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Yearning Heart

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Yearning Heart Empty Yearning Heart

Post by ladynakuri on 7/25/2009, 10:38 pm

Yearning Heart YH400x450



A/N: This fan-fiction is 100% fictitious. All characters’ profile in this story is fiction. Any similarities are coincidental. Thank You. Plus, I've been introduced by ckreme15 and requested that I shld update here too. So... I finish up my fanfic in Winglin first as in... After my post there, i'll try to copy n paste here =).

It is a story about a girl, Horikita Maki who has graduated from a University in Melbourne, Australia. She maybe poor but she is very smart in terms of her studies. She has a friend whom she met there, Erika Toda. They were room-mates to classmates to best friends. While she studied there, she met a half-korean and half-japanese boy, Kim Jaejoong. Maki and Jaejoong are lovers. Erika too has a boyfriend back in Tokyo, Yamapi. Kim Jaejoong proposed to Maki when they were in Melbourne. As they came back from Melbourne, things started to change. Their love started to change when Yamapi and Maki meet each other. But… Maki is going to get married to Jaejoong! Who is she going to choose? Will she marry Jaejoong and remain loving Yamapi? Or she go with Yamapi? Well… We shall see as you read along~ =)


Horikita Maki
Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi)
Erika Toda
Kim Jaejoong (Youngwoong Jaejoong of DongBangShinki/Tohoshinki/Tong Vfang Xien Qi)
Kamui Gakuto (Gackt)
Lee Minjung



Name: Horikita Maki
Age: 21
About her:
She lives with her parents back in Tokyo but she lived with her room-mate, Erika in Melbourne. She has finished her studies and has a current relationship with half-Korean and half-Japanese guy named, Kim Jaejoong.

Name: Yamashita Tomohisa
Age: 23
About him:
He is a Managing Director in one of the popular technology companies. He works with his father, the Chairman. He is rich and smart. Not to mention, good-looking too. He has a girlfriend who has graduated in Melbourne, Erika.

Name: Kim Jaejoong
Age: 22
About him:
A half-Korean and half-Japanese. Mother is Japanese and father is Korean. He too, rich and smart but retained another year in University just to be with Maki. After graduation, he was thinking of proposing to her.

Name: Erika Toda
Age: 21
About her:
She is quite popular in University. Maki and she have been room-mates and a best friend since the first year. Erika considers her as a sister. She is madly in love with Yamapi. Her dream is wanting to be an actress.

Name: Lee Minjung
Age: 21
About her:
She is very playful and likes to mess around with Jaejoong. She's in love with Jaejoong but does not know that he loves Maki.

Name: Kamui Gakuto
Age: 24
About him:
Prefered to be called Gackt. He is Erika's colleague (model). He works with Erika and he has hots for her but Erika is confused. He knows that Erika has a boyfriend but he tried to get her break off with Yamapi.

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Yearning Heart Empty Re: Yearning Heart

Post by ladynakuri on 7/25/2009, 10:50 pm

CHAPTER 1 - Graduation & Proposal

Melbourne, Australia…

Erika, Maki and Jaejoong were outside the college, feeling happy that they have graduated from College.

"Finally we've graduated!!" Erika was jumping excitedly. She would not believe that she has graduated. "Yeah. I can't wait to go back and meet my parents. It's been 3 years since we've gone away from Tokyo." Erika turned and faced Maki. "You're right, Maki-chan! Aww... I missed my Pi-chan. I have been continuously sent him emails and he seemed to be extremely busy. I'm gonna give him a surprise once we've go back to Tokyo."

Maki smiled and held Jaejoong hands. "You know... I wish Pi-chan is here and do the same thing like you guys do now." Erika was kinda envious when she saw Jaejoong and Maki were cuddling with each other. "Jaejoong-san, when are you going to pop the question?" Erika could not keep her mouth shut but Jaejoong played dumb with her. "I don't know what you are talking about. I think you're lovesick cause you precious lover isn't here. Let's go somewhere quiet, Maki... It's extremely noisy here."

Maki laughed and said to Erika, "Erika-chan... Don't worry... I'll be back later and pack up of stuff back in our hostel." Erika nodded and skipped back to the hostel.

Jaejoong and Maki walked towards the nearby lake. "Maki-chan..." Maki turned and faced Jaejoong. "Yes?" Jaejoong took a step closer to her and held her hands. "It has been almost 3 years we're together and... I didn't know we could last this long. I retained one more year just to be with you. Even though you told me not to, I can't stay away from you cause I am madly in love with you. I wanted to spend my whole life with you." Out of the sudden, Jaejoong was on his knees and Maki could not move her body. "Maki-chan, will you marry me?"

Maki was completely speechless and she did not know what to say to him. "Maki?" She smiled and nodded. Jaejoong smiled and took out a ring from his pocket. "You know... It took me all day to think what to say to you and it actually went well." He said while putting a ring on her finger. She stared at the ring and moved her eyes to Jaejoong's. "I'm so happy right now." She said. He smiled, "Me too." Maki wrapped her arms around Jaejoong's neck and kissed his lips. They kissed passionately and she breaks the kiss. "Otousan and Okasan will be happy to hear this."

As Maki came back from the park, she went to her room and Erika was sleeping on the bed, holding her phone. She heard someone was saying 'hello'. Maki picked up the phone. "Erika-chan... Are you there?" She was confident that it was her boyfriend back in Tokyo.

"Err... Erika-chan is sleeping..." She said. "Ohh... She always does that whenever I am away for awhile. You must be her room-mate." Erika's boyfriend said. "Yes I am... Look... I would love to chat with you but I think I'm gonna hang up now. Bye." Maki hung up and put the phone next to Erika and she start packing her clothes.

"You're back?" Maki turned around and Erika has finally awake. Maki smiled and looked at the clock. "I was about to wake you up. I'm done packing!" She said with her arms stretched wide. "Good... I can't wait to get outta here and see my Pi-chan." Erika quickly got up and took her luggage and went out of the room. Maki turned and saw that she left her phone on the bed. Erika stormed back in and took her phone. "Hurry up! We're gonna be late."

Maki looked at her ring and took a very last look at her room where she had fun with Erika and the times where Erika and her studied hard together.

At the airport, Jaejoong was waiting for Erika and Maki and passed them the ticket. "I hope I don't get to sit next to you, lovebirds." Erika took a look at the tickets. "Darn... I'm gonna sit somewhere else... If there is a sit left." Jaejoong was clueless. "Is she ok?" Jaejoong asked. "Ha ha... She's been like that when she woke up just now." Jaejoong held Maki's hand and smiled. "I can't wait to tell this news to our parents." Jaejoong said as he kissed her hand.

"Hey lovebirds!! Hurry up!!"

Tokyo - 10 hours later...

"Yes... Yes... Look, cancel all my meeting for today. -Don't ask why. -My girlfriend is coming back from Melbourne." A young handsome man smiled and hung up his phone. "Where the hell are you going young man?" The Chairman aka Yamapi's father stopped him. "I'm going to pick up your future daughter-in-law."

"MY FUTURE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW?! She won't be my future daughter-in-law! You hear me? NEVER!!!"

He ignored his father and leave as fast as possible. He rushed to his car and on his way to the airport. As he reached there, he remembered, "Pi-chan! You should always remember this... I will wear a pink cap with my name on it and a white-pink scarf." As he think back again, Erika doesn't like to cut her hair short. He just ignores it and he slowly walked towards the person and carries her from the back.

"You're back!!! Ha ha!! I missed you soo much!!!" He heard the person said, "Pi-chan! Who are you carrying?" Yamapi froze like as if he was carrying a ghost and put her down. The girl turned, wanted to slap him but Erika stopped her. "MAKI-CHAN!!! DON'T SLAP! He's my boyfriend!" Maki paused for a while. "Sorry... I thought you were Erika-chan." Yamapi said and Maki folded her arms, "What makes you think so?"

"Because... You are wearing Erika's cap." Maki removed it and looked at it. "Oh! Ha ha... I was borrowing it. It looks pretty nice so... yeah. Ha ha!" Maki was embarrassed and so was Yamapi for carrying her. "There you are! The car is waiting for us." Jaejoong said and turned to face Yamapi. Yamapi looked at Jaejoong who looks very familiar. He felt like he knew him or seen him before. "Pi-chan! Let's go!" Erika grabbed Yamapi's arms and said goodbyes. "Maki-chan, don't forget to contact me alright? I'll be waiting!!" Maki nodded and waved to them.

Maki actually saw the both of them staring like they are going to start a fight. "Jaejoong, what's wrong?" He shook his head. "Nothing... I thought... Never mind. Let's go." Jaejoong put his arms around her waist and made their way to the car.

"Erika-chan... Are those your friends?" Yamapi asked. "Well... Maki was my room-mate and that guy is her boyfriend. You know what? He actually retained another year just to be with her? Maki sure is special to him." Erika stopped and turned to Yamapi. "You should have done that to me when we were in high school!" She said with her pouting lips. "What's with that pouted lips?"

"I'm jealous of them!" She hit his arm and quickly walked away. Yamapi stood there thinking where she wants to go. "Where are you going?" He asked. "I’m going to your car!" He smiled and said, "The car is this way..." He pointed his car key on his right. She stopped and turned. "I knew that!" As she walks back Yamapi was thinking about that guy.

Maki's Home...

"OTOUSAN! OKASAN!! I'm home! What happened to the lights?" The lights were switched on and her family said, "WELCOME HOME, DARLING!" She saw a banner saying, 'Welcome Back Maki-chan~!' She was very happy and hugged her parents. "Otousan, okasan... I want you to meet, Kim Jaejoong. He's a half-Korean and half-Japanese. He..." Maki looks at him and then back at them, "He wants to marry me."

"So?" Her father asked. She thought her father wanted to reject the proposal, "Family meeting in the kitchen... NOW!" They went in the kitchen. "Maki-chan..." Her father said, his back facing her. "CONGRATULATIONS!!!" Her parents were more excited than her. "Our burden will vanish and he's there to help us! Maki-chan... We're happy for you!!" Her father said, jumping up and down with her mother. "What do you mean burden? What have you done this time?" Maki asked.

She knew that her parents has gotten into trouble and wanted to find out what. "Ano... We borrowed money from this company your father worked and sent you the money there." Maki opened her eyes wide. "You borrowed the company's money?! Otousan!"

Jaejoong heard their conversation and went in the kitchen. Her parents saw him coming in and they went silent. Jaejoong stood beside Maki and looked at her. She turned to him. "Jaejoong... Is not what you think... I... They..." Jaejoong places his finger on her lips. "I'll help you out unless you agreed on my proposal of marrying your daughter." He said wrapping his arms around Maki's shoulder. Her mother came to Jaejoong. "Yes... Yes... We agree... We don't have any exceptions! Right, otousan?" Her mother gave a killing look at her father and he did the same thing. "Yes... Yes... I have no objections."

Maki felt ashamed with her parent’s behaviour.

After Jaejoong stayed for awhile in the house, Maki accompanied him outside. "Jaejoong?" He turned and looked at her. "I'm sorry about just now. I'm not that rich and yet my parents worked hard to send me off to other country but in the end I found out that they borrowed the company's money. My father worked as a cleaner there and quite close to the Chairman and my mother is just a housewife."

Jaejoong went to her and hugged her. "It's alright, Maki-chan. I understand your situation." He said with a smile. "Thank you."

"By the way... I'm going off to Seoul tomorrow morning at 9." Jaejoong said. "What? You just came back from Melbourne." Jaejoong smiled. "Look, I was just accompanying you to go back here so that nothing happened to you and tell your parents about our good news." Maki smiled and hugged him again.

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Yearning Heart Empty Re: Yearning Heart

Post by ladynakuri on 7/25/2009, 10:55 pm

CHAPTER 2 - Mission Impossible

The next day... (11:00am)

Yamapi was doing some work in his office when his father came in and threw a file on the desk. "What's this?" Yamapi took the file and look through it. "This friend of mine A.K.A. the cleaner borrowed money from us and have not paid back a single Yen! I want you to go there and get that money back." Yamapi looked at his father, "Why don't you send your people there instead of me?"

"You have that friendly look." Yamapi looks suspicious with the words. His father did not mention that in his whole life and Yamapi was suspecting on what is up on his father's sleeves. "What's the catch?" His father smiled. "You read through that file and you know." The Chairman left the room and Yamapi was reading the papers in the file.

Name: Horikita Azuma
Age: 52
Occupation: Cleaner
Report(s): Fail to pay loans
Spouse: Horikita Ai, 51
Daughter(s): One daughter, 21

"Mission: If the payment was not made, asked a hand in marriage??!!! OTOUSAN!!!" Outside his office, his secretary and a guest was shocked. "I'm very sorry... It happens all the time. Please... Stay on your seats." Yamapi's secretary is a man. Erika has forbidden a woman working with him. Well, girls get jealous easily if there is another woman working with the guy they really love. Yamapi rushed to his father's office but he was not there. "Yoshida-san. Where is my father?" His secretary stood up and said, "Ano... He's going to the spa." Yamapi's eyes widened and said, "WHAT?!"

He stormed off and said to himself, "Why is that old man doing at the spa at this kind of dying age?"

Yamapi went to his car and drove to Happy Spa. "Sir... You can't..." Yamapi cuts the counter girl, "My father owns this building and I'm his son." She kept quiet and said, "He's on the 5th floor, third door to your left."

The Chairman was alone in the spa room enjoying his Jacuzzi. "Otousan... You expect me to marry to a girl whom I have not met before? Who knows, that girl would be ugly and not well educated..." His father cut him off. "Don't you judge the book by its cover, Yamapi. Once you see the girl, you'll change your mind by not marrying that immature brat of yours." Yamapi hates it when he said that. "Otousan, I won't change my mind. In additional, this doesn’t have any information about the guy's daughter!"

"Trust me, Yamapi. You'll like her." The Chairman signaled him to go out and he did. "I will never like that ugly girl."

2:00pm - In front of Mr Horikita Azuma’s house

Yamapi has been waiting outside the house since noon and he did not want to go in. He looked at the gate again and fiddling his fingers on his steering wheel. "Ok... I'm going in." He gets out of his car and pressed the bell at the gate. He heard the door was opened and foot-steps making its way to the gate. He wanted to run away. "I hope it’s not that ugly daughter of his." The gate door was unlocked and as the gate opened; his back was facing the gate. "Yes, sir? How may I help you?" Oh man... That ugly daughter answered! "Uhh... Is this Mr Horikita's house?" He said still facing his back at her. "Uhh... Yes? What do you want with him?" She asked. "Well... I hope you already knew that your father borrowed money from the company and I've been sent to get back the money."

"Ohh... We did not have that much of money to pay back but... I'm getting married soon." When Yamapi heard the last words, he turned and paused. After 10 seconds of awkward pause, "Are... are... Are you... Erika's..." Maki cut him off, "You are Erika's boyfriend?" He nodded slowly. "So... My father borrowed from your company?" She asked. "It's actually my father's."

"Who is that, Maki?" Maki turned and Yamapi saw her father and he ran back in. "OTOUSAN?! WHERE ARE YOU RUNNING OFF TO?!" She faced to Yamapi, "Please, come in... I'll handle this." She smiled and ran after her father. "OTOUSAN!!!" As Yamapi stepped in, he could see that the house was quite beautiful. The garden was done beautifully. "Not bad for a poor people." He said to himself.

He entered the house, taking off his shoes and heard a commotion in the kitchen - again. "This is what happens when you borrow money from other people! Jaejoong is now in Seoul and he will back next month! How are we going to pay them back? After I die?!" Maki said. "Maki-chan... Don't say that."

"You lied that you earned those money but you borrowed it! It's a good thing that you did not borrow from the loan sharks. If you did, this house will be burnt!" When Yamapi heard that, he felt so sorry about the family. "Ano... Mr Horikita?" They stopped quarrelling. "Oh... You must be thirsty. I'm sorry. I'll make green tea for you." Maki wiped her tears and make a tea but Yamapi stopped her. "It's alright. I'll talk to my father about it." Maki stopped making it and looked at Yamapi. "You are my father's friend and you are my girlfriend's friend. Maybe I could help you pay back using my money."

"That'll be nice..." Her father said but Maki stopped her father. "Otousan~" She looked at Yamapi. "I'll be greatly appreciating it but you don't have to." She looked at her father then looked at Yamapi. "My father will work overtime and just cut his salary." Her father wanted to say something but she stared at him. "You deserve it." She looked back again to Yamapi. "You may go now." She smiled.

Yamapi did not know what to do and he just go with the flow. "Okay? I'll let the Chairman know about this." She smiles wider, "Please do. I'm sure he'll be glad to hear it." Yamapi bowed to them and left the house. But then he remembered that if they did not pay, he has to marry her but since she said that she will be married off to Jaejoong, he is marry-free to Maki. As he thought of that, he jumped with joy! "So... Have you changed your mind?" He froze and turned. "Otousan!"

"You looked happy. What do you think of that girl?" He asked. "She's still ugly though and just to let you know, otousan. She'll be marrying off to another guy. He's ugly too." He went in his car and drove off. "WHAT?!"

He received a call from Erika. "Moshi-moshi? -Meet you? Where? -Grand Cafe? Ok... I'll be there at 7." He was on his way there when there is another phone call. "YAMASHITA-SAN!!! I'VE CALLED YOU NUMEROUS OF TIMES!!! WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THAT VISIT NOW!!!" Yamapi put his phone away from his ears. I'm not deaf you know... God... "Otousan... We'll talk about it later. I am having a meeting. Bye." He hung up and went back to his office.

As the clock strikes 6 o’clock in the evening, he left his office, trying to avoid his father and meets Erika.

"Pi-chan!!" Erika ran towards him and hugged him. "Happy Anniversary!" OH... MY GOD! I FORGOT TODAY IS OUR ANNIVERSARY! "Err... Erika-chan... Why don't we go to a better place?" She nodded. "Oh wait! I have to go to the... well... small business." He nodded and after she rushed to the washroom, he quickly called his secretary. "Yoshida-san... Help me call any 5-star restaurant. Make a reservation for 2, non-smoking and request for a romantic spot and some balloons! Quick!!!" He hung up and saw her coming back. "Shall we?" He nodded. He receives a message and he smiled. I'm gonna kill that idiot tomorrow...

Yamapi drove to the most famous restaurant and it was his father's restaurant. "Pi-chan... Isn't this..." Yamapi smiled and said, "Don't ask just follow me alright?"

"Have you make a reservation, sir?" Yamapi nodded. "My name is Yamashita Tomohisa." The guy checked his name, "I'm sorry... There's no such name." Yamapi was shocked. "WHAT?! IT MUST BE IN THERE!!! I've made a reservation!!" He took the book and search for his name. "That twerp!" He gave the book back, "Do you know who owns this restaurant?" He shook his head. "Well... my father owns this restaurant and I'm his son. So, is it possible if you find us a good spot for 2?"

"Well, sir? My grandfather owns this building and I'm his grandson." He wanted to punch him but Erika stopped him. "Look, boy. He isn't joking but he is Yamashita's son." Then the manager came. "Ah! You must be the manager. I want you to fire this man immediately!"

"What happened sir?" The manager asked. "What happened? This man isn't respecting his superior. How could your staff does not know who I am?" Yamapi said. "I'm sorry, sir. May I show you to your seats?" He nodded. Another waiter came and showed them to their seats while the manager hits the guy. "You idiot! Have you read the book we gave you? I'll deal with you later."

After their dinner, Yamapi sent her back. "I thought you forgot our anniversary." She said. "Ha-ha... Nah... I would never forget." She sarcastically laughed and held out her hand. "Where's my anniversary gift?" Yamapi gave her the 'uh-oh' look and said, "Well... Isn't a nice dinner at a 5-star restaurant enough for you?" She gave him the pouted look again. "Oh come on... At least we had a great time for dinner right?" She nodded and said, "You forget one more thing..." She pointed her finger on her cheeks.

She hinted him to kiss her. He smiled and gave a quick peck on the lips. She was in shock and he drove off. At the back of her mind, she was jumping for joy.

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Yearning Heart Empty Re: Yearning Heart

Post by ladynakuri on 7/25/2009, 11:02 pm

CHAPTER 3 - Job Replacement For Maki?

The next morning...

"Otousan! Wake up! You'll be late for work!" Maki went into her parents' room and her father was on the bed, feeling sick. Her mother was putting a towel on his forehead. "Maki-chan, your father is sick. Why don't you replace him working?" Maki was thinking that they were faking it but they could not because her mother would never play tricks on her. Just to make sure they are not lying, she went towards her father and places her hand on his forehead. She could feel her father's forehead was burning!

"Okasan! Why didn't you bring otousan to the clinic?" She asked, looking at her mother. "Maki-chan, we don't have any money to pay for the bills!" Maki could not bear her father getting sick. She took out her purse and gave some money to her mother. "Here... Make sure you bring him to the clinic and I want the receipt." She wanted to leave the room but she has something to add on, "And... I want to see medicines to be bought from that clinic!" She said those and left the house.

"Maki-chan, where are you going?" Her mother said. "I'm going to replace otousan!!"

She rushed to the work place and went to the receptionist. "Excuse me?"


"I would like to see... The Chairman?" Maki said. She did not know the Chairman's name and have forgotten Erika's boyfriend's name. "Have you make an appointment?" She shook her head. "Well... The Chairman won't see you unless you make an appointment!" Maki did not know what to do. "How about I make an appoinment now at this time?" The receptionist looked through and said, "I'm sorry, Miss. The Chairman haven't arrived yet. I'll make an appointment for you for tomorrow?"

"I don't want tomorrow... I want now!!!"

Yamapi arrived at work quite early. He heard a commotion at the reception desk and wanted to find out what happen there. "What's wrong here?" Yamapi looked at the receptionist and turned to the girl beside him. Maki too looked at the guy beside her. "You?!" Both of them said the same thing.

"What are you doing here?" Yamapi asked. "Well... I'm here to see your father but this lady here won't let me see him! It's an urgent matter!" He looked at Maki then to the receptionist. "I'll take care of her here." The receptionist nodded. "Follow me..." He said to Maki and she followed.

They went in the elevator. Yamapi pushed the button. "What's your purpose of doing here?" Yamapi asked. Maki turned, "I would prefer to answer your questions in office than in elevator. It's not very professional." Maki personally does not like Yamapi. She have no idea why she does not like him. He is good-looking, cute and rich! Yamapi kept quiet. Once they have reached the 20th floor, they went to the office. Mr Yoshida stood up and greeted him. "Good morning, Mr Yamashita." He nodded and she looked at the secretary.

Yamapi took a seat on the couch and said, "Have a seat." Maki sat down and looks around.

"So... About my questions in the elevator, " before he repeated his question, Maki answered, "My father isn't feeling that well so I thought of replacing him till he gets better." She said till looking around. "Excuse me... If a person is talking to you, look at me." Maki gave him one kind of a glare. "If you want to see my father, he will be away from here for a month. Since he put me in charge, may I see your qualifications?"

Maki did not bring her certificates and resume. Maki looked at her hands and was clutching her long skirt. "Well... I... I..." Yamapi smiled. "I want you to make for me a cup of coffee. If it's good, you can work here. If not, you can find other jobs." Maki stood up, being confident. "I'll prove to you that I can make the nicest coffee you have ever taste in Tokyo!" Maki went to the beverage station in Yamapi's office and started to make a cup of coffee.

Yamapi was doing his paper work and a cup of coffee is ready for him to drink. "Drink while its hot. It'll knock your head off." Yamapi looked at her then to the coffee. "I don't like coffee." Maki's eyes widened. "WHAT?!!!! You told me to make you a cup of coffee and now you say you did not like coffee?! How weird can you get?" Maki left. Yamapi smiled and drank it. "Mmm~ This coffee is not bad. Should drink more of these from her..." Yamapi looked up and she was gone. He quickly stood up from his chair but his coffee spilled at his pants. "AH!!! Hot! Hot! Hot!!" He ran after her. "Where's that girl?" He asked his secretary. "She went down sir."

He went after her and managed to catch up on her. "Wait!!!" He was panting and Maki turned. She saw the coffee stain on his pants and she wanted to laugh but she controlled it. "What do you want?" Yamapi took a deep breath and calm himself. "You... You... You're hired." Few seconds later, he fainted.

"Pi-chan~ Are you awake?" Yamapi heard Erika's voice and woke up. "Erika-chan?"

"Maki told me what happened! You drank the coffee do you?" Yamapi looked at her and nodded. "You can't drink coffee! You're much used to Green Tea. I'll make it for you. It'll makes you feel better." She went to the counter and the green tea has already made. 'I've made the green tea for Yamashita-san. Maki-chan ^^' Erika smiled and went to Yamapi. "I also heard from Maki-chan that you have employed her?" She asked while giving the tea to him. Yamapi paused for a moment. "Oh shikes! I forgot! Since she said she wants to replace her father, why can't she be the cleaner? She looked like one though." Erika hits his arm. "Ouch! That hurts!"

"Well, you deserve it! Maki is not the type where she is qualified to clean stuff or whatever. She isn't you maid or anything! Replacing her father doesn't mean replace him as a cleaner. But... She graduated with me and she has good grades! Maybe she could be your second secretary?" Yamapi give a second thought. "Hmm... That Yoshida is getting useless nowadays."

"Pi-chan~ Just make Maki and Yoshida like partners! They could learn with each other, you know." Yamapi took Erika suggestion and kissed her cheeks. "Thanks." She smiled. Erika stayed with Yamapi in the office till night time. "Rika-chan?" The next thing he knew, Erika was sleeping on the couch. Then he saw the note on the table.

I'm already asleep now. I have good news and bad news for you. Let's start from the bad news.
The bad news: I'm leaving Tokyo for a month.
The good news: The reason I'm leaving because I've been called to be a model. Yes! The media called me to be their model for advertising their make-up products. Isn't it cool?
I really wanted to say this face-to-face but I don't want to disturb you. So... I hope you'll send me to airport at 12pm tomorrow.


Yamapi smiled and looked at Erika. "Your dreams are coming true, finally." He stroked her hair and carried her to his car and sent her home.

Next day (12:00pm)

Erika was hugging Yamapi for quite a long time. "Uhh... Erika-chan~ You're not going to leave for a million years. You'll see him after you've come back. It's not the end of the world." Erika looked at Maki. "Then what if your Jaejoong leaves you for a month..." Maki cuts her off, "He's in Seoul now for a month too. You're over-reacting and board your plane!" Maki said, pulling her away from Yamapi. "Pi-chan~~ I'LL MISS YOU!!!"

"Ya... Ya.... Ya.... He'll miss you too... Have fun! Bye!!" Maki pushed her and laughed. Yamapi was standing behind Maki. She turned, "Yamapi-chan... You seem unhappy." He kept staring at Erika. "Really? Someone have her dreams come true. She has her own life while I'm stuck in a office just like my father. Lifeless at a young age and began cruising before your retirement." Maki giggles and said, "You can change all that, you know. You don't have to follow anyone's footsteps. Like me and MY father. He lied to me about the money he spent on me and I found out that he borrowed money from your father's company. I know what you were thinking, what a poor family like mine goes to overseas and study using other people's money?"

There was an awkward silence and Maki breaks the ice again, "Ano... Shall we go to work now?" Yamapi nodded and made their way to the office.

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Yearning Heart Empty Re: Yearning Heart

Post by ladynakuri on 7/25/2009, 11:12 pm

CHAPTER 4 - The New Girl

"Yoshida-san? Where's Horikita-san?" Yamapi asked. "She went to the washroom, Yamashita-san. Oh! She's back." Maki was walking back to the counter and Yoshida stood up. "Yamashita-san wants to see you." Maki nodded. "Does he wants green tea again?" Maki asked. "Probably..." Maki rolled her eyes. "This is the third time... If he asked for another green tea..."

"Are you thinking of quitting?" Maki wanted to fall back. "Well... Uhh..." Maki scratched her head and looked at Yoshida then at Yamapi. "Come in, Horikita-san. I want to have a word with you, alone." Yamapi went back into his office and Yoshida was showing her 'You-Are-Dead' signal and she was kind of afraid.

"Horikita-san? I had a call from the MiTech company. They need a female secretary with their boss so I am bringing you there with me." Maki was looking at him. "What kind of function is that?" She asked and he showed her the fax given earlier. "Dinner-N-Dance. Let's celebrate MiTech's 34th Anniversary on Saturday, 24th June. The Chairman/Director Manager are welcome with their FEMALE secretary." Maki looked at Yamapi, "Why have to be a FEMALE secretary?"

"Oh well... Obviously if the party is all guys, it'll be boring, isn't it?" She looked at the paper again and sighed.


Seoul, South Korea (21st June, Thurs)

"Abeoji... Would you just listen to me? Maki is way different than those you want to hook me up with!" Jaejoong was fed up with his father who disagrees him in marrying with a poor girl in Japan. "Abeoji... Why can't you accept her? Is it because she's poor and you may think she wants to take our money and go?"

"That is what I am afraid of!" His father turned to face him angrily. "Look... I don't want you to go back there and see her again is that clear? Tomorrow we have dinner with my old friend. His daughter is beautiful. You should meet her too." His father left his room and he was sitting on his bed, covering his face feeling stressed. "I'm sorry, Maki. I'm really sorry."

Few minutes later, his mother walked in his room. "Jaejoong?" He turned back to look at his mother then looked back to the floor. "Jaejoong, I agree with you about that girl. You've emailed me a lot about her and I find her sweet. But... Your father won't like it if I backed you up. You should not see her again."

"But I've promised to marry her!" He raised his voice, looking at his mother. "Then cancel it!"

"I can't! She has a lot of debts to pay for! I want to stay by her side through thick and thin! I can't leave her." His mother has nothing to say about her or him. She stroked Jaejoong's back and his hair. "Eommeoni, no matter what, I want abeoji to accept her."

The next day, Jaejoong and his parents came down to the restaurant to meet another rich family. "Annyeong haseyo, Mr & Mrs Kim and Kim Jaejoong-ssi." The family greeted while bowing. "Ah... Annyeong haseyo Mr & Mrs Lee. Where's your daughter?" Mr Lee looked around and said, "Oh... She's... She's in restroom. Well, young girls nowadays. Ah... There she is." Jaejoong saw her walking towards them and he found her dashing but at the same time he thought of Maki when he first met her.

It was the first time that Jaejoong fall in love at first sight with Maki. When he first saw Maki, she was studying around the school grounds with her friend, Erika. He did not know what makes him like her in the first place. Maybe her smiles made him flatter. When Jaejoong asked her out for a date, Maki agreed and he knows that she looked beautiful in those gorgeous dress but it was Erika's dress. No matter what she still looks gorgeous to Jaejoong's eyes.

"Jaejoong ah!" His father whispered and elbowed him to shake hands with Mr Lee's daughter. "Jaejoong, meet your future wife, Minjung." Jaejoong took a good look at her and smiled. He bowed instead of shaking hands with her but she did the same thing. "Yah... Is that how you greet your future wife and husband? Come on... Shake hands!" Jaejoong's father took Jaejoong's hand and Minjung's hand. "There... Better... Come. Sit down."

All of them were seated and Jaejoong was still thinking of Maki. He keeps wonder how is she doing right now? Including her family. How are they going to pay the company that Maki's father owe them? Suddenly, he smiled when he first asked Maki to be his girlfriend then asked her to marry him. Jaejoong felt there is a kick on his leg. He kept quiet and looked at his father. He was busy chatting with Mr Lee. He looked at Minjung who was eating and has the 'I-do-not-know-anything' look on her face. He knew it was her and ignored.

"Ok! I'm done. Abeoji, eommeoni, please excuse me. I have something to attend to." Minjung started to go to her mother and whispered on her ears, "I've told you and abeoji about this." Her mother nodded. "Mr and Mrs Kim? It's a pleasure meeting you and your handsome son." She looked at Jaejoong and smiled. "I have to go now. Annyeonghi gaseyo." She left and the dinner still continues.

After their dinner, Jaejoong kept silent all the way and everyone started to leave. They said their goodbyes and left. His father and mother went into the car with the chauffer while Jaejoong drove his own car. At the carpark, he unlocked his car and went in. Before he could on his engine, a girl opened the door and sat in the car. "What the... Yah!! Get out of my car!" The girl turned and it was Minjung who has changed into her skinny jeans, Cheer You Up shirt with her denim jacket. "You... You are that Lee's daughter aren't you?!" He said, shockingly. "We've just met half an hour ago and you forgot about me? How ridiculous?"

"How can I recognised you when you have changed into your... your... clothes?!" She laughed despicably and said, "Are you going to drive me home or not?" Jaejoong's eyes widened and said, "How am I suppose to know where you stay?" She smiled and said, "I'll be your navigator!" Jaejoong rolled his eyes and drove her back home. "Where do you live?" He never hears her answer. "Yah! I'm asking you..." Jaejoong turned to his right and she was sleeping. "Great..."

Jaejoong did not know what to do and he had no choice but to bring her back to his house. Once he reached there, he piggy backed her and locked his car. "Ugh! She's heavy!! Must be from those food she ate! She's worst than a pig's weight!"

He left her at the guest room and went to his bedroom. He turned to have a last look at her and closed the door. Minjung opened her eyes and happily jumped on the bed. "Ha-ha! I knew he would take me to his house!" She took out her phone and text her father, 'Mission completed!' She closes her phone and went back to sleep.

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