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Poignant of the Broken Memory

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Poignant of the Broken Memory Empty Poignant of the Broken Memory

Post by Pararae on 7/30/2009, 1:54 am

Title: The Poignant of the Broken Memory
Author: Pararae
Story origin/plots/story line: Pararae
Pairing: Minsu
Genre: B/slash, angst, action, romance, drama and dark
Rating: PG15 (maybe NC17)
Length: Chaptered fic
Background: Alternate Universe

Summary: Max and Xiah were childhood friends who went thick and thin together until they reached their high school year where they both went on different path. Max’s tough exterior held enormous power over everyone and soon absorbed himself in the organization of The Triad, leaving his play-mate behind with The Slayer, lead by his great enemy. But behind the shallow fight of these two gangs, the flowers of love grew in secrecy but this illicit love will soon become the downfall of the great leader and their already complicated life will never be the same again when the forbidden relationship reached Micky’s ears.

Main Character:



Rain (Bi)

OMG! This is the first time I post here...
I hope I did everything correctly XD
Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1

The melancholy music ran across the empty room, illuminating an aura of smooth grief and angst. The lithe fingers twinning into the strings like a beautiful moving art and the melodious beat, brought the room into the solace of random metronome. My Immortal crescendo, desuetude itself within the air overflowed the distinguished man lungs. The heavy, lifeless breath crystallized the soften dream and vision of the compose artist in deep thoughts of pure self-seclusion, engulfed himself into the anguish music. The raging chorus evoked the painful memories from the thick page of the enticing man and penetrates it in every corner of the room.

He closed his eyes as the music wrapped his mind like fine silk cloth, bringing him on a flight with the climax of the mellifluous melody and brought him up to his fantasy hill. A loud, powerful beat tapped out of the heavenly instrument before it cadence and fade away like a cavernous echo, disappearing altogether behind the brick walls. The quietness of the frozen air soon blast with a powerful beat of the rapid knock on the shut door before it hurried open. The intense emotion dried in the thin air; vanished without a trace and the musician stopped in eleventh hour, taking a glance toward the familiar guest at his doorway.

“Xiah, Micky call for a meeting,” Ryeowook said, feeling a little sorry for disturbing the prodigy. Xiah placed his guitar beside the chair he occupied and looked reluctantly at the brown haired man. His weak gaze seem unmatched the power and strength his muscles conveyed. He most likely to spend his day inside the empty room, playing his guitar on the black chair that became his favorite dwelling place but as the left hand man of greatest gang in Seoul, Xiah can’t easily eschew the order came from his leader. Xiah slowly stood up to his height, radiating a sense of prevail and strut out, followed by his friend to their usual hangout place, leaving the room in eternal silent.


“The new club is a hit. We should claim it as ours,” TOP said while wrapping his arm around Hero, closing the proximity of their body.

“Yea, we can make it the third club this month,” Shiwon second the idea and casually gaze at his absence-minded leader. Max sat at his place, burning a hole at the blind wall, his mind was drifting away to his baritone somewhere in the bustling city. It has been a long while since he last saw him.

“Max,” Heechul spoke in mannered, tattering his fantasy and reality into two.

“What?” Max gawked at them for shutting his fancy in sharp stare, almost death-like which send a thundered spike to their wits.

“You were rather unfocused to our discussion,” Heechul said with no tone of disrespect.

Max tilted his head slightly to focus on his men and sneered. “I heard you guys. But we shouldn’t be hasty. I’m sure more gangs took an interest on Ivy. I don’t want to waste my time and energy on something unreasonable,” Max glanced around to each of his man in dominant, sending a mind notes to not act irrationally around the enemy. “I’ll take a look at it tonight. In meanwhile, you better pay attention on Euphoria. West is getting bold now. Weren’t we made it clear that it is ours?”

“No, Max. They knew but they refuse to abide the rules. Hero and I caught some of them across the border yesterday so we threw them out,” Shiwon stopped to catch his breath.

“Did they cause any trouble?” Max flicked his finger, a usual habit of the leader.

“They were selling drugs to one of the workers but we had him killed for associating with the enemy. He should have known his place,” Hero spoke with a sense of arrogant but soon withdrew his eyes somewhere else, avoiding the powerful gaze of the ruling king.

“I think we should confront them and settle this once and for all. There is no good in waiting,” Hankyung suggested and earned an approving nod from the others.

“TOP, Shiwon, Hankyung, go and confront West on this matter and let him know I will not be lenient on them if this shall happen again. And if they refuse to confine, I will not hesitate to settle this with a fight. It would be the last warning,” Max said sternly, sending a subtle reminder that this must be done as told.

“Yes, Max,” TOP nodded at his leader, obediently.

“Heechul and U Know, send your man over Ivy and inform me immediately if anything suspicious occur,” Max glanced over his trusted man and earned ‘yes, sir’ as a reply. “And don’t do anything irrational.” Max reminded them sternly, burning a hole on his minions and earned another ‘yes, sir’ from two men.

“You are all dismissed.” Max said and watched his man exited the room followed by their noisy footsteps after, leaving the leader behind. Max heaved; his mind was drifting to the baritone yet again. The gentle stature never fail to mesmerize the leader under his daring spell and make him fall to his knee under his appealing gaze but once again his fantasy was ripped apart by the vibrating phone in his khakis. Max fished into his pocket and flipped it open.

“Hello, Max.” A greeting came from the other line but it managed to make the scornful leader to leap in joy, forgetting his leader-like manner.

“What do you want?” Max asked, keeping a straight tone despite the smile plastered above his jaw.

“I miss you.” a soft, gentle hissed sent a pleasurable jolt down the receiver nerve. Max could imagine an adorable pout on the angelic face and how his round eyes squint seductively.

“What can I do?” Max smirked, a distant huff can be heard from the other line, making the leader lost his composure and chuckled slightly. Oh, how he loved to tease the other man.

“Let’s meet.”

“I’m busy.” Max responded but silent greeted him and the line went dead. A heavy, regret sigh puffed out of Max’s nostril. He would definitely meet the man who held his heart in captive again…soon, he promised.


The street neon lighted up the caliginous street of Seoul, doing a relief job for the retiring sun at the far horizon. The alley between buildings was shaded, hiding anything lurking behind it from one’s naked sight. The street was almost empty, few cars strolled by in fast pace, ignoring the speed limit despite the absent of police traffic. White Kawasaki Ninja ZZR 1400 sped on the tar street at the wrong lane, dodging the coming vehicle dexterously.

The club came to sight behind the dim light of the neon, shadowed by the gray cloud and the isolated area is rather strategic. TOP was right, the club was indeed a hit and the boisterous crowd should allow them to keep smuggled weapons and drugs at ease. There should be plenty of room which would be useful for any illegitimate trading. Police won’t find their way around easily and the thick, high bushes make it easier for them to escape if there is any ambush to come. Max sneered, tilting his head to offer more attention on the surrounding, the lively music escaped the solid door, a distant echo to the leader. This is perfect.

U Know and Heechul looked at the satisfying leader and smiled satisfyingly, a good sign to the Clandestine. If Max decides to claim the club as theirs, they will have a complete control over the area and the other gangs are forbidden to come across the border. After all, this would be their third club this month; no gang had made such a record so far. The Triads leader will definitely accord them with a higher rank in the organization in the next meeting.

“Shall we meet the manager tonight?” Heechul gaped around to see if any sign of his men, brushing off the girls’ mischievous winks drifted his way. Max maneuver his bike neared the bench, not to far from the exit. Glancing around the crowd in watchful caution, Max walked in the entrance, expecting a wild dance floor and the loud stereos that shook the ground vigorously with uncountable amount of random footsteps until a familiar figure came to his sight.

The deep brown hair, the gesture full of life, the unique voice and the swift airy movement of the tempting body caught his attention. Simply the act of talking with his friends could bring the hard-hearted man into the state of lunacy; exactly a kind of person who he would love to meet. Max wild imagination came to an end as the music changed into a faster pulsation which brought a more dexterous sway to the dancers. The mysterious pieces of wander fell into a complete puzzle set as the figure moved from the umbrageous of the shaded corner and the view was not exactly what he expected it to be.

“Xiah,” Max hissed the taboo name in anger, throwing his once delighted mood to dirt. U Know and Heechul turned on their guard at the sudden appearance of their sworn enemies, ready for any possibilities. Xiah sneered at the raging man simply and chuckled carelessly.

“Hello Max. Long time, no see,” Xiah uttered simply as if he was talking to his old time buddy as his eyes feasted over the taller man, clearly aware of the visible tightening muscles around the leader’s built form that would easily break a man to two like a meaningless piece of frail twig.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Max retorted at the smiling guy, ignoring the fake-friendly greeting.

“I’m here to see the club and I bet you’re doing the same. We’re planning to claim this club as ours and we came here first so there is no need for further hassle,” Xiah declared in alarm, challenging the periling gaze of the leader, a luminescence of anger boiled up between the two rampant in waiting for a great eruption which will potentially happen soon.

“I won’t back down without a fair battle. I’m expecting a good fight, so bring it on,” Max sneered at his enemy, showing off his exceeding power over the opposite gang, composed by his calculative and alluring charm, the leader’s best quality.

“Look forward to it,” Junsu replied, sending a mental note that he and the Slayer will not give up so easily under the supremacy of the Clandestine. Even though they were slightly diminutive in power under the Clandestine superiority but his gang is well-known all over Seoul so if anyone would to excel the Clandestine, it would be the Slayer. The unjustifiable grudge and the deep hatred clearly flashed across those killing orbs, sending a gentle anxiety down the nerve of Max’s companions.

U Know clenched on his pocketknife, ready for any possible attack from Xiah and his friends but no harmful raid came. Xiah exited the door followed by two of his friends; stood out over the crowd of teenagers and out of the Clandestine’s sight.

“Max,” U Know tapped Max’s shoulder slightly as Max tilted his head slightly, focusing on his mate.

“Call up the others,” Max uttered in usual stern command which sent Heechul and U know most likely to oblige without any question, calling their men and the gang members for an imminent fight. Tonight will be the night for the Clandestine to mercilessly crush the Slayer hard pride and take the victory under their ruthless hostage. He would be more than glad to take down the Slayer under his grasp and he is more than capable to do it. But behind the heartless gaze of the leader, a subtle sigh heaved out. The fight tonight is unavoidable.

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