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Being with YunHo (DBSK's YunHo and OC)

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Being with YunHo (DBSK's YunHo and OC)

Post by loveFORyunho on 7/25/2009, 8:49 pm


(Only main characters will be listed)

Name: Choi ChoHee
Age: 19
DOB: 3/10/90
Zodiac: Horse/Pisces
Bloodtype: O
Height: 5’ 0”
Weight: 120 lb
Hobbies: reading, studying, listening to music, and playing soccer

Jung YunHo
DOB : Febuary 16, 1986
Zodiac : Aquarius
Blood type : A
Height : 6′ (184cm)
Weight : 145lbs (66kg)
Hobbies : dancing, music, reading, sports

(The rest of TVXQ will be featured as well with family, close friends, and a few celebrities.)

(The dialogue of the story is suppose to be in Korean… But, you see… If I wrote in Korean, you wouldn’t understand it. It is not spoken in any other language unless pointed out by me, the writer!! Very Happy)

ChoHee Choi has known YunHo Jung as long as she can remember. Since they’ve known each other for so long, it almost seems like they are blood related. Their mothers have a great friendship that existed even in their childhood years. With such a great bond, even now they are married; they try to see each other as often as they can. ChoHee and YunHo’s mothers also want to be in-laws.


Tears blinded her eyes as the 5 year old girl walked up to the Jung’s house. She turned away as she heard the front door open. She knew well that it was her oppa, judging from the sound of his footsteps. She walked faster, as he started to walk faster. All the sudden, a warm hand was on her shoulder. He was in front of her and stopped her from walking any farther. He came down to her eyelevel, as he came onto his knees. She tried to hide her tears by looking away, but they were too obvious.
“Look at me, ChoHee.” he said, strictly.
“YunHo-oppa…” she said, as she looked into his dark brown eyes.
“Why are you crying, ChoHee?” asked YunHo, as he placed his warm hand behind the little girl’s back.
She started to cry even more, probably thinking back to what caused her to cry. “JiHye-unnie’s friends…” she said, as she started to sob. “They… They say that I don’t fit with them, so I shouldn’t play with them anymore.”
“Why?” asked YunHo.
“They say that I’m fat and ugly…” sobbed the little girl.
YunHo looked at ChoHee sadly. This little girl wasn’t even close to what his little sister’s friends said. ChoHee is a little chubby girl with cute almond shaped eyes and plump lips. He patted her head, which had super soft, silky, black hair. “You want to know something?” he whispered into the little girl’s ear.
“What?” whispered ChoHee, as she looked at her Oppa.
“You look ugly when you cry.” he said. Then he realized that it was not polite to say (even to a little girl).
ChoHee was about to cry even more, but YunHo quickly added, “You are very beautiful when you smile, ChoHee. So, I want you to smile for me when you are sad.”
ChoHee just looked at her Oppa. He smiled as he cupped her little face in his two hands. “Smile,” he ordered. “My beautiful Unnie…”
ChoHee giggled a little because she has a ticklish neck. Her smiled glowed, as YunHo smiled as well.
“Oppa…” she said, as her smile widened.


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Re: Being with YunHo (DBSK's YunHo and OC)

Post by loveFORyunho on 7/25/2009, 8:53 pm

Chapter 1:

“HyeBin,” said YunHo, huskily. “We’re going to have to break up…”
She laughed softly. “Stop playing around with me YunHo.” she said, cheerfully.
“I’m sorry, HyeBin… But, I’m not lying…” said YunHo, with an utterly serious tone. “It turns out that I’m in an arraged marriage with ChoHee.”
“What?” asked HyeBin, confused. “You mean your dongsaeng?”
“Well… Actually… We’re not really blood related. She’s my mother’s friend’s daughter.” said YunHo, as he scratched his head. “They promised each other that one day, they will be in-laws.”
HyeBin laughed again. “Is this your way of fooling around, YunHo?” she asked, with a voice full of playfulness.
“HyeBin! Why would I fool around like this?! Especially on some sort of topic like this! I would never fool around with you by saying that I’m in an arranged marriage with ChoHee!” said YunHo, sternly.
HyeBin sighed. “Stop it, YunHo, with your joke.” she said.
“No, HyeBin! I really am in an arranged marriage! Seriously, would I really play around with you like this?” asked YunHo.
“”YunHo, if that was all… Then, I have to go.” said HyeBin. “Bye, Sweetie. Also, remember our date on Thursday.”
Before YunHo could say anything, he heard a click on the other end. He sighed as he closed his flip phone. It was wrong. Just wrong. If he was in an arranged marriage, then why didn’t his parents tell him? His mother said that it was so then he and ChoHee would just naturally bond with each other. YunHo took a heavy sigh, as he closed his eyes.
“Is this why ChoHee parents and she returned to Korea so suddenly?” he asked, outloud.

2 months later…

ChoHee was walking quickly towards her home. She had just come back from a run at a nearby park. For some reason, she was tensing up. So, she took a few deep breaths to calm herself down when all the sudden someone grabbed her arm and cornered her to her house gate.
“What do you want?” she asked, as she panicked. “Who are you?”
It was a strange, tall, lean guy that ChoHee doesn’t remember seeing in the neighborhood before. He wore a graphic white tee shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans and a pair of white Nikes. He had on dark shades and a cap. Even though this guy is strange, he looks a bit familiar to ChoHee.
The stranger sighed heavily, as he took off his cap and shades. After he was done, a smile spread across ChoHee’s face. “I can’t believe you can’t even remember your famous Oppa.” said the stranger.
“I’m so sorry, Oppa.” laughed ChoHee, as she automatically gave YunHo a tight hug.
All the sudden YunHo was shy and in shock for some strange reason. YunHo would get a lot of hugs from fans, but he wouldn’t really expect ChoHee to hug him all the sudden like that.
Oh… Damn… I totally forgot that this is too personal, thought ChoHee, as she pulled away from the hug. YunHo and she aren’t really used to hugging each other. She was a tomboy when she was younger and hanged out a lot with YunHo during the summer. So, they never really had much physical contact.
“Oppa, I’m sorry for that… As you can tell, I’ve became very American.” said ChoHee, as she bowed. “I’m really sorry.”
“It’s alright, ChoHee.” said YunHo, with a slight smile. “I understand. At least it’s a lot better than hugging a complete stranger.”
“That’s nice to know.” she said, as she smiled. “So, what’s up? What brings you here?”
“Well, can’t I see you?” asked YunHo, as he gave her a cute pout that most girls can’t resist.
“See me?” asked ChoHee, confused. “You’ve never came out of your way to come and see me since I came back to Korea. So, what is it?”
“You make it seem like I’ve neglected you all these years.” said YunHo, sadly.
ChoHee just smiles to YunHo, then her face turns away. She looked if there were any people walking around in the darkening neighborhood. “Come on, let’s go inside my house.” she said, as she walked up to the door of the house gates. “It’s too dangerous for you to be out here.”
YunHo laughed. “There’s nothing to be afraid of, ChoHee.” he said. “I always lie that I’m just a U-Know YunHo look alike… Well… I didn’t neglect you, did I?”
ChoHee laughed as she opened the thick wooden doors of her house gates. “Of course not!” she said, as she looked over her shoulder. “We’ve kept quite in touch during the many years that I’ve been in America.”
“But-“ started YunHo, but was interrupted by ChoHee.
“Seriously, why are you here?” asked ChoHee, with a serious tone as she stepped inside the gates.
“I wanted to see how you are.” answered YunHo with a smile.
“You didn’t really need to come like this to just see me.” laughed ChoHee. “Besides, shouldn’t you be on a date with HyeBin, your girlfriend?”
“Well, you see… I told her that I missed you so I wanted to come and see you.” lied YunHo, as he stepped inside the gates.
“Really?” asked ChoHee, as she closed the doors. “That’s a bit strange because I saw you last week outside those expensive boutiques, remember? You were a bit in a rush.”
“Of course, I was in a… Rush…” lied YunHo, obviously caught. He saw her, but he was trying to avoid her. “Manager-hyung wanted me back at the apartment as soon as possible to discuss plans for this week and next month.”
“OK, but about last week are you sure?” asked ChoHee, as she headed towards her house with YunHo at her heel. “It seems to be something else that was rushing you. Besides, you should stop going out now that you’re famous. If you think I’m being a brat for telling you this, I’m just really worried about your safety. Could there be fans that could have been possibly chasing after you?”
YunHo laughed. “No,” he answered with a smile. “I always lie to people when they ask if I’m U-Know YunHo.”
ChoHee looked over her shoulder with a smile. “You should be glad that I gave you acting lessons.” she said, as she placed the key into the keyhole of the doorknob.
“I have to admit, you were quite the little actress.” laughed YunHo. “Are you going to pursue the life of an actress or singer?”
“No.” answered ChoHee, as she opened the door.
“Well, of course,” said YunHo, as he remembered. “Your parents wouldn’t let you because they want you to be a brain surgeon.”
They both stepped into the house as YunHo asked, “So this is your new house, huh?”
YunHo went ahead into the hallway, as ChoHee closed the door. He was looking at childhood photos. He missed the vibe of a warm home of a family.
ChoHee walked up to YunHo and asked, “Do you want anything to drink?”
“A carbonated drink will be fine.” answered YunHo, as ChoHee headed towards the kitchen. “So, how was life in America?”
“Well, you’ve been there quite a few times before.” answered ChoHee, as she walked over to the fridge and took out a soda can.
“Just because I visited doesn’t mean I lived there.” defending YunHo, as he sat by the counter.
“Yeah, but you saw how it is.” said ChoHee, as she handed YunHo the soda.
“I just want to know from your point of view.” said YunHo, a bit frustrated because ChoHee wouldn’t answer his question. He opened the soda can and took a small sip.
ChoHee sighed. “Fine,” she breathed, as she turned on the kitchen light. “Life is quite something there. Some things are different there from here and some aren’t. You should know. You’ve been to LA many times.”
“Yes, I have.” said YunHo, a bit dazed as his mind traveled else where.
Out of no where, ChoHee started to laugh. “What are you laughing about?” asked YunHo, as he glanced over to her.
She wore a big sheepish grin. “It’s really weird seeing the famous U-Know YunHo of Dong Bang Shin Ki sitting at my kitchen counter.” she admitted.
YunHo’s eyebrows furrowed, confused. Sure, he hasn’t met up with ChoHee for 5 years because she was in the states and all but… He would have never expected his visit to be so cold just because he’s famous now.
He swallowed hard and forced himself to smile. “You make it seem like we’ve never known each other before my fame.” he said.
“All those memories seem to be like an imagination I created myself.” said ChoHee. “It almost feels like those memories never really existed at all… I can’t even remember them vaguely any more.”
YunHo’s forced smile disappeared. “Well, they really do exist. Even if it seems like creations of an imagination.” he said.
“It sucks because I can’t tell any one that you’re my Oppa other than MiOk and DongMin.” said ChoHee. MiOk and DongMin are ChoHee’s best childhood friends when she was living in Korea for a while. The both of them have met YunHo on many occasions in the past long before YunHo was even famous.
“In a way… It is hard for me to believe that you are 19 now.” said YunHo, as he remembers ChoHee’s little friends. “It was almost like yesterday when I saw you as a baby. Years pass by quickly, doesn’t it?”
“Years always pass by no matter how long they seem to be.” said ChoHee, with a slight smile.
“Hey, ChoHee, do you remember if your parents showed you a ring when you were young?” asked YunHo.
“Be more specific, YunHo-oppa. How does the ring look like?” answered ChoHee, giving YunHo a look.
“Well… I think it was broken in half with a huge inscription inside.” answered YunHo.
“I think they did.” said ChoHee, not really sure. “Is it silver? Also, is it thick and huge? And, the inscription said something like: ‘They are…, right?”
“Y-Yeah!” answered YunHo.
“My parents take it with them whenever we move. They were so scared of loosing that broken ring that they brought it on the ring with them on the plane. They almost tore down our house back in America just looking for that old ring too… ” sighed ChoHee. “I told them to leave it, but they wouldn’t.”
“Can you show it to me?” asked YunHo.
ChoHee gave him a strange look, again. “Sure, but why?” she asked, suspiciously.
“My mom said something about the inscription in the ring.” answered YunHo.
“Funny… That’s the same thing my parents said too.” said ChoHee, as she headed towards her bedroom, which was close to the kitchen. “Come on, YunHo-oppa… It should be in my room somewhere.”
YunHo followed ChoHee quickly. She went straight into her closet, while YunHo just looked about her room. It was messy for a girl’s room, but he assumed that she hasn’t been cleaning because she’s been busy. The room wasn’t too big or too small, just the right size. There was a queen size bed at a corner of the room with a small desk beside it. It held an alarm clock and a lamp. There was a large desk with a bunch of books piled on it, diagonal from the bed. On the large desk, there was a huge collage of YunHo’s pictures. There was a mirror by the closet with a bunch of pictures tacked near it.
There was about 5 posters of a rock band that YunHo isn’t familiar with at all around the room and a single poster of DBSK. The poster of DBSK was the one that all of the band members signed for ChoHee at their first poster signing. Strangely, YunHo still remembers that day when she came. Around the room there were pictures here and there. All of them had friends of ChoHee’s and her in them. There was also a printout of YunHo’s picture tacked by her mirror along with a bunch of Lee JunKi’s.
“I found it!!” said ChoHee, breathless from digging in her closet. She held up a small box in triumph.
“May I look at it?” asked YunHo, as he eyed the box.
The phone ring answered YunHo’s question, as ChoHee looked towards the doorway. She looked at him, then lightly threw the box at him as she stepped out of the room. As ChoHee’s back disappeared, he quickly opened the box. It almost seemed like the ring was winking at him due to the sheen of the ring. YunHo quickly reached into his pocket, as he let the box fall onto the ground. He quickly looked at the doorway just incase ChoHee came back even though the phone was still ringing. He took out the other half of the ring.
‘She should have the other half of the ring, YunHo. When you put the ring together, the inscription should say, ‘They are bounded.’
YunHo’s breath choked him as the broken halves of the ring fitted perfectly together. He looked at the inscription quickly, as he could hear ChoHee’s voice crackle. ‘They are bounded.’ read the inscription. YunHo swallowed hard as he placed his other half into his pocket.
“We are bounded by the ring.” crackled YunHo, as he heard ChoHee hanged up the phone.
“Oppa,” she said, as he could hear her voice coming closer and closer to the doorway. “Did you bring your car?”
“No,” answered YunHo. “I walked here.”
“Isn’t your apartment across town from here?” asked ChoHee.
“I needed time to think and be alone, ChoHee.” answered YunHo. “I was wondering, do you want to meet Oppa’s girlfriend?”
Before ChoHee answered, YunHo quickly said, “I’ll just pick you up at school tomorrow during lunch then.”
“Oppa-“ began ChoHee, then she was interrupted by YunHo.
“Bring some regular clothes with you.” he said, as he started to walk towards the door quickly. “I want you to meet HyeBin as soon as possible, ChoHee.”
She quickly ran to the doorway to block YunHo from going out. “Why?” she asked.
YunHo gave ChoHee a fake smile. “You don’t want to meet HyeBin?” he asked, as he arched his eyebrows.
“Well, I do. It’s just that you seemed to be rash again.” explained ChoHee.
“I just want you to meet her as soon as possible.” muttered YunHo, as he gave her a quick smile. “Bring casual clothes with you tomorrow.”
“OK.” answered ChoHee, as she looked down at the ground.
YunHo just continued to look down at her, as she moved aside so he could go out the door. “Do you have a boyfriend, ChoHee?” he questioned.
“No.” she answered, as she looked up at YunHo.
“No way,” laughed YunHo. “You’re just lying to me.”
He quickly looked at his watch. He frowned at the time. YunHo had been out too long. He has to return back to the apartment. The other guys at the apartment were finishing cleaning up their apartment because they had just moved into a house. All of the band members will be given their own personal rooms now. The reason why they are moving into a house is because YunHo is going to be marrying ChoHee.
“I’ll pick you up for lunch tomorrow then.” said YunHo. “I have to go now. The guys and I are moving into a house.”
“Why? Isn’t your apartment pretty good already?” asked ChoHee.
“It’s because we will need bigger space to live.” answered YunHo. “I will show you the house after you meet up with HyeBin.”

(**NOTE: Well, here is Ch. 1. I'm really sorry if the prologue is very corny... Very Happy My story here is pretty popular on a fanbase for YunHo called yunho-sshi. So, I hope that you guys enjoy it because it did took me a long time to write it. Very Happy)


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