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Post by magnificent writer on 7/25/2009, 9:52 pm


“Melinda,I’ll be back in an hour," Hua Za Lei announced to his secretary on his way out the door.

“But Master Hua Za Lei” she stuttered. "What should I do about your 3’o’clock appointment”

Irritation furrowed his brows. "Reschedule it," he snapped, and then stalked from the room before she could comment further.

Mrs. Hua Za was in the backyard, looking at her flowers together with her servants; in her stylishness she handpicked some expensive flowers nearby and put it in her coffee table.

Then she looked up and saw his son coming.

“Hello Mother”

A controlled commotion happened, as all eyes focused toward Hua Za Lei, in the eyes of her female servants, extended by flirtiest smile aimed at him. Bowed their heads and another suppressed giggles coming from one female servant with another.

"Hua Za Lei!" She spoke without turning. “I wondered how long it would take you to come."

"Then you know why."

Turning, she set the woven basket filled with blossoms on the wrought-iron table.

"Sit down and I’ll ring in the kitchen for a coffee”

Without question, Lei did as requested. The urge to hurl accusations at his mother seared his mind, and he clenched his fists with burning irritation.

The maid quietly delivered a tray with two cups of coffee. Decisively, Lei glanced away, counting the endless seconds before he could speak. At the sound of the retreating steps, he returned his attention to his mother. She sat across from him at the round ornate table.

“I understand that you know I’ve talked to Sancai” she began without preamble. She offered no excuse or explanation, but added two lumps of sugar to her coffee and stirred it briskly. From her outward appearance they could have been discussing the unusually mild weather instead of the gross interference in his life.

Not for the first time, Lei marveled at his mother's composure. Sometimes the sheer audacity of her actions astonished him. From his youth, Lei had been taught to look upon his mother as fragile and delicate. At all costs she was to be protected from the cruelties of life. Now he felt as if he needed protection from her.

Is that all you have to say?" he demanded in starched tones.
“I did what I thought was best!”

"You are interfering in my life”

A nerve near Hua Za Lei’s mother eye twitched, and she set the china cup in the saucer.

"Don’t raise your voice to me, Hua Za Lei"

It took everything in him not to cry out at the actions of her mother which could tear him apart. The hurt and duplicity must have in his eyes.

“I don't expect you to understand why I acted as I did, nor do I expect your approval" his mother continued calmly.
Unable to sit politely in the chair, Lei vaulted to his feet.

“If you think I’ve come to applaud your wisdom, mother, you're wrong."

"No," she replied evenly, “I don't imagine you did."

"And what did dad have to say about this?" Lei doubted his father's involvement. Not that he was incapable of this deception, only that ten thousand sounded like far more than Lei, senior would have parted with freely.

The slim band shook perceptively as she sipped from them edge of the dainty cup. "He was in full agreement. Something had to be done. You will not marry her kind”

“Mother, do you have any idea how she means to me?

“You must have been blind”

“Do you want the real reason why I left Sancai? Do you want to know the reason why you keep seeing me endlessly flirting with many women? You’ve both been proud of me of what I’ve done to our company, but did you ever consider how I was feeling that time? The honest to goodness reason?"

"Lei, please I don’t want to know anymore, Jing is suitable for you. Let's not drag up this”

“You’re handpicking Jing yourself, but you made a Basic mistake, mother dear. I was still in love with Sancai. I’ve been with many women because I’d given up the hope that Sancai will love me back”

What if you have fallen in love with the same man at the same time.

Equally good looking...




What if both of them capable of returning your love, and more love that you expect?

The problem is, they used to be friends but parted ways because of you and then again their respective families who are against you. Naturally, because you are poor.

You are afraid, you can't make the final choice because if you do, the possibility of loosing both of them are bound to happen and if they are to leave you ,

it also means forever....

If I there's one thing I can guarantee to my readers is that I can them happy, thrilled, cry and fall in love deeply.

Trust me. Read this and find out for yourselves.

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Post by Kyn on 7/25/2009, 10:01 pm

i deleted the other forum topic that was a duplicate of this one since it was in the wrong section.


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Post by magnificent writer on 7/25/2009, 10:08 pm


“Xiao you called and she means urgent. She’ll be coming over in a few minutes” Sancai's mom told her smiling.

With years of experience separating her from the girl she had been then and the woman she was now, she waited patiently with a calmly and peaceful face for Xiao you to unload her burden of news, allowing only the merest flicker of response to cross her face when Xiao you told her importantly, "Hua Za Lei is back. I thought I'd better warn you..."

"Warn me?" Sancai enquired politely, allowing her voice to express a faint puzzlement with her friend's intensity.

"Warn me for what?”

“You heard me, It’s Lei I’m talking about here, about the fact that he's back," Xiao you told her, splashing a little.

"I mean, I can remember how devastated you were when he dropped you-well, we all can. I was talking to Ah Mei only the other day that we all thought that you and Lei would be a perfect couple, you know”

“Have you thought about Dao Ming Si in the picture here?” coldly suppressing her real feelings and trying to tell Xiao You that it’s Dao Ming Si she loves now not Hua Za lei.

Sancai forced herself to appear relaxed about her news. But Xiao You isn't the least convinced of her cold reaction.

"Good heavens, Xiao you, that was more than 5 years ago. You don't surely still think that silly teenage crush on Hua Za Lei has any bearing on my life today, do you? Heavens, I can barely even remember what the man looks like.”

“Really? From what I see on TV he is, oh my God the handsome creature I’ve ever seen on earth”

She managed to make it sound as though Lei were merely one step away from drawing his pension, her smile and shrug implying that the woman she was today could only derive amusement and disregard at the thought of her childish foolishness in loving such a man.

Xiao you's mouth dropped open a little.

"You mean you aren't bothered?"

"About what?" Sancai enquired.

"I mean I thought he'd left for good. From what I've read in the papers he's so high-powered and everything now that I never thought he'd want to come back here to live. Every time you read about him, he seems to be jetting off to a different part of the world closing all multimillion deals. Hua Za lei had made breakthrough events in all business sections.

Her voice expressed her dissatisfaction that someone who could choose to live somewhere so glamorous world. Personally Sancai couldn't think of anything worse than living in a large impersonal city. But then she was not Xiao you.

She wasn't Hua Za Lei either, and although she wasn't going to say as much she too was surprised that he should base himself here in the country.

Xiao you was wrong about one thing, though. Far from jetting all over the world to see his clients, his eminence and reputation these days was such that they were the ones jetting in to see him--and he was no longer the old Hua Za Lei she knows. Hua Za Lei who seems to have all his time available for her.

"So you're not bothered about it, then?"

Xiao you sounded quite disappointed. For the first time a glimmer of amusement broke through the icy apprehension which had frozen the normally warm core of her life since she had learned that Lei was coming back.

"I'm bothered about all manner of things but not him," she corrected Xiao you with a faint smile.

Oh, yes. I know about that," Xiao you interrupted pettishly.

"But that wasn't what I meant and you know it. I meant were you bothered about Lei coming back?"

Sancai stood up. As she reached for her bag, the soft swing of her hair skilfully hid her face.

"No, I'm not. Why should I be?" she questioned, adding wryly, "As I've just said, all manner of things do " bother me", as you put it.Xiao you. things which are far, far more important to me than Hua Za Lei could ever be. "

When Xiao you left, Sancai burst into tears. She had been hiding her emotions and it's painful to know that Lei is really coming back

And Lei up to now didn’t even bother to call her. Why in the world, had he been so cold to her?

Lei said that he had to work late again; and the third time he offered the same excuses. Sancai always left a carefully word message to Lei but no return calls had been made. Although calling him in Japan cost her money, she seemed don’t mind. All she cares is talk to Lei. His secretary refused to give her Lei’s celphone number and said that it was Lei’s instruction.

Still not satisfied with the obvious reason, she even wrote her a letter, several one and one content was “I know how much of his time your business is taking up now that it's expanding so much and I want you to know that I’m proud of you, I just hope you will have the time to call back, I wanted to tell you something pls. Lei talk to me call me pls.”

After several long years of waiting of his phone call and letters, not even one had come. And worst part of waiting is she had finally heard from Lei, she saw Lei in the newspaper attending different functions in Japan, he was shot in paparazzi dating several sophisticated woman.

Sancai was shattered, devastated. She was heart broken. Sancai looked again in the newspaper, and dreamt of having him back again in Taiwan. But the picture in the newspaper says everything - Lei is not the same old Lei, he have forgotten about her. And why could he not? She is sure as hell that Lei doesnt really love her that much. And Sancai was determined to painfully forget about him at all cost.

But she knew it wasn’t easy, she sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and find herself crying. She missed Lei terribly; she thought she couldn’t bear it.

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Post by magnificent writer on 7/25/2009, 10:12 pm


Ten Tang Jing was sipping her coffee outside their huge balcony across their private pool.

She was looking at the newspaper where Dao Ming Si is standing proudly beside Sancai. It was of course one of the highlighted article due to captivating stories of couple, which many readers in Taiwan find it interesting with their odd status of living.

Many in their society wonders how a very simple girl captivated the heart of a an extremely handsome man, not to mention his wealth so vast that with Dao Ming Si’s status can draw half woman in Taiwan.

It was due to this fact that many women are awfully envious of her.

Still, Jing had reason to be in a good mood. A sly smile crept across her face as she remembered the great news she'd heard.

Dong sancai, is confirmed to be engaged with Dao Ming Si.

I’m finally having no doubt, Jing thought with a silent optimism.

Finally she would have Lei all to herself.

When Lei return to Taiwan, packed with new look, all confident, very attractive, and had all advantage a woman could dream of having, Jing realized he was driving her crazy.

Despite the fact that she gave him everything he could ever need, he hadn't seemed to dispose of his feelings for someone for that simple girl.

She wonders what it is about her that makes Lei and Dao Ming Si go crazy about her in the first place.

For a moment Jing cast her mind back to all the times Lei had been moody or preoccupied-all thanks to Sancai, of course.

She'd had to work so hard to keep them apart, right down to intercepting a treachy love letter Lei had written to her.
She closed her eyes and painfully recalls the content of the letter Lei have given to Sancai..


I don’t know how to tell you this face to face.

Every waking moment I have here in Japan is filled by your image.

Sometimes, I wanted to call you just to hear your voice. Although I know it’s not possible because of Dao Ming Si.

When I was in the airport I was hoping against hope that you’ll change your mind and join me here in Japan.

I ask you to come with me because I can’t bear seeing you unhappy. I am very willing to absorb all the pain and sufferings you’ve gone through when Dao Ming Si lost his memories. Every time I see you hurt, it hurts me more.

If only you have allowed me, I can promise you that every waking days of your life will be filled with Joy.

I feel so guilty for not giving you that kind of happiness you deserve. Give me one sign, a call, a letter that you want me back.

One sign from you and it won't take 24hours I'll be in your doorstep, take you with me
and stays with you forever.

STOP!!! Jing stopped thinking about the letter and she smiled sadly. He didn’t expect that Lei could write something like that, looking back, she couldn’t imagine that Lei can write as sweetly as if he put his heart and soul to it. It never occurred to her that this arrogant, cold and distant handsome man can be emotionally attached to this poor girl.

But then, she smiled a wicked grin because luckily sancai never got the letter Jing pondered. And now she'll never get him either!

Jing smiled with satisfaction at the thought of Sancai's engagement with Dao Ming Si.

As soon as they got married, she believed that she can loosen up.

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Post by magnificent writer on 7/26/2009, 12:12 am



The office of Hua Za Lei is situated in the pent from the empire built by his family, HUAZA CORPORATION.

It’s been a habit that everyday he comes to work all female employees are anxiously waiting to see a glimpse of him.

Females across the room and the entire building signaling each other the moment Hua Za Lei arrives.

“He is here, oh my he is very handsome, and why does he have to be breathtakingly handsome? I’m going to faint. I’m telling you, if I’ll ever get to spend one day with Master Hua za Lei then I could die happy”

Many employees suppressed a giggle when most of the woman working with Hua Za Incorporation, couldn’t take their eyes off him. They gave a meaningful glance at the new purchased silver Jaguar of Hua za Lei, it is the 9th expensive vehicle he purchased in 6 months. Some Employee Guessed that every expensive cars he bought means equals to two women he has been dating.

Lei is a much publicized playboy, due to his unending affairs with woman.

He was frequently seen dating a princess, famous models, rich and young celebrities but unfortunately none of them ever received an engagement proposal. Many wonders if he ever intend to stay single all his life.

The tabloids, newspapers and respective daily newspapers tagged him as “The most sought after bachelor”. Everyone speculates and curious of his personal life.

He was also tagged as "Corporate Genius" Within days when he takes over his family’s company, their income tripled and consistently going up in the stock market tremendously. His company made an impact to the country’s growing economy as well.

Lei choose his own secretary due to unending complications with secretaries or almost all employees falling in love with him.

That’s why all other employees are very cautious and they keep their resentment to keep themselves fired.

Melinda, a trusted employee of Lei’s influential family, middle aged, happily married is a perfect choice.

Aside from her usual job as secretary she also acts as a guard against impulsive female employees who are inventing an excuse to at least have a look at him and at the same time an operator from women his boss ever intends to steer clear of.
Every time Hua Za Lei strode out, many women can’t help but glance with utmost admiration and felt an extreme energy of his presence.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Hua Za Lei." One of the employees greeted. For her courtesy, she received a discouraging glance , he nodded, and then leaves –Despite of his reception, still they couldn’t help but feel thrilled about the cold encounter “Gosh, he is adorable” almost all female employees remarked.

It’s just a matter of week since Lei arrived in Taiwan and he already received many invitations from “highly” social gatherings. His secretary buzzed in the intercom and informed him of a phone call.

Lei: “Hello!”

"I thought you will not be coming to Taiwan” said a woman who has sultry voice.
"Ten Tang Jing?" he said with pretend confusion.

"Yours, of course? I'm so glad you're finally here!” Jing said excitedly.

But Lei didn’t answer.

"You’re back at last!" I've missed you, Lei," she added, sweet as always.

"I missed you too and I’m going to see you” Lei answered coolly.

"All right, oh Lei how many dates have you had over this past week"? Jing teased.
Lei laughs but choose to ignore the topic. He knew exactly what Jing means. She had probably heard all news about his several alleged affairs.

"Oh, and I may as well tell you that our school is planning an extravagant reunion with your former classmates Ying De University, this is a perfect chance to see the new you, so prepare to be mobbed. They will be shocked to see the new Hua Za Lei"

The mention of YING DE UNIVERSITY, where he’d first met Sancai, made his heart almost dim, and he hardly heard the rest of what Jing said.

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Post by magnificent writer on 7/26/2009, 8:06 am


"Are you ready?" Dao Ming Si asked brightly when Sancai opened the door.

He didn’t see her smile. “What’s wrong? I know I came again too early”

“No, you’re right on time” Sancai looked up in the gate as if she was expecting someone else to be there.

"I'm ready," she said briskly. "Just let me grab my purse."

Dao Ming Si fcould feel it, that something’s bothering her. He wanted to think she is just tired but this becomes a habit of Sancai.

"I bet I know what's wrong," trying to lighten the mood.

"What?" Sancai asked, sounding a little too surprised for Dao Ming Si's comfort.
"Well, you must be disappointed that I’m bringing you back to Barcelona and kissed you in the legendary church all over again” Dao Ming Si smiled good-naturedly.
Sancai's shoulders relaxed a little, and her dark eyes brightened.

Sancai chuckled softly

Dao Ming Si said, warming up even more when he saw Sancai's smile appeared.
He'd known for a long time that while he and Sancai were broken up, he never quite felt complete.

Even while he was with Yesha, a part of him longed to be with Sancai. And now that they were back together, it was almost as if he'd been reborn.

When Dao Ming Si chased Sancai in Barcelona, his heart pounded so fast a mixed of discouragement and hope that he will be forgiven by her.

Dao Ming Si gave Sancai a hard time when he lost his memories. He almost despised her and gave her the hardships even until he regained his memory. And what worst is, he even choose Yesha over her.

When he chased her in Barcelona, he was so happy to see her and the feeling of being forgiven is more than a gift he asked for, their moment had began, they’d kissed and held each other for what seemed like hours and swore they'd never let each other go.

Dao Ming Si had thought then that it would turn out to be the best time of his life. Having Sancai back in his arms.

But these past few years it doesn’t seem like one.

He frequently caught her staring in the sky, and looks at her celphone as if she’s waiting for someone to call.

Dao Ming Si tried to ignore it and didn't even matter. Being with Sancai filled Dao Ming Si with an energy he couldn't describe-or live without.

When they reached the restaurant many heads turned their attention to them. Especially to Dao Ming Si who had been a popular icon to Taiwan.

He was well known as rich mogul and the attention he is getting is too much to bear. When people look at him as if he is stepping on a pedestal. But Dao Ming Si seemed oblivious of it all; he is only paying attention to her.

How long have I been with you since I chased in you Barcelona, Sancai?"
She thought back to when Dao Ming Si run after her in Barcelona. “More than 5 years”
"Sixth on your birthday," he corrected. "Time flies when we were still in High School and you are so stubborn, unique, you are always wearing pants a simple T-shirt. You were so simple.
Sancai stared at him. She had never heard him make that statement full of sentimental.
"Isn't it strange that you would remember the first time we met and I scolded you, accusing you of being worthless and naming your group piggy four?
Sancai laughs thinking of those funny memories.

But Dao Ming Si is serious

"I remember because I think I fell in love with you on the spot."

"Oh, Dao Ming Si." She searched for something to say and found nothing, She reached up and took his hand. She knew something is bothering him as she stares as his very handsome face.

"Once or twice I've come close to asking...."

Sancai let out a quick breath. "What are you trying to ask me Dao Ming Si?"

"Because it would have hurt you to have said no and it would have hurt me to hear it that’s why I don’t want to ask" he added.

Sancai was waiting for his question but she only heard a deep sigh.

“Is something bothering you?” sancai asking him worriedly.

Dao Ming Si return with a smile, took her head and kiss her in the forehead. “Nothing, I’m fine really” he lied.

“Are you sure” sancai was uncertain.

“You've never gotten him out of your head, Sancai Dao Ming Si thought”. But he never intended to tell it to her, he was afraid of loosing her again.

Dao Ming Si knew how much he had hurt her. He painfully tries to remember when Sancai is crying in front of her, hurting because he refused to cooperate with her when she was trying patiently to have his memory back.

He was with Yesha, and declaring his love of her in front of Sancai. But wouldn’t give up. He was rude to her and almost despises her.

And when he return his memories, he didn’t even bother to persist her and coldly left her in the dawn, alone in the wide grass while shouting “I love you Dao Ming Si” but he still move forward and left her there.

And he never blames his best friend Hua Za Lei for taking good care of her. It was his fault by unintentionally pushing Sancai away.

How Dao Ming Si hates himself when he recalls those times he did that to her.Instead Dao Ming Si squeezed her hands a moment then released them and just shrugged his well-muscled shoulders.

"I think it always scared me that you were the kind of woman who would make a man give everything because you asked for nothing."

"Am I?" Sancai answered still not realizing what he meant to say to her.

She tilted her head and studied him. "Why are you telling me all this?"

“Nothing” he lied. Dao ming si is afraid now, because the time Lei left he knows that Sancai was looking for him. And out of no reason, Lei doesn’t want to see her and that have delighted him.

Society knows that Lei is back in Taiwan, Dao Ming Si is more determined to marry Sancai as soon as possible even if it means moving heaven and earth.

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Post by magnificent writer on 7/26/2009, 11:56 am


She couldn't bear to watch him, couldn't take her eyes off him.

She knew that he had ignored her for many years. And many times she was hoping he’ll finally answer her letters but after 6 years of waiting nothing came.

She didn’t know how long she was starting in the newspaper. His pictures and articles proved his success, he is much taller, wiser and more handsome than ever… then suddenly all her kept emotions flooded all over again.

All Sancai ever wanted is to see Lei again, opening his arms with her. Still patiently waiting for her but what she saw is a new man full of confidence and as looks as though he was on top of the world. She wanted to feel proud for him, but the pain is unbearable enough and realized that Lei had already forgotten her. And what she saw is a picture of him being with another woman which has only proved that she already lost him.

Hot tears began to threaten from her eyes. And out of control she held the newspaper close to her heart and her tears continued to flow heavily.

Every inch of her had improved, her dazzling smile, her shiny hair, her flawless skin.

He had seen many beautiful women, he frequently dated beautiful and sophisticated woman but none of it had compared to the beauty he saw in the newspaper.

Then as he read the newspaper, the picture of Dao Ming Si is below the column.

Dao Ming Si was the leader of world famous F4, he is also his best friend. But it was drifted when they began to seriously in love with the same woman.

Dao Ming Si had captured the heart of Sancai, and he already accepted it now. Because he wanted to believe that he is over with her.

“WEDDING OF THE YEAR IS SOON TO ANNOUNCE! Business Tycoon, a heir of Dao Ming Corporation is seen shopping a wedding dress with her fiancé”

Lei tossed the paper aside and walked over to the window.

“My best friend and the woman I have ever loved is getting married” Lei felt somehow a feeling of victory that the emotions he felt doesn’t hurt at all.

For years Lei had pushed his painful memories, along with the anguish he'd felt over the time about Sancai.

The only best memory he had for her is that, she was once infatuated by him but that same memory provide him with equal torture, because it was that time when he was deeply in love with Jing and he was a fool of not loving her back, when he had his chance!

But then again, he had contented himself just being a friend with her, When Dao Ming Si lost his memories, he had sworn on all his power that he’ll do everything to let his memory back for he can’t bear the fact that Sancai will be hurt and continued to be left hanging.

But when he engaged himself with Yesha, he couldn’t bear to see her alone and took all his chances, and offered Sancai to be with her in Japan.

He had offered to wait for her, until she open her heart again but he had seen in her eyes that it was impossible.

Then he tried to forget her and completely drag her - out of his mind.

He left to Taiwan bringing that impossible mission, and the mission somehow it had become successful - to completely forget her.

He had known almost from the time he left her that he would never truly be able to forget Sancai,

and after less than 1 year away from her he had ached so intensely for her that he had often woken up in the night with his face wet with tears and the echoes of her name still resounding through his mind as he called despairingly for her.

He knew that Sancai and Dao Ming Sz is already engage the moment Asz chases Sancai in Barcelona. And the mere fact of hearing they are engage, he knew he isn’t going to bear it.

For that reason he had not kept in touch with anyone from Taiwan and even with his closest friends the so called F4 to be able to complete forget about her.

Lei discountinued reading the article and proceeded to his waiting Limousine.

When Lei came to pick up Jing, she is wearing very stunning dress and the dress combinations is as color as her dark glossy hair. She reached out and put her hand in his, smiling into his eyes—"It's been a long time," she said in her sweet voice.

“Yes, it’s really too long and I meant it” Then Lei kissed her in the forehead.

Jing quite annoyed because Lei really never kissed her in the lips unless she asked him to do so. She looked at his handsome face and again she complimented his new looks. “You’ve become more handsome Lei”

“So are you” Lei said coolly.

Annoyed by his cool reception she continued to talk then asked “Lei, my Parents are already impatient of our engagement announcement; I’m beginning to think you don’t want to marry me”

He paused and Jing was hoping that she’ll hear the words she was dreading to hear from him.

But Lei didn’t said a word, he smiled lazily.

Truly disappointed by his coolness, she glared at his hardhearted expression, and then the tension drained from her. “I guess, you don’t really intend to marry me?” Jing said hurting

“No” Lei said and took a deep breath and continued. “I mean, let’s talk about it next time, and let us not spoil the night”.

Jing stared at him, confused, wary, and then she smiled a little. "Where do I stand in your heart Lei?”

His answering smile was brief, cool, and distinctly unencouraging. With a sigh Jing said "I'm willing to wait, just as you have patiently waited for me in France"

"Where do I stand in your heart Lei?" said Jing to herself while staring at him.

Sancai purposely invited Xiao You because she knew that Ximen would be there too.

Ximen just like the rest of the F4 is obliged to follow the traditional marriage because they are wealthy.

Being married as chosen by family means convenience. Love is out of the question.

but then he is also afraid to seriously commit himself.

And commiting with Xiao You also means his life would never be the same.

Ximen at present is enjoying his freedom as a happy bachelor.

But then again, meeting Xiao tonight makes him surprisingly feel happy.

They have instantly hit if off. They chatted happily. Then only a few minutes later they heard commotion came to their right.

The media's and almost all guests are busy looking to the person's coming.

They have heard many voice buzzes, and media uproar trying to get the picture of the newly arrival guests.

Then Xiao You gasped. "Oh My God, is that Hua Za Lei?"

"Yes" Ximen answered with a grin.

"And who's with her?" Asked Xiao You

"His fiance" Ximen answered.

"What?" asked Xiao you in an off hand voice.

Ximen looked at Xiao You just a minute ago, she look Lei as if she's being astonished and now she look at him disgustedly.

Xiao You knew that Lei is the first love of Sancai. And she herself felt some kind of sympathy over her friend as she recalls how devastad she were when Lei left in Japan.

Days, weeks, months and years had passed no single letter came from Lei from thousands of letters sent by Sancai.

Xiao You knew too that one single phone call can cheer up her friend. She always caught her asking her mom if "someone " had called. and when her mom mentions other name she simply frowns and caught her frowning.

She knew that "someone" is Lei. And Lei is responsible for making Sancai's life miserable. Sancai is hopeful that Lei still love her.

Xiao You could imagine how Sancai can bear the pain once she learned that he is already engaged.

"Lei is selfish, arrogant and cold hearted" Xiao You told Ximen angrily.

"Why?" asked Ximen curiously.

Lei was mobbed by reporters, while Jing hung on his arm, smiling for the photographers.

Xiao You excused herself and went looking for Sancai. as if she's afraid that they might bump into each other. Atleast she needed a warning.

Then she saw Sancai.

Then she saw Lei.

But Sancai was interrupted with the Old guests.

And Lei turned his head and

Lei saw Sancai.

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He didn't know how long he keep staring at her. A woman who had been a girl, the same simple and poor girl who has captured his heart and soul is right in fron of him.

With her silky black straight hair, and which her ear entwined with small white single rose, Dong Sancai was breathtakingly beautiful.

In the last several years he was away, he can't recall the times he stared at a woman admiringly.

For him, all woman are the same. She maybe a princess, a model or celebrities he still look at them just the same.

But the woman in front of him is different. She is the same woman who in the years since he'd last seen her, she was always wearing a t-shirt and jeans but sill very pretty to him.

but now she was wearing a full-skirted strapless gown of shimmering white satin with a tightly fitted bodice sewn with seed pearls and strewn with white sequins and tiny crystals. At her throat was a magnificent ruby and diamond necklace.

“My God you are still very beautiful” Lei told himself.

Lei’s astonishment vanished as quickly as it had hit him, and he managed to drink his champagne unknowing of all the ladies who are staring at him.

With huge crowd at the opera ball, Lei in his eyes for a moment that Sancai is the only person present there.

Even more unaaware with the person approaching him and it was Ximen and Meizuo.

She stood there glowing and smiling perfectly while talking to an older woman, Lei remembered, thinking of the time how she win over the trust of each owner of company she had worked with, and his heart softened yet more.

Lei thought now, that he can’t really blame Sancai for loving Dao Ming Si because with all the time they spent together as friends,

it was Dao Ming Si who had boldly show and express his love for Sancai and maybe if he wasn’t a fool, and if time will go back for them,

Lei will never ever let her go and will never allow her to love someone else but only him, If only he can turn back the time!

But now No doubt, whatever happened, whatever his efforts are there is no way that will Sancai love him back—Her father would be damned sure tried to convince her to pursue her marriage to DMS and it was going to happen, the mere thought had his heart pinched with tiny pain.

His best friends and the member of f4 quite knew Lei well. They look at each other, and nudge Lei to no avail but he continued to study the beautiful lady on the staircase.

As both approached him, it was Meizhuo who first observed Lei several minutes ago, Ximen was clearly saying something but Lei was too occupied by what he was looking. Ximen finally noticed too.

"she have changed and have grown up beautifuly isn't she? " Ximen said, nudging Lei

Lei just nod, without looking at Ximen.

With bewildered amusement by his friend’s transparency.

He just shook his head because of the entire beautiful single, very sophisticated, extremely wealthy, famous and successful woman present in the ball, which most of them signifies their attractiveness to him, Lei had even once never set his eyes on any of them. Not until now, as if he was being enchant by a spell.

Meizuo witnessed how his best friend looks at Sancai.

He constantly meets with Lei every time he comes to Japan for a business trip.

During the night, they drink and go to a party where many famous person, wealthy societies are present. Ofcourse they often meet with beautiful woman who all seemed available to them and his bestfriend Lei is a constant target.

Lei is an unvarying attention grabber, uneffortly capturing the hearts of many woman and he finds them as a mere pleasure and amusement.

Although Lei hadnt talked about if he ever falls to any woman was dating in Japan, but Meizuo could correctly guess that he hasn’t.

Tonight, Meizuo saw the look he never saw in his eyes the warmth as he was seeing now.

"You're still in love with her don't you?" Ximen asked Lei.

"What?, with whom? Lei answered with any hint of expression on his face.

“I was never wrong with you Lei. You know whom I’m referring with”

Lei didn’t answer and shifted his eyes to his glass of wine.

“I saw it in my own two eyes; you’re still crazy about her”.

Lei answered irritably "I dont' know what you mean.

Can we put her out in our conversation permanently"?

Meizuo and Ximen shook their heads. Lei will never admit anything especially any affairs in the heart.

JIng accidentally overheard everything asking him questions which he denies

and she saw the sadness in Lei’s eyes.

But she pretended to heard or saw nothing, because no matter what she will not allow Lei to leave her and determine to marry Lei with all obstacles.

"Come with me, it’s high time that both you should meet. And it’s time, to let bygones be bygones. Dao Ming Si will be here in a minute. Though we are all darned busy we shouldn’t forget our brotherhood.”

Sancai happily talking with the old couple when she shift her gaze with the familiar face, she stopped smiling and froze.

The old couples noticed her sudden change of mood “Are you alright my dear, you suddenly look pale”

Sancai didn’t answer but continued to stare at the man who has lost in her life.

She didn’t expect to be here and he is smiling at her.

As if, nothing had happened and as if in his expression he doesn’t care that he ignored her for several years.

“Sancai, it’s Lei”

She barely noticed Ximen and Meizhuo already approaching her and Lei followed. Her gaze never left Lei and Lei does too.


His voice was warm and very gentle, tender almost just like an unfamiliar voice of Lei which she longed to hear again.

She could feel the hot rush of tears stabbing her eyes, the aching misery of the pain that flared inside her as she fought down her longing to run to him,to have his arms open to hold her.

Sancai fought back all her emotions; she knows she’s in very deep turmoil. But manage to compose herself and too a deep breath afraid that her tears will fall down.

“It’s been a long time, how are you Lei?” her voice is unexpectedly calm.

Lei smiled and staring at her “I’m fine as always, how about you?”.

So you’re always fine when you left me. Sancai thought painfully.

Unable to answer his questions but return a smile indicating that she’s happy like him even it is a lie. For some reason Sancai felt her body quivers and unable to respond calmly. She can’t believe Lei is already in front of him and seemed unaffected by leaving him suddenly.

And now he was smiling down at her—that same, unforgettable, loving, smile, while he reached out to take her hand, and something inside of Sancai burst. She pulled her hand out of Lei’s reach, looked him over with freezing contempt.

Ximen who was standing next to Lei gave her a staggering look, shocked by her reaction. And Lei smile vanished and quickly stood emotionless.

Sancai realized her awkward reaction and she compose herself by giving a crack joke, instead of saying “of course I still remember him. He had loved me. He was my very special friend. “Oh yes, who wouldn’t remember him, where have you been all these years?” she was caught staring at him with disbelief, his eyes is full of gentle and he is strikingly handsome. She couldn’t leave her eyes on him.

She tried to teased to hold up her tears which threatening to spill the moment he saw him “I don’t understand you were away for so long, but you didn’t bother to send me a post card”

“Were you waiting?”

Startled by his hoarse question, and saw the seriousness in his eyes, but somehow there is quite unusual by the tone of his voice, of course she was waiting for him everyday of her life for him to come back, always waiting for his calls. But she knows he was only asking if she was waiting for the post card as he she have joked it.

“Ofcourse,?” As she gazed ximen, there is a smirk amusement in his eyes.

“Where you by chance planning to stay here for good?” because I missed you terribly, and life is not complete without you here. She said to herself instead “ We missed you, all of us missed you”.

He found amusement into Lei’s eyes and but he remained expressionless. “Where’s Asz?”

“Oh, I was looking for him. Maybe, he’ll be here any minute.”

His face colder, “I see”

Sancai thought he was alone, now that she saw lei she knew in an instant. Sancai is still not over him.

“There you are” a familiar and gentle voice echoed at their back.

It was Jing.

She was fighting with the urge to cry, she was very vulnerable today. Jing’s presence can only worsen the situation right now, not now that seconds ago she was overjoyed to see Lei and now with Jing’s presence for an instant she knew they arrived together tonight? And suddenly her pulse rate so fast, are they back together?

“Nice to see you Jing” her voice tensed and it even worsens when she hold Lei’s arm and whispered something to his ears which Lei gave her a lazy grin.

Sancai almost faint.

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Sancai, had purposely chosen a spot near the back of the wide marble trunk where many people are busy socializing, minding their own business and social affairs, but Sancai choose that place where she can’t be seen in order to study Lei without being obvious.

It was remarkable how he have changed. The six long years since they'd seen one another had enhanced his manly appeal. Physically, he was more handsome than ever, he was good looking and its obvious many females in the opera are looking intently at him. Lei had been handsome and held the promise of being a magnetic, perfect man.

Sancai was approached by two old couples and for a moment she left her eyes on Lei.

Lei was left in the table and wanted to leave as soon as possible. He was very impatient to leave, As soon as he stood in his chair, for the second time tonight – he froze.

She saw the woman, who seemed to be smiling at her, the smile who made his heart lurch, he tried to rub his eyes, and wear a faint smile. For a moment, he thought he saw the smile sancai gave him when he was playing the violin several years ago. That smile that has haunted him for years, recalling the days he is desperately longing for Jing and then he saw Sancai smiling at her and admiringly watching him playing violin. if only he had returned her smile, maybe things would be different; maybe he is with Sancai now. Lei thought bitterly.

Unconsciously, Lei went back to sit at his chair and took another swallow of his wine and marveled the one girl and now a woman in the crowd. Almost all ladies available in the party are extremely attractive, glamorous, sophisticated, and extremely rich but none of them had capture his eyes but only to this particular woman. Lei didn’t realized the amusement flicker in his eyes when she sees Sancai smiling naturally to every passing irritable persistent old couples who for others talking to them seemed difficult to handle. But Sancai is so patient to anyone.

Out of impulsive feeling, he wanted to reach out to her, talk with her and taking her hand while assisting her talking to these seemed old people who are taking much of her time. He realized there is really no point of avoiding her; he must come to his own terms of bridging the gap that has been there since he left in Japan.

Lei realized bitterly, that a while ago Sancai wasn’t happy seeing her and he understood it. Maybe because he didn’t even tried to communicate to her even once from several years since he left Taiwan.

He is not expecting Sancai to communicate with her either, although she has sent her one letter, a brief and concise “What happened to you?” It’s a simple statement that had oddly made him very touched. Although he had made an instructions not to make personal calls or don’t accept personal letter from Taiwan, he in his heart half expecting Sancai to call her. But she didn’t. Thinking again of those hurtful expectations, he drew back and changed his mind not to approach Sancai ever.

Lei realized long ago, he had to move on. And this is exactly what he is doing. With Single minded determination, he had made another impossible plan. He had a huge empire to take care with. Dating with several women will help solved his misery, and to accumulate his wealth means he have to be on top of every businesses in Taiwan. Dao Ming Feng Corporation, Business empire owned by his former best friend - Dao Ming Si is still the leading profitable company in the country and Lei is determined to replace their current lists.

Lei left the party and invite Jing to stay with him tonight.

Panic gripped her. She isn’t going to let everything happen again. Falling in love with Lei and left her heartbroken because of Jing. She must not fall in love with him all over again. Sancai reminded herself the awful, agonizing years inflicted to her when Lei left and all those unanswered calls, letters had been extremely painful to her.

But when she thought of the awful truth, she is in fact drawn closer to Lei. Especially when she learned that the ticket used by Dao Ming Si to see her in Barcelona came from Lei! For the last time, Lei wanted her to be happy. And she realized the pain that Lei had to endure giving the ticket to Dao Ming Si which should have been used by him instead.

And now she was trying to chase him, Lei left. And he didn’t want to see her. Oh, lei must have hated her damn much.

Sancai, smile sadly. How she long to have Lei again by her side. And he was so available to her before if only she can turn back the time. Looking at Lei now, he had changed. He is no longer the Lei he used to know. A while ago, he felt he was talking with a stranger as only several years ago she felt his lips to hers.

Then he saw Lei and saw the warmth in his eyes when she smiled at him. Sancai is expecting him to approach her; she was looking expectantly at him.

“I heard all about you Ms. Dong Sancai” her thoughts were interrupted by these old couple.

“What about did you heard of me, sir and mam?” Sancai asked politely.

“That you are engage with Master Dao Ming Si and her mother oppose, am I right?” The old lady added. “But to tell you frankly, I don’t like his mother – very much. And I share the same feeling with you my dear”.

Sancai almost burst into laughter and touched at the same time. It was the odd statement she wanted to hear to overcome her unending struggle with Dao Ming Si’s mother.

After the couple left. Sancai went to see Lei and he’s gone. He is not anymore in his table. “where is he?” she thought. She looked everywhere and hoping he'd already stood up and approach her. She kept looking and looking and she saw Jing instead - with Lei leaving the party together holding each other hands.

From across the room, Dao Ming Si saw Sancai emerge from the crowd, until it was nothing but a blur, and then disappear. Seconds passed, minutes that felt like hours. Every time he tried to find her, someone stopped him. He moved in five-step intervals, never able to cross more ground than that in one shot. It was ridiculous. At last, he spotted her long dark hair several feet in front of him and decided to expedite the formalities.

"Dao Ming Si!"

Nice to see you. Catch up with you later." He brushed past the senator’s wife.

"Master Dao Ming Si!"

"Mrs. Tan." He kissed the woman's cheek. "Lovely dress. Be sure and send your husband my regards."

"Dao Ming Si!"

He wanted to scream. He smiled, instead, trying not to clench his teeth. "Why, Ms. Yu, don't you look like the blushing bride. Best wishes."

By the time he thought reached the spot where he'd last seen Sancai, wasn’t there. Groaning, he shook his head. He scanned the crowd, but she was nowhere in sight.

"Damn it, Sancai," he said with a sigh, bracing one hand on his hip, the other against the wall.

Then he saw Sancai. And he stopped, and what he saw left him breathless.

Sancai eyes is full of remorse. She was watching Lei leave and the sad look on her face gave a quenching pain in his heart.

"Sancai ... are you all right?"

She hadn't seen Dao Ming Si approach, hadn't even realized he was here, and now, shocked by the unexpected sound of his voice, she lifted her head Jerkily and found that he was within a couple of feet of her, his Forehead wrinkled with concern as he came towards her. Pang of guilt run thru her blood. Because in the entire party, never had once she thought of Dao Ming Si.

Dao Ming Si was dressed elegantly in his formal tuxedo, very inch of wealthy and extremely handsome man. She trembled as she fought off the memories of her and Dao Ming Si and that she felt guilty of asking too much from someone when she had Dao Ming Si at her side, not realising it was the sight of the tears in her eyes that were provoking his

Gentleness until he demanded, "You're crying. Why...?"

Crying. She focused on him and then shook her head, explaining huskily, "No, there's nothing wrong. I was just thinking of going to the bathroom, I don’t feel well

But Dao Ming Si don’t’ believe her, he saw everything. Where is he?" He said uneasily.


“Lei” Dao Ming Si ask firmly

“I don’t’ know, I saw him with Jing and…”

And? His eyes browsed.

“They already left” sancai said nervously.

“Is that the reason you’re crying?” his voice tensed.

Sancai panicked “No!”

“Then why the hell are you crying?” Dao Ming Si is now furious, frustrated. He knows in his heart that she is acting like this because of Lei.

“I said nothing!” she lied.

He stopped asking and is trying to avoid any heated arguments with her. This is the time, he is making up of her. Dao Ming Si.

"Would you mind terribly if we left?"

Sancai nodded.

"Thank you." Dao Ming Si deposited her glass on the tray of a passing waiter. "If I have to smile one more time, I swear my face is going to crack," he muttered.

Dao Ming Si grimaced. "Wait here. I'll get the car from the valet."

Sancai watched Dao Ming Si dash across the parking lot, a natural rhythm to his stride that displayed his physical fitness.

He rounded to the driver's side. "Are you hungry?" he asked, buckling his seat belt before popping in a compact disc. "We could grab something to eat."

Sancai shook her head, brushing her hair against the leather upholstery. "I'm okay. You can just take me home," she offered, figuring the sooner he unloaded her, the sooner he could resolve whatever was on his mind.

Dao Ming Si didn't appear too relieved by her suggestion, judging from the way his jaw set. Dao Ming Si will have to pursue his marriage with her before everything comes too late.

Barely a month after he last saw sancai

The bankers association meeting together with Huaza Insurance Corp. is a dream come true for all big businesses. Getting a meeting with them, could conjure vast wealth to their company bringing it to triple their income with bank loan support and merging to their company.

If it had done before he flew back to Taiwan, the meeting could be as exciting. But now, it’s truly been an exciting accomplishments for him…

Lei acknowledged remorsefully. especially since he can't seem to concentrate for more than five seconds
but it was Just too bad to get focused these past days.

Lei always been ruthless, eagerly working into impossible hours, making impossible to possible But lately had been moving steadily downhill, and Lei's thirst for this achievement had been replaced by a stronger obsession: the pursuit of Dong sancai.

Rocking back on his chair, Lei recalled the early days of his Senior year at Ying De University, back when he met Sancai. They had had so much time together and had inspired each other, comfort each other.

lei swallowed painfully as he remembered how comfortable he and sancai had once been. He thought, smiling at the bittersweet memory of Sancai loving him secretly—a puppy love that is so promising, only to be cut short.

Everything had been going beautifully, when he came back from france he knew there will be something for him and Sancai, and somehow the struggling feelings he had for her will blossom but due to his strong uncertainty, he gave her up and encourage her to Dao Ming Si, until Sancai fell in love deeply with him, and Lei had realized it was the biggest mistake of his life.

Sighing, Lei rested his chin on his hands and willed himself to focus on the big meeting before him and forget about Sancai.

This was becoming a familiar pattern.

You've got to move on, Hua Za lei, he scolded himself Sancai isn't coming back for you, she will never love you again and you have to pick up the pieces.

It wasn't as if Lei didn't have anything with¬out Sancai.

After all, he had Ten Tang Jing beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated and talented, and she adored him completely.

But she's not Sancai, he thought mournfully. No one could ever take her place. She's one of a kind. Frustrated to the core, Lei exploded with a curse and slammed his fist onto his desk.

His bottle of wine teetered but thankfully didn't spill.

"Great! Spill the water, break the table glass, and mess up more than just your stupid feelings!" Lei pushed away from his desk and sulked. This endless obsession with Sancai was interfering with everything.

What was worse was knowing the feelings weren't mutual.

Sancai didn't act like she cared about Lei at all-she hadn't even bothered to answer the letter he'd given her, a letter in which he'd swallowed his pride and spilled his guts! He was reminded of one single letter and he treasured it so much. But no letter had come since then. because she was too busy with Dao Ming Si.

Lei saw an article on the night of the party where he last saw Sancai, Sancai's picture was there and so with Dao Ming Si.Lei's handsome eyes darkened as he looked at his equally handsome bestfriend, his competitor.

Infuriated by an article in the Apple Newspaper about them together and reiterating the business empire of Dao Ming Feng Corporation. His eyes shifted at the magazine photograph of Sancai smiling, and again he stared at the picture and notice something even in the picture Lei had sensed the sadness in Sancai’s eyes.

Lei felt his heartbeat begin to accelerate, is something wrong?

As much as Lei hated to admit it, he still can read Sancai’s mind. If she is unhappy, then what could be the reason?

Lei raked his hands through his hair nervously. Beads of perspiration dotted his forehead. He needed some air, some time to think things through on his own.
Lei took the his celphone and wanted to call her. Yes, you can, a voice inside him replied.

Lei got up and moved to the window. He opened it and leaned out into the fresh, cleansing air. Sancai would be happy with him, he told himself. She wouldn't just accept Dao Ming Si’s proposal if she isn’t sure. She is such an intelligent, head strong girl. She was happy, would she? Lei whispered unconvincingly.

Admit it, the voice inside him responded. You’re just jealous

At that, Lei felt his heart begin to pound furiously. It was as if his body were beating the awful truth right through him. She's out of my life already, he told himself miserably. Might as well face it.

He turned to stare unhappily at the picture of Sancai. His eyes focused on his lips remembering the times when his lips touched hers, those moments seemed to belong to another lifetime.

A lump as hard as a bird's egg rose in Lei's throat, and he blinked back tears. "It's over," he whispered.”It really is over."

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