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Unwanted Desires [R]

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Unwanted Desires [R]

Post by Midnightmoon on 7/29/2009, 8:28 am

This is my first Yunjae fanfic!!!
Im only 14 so be nice please..


His mother married Yunho's father.
His father married JaeJoong's mother.
Doesnt like having a step brother.
Nice,Caring,Sometimes mean, Handesome

Friends with Yunho
Loves to eat.

Friends with Yunho.
Kinda like a playboy
He loves to flirt

Friends with Yunho

This is my first yunjae fanfic so please be nice!!

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Unwanted Desires [R] Chapter 1: Moving To A New House

Post by Midnightmoon on 7/29/2009, 8:31 am

Jaejoong's Pov
"Jae! Hurry up and come down stairs your dad is here!" My Mother shouted.

"Okay Mom, Im comming!" I yelled grabbing all my stuff.

It took us 1 hour to reach my new house, mom said that I will be having an older brother I've always been a only child, I was pretty excited.

"Finally!" I groaned my butt was hurting from sitting down for so long.

"WOAHHH!" I said while looking at my new house, It was Huge!

"Like your new home hunnie?" My mom said smiling at me.

"Yeah, Its nice." I said still looking at the house.

This house was WAYYY bigger then my other House.

"Yunho! Your new brother and mom have arrived."

"Comming!" Yunho said walking down the stairs.

The moment I saw him, I felt like my whole world was spinning how can someone be so handesome.

Wait! what am I saying, Hes my new brother!!

“Hi mom and ….” Yunho said looking at me.

"Oh.. uhh Jaejoong." I said.

"Nice to meet you Jaejoong." Yunho said smiling at me.

Oh my god his smile is breath taking. Wahhh! Snap out of it Jaejoong!

“Yunho is it fine if Jae share the room with you” Dad asked.

"Sure I dont mind." He said casually.

"Yeah of course its perfectly fine." I said smiling.

I followed Yunho to his room and to my surprise his room was neat and tidy.

"There is the closet and this is your bed, there is the bathroom and this is your school uniform" Yunho said dully.

"Okay.. Thanks." I said and started unpacking all of my stuff.

"Uhh Jae... Can I call you that?" Yunho asked.

"Sure, What is it? I asked.

"Well just to tell you something, don’t tell people in school that Your my new Step Brother." Yunho said.

"Why?!?" I aked in disbelief.

"Cause I hate having a younger brother" Yunho whispered into my ears and walk out of the room.

Great! Now my step brother hates me and I was starting to like it here. I pouted.


Yunho's Pov

After saying what I was planning to say I walked out of the door. Its not that I really hated having a younger brother its just that I have been A only child for all these years and now all of the sudden I have a younger brother. How do you want me to react. I hope he's alright, he looked sad when I said that. I kinda felt bad but i'll get over it.

I walked back into the room because I forgot my cell phone and saw Jaejoong already sleeping.


Comment please!!! Is it boring? Do you like it?

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Unwanted Desires [R] Chapter 2: Weird Feelings

Post by Midnightmoon on 7/29/2009, 8:35 am

Jaejoongs Pov
I woke up the next morning and looked at my clock it was sunday which Meant I had to go to a new school tommorrow.

I got up and looked to see Yunho still sleeping it was only 6:00 Am

I toke a shower got dressed and went down stairs.

"Hey hunnie." My mom said while cooking breakfast.

"Need any help?" I said rubbing my eyes and yawning.

"No thank you dear why dont you go look around Your dad went to the store."

"Okay mom." I began walking up stairs when and found my way to te basement.

I opened the door and there stood this beautiful white piano and nothing else with this big window and the light shining down on it.

"Woah! This is soo amazing." I sat down and started playing the piano.

This was the Most beautiful room in the house I wonder who plays the piano.


Yunho's Pov

I woke up and saw jaejoong already out of bed so I took a shower and got dressed.

I heard music and made my way to the basement where my mom's piano was she used to love to go up there and play it when I was little.

I opened the door trying not to make noise when I saw Jaejoong.

He was smiling playing the piano beautifuly without knowing I was there.

The light from the big window was on jaejoong he looked like a angel his perfect pale skin shinned.

I felt my heart beat faster looking at him and I didn't know the feeling...

I cant be falling for him.. Can I?

Just then the music stopped playing and I heard a Gasp.


Jaejoongs Pov

I stopped playing the song and turned around to see Yunho staring at me.

"Oh im sorry I didn't mean to disturb you." Yunho said suddenly shocked.

"Its.. okay.." There was a bit of silents.

"Oh this room used to be my moms... She came up here and played the Piano nobodys ever been in here since she died."

"Oh do you know how to play?" I asked.

"No." He sighed I saw a bit of sadness in his eyes.

"Jaejoong! Yunho! Breakfast is ready!" My mom yelled.

"Okay! Comming!" We both yelled at the same time and made are way down stairs.

We sat down and started eating.

"Jaejoong hunnie were you the one playing the Piano?"

"Yeah" I smiled.

"Doesn't he play beautifuly Yunho dear?"

I looked at yunho and he just smiled.

"Yeah, Just like my mom." He seemed sad.

"So jaejoong how are you liking the new house? And your new step brother." My mom asked.

"Is pretty good.. Yunho is nice." I didn't want to tell her what Yunho said to me.

I looked at Yunho who seemed shocked and I just smiled.


Yunho's Pov

Seeing jaejoong smile makes my heart want to burst.
I cant be gay or can I?

Plus I cant like him! Hes my brother! Snap out of it Yunho you like women..

I looked up to see jaejoong still smiling and i felt nervous.

But when I was watching him play the piano I felt happy..

Maybe I was to harsh on him yesterday.


Jaejoongs Pov

I kept noticing That Yunho was deep in thought.

After breakfast I went to watch Tv Yunho came and joined me while Mom was washing dishes.

It was silent and I felt like I was being watched when i turned to see Yunho staring at me I quickly looked away to hide my blush.

He didn't bother to look away..

Why was he staring at me?


I also have this on heres the link..

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Re: Unwanted Desires [R]

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