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Vampire Disguised

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Vampire Disguised Empty Vampire Disguised

Post by animekouga on 7/26/2009, 5:05 am



I was washing the dishes as my friends and I were talking over the phone. We talked about the many guys we hoped to ask us out one day and about the trips planned out for us at school. Because my mother had to use the phone, I hung up ad handed her the phone. I walked towards my computer and logged into MSN. It’s been awhile since I’ve checked my emails. So, I went online and checked my emails. As expected, my friends sent me tons of chain mails. Annoyed, I deleted every single one of those chain mails until, that is, I got to a certain mail from an Anonymous person.

“’Do Not Delete’ it says. I wonder who could’ve sent this to me…” I asked, myself, opening it.

Without hesitation or suspicions, I opened the email and read what was on.

|_- Email-_|

‘Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love you dearly,
Will you accept me, too?’

|_- End of Email -_|

After reading that email, I heard the doorbell ring. So, I walked towards the door and opened it to see the postman standing there, with a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and a letter in his hands.

“Is there an ‘Anna’ here? I’ve got gifts and a letter for her.” the postman asked, as he showed me the gifts.

I nodded and answered to his question that I was Anna. When realizing, he handed me a form I had to fill out and after the signing, he gave me my gifts and left. Opening them, I found not only chocolates inside, but, instead of chocolates, I saw something rectangular wrapped in black gift wrapping paper. I carefully ripped it open and was wide eyed the very first second I saw the gift from the stranger. Laid before my eyes, was a black with red flamed skull headed designed MP4! Looking at the features the MP4 had, I remembered the letter that was beside the bouquet of black and red roses. I reached for it and opened it, reading what seemed like a letter written by someone who was from the year of WW1.

|_- The Letter -_|

Dear: Anna,

I think you’ll find your gifts all well-liked and your favorites? Anyways, turn around and face the computer.’

|_- End of the Letter -_|

‘Turn around? Why do I need to turn around?’ I asked myself, mentally.

I turned around and faced the computer my eyes went wide for a couple of seconds as I saw why I had to stare at the computer. On the screen, a chat room popped up from nowhere and there was the first reply from who knows who. I walked over to the computer and read what was on and continued the chat.

|_- Chat Room -_|

Anonymous: Hello, Anna. I believe that you like all the gifts I’ve sent you?

Anna: Yes, I love the gifts you sent me, thank you very much. I also love your poem you are such a sweet poet. But, who are you and how’d you know I liked black and red roses, MP4s and the designs?

Anonymous: Let’s just say that I’ve been investigating you and that you can call me your secret admirer.

/Investigated me!?!?/

Anna: Investigated me!?!? What do you mean by ‘investigated me!?!?’ Come to think of it, how’d you get my addresses and my name!?!?

Anonymous: Let’s just say, I’ve been watching your every move. Tomorrow at 9:00 pm, you are going to watch a movie with Dana, Patrick, James, Ryan and Minnie. Am I correct?

|_- Out of the Chat Room -_|

‘How’d he know about this, you know what, this is just too freaky!?!? I’m going to close this chat room once and for all.’

But, before I could close it, another reply came up and my eye caught one of the words.

|_- Back to the Chat Room -_|

Anonymous: I also know that you are thinking about closing this window. Not a good choice, Miss Anna. Unless you want to see something horrifying happen to someone you love, then I suggest you leave the window open and look outside the porch door.

Anna: Why should I listen to you?

Anonymous: Unless you want to see that person perish, then I suggest you look!

|_- Out of the Chat Room -_|

I moved from the computer to the porch door and saw something that almost stopped my heart. My boyfriend, Tyson, was tied to a chair a cloth covered his lips so that mumbles were only heard. Judging by the clothing he was wearing, he was probably kidnapped in between the time we were let out of school till dinner. Plus, he had bruises and slashes of blood all over his body. I noticed another response has appeared on the screen and saw what was written on it was more horrifying than the other responses.

|_- Back to the Chat Room -_|

Anonymous: You see that right? Now, turn the lights of the porch off!

|_- Out of the Chat Room -_|

I looked back at Tyson and saw the fear in his eyes when he saw me try to reach for the lights. I flinched back only to notice another response pop up.

|_- Back to the Chat Room -_|

Anonymous: Do it! Turn off the lights of the porch!

Anna: What’ll happen if I do or don’t?

Anonymous: If you do, there’ll be a great frightening scene. If you don’t, you won’t be able to live past twelve tonight.

|_- Out of the Chat Room -_|

Looking at the clock on my computer, I saw it was already 11:00 pm. I then looked back at Tyson, still screaming in terror and begging to not turn the lights off behind the cloth.

‘I turn the lights off I’m scared that something bad would happen to Tyson. But, if I don’t, I might die. Seeing the stuff he’s done, I can guess that he’s serious about killing me before twelve. In a situation like this, I should stop the guessing and just listen to what he says, even if it means something bad will happen. But, before the lights turn off, I’ll get my cell phone ready to call the police.’

|_- Back to the Chat Room -_|

Anonymous: So, Anna, you going to do it or not? The clock is ticking.

Anna: … Fine… I’ll do it…

|_- Out of the Chat Room -_|

I walked towards the porch lights, standing an arms’ length away from the lights. Tears forming and threatening to fall from fear, I reached for it. The closer my hand was from the switch, Tyson continued to squirm in his chair, tears started to fall from his eyes in fear. When my hands touched the switch, I looked towards Tyson and began sobbing.

“Tyson, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” I whispered, as I switched the lights off.

Once I did, I heard some very strange noise from the porch.

|_- Back to the Chat Room -_|

Anonymous: Okay, you can turn the lights back on. But, I won’t guarantee your screams.

|_- Out of the Chat Room -_|

Turning from the computer to the porch, I slowly walked over to the switch, afraid to see my boyfriend in terrible conditions. Turning on the lights, I closed my eyes and opened them to see an empty chair with a long piece of cloth and an arms’ length of ropes lying around the chair legs. Looking angry and confused, I quickly turned to the computer and began typing a response.

|_- Back to the Chat Room -_|

Anna: Okay, enough of the fucking bullshit games! Where the fucking hell is my boyfriend and what the fuck did you do to him!?!?

Anonymous: Well, turn around and go to your backyard. You’ll definitely see him there.

|_- Out of the Chat Room -_|

Quickly I ran towards the backyard and found the lights turned off. Turning it on, I had high hopes that Tyson was standing in front of me, alive and happy. But instead of what I fantasized, Tyson was hung from the lights and was gutted, his organs slowly pouring out of his stomach area. I screamed in horror, as my mother and siblings came running out of their rooms. They all stared and screamed and whispered in fear as I ran towards the computer and began typing to this motherfucker who killed my boyfriend!

|_- Back to the Chat Room -_|

Anna: You asshole! What the fuck did you do to Tyson!?!?

Anonymous: Hasty, aren’t we now? Let’s just say that he ‘hung’ with my friends.

Anna: What’s in it for you if you killed my boyfriend? What’re your motives in doing this?

Anonymous: What’s in it for me is that he’s finally out of my way. My motives, simple, I want you, Anna.

Anna: What? You want me? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Anonymous: You’ll understand when the right time comes. I’m very sorry, but, it looks like it’s time for me to say bye. Ta my lovely Anna. Oh, and before I leave, if you tell anyone about this, I will send some ‘minions’ of mine to kill your family.

|_- End of Chat -_|

After the conversation was over with, I copied the entire conversation and saved it into a hard drive disk, tears continually falling from my eyes. Doing so, I walked over to my boyfriend’s body and looked up at him, sobbing. My mom quickly called the ambulance as I stared up at him. Looking into Tyson’s blank eyes, anger began to grow inside of me like a fire.

‘You stinking little piece of bullshit, you’ll pay for killing my boyfriend!’ I yelled, mentally.


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Vampire Disguised Empty Re: Vampire Disguised

Post by animekouga on 7/26/2009, 5:07 am


|_- Chapter One -_|

(From this chapter and forward, names that already belong to someone or a celebrity are a coincidence and/or an accident. Sorry for the inconveniences!)

It was just another cool October night as my friends, Dana, Patrick, James, Ryan, Minnie and I, walked out of the theatres. We were standing in the lobby, waiting for Sarah’s car to come and pick us up. As we waited, I left myself out of the conversations they were having and was silent once again. Minnie realized my silence and sat next to me, looking at me face. She didn’t like how I was silent and still thinking about ‘last night’s incident.’ Her arm now around my shoulders, she held me closer and whispered slowly into my ears.

“Anna, cheer up. Whatever happened last night wasn’t your fault. It was that shit head’s fault! He was the one who killed Tyson!” Minnie told me, her arms holding me tightly.

“But, if I hadn’t listened to him in the first place and turned the lights off, Tyson would’ve still been alive! He would’ve been with us today! Watching the movie with us, laughing with us and telling me how much he loved me like he usually does! I shouldn’t have listened to the bastard! It was my fault Tyson died!” I whispered as tears began to fall from my red swollen eyes.

As I continued crying, Sarah’s car was parked into the parking lot and she was honking her horn, signaling us to assemble into the car at once. While everyone walked into the parking lot, Minnie saw that I was still in the lobby. She ran back in and saw at once that I was already walking into the mall that was attached to the theatres. Running up behind me, she tugged onto my coat sleeve, trying to get my attention.

“Anna, where are you going? Aren’t you riding back home with us?” Minnie asked, looking up at me.

“I think I’m going to ride the bus home this time. I just want to straighten everything out first. Plus, I want to be alone. But, thanks for asking me. Also, say hi to Sarah for me. I got to go now. See you in school tomorrow.” I explained, as I continued walking towards the bus station.

‘Ugh, last night was enough of a living hell. Can everyone just stop looking at me like I’m some kind of murderous monster! Seriously, this is very rude and very disturbing!’ I thought to myself, mentally.

As I walked, I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable. Everyone in the mall stared at me, newspapers in their hands and comparing my face to the tear streaked face from the papers. Elderly women gossiped in low voices as I walked past them. My eyes were still swollen from what happened last night. All the blood and seeing Tyson gutted! I was ready to scream. I looked away from the people and continued walking. When I finally exited the mall, I saw a woman with the news crew behind her, smiling putting on heavy make up on her face. She looked up and walked towards me, smiling and signaling her crew to follow.

“Excuse me, Miss Anna?” I walked right past her, as she held her microphone up to my face.

I could feel her face turn into a reddish color because of me ignoring her. I guess she was angry because she stormed after me before I could get past the TTC ticket man. She caught hold of my arm and spun me around, the both of us facing the camera man.

“Good evening, this is Merry Weathers with the news of the century! Standing beside me is Miss Anna, the girl whose boyfriend was hung and gutted in her backyard. Now, I’ve been hearing rumors that you’ve been having enough of your boyfriend, resulting to you assassinating. Is it true? Is it true that you your self assassinated your own boyfriend, Tyson Garfield? I think everyone out there deserves to know the truth about this heart-breaking mystery!” Merry Weathers said, as she turned to face me, sticking the microphone in front of me.

“Well, are you sure you want to hear the truth about Tyson and me?” I asked, as I smiled at her.

She nodded and smiled back, her teeth flashing to the camera. I chuckled and smirked. Seeing her face was hilarious as her eyes shined proudly.

“Well, here’s the truth about this mystery!” I yelled, cracking my knuckles.

After quickly cracking my knuckles, I landed a straight and hard punch on her left cheek. She landed on the floor behind her and some man with a box of cold pepperoni pizza dropped the pizza on her face. As she slowly got up, I smirked, handed a ticket to the stunned ticket man and ran towards the stairs. Before I ran down, I turned around, a mischievous smile played on my lips.

“I think that you’re a big mouthed bitch that should keep her mouth shut. I think that no one deserves to know the truth about the news! Instead of talking shit on TV, why don’t you continue writing your shitty books?” I yelled, as I ran down the stairs.

Once I got downstairs, I ran out the door to wait for the bus. I started chuckling happily as I waited for the bus. As I sat there, a group of four men, probably in their twenties, were staring at me from a distance. Except for their hair styles and colors, they all looked the same with their black tuxes and their black neck tie. They took something out what looked like a document and walked straight towards me. From my right, the first man had black hair, very pale skin, and dark brown eyes. The second man was shorter than the first man by two feet. He had long dirty blonde hair that stood up at the ends of it, and dark blue eyes. The third man was an average sized man with dirty blonde hair, gelled into a Mohawk. He was lightly tanned and had sky blue eyes that made you feel like he’s drawing you into him. The fourth and last man was the same size as the third. He had brunette hair, gelled into spikes and also had sky blue eyes.

“Excuse me, Miss? Are you, by chance, Miss Anna?” the first man asked, as he looked down at me.

Hearing that question, I kind of edged to the edge of the seat, hoping highly that I would be able to escape if they bombarded me with idiotic questions. I guess they noticed and smirked, the third and first person chuckling at my sudden movement.

“Yes, I’m Anna. But please, just call me by the name.” I told them, suspiciously.

“Don’t worry we’re not here to bombard you with questions, Anna! Actually, we’re here to investigate and protect. I’m Julian I’m the main investigator of this case. This guy beside me on my left is Martin, the third guy beside him is Jason and the fourth guy next to him is Andy. They’re my partners for this investigation.” the first man, now known as Jason, explained pointing out all the other man.

They all shook my hand and kissed the back of my palm. I blush bright red by the time they were all done.

“Anyways, we were here to be your bodyguard. We were ordered by the chief of police to supervise you 24/7. We have to follow you everywhere and anywhere. Even if you’re using the bathroom, or even changing, we have to go in with you!” the third one, known as Andy, explained to me, smirking.

“Don’t worry he’s just joking with you. But, if the bathroom does have a window inside it, then I guess that part will come true. Otherwise, we will give you your very own privacy.” the second man, now known as Martin, said sarcastically.

“I think it’s best to have a little chat about the times you should and shouldn’t be doing things.” the fourth man, now known as Julian suggested.

The bus had already arrived by the time we stopped chatting. As we got in, everyone watched in amazement as I entered the bodyguards behind me. All of a sudden, the whole bus of people came running towards me and started bombarding me with questions, some taking pictures of me, interviewing me, and most filming me on their phones. I screamed as everyone started circling around me.

“Anna, how do you feel about your boyfriend? Have you always hated him or loved him?” a teenaged girl asked, filming me.

“Anna, if I had you as a girlfriend, I’d dump you on the first date!” a teenaged boy yelled, as he laughed maniacally.

“Anna, do you have any boyfriends right now?” a middle aged man asked, as he tried to take a picture of me.

“Anna, I’m suspecting you of being the assassin of the murder of your boyfriend! Did you kill him out of hatred or what?” a middle aged lady asked, as she pointed at me, making the crowd circle around the both of us and Jason, Andy, Julian and Martin.

Silence was heard everywhere around the bus as the lady kept pointing at me. Half of the people were looking at her and the other half were looking at me, expecting a word of objection from me. I clenched my fist and was infuriated.

‘Why does everyone suspect me of being the assassin of Tyson’s death? Sure, I was there in front of him when he died and everything. But, it wasn’t my fault that he died at my house! It was the stalker’s fault!’ I yelled, mentally.

Before I could say anything to the crowd, Julian came in front of me and smirks, chuckling at first though.

“Hey lady, don’t you think it’s kind of obvious that Anna’s not the assassin in this case?” Julian asked the lady, stepping in front of me.

“Anna’s one of the nicest people I’ve known of. I won’t believe that she is the murderer even if you stab me three hundred times with needles, pins and knives.” Andy added, as he stepped on my left side.

“Isn’t it obvious that Anna doesn’t have a boyfriend right now, old man? Who would after what happened to her? She’s a one of a kind, I’d say, not getting a new boyfriend even after her boyfriend died.” Martin commented as he stepped on my right.

“One more thing, lady,” Jason said, as he squeezed in between me and Julian.

“Never, and we mean never, accuse our Anna of such a thing ever again!” Jason, Julian, Martin and Andy said, in unison.

“Oh, and to the boy at the back over there. You can dump Anna if you want. But, it’s your loss if you do dump her because she’s a one of a kind girlfriend.” Julian said, happily.

“Even if no one dares to date her, we’ll all date her. Even if no one dares to marry her, we’ll all marry her. That’s how much respect we have for her and how much we’d love her if no one did.” they said, once again in unison, only this time, they all hugged me, with me in the center.

“Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be leaving.” Jason said, as the four of them escorted me off the bus.

The bus driver took off as soon as we got off. I was so happy that they stood up for me. When they all looked down at me, for I was only up to their shoulder, they were surprised to see me crying.

“What’s wrong, Anna? Why are you crying?” Andy asked, as he knelled down to my level.

“I’m just so happy. I’m happy that I’m finally no longer alone on this. I’m also very happy that I’m loved by you guys. Thank you so much guys!” I explained, tears continued to roll down my cheeks.

At this, they all embraced me, this time I was literally in the middle. They were so close to me that I can smell their body scent and cologne they’re wearing. I felt so special when I was embraced like that. But then I got embarrassed from how people were watching me. So, I quickly got out of their embrace as I blushed madly.

“Anna, it is getting kind of late. I think we should drive you home. But, we have to talk to your parents about something. So, we’ll be over for dinner.” Jason said, as he led us into the parking lot.

When we found his car, I saw how random it was from other cars. Its design had all these guns everywhere and it looked like a police background scene.

“I’m going to drive this time and no one will stop me!” Andy yelled, excitedly.

“Nope, no you aren’t this time. Remember the last time you drove the car? You almost crashed it into a police car! We could’ve gotten a ticket for that, so, that’s why driving will be off limits for you.” Martin said, as he opened the doors to the driver seat.

“But, Martin! I promise I’ll be extremely careful this time! But if I’m not I’ll treat you all to dinner for the next two weeks!” Andy told us, as he whined and begged.

“Fine, but, because we have Anna in here this time, you have to drive in an average speed! You hear me, Andy? Crash the car and we’ll permanently ban you from the car and you’ve got to keep your promise!” Julian sighed, in annoyance.

Excitedly, Andy grabbed the keys from Martin and when he started driving out of the parking lot, I wished I was back on the bus! He was zooming everywhere. He was cutting in front of other vehicles and he was about to crash us into a truck! From all the movement, I was to be seated in the middle until the movements were over with.

“KYAA, Andy! Drive properly, already! KYAA,” I screamed, as I felt myself tip over to the right.

I totally tipped over and my face, including part of my chest, landed on Jason’s and Julian’s laps! I blushed madly and tried to get up. But, the movement kept me moving everywhere and I landed on Martin’s lap. I continued this routine several times already. By the time we reached my house, I was too dizzy to get up from the seats. So, the guys had to help me up.

“Andy Hughes! You are permanently banned from the car and you have to keep your promise!” Martin yelled, angrily.

“Okay, okay, maybe I shouldn’t have driven. I mean, look at Anna right now!” Andy responded, pointing to me.

I was aided by Jason and Julian as we slowly walked up to my house. I was so dizzy, I couldn’t see straight anymore.

“Huh? Oh, don’t worry! I-I’m o-okay!” I protested, weakly.

As we walked up to my door, I weakly got my keys out of my pocket full of candies and quickly unlocked the door.

“Welcome to my- What the-?” I said, in a confused and questioning tone.

To Be Continued in Chapter Two


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Vampire Disguised Empty Re: Vampire Disguised

Post by animekouga on 7/26/2009, 5:14 am

|_- Chapter Two -_|

“What’s wrong, Anna?” Jason and Julian asked me, as they looked in front of me.

In front of me wasn’t the normal living room anymore. Everyone in the family was there. But, the atmosphere wasn’t the same cheerful one I had the nights and years before. It was a more depressing one. I had a feeling that something bad was about to happen. The way they looked at me wasn’t the same ‘Welcome-home-Anna’ look. It was more like a ‘Get out of this house and never come back again’ kind of look.

“Anna dear, your mother and I have something to talk to you about.” my dad said, in a deep voice he only uses when something’s not in place or someone’s in trouble.

I sat down and was already feeling like I’m going to be in trouble. I just hope it’s not because of last night because if it was, I’ll move out the house and live with a friend instead.

“Anna honey, we’re sorry but, I think you’ll have to be ‘removed’ from the family from this day onward.” my mom told me, as calmly as ever.

I was shocked at what she said. I kept thinking about why she would say something like that.

“But, why mom, why are you guys kicking me out the house?” I asked, looking confused.

“It’s because your stupid boyfriend was found dead in front of our door last night that people think that our family is made out of murderers! You know how many people have been asking us about you in the streets and school!?!? It’s fucking annoying!” my eldest sister yelled, as she glared at me.

Just before anything could get any worse, Andy, Jason, Julian and Martin came walking in, looking concerned about that all the yelling was all about. The entire family was really shocked at the bodyguards behind me.

“Guys, why are you guys in here? Just wait for me outside! I’ll be there in a minute.” I told them as tears were forming in my eyes.

“No Anna, we are obligated to go wherever you go because we’re your bodyguards!” Andy replied, looking down at me.

“Please, I’m begging you guys!” I yelled, as the tears threatened to fall.

“Now you’ve got bodyguards, too!?!? Yeah Anna, this is getting very annoying and we just think that it’s best you were kicked out for the time being until the rumors and news were eliminated.” my second eldest sister said, trying to put it in a nice way.

“No, that’s not what we meant to tell you. What we’re telling you right now is that, from this day onward, you are no longer a part of this family! We’ve already talked to a lawyer and signed a form, stating that you are no longer in this family. In other words, we’re going to abandon you.” my dad yelled, as he showed me the form.

I knew something like this was going to happen. But, I just assumed that it would happen later, much later. Feeling tears pouring down on my cheeks, I got up from the table and set for my room. My company followed along, each confused about what had happened.

They found me packing up my clothes into a huge ivory black luggage. They helped me along the way with packing. Andy being curious on what was in my drawer, opened it and found my undergarments in there he took one out and looked at the size. Shocked, his eyes went bug-eyed.

“Anna! You never told us that you wear a size B bra!” Andy yelled, as he started feeling the designs on them.

“Andy Hughes, you pervert! Who said you could look into my undergarment drawer!?!?” I yelled, taking my bra away from him and blushing madly.

After having to pack the three packs of luggage I was already tired out. But I knew that my parents would want me out of the house soon as possible. So, I carried one of the three luggage while Jason and Andy carried my two other ones. Before leaving the house, I saw that my parents were sitting in the kitchen, sipping at their cup of coffee. I walked into the kitchen and stood behind my parents. I knew that they knew I was behind them. I bowed down low, tears forming in my eyes.

“Mom, Dad. Thank you so much for raising me from a baby to a twelve year old. I am very sorry to have ruined the family’s reputation. I would like to say, good bye.” I said, as I turned around and left the house.

As I left the door, I could hear my mom sobbing in the kitchen. I felt very bad, so bad that I myself started crying too. Tears continued pouring down my cheeks as I walked towards the car, the four bodyguards surrounding me. As we reached the car, I sat on the cement floor, my back up against the wheel. I could see my house from where I sat. I wanted everything to be a dream but sadly turned out as reality. I looked at the house for five minutes as the others lit up a cigar and started smoking.

“I don’t have a home, I don’t have a family. I lost everything and just because of that stupid stalker!” I yelled, as I dried my tears.

Jason flinched at the words I said. Looking back, I saw that he looked kind of nervous.

“Hey Jason, you okay? You don’t look so good.” Julian said, as he looked at him, concerned.

“N-no, it’s nothing. I-I thought I felt s-something bite me on the arm.” Jason lied, as he swapped at his arm.

“Not necessarily, Anna. You still have ‘one’ home.” Martin said, as he looked down at me.

“You don’t mean…” I trailed off my sentence.

“That’s right! From now on, you’ll be living with us!” they all said, in unison.

Cheerfully, I pounced into all of their arms, being embraced back. I started loading the trunk with my stuff. Then, I heard a growl from somewhere. I looked up to see Andy hungry. I laughed and suggested we go get dinner, Andy’s treat. That night was the best night of my life as we ate our dinner together, laughing and talking. I felt so happy that night that I started crying in joy.

To Be Continued in Chapter Three


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