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~ Always Waiting For You ~

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~ Always Waiting For You ~ Empty ~ Always Waiting For You ~

Post by magnificent writer on 7/25/2009, 11:40 pm


~ Always Waiting For You ~


The office of Hua Za Lei is situated in the pent from the empire built by his family, HUAZA CORPORATION.

It’s been a habit that everyday he comes to work all female employees are anxiously waiting to see a glimpse of him.

Females across the room and the entire building signaling each time Hua Za Lei arrives.

“He is here, oh my he is very handsome, and why does he have to be dangerously good looking? I’m going to faint. I’m telling you, if I’ll ever get to spend one day with Master Hua za Lei then I could die happy”

Many employees had suppressed a giggle when most of the woman working with Hua Za Incorporation, couldn’t take their eyes on him. One of the employee lady replied with a meaningful glance at the new purchased silver Jaguar vehicle with Hua za Lei, it is the 9th expensive vehicle he purchased in 6 months. Some Employee Guess that for each expensive cars he bought means equals to two women he was dating.

Lei is a much publicized playboy, due to his unending affairs with woman. He was frequently seen dating famous models, rich and young celebrities but unfortunately none of them was reportedly receiving Hua Za Lei's marriage of proposal. His relationships is often brief.

The popular tabloids, magazines and daily news papers had tagged “Most sought after handsome bachelor” every one speculates and curious of his personal activities especially his love affair.

He was also tagged as "Corporate Genius" Within days when he takes over his family’s company, their income had tripled continue to rise up tremendously.

but then again, Lei choose his own secretary due to unending complications with secretaries or almost all female employees falling in love with him.

Melinda, her middle aged secretary, happily married and his family's trusted employee for decades is mostly likely a perfect one.
the plus of her knowing his family forever.

It seems that not only she act as his secretary but also like a madwoman guard against impulsive female employees who are inventing an excuse to at least have a look at him.

Every time Hua Za Lei strode out, many women can’t help but glance with utmost admiration and felt an extreme energy of his presence. Lei who had a very handsome built, flat abs, well defined and manly, had gotten this improvement when he was in Japan.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Hua Za Lei." One of the employees greeted. For her courtesy, she received a discouraging glance from him, he nodded, and then leaves –Despite of his cold receptions, and many females are just contented seeing him. “Gosh, he is adorable” almost all female employees remarked.

It’s just a matter of week since Lei arrived in Taiwan and he already received many invitations from “highly” social gatherings. His secretary called from the intercom and informed him a phone call.

Lei: “Hello!”

"I thought you will not be coming to Taiwan” said a woman who have very seductive voice asked before he'd said a word.

"Jing?" he said with pretend confusion.

"Yours, of course? I'm so glad you're finally here!” Jing said excitedly.

But Lei didn’t answer.

"You’re back at last!" I've missed you, Lei," she added, sweet as always.

"I missed you too and I’m going to see you” Lei answered.

"All right, oh Lei how many dates did you had over this past week"? Jing teased.

Lei laughs but choose to ignore the topic. He knew exactly what Jing means. She had probably heard all news about his several alleged affairs to different woman.

Jing knew as usual Lei won't give an answer especially on topic concerning personal matters of his life.

"Oh, and I may as well tell you that our school is planning an extravagant reunion with your former classmates Ying De University, this is a perfect chance to see you new you, so prepare to be mobbed when they see you. They will be shocked to see the new Hua Za Lei"

The mention of YING DE UNIVERSITY, where he’d first met Sancai, made his heart almost dim, and he hardly heard the rest of what Jing said.

Lei had hardly ever attends ceremonies or any events which requires his appearance, especially if the invitation is from Taiwan, he gives mandatory refusal. But that was before, he came back now. Stronger, successful, popular, more handsome and damn irresistible.

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