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Why am I stuck with you? [SS501 KyuJong & Fic.]

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Why am I stuck with you? [SS501 KyuJong & Fic.] Empty Why am I stuck with you? [SS501 KyuJong & Fic.]

Post by onigiri_ricebuddy on 7/29/2009, 8:00 pm

[This story has no poster yet; so I'm waiting until someone can help me Smile]

This story has no rating; but I don't think it'll be rated-R.
Here's the characters!

Lee Kyung Mi
School Ulzzang [mostly hated by girls]
Only daughter of a always in debt father
Works long hours to pay half of the house bills

Kim KyuJong
Popular guy in school
son of a big production company
Is known to steal girls heart with magic trick

Kyung Mi and KyuJong are arranged to be married since Kyung Mi's father, who's always in debt, had a debt to the Kim family. In order to get him out of that debt, Kyung Mi shas to marry KyuJong.

Chapter 1

"Kyung Mi- ah!"
Kyung Mi turned around to see the person calling her name. It's her best friend, SangHee.
"Hey SangHee. What's up?" Kyung Mi asked.

"Are you busy after school today?" SangHee asked.

"Yeah, I'm working tonight and I don't get off until 9."

"Aww, you're always working!"

"Sorry SangHee, you know why I work. I have to pay at least half of the house bills."

"Oh yeah, then just call after you get off of work."
Kyung Mi nodded and waved to SangHee before walking to her locker.

"'Yah Lee Kyung Mi!" another voice called.

I turned around to see one of the school's popular guys, Kim KyuJong.

"What?" I answered bitterly.

"You're going to come to my place today. My parents need to talk to your dad, and you."


"How am I suppose to know? Just come to my place at 7."

"Well I can't go. I have work today."

"Then tell them you're sick."

"No! I can't do that!"

"Alright then, suit yourself."

Kyung Mi stuck her tongue out at KyuJong and walked away in the other direction. Kyung Mi took out her ipod and turned it on. She began listening to "Again and Again" by 2Pm. She sang the words in her head and walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus. She walked onto the bus as soon as it arrives.

"Kyung Mi!" a voice called.

Kyung Mi looked up and saw her cousin, SungMin waving.
Kyung Mi smiled and ran to SungMin and sat next to him.

"Yah, what are you doing here oppa? Aren't you supposed to be studying abroad in China?" Kyung Mi asked.

"We have a break for a couple weeks. So I decided to fly back here. Man, look at you! High school student, so cute, and has the most beautiful face! Man, I can't believe you grew ever sine I saw you."

"Oppa, it's been 2 years since I saw you. I don't like I changed."

"Oh yes you have. You're wearing light makeup, you're slimmer, and you changed your hairstyle."

"Okay fine, I did change." Kyung Mi smiled.

SungMin pinched her cheek and smiled.

"Aigoo, so cute. Stop growing or else you'll lose you're

Kyung Mi slapped SungMin's hand and laughed, SungMin joined.

"So tell me oppa, any special woman in your life?"
"Yes there is."
"Really?! Who, who?!"
"Her name is Lee Kyung Mi."

Kyung Mi slapped her cousin's arm and laughed.

"I meant if you have a girlfriend oppa."

"Nope I don't I'm going solo for a while."

Kyung Mi nodded and smiled.

"What about you little one? Do you have a boyfriend? Hmmm?"

"Aniyo. All the boys in my school are either rude or players. I'm not into those kind of boys."

"Good, if you did I'd question them like the police."

"Oppa you're so mean."

KyungMi and SungMin continued to talk until they stopped at Kyung Mi's stop.

"Oppa, I have to go to work. But I'll call you later. Bye." Kyung Mi waved at SungMin and walked off the bus and into her work. Kyung Mi worked in coffee shop called "Sweet Taste".

"Hi Kyung Mi!" all the employees called.

Kyung Mi smiled and walked to the back to change into her work clothes. The uniform: [I believe it's from Coffee Prince OST xD]
Kyung Mi walked out of the locker room and into the shop and started to take peoples order. Out of the whole shop, Kyung Mi is one of the most hardworking people there, since she needs to earn money for the house bills. Right after Kyung Mi dropped off the order for one of the tables, her cell phone started to ring. Kyung Mi answered.

"Kyung Mi ah, where are you?" Kyung Mi's mother called.
"Umma I'm at work. Why?"
"Well you need to get off of work and cmoe with us to the Kim's house."
"Umma I can't. I just got here and I just can't leave right away."
"Then tell them that there's a family emergency and you need to leave."
"Araso. I'll see what I can do."

Kyung Mi's mom hung up the phone and Kyung Mi sighed. She walked to her managers office after giving the order to one of her tables. Kyung Mi knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Kyung Mi opened the door and closed it behind her.

"Ah, Kyung Mi. My favorite hard worker. What can I do for you?"

"Well sir, I just got a call from my mother and she said that there's a family emergency and I need to go to my family."

"Ah, I see. Well that's fine with me. This is the first time you ever talked to me about a situation like this. So you can go. I don't know if you want to come back later. But if you want to, you can."

"Thank you very much sir."

The manager smiled and Kyung Mi exited the room. She walked right into the locker room and changed back into her school clothes. Kyung Mi waved to the other employees and called her mom.


"Umma I'm outside my work now. Are you going to pick me up or am I going to take a bus there?"

"I'll pick you up. I'm almost there. Wait outside."


Kyung Mi hung up and waited on the stairs of the shop. In a matter of minutes Kyung Mi heard a car honk and saw her mom. She stood up and walked inside.

"So what's this whole thing with going to the Kim's house? KyuJong told me about it earlier but no details. But why do I have to go though? It has to deal with apppa."

"They just want the whole family to be there. Even SungMin. He came back from China for a while, did you know that?"

"Oh really? Yeah I saw SungMin on the bus on the way to work."

Kyung Mi and her mom stayed silent as they drove to the Kim's house. They parked in the driveway and walked into the house. Kyung Mi saw her father on the couch with his hands folded.

"Please sit down Kyung Mi and Mrs. Lee." Mrs. Kim said.

Kyung Mi and her mother sat down on the couch and KyuJong joined his parents on the other couch.

"Mr. Lee, do you wish me to tell them or do you?" Mrs. Kim asked.

"I'll do it. My dear and Kyung Mi as you know I'm alwyas in debt. I'm now in debt with the Kim family. But they told me a way to get out of the debt. They said one way is to be their slave for them or. . . . give up Kyung Mi to marry their son."

"What? Appa what did you pick?!" Kyung Mi said.

Kyung Mi's father looked up at her.

Hehehe, I know it's not much even though you know what Kyung Mi's appa picked xD.

I'm going to put SungMin in this story for a couple chapters or so.


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