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Beyond The Mirror (Yunjae) (Completed)

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Beyond The Mirror (Yunjae) (Completed)

Post by OnlySu on 7/27/2009, 10:25 pm

Forewords :

If the one you loved, asked you for the world

Will you bring it?

If he asked you for happiness from the other person's

Will you grasp it for their hand and bring it to your lover?


How do you feel when some one you love leave you?
And you find him inside the mirror...
And you can't do nothing beside trapped together with him, tied to him, and you couldn't let him go...

When he slowly take you from the reality world, which one do you prefer?
A real without him...
Or a dream with him?


Is it true if the remedy that you have offered only increase the diseases, then leavehim who will not be cured... and tell the story to the one who seeks the truth...?

Will you seeks the truth, if the truth is hurt you?
Will you stayed at the diseases when it tasted so sweetly?

It Is you who choose


Warning : Yaoi, angst, death fic, violence, mental disturbing, killing....!!!

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Ch1 : Trapped

Post by OnlySu on 7/27/2009, 10:27 pm

You saw yourself in the mirror, touched it with the thumb of your white pale fingers and began to whisper at the sight in the mirror. The mirror felt cold in your fingers and all the chilled wind from the air conditioner blew and brushed your face… You didn’t bother with all of those things… There was nothing on earth could disturb your moment with him, you were too bonded with him, too tied up with him, couldn’t loosened the tied between you.

Intoxicated at the sight in the mirror, you tilted your head, examined the reflection. It was not you in your eyes. It was him, your angel, your lover, your destined to be with, your goddess, simply said he was your everything. You saw his black hair and bangs fell and framed the face perfectly. You saw the skin of flawless and smooth snow. And his face itself sculpted as a goddess look, perfect ness shouted at each corner of the big doe black eyes, his black iced cold pupils and from his pointy cute nose. Pouty red lips placed perfectly curved, slowly the pout melt into a breathtaking smile. And indeed you held your breath at the smile.

You ignored the world that screams loudly at you…

There was nothing compare to his sweet melodic voice

You didn’t care about the ticking clock and the passing time… It was okay… Too okay…

The clock would be stopping, and you wouldn’t even bother to turn it on again…

Again, a voice of a message at the voice mail was echoing at the room. You bear it.


“Hyung… Are you okay…? You never come out from your home since that day… I know it was terrible thing, but Hyung… but, Please don’t do this… I’m so worry… You don’t do anything stupid, do you? Call me, okay?”


“Yo… Yunho… I mean Hyung… Please come over and make us sure everything is okay… Junsu is freaking out, Mmmm…. Please be okay… Hyung. You still have us… remember; even it’s so hard with you… Me, Junsu, and Changmin, are there to accompany you.”


“Hyung… It’s Changmin… Please Hyung… Are you okay…? Don’t do something stupid… Please I beg you… Come out… End your grief for us, and even for him… Hyung…!”


Grief? How could there would be any grief, when you were with his angel, the angel who created and made only for you. There was no such thing as sorrow in your heart, as long as you with him, as long as he was engraved deeply in your heart..

You turned from the mirror for awhile, slightly forced yourself to break the eyes contact with the creature inside your mirror. You stared at your apartment, there was a black curtain covered the windows, blocked all the sunshine from outside cheerful world. Dust covered every table and there were many pieces of glass shattered in the table. Your apartment was like had been swept with a raging storm, left only the destroyed thing behind.

It was no problem; the goddess in the mirror was with you. He accompanied you even in the worst room and condition. As long as he was okay, it would be okay…

You saw the beautiful creature slowly mumbled something too you… You leaned your face, tried to catch the words…

No one could hear him except you; no one felt his presence except you… It was definitely made you feel so special

You smiled as you heard what he had said. And you walked to the closet, and changed your clothes, hummed a song of lullaby to him, he told you that song, which you were humming was his favorite song. That was why you loved humming it. You grasped your car key and left the apartment as soon as you had already got dressed, not before glanced and threw a smile again at the mirror.



You saw the cute dolphin man squeaked at your presence in his house. You smiled, and walked in, entered the house.

“Hyung, For God’s sake… I was so worry at you… Are you okay, Hyung?”

You nodded and smiled, assuring him that you were okay. And not for a long time, you saw the Dolphin’s husband came and hug the waist of the man.

“I was so worry at you… You made us sick… Hyung…”

“I thought you need to cheer, Hyung. Want to join me and Su at the club tonight…”

“Chunnie, how could you ask Yunho hyung to join us…? He has just gone through something bad…”

“That’s why we must cheer him… Dolphin…”

“But… Chunnie…” the dolphin whined, as Yoochun landed a peck in his lips, shut him up from another whining.

You smiled widely at the sight of the two lovers in front of him.
Jealous? Of course not, you had him. You had the most beautiful thing on earth. There was nothing compare to him.

“Hyung… Come with us... Okay? Forget it and have fun…?”

“Yah, Hyung, you can refuse if you don’t want, this person is silly…”

“Why did you marry a silly person then…”

“I guess, it was my biggest fault…”

“Yah Junsu…”

Junsu laughed, shrieked as his husband began to tickle him.

You tilted his head, should you go, or should you not…

You saw the coffee table, it was shining, you could use it as a mirror, and you saw him. He nodded to you, and you lifted your head at the other men, smiled, and nodded along with him.

You excused yourself to the bathroom, and two men pointed the bathroom for you. You entered the room and you looked at the mirror inside it. He smiled to you, almost grinned, and you leaned your hand, again, felt the coldness of the mirror. You asked him, what you should do… And he chuckled.

You laughed at his smile and he pouted at you. You whispered the words of love. And you heard the knock at the door right after you spoke them out.

“Hyung, are you okay? Why did you laugh?” The sound asked you, it was Junsu’s

Slightly annoyed, you answered that you were okay to the man that knocked and again, deeply stared at the pretty one…

You whispered to him that you must go, and you would talk to him again, met him again… He smiled and answered you that he would be waiting for you. And he loved you.


You stood at the club restroom, eyeing the man that you loved. Your other two friends were so adsorbed at their own world, grinding, teasing, and flirting to each other, leaving you alone. Junsu and Yoochun were always lost in their own world. You, left alone, began to miss him. And you stood here to meet him again. It was okay, they ignored you, and you didn’t care

You felt the desperation to break the mirror and hold the man at your arms. You missed his warmth, and the felt of the flesh in his hand. You wanted to kiss the man senselessly and licked every inches of his pale white creamy skin. You began to wonder, how would be like to lick the mirror, could you felt him through it, could he felt you through it…You stared him, as he began to talk to you, chatting and you heard him, every single word were music to your ears. Those were so shooting and sweet in your sense, like an angel’s song.

You wondered, why such an angel likes him want to be with you, something so precious wanted to be with something had such an abject poverty.

A man barged in to the rest room; he limped walked at the closet. The man was drunk. And he disturbed your moment with the pretty one in the mirror; you hated the man for it, such a disgusting thing to you and him... The man started to puking at the closet, and the odor of his threw was made your nose wrinkled. You frowned at the man in the mirror, he pouted, obviously didn’t like the sudden man appearance, he saw the drunken man with an obvious abhorrent in his pretty eyes. You wanted to brush it away from his eyes… You wanted to blow it, replaced it with happiness.

You asked him what he wanted. He answered you and smiled sweetly.

You, proud at your work to make the angel in the mirror smiled, nodded your head.

You began to approaching the man that was puking.

One step…

Another step…

And you reached him…

You pulled his head, and he whimpered as you closed his mouth with your hand. He struggled like an animal brought to the butcher knife. And you did it… smirked as you heard the beautiful one laughed, encouraged your action. You struck his head at the toilet bowl, once, twice, thrice, and again, and again. Ignored all his plead for absolution from whatever he did wrong to you…Blood trickled at his head, leaked quickly, wetting and painting the floor with the beautiful color of crimson red, Your angel told you he liked it, because the color was like a red roses. The smell of the crimson liquid began to pool at the room; the angel loved it, told you to imagine it as a wine... You pushed his head down to the toilet bowl, he was lost his consciousness and you finished him abruptly with drowning him at the water of the toilet. And you pushed the flush button, made him all wet and bloody as hell.

You finished your fun

The angel was happy

If the angel was happy,

You would be happy…

You washed your hand in the sink as you looked at the pretty one inside the mirror. He laughed, gentle eyes, bright line, and white teeth showed. He mumbled something happily at you, and you touched the mirror again before you left the room, tinted it with a smear of blood… Painted a draw of heart with it.


You dancing at the dance floor swayed your body and hip happily, felt content and proud.

A girl was grinding against you, you chuckled. There was no hope for her again. You already poisoned from the angel poison. He trapped you at its glass cube, and you willingly stayed there. Willingly to be trapped forever…

You looked Junsu and his husband Yoochun, they were searching you. You called them, and they approached you.

“Come on, Hyung… Let’s go home…”

“You have a good time, haven’t you, Hyung?

You smiled, nodded. Of course, you had a good time… And your angel had it too with you.


Again, in your dark room, cold temperature, and in the corner, you smiled at him…

You wouldn’t want to waste your time with slept. You preferred to talk with him, preferred to chatting again with him. He was you obsession, your life, your light, your love… Everything… You admitted that your adhesive capacity to him was too much.

You couldn’t bear to lose him, you were too afraid, if you slept, he would disappear from your sight.

“That was a fun show, wasn’t it? You like it?”

He nodded at your question, stared at you with eyes fuelled of love.

It was so easy to make him happy, yet, so hard to kept him entertaining.

“I will do anything to satisfy you, my love… Everything… I promise…”

Silenced filled the room, as you looked at his black orbs, the cursed of his eyes, that successfully enchanted you, and tied you inside the darkness puddle of grief.

You saw at them, let the devilish beauty consumed you alive, you gave yourself to him freely, willingly; he marked you as his and him as yours… You had fallen to his deep abyss.

Again, you whispered the words of love to him…

“I love you, Jaejoongie…”

And you smile widened as you heard his respond… promising him an aegis for his weakness and delicate frame of the angel.

“I love you too, Yunho…”

And your world had never better than that moment. His love for you was undoubtedly, and your love for him was abysmal.


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Ch 2 : Darkness

Post by OnlySu on 7/27/2009, 10:28 pm

Junsu sighed as he flipped his morning newspaper, he had already finished his ordinary daily task, which were waking his husband and made a breakfast for him. He looked at the headline as he sipped his warm milk, and the words of the headline made him choking at the milk.

“What the....?!?”

He screamed as he coughed because of the liquid entered his perspiration. Chill and bad feeling crawled into his body, so slowly, yet surely, as he read the content of the article.

‘A murderer in Sinner club.’

He read it slowly, didn’t want to miss every single of words, which were printed boldly and big at the paper.

‘The witnesses found the body in the toilet of the Sinner clubs this night, the body was found in a terrible condition, which his head was destroyed by a hard and overly bumped. There was no evidence of robber because of there was no money that had found missing. However, the drawing of heart at the mirror of the bathroom, made some conclusion at the police investigation. There was a big chance that the murder was a mental...’

Junsu mumbled to himself, tried to calming his worsened feeling in his heart, a darkness crawled into his heart, like wanted to tell something to him.

“No... No... We have nothing related to this murderer...” He reassured himself.

He forced himself to calm down, made a reason that his bad feeling was only because of their misplace to be at that club, exactly when the night of the murderer happened.

“Su, are you okay?”

“Chunnie...” He turned his face at his husband’s sound, found him in his home t-shirt. Hair was still wet from morning shower.

“You look so pale, what have happened?”

“Nothing... It is just... Look at it, Chunnie...”

Yoochun looked and read at the article, which was catching his eyes; the same headline that catching his so called wife’s eyes too.

“Well, it’s so unusual...” He commented.

“Yes... Usually, this doesn’t happen in this safe town... Right?”

Junsu looked from the paper into his lover’s face.

“It is okay, Su... We have nothing related to this... We were just accidentally at the same club last night.”

“Yes, that’s what I force my self into... I have a bad feeling about this, Chun... Very bad feeling...”

Yoochun smiled gently, reassuring Junsu that it would be okay. He cupped the boy’s face, and caressed it with his thumb, and Junsu closed his eyes, moaned contently at the touch of his husband’s hand.

Yoocun’s eyes began to deepened with lust, as he shifted from his seat, and hugged Junsu from behind, roamed his hand under the other companion’s t-shirt, He feltthe soft delicate skin, which he never bored at, even he had already tasted it over and over again...

“Junsu...” He sighed sweetly at the man’s ear, made him shivered at the touch and the sudden lapping in his ear.

“Nggh...” Junsu only whimpered at the touch.

“Su... “ Yoochun continued his lustfully licking tongue to the crook of his neck, which was the part he had already memorized as the sensitive area of his lover, earned another moan from the man. He sucked the tender skin, and marked his already owned property.

“It is all your imagination...” A barely whispered in his mind from his lover, and Junsu fell lost into the more pleasurable temptation from the other man’s heat.

“Chunnie,” he whimpered, as Yoochun’s wicked hand, ghostly caressed him again, down to his waist, and down to the southern part of his body. Lips mated at the other’s plump one.

“You are so sweet, Su... I want to eat you up alive...”

“Then eat me...” Junsu purred softly, but seductively, made Yoochun smirked at the lovely curve of his lover’s body.

“You have nothing to worry about... We and Yunho were just in a wrong place and wrong time...”


Junsu’s eyes snapped open at the mention of Yunho’s name... He broke the contact with his husband, earned a mutual groan from him. His mind was flooded with some one’s image, some one that had already lost in his life, which had already missed from the owner of the Yunho name... The image of his beautiful brother.

“Why do you do that? You don’t want me again...” Yoochun pouted, slightly irritated at the sudden rejection from Junsu.

“No.. It’s not like that...” There was a time he wanted to smack perverted mind of his husband. Especially in a time like that.

“Then why?”

“I have a feeling of this news were connected to Yunho...”

“Again about Yunho..” Yoochun grumbled, he knew his Junsu was concerned at Yunho, but at this rate, he began to have a slightly jealous feeling.

“No.... This is serious.. Chun...”

“You know he has nothing to do with the murderer...”

“No, Chun. It is so real...”

“JUST DAMN WITH YOUR STUPID FEELING, HOW ABOUT ME...?” The sudden outburst made Junsu surprised.

Yoochun was sick at the too concerned Junsu about his brother in law; it was damn straight a one and a half month after the dead of him, which affected his own family and yunho. However, he had already tired with all the desperateness that were rounded all the day of him and the others'.

“I always care for you, Yoochun, However, can’t you see, that my brother in law is in trouble... My feeling about this thing is so real... I can’t deny it...”

“Just go to him and marry him...”

Junsu eyes widened at the words from Yoochun’s mouth.


Yoochun felt regret for shouting at Junsu firstly, when he heard the boy back shouting, and his already brimming eyes.


“I’m sorry... Su...’

"Save your sorry to yourself, I want to go to his apartment...’ Junsu said as he stormed to his room, to grab his jacket and their car key.

“I can drive you there...”

“No need... Yoochun... Just... Cool your head off...” And Junsu made his out, gave a dramatically effect with a loud bang of their house’s door, and Yoochun groaned at frustration, shoved his hand at his already messed hair.


He traced the sharp side at the blade with his thumb, and He walked to the mirror, shifted it right to the front of the victim shaken body. He had tied him with ropes tightly at the chair. He won’t make it fast; the tremble at his body made the beauty in the mirror laughed widely, openly, eyes fuelled with beautiful sight of terrorizing agony.

“Enjoy the nice show, Jaejoongie...”


The tension was so thick, so it like could be heard, continually, pain. Their world began to somber, and was confusedly mixing between the reality and the darkest nightmare fantasy

Dark, desperate for the way out, struggled when the young handsome man smiled at him as he approached his victim with the knife in his right hand... A small frightened whimper was heard from the tied victim’s covered clothes mouth.

“So... Joongie... Which one you prefer first...?”

He chuckled at the mirror.






It was his poor fate when he delivered a package to this madness apartment, with a mad people, and mad show.

Tortured at the tensing air, the man struggled more and more.

“SHUT UP...” He shouted as he struck the victim’s head harshly.

“Let Jaejoong think...”

He smiled when he had already heard the mirror angel’s answer.

He put the knife slowly at the tortured man’s neck, and slashed him slowly...

So slowly, like him wanted to savor every single moments of craziness, and every drop of the blood. He was chuckling at the smear of red in his floor.

“Want me to finish him?”

A nod.

He smirked, as he flipped the chair over, slashed his knife again and again at the poor man’s back, had not been relieved yet, he slashed another attack at the stomach, ripped the muscle out....

Puddle of blood was created in every single corner of the room.

He left the dead body and walked to the mirror...

Blood was everywhere in his hand. He cringed at the smell of it. However, he could bear it, as long as his lovely man happy.

“Joongie, you are happy now...? Don’t leave me again... I’ll make you happy forever; just don’t ever leave me...” He begged, as the tears were forming in his eyes, as he used his blood covered hand to paint the mirror with the crimson liquid.

He saw the angel inside him smiled, sadly, deeply, longingly.

“I love you...”

And then he heard the bell rang... He sighed at the disturb...

“I must go... Wait okay? Need to wash my hand first. I’ll make another show again...”

Jaejoong, or the name who he always called for the feature in the mirror eyed Yunho walked away from him. It was like a devil was always taking form as the angelic one.


Yoochun answered the ringing cell phone, hoped it was from his angry dolphin.

He disappointed at the caller id.



“What’s up, Min?”

It was Changmin.

“Hyung, do you know about the murderer at the Sinner?”

“Not about it again... Su has already angry at me because of it...” He groaned at the frustration as he remembered his little heating argument with Junsu. And hadn’t mentioned, a chance to have another hot sex was slipped from his hand.

“Hyung, you know Kibum, right?”

“Of course, your officer boyfriend... Right?”

“Yes, he was assigned to the case at the sinner...”


“He found an evidence of the killer...”

“What is the connection with us? Why do you call me...” Yoochun asked him annoyingly.

“It’s the evidence, Hyung... The evidence is Yunho’s hyung marriage ring...’

“What?” Yoochun’s eyes snapped open at the shocking news.

“You really sure that is Hyung’s ring, I mean, it can be another ring, all the ring is look alike... Right?”

“100% percent sure, there was a craft, which is sounding YunJae inside it... There was no more rings like that, except Jae Hyung’s...”

“Shit... Why did he do that?’

“I don’t know, hyung... I think he get an illness, after Jae’s hyung dead...”

Then something was snapped inside Yoochun’s skull. Junsu... his Junsu was going to yunho hyung’s apartment.

“Shit...!” He cursed.

“I know it, Hyung...”

“Not that, Su is going to Yunho’s apartment...” He groaned at the cell phone.


“And if Yunho is the murderer... It means Junsu is in danger...” He concluded to Changmin. Connected all the worst possibility that could be happened to his lover.

“Stop him, Hyung... Whatever your way... Just stop him... Hyung...”

“Okay... Min...”

“Bye, hyung, and by the way Hyung, Kibum messaged me, he and all the teams would be approached Yunho's appartment soon...”

“Okay... Bye Changmin.”

He flipped his phone, and called his lover’s number, only to be ended by the other man, again and again.

“Damn... Junsu... Pick the damn phone...”

He groaned in frustration as he shoved the machine into his pant’s pocket, and began to search his car key. He cursed again as he remembered that Junsu brought the car with him. He ran to the street in frustration, looking for a taxi, and when he got it, he shouted at the driver to drive as fast as possible.

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Ch 3 : Withered

Post by OnlySu on 7/27/2009, 10:29 pm

You traced your fingers along the beautiful jaw of the perfect angel of wonder, who was beside you in your bedroom. Like a trace of moon, his eyes fluttered open and you met his black pools, which sucked you dry. His were like a pair of black onyx, the only rock you could match beautiful pair eyes of the angel with. Like a piece of moon sent to earth, like heaven splashed down to earth, that was his presence to you.

The angel was naked, pure sweat was glistening in his skin, covered like a thin transparent layer beneath that flawless skin. This indescribable beautiful creature was yours, and you were glad that he was not mind at all to be declared as yours. The beautiful lips of him, slowly curved into a smile, as his eyes stared longingly at yours. He traced a little circle in your bare chest, covered with delight at your love making with him.

“That was wonderful Yunnie-ah...” He said to you, smile at his content ness and rather shyness covered his cheeks. He didn’t know that for you, it was him who was so wonderful.

“I love you, Yun...” He whispered the keywords, which made your world rotated at its center. Your angel was the center.

You kissed his lips, murmured the words of love, you wanted to suck him dry and planted all of him in yours. You wanted to keep his taste, his favor, which was your favorite flavor of the entire flavor in earth.

He smelled like a wash of rain in the dessert, yes, indeed he was. He brought the rain, which made all the dessert came to alive, and made the sand made a flower grew in it. Or like sunshine in the morning, when the light was breaking the dawn, he broke down all the wall of loneness in your heart and kept your safe n his fist, you trusted him. You trusted him enough to allow him enter your too small heart, even it meant yours would broke if he entered it, it didn’t matter anymore. For the payment, you could taste his warm large heart, which was so beautiful, and filled with flower, warmness, and kindness, which you couldn’t find in your heart even when you seek it.

He was the light in your dark and grim path...

“We must sleep... you silly sex beast...! Don’t forget to drop me tomorrow at the shopping store... I need to buy some things to fill our refrigerator, and fill the greedy stomach of yours...” He smiled to you as you growled playfully at his remark, tucked him securely underneath your arms. And the dawn was coming in your mind, as you slept, sucked the air, which was feeling with his strong sweet essence.



You dropped him at the grocery store, kissed him good bye from the driver seat. He quitted your car, and you were still eyeing him with the rear mirror, as he walked to the store. His hips swayed sexily, as you gulped your saliva, prevented yourself from drooling over his figure. You glanced slowly at the roses beneath your jock, you were preparing a surprise for him, for your angel, for both of you. When the dawn came to kiss the earth, you would bring him to his favorite dinner, and spent your romantic night together, passed the second anniversary of your sweet saccharine relationship.

And suddenly, everything went so blur, and so fast.

A crashing sound was heard, shrieked, gritted, and shattered your ear drums. A shock feeling was crept to you, and suddenly it changed into fear... A blare of an accident was happening right behind you, right the place where your angel was standing.

A fear, that something bad would happen to your angel as you heard more.

You froze, couldn’t dare to look back, and couldn’t find a brave to know what had happened.

Panic screams from all the passengers, murmur sounds of hysteria and terror of the hidden darkness into your ears.

A shout that caught your ears, told the other passenger, that someone was stricken by drunk driver’s car, and crashed hardly. It couldn’t be him, right? An angel couldn’t die... An angel meant to be smile, and meant to be live within your love forever.

You shifted your eyes, since you didn’t dare to look back; you saw everything from your rear mirror of your car, and found the truth in the painted painting reality inside and beyond the mirror.

It was him, so beautiful, so pale, so intoxicating, enchanting, and thousand beautiful compliment words to describe his in your mirror.

His beautiful body was stuck between the lamp post and the car, and blood tainted his skin, too white skin, and you could see it like a blood in a snow land. The blood, which was red, was so contrast with his pale white skin. A mess painting of evilly beauty.

The crimson liquid was trickling from his head, and his nose, and his ears, as his black onyx eyes snapped open, straight piercing into your direction like was telling something to you.

You saw the angel’s eyes, through the mirror, as cloud began to surround your mind, you saw him beautiful, lifeless, and was in a puddle of blood mess. However, whatever his state, there was only one word could describe him ‘Beautiful”

The candle would shine its brightest when it would come into its end.

A cherry tree would bloom its most beautifully the right time before he withered and dead.

And an angel would shine bright fully, when it was his last time to breathe.

You sat in your driver seat, mesmerized by the view of the body of his and the chaos of shattered glass and a mess of crimson liquid. Stunned, froze, you saw him without even blinked your eyes for once. Your angel was there, frozen as a corpse, you wouldn’t believe it, you would never believe it.

You never believed it, you would never found a truth in a reality, because there was no him in the real world. You would always found him beyond the mirror, bonded you, even when your brother in law, and your two best friends lied to you. They told you that your angel wasn't there anymore. They didn’t know, there was a world between you and him, a ripple of love, a abyss of sorrow and evil in disguise of the mirror. You didn’t care if the world you have was fake or not, as long as it had him in it, for you, it was the real one...

Bliss of angel, sorrow, and blood, flashed continually in your mind.

You were frozen with a dithering smile on the tip of your lips like a zombie when people told you their sympathy and sad ness. You walked at the darkness, held your black umbrella inside the weeping mass of people who were weeping and mourning at his funeral. A chill stuck into the bone, grim and grief so thick, until you could taste it in your tongue, if some one asked you about the taste of sorrow, you could answer without hesitation.

Bull shit... that was you thought...

Yours weren’t dead...

He was alive...

You saw him everyday...

In the cage of mirror...

In the glass box of misery, burnt dignity, and lost ticking song of clock, which were telling you that your world stopped... Frozen... and couldn’t rotate anymore, because the center was trapped inside the mirror.

The only different now, that was nothing could separate you two again.

Even it was a drunken driver, a blood, a corpse room, or everything.

You smiled at the funeral, watched the reddish crimson sky, as the withered leaves fell all over you. Something was dieing inside your heart, and the insane mind took over you.

It would be okay, he would be with you forever.

There was nothing you should worry about.


Could I stay in the darkness forever...?
If the light was too blinded me...

Could I live in fake...?
When the reality was the cruel one...

Could I stay with you in totally maze...?
When the proper path was too sharp to climb...

Could I have you as an evil...?
When the angel one, I didn’t have...

The pool of blood was so demonic beauty in your eyes...
Even the dithering rose was perfect in your hand...

Could a trash like me bloom into a diamond if I am with you?


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Ch 4, pt. 1 : Nightmare

Post by OnlySu on 7/27/2009, 10:35 pm

Junsu sighed as he looked at his cell phone. The communication device was continuously ringing over and over. ‘Hubby Chunnie’ the caller id was flashing in the screen made the phone blinked and vibrated in his hand. He pressed the reject button of his phone, obvious sign of his still mad state with the person he loved. Sometimes, his husband was too unreasonable at his possessiveness over him. It wasn’t meant Junsu hated it, but sometimes the clinginess of Yoochun burdened him until he couldn’t breathe at the possessive hug of the man.

Again, the phone ringed, Junsu confused, should he answer it, or should he not?

Well, he would give Yoochun some more punishment. He smirked as he pressed the reject button again, slightly laughed evilly in his head as he imagined Yoochun's face.

Junsu parked his car in front of the bakery namely ‘Crescent’; he quitted his car, and entered the tiny shop with the antique design. The nice tasty smell hit him as soon as he was inside the bakery shop. He walked straight into the counter, and looked at the breads inside it.

What should he buy?

First, obviously for Yunho hyung was chocolate cheese, Jaejoong hyung told him over and over again until he got boring at all the old news about Yunho hyung... Jaejoong hyung was just too in love with him. For that time, Junsu swore, he wouldn’t be boring ever again at Jae hyung’s story even they were all about Yunho hyung. He would be so pleasant to hear them again, because his Jae hyung couldn’t do that again.

For him, strawberry definitely was the better, he might buy two pieces of strawberry shortcakes; Chunnie loved the sour sweet flavor for the bright pinky cake too, especially after he and Yoochun had a unique way to ate it, ate from each other’s mouth. He blushed and sighed as he ordered the cakes. Even he was mad at his hubby, he couldn’t out his mind from the adorable man of his...

As he walked to the cashier he saw it, the tiramisu, and all his thought was flying the pretty angel who was had already left them from this world, his hyung, Jaejoong hyung. Jaejoong hyung loved the cake so much...

There wasn’t only him that felt so breakdown when the news of the death reached his ears. He still could remember the cringe in his Chunnie’s face, which slowly turned into breakdown tears. Junsu held him at the day of Jae hyung's funeral, and cried together for the entire night. To his Chunnie, Jae hyung was his precious best friend, who his presence could be replaced no one.

And he couldn’t forget the obvious tears of their dongsaeng, Changmin, when he heard the news. For Changmin, Jae hyung was the best hyung, even they weren’t related by blood. And his sudden left was hitting him hard in his face.

And for Junsu, Jae was a hero, an example of life, who he adored so deeply inside his heart. His hyung was the one who introduced him into his Chunnie, and made them together. He was a hyung who loved him so much and protected him with all his might.

His death made an impact into their world, and the biggest was for Yunho hyung. Junsu saw him stared coldly and lifeless inside his car, in front of the place, where the horrible accident had happened. He sat still, eyes cold, and didn’t blink even for once. His eyes stared at the emptiness of his rear mirror of his car.

And at his funeral, Yunho hyung was smiling, a dead and coldly one. Those were things, which made Junsu concerned and worried about him so much. He couldn’t imagine the sight of broken wings from his hyung.

Junsu walked out from the bakery with two paper bags in his hand, and he came back into his car back to drive towards Yunho’s apartment.


Memories of people you loved was always haunting the person who loved him.
If you loved, then you would feel the pain...
Was the love worth the pain...?
Or was the pain worth the love?


I reached hyung’s apartment, and the sudden loneliness brushed inside my heart when I saw the view of the tall building. I was remembering that, this place was the place where my beloved and cheerful hyung lived. Too many memories buried inside this building. Those memories were fishing out my own memories about him and his unique laughter, or his obvious pout when I pleaded him to accompanied me shopping.

I was still remembering the way his black hair swayed when he walked, and the unique face when he was sleeping. His shout from the front of my house, which was waking me and Chunnie.

I sighed, brushed away my sudden missing feeling of him. I knew, no matter what had happened in my way, life must go on.

I stood in front of their apartment, and ringed the bell. I tapped my feet softly, as I waited for Yunho hyung to open the door.

The soft click of the opened lock was heard, and I saw Yunho hyung stood at the opening door. His Head was down and his eyes were looking at the floor. Chill ran down over my body. He lifted his head slowly, and my eyes met his brown dead and cold one, gasped at the lack of warmness and life inside them. They were so unlike his usually warm and charmed eyes he used to have before hyung’s death.

“Junsu...” He purred slowly, tilted his head to the right and scanned deep into my eyes with his eyes.

I hated this dark feeling my heart was given to me...

“I... I come to visit you... hyung...” I told him, obviously stuttered because of his eyes.

He smiled, and I could see the devil bloomed inside the smile. Wicked me into the sudden grim of darkness of his eyes.

“Yes... Come inside... Please...”

I entered the apartment and I walked into the living room. A bam voice was heard as soon as i entered the apartment, and it was making me jumped. Only to see that it was him closed the front door.

I reached his living room, which was a complete mess of raging sorrow and sadness. I had never seen his apartment like this. Coldness and spat of hatred towards the world was shone dimly but clearly at every corner of the room. In the past, it was so bright with his teasing at Jae hyung and unique laughter from my brother.

Something was not right...

“I see, you bring me something...” He told me, as he leaned his hand from behind me to reach the paper bag in my hand.

I froze, too scared to move...

“Ye... Yes...”

“Why are you stuttering, Junsu... Is there anything wrong?”

Yes, you were wrong... Everything was wrong... I really wanted to shout it at him.

“Nothing, hyung... How are you doing?”

“I am fine..” He said, and suddenly I felt his hand ran down into my shoulder, I shifted from his touch.

“Jaejoongie is missing you...’ He whispered to me, made my body chill.

“He is waiting for you... He told me to bring you accompany him...”

“Hyung...!” I turned my body facing him, and I stepped back slowly as he approached me within my backward step.

“You are a good brother to him, he told me... You can accompany him...”

He was not Yunho hyung anymore, he wasn’t him. I saw a devil, a bleeding and hurt animal inside his brown eyes. The sight sent a ripple of hell and terrorizing agony inside my heart...

“Hyung, what are you talking about...? Jae hyung was dead....” I told him slowly, hissed at him.

All too suddenly, He pinned me into his living room’s wall, whispered the solemnly grief words into my ears.

“Don’t you dare tell that my Joongie is dead...”

I gasped as the arms of his were gripping me tightly...

“Let me go... Hyung... You are insane...!”

He laughed, loudly, dark, and was intimidating me, and I saw his eyes. The dark brown orbs weren’t laughing, they were dead, and sorrow and mist clouded them, a true feeling of the real madness form.

“You and the world don’t know anything...”


And I felt my body was thrown into the glass coffee table at the center of the living room, made the cakes in the paper bags flied into the other direction. I felt a pain in my body. The pain was coming from the shattered glasses which were stuck in my right arm. I hissed in pain, tears were already forming in my eyes as blood slowly and surely oozed out from the open wound in my arm, dripped slowly into the carpet at the living room.

Yunho hyung walked at the paper bag direction. He took it and took the cake from the bag.

“How can you don’t buy Joongie a cake...? Do you forget about him?” He whined.

“How can I buy him a cake, when he is already dead hyung?”

He ignored me, continued his mumble and incoherent jumbled words, which I couldn’t catch it.

He turned his head to me... Eyed me so sadly, like a lost puppy, which lost his master. Indeed, he was a man who lost his light of his way.

“You must die too... Junsu... Joongie want you to accompany him inside the mirror....” He told me, as he walked approaching me...

“NO...!” I shouted.I forced my body to run from his approaching step, surviving myself from my own brother in law.

“Why do you run...? You don’t love your hyung anymore?”

“You are insane, hyung...!”

He struck me in my face, made me down in the carpet. I could feel the soreness and pain in my cheeks and I crawled away from him to the other side of the room, which had a door into his bedroom. With a slight struggle because of my body wouldn't want to coordinate with my mind, i ran and slightly crawled to it.

Once I reached the door, I forced my body to stand and entered the room, closed the door quickly, and locked it.

I panted as I leaned into the door, I closed my eyes, tried to relax my heart that was pumping and thumping so furiously. I furiously began to think a way to get out from this hell like apartment. I opened my eyes, and I gasped at the terror sight in from of my eyes.

The bedroom’s four walls were covered with hundred, no, thousand pictures of angelic faces of my hyung. The pictures were taken from many angles, many sides, and many expressions of him. I saw all the pretty faces with horror; the usually beautiful hyung was looking as a devil, a beautiful frightening evil. A crept of terror rushed into my vessels and struck me right in my pumping heart as I looked at the carpeted floor. The entire floor was red, bloodies red. I smelt the anguish and metallic smell of blood all over the room, and I saw it...

A mirror, a big mirror, with a dead man body across it.

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Ch 4, pt. 2 : Nightmare

Post by OnlySu on 7/27/2009, 10:35 pm

The man body was stabbed coldheartedly, and all of his blood was tainted every inches of the room. I gasped. I couldn’t breathe because my lungs were filled with the nasty smell of blood and darkness. I froze at the terror. I froze at the nightmare. He was not Yunho hyung anymore... He was a murder, cold hearted murder, insane psycho...

Clutter was being opened in my eyes, and I couldn’t close them to bear with everything. I felt disgusted at the the view, cringed at the red crimson color of the floor, and all the pictures of demonic beauty.

And suddenly I heard a banging in the bed room door. He was forcing the door to be opened.


I stepped backward in horror...


The door, was creaked, forced to open. I could see Yunho’s trial to open the door was success. I prayed to be escaped from this hell.


Chunnie... Help me...

I screamed out loudly in my mind, as I saw him successfully open the door, a knife was there in his left hand. Like an amnimal in front of the butcher, i screamed and struggled to find a way out from the situation.

I stepped backward again, however he gripped me tightly with the knife in my neck. I screamed Yoochun’s name, only a muffle of noise escaped my mouth, his other hand was shutting my mouth tightly. I struggled because of the tight hand in my mouth made me couldn’t breathe. I gasped and bit his hand, he shrieked at the pain, then he hit me hardly in my head. The hit was making me dizzy and lost at the situation of death and life.

He dragged my struggling body until we both were facing the mirror, and there... I saw our reflections. I saw my face, pale and frightened written all over the eyes of mine. I shifted my eyes to him, and I surprised at what I was seeing.

I saw him cried; Tears were brimming all over his brown eyes, as he started to sob...

“Joongie... look at me...” He sobbed, slowly his grip in my mouth was loosened. He leaned his hand to touch the mirror. He whispered all the content of his brokeness state, that he wasn't letting it out even when Jae's funeral.

“Baby... Why are you leaving me....? I can’t live without you... “He whispered. A pity was voiced out in my mind, i wanted to tell him that he wasn't alone.... With or without Jae hyung.

He was still Yunho hyung, I could see it, Yunho, a man who was desperately in love with my brother. A man, who lost his love of his life in front of his eyes, a helpless man, who didn’t know what to do without my brother anymore. A man, who forcefully drunk all the bitterness of the sudden death of his angel.

“What do you want, now?” He asked the mirror, crushed down and crumbled, like a paper which was curling when it was burnt.

“I will give you everything... You want to go to Paris, Don’t you?” He asked with desperate voice...

“Or you want to adopt a baby, okay... I agree, we will adopt, a girl like what you want, and I promise he will look like you... Beautiful with black onyx eyes of yours...”

“Hyung...” I mumbled to him, his grip was loosening and I was free... He wasn’t paying even a slightest attention to me.

“I plan our second anniversary, baby. In your favorite restaurant, just you and me.... In the place, where we was first met. You remember it?”

The most hurting thing in the life was losing what you loved the most...

“I miss you... I miss you so bad...” He slid down, kneeled at the front of the mirror, sobbed and broke down as he mumbled my hyung’s name...

“I miss your touch, I miss singing my lullaby to you.... You can’t sleep without it, can you?”

“I will sing it to you the entire night if you want... Just come back to me.”

“I miss your cooking, Joongie, I miss your jajangmyung, and your pancake, even your burnt egg fried, and they weren’t the same if those weren’t yours...”

“Hyung...!” I knew, I must ran. However the heartbreaking sight in front of me was made me kneeled beside him and hugged him tightly. I did the only thing i could do with him, i cried with him... I craddled him in my arms as he cried helplessly like a baby in my arms.

“It’s okay... Hyung... It’s okay...” I told him, tears trickled sown into my cheeks, i felt the same bitterness that i held inside slowly crept out and poured into the real world.

'Why did you leave us... Jae hyung?'

He cried in my embrace, poured all the tears in my shoulder, wetted my already drown in blood t-shirt.

“Su.. I miss him... I miss him...” He told me... Made my heart breaking for more.

I saw the bitter love between him and Jae hyung, felt the same pain of understanding from the separated love of them. I understood the condition, i definitely would go insane too if Chunnie left me... I was never hating Yunho hyung... Who could hate a broken an, with broken world, and broken ego...?

“Listen to me, hyung... You must over it... Face the truth... Jae hyung is dead...” I whispered to him slowly.

He broke my embrace, stared at me, as the words, which i told him were the most weird things in the world.

“Are you crazy? He isn’t dead; he is in the mirror... Look...!’ He told me, he pointed the mirror with his hand. I turned to see the mirror. I only saw our reflection, both of us were looking so crumble, filled with grief and sorrow.

“No... Look, hyung...!” I stood and pointed to in the mirror. All of these craziness must be stop from him, he was my brother n law, and I must save him no matter what were the consequences. I couldn’t bear to see the man, who was hyung in love with, became miserable like this. With all his words, I know what his mind thought; he was told me again and again about my brother’s presence in the mirror.

“There is nothing inside it... There's no world behind it... nor beyond it... He is dead...hyung...” A jumbled of words from my tounge made him screamed and shouted desperately.

“NO.... NO....!” He shouted at me...

“Yes, he is... Face it, hyung... Stop this madness, hyung must be sad in heaven if he sees you like this...”

“Stop it...!” He mumbled softly and covered his ears.

"I don't want to hear it anymore..." He crumled into flor, as he covered his ears with both of his hands.

I felt my blood was starting to boil. I hated the mirror. I hate how the evil inside it used my hyung to make Yunho did this all crazy and madness things. I pulled Yunho hyung away from the mirror, and I pulled it into the carpet, hard enough to make it crashed even at the carpeted floor... And I saw the shattered pieces in the floor, glistened, like they were showing the tears and desperateness for the reality. Like a pieces of moon shattered in the carpet, the mirror were breaking right in front of our eyes.

“NO....!” He screamed as the heartbreaking sound of clattered mirror was heard inside the room...

~~~~~Before he reached the shadow of the moon, there is no dispute
that his ship would mysteriously explode some where on route.
The curse can only cast its shadow on this lowly spinning earth,
a bird soaring peacefully in the sky is an omen of rebirth.

When a soul feels mighty restless with a wish to roam,
the wisdom of the spirit tends to call it back home.
Though superstition may fill the foolish mind with dread,
we only remember the vessel in the cities of the dead~~~~

“No... No.... No...” He kneeled, touched the entire shattered mirror with the tip of his fingers.

“He was not Jaejoong hyung... The one you have looked inside the mirror wasn’t him....” I told him, when he still kneeling, cried at the shattered mirror in the floor.

Suddenly he pinned me down in the floor; his eyes were bloodshot red, screaming anger, hatred, and protest not only to me, but to all the earth.

“You must die...” He laughed bitterly, then he slowly used the blunt side of the knife to make an ‘x’ sign at my chest. I tried to struggle, but the demon inside him was much stronger than me.

“You crashed Joongie down... YOU DESTROYED HIM...!!” He screamed uncontrollable at my face.

I closed my eyes. I felt the knife slightly touched my skin made me shivered at the coldness of the metal contacted with my skin.

‘This is the end...’ I whispered at myself inside my head... Shut my eyes, prepared to face my own dead end.

“JUNSU...!!!” I heard the scream from the door of the bedroom, made Yunho stopped, and we both turned our head to saw the intruder for him, and the savior for me...

“CHUNNIE...” I shrieked happily at the sight of him. I was right, the person I loved so much was coming over to save me...

A content ness and safe feeling filled my heart when I saw his face in the door. I struggled from the shocking Yunho’s body, and I could out from him, ran into Yoochun, left the dumfounded man with his knife behind me.... He stunned as he saw me and Yoochun... Eyes slowly turned into a sadness pool of lost and maze, which were coalesced into a despair of nothing ness and dim of sad ness.

I hugged Yoochun tightly, savored the sweet enchanting and feeling the calming effect that only he had for me until suddenly I heard the bitter laugh from Yunho’s direction.

“Yunho... The police were already here...” Yoochun told the laughing-like-crazy man inside the room, and yes... Not for long time after, Kibum and all his team were there and entered the room. They took the knife from Yunho’s hand, and secured the still-laughing-man and took him with them. He didn’t fight them. He came with them with willingness, and mouth still echoed the bitter laughter, which were mirroring the coarse grained love of him and Jaejoong hyung.

“It’s over... Su...” He hugged me tightly. And I cried into his embrace... Felt relief after everything that I had faced.

“I’m glad it’s over, Chunnie...” I told him, as I felt his hands in my waist tightened.

“Let’s get out from this devil nest....”

I nodded, and he hand in hand with me, left the room, and left the apartment, left the entire nightmare inside it, the polices were still there snapping pictures and collected proofs for the case. We ignored them... As we walked out from the apartment, left all the past of the nightmare from Jae’s hyung death behind us... And into the bright shine...


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Ch 5 : Forever

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Yoochun averted his eyes from the white ceiling into the sleeping face of his wife. They were in the hospital, even Junsu was refusing his suggestion to go to hospital, Yoochun with his thick head insisted him to go to that place. He was worried at Junsu’s mental and physical condition. After the doctor ran some checking and fixed the wound in his body, Junsu fell asleep at the bed, tired because of the whole events of the day. Yoochun caressed his hand at the forehead of the man he loved and swept the bangs from Junsu’s face. Yoochun was feeling so grateful to be arriving in Yunho’s mansion on the right time. He couldn’t imagine what would be happened to his dolphin if he came a little bit too late.

Yoochun tilted his head, stared at his wife’s face with such a content ness. Junsu must be so tired and so scared because of his nearly death experience.

No one could describe his fearful feeling inside his heart when he saw his love, Junsu, was being pinned by Yunho. When he saw Junsu closed his eyes hopelessly, like he was ready to face his own death, his heart was like being stopped. Fortunately to him, Junsu could escape from Yunho’s tight grip. And for now, the nightmare was finally over.

However, Yoochun still couldn’t get it, why Yunho could turn into some mental like that. Yunho was known as a man who was cool and calm, unlike him who was usually exploding in his emotion. Who could think, Jaejoong’s death could drive him into this kind of state.

Yoochun shifted, leaned his body, and planted a kiss to his dolphin’s forehead. The kiss woke Junsu up. The man in the bed frowned, and slowly his eyes fluttered open.

“I’m sorry... Do I wake you up?” He asked the man softly.

“Can you see it? I obviously wake up because of you practically were harassing me when I sleep...”

Yoochun didn’t answer the sarcasm teasing from Junsu. Instead, he hugged Junsu and buried his head in the smaller man’s shoulder. Junsu, surprised at his husband reaction but he decided to enjoy the warmth from the hug.

“I’m so sorry...” Yoochun whispered softly at him.

“What are you sorry for... Chunnie?” Junsu asked his trembling husband softly.

“For shouted at you, made you angry, and mad you turn into a great danger...” The manly man slowly sobbed as he imagined the worse thing that could be happened at his lover.

“I’m sorry too... Chunnie... We are equally guilty...” Junsu sighed, stuck between melting heart and almost giggled in happiness beause of Yoochun's concern at him.

He patted Yoochun’s head, wanted to calm the other man inside the embrace.

Yoochun broke the embrace and stared deeply into his lover’s eyes. He took his hand, and placed them in his lap.

“I just... I can’t understand, why Yunho did such a thing like that...” He told the smaller man. His hands were squeezing the others tightly.

Junsu snapped at the thought of his brother in law, he was forgotten about him.

“Where is hyung, Chunnie?” He asked the man in front him, eyes shimmered in concern and delight.

“Why do you still worry about the person who almost killed you?” Yoochun snorted with a hint of disgust in his voice.

“Because he is my brother-in-law... Chunnie. And he is only Yunho... A person who lost his lover and get the world all crash down on him...” Junsu averred seriously, he really wanted Yoochun to understand the feeling of losing someone that you loved, the feeling of avidity to keep them forever in your heart, and not to lose it again.

“Was there any human who can averse the madness of love, Chunnie?” He eyed the other man, like wanted to prove his authenticity of his words.

“We also can’t... Why do we expect Yunho hyung to can averse it? Who is he against desperateness?”

“But still, he hurt you... That’s why I can’t forgive him...!”
Junsu pulled Yoochun inside his embrace, slowly caressed the hair of the older man.

“I’m here now... Why do you still look at it as a problem, Chunnie...”

Yoochun tightened the hug at his lover, not wanting to lose it again, not wanting to over it soon.

“I love you, Junsu...”

“I love you too... And if you love me... Can you forgive Yunho, the man who my hyung, and your best friend, Jaejoong was in love with...?”

Junsu felt the man he loved nodded slowly, and slowly he pulled away, stared deeply at his eyes.

“Yunho was sent into a mental institution... He was decided to get a hand for his mental illness before he can hurt another people...” Yoochun told the dolphin softly.

Junsu nodded, Looked through and pierced right into Yoochun’s soul...

“I want to visit him, can you accompany me..?” Junsu told him softly.

‘Of course, but only if you have recovered from all the wounds and the bruises in all over your body... They make your already ugly body, get uglier...’ Yoochun told him, as his wicked smile reappeared in his already cunning face. The remark made Junsu squalled and hit him in his hand.

“Aw... Su... Can you just shut up and kiss me....?” He told the man, before pulled him into a sweet lip locking passionate kiss, which Junsu had already longed for since he was awake.


You stood in a white room, which only had a door and a window.

You refused to give up at the world. You wouldn’t want to believe at the cruel reality of the real world.

If he was only your fantasy, could they just leave you alone in your dream world...?

You knew he was awaiting you in a place far far away from here with his perfect ness that always made you became awestruck.

You couldn’t sleep for all the days you had been in this room because of missing him, bewailed at the lack of his surrounding around you.

A baggy wing in your shoulder was already broken. The azalea in the table was withered because no one cared for them.

You looked at the dieing flower with a lost-hope feeling. They dried like your heart. Flowers died without water, and you would die sooner without him.

The place you sat was a banishment place from the world, because of you had already lost him, slipped between your finger.

Like a broken bandwagon, useless, and ditched, you had been thrown away from the heaven the day he left you.

He was the reason you were breathing...

If he wasn’t there anymore, whatever with life...

You wanted to take an interlude from the thought of his but simply said, you couldn't.

The mirror had already broken, the wings were already fluttered, you saw him soar in the blue sky from your window. He finally broke free from his cage.

You put your body into the mattress, frowned as you saw the white ceilings....

“Jaejoong...” You breathed the name, which was your inspiration. The man you was bonded and tied with.

The show was over...

The angel was already coming back to the heaven...

You closed your eyes, and you saw him...

White, pure, smiling...

Hands awaited openly, welcomed you to run into his embrace. With a bewitchng smile of him, you saw the light of your love was lighetned again.

Black beady eyes looked longingly at you...

Lips curved into smile, which made only for you...

You held your breath as tears were forming in your eyes...

Like a invigorating water to your dieing soul... You started to hope that it wasn't a big joke.

“Joongie...” You whispered your angel’s name, approached him slowly.

“Miss me?” He asked you teasingly, laughed widely at your gaping expression.

You fell into his embrace. He was still the same... The same warmth, you felt when you cuddled him to sleep. The same sweet smell, you smelt every morning. The same small waist, you held when he was making a breakfast in the kitchen.

He was him...

Simply him...

Simple presene, which made you addicted.

A justification to all of your blindness and sorrow.

“Jaejoongie.... It’s you...” You told him breathlessly as you hugged him tightly.

“I have waited for you... Yunnie...’ He told you softly. How much you missed his soft melodic voice...

“Then take me... take me into your place... I don’t want to live in the world without you anymore... I am sick of the emptiness without you...”

He broke the embrace. Locked his hand with yours, slowly he walked, guided you into the white ness, which filled with his presence and his love.

You were complete...

You were perfect...

It would be only you and him...

And for this time...

For this real...

For forever...


We stood in the other funeral. This time was Yunho 's funeral. Chunnie held my hand tightly as I saw the stone of his. The soil was still fresh from the newly buried body.

When we was about to visit him, the staff in the mental institution told us that hyung was already dead. He died in his sleep. Face filled of content ness as he finally found his place with Jae hyung.

And I stuck between sorrow and joy. Must I be sad because of his death... Or, must I be happy that he finally reunited with Jae hyung again...

I sighed; felt the intertwined fingers of ours were tightening. I turned my head into Chunnie. Found my man was tearing.

He turned his head into me, and stared into my eyes. He was searching for comfort after all the grief and the sorrow.

“He will be happy with Jae hyung, right?” He asked softly, eyes searched for my agree ness with his words.

“Yes... Indeed they will be happy...” I told Chunnie, as I saw the cold stone again. I prayed deep inside my heart for both of them I prayed for mercy for them, for the universe to not separated them again.

“Can we go home?” I asked Chunnie, tugged at his black suit.

Yoochun looked at me. He sighed, and then his lips curved into smile as he nodded.

“Let’s go home... Su...”



“Huh? What’s up Yun?”

“I love you...”


“Yah... answer me...!!!”

“Yes... Yun, I love you too...”


“Yes... Forever...”


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Re: Beyond The Mirror (Yunjae) (Completed)

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Re: Beyond The Mirror (Yunjae) (Completed)

Post by Midnightmoon on 7/29/2009, 8:20 am

Wahhh! nice fanfic!
I enjoyed reading it!!

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Re: Beyond The Mirror (Yunjae) (Completed)

Post by OnlySu on 7/29/2009, 9:03 am

Thank you dear... Glad that you like it...!! ^^

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Re: Beyond The Mirror (Yunjae) (Completed)

Post by winnie278 on 3/1/2011, 4:03 am

Hi ^^ I'm cassiopeia in Vietnam...
I have read your fic and I feel very impression ^^
So I want to put your fic in a Handmade fanfic-book by Vietnamese ^^
I'll credit full about you. Please!
Reply my message...i'm waitting for you ^^ and can you reply me into my email? Hwangsunggi@gmail.com
Thank you so much... Have a good time ^^


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Re: Beyond The Mirror (Yunjae) (Completed)

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