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UNCOMMITTED (Unfaithfulness) (Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, and fictional)

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UNCOMMITTED (Unfaithfulness) (Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, and fictional)

Post by Eprinces21 on 7/27/2009, 4:14 pm


Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Status: On-going
Video Clips: Junsu, JaeJoong, Yoochun, Yunho, Changmin

Main Characters:

Park Hanna
Kim JaeJoong
Kim Junsu

Minor Characters:

Park Yoochun
Kim Jihye
Jung Yunho
Kim Yunji
Shim Changmin
Catherine Smith


Summary: Hanna has a handsome and loving boyfriend, but the problem is he is miles and miles away and worse, his parents disapprove of her.

Regardless, she is willing to wait until the day they will be together once again, hopefully, on their two year anniversary.

So, along the way when unexpected Mr. Charming comes along and melts her heart, she finds herself in the triangle-love where she has to sacrifice one to gain another or lose both..




Shining right before our eyes,
The glittering sunset
Inside my chest, a profound love
Like nothing I have ever felt before

If I say to myself that I’m fine on my own,
I’m telling a lie

I’ve been passing time like this,
But from now on,
You’re the only one I’ll never part from



I know you were waiting for me
So I thank you for the love inside you
I'm always next to I promise you

You were always inside of me,
But I never felt your presence.

Now give me a chance to live for you.
I will even love your pains.

Hold out your hands so that we could feel together...
Look into my eyes, and see that you're inside of me.



didn't believe in love at first sight till the day we met
I didn't realize how easy it was to change the way I feel
I want to know about your hobbies, your thoughts,
The earrings on your ears, and even your weight.
Your scent, your every move,
I want to know everything about you
That's how it is
It's about the way you are



Like the glittering sun;
When a flash of wind whirls around me,
I end up looking for you, who has faded into the scenery,
Why is it this so fragrant, as if this is a dream?
Like flowers my lady, you have been rooted in my heart,
So you can’t go elsewhere

Stay with me, you’re so beautiful,
Shine your leaves; will you always bloom for me?
So only I can see it, stay, you stay always.



I suppose this feeling in my heart would be love.
Although I try to hide it, a smile appears on my lips.
I suppose this feeling in my heart would be love.
Although I try to hide it, a smile appears on my lips.
It hasn't been even a day but I begin to miss you again.
What should I do? My heart has caught a deep illness



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Re: UNCOMMITTED (Unfaithfulness) (Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, and fictional)

Post by Sachie on 7/27/2009, 4:18 pm

The plot is pretty interesting...Can't wait for the first chapie~

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Re: UNCOMMITTED (Unfaithfulness) (Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, and fictional)

Post by shawty_12 on 7/27/2009, 7:42 pm

GREAT! I LOVE THE BEGINNING OF IT SO FAR! it sure is captivating:D
please update soon. oh, and if you don't mind, can you pm me every time you update?
that way i'll know that you've updated and keep up with the story. otherwise, after reading so many....
i'll lose track of which fanfic i'd read and which i hadn't. so please and thank you!Very Happy
(i love yunho! i can't wait to read his side of the story!)^^

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Re: UNCOMMITTED (Unfaithfulness) (Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, and fictional)

Post by Eprinces21 on 7/27/2009, 8:36 pm

shawty_12 wrote:GREAT! I LOVE THE BEGINNING OF IT SO FAR! it sure is captivating:D
please update soon. oh, and if you don't mind, can you pm me every time you update?
that way i'll know that you've updated and keep up with the story. otherwise, after reading so many....
i'll lose track of which fanfic i'd read and which i hadn't. so please and thank you!Very Happy
(i love yunho! i can't wait to read his side of the story!)^^

First, thanks for reading.

I'll keep that in mind when I update tomorrow and every other times. I already posted 1-16 chapters at winglin and live journal. Since it takes time to post all the previous chapters at once, I'll only try to update once a day on this site. but if you want I can give you the link to read the previous chapters or/and to keep track or subscribe...

anyway, I'll try to inform you on this site...

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Re: UNCOMMITTED (Unfaithfulness) (Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, and fictional)

Post by Eprinces21 on 7/27/2009, 8:37 pm

Sachie wrote:The plot is pretty interesting...Can't wait for the first chapie~

thanks, I'll update very soon.

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Post by Eprinces21 on 7/28/2009, 1:15 pm


Hanna sat on the edge of her bed, observing the outside world through her small bedroom window. It was heavily raining outside. Nothing could be seen, not even a soul. The room was dead quite. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of rain dropping over the roof.
Watching it rain like a shower, the fallen rain gave Hanna the urgent feeling of running out of her room and be out in the rain like she had done it once before. She could imagine herself being out there, feeling the rain washing over her body and being wet from head to toe.

But today, she had to prevent her urgent feeling; unless she was planning on being home sick the next day or be scolded by her beloved mother all day and night.

The outside view through the window was amazing for someone who liked raining moment. Why? You might ask. Rain had the power of sensing the hidden feeling within her. And sometimes, it reminded her of someone special, someone who wasn't right beside her at the moment but wished he was. Han couldn't help but miss that someone special.

Despite of the difficulty of not being together physically and the parents disapproval, she had stuck to her long distance relationship, patiently and faithfully.

“How time goes by when you stop and think for a moment.” Hanna thought to herself. In just about one month, they would be celebrating their one year anniversary, hopefully together rather than apart.


Hanna snapped out of her depression thought when she heard her cell phone rang. She took out her cell phone from her brown bag and put it to her ear without checking to see who was calling.

“Hello?" Hanna then greeted the stranger on the other end.

"Hey Han." A familiar voice came through the other line taking her by surprise.“

Han said with a cheerful tone. “Oh my God, its really you!”

“Who else could it be, unless you are expecting someone. Just kidding. I did expect you to be surprise, but not THAT surprised.”

“First of all, I was not expecting anyone. I just didn't expected you to call at this time. You know, you usually call at nights. But its a nice surprise.“

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

Han didn't mind at all. The night time and sometimes, in the middle of night call seemed annoying. To her, it was nothing. She only cared about was the voice she missed every day.

“No, its fine. I'm just glad that you find enough time to make a call at this hour. It's nice to hear your voice.”

“Of course, I would find time for you no matter what I'm doing or where I am. I really miss you so much. How are you doing over there? “

Han was not doing okay. It was affecting her mentally and emotionally. But she wasn't going to admit it to Junsu, her boyfriend. Better to keep it to herself since she already had become helpless as her friend pointed it out.

“I'm doing okay except that I miss you desperately. You know, it is raining outside now and it makes me think of you.”

“Oh really? Tell me more.”

. “It reminds me of the day we spent time together out in the rain. Do you remember?” Holding back her laugh, Han responded

“Yeah, how can I forget that day. It was one of the precious and funnies moments that I remember.”

Just hearing the other's laugh makes her heart melt. How she wished she could see his handsome face as well.

“To me, it was embarrassing though. Because I, for first time ever, cried in front of you. However, when I think about it now, I'm glade it happened to be you instead of someone else.” ~laughing~ “The funny part was when it rained, I forced you to stay in the rain until it stopped.”
~both laughing~

“It was indeed. You know, we both were sick the very next day. And that night I thought you loved the rain more than you probably loved me.

Still smiling, she said. “Hey, that is not truth. Okay, maybe I did love the rain little bit more." She couldn't resist teasing Junsu.

“ I guess I was right all along then.“

Laughing at her boyfriend's cuteness, she replied. “Of course not, you know I love you more than anything. I”m just teasing you.”

“I'm happy to hear that. But I'm sure you don't love me more than I love you.”

Han challenged him. “Not true, I love you more.”

“Oh, really? Okay then, when we meet again, one of us have to prove it. how about that?"

"No, problem with me. I'll be ready."

"Don't be so confident. You might get scared and back on your words."

"That is not fair. Don't try to scare me."

"Remember, even life is not fair."

"Hey babe, I have to go. I'll call you tonight. If not, tomorrow. Okay?”

Unhappily, she replied. “Sure, I'll be waiting. Take care of yourself.”

“I'll and you do the same. I love you, my Han.”
“I love you, Kim Junsu.”




Han hanged up her cell phone before placing it back into her brown bag. She lied back on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. To many things crossed her mind. Of course, it usually had to do with her boyfriend. Speaking of her boyfriend, whenever she thought of him, she never fail to remember his parents.

Whenever it came to her boyfriend's parents, it hurt her inside. Ever since her boyfriend had introduced her to his parents once, she had a feeling that his parents did not approve of her. It was not just a feeling, it was a fact. They did not need to say it in front of her because their action and attitude spoke more than they could possibly put it in words.

They seemed to think that she wasn't enough for their son as if she was missing something in her, not that she knew what exactly.



Her mother's voice came from downstairs.


Her mother yelled out her name second time when she didn't get any response.

Realizing her mother's short temper, she quickly checked herself in front of her not-so-big mirror. She ran out of her bedroom and to the kitchen where her mother most likely to be.

“Yes, mother?”

Her mother looked up from whatever she was doing when she heard her daughter's approaching. “I'm preparing dinner but there is no more of salt. So, I want you to run to the market and buy some for me, would you?”

Without a second thought, Han replied. “Sure, mom.”

Her mother was counting the money when, out of nowhere, Han jumped on her mother and hugged her tightly like little child. Although her mom was taken by surprise, she happily hugged her daughter back just like a mother would. A mother didn't need a reason, which was why didn't bother to ask the reason behind the sudden action. And Han was glad she didn't.

Hanna looked away feeling embarrassed with her unexpected action.

Acknowledgedly, her mother assured her with a big smile on her face. “Don't be embarrassed baby. Here take this money and go buy what I told you.”

Hanna nodded and headed toward the front door.

“Hanna, be careful out there. No running or any kind of that.” Her mom commended her seriously.

“I will, mother.” Han said before she opened the door and left.


Yoochun yelled from the kitchen to the person in the living room.


Jae shouted back from the living room where he was watching a drama on the flat screen TV.


Jae looked away from the flat screen and turned his head toward the kitchen wondering if Yoochun was coming back to haunt him.

He signed in relieve. “KIND OF, SORRY. DO YOU WANT ME TO GO BUY SOME NOW?”


Yoochun came back to the living room to take look at his roommate and maybe ask him to go out with him to the market. Seeing how Jeajong's full attention was on TV, he decided not to bother him instead.

“What a roommate you are, Jae.” Yoochun whispered on his way out. However, Jae didn't miss the remark. Jae just smiled at his roommate's cuteness before turning his attention back to TV once again.

Yoochun went back to his room and graped his jack before leaving his shared apartment with JaeJong.


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Re: UNCOMMITTED (Unfaithfulness) (Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, and fictional)

Post by shawty_12 on 7/28/2009, 5:18 pm

thanks for the pm!Very Happy and i think i'll keep up with it on here. winglin isn't so friendly to me at the moment-___-
lolx..and i'd never been on livejournal or used it before 0___0
but this chapter is kind of sad:( the rain, the short phone call-goodness!
lolx...yoochun and jaejoong. i thought it was going to be jaejoong and yunho^^
guess not. but they're still funny. "what a roommate you are, Jae"-lolx...
i'll probably be that unforgetful roommate some day:D

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Post by Eprinces21 on 7/29/2009, 2:18 pm


Since he worked during day and studied at night, Jae usually didn't have enough time to sit and watch TV. He couldn't even spend time with his ladies-man roommate except little chitchat at night before going to bed.
However, today had been his lucky day. His boss had called him earlier to let him know that for unknown reason, he did not need to come to work. Jae was too excited to even ask the detail behind the sudden no-work-day incident. He did nothing but thanked the boss mentally for the unexpected holiday.

Now, he was alone watching whatever was on the flat TV scree. Since Yoochun had left half an hour ago to do little shopping, Jae had not moved from his exact spot on the same comfy sofa. He could feel his eyes give up on him, wanting to rest and go to the dream land-


Just then he was about to fall asleep when he heard door knocking. “Did Yoochun forget his key again?” Jae asked before heading toward the front door to unlock the door.

When he opened the door, he was greeted with unexpected and surprising view. The person standing at the front door was not Yoochun but unknowing guest.

And that stranger was a nice looking lady. Wearing a nice outfit that fitted her nice body perfectly. Average hight. Long black straight hair fallen down to her shoulder. Cute black round eyes. Chest that called an attention. But that was not the case. There was something about the lady that he saw or his heart felt. For a moment, his brain became empty like a new born child.

He couldn't take his eyes off of her for a second, instead stared at her like she was one of his favorite star who came to his door by mistak. He blinked his eyes repeatedly as if she would disappear or something once he reopen his eyes, however, she was still standing at the same spot looking back at him with watery like eyes. His heart went berserk. He could hear his heart beat increasing. He thought he must be dreaming, otherwise what was a beautiful lady doing at his door step? He didn't know nor believed it.

The young lady spoke to the man who seemed lost for a moment, and that soft voice woke Jae from his daydreaming. “Are you okay?”

He didn't know what to say. The only word that came out of his mouth was: “Hello?”

“Hi. Is this where Park Yoochun lives?” The stranger asked the puzzled Jae, ignoring the question mark on Jae's face.

Jae had to force himself to stay focus. “Oh yes, he does live here. Are you looking for him?” Jae didn't like the idea of this cute lady could be looking for his player roommate. “This one looks too innocent to be another of Yoochun's toy.”

Handing him a few items, she explained more than Jae expected her.“I”m not looking for him. Actually, I and my friend met him earlier at the market. Long story short, they kind of lost into themselves and I felt like a third wheel so I volunteered to drop off this for your friend on my way.”

He was lost. He could only observe the movements of her reddish lips. Strangly, half of his brain was busy memorizing her voice that felt like melody to his ears rather than the words.

Jae ask politely with obvious hesitation in his voice while taking the item from her hand. “Oh, I see. Would you like to come in then?” He knew he wasn't acting like the normal Jae, but he couldn't help but obeyed his heart's commend.

“Ahm...thanks but I can't. I need to go home before my mom kills me for being late.” She replied almost turning around and making her way but she was stopped by Jae.

“What if I don't see her ever again?” was the first question that crossed his mind before responding quickly. “This won't take long. Just come in and have a tea, then you will go. You came all this way and if I just send you off like this, Yoochun would kill me. You don't want me to die, do you?” Jae just had to say something, anything so she would accept the offer, the offer that would probably lead to something meaningful.

“Okay, but I can't stay longer than five minutes.” She finally agreed without resisting.

“I'll keep that in mind.” Jae said while letting her inside. “Make yourself comfort while I go prepare the tea. Forgive me for not asking. What would you prefer, tea or coffee?”

“ A tea would be nice.” She replied looking anywhere but Jae. She, somehow, felt embarrassed with this new attention she was getting.

“Perfect. I'll go get that until then please, make yourself comfortable.” Jae said feeling excited with his success. He turned around and made his way to the kitchen.

~few minutes later~

Jae came to the living room holding two cup of teas. The girl looked up at him and smiled, a smile that was as bright as the sun Jae had ever seen. He felt like touching that check of hers, but he prevent from doing such thing and scare the hell out of the girl. “You are insane, Jae” Jae said mentally to himself before he approached her with a big smile on his face.

Jae put down the two cup of teas on the glass table between sofas and look up to the girl.“Here you go. I hope you'd like it.”

'How thoughtful.' the girl thought before bending down to pick up the tea and put it to her lips to taste it. She then put it down before speaking: “Just the way I like it. Thanks”.

“I'm glade to hear that. By the way, I'm Kim JaeJong. You can call me Jae.” Jae introduced himself. 'Why wasn't she looking at me? Maybe she is shy type person.' Jae thought in his back of mind.

“Sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I'm Park Hanna. And you can call me Han in short.” Han in return introduced herself trying hard to avoid eye contact.

Jae was lost in his dream for moment just looking at Han's lip moving when she introduced herself. At that moment, too many thoughts were dancing in his head. He couldn't make up his mind on which one to go with. Why was his brain paying way too much attention to her lips? Even before he had the chance to feel it, he was being addicted to it. What was so special about her lips? Jae didn't know nor wanted to know.

“No need to apologize. I didn't introduced myself either.”

“Yeah. So, do you also live here?”

“Yes. We are roommates. I have known Yoochun since high school.”

“That's nice. You should see them, he and my friend looked perfect together. He seemed a kind of player if I'm not mistaking. I'm sorry, I know he is your roommate and all that. I just hope he won't hurt my friend's feeling since she takes things seriously.”

“Truth. He doesn't like to have serious relationship but he is a good guy. He never hurt people's feeling intentionally. As far as I know, he never been in love, not that anyone had captured his heart. ”

“Oh, I see.”


"To be honest, meeting you made me feel better in a way about leaving my friend behind with your roommate. I wonder where they have gone to, though.”

“We'll find out what happened once they get back from their date, won't we?”

“I complete agree. Anyway, I better go before mother loses her temper. Its really nice meeting you.”

“Well, if things go bad at home. Just let me know and I'll assure your mother that I'm the one to blame.”


“Thanks but no thanks. I wouldn't want you to die in my mom's hand. You don't know her.”

“Believe me, it would be my pleasure to die at your mother's hand.”


“As you wish.”

“The rain may have stopped, but you still need to be careful outside.”

“I will. Thanks for caring.”

“No need to thank me. Beside, this won't be the last time you'd hear from me.”

“Oh...I guess. Anyway, tell your roommate to be careful with my friend or I'll come after him.”

~laughing~ “I'll make sure I tell him the exact words.”

“Yeah. Bye”

“Bye” Jae walked her to the front door. He then watched her walk away until she was out of his sight.

Deep down inside, he wanted her to stay longer but he didn't want to forcer her. This was a strange. He never trusted strangers enough to be open with them, let alone sitting and talking personally. He knew he was acting completely fool. Why? He didn't know. But he couldn't help but smile.


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Re: UNCOMMITTED (Unfaithfulness) (Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, and fictional)

Post by shawty_12 on 7/30/2009, 10:03 am

uh...i guess this is what you'd call 'love at first sight'?Very Happy
lolx...cute chapter. i was a little surprise to see her at
Jae's doorsteps too. but then Yoochun and her friend
hooking up explained something^^ cute chapter,
update again soon:D

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Re: UNCOMMITTED (Unfaithfulness) (Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, and fictional)

Post by Eprinces21 on 7/30/2009, 7:55 pm

shawty_12 wrote:uh...i guess this is what you'd call 'love at first sight'?Very Happy
lolx...cute chapter. i was a little surprise to see her at
Jae's doorsteps too. but then Yoochun and her friend
hooking up explained something^^ cute chapter,
update again soon:D

Lol... there are also other surprises coming up.

No need to wait long...the next one is here Very Happy

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Post by Eprinces21 on 7/30/2009, 7:59 pm


“Did you succeed?”

“Yep, and you?”

“I told you she wouldn't say no to me.”

“That's good. Our plan is working so far.“

“I hope so. I'm risking my life here. I kept telling her she is hurting in this relationship. She is really committed to her long-distance relationship.”

“Same here. I tried to hook him up with many girls, but nothing seemed to work. Purposely, he kept himself busy with work and study. But thinking of it this way: We are doing this for them, right?”



"Anyway, I'll see you later.”

“Yeah, see you later then.”

“Okay, bye”



“Ring Ring”


“HEY, WHERE ARE YOU? I have been waiting for the last twenty minutes.” Han shouted at the person on the other line.

“I'm sorry, Han. I'm stuck in this long traffic line. Be patient, I'm on my way. I'll be there in a minute or so”

“Hurry up! I'm bored here siting alone.”

“Okay, bye.”

Han hanged up her tiny pinkish cell phone and placed it on the table in front of her. She had been sitting in the restaurant waiting on her friend. It annoyed her to no end. She hated it when her friend come late whenever they met up. Although, it only happened very often.

Thanked God, there were a few people dinning. The Red Sea restaurant wasn't a big place. To Han, it was a big enough to hold fifty people at once. It was built with woods in hold fashioned way ; but it had a warm feeling to it. That was why Han and Hye usually come to this restaurant whenever they went out for lunch.

Slowly, she glanced toward the front door, wishing her friend would pop out of somewhere. She signed in relief when she saw her friend, JiHye, through the glass window. Hye walked toward the restaurant.

JiHye looked like any other college students. She wore darker jean with sneaker; she had a small coat on the top with a black top underneath; and her straight black hair fallen down to her shoulder. She wasn't too skinny nor fat; surprisingly, she was like a person who never gain or loss weight. That was one of the things Han admired about her friend.

“Hey, I'm sorry for making you wait. Stupid traffic.” JiHye said once she approached Han's table. She then gave her friend a friendly hug before taking a seat across from Han.

“Yah, stop blaming the traffic. You could have left your apartment earlier.”

“Here we go again. You know me too well that I don't make people wait on purpose. Anyway, did you order already?”

“Yes. They'll bring to us in a moment.”


“Yah, Yoochun!” Jae called out to his friend who sat in the driver seat driving them to where only God knows.

“Yes?” Yoochun answered without taking his eyes off the road.

“Why are you dragging me all the way from my work for?”

“Because I wanted to take you out for lunch?”

“Oh, okay. Actually, I'm hungry.”

“Ya, pig. Is food important then your beloved friend?”

“Oh, trust me. It is important. Anyway, where are we going?”

“Can't tell you now.”

“Why can't you tell me where we're going?”

“Just be patient, will you? We'll be there in a few minutes. “

“Ashi, always being secretive. I wonder how your toys deal with you.”

“Yah, who are my toys?”

“The girls you change every day like piece of clothes. They just love a player, I guess.”

“ Hey, how many times do I have to tell you to stop seeing me like an heartless player?”

“It doesn't matter how many times you tell me. You're still are a player.”

“Whatever. Beside, they're not toys for God sack. They are humans just like you and me.”

Wait...“humans?” where is that coming from? The Yoochun that I know of never cared before. What is happening to my beloved roommate, hah?” Jae said. He couldn't hold back his laugh. He reached out his hand and messed up Yoochun's perfectly styled hair.

“Yah, leave me alone.”

They kept on arguing non-stop until Yoochun stopped the car. “Here we are.” Yoochun said as he parked the car right across from a restaurant.

“Are you serious?”


“This is your a secret place?”

“Yep. Importantly, there is also something else waiting for us inside.”

Yoochun said. Once he was out of the car, Yoochun waited for the man approached him. Then both stood at the sidewalk waiting for the traffic light to turn on red.


“Okay, spill the beans.” Han said. She couldn't help the feeling. She smelled something fishy about her friend's odd behavior.

“What do you mean?” JiHye asked back as if she didn't know what Han was talking about.

“Why, all of sudden, you urged me to come and meet you today for lunch. We always make a plan before ahead.”

“I just wanted us to spend some time. That is all. Is something wrong with that?”

“JiHye, we always meet at the end of the week on Fridays, and we talk on the phone almost every day.”

“I just miss you, you know. “ Hye said. She tried her best to avoid eye contact. So, she kept glancing everywhere but at her friend who was starting at her hard. When she glanced on her side only to see what she had been waiting for. Her face lighted up right away when she saw a particular person with a stranger approaching the restaurant.

“Oh, please...” Han said. She waited for Hye to say something back to her.




“What are looking at?” Han asked. When she didn't get any answer, she followed the direction Hye was looking at. Her eyes almost popped out. Her eyes met a particular person along with a guy she remembered. How could she forget them. It only been a week since that last incident. The guy gave her a weird and unwanted feeling, which was why she pretended like that incident never happened.

In a second, the two guys entered through the front entrance door. It was too late for Han to say anything. She knew she was going to kill her friend if she had anything to do with this unexpected meeting.

“Hello, guys?” Yoochun greeted once he approached the two ladies at the table in the corner of the restaurant. He didn't forget to kiss Hye on the check before he sat down right next to her.
On the other hand, Jae couldn't do or say anything as he smiled friendly, and he sat right next to Han, the only person he didn't think would meet any time soon. He was happy to see her but not like this, unexpectedly and unprepared. He was definitely to going o kill Yoochun later.

Yoochun glanced at his friend only to see that he was giving him a death glare. He just decided to ignore it for now.

He looked back at JiHye and said: “Hye, I'm sure you haven't met my roommate and also a friend of mine. This is Kim JaeJoong, and Jae this is Kim JiHye.” Yoochun introduced them. Once Jae and Hye shocked hands with friendly smiles. Yoochun then turned toward Hanna. “And Jae, I'm pretty sure you have met Hanna before, and also JiHye's best friend.”

“Hi” Jae said.

“Hey there.” Han replied. She couldn't look at him. She just stared at her friend, who was whispering and giggling with Yoochun. Han wanted her to make an eye contact with her. But her friend didn't even look up. She had a feeling that she and Jae were being ignored purposely. “What a second surprise meeting, hah?”

“Yeah, it is a big surprise.” Jae said. He saw her looking at the two people across from them. He understood, by Han's expression, that she too was surprised as he was of unexpected this meeting. He felt like doing something to get their attention so he kicked his friend's leg under the table.

Yoochun felt little pain but he knew who kicked him and what that meant. So, he looked up at his friend smiling secretly.
“Hey Hanna, sorry about the last time. I made you carry all that items.”
“Oh, it was totally fine.”

“So, did you get home softly?” Jae glanced on his side and asked Hanna.

“Yeah, I got home just in time. Thanks.”

“I was worried you got scolded by your mother because of me. I wanted to call you but I didn't have your number.”

“No worries. I told her I met new friends which led her to ask me more information. And the next thing I knew she totally forgotten about it.” Han laughed as she said remembering that day. Seeing Jae laugh along with her made her more comfortable. They went on talking about that fateful day and laughing about anything.

The atmosphere around the four people changed to more easy and relaxing. All laughing and enjoying each other's company. Jae and Han were lost in their own moment as much as Yoochun and Hye were.

Moments later, the waitress came to their table with Han and Hye's order. Before the waitress returned, she took Jae and Yoochun's order.

“Hey, guys. “ Yoochun said and all three turned to him wondering what he was about to say. “Let's all four of us go out on Friday night.”

All three of them nodded in agreement. Jae asked as he glanced at each and every one of them. He paid more attention to Hanna. “ Any plan on how we are spending the time?” Out of all three, Jae was the one who seemed to think it was a wonderful and brilliant idea. He thanked his friend mentally.

“I was thinking like we could go have a dinner and then go to club later on.” Yoochun said. Again, Jae and Hye nodded their head in agreement, except Han.

“What do you think, Hanna?” Yoochun asked. He thought she seemed to not like the idea. “If you like we could do something else.”

“It's not that.” Hye said quickly before Han had a chance to protest. “She isn't into clubbing. But don't worry, I'll make sure she comes this time.”

Hanna just kept quite once she saw a death glare her friend was giving her.

“Don't worry, Han. It will be fun, I promise.” Jae said looking at her intensely. He just wish she would look at him for once.


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A young man, around twenty, sat on the bench in the Common Park. He wore a blue jean with a white t-shirt, and he had a white sneaker on. His head bowed down, reading a small novel that was on his hand.

Suddenly, a heavy wind brushed against his face, messing up his perfectly made hair. Annoyed, he put down his book beside him before he reached out his hands to redo his messed up hair. Just then, in the corner of his eye, he noticed a figure sitting on the edge of the bench he was seated on. He was surprised since he didn't see anyone sitting or making any moves. Maybe he was reading too deeply that he didn't hear anything.

He turned on his side to see who the figure was. The figure, who was seated a few centimeter away from him, was like a beautiful creature that was thrown from above. He blinked his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming. No, he was not. The stranger was still there sitting like an angle. His eyes were just stuck on this: long soft straight hair, big sparkling eyes, long smooth neck, and not-so-skinny feature head to toe. He just couldn't take his eyes off her.

He stared at her for a few amounts of time before something argued him to talk to her. At first, he felt awkward since he never felt comfortable talking to a total stranger. He wasn't sure if the figure had even acknowledged his presence.

“Should I just say hello or ask a random question?” He thought to himself before making a move.

“Excuse me?” He said to get her attention.

The lady turned her head toward the voice owner and looked at him questioningly. “Yes?”

“Hmm...” He paused. “Do you by any chance know what time it is?” He asked, smiling proudly.

The lady didn't get he hint so she stretched out her arm and looked at her wrist watch before responding. “Hum...It's 6:00 pm.” She said.

Damn, she had beautiful smile. “Thanks, Mis...” He was going to say her name, but he didn't..

“Yunji, Kim Yunji.” She finished his sentence for him.

"Kim Yunji, its a nice name. And I am-" He was cut off by a sudden phone call.

If it was his cell, he would have ignored for sure, but it wasn't. It was Yunji's cell. She took her cell out from her a black bag and looked at the screen to see the caller's ID. She smiled before flipped it open and put it to her ear. “Hey, where are you?........ Oh, really?..... Hmm...okay..... So, are we still going out? .........Because I don't feel like spending the Friday night at home....” She continued talking to the person on the phone, forgotten all about the man she was just talking to earlier.

Feeling angry...and jealous at the unknown caller for taking her attention away, the guy just observed Yunji as she continued talking on her phone. As he waited for her to finish her conversation penitently so that he could talk to her more, suddenly, she lady stood up. He knew he was about to be disappointed when he thought of her next move. As he expected it to happen, she walked away as she continued talking on her cell phone. “No, she didn't. Oh, yes she did.” He argued with himself.

He felt like going after her, pull her back, and then tie her up to the bench so she wouldn't go anywhere. Too bad, a luck wasn't on his side as he watched her disappear from his sight. He only wished he would be able to meet her again, whether it be a fate or not.

He cursed under his breath before taking out his cell and dialed the familiar number.


He waited as the phone continued ringing. Then a minute later, the familiar voice came through the other line.


“Hey, roomy.”

“Yah, I told you to not call me that. I have a name, Jung Yunho. In case you forgot, it's SHIM CHANGMIN. A nice and easy name that is not difficult to remember nor hard to pronounce.”

“Whatever, man. Can't you think of something new to say? I heard that line like thousand time already.”

“Well, I won't stop saying that millions times if you don't stop calling me “hey, roomy.” It's so annoying, believe me. Anyway, you always call when you want something. So, what is it?”

“That's just mean...and yet so true. Anyway, have any plan for tonight?”

“Hum...not really. Why?”

“Let's go out.” Yunho said. It wasn't a question, but an order.

“You arrogant, why should I even spend my precious time with you?”

Yunho knew Changmin wouldn't refuse him for he knew he wouldn't let him go easily.

“Because 'I don't feel like spending the Friday night at home.'” Yunho said. He laughed mentally when he realized that he had repeated the same sentence Yunji had said earlier over the phone.


~Back in Japan~

Junsu's POV:

Do you ever wish you had an extra eye so that you could watch over your lover whenever and wherever? That is what I wish for at the moment. I want to know how she is doing, what she is doing, and where she is right now. I want to be there when she needs someone to hold on to; when she want a shoulder to cry on; and be someone she can laugh with. But because I can not do any of those for her, I feel hopeless bastard. I'm here and my lover is miles and miles away, waiting on me. What makes me frustrate is the fact that my parents are the primary reason why we are apart.

If I could, I would fly back to her at any second, without thinking twice. I miss her like I never missed anyone before. I don't know if she knows this but I miss her so much that I can think of nothing else. My friends have been nagging me, asking me to go out for tonight since every Friday night is guys-night-out. But somehow, something deep down is preventing me from going out, and I don't know what exactly.

I think I can just go out after talking to Hanna, maybe ask her what she thinks.

I reach out the phone that was beside my bed, and pick up the phone's receiver. Then I dial the only number I know by heart.


When the phone keeps on ringing non-stop, and when no one comes to answer it, my heart almost stops beating at once. The thought of spending the night without talking to her tares my heart apart.


Hanna's POV:

Friday is finally here. Sometimes I wonder how time passes by like a wind. I just got home from school. College life sure can be as annoying and boring as high school. Geez, I can't wait to finish schooling and get a good job so that I could be my on own person. Of course, when that happens, I want my sweetheart to be there beside me.

Speaking of my sweetheart, just thinking of him randomly, brings smile on my face at any time of the day. I wonder what he is doing at this right moment. Is he thinking of me?


I'm in my bathroom and yet I can hear a phone ringing. I know that it is my cell phone because of the ring tone. It is Junsu and my favorite song. I put that on because it reminds me of him, I want something to remind me of my sweetheart. It is not that there aren't many other things that remind me of him, this just happens to be very meaningful. Anyway, I walk to my bedroom and pick up my cell that is ringing continuously. I look at the caller ID and it is no one other than my beloved best friend. I can just guess why she is calling me at this time.

“Hey, Hye.”

“Hey, what's you doing?”

“I just got home from school a few hours ago. What's up?”

“Oh, I see. Anyway, I'm just calling to remind you of our tonight's plan.”

“I know it.”

“You know it what?”

“That you're calling me because you make sure tonight's plan is still on.”

“You evil. I just want to make sure you haven't change your mind.”

“I haven't but I still have a doubt.”

“Here we go again.”

“No, it is not because I don't want to go. It's just that...what if Junsu calls and he-”

“For God's sake, just thinking of yourself for once without including him, Han. For all you know, he might as well be enjoying his time there while you here always thinking of him.”

“Okay, fine.” I know she is just being protective of me and I respect that. I just don't know how to make her see that Junsu IS and WILL always going to be part of my life regardless of our situation. I don't want this topic to stay longer so I come up with something else. “ By the way, did I tell you about that crappy guy?”

“Let me guess...JaeJoong oppa?”

“Yeah. He kind of gives me a weird feeling, I don't know why.” Upon saying that, I heard her laughing. “Hey, what's so funny? I'm serious.”

“Sorry. So, you are saying, indirectly, that there is something about him, right?”

“What? No, noooo. What I meant is-” A new call interrupts me. I decide to ignore it but when I saw the caller's ID, a smile appears on m face.“ Hye, can we talk later, I have a new call.”

“Let guess, it is him, isn't?”

Damn, she is really good at guessing. “Maybe...”

“Fine. I'm telling you, do not change your mind in case he tells you not to or I'll be very disappointed if you do. I'll call you in a few hours, bye.”

“Okay, talk to you soon.”

I disconnected Hye's line before switching to the new caller. “Hey, love.” I greet Junsu, feeling excitement inside.


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I love to go out to parties, have fun, and date one girl after another. No denial. I'm a play boy. Being a carefree is just my thing. Life is short so why not enjoy it while I'm a young and fresh. Not keeping a girlfriend for more than a week or so is just fun. Of course, I'm human and I have heart too. I do thinking of their feelings, which is why I make sure they know of this right from the beginning; no feeling nor emotion attached. That is just my crazy life as Jae calls it.

Speaking of JaeJoong hyung, my closest friend and roommate, is totally opposite and different story compared to mine. Ever since we started living together, all I have seen him do is work and study, work and study all night and day. We barely hang out let alone parting together. He is way too serious about everything.

Moreover, the guy has no a love life whatsoever, at all. Isn't it boring? For the past two years or maybe three years, I haven't seen him in a relationship. When I ask, he would say he is busy, there is no one he likes, or dating is a wast of time. I totally disagree with him. Come on, anyone could agree with me that without a love life, lift is just one hell of boring. So, I thought why not hooking him up with a girl just to make his life a little more interesting, if not as crazy as mine. That's where Hye and her friend come into the picture.

When I met a cute and talkative, Hye, my very first intention was to use her as my one-week-dating enjoyment. But seeing how innocent and nice she was, I couldn't make myself do what I intended to do. I hated to admit that was one of my weakness when it came to girls. Damn it, Jae had been teasing me all week when I told him of what happened. I shouldn't have said anything, but then I needed to talk to someone. Anyway, Hye and I just became friends instead. Just like me, she happened to have a friend who was in not-so-good-unhappy relationship. So, after our talk, we both seemed to agree that our two lonely friends matched with one another perfectly. That was how our little evil plan came into being.

Here I am in Jae's bedroom, getting ready for tonight. I'm all set to go unlike Jae. “How do I look?” He asks me. This is like the tenth time he asked me, the same damn question. He has been trying on one clothe after another. He, literally, is about to clean out the closet. I want to laugh out loud, but I prevent myself from doing so. I don't want him to kick my ass so I hold back my laugh no matter what. Feeling bad for the guy, I decide it's best to make him feel at ease. That's the least I can do at the moment.

“Jae, you look fine with what you are wearing. At least, handsome enough to make girls drooling all over you.” I pause and sigh before continuing with my lame joke. “To be honest, comparing to you, I feel less handsome. Maybe you should change into something less attractive.”

“Yah, YOOCHUN! Stop playing and help me out here, will you?” He says as he looks at me deadly.

It is annoying when he takes every word I say as a joke. Yeah, the last statement was a joke. For sure, no one looks more handsome than me.

“We're going to a club, not a wedding. You seriously look just fine for tonight, Jae hyung.” I say in serious tone, hoping to get him to agree. My eyes are getting tired already.

To be honest, I'm not just saying that to make him feel good. He looks attractive in a dark jean with red-ish shirt underneath and a black jacket on the top. And his gold-ish and shining hair makes him look more handsome than ever. He is a good looking to begin with. He doesn't need any clothes or other accessories to make him look any more handsomer.

Still hesitating, he agrees with me. Finally! I sigh. What a relief because I almost thought he is going to keep us here all night.



Yoochun and I have been standing here, outside of the club, waiting for the girls. Thank God, it isn't cold tonight. It is just cool enough to stand outside and wait on somebody. This guy, his eyes wander from one girl after another mischievously. Mostly those girls who dressed up for tonight, unknowingly become Yoochun's victims. That's a player Yoochun doing his thing. I know he is used to all this clubbing and going out with different girls all the time, but does he have to be like this tonight when I'm dying from anxious? Okay, this is really silly. Why am I even distress about? Maybe, just maybe, because I am nervous about seeing Hanna and impress her?. Whatever it is, I just can't get this feeling out of my mind. Hopefully, the night won't turn out to be disaster and make myself a fool.

“I told you, we should have picked them up. Idiot, you may know this place, but it is not like everybody knows it."

I'm not sure if he heard me or not. He just keeps on observing the surroundings and the people that were either standing or lining up at the entrance of the club. It is just frustrating so I give up. Then I heard him say, “ don't worry, they'll be here any minute.” He pauses for a moment. Then he continues.“ Speaking of the devil...”

I turn toward the direction he is looking at, and I see the two beautiful girls approaching us: Hanna and JiHye. As embarrassing as it is, my eyes only stuck on one particular person. She looks stunning in a black short that falls down to her knees with a cute gray blouse, and a black jacket on the top. Her soft straight hair falling down to her shoulder, and high heels just make her look sexier than I have never seen her before. I swear, I feel my heart skip a beat the moment my eyes catch hers.

Damn it, I so badly want to know what or how she does it because every time she looks at me, I loss myself. That's how much she has an affect on me.

“Hi guys. Sorry, did you guys wait a long?” The straight forward, Hye, says as she stretches out her arms and gives Yoochun a hug. Sometimes I wonder how Yoochun and Hye could be so comfortable around each other as if they have known each other forever. He has to be hidden something. Whenever I saw him around with Hye, he is totally different Yoochun, not that a player Yoochun I know of. He doesn't look at any other girl, even if a girl is walking by naked. He gives his all attention to Hye. Very strange.

As I keep on standing in my spot, watching their interaction in amusement, I heard Yoochun says, “no, we just got here less than five minutes ago. Besides, we don't mind waiting on two beautiful ladies on the earth.” That's so cheesy. The girls even blush like little kids. I wonder how he does that.

I give the girls the same friendly hugs as I smile. But when I give Hanna a hug, her beautiful sense makes me want to keep her in my arms, and never let her go. At that moment, so many thoughts come running to my mind, driving me to the place that is unreachable. When I realize my strange action, I let her go right away and give her a weak smile. God, how embarrassing is that?

“People, lets go in now. We don't want to miss the fun, do we?” I say, trying to change the awkward hemisphere. I then turn around and head toward the entrance, and they tail after me.



Here I am, standing on the top of the club's roof with a guy, a good looking guy in fact. Until tonight, I haven't notice how an attractive this guy is. I don't know if its my eyes or my imagination, but I think he looks different tonight, head to toe. Wait, why am I checking him out? Whatever, it is nothing of a big deal, but I'm sure Junsu... I need to stop thinking too much. Tonight is all about me and having a good time, right? Besides, this is just what I need.

I don't know why, but somehow, I can't get ride of this feeling, a feeling that says I'm about to witness something and yet I don't know what exactly. Otherwise, why would Jae ask me to come up to the roof?

This is what happened...

After meeting the guys, we went inside the club. I was still feeling a little awkward after Jae's odd action earlier. I kept telling myself it was nothing. Yep, nothing at all. Yoochun, somehow, was able to get us into the VIP section. JiHye and I were just giggling and smiling from happiness.

Finally, I got to see how a hug the club was. I could say it was wider than a normal club, or at least bigger than a club I have been to before. There was a big dance floor in the middle of room, which was already filled with all kind of club goers. The VIP sections were on the second floor with glass windows, so people could see the view on the first floor. People were everywhere, starting from the entrance to the back of the club. The music was loud that you could hear your heart jumped up and down. Not just that, you could even feel your ear's tube beating along. It was so dark that no one could recognize anyone in there. It was easy to get lost in that kind of crowed place. All I could say was that the place was as crazy as hell. It was definitely a good place to have a good time. Yoochun sure had a good taste. What did I expect from a play boy, anyway?

The moment we sat down, Yoochun asked Hye to dance. She followed him to the dance floor without hesitation. I was taken a back by her action. How could she leave me alone? With a guy? She would definitely pay for it later. No denial. Those two really looked good with each other as if they were made for each other. What confused me was that both didn't seem to say a word about whether they were dating or not. However, their action said it all or were they just pretending? Either way, they look cute together. Of course, I made a mental note to ask Hye tomorrow since we wouldn't have time tonight.

After they left, Jae and I just sat there in awkward moment, giving each other weak smiles like two idiots. I wasn't really into it because being alone with a guy I barely know wasn't working for me. And on the top of that, deep down, I was wishing my Junsu was there beside me instead of this guy.

As time passed by, I kind of got comfortable with him. His calm and friendly personality made it easy for me to be myself. We talked, joked, and laughed while drinking. We even got out of our seat and danced with each other. I was just feeling good for first time and, having the time of my life. Middle of our moment, the two lost people came back, sweating, giggling, and smiling. I even saw them getting all touchy. They made it hard to not to notice them. They seemed to lost in their own little world as well.

Suddenly, Jae said he wanted to talk to me, and he suggested we talk outside. I needed a fresh air so I didn't mind at all. That was when I realized we had enough of drink, if not too much because when we tried to stand up, we couldn't really stand still without leaning on each other. We just laughed it off like it was nothing. I turned for one last time to look at the two people, and I caught Hye giving me a wink. I didn't get the meaning of that, but I just laughed and left.

That's how we ended up here, on the top of the roof where there is no one other than a clear dark sky, half moon, and breezy air.

Don't get a wrong idea. My brain is not wasted at all. One or two shoots is all that take to get me all hyper and all. However, I'm pretty sure that much of alcohol couldn't possibly get me drunk.

By now, I can feel him starting at me intensely. Before I caught him in action, he would turn around and pretends to look at something else. I know he wants to say something and yet he doesn't know how to say it. What confuse me is that what could there possibly be something he wants to tell me. We only been knowing each other for the past two weeks. Seeing his lost expression, I feel like I need to help him out or maybe say something first. No need to say anything because he, finally decides to speak up.

“Did you have fun tonight?” He says after clearing his throat without looking at me.

I follow his glance of direction and stare at the same dark sky above us. I can feel the cool air passing through us. I inhale it deeply through my noses purposely, and it feels good.

I smile before speaking. “Yes, I did have fun. It was more than I expected, actually.”

“ I did promise you that you'll have fun, didn't I? I'm glad to hear that you did.” He says, still in his same position. And I just smile and laugh along with him as in agreement.

For a moment, I catch him smile as I glance in his way. I can only He sure has a beautiful smile that can melt an ice. Wait, why am I noticing every small details now? This is getting weird.

From the corner of my eye, I see him turning to face me. Then I heard him call out my name. “Han..?”

That voice and the way he calls out my name reminds me of Junsu. This is really strange. Am I now comparing Junsu with...Jae? Maybe it's the drink. I shouldn't have drank more than two or was it three? Hard to remember now.

“Hmm..?” Is the only sound I could make out of my mouth.

“I know we don't know each other well enough, but I have a confession to make. Please, don't interrupt me until I finish.”

I swear, seeing him being serious and all is scaring me now. This is a new side of him. Despite the unexplainable stares and looks he continuously gives me, I know Jae is a nice, gentle and sweet guy. However, right now he is kind of acting a little weird. I just wonder what he is trying so hard to tell me. So, I nod to him in respond. By now, both of my ears are wide open, my whole body is waiting for the “confession” eagerly.

“Ever since I met you, I never stopped thinking about you. It was like on that first day I saw you, my mind captured your picture in my heart that I can't get you out. Whenever I see you, I loss myself, my heart skip a beat, and my mind becomes blank like a first born baby. And when I don't see you, I feel like I'm missing something. All I want to say is that I really like you and want to be with you, Park Hanna. Would you go out with me?”



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Post by Eprinces21 on 8/3/2009, 8:51 pm


“Ever since I met you, I never stopped thinking about you. It was like on that first day I saw you, my my mind captured your picture in my head that I can't get you out. Whenever I see you, I lose myself, my heart skip a beat, my head becomes blank, and my whole body become uneasy. And when I don't see you, I feel like I'm missing something. I didn't even expected to meet you again, but now that I did, I'm determined to make you mine. All I want to say is that I really like you. Would you go out with me?”
After making his speech, he questioned himself mentally. Where did that come from? Most of all, he had no idea where he found the courage to say that. Did someone put something in his drink or what?

When he saw Hanna's blank expression, he felt sick to his stomach. He knew he couldn't take it back now. If possible, he wished she was a deaf for only this right moment so that she wouldn't hear what he had just said. He promised to kill himself later.

However, Hanna just couldn't register what just happened. She wasn't sure if she heard him correctly or not. Or her mind was playing a joke on her. She looked away from the man before speaking, not being able to bear the disappointed look on Jae. Now she understood why Jae was all serious and troubled at first. For her, it happened out of blue that she couldn't think straight.

“Jae oppa, I...don't know what to say. I have-” Han was cut off by a sound of laugh. So, she looked back at the man who laugh like a crazy man.

“Hahahaha...” He laughed a fake laugh. He knew the situation wouldn't go away by just laughing it off. He had to say something...anything.

The problem was that he didn't know what to say; he couldn't make out a sentence, let alone explain. He didn't prepare for this. He looked away, back to looking at the dark sky above him. He secretly wished for an angle to take him away, away from this moment. He could only cursed at his stupidity.

“It's okay. I”m not expecting you to say anything, anyway.” The words seemed to come out on their own somehow.


As much as he understood, he couldn't take the silence between them any longer. “I think we should go in now. The others will be waiting for us inside” Jae said.

Hanna nodded to him in agreement. Both then headed toward the club as Jae leading the way.


~The next morning~

Yoochun sat in the kitchen, holding his coffee in his hand. It was already ten in the morning and still Jae hadn't waken up. Yoochun had woken up earlier unlike Jae who was still in bed. Yoochun knew it was strange for Jae to be in bed this late no matter how late he man went to bed at night. He decided to check up on the sleepy guy any way. He headed toward Jae's bedroom in lazy steps.


Yoochun knocked at the door to get the man's attention. He didn't wait for as answer as usual. He opened the door in slow motion in case the man was still asleep. As he expected, Jae was under the cover.

He walked toward the bed and sat on the edge of bed. “Jae hyung, wake up. It is ten o'clock already.” Yoochun whispered to the man who was still underneath the cover.

Jae slip out of the cover slowly. A wide awake Jae looked at his friend annoyingly. “What do you want?”

Yoochun was surprise, he thought the man was sleeping peacefully. Jae's question shocked him more, wondering what he had done to make him made. “Okayyyy. Did I miss something or what?” Yoochun said with an unsure voice.


“JAEJOONG HYUNG, what is it?” Yoochun shouted a little louder when he received no answer from the man. There was a bit of concern in his voice too.

“I...I confessed to Hanna last night.” Jae just uttered. His head bowed down.

“Are you serious? Last night? Damn, you are not as a chicken as I thought you were.” Yoochun said as he smirked at his friend.

Jae didn't know whether to be insulted or take it as an compliment. So, he gave Yoochun a death glare as a warning.

Yoochun cleared his throat when he saw Jae's killing stares. “ So, what happened? What did she say?” Clueless Yoochun asked. Then he realized something wasn't right when he looked at his buddy's not-so-happy expression.

“Wait, let me guess. It didn't go right, did it?”

“I don't know. Hard to say.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, all she said is: 'I don't know what to say.' I don't know what that means exactly.”

“Oh.. Maybe she was just confused and shock. Give her time. If I'm not mistaken, I think that means you still have a chance.”

Yoochun tried to give the man a hope, just to cheer the man up. Yoochun may not know how it felt to be in Jae's shoes, but by looking at his friend now, he knew it wasn't a good feeling. Thank God, he never had to confess to anyone. “What a lucky bastard I am.” He told himself mentally.

“Come on, get out of bed now.” Yoochun said as he got up, dragging Jae out of bed.

“Why? It's Saturday. I want to sleep in late.” Jae said in annoyance. He then went back to his bed.

“No, no buddy. You gotta get up and clean up. This is totally unlike you, Jae hyung.”

“Aishh, I don't feel like it. Just leave me alone, will you?”

“Come on, hyung.”

“Damn it, why can't you just leave me alone, Yoochun?”

“ There is...... something I want to show you. That's why.” Yoochun lied.

“What is it? You better not be lying or I wear I won't hesitate to kill you.” Jae said as he gave the man another death glare.

“Nope. I'll go downstairs and prepare breakfast while you clean up.” Yoochun said seriously. He then left the room. He was already thinking of something to say later on to save himself from dying by Jae.

As much as he didn't want to, Jae got out of bed and headed to bathroom to get ready for the day.


“So, what is it that you want to show me?” Jae asked the man sitting across from him. They were in kitchen having their fresh cooked breakfast: eggs, omelets, and French toast. Yoochun wasn't a good cooker like Jae but he wasn't bad at cooking basic things.

Yoochun didn't respond. He didn't actually have anything to show him. He only said that to get Jae out of bed. He knew he was going to die today. Nah, Park Yoochun wasn't going to die. He got up and went to living room. A moment later, he came back with a phone on his hand. “Here!” Yoochun said as he handed Jae the phone.

Jae just blinked his eyes at the man in front of him. “What is that for?”

“Call her.” Yoochun said. He made it sound like a command, not a choice.

Jae just looked at the man in disbelieve. “Are you serious? Call her and say what?”

“First ask her if she got home safely last night....then the conversation will come to you naturally.” Yoochun said as he left the phone in front of Jae and left the kitchen.

Jae couldn't understand his so called roommate. First, Yoochun told him he was going to show him something and now the man gave him a phone telling him to call the person he didn't think could bear to talk to any time soon.

“PARK YOOCHUN!” Jae yelled, but he got no respond. “This guy is asking for a death wish.” He said to no one in particular, but to the silence kitchen.

He was left alone to argue with himself: “should I..or should I not? Aish, this is so frustrating.”


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Hanna's phone rang. She was sitting in her home backyard, working on one of her weekend assignment. She puts down the book beside her before graping her cell phone that laid on the top of her notebook. She looked at the caller's ID before answering.

“Hey, babe.” Han said acknowledging who the caller was.

Junsu didn't miss the hint in her voice. “Hey, what's up? You don't sound happy?”

“Do I always have to be happy?” Han asked back, feeling annoyed for no reason.

“No, love. I didn't mean it that way.” Junsu said feeling bad for asking a stupid question.

“I know, you didn't mean it. Sorry, I'm just annoyed at this stupid assignment.” Han explained. What really bothered her wasn't the assignment she was working on. She, herself, wasn't sure what it was.

Feeling relieved that he wasn't the cause of her bad mood, he replied. “Oh, okay. I'm guessing you are working on your assignment at the moment. Is it hard to do or its just boring you?”

“Yeah. It's just boring me as hell. It's Saturday and yet I'm stuck here with school work. What about you? What are you doing today?”

“My parents asked me to go out with them, but I refused. The same with my friends. It's weekend and I should be spending time with friends and family, but I chose to stay at home and talk to you on the phone. I'm missing you so much.”

When she heard him say that in saddest voice, she felt like crying. Although, she was already crying deep inside. Being strong in this relationship wasn't enough. “I miss you too. I just....I..” Han just didn't know how to describe how she felt at the moment.

“You don't have to say no more, Han. We can do this. I know you are a strong woman.” Junsu said, feeling the sadness in her voice.

~Silence~ The atmosphere felt too depressing.

“Let's just think positive.” She paused and gave a fake laugh attempt to break the unwanted silences.“Anyway, there is something to look forward to this month, you know?”

Junsu thought hard in his back of mind. Hoping he wasn't forgetting anything, Junsu asked back: “What is it?”

“Have you forgotten? Our anniversary day!”

Their two years anniversary. He could forget his birthday, but not their anniversary. That had been the only thing on his mind throughout the year. One day, he forced himself to stop counting the days, weeks, and months. He feared that the day wouldn't come. Only if his lover knew this and understood his thoughts, she wouldn't have thought that he had forgotten their anniversary.

He tried to assure her, anyhow. “Of course not, love. I did not forget it. You know I don't forget things like that.”

“You better not.” Han said between laughter. The thought of how much he cared about every little things brought a mile on her face. The smile on her face didn't last long. It faded when a thought came to her mind.“You think..” She hesitated. “ we will celebrate it together, not alone?”

That was a question Junsu feared since he had no answer to it. The fact that they may not be together on that day scared the hell out of him. As much as he wanted to spend their anniversary together rather than alone, he knew he couldn't make that promise to her. If it was up to Junsu, it wouldn't take him another second before he flied back to her and into her warming embrace. He just couldn't.

Junsu hated to disappoint her. At the same time, he didn't want to give her a false hope which was the worst. “I don't know, Han.”

Han understood very well. She knew he had no choice. But something inside just snapped today. “How can you not know? Couldn't you at least try?”

“I could try, I have been trying. It is just not possible to convince them.”

Them. It was always them, his parents. Han was getting tired of it. “I'm sorry, I have to go. Mom is calling out for me.” That was a random excuse she could come up with at the moment.

Her tone and voice scared him for a minute. He knew she had the right to be, act and feel like she was right now. He just wished she wouldn't be mad at him for something he hadn't control over. It made him feel helpless and he hated it.

“Are you mad at me? I'm sorry.” This wasn't the first time they had this conversation. He knew she wasn't happy, and he wouldn't blame her. “ You know that they are just too strict when it comes to us. Even so, you have to understand that they are my parents..”

She didn't need his explanation. She have heard it too many times before. “I understand. I just need to go right now.”

He acknowledged her attempt to ignore the subject of his parents. It was so easy for him to read between her words. He wasn't dump, he knew she was just using that as an excuse to get away. He couldn't blame her. So, he agreed to let her go.

“Okay fine, I'll call you other time. I love you and take care of yourself. “ He wasn't happy. And again, he didn't want to pressure her any longer.

“Bye.” Han said in not-so-happy voice.

That one unusual word and tone was enough to alarm him that, this time, she was really mad. He felt like crushing the phone on his hand from anger and sadness.

“I love you, too.!” And then he ended the phone.


Hanna's POV:

The last words keep ringing in my head. “I love you and take care of yourself.” Oh God, why did he have to say that? I felt my heart parting. That was enough to make me regret my words. I really hate lying to people, especially to Junsu.

What annoys the hell out of me the most is the thought of his parents seem to involved in our relationship at all times. I got the idea that I'm not the “suited” for their son and I respected their wish and decision. However, that didn't mean they had the right to go as far as sending Junsu miles and miles away so that we couldn't see and spend time with each other. How could they? On top of that, they wouldn't even allow us to spend our anniversary together. I'm so angry right now.

“You have to understand that they are my parents. They are just too strict when it comes to us.” What did he expect me to say then? Oh, just tell your parents to go to hell and come back to me? Of course not. I'm not such a selfish brat. He should have known better.

More than anything, I hate myself for lying to myself, pretending like it is not affecting me in any way. And avoiding the fact that his parent's disapproval make it clear that our future together is rare. It is just impossible. How can I think and imagine our future together when he can't do a damn thing without their approval? He wouldn't know, how would he? I'm the one who is stuck in this. I'm the one who is losing hope of becoming part of him just because of his not-so-grateful parents. I'm getting tired of it. A year is enough of patience.

Back then, when he told me he was leaving, how I wished for him to refused to go with them. But he didn't even reason with him, let alone refuse them. I couldn't blame him because, after all, they were his parents and they always came in first. I had always been the seconder in his life.

So, why am I still stuck in this relationship? Because I truly love Junsu. He has become part of me that I can't just let him go. I admit that I'm losing the smallest amount of feelings just because we have been apart for too way long. Even so, that doesn't compare to the amount of love I have for him. I don't think there is anything that can replace my love for him. He is just irreplaceable.


My phone startles me suddenly, interrupting me from my deep thoughts. I ignore it at first. I”m not in the mood to talk to anyone. It still rings nonstop annoying me to no end. My cell phone,, Curiously, I flip my cell phone, which is still on my hand after my talk with Junsu, open and look at the caller ID, wanting to know who is calling me. Too bad, the caller ID is unknowing. If Junsu is the one calling me back, I don't think I can bear to talk to him. I need time to calm myself down first. Because if I talk to him now, I might say some things and end up regretting it later on. So, it is better not to talk or think about Junsu today. Praying it is not Junsu, I answer it.

“Hello.” I greet the person on the other line.

The sudden voice shocks me that I almost jump up from my seat. The caller's voice come unexpected at the wrong time, taking me by surprise. And immidently, my mind starts visualizing last night's event in my head. The more I remember it clearly, the more my eyes become wider.

There is mixed-emotion going through my head that I don't know whether to be happy, sad or mad. For all I know, in an instance, I feel my anger just disappearing slowly.


~The next day, Sunday~

“Stop there!” Changmin commanded Yunho, who was on his way toward the front door. Changmin was sitting in the living room looking at the some magazine, and he only saw Yunho passing by in the corner of his eyes.

Yunho slowly turned around to see the man who dared to command him. “And why should I stop?”

When Changmin saw Yunho's seriousness, he smiled innocently at him. “I...I just wanted to ask you where you're going. That's all.”

Yunho didn't need to figure out Changmin's attempt to stop him from leaving. "I'm going out to lunch. Why?” He already knew, which was why he never had to ask when it came to going out to eat.

“Geez, hyung. Why do you always have to been so secretive when you're going out for lunch. Besides, it's boring for someone to go out and eat alone. Don't you want accompany?” Changmin said as he got up from where he was seat on the sofa in the living room, and headed toward the annoyed man.

“Isn't it obvious? Or should I have to write it on my forehead for you to read?” Yunho said as he opened the front door.

“That is soooooooo mean, hyung. It is not like I eat your food. I only eat my own share of meal.” When Yunho gave him a death glare, he corrected himself. He giggled and continued.“ Okay, maybe not always. But gotta admit, you're really slow when it comes to eating.”

Yunho, the big brother of the two, although they were not related in any way, loved the man like his own little brother. Yunho just loved to tease, joke, and sometimes kick his butt when needed. That was just his way of showing his affection toward Changmin. He knew without a smart, challenging, and arrogant Changmin, his life would have been one hell of boring.

“Whatever. You better have some cash because I'm not going to pay for your one big stomach.” Yunho warned. Even though it wouldn't make a difference since he knew he was going to pay for it. “And remind me to take you to see a doctor some day.”

"Stop it, hyung. You're scaring my tummy."

The joking and teasing continued as they got in Yunho's car and drove away.


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Re: UNCOMMITTED (Unfaithfulness) (Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, and fictional)

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