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Just happy when I can be with you (ShiNee and some fictional Persons)

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Just happy when I can be with you (ShiNee and some fictional Persons)

Post by HaneUchiwa on 7/26/2009, 7:55 am

Hey =) This is my first fanfiction I wrote so please be nice to me >.<

Chapter 001

"Noona ! Go out with me!" Jonghyun said to me, when we was going to school together.
It was annoying! Always the same thing!
And always the same answer.

"Jonghyun! Aren't you already bored of this ?" I asked.

My name is Park Yeon-su, 18 years old !
I'm studying in the Western High Soul! 3rd grade
Jonghyun was in the 2nd

Western High is not the original name of our school!

In Seoul we have a :

West High
East High
Northern and Southern Highschool

Western and Eastern are enemies for a long time.

Some rumors sais it's already for 30 years!!

The Northern and Southern are some small Highschool.

"Noona? Noona? Earth to Yeon-su noona ! We come in peacfully reason!"

I waked up from my thoughts about the Highschools and laughed at Jonghyun, who was laughing to death right beside me!


Jonghyuns P/V

~What was Noona thinking about?~ I thought


She laughed at me and that makes me happy!

She is always annoyed of me
but I don't care

I'm just happy when I can be with her.


Ok that was the first chapter of my fanfiction !
Hope you like it and I can read some comments, cause Its already the first one ^^

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