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Azureus ft.TVXQ

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Azureus ft.TVXQ

Post by Viper on 7/29/2009, 5:31 am

Hiya Viper here! This story is one i posted on soompi,thought i ought to post it here! haha.

This story is called Azureus. Azureus is a latin adjective meaning deep blue. It's going to filled with twists, comedy and romance! There's gonna be a ... wait, i shouldn't give anything away! Anyways, enjoy the story! I'll start a PM list if anyone want to be on it! Wait is there such a thing called PM lists for this forum?

Anyways, hope you enjoy the story!



full credits to jamy12 from soompi.

full credits to peekaboopankti from soompi.






“Ding Dong! Ding Dong!” The doorbell rang persistently. Annoyed, I rushed downstairs to see who it was. I opened the door.

Outside stood two men in black suits.

What the heck?

One of the men spoke.

“Are you Miss Lee Yeonhee?”

“Um… yes,” I answered hesitantly.

“I’m sorry to tell you this but your grandmother has just passed away. Two hours ago. The funeral has been arranged by some close friends and will be held on Thursday, four days from now.”

“What?! You… you’re lying! She can’t have died!” I shouted, vehemently denying what this stranger was saying. My grandmother couldn’t have died. I just saw her smiling and laughing, joking around and making fun of me this morning. There was no way she could have died. This is my grandmother we’re talking about. She’s not the type to lie down and die!

The man just looked down, facing his shoes and muttered something barely audible. But I did hear it.

“I’m sorry, Miss.”

“No! She can’t have died! She can’t have!” Tears rolled down my cheeks as I protested against everything. But, somehow I knew that it was no lie. I broke down, crying, as my world crashed down around me.

“There is a problem about where you’ll be staying from now on.”

I forgot everything. How could he possibly say that staying at my own house was a problem? I couldn’t leave this beautiful Victorian house full of so many memories…

“What do you mean, a problem? I’ll be staying here, at my house.”

“Under law, you are too young to be staying alone, and you have no known relatives. However, your grandmother left instructions that should anything happen to her, you’d be sent to live with your fiancé.”

“My what?!”


I stood outside the two massive oak doors of the mansion. Today was the day my whole world turned upside down. Firstly, my grandmother, the person who had raised me since I was a baby, my only relative and the person I loved most in the world, was dead. Secondly, I found out that I had a fiancé. That’s right. And I’m only seventeen. My whole life ahead of me and it has to be ruined by this.

I wondered whether my grandmother had ever planned on telling me any of this.

I didn’t know the guy’s name, who he was, whether he was good-looking (hey, this is important) or even what school he went to. I only knew that he was my fiancé.

Suddenly, the two massive oak doors swung open and I was greeted by a tall, sophisticated, beautiful women.

“Ah… Yeonhee. I am Mrs. Kim.”

I bowed and greeted her.

“Come, we shall go and see my son. I’m sure you’re very excited.”

I smiled hesitantly and followed her into a huge living room. Sitting on one of the posh couches was a boy. I guessed that he was my fiancé. Jeez I hope not. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with such a cold looking person.

Mrs. Kim sat down on a couch opposite her son and gestured for me to sit down next to her.

“Yeonhee, this is my son, Kim Jaejoong. Jaejoong, this is your fiancé, Lee Yeonhee.” His expression remained cold.

“As you both know, you have been promised to each other. Let me tell you why.

“Your fathers were best friends since childhood. When Jaejoong’s father fell fatally ill, his dying wish was that his four month old would be promised to his best friend’s one month old daughter, to show his feelings towards his best friend and express how much their friendship meant to him. It was his last wish. We wanted to honor it.”

I was shocked. I had never known my parents. I couldn’t remember anything about them. They had died when I was only two months old. Just a month after the promise…. My grandmother had taken care of me since.

“When Yeonhee’s parents died, we wanted to take her in but her grandmother said it would be weird for her to grow up with her fiancé and wanted to take care of her granddaughter herself. So, we told her that if anything should happen, we would take you in and care for you as if you were our daughter.”

I nodded, still reeling from the shock of everything I had found out.

“Now, just a few minor details. You will be staying in the room next to Jaejoong’s. I’m assure you that you will find it quite comfortable. Unfortunately, you will have to transfer to Jaejoong’s school. You will start next week, as soon as you have gotten used to living here and settled down. Your best friend’s, Kim Bomi, brother goes to this school as well. She has also expressed her wish to transfer there with you and her parents have agreed. You will go with Jaejoong to school in the mornings in his car and you will come back home that way as well. I have arranged that you will be in Bomi’s classes so that you will not be lonely. If there is any problem at all, please, come to me. I would do anything to make it better for you.

Oh, and one more thing, there will a dinner being a held the day after tomorrow in honor of your joining our family. All of Jaejoong’s relatives and close friends will be there. I have invited Bomi as well. Tomorrow, you and I are going to spend a girl’s day out pampering ourselves and shopping for the perfect outfit. Doesn’t that sound good?”

I smiled.

“Anyway, dinner is going to be ready soon. Jaejoong, take her up to your room and entertain her until dinner is ready.”

He stood up wordlessly and began ascending the stairs, the expression on his face never changing. Mrs. Kim gestured for me to follow him. I stood up reluctantly and began following the ice prince. I had a feeling that the days ahead were going to be very long.[/indent]

End of chappie! hope you understood! if you didn't just ask questions anywhere in your post!

I hope you enjoyed that. Remeber, I want COMMENTS!

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Re: Azureus ft.TVXQ

Post by Tammy on 7/29/2009, 5:37 am

I Love this!!!Please Update Soon!!


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