Junior High Division.

“Tsk……….” Yi Jung said while walking back.
“It’s hard to talk to her about that.” Yi Jung talking to himself.

The next day in school.

Ding Dong Ding

“This is the time, huh?” Yi asked himself as the bell rang.
“What’s all the commotion?” Yi Jung asked a boy who’s looking to the crowd in front of him.
“There’s a super cute girl here.” A boy replied.
“Super cute girl?” Yi Jung said.
“Oh.” The girl raised her hand.



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Chapter 5: First Kiss

Post by davinci486 on 7/30/2009, 9:10 pm

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Ga Eul dress in super cute white dress and brown leather boots (Just like what So Eun’s wearing in BonJuk poster where she & Kim Bum are hugging).
“Wh-what’s with those clothes?” Yi Jung reacted.
“Oh don’t misunderstand. It’s not like I went out of my way to dress up for---” before Ga Eul could even finish what she’s saying Yi Jung pulled her.
“COME!!” Yi Jung grabbed her wrist and walked out away from the crowd.

Yi Jung bought Ga Eul to the Common Area Reference Room.
“Wh-what?! You suddenly-” Ga Eul don’t know what’s happening.
“WHY ARE YOU WEARING SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?” Yi Jung questioned Ga Eul mad.
“Why? I just want to look a little more…easy going…” Ga Eul answered back. “..or something..” she added.
‘Huh? It doesn’t suit me? Is that why his mad?’ Ga Eul asked herself.
“You’re probably thinking that since I always dress conservatively…” So Eun starts saying while her head is down “it’s strange for me to get dressed up like this all of a sudden, aren’t you?”
‘I don’t really mind… It’s not like I was going to tell him I like him.’ Ga Eul saying to herself.
“This is why I never been able to get a boyfriend.” Saying to Yi Jung.
‘It doesn’t surprise me at all…’ Ga Eul keep saying to herself ‘…not in the least’ she added.

“You’re wrong” Yi Jung shot her back.
“Huh?” Ga Eul surprised what she’s hearing from him.
“That’s not how it is.” Yi Jung walks towards her.

A sudden move from Yi Jung shocked Ga Eul. A kiss. Ga Eul’s first ever kiss.

“Ga Eul, you’re cute.” Yi Jung said after kissing Ga Eul.
“I’ve always thought everything about you, including your very serious side, was cute.” Yi Jung then hugged Ga Eul “I’m sure the only reason you’ve been alone… and unnoticed is so you could fall in love with me.” Yi Jung finished saying and still hugging Ga Eul, now very tight to his arms.

Yi Jung starts again to say about how he feels towards Ga Eul:
“I can’t always be around you, and I worry—”
“I don’t want you taken by anyone.”
“Tell me you like me soon.”
“Ga Eul.”

Ga Eul hugged him back.

Ga Eul’s POV:
‘This seems too good to be true’
‘This is the first time someone has ever told me he likes me this much…’
‘..or said he loves me for being who I am.’
‘It’s also the first time…’
‘…my heart beats fast.’
End of Ga Eul’s POV.



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Chapter 6: Don't Like Older Woman

Post by davinci486 on 7/30/2009, 9:11 pm

‘I love you.’ Ga Eul said to her self while hugging Yi Jung.

The next day…
“Lala-lala-lala” Ga Eul sang in the hallway while carrying a big box in her hands. Jandi’s with her also carrying a big box with her.

“Yah! All that lala-lala-ing is annoying. You have to quiet in the hallway.” Jandi exclaimed to Ga Eul.

“Oh… Sorry.” Ga Eul replied.

“Besides I’m on a prowl for cute new students, and you’re distracting me.” Jandi said while glancing Junior High students walking pass them. “I finally got a chance to come to the Junior High Division” she added.

Ga Eul was just silent but with a face like annoyed by her friends comment.

Ga Eul’s POV:
‘Well, there’s no need for me to check out anyone anymore’
End of POV

While Ga Eul is daydreaming..

“Oh, look! That guy is super hot!” Jandi said with glee.

Then Ga Eul looked where her friend is looking at.

“Jeez, are you trying to say that a----” Ga Eul looked shocked as she saw the super hot guy Jandi is referring to. Yi Jung that is.

‘HUH?’ Ga Eul thought.

Ga Eul immediately pushed Jandi’s back and hides behind a room with less people in it. They listen to Yi Jung and the guys with him as they coming to the room and passing them.

“Hey, let’s go this way.” Ga Eul said quickly. ‘Why is he in the Junior High Division?’ she said in her mind.
“Hey what’s with you?” Jandi asked as she was being push roughly by Ga Eul.
‘High school students hardly ever comes here. What’s more he really seems to fit in well.’ Ga Eul thinking why Yi Jung is in the Junior High Division.
“Hey what is it?” Jandi talking to Ga Eul but it appears she isn’t listening.

“Lately, I’ve developed an interest in older woman.” A guy said talking to Yi Jung. “How about you, Yi Jung-ah?” the guy added.

‘Is he a Junior High or something?’ Ga Eul was listening while thinking.

“I…” Yi Jung started to talked. “… Don’t like older women.” Yi Jung finally said it, as they pass them not noticing them.

Ga Eul responded with a shocked looked in her face.

“Urgh. He says he doesn’t like older women.” Jandi disappointed to hear as she faced Ga Eul.

“Ga Eul what’s wrong?” Jandi in her worried voice looked and asked at Ga Eul.

‘Since he knew my name, he probably knew how old I was?’ Ga Eul thought to herself.

A tear drop in Ga Eul’s face. “I get it now.” Ga Eul said to herself as she cried in front of Jandi.

“He doesn’t like older women.” Ga Eul continued to cry.

‘I see.’ Ga Eul said to herself. ‘He was just playing with me.’ She added as tears ran down on her cheeks continuously.

“Ga Eul, are you alright?” Jandi who don’t know what’s going on with Ga Eul simply asked her the same question over and over again until Ga Eul stop crying.



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Re: My 1/3 Boyfriend (Starring So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul) COMPLETED

Post by azngurlz093 on 7/30/2009, 10:37 pm

ok i know i definately read this on winglin Smile
can't wait until you've updated the other one and more of this

love your stories

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Re: My 1/3 Boyfriend (Starring So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul) COMPLETED

Post by WonderBinnie on 8/3/2009, 7:55 am

NEW SoEul fiction Smile And I love this ...
So please, update soon, I can't wait to see what happens next <33

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Chapter 7: Man Who Has Loved You for 5 Years

Post by davinci486 on 8/12/2009, 11:41 pm

Ga Eul didn’t come again as 3 days had past. Yi Jung, on the other hand, goes to the room everyday to see if this time Ga Eul will show up but no luck. Thus, he is more irritated now.

Yi Jung stopped smoking and put his cigarette on the ash tray angrily.

Yi Jung: It’s been 3 days!

Yi Jung dialed Ga Eul’s number in his cell phone.

Ga Eul: Hello?
Yi Jung: It’s me. Have you had a cold or something? Aren’t you at-
Ga Eul: I’m here in school.
Yi Jung: Then why-
Ga Eul: But I’m not going to come and see you.

Teeeehht. Ga Eul ended the call.

Yi Jung SNAPPED! Literally.


Yi Jung started texting something to Ga Eul, a few seconds later Ga Eul received a text.

Ga Eul: What is it? Sending me message.

Ga Eul looked shocked at the message. It says ‘You don’t care what I do with that photo?’ Ga Eul’s friend Jan Di was drinking a juice and noticed that she is not looking okay.

Jan Di: What’s wrong, Ga Eul?
Ga Eul: I’m not going to forgive you.
Jan Di: Huh?

Then the school bell rang. Ding dong ding. Back with Yi Jung.

Yi Jung: Damn it! There’s no time.

While that was happening Ga Eul on the other hand muttering something.

Ga Eul: On top of breaking my heart, he’s also blackmailing me! I-

Ga Eul starts to run opposite way to her class and saying stuff. Her friends, who are with her, turned around and are shocked to see her, ran the opposite way.

Ga Eul: I have to tell him, or I won’t be able to let go.
Jan Di: Hey! What about class?

Ga Eul didn’t answer and kept running, she has teary eyes and saying things to herself.

Ga Eul’s POV:
‘I did liked him’
‘I didn’t particularly mind him being a junior high as long as he is honestly liked me’
‘It didn’t matter to me who he was.’
Ga Eul then enters a room saying ‘Junior High Division 1-B’ and started to ask questions.

Ga Eul: Is So Yi Jung here?!

The room became silent as Ga Eul enters.

Ga Eul: You know So Yi Jung?! I know his in thi-

Ga Eul was so shocked to find out who the teacher was. So Yi Jung. She stood there for a minute with wide eyes starting at him. Yi Jung, on the other hand, was writing something on the board looked at who was looking for him – to his shocked it’s no other than Chu Ga Eul. Yi Jung dropped the chalk as he stares Ga Eul, who is doing the thing.

Yi Jung’s POV:
‘It can’t be…..’
End of POV

Yi Jung’s student, who btw are so cute, started to ask questions.

Little Boy: Yi Jung-hyung, who is that?
Little Girl: Idiot! Call him Yi Jung-kangsangnim!

Ga Eul’s POV:
‘He’s a teacher!?’
End of POV

Ga Eul: Pardon ----------- PARDON ME.

With that said Ga Eul starts to run off.

Yi Jung: Wait!
Little Girl: Kangsangnim what about class?

Yi Jung still on the door as the little girl continues.

Little Girl: If you go and leave unsupervised, I’ll have to report you. Are you okay with that?
Little Boy muttering: You are so upright!

Yi Jung grips his hand on the door.

Little Girl: Kangsangnim?!

Yi Jung looked at the little girl and explained.

Yi Jung: I don’t mind if you report me. You see she’s been my unrequited love for a very long time.

And after that being said Yi Jung run to where Ga Eul run off to. Yi Jung’s students were like ‘Eh?’

While that is happening Ga Eul thinking very hard. She is hiding upstairs.

Ga Eul’s POV:
‘I can’t believe his a-------’
“I wonder if that’s why he never told me.” Said to herself.
‘Being with a teacher is definitely…..’
End of POV

Ga Eul was cut off because Yi Jung is shouting if she’s there and starts to apologize.

Yi Jung: Ga Eul where are you!?
Ga Eul: ….
Yi Jung: I’m sorry, for not being completely honest. But the part about me liking you is the truth. The thing is, I was afraid you’d run away if I told you everything.
Ga Eul saying to herself: ‘I won’t go out there.’
Yi Jung: … Won’t you come out?
Ga Eul saying to herself: ‘I really won’t.’
Yi Jung upset tone: If not, then you’re willing to accept whatever happens to this photo, right?

Yi Jung waving his cellphone w/ the photo of Ga Eul he took.

Ga Eul caught off guard: …

BAM! Ga Eul walked downstairs

Ga Eul: Yah! I told you to delete that, didn’t I?!

Ga Eul’s POV:
‘Why do you do this kind of stuff?’
End of POV

Yi Jung: I’ll never delete this photo

Yi Jung’s POV:
‘I love you yet you’
End of POV

Ga Eul: Stop!
Yi Jung: Back then..
Ga Eul: …

Ga Eul’s POV:
End of POV

Yi Jung: I was in the 3rd yr of high school, and you were just entering junior high.

Yi Jung showed a different photo of Ga Eul in his cellphone, instead of the picture were Ga Eul’s panty is exposed it was Ga Eul photo when she was entering her junior high like she was lose or something.

Ga Eul: Huh?
Yi Jung: You probably don’t remember, but I confessed to you back then, too.
Ga Eul: …
Yi Jung: You rejected me, though.

Tears formed in Ga Eul’s eyes.

Yi Jung continued: But… I never gave up and finally made it this far. I’m sorry for hiding that from you. I’ll come clean about who I am.

Tears flowed in Ga Eul’s cheeks. And Yi Jung hugged Ga Eul and explained who he is.
Yi Jung: I am. .. A man who loved you for 5 years.

Ga Eul hugged back.

The end.


3:02 pm

It's the end. I'm sad.



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Re: My 1/3 Boyfriend (Starring So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul) COMPLETED

Post by davinci486 on 8/12/2009, 11:44 pm

It finally ended. So sad. But thanks for tuning in. Thank you for the readers and who commented. I'm not good at this so, again, THANK YOU! My 2nd fanfic has ended and I want you guys to read my other fanfic, all are about SoEul:


I hoped that you had fun, because I did. THANKS AGAIN.



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Re: My 1/3 Boyfriend (Starring So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul) COMPLETED

Post by Kyn on 8/13/2009, 12:29 am

i've moved this to the finished fanfic section and added complete to the title since its done

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Re: My 1/3 Boyfriend (Starring So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul) COMPLETED

Post by FeditlitousChuBb on 4/8/2010, 2:56 am

no other word ------------. love it! but quite different than the original story line, yi jung was a teacher, id di not expect that, but neverthe less, it was terrific! keep writing!

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Re: My 1/3 Boyfriend (Starring So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul) COMPLETED

Post by lychandesu214 on 3/18/2011, 7:22 am

thank you for writing/posting this fic~~ ima print it please? What a Face

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Re: My 1/3 Boyfriend (Starring So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul) COMPLETED

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