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Come be MY Lady [R]

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Come be MY Lady [R] Empty Come be MY Lady [R]

Post by xMallicax on 7/29/2009, 8:38 am

Come be MY Lady [R] Cbml11
This fanfic is Rated R
I suggest you if you don't like it then skip.
I have bad spellings errors and grammar.
Please again be warned... about the Rated R okays?


-Kingka's who are and can get anything they want.
-Leaders of a mafia
-Kingka's play girls hearts, thinking they're priceless.
-Making everyone worship them.
-They're rich, yet they could fool love.
-Fathers own South Korea and they rule the underground world.
-Everyone fears them.
-Mothers own businesses.
-They rule the schools.
-They're cold,mean, and an unpredictable Jerks.

When three new girls who're best friends arrive at the school.
Three Queenka's are jealous for the guys to be all over the newby's.
What happens when they don't get everything they wanted?
Realizing that you can't play with girls hearts?
Thinking they're priceless.
What happens when they can't fool with love anymore?
What happens when they become soft when it comes to them?

Now for the characters!!


Jung Yunho: Leader the addict;23-Jung Clan
Kim Jaejoong: Cold playboy;23-Kim Clan
Park Yoochun: Womanizer;23-Park Clan
Shim Changmin: The youngest yet the flirt;21-Shim Clan
Kim Junsu: The wisest yet undesirable playboy;22-Part of Jaejoong's Clan

The Girls;

Ahn Mallica: Sweet,Innocent yet clumsy girl with the lovely Pianist;16
Edeline Ayisha: The Tough yet the lovable violinist;17
Erynn Khaela: The Cold yet Caring-hearten girl with a lovely voice;17

The three queenka's;

Lee Hyori: The whore;21
Kim Sunye: The bitch;20
Kim Yoobin: The Slut;20


I'm not Bashing neither of these characters!
Why would I?
I needed characters for the bad girls!
and the bad guys will turn up soon?
Well this is a special guest appearance from
Khaela and Ayisha!

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