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Freinds for Death?

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Freinds for Death? Empty Freinds for Death?

Post by Rkacrew09 on 7/27/2009, 4:35 pm

What happens when you live secretly as an assasin, but are a normal teen or kid otherwise?
Takashi-15,Youngsun-16,Kim soo eun-10,and Joo ri yan-10 live exactly like that.They are all connected but know nothing of the others being assasins! what will happen when the enemy companies send them to kill each other....
Takashi and Joo ri yan are sis and bro.
Youngsun and Kim soo eun are sis and bro.
All are each others best freinds even w/ age gap.
There is killing and violent actions
There might be love involved,but no R scenes
------------CHAPTER 1--------------
AN: Takashi is the main character.Chapter Written By Susie Samm

The wind rustled the leaves outside the window.My window.Every time the wind blows, I can feel the eyes of about ten girls,including the sensei,on me.My stupid hair.I would get a haircut, but it wouldn't look right.
"Wow, your popular again today, huh Takashi?"Youngsun whispers from behind me.
"Shut it."I say.Then, after just two words, the girls got started.Everywhere I turned it was "kyaa" this and"kyaa" that.I looked at Kimi-Kun.She was really pretty, especially when she laughed and flipped her long,black hair over her shoulder.She was the girl I wanted and worked with.
A-corps.No one but the employees knew it was really Assassin-corps.I work with Kimi and at first called her Kaminuki-senpai,which was a mistake.I hadn't known she was fifteen, just like me.She yelled at me for a week and even emailed my assignments.Then she transferred to my school and my class.She stopped yelling at me when I called her Kimi-Kun at lunch.She even smiled.
"He's looking your way!"girls squealed.Though they weren't talking to Kimi.They were talking to everyone but her! They all think she's crazy now.On her first date,she addressed herself as 'Agent KK',her assassin name,and even brought a gun to school.She was here on a mission.To kill the principal's son.She did.Then, she caught me staring and flashed me a 'cut it out' look,but she got up and walked over to me.
"Why are you staring at me" she asked playfully, sitting on my desk.The sensei had a cut on her arm and when it reopened,as it just did,she fainted from anemia.
"I'm not staring.Just...looking" I reply stupidly.She flips her hair back and laughs beautifully.While we talked about my next mission,the sensei was helped to the infirmary.My mission?To kill Sukii Lokanina.
A top model.Really pretty and is a great singer.I kill people guilty of certain crimes.All agents get certain kinds of people.My kind is people who get what they want,legal or otherwise,with money or...well things like blackmail.
"What did she do?"I ask.I wanted to tell her why she needed to die.
"She became a model through payment...and other circumstances.She also buys her songs from unknown people."she said.Unlike the other assignments she had given me,this one seemed to make her angry and melancholy,or at least that's what her eyes,her beautiful teal eyes said.
"Whats with your eyes today Takashi?"Youngsun inquired,returning from the infirmary."They look almost regular blue.they usually shock people like lightening."
"I don't know,but I'm going to see if I can dye my hair"I say."I don't think black really suits me."
"What does that have to do with anything?"Kimi asked.She always has a really good point.
Ï would look like a superstar."I said.They started laughing and I joined in.Though I was serious.
I went to my 'house'in the A-corps mansion after school.I only had the needed requirements and a few other items.An exercise room, a pool,etc. I had too much money on hand and I don't pay taxes and never will,so.I look at my copied assignment paper.Another easy target.
"What do you want?"Sukii questioned as soon as I met her.She was another one of those stupid brats that called themselves adults.
"To hell with it"I say,under my breath.I grab my knife and keep it hidden."Your such a great model and..."she threw a pillow at me.My eye twitched.I was oly a few feet away,so I ran up to her and tackled her to the ground.I got up,then'dropped'the knife on her,right in the middle of her neck.She chocked on blood and tried to scream as I set her on fire.Then I simply left her to burn,after grabbing my knife,of course.
Do you want to know the reason I kill?It is a really simple answer.I enjoy it.Every last moment,second.I look at my stil bloody knife.Then,I licked the blood off of it,smiling all the way home.

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